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Corola de lumini, Nr. 18 (1/2018)

Revistă școlară realizată de elevii Școlii Gimnaziale „Tudor Vladimirescu” din Tg.-Mureș, România.


Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES – 26 TH SEPTEMBER EDL was a unique and fun experience for me. Not only that I got to learn about languages and cultures, but I also had a great time with my friends. I think it was good that we had a general knowledge quiz because it helped us as a team. For the creative part, we explored our imagination and we ended up creating a funny song that everyone enjoyed. Șandru Kara Medeea, VIII A At the competition I had a great time with my classmates Anto, Kara and Elsa. I especially enjoyed the “Recognize the language of the songs” part, as I liked the songs played. For the creative section of the competition, we made a funny song in multiple languages: Romanian, English, French, Spanish and Hungarian. I felt like a real rapper when I performed it in front of the audience. I did it for my hoodie girls and boys and it was “dope and savage”, straight “from the streets of Odorhei”! The competition ion was awesome and we enjoyed it! Bota Eduard, VIII A At the EDL contest I felt very good. I thought it was just going to be a celebration of the event, but we ended up winning sweets and a diploma. I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the activities and the creative section at the end: the little poems we were supposed to make up using some given words. They were the “cherry on the top of the cake”. The exercise was extremely funny and I would love to participate next year, too. The activity is too funny to be missed! Chirilă Lisa Maria, VI A The EDL was great because I spent time with my classmates. I was excited when the contest started because I love these types of contests. We were going to work together to find the correct answer. I noticed that all classes were so focused on the tasks, but our class was the best and we won the first place. The second part of the activity was a lot harder. Even if we remained focused, ideas did not want to come to our team. I was so happy and also greatly amused when we got some bright ideas. I really had a great time with my classmates and the other children in the school. We finished the poem, we presented it in front of the audience and then we waited anxiously for the results. When we heard “First place… (drums!) 6A!” we started the Fiesta! We were overwhelmed with emotions! It was the best contest I have ever been to! Huza Noris Adrian, VI A 7

Corola de lumini Revistă şcolară The EDL was my first language contest. I think we identified most of the languages in the songs given. We liked a lot the Italian, Polish and German songs. The activity was my favourite one but I also liked the activity where we had to create a poem with the words we made up. I think the best word out of the three words invented was “drizzpig”, which was coined from “drizzle” and “pig”. It meant “heavy rain with pigs”. I think it was funny and I think the contest was great! Stan Paul, VI A EDL was a super contest! I felt good there, especially when my team was nominated among the winners. I also felt important when my team won the first place for the 6 th graders. The best and the funniest part of the contest was the final part, where we had to create some poems with the words that we invented. Ormenișan Raul, VI A Profesoarei mele Azi, în plină sărbătoare, Toţi trandafirii-i dăruiesc, Scumpei mele profesoare Şi, din suflet, mulţumesc! Eu am fost o mică floare, Din frumoasa ei grădină, Dumneaei – un mândru soare Care mi-a trimis lumină. Bîră Andrada, , V B 8

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