Florida Key Club's Sunshine Source Vol IX No 2 August 2013

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THE<br />

<strong>Sunshine</strong><br />

<strong>Source</strong><br />

Inside the Kiwanis project,<br />


<strong>August</strong> <strong>2013</strong> www.floridakeyclub.org<br />

<strong>Vol</strong>ume X Issue 2

Meet a <strong>Key</strong> Clubber... Page 3<br />

Governor’s Message... Page 4<br />

KCKC... Page 6<br />

KCKC Schedule by Zone... Page 7<br />

Children’s Miracle Network... Page 8<br />


Greetings, <strong>Florida</strong> District!<br />

It has been an exciting pleasure seeing all of the efforts every single<br />

member of our organization is making toward service during this season! Recently,<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubber’s from across the globe were set to meet one another<br />

at the International Convention this past month. Seeing everyone gathered<br />

together - especially during the extraordinary service project “Kids Against<br />

Hunger“ - really reflected how strong of an organization our club truly is.<br />

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer, but never forget<br />

your <strong>Key</strong> Club values of service, leadership, character building, and<br />

inclusiveness, no matter the vacation. Serving has no vacation!<br />

At the Washington Monument<br />

With Spongebob at ICON<br />

Recapping ICON... Page 10<br />

Trustee’s Message... Page 14<br />

Every Child’s A Swimmer... Page 16<br />

Tips for Meetings... Page 18<br />

FLOF vs. YOF ...Page 20<br />

Yours in service,<br />

District Editor Sabrina Moore<br />

editor@floridakeyclub.com<br />


1) Why did you join <strong>Key</strong> Club?<br />

My father was in <strong>Key</strong> Club in High School.One<br />

of my best friends at the time was in Jesuit’s <strong>Key</strong><br />

Club. He told me about it and I was hooked.I always<br />

wanted to do volunteer work, but never found<br />

a way to do it until I joined <strong>Key</strong> Club.<br />

2) What’s your favorite way to serve your<br />

community?<br />

Anything that has to do with kids. We once volunteered<br />

at a local elementary school and helped with their after<br />

school program. We played games with the kids, helped<br />

them with homework, or colored with them.<br />

3) How has <strong>Key</strong> Club changed your life?<br />

It helped me discover who I am as a person and<br />

I now want to devote my life to helping others.<br />

Also, I’ve made some great friendships through<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Club.<br />

1 • District District • 2


Leaders,<br />

I hope everyone had a great summer, full of fun and service! School is<br />

starting, which means it’s time to do membership recruitment! This is the<br />

best time of year to recruit for the <strong>2013</strong>-2014 year. The larger your club<br />

is, the more service you can do. I challenge each member of your club<br />

to invite one person to their first <strong>Key</strong> Club meeting. When advertising<br />

your <strong>Key</strong> Club, make sure you are targeting different groups of students.<br />

You should try to make your meetings fit as many member’s schedule as<br />

possible. <strong>Key</strong> Club’s should be diverse in membership and attract a wide<br />

range of students. One of our core values is inclusiveness, so make sure<br />

you are taking that into consideration when inviting potential members<br />

to the meeting.<br />

After recruiting your members, you need to make sure they are educated<br />

about <strong>Key</strong> Club! <strong>Key</strong> Club is not just a service club; it has a mission,<br />

values, and objects that serve as its foundation. <strong>Key</strong> Club is an international<br />

student-led organization that provides its 265,000 members with<br />

opportunities to provide community service, build character, and develop<br />

leadership skills.<br />

It’s important that your members know all the facts; we want them to<br />

understand why they should stay in <strong>Key</strong> Club. Being a <strong>Key</strong> Club member<br />

is a special thing and it’s your job to make sure they feel like they are just<br />

as important as the other 265,000 members. That is the key to membership<br />

retention.<br />

If you have any questions about membership recruitment, retention,<br />

or would like to know more about what it means to be a <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

