announcement - Church of God of Prophecy

announcement - Church of God of Prophecy

Each local

church has

been called to

participate in

the all-nations

progress of

the Gospel.

2 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

Bishop R. E. Howard, General Overseer

. . . Unto the Ends of the Earth

As Luke wrote the Acts of the Apostles, he clearly demonstrated how this new faith was

born to have worldwide impact. From the first chapter, this was evident as Luke quoted

Christ: “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall

be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the

uttermost part of the earth” (v. 8).

Today as we watch the Gospel spread at a rate never seen before, it is obvious that God

is at work building His Kingdom powerfully. The Holy Spirit is falling over all the earth. And

it might be a natural reaction to draw in our focus from the world scene to our community

scene, feeling the world will be fine. But the genius of world saturation has always been

local church mobilization to cross borders and frontiers, carrying the Gospel. We see this in

our Commission: “. . . All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore,

and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the

Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo,

I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen” (Matthew 28:18–20).

The Commission has always been a mandate for every disciple and for every local band

of believers, each community of faith in every corner of the globe. Each body holds the

Commission as their own unique mandate. Each local church has been called to participate

in the all-nations progress of the Gospel. Each distinct unit is challenged to take the Gospel

beyond their Judea, to their Samaria, and on to the ends of the earth. We sense this calling

when we read of the church at Antioch, who laid hands on Paul and Barnabas, sending them

out to tell the Gospel story far beyond their sphere of normal influence.

Today this call is still in effect. Even though the Gospel has spread much further than in

Paul’s day, the genius of the Commission lives on through the ongoing active participation

of every local congregation. Now, we unite together to do far more in cooperation than we

could ever do as single, individual entities. Small churches can make a difference, as well as

large, so that every contribution to world evangelization moves the Gospel progress forward

step by step toward full saturation.

Our own heritage is rich in this ideal as churches from every corner have given, promoted,

sacrificed, and raised funds to supply for mission outreach in distant lands. The testimonies

abound of individuals who have been gripped with this zeal and have exceeded their

abilities to give more abundantly. Local churches as well have given for the world when

they could have used funds at home. Yet they gave for a great cause, knowing that God was

faithful to supply their needs as they supplied for His passion.

As we celebrate Global Outreach in the Church of God of Prophecy, may our zeal for God’s

world call expand larger than ever before. And God’s faithfulness will again be demonstrated

as He honors His promises: “Give, and it shall be given unto you . . .” (Luke 6:38).


September 2009 • Volume 86, Number 2


2 Facing Forward: . . . Unto the Ends of the Earth

by R. E. Howard


4 We Speak Your Language by David Bryan

6 Making a Difference in Swaziland by Stephen Masilela

1 0 Fulfilling the Mission in Singapore by David Browder

1 5 Birthing Churches in California by Jeff Davis

1 6 The Church Advances in Trinidad and Tobago by Maurice Jones

• A Changed Life by Rajmannie Ramgoolam


2 3 Local Church Focus: Cecelia Elizabeth Weathersby

Scholarship Fund by Evelyn G. Gardiner

• Youth Mission Trip to Panama by Wade Patterson

2 7 Core Values: Prayer—Acronyms on Prayer

by Douglas R. Stephenson


1 9 Women’s Ministries: Caribbean International Ladies Retreat

2 0 Youth Ministries: Youth Harvest Training • Operation

Omega ‘09 Youth Conference

2 1 Children’s Ministries: 2009 Institute of Children’s Ministry

• Kids With God’s Heart for the World


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Messenger Moments

Virginia Chatham, Managing Editor

We Speak Your Language

For the second time this year, our focus for the White Wing

Messenger is Global Outreach, with the assistance of Global

Outreach Director David Bryan. A centralized theme for this

particular global issue is indigenous leadership. As Brother

Bryan states in his lead article, “We Speak Your Language,”

“There are wonderful benefits that flow from this strategic

emphasis on indigenous leadership.” Brother Bryan goes on

to support this assertion by addressing some of the issues that

help the Church thrive under these indigenous leaders.

In the second article, “Making a Difference in Swaziland,”

National Overseer Stephen Masilela, under the direction of

General Presbyter Sherman Allen, elaborates on the people,

ministries, and varied activities within his nation. Then, in

“Fulfilling the Mission in Singapore,” General Presbyter David

Browder presents several pastors along with their ministries

in Singapore, including an outreach into the Philippines.

Bishop Jeff Davis, overseer of California (International),

which is under the direction of General Presbyter Sam

Clements, writes about mission work among the migrant

population in California. He also addresses the fact that

in 2006, the Christian Community Church in the San Jose

area was birthed. This church worships in both Korean and

English and has grown since that first gathering from 16 to

a congregation of 43.

Last, under the direction of General Presbyter Brice

Thompson, National Overseer Maurice A. Jones, in his article,

“The Church Advances in Trinidad and Tobago,” writes that

there is a renewed and vigorous evangelistic thrust in his

area, especially with the establishment in 2005 of the four

churches he presents in the article.

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WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 3

4 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

David Bryan

Global Outreach

Ministries Director


hen the Church in a nation is led

by people from that nation—those

individuals who live in the same kind

of houses, eat food that is commonly

eaten by their neighbors, speak in

languages, dialects, and accents that

readily identify them as “one of us”—the

Church tends to thrive. In some ways,

this is an example of the “birds of a

feather flock together” principle that

is true whether you are a Bantu from

Africa, a Korean professional living in

Seoul, or a Puerto Rican growing up

in New York City. There are wonderful

benefits that flow from this strategic

emphasis on indigenous leadership.

Christianity cannot be branded a

foreign religion when the church in a

place has native leaders, who follow

the Holy Spirit by expressing the Gospel

in the words, pictures, and rhythms of

their people. The Spirit is the Teacher

behind the Text and the Testifier of our

testimonies, but God clearly maximizes

the impact of witness through a person

who knows intimately the worldview

and perspectives of his neighbors and

communicates the Gospel in the most

winsome and understandable way.

Actually, the native evangelist or

pastor may have a distinct advantage

in steering clear of presenting the

Gospel in ways that might be offensive.

Of course, there are aspects of the

biblical message that offend people

from every culture. That’s part of the

sting of a Gospel that judges human

arrogance and goes completely against

the grain of the pull-yourself-up-byyour-bootstraps

religion that is found in

practically every culture.

When I trudged across the dusty

lot in the rural area called Piggs Peak

for Swaziland’s national convention, I

was stirred to give thanks for leaders

committed to Jesus Christ, the Church

of God of Prophecy, and winning their

nation to Jesus Christ. The weather

was warm without being oppressive;

however, when we approached the tent,

the temperature seemed to climb, and

thousands of people were jammed into

the confines of the 4,000-person tent,

with many individuals standing.

I picked my way along behind National

Overseer Bishop Stephen Masilela as

the wall of bodies seemed to open up in

front of him. The atmosphere was electric;

the animated voices of thousands of

people singing words I did not understand

was exhilarating—inviting participation

but also a bit disconcerting because I

could not understand what they were

saying. After visiting more than 50

countries in the last dozen years, this

experience of culture shock is no longer

unexpected or off-putting. Brother

Stephen easily slipped into his native

Swazi to greet the throngs under the

tent, and it became crystal-clear once

again that there is something uniquely

powerful about being able to communicate

the Gospel in the language in which

people laugh and cry.

The Church of God of Prophecy has

enshrined this approach in its mission

outreach around the world. In far-flung

places, even where there is crushing

poverty, stifling government oppression,

and incredible geographical, linguistic,

and cultural distance from the West, our

ministries are rescuing the unreached.

In Myanmar, as part of a restricted

minority, our “missionaries” are sharing

the Good News of Christ along with

a bowl of rice. Not far from the Swat

Valley in Pakistan, our “missionaries”

are hazarding their lives, courageously

telling the story of “Isa” (Jesus). They

are not foreigners who can appeal to

their government for protection and

preferential evacuation when simmering

tensions boil over.

I visit many places, and our leaders

deeply appreciate my presence since

it is a tangible symbol of our global

family, but I am merely a visitor. They

are people of the soil, and they are not

going anywhere. Since they are not

tourists, the sense of commitment to

God continues

to call His people

in every nation to

cross all kinds of

barriers to take the

Gospel to

the unreached . . .

place—despite poverty and pressures of

all kinds—is absolute.

The indigenous principle also has a

way of empowering people. One of the

values that the Gospel brings wherever

it goes is a concern for the dignity and

potential of all people as image-bearers

of God. When we who come from other

cultures recognize that the same Holy

Spirit who redeemed, justified, called,

and gifted us has done that in the lives

of people of other languages, cultures,

and ethnic groups, then we can approach

our “native missionaries” not merely

as those we must teach but those we

must listen to and learn from. They

know the work of the Holy Spirit and

the operation of God’s Word and help

us understand better how to evangelize,

teach, and lead. This reality is empowering

because it is capable of lifting people

above the demeaning effects of poverty,

class, religious prejudice, racial bigotry,

injustice, and past sin.

