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Selwyn Times: May 02, 2018

4 Wednesday

4 Wednesday May 2 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Southern ChiropraCtiC 3 kennedys bush rd, halswell (upstairs) Headaches are not normal In today’s fast paced world, headaches are a normal ailment we just have to put up with or we can gloss over by taking a pill or a quick nap. WRONG! Studies have shown that roughly a third of all people suffer from headaches. So yes they are common, but no they are not normal. A headache is considered pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck, caused by many different conditions. The brain tissue itself is not sensitive to pain as it lacks pain receptors. Rather, the pain is caused by disturbance of pain-sensitive structures around the brain. As many as 45 million people suffer from chronic or severe headaches that seriously interfere with their lives. Signs and Symptoms Headaches vary in intensity and have different symptoms: • Pain in the head • Visual impairment (blurred vision) • Nausea and vomiting • Hearing impairment • Confusion • Discomfort • Irritability What causes headaches? Spinal misalignment-nerve irritation/ interferences, certain foods, toxic fumes, preservatives and alcohol are all contributing factors to headaches. Spinal misalignments are shown to be involved in up to 80% of all headaches. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache for both adults and children. Triggers point include lack of sleep, emotional tension at home, work or school, second-hand cigarette smoke, skipped meals, poor nutrition, eye strain and bright lights. How Chiropractic helps Your spine protects your nervous system, which starts with the brain and becomes the spinal cord. Whenthe vertebrae in your neck are unable to move properly, it irritates or puts pressure on the nerves in that area. This can cause headaches. Chiropractic care addresses the cause of many types of headaches and therefore they are capable of removing or dramatically reducing the occurrence and frequency of these headaches, because they are usually due to what is called subluxations in the spine. They achieve this by performing Chiropractic adjustments to remove pressure on the nerves, which then also helps to improve nerve function. On a study conducted by the government of New Zealand it found that the majority of people who suffered from spinal misalignments had their headaches relieved or their condition improved through Chiropractic care. Next time you have a headache, call Southern Chiropractic at 03 322 1432. Relief is only a phone call away. Southern Chiropractic is located at 3 Kennedys Bush Rd and is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. on Tuesdays the clinic operates from Ashburton Chiropractic in Ashburton. For Tuesday bookings please phone 03 308 9516, or 03 322 1432. For all other bookings at the halswell location, please phone 03 322 1432, email, or visit their website at for further information. 5 Warning Signs HEADACHES of Spinal Stress! NECK PAIN AND TENSION André Grob, Dr of Chiropractic, has had over 15 years experience of specialty spinal care in Australia and New Zealand. A healthy spine is vital to your wellbeing. Specialist spinal therapy at Southern Chiropractic consists of: • Manual manipulative therapy • Soft tissue Massage • Low level Laser therapy • Exercise and postural education • For correction of spinal complaints and to enhance your health! SCIATIC PAIN MID BACK PAIN AND TENSION LOW BACK PAIN Southern Chiropractic Ltd Telephone (03) 322 1432 3 Kennedys Bush Road • Halswell • Christchurch 8025 | email Halswell Jct Road Halswell Road Kennedys Bush Road 3 Kennedys Bush Road

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday May 2 2018 5 News Safeguard sought for airfield • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding NEW RULES are likely to be written into Selwyn’s district plan to protect the West Melton Aerodrome from future housing development in the area. Selwyn’s airfields, airstrips and helicopter landing pads are under examination as the district plan review progresses. It is further developing an option to provide more comprehensive rules around the use of aerodromes, rural airstrips and heli-landing Pat McEvedy pads. As part of the option, it has been agreed further discussion is needed between council staff and airfield representatives over developing specific provisions to apply to the West Melton airfield. District councillor Pat McEvedy said the West Melton Aerodrome would like to have a special area zoned for them because they are concerned about the encroachment of houses and getting noise complaints in the future. “If it is noted in the district plan, then when development occurs they will know there is an airfield designated to operate at certain times in that area,” he said. It is estimated the West Melton population will grow to 2256 by 2025. Mr McEvedy said he supports the Canterbury Aero Club in their application of their own designated area and use. The Canterbury Aero Club, which operates the West Melton Aerodrome did not respond to Selwyn Times. It makes up one of two large welcome to the famous grouse hotel ZONES: The West Melton Aerodrome would like to have a special zoned area. airfields in Selwyn with the other being the Springfield Aerodrome operated by Canterbury Gliding Club. Mayor Sam Broughton said the initial report presented to the district plan committee did not reflect the airfield’s importance. He said it was the airfield used by Prime Minster John Key after the February 22, 2011, earthquake when Christchurch International Airport was closed. “We believe that strategic place of airport is worth something to us and we want to make sure we don’t undermine its importance by not recognising it in the district plan,” Mr Broughton said. As part of its decision, aircraft facilities will continue to be permitted but may be subject to more comprehensive and restrictive rules. However, flights including emergency, fire control, law enforcement, seasonal farming work, military aircraft movements will remain a permitted activity without needing to meet certain standards. Council planning manager Jesse Burgess said there will be multiple opportunities for affected parties and the general public to have input. Consultation with stakeholders and affected landowners on the preferred option has begun. Public consultation on the district plan will begin in July. The new district plan is expected to be operative by March 2022. •HAVE YOUR SAY: Are the rules around Selwyn’s airfields, airstrips and helicopter pads an issue? Email your views to georgia. Local News Now In Brief Fire rages, homes at risk LIBRARY SURVEY Selwyn District Libraries is seeking input from the community to improve its services. The 2018 library survey will run until Saturday and aims to gather feedback about services, resources and programmes offered by the libraries. The main aim of the project is to review core and holiday programmes, as well as evaluate customer feedback gathered during the year. Current library members as well as non-members are encouraged to participate in the survey to provide data for planning and development for future years. The online survey can be accessed at the libraries’ website (www. It is also available to be completed at the Rolleston, Leeston, Lincoln or Darfield libraries. TRAVEL FUND Sport New Zealand rural travel funding is available for Selwyn sport teams who need to travel to competition games and have members aged five to 19 (school competitions in school time are not eligible). This funding round is for winter sport only. Applications for funding close on May 25. For information and application forms phone Stuart Westoby on 03 347 2708, or email The Famous grouse hotel - serving locals since 1868 this week’s specials monday • house @ 7.30pm • all you can eat ribs * tuesday • kids eat 1/2 price all day • club night from 4pm Wednesday • open mic night from 8pm thursday • thirsty thursday from 4pm • steak night $15 friday • spin the wheel from 8pm saturday • live music sunday • $13 roast all day proud to be a major sponsor of the lincoln rugby club new menu coming soon Come and watch all the super rugby action on the big screen 2 Gerald Street, Lincoln | Ph: 03 325 2408 open from 7am every day Shop 5, New World, Shopping Centre, Rolleston | Ph 03 260 0950