member, contact your Lt. Governor. If you have any questions about my<br />

Governor’s Project, or you don’t know how to get in contact with your Lt.<br />

Governor, email me at governortrina@floridakeyclub.com!<br />

Yours in service,<br />

District Governor Trina Sessions<br />

Protect the connection.<br />

3 • District District • 4

It’s time for<br />

KCKC!<br />

(<strong>Key</strong> Club Kick Off Conference)<br />

With the school year just beginning, the excitement of new<br />

members and officers is most likely at its highest point. Luckily,<br />

there is a place where all of this enthusiasm can be put to great<br />

use: your Zone <strong>Key</strong> Club Kickoff Conference!<br />

KCKC is the first big opportunity of the year to see a whole<br />

new level of <strong>Key</strong> Club International. It proves that <strong>Key</strong> Club is<br />

more than just a club at any school; it is an organization, with<br />

people all around the world supporting it!<br />

Alongside members from all over your Zone, you can attend<br />

workshops to build your leadership knowledge and gain ideas<br />

and experiences to use toward a productive year of service.<br />

New officers will discover exactly what their roles in their clubs<br />

are and how they can make a lasting impact.<br />

As if it is not already enough, KCKC will also provide a small<br />

glimpse of what to expect at this year’s District Education and<br />

Leadership Conference! A formal “Call to DCON” will be given,<br />

revealing this year’s theme and other thrilling details.<br />

Your KCKC is coming up soon! Contact your LTG for specific<br />

details, and be sure to advertise to your members and officers.<br />

Attending the <strong>Key</strong> Club Kickoff Conference is the only way to<br />

ensure that your club is ready for a brand new year of service.<br />

See you there!<br />

~DCON Chair Devon Mims<br />

Zone G: Saturday, September 7, Jensen Beach HS,<br />

2875 Goldenrod Road, Jensen Beach, FL, 34957, time TBA<br />

Zone J: Saturday, September 7, <strong>No</strong>va Southeastern University,<br />

Health Professional Division Terry Building, 3200 S. University Drive,<br />

Ft. Lauderdale, 33328 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.<br />

Zone D: Saturday, September 14, University of Central <strong>Florida</strong>,<br />

4000 Central <strong>Florida</strong> Blvd. Orlando, <strong>Florida</strong>, 32816, 9:00 a.m. -<br />

1:00 p.m.<br />

Zone C: Sunday, September 15, 8am start registration,<br />

8:30 program starts, location TBA<br />

Zone B: Saturday, September 28, location and time TBA<br />

Zone E: Saturday, September 28, Keiser University,<br />

5002 W. Waters Ave, Tampa, FL, 33634 9:30 a.m. – 2:00p.m.<br />

Zone F: Saturday, September 28, Mulberry HS,<br />

1 Panther Place, Mulberry, FL, 33860, 2:00 p.m. - TBA<br />

Division 2A/2B: Saturday, October 12, location and time TBA<br />

Zone I: Saturday, October 12, Hodges University, 4501 Colonial<br />

Blvd., Fort Myers, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.<br />

Zone K: Saturday, October 12, La Salle High School, 3601 S<br />

Miami Ave Coconut Grove, FL 33133 from 8:30am-1:00pm.<br />

Division 1A/1B: Saturday, October 19, Gulf Breeze High School,<br />

675 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561, 8:30 a.m. - 1 pm<br />

Zone H: Saturday, October 19, Sarasota HS, 1000 S. School Ave,<br />

Sarasota, FL, 34237, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.<br />

5 • District District • 6

What is the Children’s Miracle Network?<br />

The Children’s Miracle Network’s mission is to create healthy tomorrows for all children<br />

of all ages. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are celebrating their 30th<br />

anniversary this year and have raised more than 4.7 billion dollars to support Children’s<br />

Hospitals who treat over 17 million patients a year. They also provide<br />

support for children who need it most that are admitted to these hospitals. <strong>No</strong>t<br />

only does Children’s Miracle Network help families financially but they also help<br />

provide education to families about children safety, seatbelts, bike safety etc.<br />

However the most important thing about Children’s Miracle Network is that they<br />

are the only national children’s charity committed to having 100% of the funds<br />

raised stay local to support local kids. That is amazing and that means even more<br />

children are helped every day because of the great works of Children’s Miracle<br />