The Holy Spirit has poured leadership

gifts out among all peoples He has

redeemed to accomplish the callings

of God, and it is a wonderful gift to

support these precious servants of God.

More than 85 percent of our national

overseers lead our ministries in the

nation of their birth or in a country that

is closely related in culture and language.

We are committed to supporting this

strategic approach to evangelizing the

world. It has allowed us to continue

pressing into new areas within the

nations. God continues to call His

people in every nation to cross all kinds

of barriers to take the Gospel to the

unreached—language, race, economic

status, social/religious class, geography,

and culture.

Supporting “native missionaries” who

are anointed and called to share Jesus

with the whole world is not negotiable.

We must continue to do so with greater

intensity than ever before. Thank you for

praying, supporting, and undergirding

our incredible missionary force in the

nations. Your help is needed now more

than ever.

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 5

6 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

Sherman Allen

General Presbyter


Swaziland is the second smallest country

in Africa, with a total land area of

17,364.3 square meters. It is located in

the southeast corner and is bordered by

Mozambique in the east and

South Africa in the north,

west, and south.

The population of Swaziland is

culturally homogenous—93 percent are

ethnic Swazi of Bantu origin. Swaziland

has a population of approximately 1.2

million people and a population density

of 53.5 per square kilometer. The vast

majorities of people (76 percent) live

in rural areas and depend on smallscale

agriculture for their economic

livelihood. The country exhibits

remarkable geographical diversity,

with four major ecological regions.

These regions divide the country into

longitudinal north-south strips that

descend in elevation from west to east

before again ascending sharply near the

boundary with Mozambique.

Socio-Economic Situation

Swaziland is currently facing a

socio-economic crisis, exacerbated by

increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

The country has one of the highest

HIV/AIDS infection rates in the world,

at 26 percent of the population aged

15–49 years in 2008. The infection rate

among pregnant women increased

from 3.9 percent in 1992 to 42 percent

in 2004 before declining to 39.2 percent

in 2008.

The number of Orphan and Vulnerable

Children (OVC) has increased to at least

130,000, resulting in a high number of

children-headed households and high

rate of school dropouts. The education

and health systems have been greatly

compromised by the impact of HIV

and AIDS. In addition to the epidemic,

Swaziland is challenged with high

unemployment, economic and income

inequality, and poverty.

Swaziland has a growth rate of 3.7

percent. More than 40 percent of the

population is below 15 years of age.

The unemployment rate is estimated

at 22 percent, and approximately 69

percent of the population lives below

the poverty line.

HIV/AIDS Pandemic

In recent years, Swaziland has been

hit hard by an uncompromising drought

that has led to many Swazis failing to

feed themselves, especially in the Lowveld

region. This drought has led to more

people relying on food donations, usually

made by UN agencies in the country.

The Church is committed to

wholeheartedly addressing the HIV/

AIDS pandemic. We are currently

mobilizing resources and have begun

to implement small-scale projects such

as small orphanages and small gardens

being built on local ownership, using

locally available skills and resources

appropriate to the situation.

Some local churches like Piggs Peak

are paying school fees for some orphans.

One of the boys is doing his last class

this year. Other local churches like Musi

in Mankayane are running a small preschool

and a garden project to help

approximately 20 orphans and vulnerable

children. Also, there are district care

points where the local churches

contribute to assist the orphans and

vulnerable children. Presently, there are

six such points operating in the districts.

There is a much bigger project in

Johannesburg, South Africa, where a

centre to care for HIV/AIDS victims

has been acquired by the Church and

leased from the government for 99

years. We hope to make a measurable

contribution as funds and other resources

permit. We are grateful that agencies

such as the Renewal, Advancement,

Financial Freedom Autonomy International

Development Agency* (RAFFA) have

visited this centre and have promised to

assist where possible.

Growth of the Church

The Church of God of Prophecy in

Swaziland currently has a membership

of 5,553. This does not include membership

from Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal

(KZN) in South Africa. In Eastern Cape,

we have a membership of 1,043 while

in KZN, we have a total of 890 members.

Approximately two-thirds of our members

are youth. Women form a greater part

of the rest of the Church, and men are

the minority, with 460 to-date.

Last year, 304 new members were

added to the Church. Three hundred

thirty-two individuals were baptized

in water, and 1,998 were filled with

the Holy Spirit. From 5,095 sermons

preached by our ministers, 2,822 were

saved, and 4,432 were sanctified from

115 revivals. Most of our revivals are

conducted through tent ministry and

open-air services in the different districts.

To God be all the glory for blessing

and anointing the ministries of the

Church in this nation. Souls are

being won to the Kingdom of God,

and the Church has risen to take a

recognized position in our society. Our

national conventions continue to draw

thousands of people, even outside our

Church family. This has resulted in a

problem with our national headquarters

facilities, where we hold such meetings.

We had acquired two adjacent plots

next to our national building with plans

to extend the facilities. However, this

has proven to be a short-term solution

as more people are coming, and the

local municipality has complained that

their systems cannot cope with the

number of people that we are bringing

to the small town of Piggs Peak.

Therefore, we decided to search for

a larger piece of land. The Lord helped

us to find a farm along the road to the

capital city, which is approximately 12

hectares. The idea to buy the farm was

shared with the membership during

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 7

the convention last year, and it was

unanimously agreed that we should

go ahead and make plans to purchase

this investment.

It was decided that each member

should contribute at least US$150

8 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

toward this project to buy the land and

begin the construction. The total cost

for the farm is US$70,000. The National

Executive Committee then asked one of

our businessmen—who is also a pastor

in the Church (Pastor Absalom Ndlovu)—

to pay the full amount to secure the

farm on behalf of the Church, and the

Church will pay him back once all the

pledges have been paid.

This project will afford us more space

for our national gatherings, including

camps and conventions. We want to

reach people from all walks of life.

This project will also help change the

image of the Church in this nation. The

Church has been mainly established

in villages and small towns. Those that

were established in cities were situated

generally in the poorest townships and

worshiped in school classes and rented

properties. The highway is a great

location. We know our society places

much emphasis on the presentational

aspect of one’s existence.

We thank God for the women’s

ministry, which is doing more fundraising

for this project, and we hope to

have achieved our goal in August 2009.

Also, the Church will embark on national

fund-raising initiatives such as mega

evivals to preach the Gospel and also

collect funds for the project.

Also, in South Africa in the Eastern

Cape, the region has purchased a piece

of land in the city, and we have put up

a structure with a value of US$26,000.

These funds have been raised by the

Church members themselves, and the

plan is to have it ready for Easter next

year. All that is left now is to put up the

walls and the floors.

Weekly Radio Program

The radio program, which is sponsored

by the Church, continues to be a very

successful tool to reach souls and make

the Church known. The program runs

twice a week—Tuesdays and Thursdays

for one hour each. Sermons and lessons

are taught, and we announce the Church’s

activities. Many individuals have turned

their lives to Christ, and the response

has been so overwhelming that the

station administrators have approached

us with an offer for more time slots as

the program is gaining popularity.

During the past months, we have

focused on the family and the institution

of marriage. Many marriages have been

assisted; some that were falling apart

have been restored. We have counseled

and married more than five couples that

were staying together but not legally

married. After hearing the teachings

on godly principles on marriage, these

couples took a giant step and came

forward to say they would like to leave

what is wrong and be legally married.

Some were married in the “Garage

Church” while others were married in

our regional offices in Manzini. More

couples are still coming and crying out

for help.

We thank God that our radio program

is touching the heart of our society. Too

many marriages are ending in divorce

even within the Christian church. The

radio station is in Manzini right where

the Garage Church began. This church

continues to receive more people

through this program.

Every service has lots of new faces,

and most of them heard about the

church through this program. Plans are

already underway to buy a plot in the

city to put up a mega church for this

congregation as the cinema hall is

now too small for the number of

people coming.

Bishop Stephen Masilela

is pictured here with

his family during the

National Convention.

Mega Church in Herefords

The church in Herefords under Pastor

Samuel Simelane is growing fast. Already,

it has established seven missions under

it. The Lord continues to bless Pastor

Simelane with miraculous deeds and

touching lives in a very special way. The

church members have decided to build

a big church building in the central church,

with a sitting capacity of 1,500. We thank

God once again for Pastor Absalom

Ndlovu, who decided to shoulder this

project and has already spent more than

US$20,000 on the construction.

The revival is going on, and more

local churches continue to grow. Some

have been allocated land to build

structures, and others have already

begun buildings. Pastor Bhekithemba

Luphondvo in the Manzini District is

one such pastor who has put up a

steel frame and is trusting God for brickwork,

windows, and floors to realize

this vision.

Finally, we would like to appeal for

prayers and support from partners,

friends, and brethren so we can make a

difference at such a time as this.



Written by Bishop Stephen Masilela

Swaziland National Overseer

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 9

David Browder

General Presbyter


The nation of Singapore is a large

cosmopolitan society in which people of

different races live together in harmony.

Our ethnic diversity includes people of

Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Filipino,

Burmese, Japanese, Korean, and

Caucasian heritage, whose distinctive

10 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

cultures and religions have shaped the

“melting pot” we are today.

