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ITB Berlin News - Day 3

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FRIDAY 11 th MARCH 2016 ITB QUICKFINDER INSIDE DAY 3 NEWS TRADE TALK ITB BERLIN CONVENTION REGION: AMERICAS Charlie Li Founder and CEO, TravelDaily China Paul Gorman General Manager Travel, Luxury Escape Marti Grimminck Founder & Chief Connector, International Connector Anne C. Madison Chief Strategy and Communications Officer, Brand USA “We are very thrilled to partner with ITB to bring the world’s leading travel trade show to China, the largest travel market in the world.” Read page 6 “… with Buyers Circle we can hone in on exactly the people we need to talk to.” Read page 8 “Most organisations work in silo, but Millennials are being influenced worldwide... and quickly... across social and mobile channels.” Read page 11 “As we are growing in our campaigns and our reach, we also wanted to show this here in such a way that we could celebrate all of our exhibitors and partners.” Read page 32 Hall 9 Stand 316 Hall 22 A Stand 104 Hall 17 Stand 109 The Power of She ITB Berlin spotlights the central role of women in travel and tourism With today’s “Celebrating Her” - Global Awards For Empowered Women In Tourism, ITB Berlin underlines the fact that women are truly key players throughout the world – including in the tourism industry. They create and develop travel offers, they give distinction to tourist destinations, and in peace initiatives and sustainable tourism, their ability to be proactive is exemplary. The visionary idea of Ajay Prakash in launching these awards at ITB Berlin is just one of very, very many groundbreaking initiatives that see the light of day each year at this show, and one which no doubt will not go unnoticed. At all levels of the industry, women are indeed playing a more pivotal role, and the world’s top hotel operators are indeed proof of this. One such example is Patricia Page-Champion, Senior Vice President & Commercial Director EMEA for Hilton Worldwide, heading up commercial services for no less than 405 properties, and back at ITB Berlin as a true figurehead for her teams. Read our exclusive interview on pages 12 & 13 Patricia Page-Champion Senior Vice President & Commercial Director EMEA for Hilton Worldwide REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT THE AMERICAS International tourist arrivals to the Americas grew by 5% in 2015. The Caribbean and Central America recorded the best results with arrivals up by over 7%. The normalisation of relations between the USA and Cuba translated already by a tremendous jump in total arrivals to the Caribbean Island. Brazil, hosting in 2016 of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is due to attract 500,000 to 600,000 tourists during the two-week event. For more details, don’t miss our regional spotlight. From page 32 Iguazu falls, Paraná, Brazil © EMBRATUR

ITB Berlin News