Network.<br />

Did you know?<br />

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals...<br />

• treat over 17 million patients each year.<br />

• treat 98% of all children needing heart or lung transplants.<br />

• treat 88% of all children with cancer.<br />

• treat 76% of all children with cystic fibrosis<br />

• treat 90% of all children with sickle cell anemia.<br />

• treat 72% of all children with pediatric AIDS.<br />

• train 60% of all pediatricians and 80% of all pediatric specialists.<br />

How can <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers help?<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers can Donate- online, by check, in honor/memory of a loved one; we<br />

can even donate vehicles etc.<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers can <strong>Vol</strong>unteer- At your local All Children’s Hospital and truly make<br />

the day of a child who needs it the most.<br />

<strong>Key</strong> Clubbers can fundraise - dance-a-thons, telethons, radiothons, participating in<br />

IHOP National Pancake Day, Miracle Jean day, or Miracle Treat day.<br />

However, the most important thing that we as <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers can do is to educate<br />

others about this great organization. Educate yourself even more by visiting www.<br />

Children’sMiracleNetworkHospitals.org!<br />

~ Service and Major Emphasis Committee<br />

8 • Service and Major Emphasis Service and Major Emphasis• 9


A note from your <strong>2013</strong> ICON Chair<br />

Few of us who attended the <strong>2013</strong><br />

International Convention this year<br />

cannot forget the insightful workshops,<br />

famous sites, Lieutenant<br />

Governor Michael Risola dressed<br />

up as Wonder Woman, or the<br />

homemade ice cream at Larry’s<br />

Ice cream shop. Bottom line? This<br />

year’s International Convention<br />

was a blast, and next year’s in<br />

Anaheim, California should be no<br />

exception!<br />

The trip began on July 3rd<br />

when tons of <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers from<br />

all parts of the country, and the<br />

world for that matter, filled up<br />

Ronald Reagan International<br />

Airport. Gathering up into Super<br />

Shuttles, we eventually settled<br />

into one of the most popular and<br />

highly renowned hotels in all of<br />

Washington DC, the Washington<br />

Hilton! It did not take long for us<br />

to feel comfortable and get excited;<br />

right after the opening ceremony,<br />

it became clear that where<br />

you came from did not matter to<br />

us <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers! Every inch of<br />