Despite our relatively small land area

of 710.2 square kilometers, Singapore

is home to an impressive 4.8 million

people, of whom 3.6 million are

citizens and permanent residents.

The remaining 1.2 million are “foreign

talents,” who contribute to Singapore’s

cultural diversity.

Being a small nation where the social,

political, cultural, and economic growth

of the country is dependent on the

people, Singaporeans have always been

encouraged to strive for excellence in

everything they do. This has led to the

flourishing of our economy.

At the same time, and quite

unfortunately, the majority of Singapore

citizens are more concerned with the

attainment of material wealth. A typical,

contemporary, Singaporean young adult would splash his/her money on cars,

branded goods, overseas holidays, clubbing, and gadgets. As such, with all the

riches and wealth of this world, who would ever think they need God? This presents

one of the main challenges for us Christians in sharing the Good News to our

fellow Singaporeans.

Despite all these, it remains important for us as Christians living here in

Singapore to step out to continue to evangelize the people who “. . . store up . . .

treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and

steal” (Matthew 6:19 NIV).

The Church of God of Prophecy Family

Victory Life Church joined the Church of God of Prophecy toward the end

of 2004 through the recommendation of a long-time friend of our pastor,

Dennis Huang. Bishop Peringatan Zebua would often invite Pastor Dennis to

share and preach at his home church in Batam. Bishop Zebua was then the

national overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy in Malaysia and

Singapore, and he suggested that our church be affiliated with the Church

of God of Prophecy.

Very soon, Victory Life Church became a part of this family. Since

then, we have been greatly blessed by the members of this body—

whether it is the privilege of having an overseas minister come to

bless us with the Word of God in sermon or the prayer and financial

support of brothers and sisters from the Church of God of Prophecy.

Pastor Dennis Huang

and wife Veronica

Victory Life Church

The Vision and Purpose

The vision and purpose of the Lord for the Church of God of

Prophecy in Singapore is to reach out to the many unsaved ethnic groups,

with the purpose of touching their lives and harvesting their precious souls into the

Kingdom of God. Above all, our heartbeat as members of the body of Christ is to

love one another and our neighbor.

Approximately three-and-a-half years ago, we rented a small “shophouse”

in Eunos for our ministry, which housed the church office and administration,

prayer meetings, Bible studies, evangelism, and Sunday services. It was a humble

beginning, and to be brutally honest, times were hard with limited resources. In

addition, we only had a small group of members.

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 11

Until now, not much has changed,

and we have witnessed the fluctuation

of membership where people come

and leave just as fast. It certainly

has been discouraging, but through

this, we see the hand of God and His

abundant grace in sustaining us in and

out of season. In spite of the trying

circumstances and many challenges

thrown our way, He has kept us going,

and the Kingdom of God advances.

A member of our church shares with

us her testimony of God’s goodness

and how her life has been changed by

the grace of God:

I would like to take

this opportunity to

share with everyone

my experience with

God and how He has

been a constant

source of strength

and comfort for me.

Growing up in a Christian home,

I was always taught to recognize the

need for God in my life and how He is

the one true God, and there is no other

like Him.

I did everything a Christian would

do. I prayed. I read my Bible on most

nights, albeit quickly. All these were

merely duties I thought I should carry

out as a believer. As a young teen,

I was easily influenced and soon started

to curse and swear in the presence of

my friends.

It was only until I reached the age of

15 or 16 years that I started to hunger

for God. I poured over the Scriptures

and spent my time in His presence,

alone in my room. He often spoke

through verses, and I am very sure He

12 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

The vision and purpose of the Lord for the Church

of God of Prophecy in Singapore is to reach out to

the many unsaved ethnic groups, with the purpose

of touching their lives and harvesting their precious

souls into the Kingdom of God.

spoke because I did the “flick-and-pick”

where I would just open the Bible and

whatever shows up on the page would

be what I needed. True enough, the

words were always what I needed,

and I was comforted.

I never liked studying and did not

do well for my O levels (high school

exams). The only place I could go

was an institution where most of the

“gangster students” or those who were

not academically inclined would end up.

I did not want to go there. There were

no courses that interested me, and I

thought to myself, “All right. I think I

may have to just do without studying

and work at some random boutique

shop for the rest of my life.”

But, no! That was not God’s plan.

A friend recommended I take up a

scholarship to study music at an arts

school where my school fees would be

paid for and a bursary of $800 would be

credited into my account monthly for

three whole years. The catch was they

would only choose 20 students.

I went through the whole process

of waiting for the moment of truth

to arrive in my mailbox, going for

interviews and auditions, and then

waiting again for confirmation to be

accepted into the school. Of course,

God had it all planned out, and I got

in eventually.

My parents did not have to worry

about paying for school fees, and

neither did they have to worry about

providing for me every month because

all was provided for! I got two diplomas

after four years, and it was time to

start working—serving the five-year

bond I was to serve. Yet again, God

showed me His power and grace, and I

was handpicked to go on to pursue

a degree after doing reasonably well

for my diploma. I never thought that

would happen.

During this whole time of studying,

however, I strayed far away from God

in spite of all the miracles He did for

me. I never doubted Him though. In my

heart, I knew He was my God and He

was good, but I felt unworthy to be His

daughter. I failed Him time after time,

and I did not want to enter His presence

because I felt dishonest.

In my personal opinion, I believed

that if a person were genuine, he/

she would never make the same

mistake twice. I felt I was not genuine.

Therefore, I told God I would take a

break from Him for a while. I did indeed

take a break for five years, but during

this time, He still spoke to me in so

many ways, one of which was when an

invited speaker laid his hand on me and

told me, “God says He still loves you no

matter what.” I cried and was touched

beyond words.

However, I could not move on

spiritually with Him. You know how

when a person wants to change, but

due to his or her weakness, he or she

is unable to, though he or she is

sincere? That was me. Weak. Wanting

to grow spiritually but unable to because

of circumstances and my inability

to conquer.

The breakthrough came when my

mother started to share about the Word

of God at home. Apparently, all that she

spoke of came as a revelation, and like

fire spreading, my spirit was awakened.

I made up my mind to please only God,

and whatever circumstance I was in, He

would be in charge. Through this, God

showed me that all the while, I could do

all things, and all it took was for me to

make a decision.

Now, I can confidently say that,

since the end of 2008, I have changed,

and this change is because of my

Father who loves each of us. Like how

the Psalmist wrote, “He also brought

me up out of a horrible pit, Out of

the miry clay, And set my feet upon

a rock, And established my steps”

(Psalm 40:2 NKJV).

God set me free from my weaknesses

and fears, and I am grounded in Him.

Now that I have tasted the sweetness

and goodness of God, I do not want

to ever feed myself with anything less

because He is all I need.

What a friend we have in Him!

Presented next are three more local

ethnic churches, which have joined

the family of the Church of God of

Prophecy. These churches gather in

various locations throughout the island

of Singapore.

Living Faith

International Church

We had our first service on December 6,

2008; it was a Saturday service held in an

industrial building as we were not able

to get any other suitable venue due to

financial constraints. As Singapore is a

small island, which is densely populated,

rental of any sort can be quite a challenge

to a young church like ours. However,

we were not deterred by the challenges

ahead, and we still believed the Lord

for His providence.

Our pastors are given love offerings

as appreciation of their work for the

Christ Global

Revival Church

Senior Pastor:


Dennis O.


wife, Sister

Jacklyn Chua

Swee Peng,

and family

Senior Pastor: Brother Mahen Agyang

Tagyan and wife, Sister Bong Siew

Yin Agyang (not pictured)

Christ Global Revival Ministry (COGOP),

Singapore, has been expanding its

Lord. We are praying for financial

support so that our pastors will be able

to focus on the ministry that God has

put in their hands. As the church is

still small in number, it is not easy to

support them financially in any way.

At present, we do not have a place

of worship; hence, we are currently

using another church premise, which

poses a problem for us to grow as

a church. We are now looking for

a place to have our services on

Sunday mornings, and it will cost us

approximately SGD$2,000 a month.

As we are nurturing this church,

we need financial and prayer support.

Nonetheless, we urge that you can pray

together with us for the breakthrough

that the Lord will provide for His

children whom He loves, according

to His will.

We are proud to be partakers of

His work, and we look forward to

carrying out the Great Commission to

which our dear Lord Jesus Christ has

commissioned us.

ministry in Manila, Philippines, through

the Fire Empowering Conference Revival

in Olongapo City, Manila, where many

invited churches came and experienced

the powerful move of God by the

manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

The Vice Mayor of the city came to

the meeting, and, suddenly, the Holy

Spirit touched her powerfully, and she

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 13

Christ Global Revival Church

enjoyed the presence of God for one

hour. Praise God for His awesome

presence that filled the whole church

building, and many musicians/singers

who entertained in bars and “disco

houses” were converted and stayed in

the presence of God.

I believe that as we continue to

spread the fire of the Holy Spirit—

the same fire that was witnessed on the

Day of Pentecost—the city will never

be the same again, and new churches

can be planted within this year.