open space became filled with <strong>Key</strong><br />

Clubbers chatting, laughing, eating,<br />

smiling, and discussing International<br />

Candidates! By Friday, July<br />

5th, International Convention was<br />

fully up and running! Everyone<br />

was revitalized and stunned by the<br />

gorgeous fireworks we saw right<br />

outside of our windows the night<br />

before, and we were geared up for<br />

a jam-packed day! It started with<br />

some great workshops and a special<br />

Eliminate Project Luncheon; it<br />

ended with awards and a speech<br />

given by none other than Elizabeth<br />

Smart! It is my absolute pleasure<br />

more than anything, though, to<br />

share how much the Mighty Mighty<br />

<strong>Florida</strong> District was recognized that<br />

day! At the Eliminate Luncheon,<br />

our very own District Governor, Trina<br />

Sessions, was even commended<br />

for her work with The Eliminate<br />

Project and gave a rousing speech<br />

about ways to work towards<br />

reaching The Eliminate Project’s<br />

goals!<br />

Saturday, though, proved to<br />

be bittersweet. ICON <strong>2013</strong> was<br />

slowly coming to an end, and so<br />

many of us had just experienced<br />

it for the first time! At the House<br />

of Delegates, delegates voted on<br />

our next International President,<br />

Raeford Penny from the Capital<br />

District, and our next International<br />

Vice President, Rachel Benoit from<br />

the LA-MISS-TENN District, as well<br />

as 13 new International Trustees!<br />

By night’s end, the Closing Ceremony<br />

had us listen to an unbelievable<br />

speech by our outgoing<br />

International President, Rebecca<br />

Riley, see the <strong>Florida</strong> District receive,<br />

literally, countless Robert<br />

F. Lucas Awards for our Immediate<br />

Past Lieutenant Governors,<br />

and witness the induction of the<br />

brand new International Board!<br />

Even though International Convention<br />

was all it could ever be<br />

and more, the <strong>Florida</strong> District had<br />

another amazing journey in store<br />

for its delegation, a 3 day <strong>Florida</strong><br />

District Tour of all of Washington<br />

DC’s greatest sites! <strong>Florida</strong> attendees<br />

were given the freedom to<br />

see nearly every nook and cranny<br />

of nation’s capital, and with Metro<br />

passes paid for by the<br />

<strong>Florida</strong> District, On Tuesday, July<br />

9th, the <strong>Florida</strong> District Tour ended.<br />

On an even on a more sentimental<br />

10 • International International • 11

note; all of the <strong>Florida</strong> District gathered<br />

together to visit the grounds of<br />

Mount Vernon, the home of George<br />

Washington! Walking through the<br />

tranquil gardens and touring the<br />

historic manor, not one attendee<br />

could avoid being overcome by the<br />

beauty, preparing him or herself for<br />

our departure from Washington DC<br />

the very next morning!<br />

Despite the grand sites, ICON<br />

<strong>2013</strong> was not a life-changing experience<br />

because of the places we<br />

saw or the city we were in; it was<br />

life-changing because of the people<br />

who were there! The <strong>Florida</strong><br />

District had over 100 people at this<br />

year’s International Convention, 78<br />

on the <strong>Florida</strong> District Tour! This<br />

year saw the second largest <strong>Florida</strong><br />

delegation to International Convention<br />

in history, and all of our<br />

attendees represented our district<br />

admirably! That pride we discovered<br />

within ourselves as District<br />

and that newfound family we made<br />

with people all over the world are<br />

the two things that should be most<br />

remembered about ICON this year.<br />

I would dare anyone to look on the<br />

Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, or<br />

Instagram photos of anyone who<br />

was at International Convention<br />

this year and not find any pictures,<br />

posts, or videos from Washington<br />

DC! Please remember that ICON is<br />

not a once-in-a-lifetime experience.<br />

Next year, the <strong>Florida</strong> District will<br />

be travelling to Anaheim, California<br />

for ICON 2014, and we want you<br />

there! If the laughter, tears, and<br />

memories that were built at this<br />

year’s International Convention are<br />

any indicator, ICON should be an<br />

event that every <strong>Key</strong> Clubber goes<br />

to at least once in their high school<br />

careers! As a proud Lieutenant<br />

Governor in the Mighty Mighty<br />

<strong>Florida</strong> District, I am so overjoyed<br />

with having played a role during<br />

this year’s International Convention!<br />

Quite simply, I just cannot wait to<br />

see everyone again next year, in<br />

Disneyland’s backyard!<br />

~Dillon Perez<br />

ICON Chair<br />

A special “thank you!“ to Dillon<br />

Perez, our <strong>2013</strong> International<br />

Convention Chair. He assisted<br />

District Adiministrators in<br />

planning and served the <strong>Florida</strong><br />

District as as a “tour guide”. His<br />

hard work and dedication<br />

toward ICON<br />

is reflected in<br />

the smiles of<br />

the attendees.<br />

Thank<br />

you, Dillon!<br />

congrats, florida!<br />


The following immediate-past board members of the <strong>Florida</strong> District won an award at ICON!<br />

Robert F. Lucas<br />

Outstanding Lieutenant Governors<br />

Morgan Bechtle, Division 10B<br />

Lauren McAllister, Division 14A<br />

Courtney Crump, Division 7<br />

Shane Meyers, Division 20<br />

Sean Valdivieso, Division 24A<br />

Alexandra Franklin, Division 25B<br />

Chizoba Ezenwa, Division 24B<br />

Avery Smith, Division 3<br />

Freddy Jimenez, Division 14C<br />

Sarah Brickman, Division 18<br />

Kimberly Santos, Division 25C<br />

Lena Ho, Division 10C<br />

Emily Hughes, Division 22<br />

Rashon Murph, Division 19<br />

Tyler Johnson, Division 11<br />

Alexis Berry, Division 26B<br />

Distinguished Secretary<br />

Robert Brown<br />

Distinguished Treasurer<br />

Krtisten Ho<br />

Distinguished Bullletin Editor<br />

Micheala Oglesby<br />

12 • International International • 13





Hello, everyone!<br />

My name is Eric Yoon, and I am absolutely honored and<br />

privileged to have the opportunity to serve as your <strong>2013</strong>-14<br />