In Davao City, Mindanao, God

opened the door for us to start

a Bible school we call Christ

Global Training School. There

were 15 students who registered in

the month of June, and there are

more potential leaders coming to

register to train as church-planters

in Mindanao Island, Philippines.

Many of these students come from

our previously planted churches—six

churches in the region. Please pray

for financial provision to support this

training school and the planting of

churches in Davao City.

14 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

Jesus Our



Senior Pastor: Brother Vicente

C. Cabuenos and wife, Sister

Romana Ferrer Cabuenos

During one of my vacations

in the Philippines, the Lord

spoke to me to begin a work

here in Singapore as an

outreach ministry of our local

church. I was informed that

there were 160,000 registered

Filipino workers here in

Singapore, and there are only

a few Filipino churches to

cater to the spiritual needs of

our own people. Thus, our

leaders and I began a time of

prayer in warfare to confirm

this ministerial call of God.

All we know is that Singapore

is now the Antioch of our

generation. We sought God

for the right connections to start the

Filipino fellowship, and, true enough,

the Lord led us to a former friend’s

pastor, Rev. Mahen Agyang, who

happened to be affiliated with the

Singapore overseer of the Church of

God of Prophecy, Rev. Dennis Huang.

It did not take us long to get to know

each other, since we minister in the

same spirit and anointing. The love that

we have for each other is mutual.

We are now in our third month as

a member of the international family

of the Church of God of Prophecy and

fulfilling the vision that God has given

us: “Shepherd to the nations is coming

to pass” (see Psalm 2:8). Through our

joint fellowships, the Lord has opened

more doors of opportunity for us to

minister in the other Asian nations—

most importantly, India and China,

which are the two most populous

countries, with nearly three billion

people in the 10/40 window. The more

we spend time in God’s presence, the

greater the revelations and burdens

our heavenly Father is laying on our

shoulders. Glory to God!

We thank God for His vast and

awesome resources. The Lord is great

and truly most worthy of all our praise.

Our Future Mission

and Goals

By God’s will and grace, we would

like to be able to achieve the following:

• Continue to build more ethnic

churches (Indian, Japanese, Korean,

Indonesian, etc.)

• Establish a Refuge and Counseling

Centre, “Victory Haven,” for the

less fortunate, underprivileged,

homeless, lonely, destitute,

and hurting

• Begin a Bible College dedicated to

training and equipping committed

Christians to serve and plant

churches in Singapore and abroad

Recently, we have secured a larger

premise, which will house our national

office, pastoral/counseling office,

and sanctuary for the various ethnic

churches. While this is an exciting step

for us as we move forward and build

the Kingdom of God, it is no easy

task as we will need both material

and financial resources to renovate,

furnish, and maintain this new

sanctuary. It is our heartfelt desire

that our church be able to grow both

spiritually and physically.

Written by Dennis Huang

Singapore National Overseer

Jesus Our



Sam Clements

General Presbyter

North America

California is in the worst budget

mess in its history. Governor Arnold

Schwarzenegger says that California’s

“day of reckoning” is here, and he

needs to cut 25 billion dollars from

the budget. Stores and other places of

business are closing on every corner.

However, in Tulare, California, the

Church of God of Prophecy has its

doors wide open. After having been a

mission church for approximately one

year, on October 22, 2007, Andrés and

Olga Bernal were appointed pastors

of this Spanish-speaking group of

approximately 75 people.

Tulare is in the heart of the San

Joaquin Valley, the state’s fruit and

vegetable capital, and is a migrant area.

Due to slowdowns in the fields, the

Tulare Church often loses large families

all at once—but they are not allowing

this to deter them. Andrés and Olga

are focused on reaching lost souls and

preaching the Word of the Lord. They

believe in the power of prayer, and

they testify of souls coming to Jesus

and of healings.

One lady was scheduled for an

operation for cancer, so the church

prayed for her. She went for a test, and

there was nothing. She had been

completely healed!

Another lady needed an

operation on her feet

because she had a tumor

that kept her from walking.

Again, the church prayed. Another

X-ray was taken of the lady’s foot, and

the tumor had disappeared!

In April of 2008, another new church

was established in the city of Desert

Hot Springs. This church began with

approximately 45 people and now has

95–100 in attendance. Pastor Guadalupe

Lopez says that his focus is “nothing

more than Christ.”

This area has a large migrant population

as well. It also has a strong gang influence,

and there is a satanic church that

constantly fights against the good.

None of these things has stopped

Pastor Lopez and his congregation. He

gives thanks for the youth who continue

to go out and work in street evangelism.

A sweet spirit filled the air on

December 17, 2006, as people gathered

from all around the greater San Jose

area for a celebration of the birth of the

Joy Christian Community Church of God

of Prophecy.

The worship service was blessed

as we worshipped in both Korean and

English. The presence of God ministered

as 60 people witnessed Pastor Jong Bin,

his wife Kyung Sook Park, and 12 others

accept the Church covenant, and a new

church was born.



in California

Now, almost three years later,

the Joy Christian Community Church

continues to be healthy and alive. Their

worship has become more dynamic,

there is a warm environment, and the

congregation has grown from 16 to 43.

Juggling his doctoral studies, family

responsibilities, pastoring the local

church, and managing his dialysis

treatments, Pastor Park’s dream of a

vital, thriving church continues to grow.

The Joy Church is a praying church, as is

their pastor.

Every morning at 5:30 a.m., its

congregation seeks the face of God.

However, Pastor Park says the key to

success is simply the grace of God:

“It’s God because I can do nothing.”

Written by Bishop Jeff Davis

Overseer of California (International)

New Korean Congregation

WWM WWM S E PAU T E MG UB ES R T 2 0 0 9 15

Brice Thompson

General Presbyter

Caribbean and

Atlantic Ocean Islands

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

is situated in the extreme southern

Caribbean and northeast of the South

American country of Venezuela. The

country covers an area of 5,128 square

kilometers (1,980 square miles).

Trinidad is the larger and more

populous of the main islands, with

Tobago comprising approximately

six percent of the total area and four

percent of the 1.3 million population.

Unlike most of the English-speaking

Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago’s

economy is primarily industrial-based,

with an emphasis on petroleum and

petrochemicals. It is the wealthiest

independent Caribbean country,

boasting a high standard of living and

high literacy rates.

The Church of God of Prophecy has

had a presence on the island since the

mid-1950s, and presently there are 20

churches, two of which are in Tobago.

Primarily through a renewed and vigorous

evangelism thrust, four of these churches

were established in 2005: Barataria,

House of Prayer Ministries (now in El

Dorado); Warriors Assembly; Princes

Town; and Reconciliation and Restoration

Ministries, Tobago (now in Scarborough).

The pastors are Agatha Questelles,

Carlus Hall, Dexter James, and Syreta

Hutchinson respectively.

The membership of House of Prayer

is comprised of brilliant, dynamic, young

people. They are centered on prayer,

and their radio program, “Touching

Everything by Prayer,” is heard on two

radio stations.

The church at Princes Town was

organized with 34 members, increasing

to 70 in 2007 and in early 2009 to 165,

with many others showing interest in

membership. The local assembly has

a food distribution program, a prayer

line network, and the Phillip Institute,

16 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

Water baptism, church at El Dorado

Church building under construction at Rio Claro

which is focused on training young

people who will demonstrate the power

of God. Pastor James also ministers on

radio and television and has authored

and published 11 booklets.

On the church at Scarborough,

Tobago, which now has 110 members,

Pastor Hutchinson reports, “Since we


of local

church at

Rio Claro

were established in 2005, we have

experienced a tremendous influx of

young people making decisions for

Christ and committing their lives to the

work of the ministry.

“However, we are faced with grave

limitations in that we do not have a

permanent facility in which to house

Young people comprise

a significant percentage

of the church at

Scarborough, Tobago.

our members and are, therefore,

restricted in providing adequate ministry

in many areas including counseling,

music, and the children’s ministry.

“For this reason, we are desperately

seeking financial assistance to acquire

a building in downtown Scarborough

that was offered to us quite reasonably,

National Overseer Maurice Jones

administers the covenant at

Trinidad’s newest church, St. Charles.

Pastor Shanti Weston (pictured right)

considering its size and location, at the

sum of US$500,000.”

In 2008, the church at Rio Claro was

organized, which in the embryonic

stage was a Sunday school started

mainly through the efforts of Michael

Ramkhelawan, who is presently the

pastor. This church was greatly assisted

by our Harvest Partners—churches in

Sheridan and Connersville, Indiana.

The respective pastors, Bishop Rich

Barker and Pastor Jeremiah Barker, led

mission teams that conducted crusade

meetings and worked on the church

building, which to-date is approximately

75 percent completed. Rio Claro is a

poor, remote district, and we are very

grateful for the Harvest Partner Level 2

contributions from Sheridan, Indiana,

and Rockville, Maryland (led by Bishop

Robin Balram) toward this project.

During the past six years, the Church

of God of Prophecy has significantly

enhanced its profile among the wider

body of Christ, with National Overseer

Bishop Maurice A. Jones spearheading

this move both through his networking

with the leaders of the various

denominations and his involvement with

para-church organizations. Emerging

out of this development is our newest

church located at St. Charles, which was

previously an independent assembly.

The church was formally united with

the Church of God of Prophecy on

April 5, 2009, with Shanti Weston as pastor.

The church at Penal was relocated in

2007; now housed in a relatively new

church building (a gift), it continues to

experience considerable growth and

development through the dedicated

leadership of Pastor Nazirdeen Hosein.

A promising mission at Barrackpore

was begun this year by the Penal Church,

and plans are afoot to construct a

place of worship and officially organize

the work as a local church in the

months ahead.

With plans to plant churches in

Sangre Grande, San Fernando, Point

Fortin, and Couva/California, the Church

of God of Prophecy in Trinidad and

Tobago is well on its way to achieve

“Vision 25”—having 25 churches by

2011. This goal will be pursued through,

among other activities, a mentoring/

training program to be launched at the

National Convention 2009.

Submitted by the Public

Relations Department

Maurice A. Jones

Trinidad and Tobago National Overseer

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 17

I n

A Testimony of deliverance from

Rajmannie Ramgoolam, Trinidad and Tobago

2005, I began experiencing

symptoms of weakness in my

hands and feet. With uneasiness

and ignorance, I began inquiring as to

why I was feeling this way. I visited the

doctor and took a variety of tests, but

all the tests came back negative. After

several visits to a number of doctors,

it was finally determined that I was

suffering from depression.

I was given several medications,

but none of the medications made

a difference. Things just got worse.

Another attempt was made. Someone

told me about a “Shouter Baptist”

woman. I decided to go see her

because I wanted to get well. I went

to the woman’s home, and she asked

me what I wanted to know. I told her I

wanted to know what was wrong with

me. She lit a candle, spoke a “foreign”

language, and told me there were evil

forces in my home.

The woman whom I called “Mother”

wanted to visit my home. My husband

had to bring her, and she told him that

she had to arrive at our home at exactly

12:00 midnight because the angels

came out at this time. She spoke in

18 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

her foreign language and knocked on

the walls of my house. This woman

was accompanied by her sister, and

they mopped the house with a liquid

and carried the family for a bath at a

baptism site in San Fernando. I was

charged TT$1,200, but I was not helped

in any way.

Then, someone told me about a

Muslim man. I went to visit this man

without my husband’s knowledge. He

also told me he had to visit my house,

so he came to my house with his

people, and they began to pray. They

said people were trying to get at me,

and if they could not get to me, they

would attack my children.

On another day, this Muslim man

came back, prayed again, and told me

I had a buck inside of me. He told me

that if I didn’t get rid of it, it would live

around the house and harm my three

daughters. We all had to take a bush

bath. After this was done, I still did not

feel well.

Then, this man took my whole family

to the beach and said the job could only

be done at night. On the shore, he dug

two holes like graves. He buried me

and my second daughter and lit incense

around us. We were told that when we

came out from there we would get a

new life. Nothing worked. His fee was


During all this time, I was unsaved.

I then went to a Shakti temple where

I did Hindu rituals and sacrifices. The

priest at the temple told me to get

a black fowl cock and rear it. After a

couple of weeks, he told me to buy a

couple of items. He said the previous

generation used to sacrifice blood on

the land, and he needed the fowl cock

to do several things in order to break

the curse. He even went so far as to

give the fowl a cigarette to smoke and

alcohol to drink, yet I was not helped.

One day, while I was at home and

with nowhere to turn, I decided to

call a lady from the church. The only

thing that was left for me to do was to

turn to the Lord. This lady came to my

home, prayed for me, and invited me to

church. I decided to go.

Pastor Dexter James (from Princes Town

Church of God of Prophecy) prayed with

me, and I began to see improvement

in my health and life. During my time

in church, I began to tell Pastor James

about the times I was sick. He decided

to visit my home. He asked me to get

rid of the fowl cock and the idols in and

around the house, which I did.

My health began to improve and

while going to church, I decided to get

closer to God. I got water-baptized on

August 25, 2007. My husband decided

to attend church with me on a regular

basis, for he saw what the Lord was

doing for me. After several months, he

gave his heart to Christ. He was waterbaptized

on January 26, 2008. Now, my

daughter has begun attending church

with us.

I want to thank my pastor and the

congregation at Warriors Assembly

Church of God of Prophecy for

supporting me. I continuously say that

Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and there is

no turning back.

Submitted by Maurice A. Jones

Trinidad and Tobago National Overseer

Some might say the cloudless sky

and crystal-clear Caribbean Sea of

Antigua were enticing. Others might

cite the lovely, all-inclusive Jolly Beach

Resort as the initiative for travel. Some

might even note the warm welcome of

the staff or the promise of incredible

Caribbean cuisine as a highlight. But for

women representing 14 island nations,

it was the Caribbean International

Ladies Retreat that brought us all to

Antigua during the second weekend of

June. And we were not disappointed by

the One we came to celebrate!

Early Friday morning, women from all

through the Eastern Caribbean began

arriving at Jolly Beach in anticipation

of a spiritual awakening. Excitement

reigned as nation after nation safely

completed the journey to the resort by

air, car, bus, and even truck. Excitement

continued through registration, rooming

arrangements, and dinner, and was

still evident as we gathered for the first

celebration of the weekend.

After being welcomed by the national

coordinator, Agatha Ferris, and her

Caribbean International Ladies Retreat

national team, as well as our Regional

Overseer’s wife, Annetta Greenaway,

the women joined Wendy Ferris and the

retreat worship team as they led us into

the presence of the Lord.

Not wasting even a moment, the

Holy Spirit began to move in liberty,

initiating the work of salvation and

restoration early in the first evening

together. The miraculous power of

healing moved in, and several women

testified to receiving healing during the

sermon on that first evening.

Guest speakers Sylvia Staten of South

Carolina and Mable Hurtault of Atlanta,

Georgia, were anointed throughout

the morning and evening services on

Saturday, and again the Holy Spirit

moved in liberty to minister to us and

allow us free access to the power and

presence of God.

Worship on Saturday evening was

especially rich as Nolma Chalwell from

Tortola led the worship team in an

unrestricted time of celebration to our

Lord. Accompanied by the keyboard,

guitars, drums, and nearly 200 voices,

Nolma stepped aside and allowed the

Holy Spirit to have sovereign power.

Sunday morning again propelled us

into the awesome glory of our God.

At the conclusion of the Word, women

came to “Wake Up, Clean Up, and

Grow Up.” Perhaps the sweetest work

of the Holy Spirit that morning came

as women were mobilized to accept

the fullness and responsibility of their

calling and work in these last days.

We have one more international

retreat scheduled in Cancun, Mexico, for

September with this theme. However,

contracts have been signed in preparation

for a new season of Regional Ladies

Retreats beginning in fall 2009 (note the

new schedule in the center of the August

issue of the White Wing Messenger).

Please remember us in prayer as we

transition to a new season of ministry.

Cathy Payne

Women’s Ministries

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 19

Young harvest

leaders with a passion

for Christ, His Church, His

Kingdom, and His work are

emerging everywhere. It’s exciting to

be a part of such a significant work

taking place in our churches around the

world. Winning this last generation to

Christ is our burden and calling! We are

witnessing this generation experience

new births, Holy Spirit empowerment,

and yielding to His prophetic voice just

as the disciples experienced in the Book

of Acts.

During the last few months, it has

become increasingly clear across the

world that new sets of young leaders

are emerging within our movement.

This both excites and encourages us

as we see Lead Pastors, National/

State/Regional Youth Directors, Camp

Directors, Youth Pastors, and more

accepting the call to serve God and His

Kingdom through our movement.

However, along with the encouragement

also come some major concerns. Many

of these individuals have very few

skill sets qualifying them for their new

positions. Many have lacked mentoring

and coaching relationships to ensure

they are ready for these various levels

of service. Most importantly, many lack

significant ministry experience in the

area of their service.

We believe that leadership

development is a biblical principle of

spiritual leadership. Jesus (Chief

20 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

Shepherd and

Master Teacher) spent

three years with His disciples,

and Paul spent a great deal of time

with his protégés (Timothy and Titus),

in addition to closely overseeing their

ministries away from his presence.

Ministry equipment was an

integral part of the New Testament

leadership process (Ephesians 4). The

New Testament church had a young

nucleus of leaders from the beginning

of Christ’s ministry and church, but

they also had leaders who had been

prepared and mentored. If this was a

priority of the New Testament church,

given its social context, then we should

also prioritize leadership development,

given the context in which our leaders

are serving.

Our emerging leadership is facing

the challenges of the following:

• The Rise of Islam

• Religious Confusion

• An Educated Global Community

• Urbanization, Global Migration,

and Cultural Diversity

This context offers both great

challenges as well as awesome

opportunities. If prepared, our leaders

can capitalize on these challenges as

open doors for the Gospel.

Therefore, we in Youth Ministries are

encouraging every country to support

Young Harvest Training (YHT). This will

be the training arm of International

Youth Ministries. It strives to bring to

each area training in trans-local and

local leadership to youth as well as

quality training to local and regional

camping ministries. If this emerging,

young leadership is going to effectively

minister to its

generation, and if the local

church will be equipped to

effectively engage the youth culture,

then it will require quality, relevant, and

focused training.

Some focus areas of YHT include

the following:

• Teen Leadership

• Sexuality and Adolescent

Development in Modern Culture

• Youth Leadership 101 for New

Youth Leaders/Pastors

• Urban Youth Ministry

• Parents and the Youth Ministry

• Urban Camping Models

• Camping Board Development

• Camp Staff Development

• Camp 101 for Those New to

Camping Ministry

In addition to the formal training

provided by YHT, we are calling upon

senior pastors and local congregations

to supplement the leadership training

of our emerging, young leaders. As

more lead pastors call our offices

requesting information on emerging

youth pastors who can be hired at their

local churches, we are left with this

question: How can we partner with local

congregations to disciple and release

from within? To effectively reach the

young harvest, one of our core values,

we must both invest in the training and

mentoring of this new crop of leaders.

It is with great excitement that we

look toward the development of this

emerging leadership in knowledge,

skill, and spiritual formation. This

emerging generation is passionate

about going into the harvest. Together

we will equip them for the work of

the ministry.

Trevor Reid

Youth Ministries Co-Director


Events Center

October 9–11, 2009

Sevierville, TN

Registration postmarked between

August 2, 2009–September 2, 2009

5+ Group rate • $180 per person

1–4 persons • $185 per person

After September 2, door fee of

$190 becomes effective.

Register today online at!

J. J. Harriston

Special Guests

Rocio Crooke

Warren Barfield

Ricardo Sanchez

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 21

R ecently, I read a report on Books

for Africa that told of children

in Tanzania practicing their lessons

in the sand because pencils and

paper are scarce. Most of the

children in our ministries

have a variety of pencils

and paper in their book

bag, in their desk, and in

their drawers at home. It

would be impossible for

them to imagine not

having easy access to a

pencil and paper.

How can we help these

children develop a heart for

the world? How can we

help them learn to share

their time, their money,

and their unique talents

with others? How can we help

them make a lifelong commitment to

fulfilling Jesus’ command, “Go into all the

world and preach the Good News to

everyone [everywhere]” (Mark 16:15 NLT)?

A good strategy for raising kids who have

God’s heart for the world is F.E.E.L.—providing

instruction and ministry that is Foundational,

Exploratory, Experiential, and Livable.

FOUNDATIONAL. Jesus said that the greatest

commandments were to love God and love

your neighbor just as you love yourself.

Having God’s heart for the world begins

with having a loving relationship with God.

When kids develop a loving relationship with

God, their hearts can be intentionally turned

toward loving and serving others. When kids

understand God’s character (holy, loving,

faithful, and powerful), they realize that

God’s love and care for them is extended to

every person everywhere.

EXPLORATORY. What do our children know

of how God expressed His heart for the

world in Bible times? Bible stories that tell of

the missionary adventures of Jonah, Daniel,

Peter, Paul, and other Bible characters help

children understand that God has always had

a desire for everyone, everywhere, to know

and love Him. Historical accounts of the lives

of great missionaries such as William Carey,

Mary Slessor, Amy Carmichael, John Paton,

Hudson Taylor, and others are filled with

stories of God’s miraculous power, provision,

and protection, and reaffirm God’s loving

heart toward every person.

22 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9








Today missionary efforts around the world

and in our own communities continue.

Children can learn more about

these missionaries through

visits, newsletters, videos,

and even webcam interviews. As

the children explore Bible stories,

historical accounts, and current

missionary efforts, they

realize that God chooses

people just like them to

work with Him in bringing

His love and His provision

to those who have not yet

received it.

EXPERIENTIAL. Although the

world has grown much smaller due to

television, video, and the Internet, many

children have little understanding of

cultural differences. We can help them

experience how people of other cultures

live by introducing them to ethnic foods,

games kids play in different countries, cultural

traditions, and everyday words spoken in

different languages. We can help them

develop relationships with people of different

cultures by inviting recent immigrants, foreign

exchange students, and missionaries to spend

time with them. As children experience the

unique characteristics of different cultures,

they learn to value those who are different

from themselves just as God does.

LIVABLE. God’s love for everyone everywhere

is an active love. For kids to have God’s heart

for the world, they must be actively involved

in expressing His love. We can teach children

how to pray for, give to, and serve others in

ways that reflect God’s love. We can provide

opportunities for children to pray, give, and

serve both in their community and around the

world. As children live out God’s heart for the

world, they will make a lifelong commitment

to fulfilling Jesus’ command—that everyone,

everywhere, hears the Good News.

We can raise kids who have God’s heart for

the world if we intentionally provide instruction

and ministry that helps children F.E.E.L.—build

a foundation of a loving relationship with

God that allows children to explore, experience,

and live out Jesus’ command to preach the

Good News to everyone everywhere.

Co-Written by Kathy Green and Kathy Creasy

Children’s Ministries

Local Church Offers

College Scholarships

On April 25, 2009, the Cecelia Elizabeth Weathersby

Scholarship Fund held its tenth Anniversary Awards

Banquet. The Scholarship Fund was established in 1999

under the auspices of the Christian Education Department

of the Warren Street Church of God of Prophecy in Roxbury,

Massachusetts, as a means to assisting its high school

graduates in their pursuit of a college education.

With the theme, “Fulfilling the Dream in a New

Generation,” the Fund has awarded $12,000 to 12 high

school graduates, many of whom have already completed

their collegiate studies and are pursuing professional

careers in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area or are

currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

This year’s recipients of $1,000 scholarships were Monique

Findlay and Calvin Reece. In September, Calvin will begin

his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts

at Darmouth, majoring in English, and Monique will begin

nursing school at Curry College. Both of these young

people are Honor Graduates from English High School in

Boston, members of the National Honor Society, and active

participants in Christian Education, Children’s, Music, and

Youth Departments at the local church.

As the Fund’s primary means of support, the banquet is

a highlight on the church’s annual calendar of events and

has featured a program reflective of the rich ecumenical

diversity of the Boston community. During the past ten

years, guest speakers have included Minister Trevor Reid

(now International Youth Co-Director); Rev. Dr. Gloria-White

Hammond (recently retired Boston Pediatrician, co-pastor

of Bethel AME Church, and nationally recognized activist

and spokesperson against the genocide in Darfur, Sudan);

Bishop David Bryan (now International Global Outreach

Director); Rev. Dr. Gregory Groover (president of the

Boston Public School Committee and

pastor of the Historic Charles Street

AME Church); and George Thorn,

Ph.D., Director, Black Church Capacity

Building Program.

This year, we were honored to have

Attorney Enoch Woodhouse III, one of the

surviving members of the historic

Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. Drawing

upon his personal story as a Black aviator during the

war, he inspired the audience to remain true to their

Christian faith and pursue their dreams despite the odds

and challenges. Attorney Woodhouse retired from the U.S.

Air Force at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as well as from

a successful law practice in Boston. An active member

of Boston’s Trinity Church, his participation in this year’s

program was a key attraction of the approximately 200

guests in attendance.

Through the scholarship fund and its other ministries,

the Christian Education Department seeks to promote

spiritual reproduction and discipleship, and to encourage

academic excellence and personal achievement. The

Warren Street Congregation believes the scholarship fund

is a worthy investment in the lives of its young people and

in the overall ministry of the church.

Enoch Woodhouse, III

Submitted by Evelyn G. Gardiner

Recent Past Chairperson

Scholarship Administrative Committee

Boston, Massachusetts

Calvin Reece

Monique Findlay

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 23

24 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

Youth on a Mission

The Student Ministry Department at Peerless Road

Church conducts a youth mission trip each year. This

year, the trip was to the country of Panama. Under the

leadership of Bishop Flavio Rosario, the country has a great

vision for the Church of God of Prophecy and the Kingdom

of God. Through correspondence with Bishop Flavio, we

settled on these projects for the trip—Rainforest Project and

Campground Project. We split our team into two teams to

do the following projects:

1. Rainforest Project among an indigenous tribe

• Pour a concrete floor for the pastor’s hut.

• Conduct a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for

the children.

• Conduct a medical clinic.

• Purchase two cows for two pastors and

their families.

2. National Campground Building Project

• Conduct a construction project.

• Conduct a street crusade.

3. Have a day of sightseeing and rest.

The team consisted of 33 people ranging from businessmen

who were well-versed in travel to first-time students who

had never been out of the United States. We were able to

accomplish everything on the list but the street crusade.

But even in that, we felt that God gifted us with a service

that was divinely orchestrated to speak into the lives of

every person on the team.

Upon arrival, the construction team was given the task of

building a 75- by 25-foot stucco wall on the second floor of

the cafeteria. Each day began with breakfast and devotion

from a different team member. We began with the steel,

anchoring it in the concrete and placing the Styrofoam panels

together to form a wall. The youth mixed the cement and

sand together by hand (far removed from the conveniences

of a mortar mixer). The team worked together hand-in-hand,

building the wall and newfound relationship and skills. And

on the sixth day, it was finished, and it was good.

The rainforest team was a very diverse group with

multiple tasks and responsibilities. The task of getting

to the tribe was an adventure within itself. This included

traveling eight hours by school bus, unloading all the

supplies, and then loading them again to four-wheeldrive

trucks to travel the last few miles into the forest on

a treacherous road. The team departed at 4:00 a.m. to

ensure that they would arrive with enough daylight left

to set up camp because there was no electricity (another

convenience we take for granted).

The children’s ministry team prepared a VBS for the

children of the indigenousness tribe. The team had to have

all the supplies ready and packed in dry storage because of

the daily rain normal for the rainforest. There was also an

issue with the language barrier and no Wal-Mart. But in

capable hands, Heather Lutz and her team were inspirational,

and the VBS was a great success.

The floor was another back-breaking job that took a lot

of help from the young men and women on this trip. Jim

Strickland and Ben Howard were at heat stroke level only

to hear, “MORE CONCRETE.”

The medical team was made up of a local doctor that traveled

with the team to evaluate and treat as many of the people as

possible. Some 400 people were examined during the days

spent with the tribe. To the local tribe, we distributed 1,000

toothbrushes and 500 tubes of toothpaste, flip-flops, clothes, and

a lot of candy.

Dusty Strickland spoke in a service with the tribe, and 35

people were saved. The time to pack up came so quickly as the

team departed out of the rainforest. The thoughts of leaving the

children and traveling back to what we call civilization will ever

be sketched in the minds and hearts of this team, as will the

sound of a whistle that Don Shull gave one of the boys, which

grew faint as the team traveled farther away.

The two teams reunited for a final day of sightseeing and

souvenir shopping. The day was long and rainy. We were trying

to get back to have a street crusade, but God had other plans.

We didn’t make it back in time, and God knew what was needed.

The team had prepared a drama to “Revelation Song,” so we

pulled out a portion of a sound system and had one of the best

worship services ever led by Jillian Spears, and the drama team

was fantastic. The anointing and glory of God filled the house,

and many of the team members shared their hearts.

The last day was a much-needed rest at the ocean, with

a great meal at a restaurant on the bay. Then, we had only

three hours sleep, and we were back on the plane headed to

Cleveland, Tennessee. But a part of our hearts will always be with

the people of Panama.

Wade Patterson, Student Ministries Pastor

Peerless Road Church, Cleveland, Tennessee

This being my first missions trip,

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

But I couldn’t have asked for a better

first missions trip. It was definitely a

life-changing adventure. I thoroughly

enjoyed getting to know everyone

involved with the trip, particularly at our

campsite. I was deeply touched by

how loving and kind everyone was

to me; they were truly servants of

God. It was also amazing to see

how everyone could put aside their

differences and work as a team to

accomplish our goal. It was an

experience that I will never forget.

Gabe Cartwright


his year, I had the amazing opportunity

to travel to Panama and be with the

indigenous tribe in the rainforest

for the second year in a row. Last year’s trip

was hard for me emotionally, and I told God

I did not think I wanted to go this year.

However, I felt God leading me to sign up, and,

thankfully, I listened, “leaning not on my own

understanding” (see Proverbs 3:5).

I was asked once again to lead the VBS team

that would be going to the rainforest. We brought

Spanish Bible lessons, crafts, games, glow sticks,

and lots of candy to share with the Panamanian

children. The joy on the children’s faces as we

shared the Gospel or gave out the candy and

prizes was contagious! I was so happy to see

some of the kids we met last year and see that

they even recognized some of us.

I tend to find God most in the little things,

which is why my favorite moment in the rainforest

this year was a night when we were playing

games with the kids. Some of our team members

had started “Duck, Duck, Goose,” which turned

into “El Pato,” a Spanish game that I learned

on a trip to Mexico. I was then able to have the

children understand that I wanted them to teach

me one of their own cultural games. Although we

never fully understood the words, approximately

five of our team members played, jumping in the

circle on our turns. It was exciting to see the kids

so happy because they got to teach us

how to play, and it will always be one of my

favorite games!

Another thing that was significant about

this trip for me was that I got to watch the

mission team members who had never been

in the rainforest experience it for the first time.

They needed to overcome some huge cultural

differences, and do some things they never

thought they could, which they all did willingly

and with a servant’s heart. I think that many of

their lives, as well as mine, have been changed

forever by this experience.

I have felt for some time now the Lord calling

me to missions, and each trip I have been able

to go on with Peerless Road has confirmed

this call in my life. I am so grateful for each of

these opportunities!

Heather Lutz

Mark 16:15

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 25

26 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

Acronyms are an integral part of our everyday lives.

There are several acronyms related to prayer that highlight

the importance of personal prayer in our daily Christian

lives. These three acronyms are ACTS, ASK, and PUSH. ACTS

provides a guide to prayer. It involves four different types

of biblical prayers:

• Adoration (acknowledging God as the Creator

of the universe)

• Confession (confessing our own sinfulness

and weaknesses)

• Thanksgiving (thanking God for His personal

benefits to us—forgiveness, family, and

material comforts)

• Supplication (asking for what we need)

Praying biblical prayers taps into the original power

and anointing of the Holy Spirit that was working when

the prayer was first prayed.

The first biblical prayer of ACTS is Adoration. This

is prayer centered wholly upon God and His eternal

characteristics—His majesty, glory, and power; His beauty

and lavish love; His mercy and grace. Personal devotional

prayer should begin with a prayer of adoration. King David’s

prayer is one of many scriptural examples of a prayer of

praise and adoration to God: “Praise be to You, O Lord, God

of our father Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Yours,

O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and

the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven

and earth is Yours. Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom, You are

exalted as head over all” (1 Chronicles 29:10, 11 NIV).

The second biblical prayer of ACTS is Confession. This

next step in personal prayer is confessing our sins unto

God and asking for forgiveness of sins. Psalm 51 is our

best-known prayer of confession in the Bible: “Have mercy

on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according

to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash

away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. For I know

my transgressions, and my sin is always before me” (NIV).

The third biblical prayer of ACTS is Thanksgiving. This

is a prayer of appreciation for the gifts God has given us—

most importantly, salvation and eternal

life. Thanksgiving should be a part of

every prayer. The following is an example of a prayer of

thanksgiving from Psalm 7:17: “I will give thanks to the

LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to

the name of the LORD Most High” (NIV).

The fourth and final biblical prayer of ACTS is

Supplication. Supplication means to ask for something and

should come last in our prayer regimen. After we have

worshiped and confessed our loyalty and our appreciation

to God, then and, only then, we can ask Him for anything.

Supplication brings us to the acronym ASK. ASK

points to the scriptural passage in Luke 11 where Jesus

admonishes His children to Ask, Seek, and Knock on God’s

door through prayer for whatever we need: “So I say to

you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;

knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone

who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who

knocks, the door will be opened. If you then, though you

are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children,

how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy

Spirit to those who ask him!” (Luke 11:9, 10, 13 NIV).

ASK involves three aspects of supplication: Asking,

Seeking, and Knocking. Asking speaks to the humility

we need in approaching God (Isaiah 66:2). Seeking

demonstrates our spiritual hunger and desire to find

and do God’s will in our lives (Jeremiah 29:11). Knocking

signifies our perseverance in pursuing God’s opportunities

in our lives (Ephesians 5:15).

ASKing God in prayer involves our whole being:

body, soul, mind, and spirit. Personal prayer is a spiritual

discipline that requires humility of our soul and mind. It

involves action on the part of our body and spirit, which

demonstrates faith in the Word of God. The emphasis

of this passage is persistence. It is found in the tense

of the Greek verbs used. The verbs for ask, seek, and

knock are all in the present tense. Present tense indicates

“continuous action.” This means that we are to “keep on

asking, keep on seeking, and keep on knocking.”

PUSH is a new acronym that highlights the necessity

for persistence in prayer. PUSH stands for Pray Until

Something Happens! If at first prayer we do not see

anything result, we are to continue to pray in the pattern

of ACTS until we get an answer from God. As in the Luke

ASK passage, we are to continue to pray, continue to

intercede, continue to ask, seek and knock on God’s

prayer door until we see God’s plan become reality.

Douglas R. Stephenson

Rossville, Georgia

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 27

Leadership Development

Training Program

Leadership development training for leaders from

Poto-Poto II and a local church in Congo-Brazzaville was

conducted under the leadership of Bishop Mukendi Bitchy

J. P. Israel and Bishop Levi Clarke in June.

On Sunday, Bishop Levi Clarke preached a powerful,

vibrant, and moving sermon on reconciliation before an

attendance of more than 300 people. Our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ was with His servant, confirming His Word

through healings, the freeing from evil possession, and

other miracles that were witnessed after the prayer service.

Participants of the training program

28 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

Prayer service, Dr. Levi Clarke

The main objectives of this training program were

the following:

1. Give leaders a good understanding of the

pastoral ministry

2. Help leaders know how to graze the sheep

of God

3. Make leaders knowledgeable on how to be

with Jesus Christ and with the sheep of God

Driven by the Holy Spirit, the teacher was excellent and

pragmatic in his exciting teachings, and students showed

interest. “The teachings have awakened us and helped

put both our ministry and life on the right way,” stated

many students.

Those teachings were indeed instructive, spiritual, and

profitable for the equipping of our leaders, who grazed

eagerly and willingly as the sheep of the Lord our God.

The Superintendant of Pointe-Noire, Pastor Isaac,

helped incredibly with the interpretation. It is important

to mention that 72 leaders attended the training. These

leaders appreciated very much both the teacher and the

transforming teachings.

The leaders came from different districts: Brazzaville,

Pointe-Noire, NGO, and Gamboma. However, the districts

of Lekana, La Bouenza, and Niari did not attend the training

Participants during the seminar

Touched by the Holy Spirit during the pastoral

team prayer made by Bishop Levi Clarke

ecause of the lack of transportation funds. So we

regretted deeply the absence of those leaders.

The closure was full of emotion. While

attendees were congratulating the teacher,

some fell in tears, and others moved by the Holy

Spirit cried and rolled on the floor. The greatest

desire and request of all our leaders is to have

a permanent school for the benefit of the

Church in Congo-Brazzaville (for qualitative and

quantitative growth).

May God our Lord bless His servant and the

glorious Church of God in Congo-Brazzaville.

We are thankful to the General Presbyter

for Africa Bishop Sherman O. Allen and to our

General Overseer, Bishop Randall Howard,

for having appointed Bishop Levi Clarke, an

anointed man of God with great soul as the Area

Presbyter for the African region.

Mukendi Bitchy J. P. Israel

National Overseer of Congo-Brazzaville

Local Church News

Greenpond, Alabama—Revival spirit is prevailing

at Greenpond and has been for several weeks. Souls

are being saved, and many have given a testimony

of healing. The WOW (Worship On Wednesday) for

our youth is growing each week. Sixty-seven youth

have been saved within the last two months. Also,

Bible study attendance is increasing each week. We

are expecting great things to happen as we continue

to grow and seek God for guidance.

Hackleburg, Alabama—The church is praising

God for 11 new members this month. Revival is

here, and God is sending laborers for His harvest.

The Holy Spirit is drawing to the church new families

from our community. We are praying that the harvest

from this garden will minister to more families.

Once every quarter, our Children’s Minister leads an

entire Sunday evening program. During this month’s

service, the altar was filled with families seeking God.

One young woman was saved, a father was delivered

from drugs, and a broken marriage was healed. In

addition, many were healed physically, and several

were slain in the Holy Spirit. God is using every

generation to bring in a harvest of souls.

Atkinson, Georgia—In March, we had a Spirit-filled

revival with our new district youth leader, Eric Dixon,

and his wife, Cami. It was a three-night revival, and

God moved in an awesome way each night. We had a

great turnout with our youth and children. Each night,

they filled the altar, with several testifying of being

saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Above left: Powerful sermon

administered by Area Presbyter,

Bishop Levi Clarke

Bishop Mukendi Bitchy and wife

Upcoming Events

Institute of Children’s Ministry

September 24–27, 2009

Ridgecrest Lifeway Conference Center

Near Asheville, North Carolina

Ladies Retreat

Pacific Northwest

September 11–13, 2009

Best Western Hood River Inn

Hood River, Oregon


October 2–4, 2009

Ridgecrest Conference Center

Ridgecrest, North Carolina

Rocky Mountains

October 23–25, 2009

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Operator Omega ‘09 Youth Conference

October 9–11, 2009

Sevierville Event Center

Sevierville, Tennessee

96th International Assembly

July 27–August 1, 2010

Greensboro Coliseum and Koury Convention Center

Greensboro, North Carolina

WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 29

A Gospel Singer’s Report

While ministering at my Gospel concert at Church of God

of Prophecy, 3915 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, I was

impressed to pray for a lady in the congregation. When

the Lord spoke to me the third time, I went over to her,

placed my hand on her, and prayed a very short prayer. I

told her the Lord said that “Everything is going to be okay,

and He loves you.” I continued singing, but I noticed that

the lady was crying uncontrollably, and I wondered if she

was offended by the prayer.

The following month, I met this lady again at a

wedding. I thanked her for attending my concert and

inviting her friends, and she began to cry again. I quickly

took her aside and asked her what was wrong. She

explained that right after I prayed for her in the concert,

she felt a pulling and popping sensation in her belly, and

that those tears were tears of joy. She explained that the

weekend before her scheduled fibroid surgery at the

Mercy Hospital in Long Island, New York, she had decided

to enjoy herself at my concert.

This lady had been admitted in the hospital as scheduled

that week; and when she regained consciousness, the


30 WWM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9

doctor, her son, and her best friend were standing by

her bedside. She inquired of the doctor the success of

the surgery, but he explained that while she was in the

operating room, he tried to begin the surgery twice, but

he could not.

The doctor (who was not a Christian) testified that he

had a very strange feeling come over him as he attempted

to begin the surgery, and then he decided to do another

MRI. While explaining this experience, the doctor mounted

the films of the MRI, which were taken while she was

anesthetized, and there were no fibroids present. Upon

hearing this miracle, this lady’s best friend fainted in the

hospital and required medical assistance.

This lady was a devout member of the Masonic Lodge

for more than 30 years. The night of the concert, God

performed a great miracle of healing. Not only did He

heal her, but He saved, sanctified, and filled her with His

Holy Spirit. This lady also testified that after spending

so many years in the Lodge, she has never felt such joy

and peace. “Accepting Jesus is the best thing I have ever

done,” she stated.

This lady’s son was a Rastafarian, who belonged to the

12 tribes of Israel. After he saw the powerful healing hand

of God on his mother, he decided to walk with the Lord.

He is now a Christian and a member of the Church.

That’s the power of the God we serve!

Dawn McDowell

Brooklyn, New York

The Fields of the Wood Church of God of Prophecy will be hosting the Annual

Fall “Victory Fest” on October 24, 2009, at the Fields of the Wood Bible Park.

If there are any churches that would be interested in setting up a ministry booth

or helping with the daily activities, please contact

Pastor Don Johnston at 828-494-3756. We will

also need volunteers to help in a variety of

positions. Thank you in advance.


SUBSCRIBE TODAY! YES! I want to subscribe to the White Wing Messenger: Enclosed is my payment for . . .



Harold J. Butts; Greenville, South

Carolina; July 10, 2009; licensed minister

for 38 years.

Marvin L. Francis; Bartlesville, Oklahoma;

June 21, 2009; licensed minister for

65 years.

Arthur H. Murry; Manchester, Tennessee;

June 19, 2009; licensed minister for

four years.

Joseph F. Thompson; Kingston, Jamaica;

July 16, 2009; licensed minister for

49 years.


Luigi Brugnetti; Rome, Italy; May 29,

2009; licensed minister for five years.

Gloria Delancy; Nassau, Bahamas;

May 2, 2009; licensed minister for

26 years.

Rufina C. Isturis; Aklan, Philippines;

February 24, 2008; licensed minister

for 42 years.

Willie Mae Scott; Missouri City, Texas;

May 29, 2009; licensed minister for

58 years.

Gerdia Shewmaker; Orange, Texas;

June 22, 2009; licensed minister for

55 years.

Leland Studdard; Jasper, Alabama;

June 24, 2009; licensed minister

for 45 years.

Siddy Maud Willis; Kingston, Jamaica;

July 10, 2009; licensed minister for

29 years.


Reba E. Parris; Battle Creek, Michigan;

May 22, 2009; member for more than

60 years.



La Malena, Boca Chica; Organized:

April 18, 2009; Pastor: Eddy

Danilo Ventura

La Torre “B,” Valiente II; Organized:

April 17, 2009; Pastor: Wilson Fenelón Gullen

Tamarindo Adentro; Organized: April

15, 2009; Pastor: Ana Mericy Morris King

de la Rosa

La Emplanada, San Luis; Organized:

May 24, 2009; Pastor: Adalgisa Samboys

Las Casitas, San Luis; Organized:

May 21, 2009; Pastor: Luis Enerio Fabián


West Hollywood, Florida; Organized:

May 1, 2009; Pastor: Juan Caballero



Hello, Two

Zero! relates

the firsthand

experiences of

a surviving World

War II 3rd Armored Division

Airborne Artillery Observer. The

author is Roland F. Harding, age

93, a member of the Church of

God of Prophecy since 1957.

Roland has served as a State

Treasurer and a Deacon at

churches in Wisconsin, California,

Virginia, and Pennsylvania. In

Hello, Two Zero! Harding writes

about his dependence on God’s

mercy and protection during

World War II as he dedicated

his efforts in the overall

mission to win the War against

worldwide oppression.

For more information, you

may contact R. “Freddie” Harding

(son) at the following:

130 Turkey Scratch Rd

Spencer, TN 38585

Home phone: 931-946-7541


o One-year subscription ........ $18 o Church Bundles: Minimum of 5 @ $10 each

o Two-year subscription ........ $36 (Examples: 5/$50; 15/$150; 20/$200)

o Gift subscription ................. $18 Increments of 5, ONLY!

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Subscribe: online—; phone—(423) 559-5114; or mail to . . .

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