International Trustee! I have been in <strong>Key</strong> Club since my freshmen<br />

year and I enjoyed every moment of it through service,<br />

friendships, and the experience. I consider <strong>Key</strong> Club my family<br />

where we can share the passion and vision to serve our homes,<br />

schools, and communities.<br />

To briefly introduce myself, I will be a senior at Oakton High<br />

School in Virginia. I love playing the piano and listening to<br />

classical music. Two interesting facts are that I moved to the<br />

U.S. three years ago from South Korea and I have a naturally<br />

spiked hair. It defies gravity!<br />

As your liaison to the international, I will do my very best to<br />

keep you updated on the workings of international through<br />

personal calls and email updates. And by providing the necessary<br />

resources, I hope to make your leadership experience rich<br />

and fun. I will be serving on the communications committee to<br />

bridge the gap between various levels of our organization by<br />

examining the content and practicality of resources, <strong>Key</strong> Club<br />

App, webinars, monthly updates to members, and more.<br />

But above all, I cannot wait to start working with you all.<br />

Should you have any questions or concerns throughout the<br />

year, do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I am here to<br />

serve you!<br />

Together, let’s have an amazing year!<br />

International Trustee<br />

Eric Yoon<br />

571.346.0745<br />

trusteeyoon@gmail.com<br />

14 • International International • 15

Palatka High School <strong>Key</strong> Clubber’s<br />

instructing children the arm motions<br />

of swimming during their session of<br />

Every Child A Swimmer.<br />

“Every Child A Swimmer<br />

is precisely that. Learning to swim is a very<br />

important skill, and, [if it’s] taught at a young<br />

age, can be life saving—especially living in<br />

<strong>Florida</strong>. This project teaches children of all<br />

ages how to conquer their fear of water and<br />

how to swim, safely. The purpose is to give<br />

these children the experience of swimming<br />

lessons completely free of charge.”<br />

~Kimmy Beers, Seminole High School President<br />

Annually, nearly 8,000 people are victims of drowning within the<br />

United States, alone, and more than 80,000 near-drownings occur every<br />

year in which victims are severely injured. In an attempt to prevent any<br />

more of these senseless incidents from occurring, a program known as<br />

“Every Child A Swimmer”, which focuses on instructing children to swim<br />

in order to save lives. This program is a “learn-to-swim and water safety”<br />

project sponsored by Kiwanis International and its two sponsored youth<br />

organizations, <strong>Key</strong> Club International and Circle K International, that utilizes<br />

a station method to teach groups of children how to swim, be safe<br />

around large bodies of water, and have fun all the while.<br />

How can us <strong>Key</strong> Clubber’s help out? “<strong>Key</strong> Club members“, explains<br />

Palatka High School <strong>Key</strong> Club President Katelyn Vogt, “actively participate<br />

and interact with some great kids. Members help lifeguards supervise<br />

and instruct the swimmers during classes. <strong>Key</strong> Clubbers get to help<br />

the kids with their front and back crawl, bobbing, floating, and even<br />

jumping in the pool.”<br />

The steps to starting a program are simple and few: first, select a<br />

person or persons to meet with local school officials, to discuss making<br />

ECAS a part of their elementary school curriculum. Kiwanians then<br />

become liaisons between private and public educational sectors, and<br />

various other certified programs in the area; second, find a pool that<br />

is available for the lessons; if not one located on school property, then<br />

possibly a city or county owned pool (If you coordinate the program<br />

with your local Red Cross, Y Club or Boys’ Club, you might be allowed to<br />

use their facilities). You will need to acquire a certified swimming instructor<br />

and then, finally, you will advertise for financial and volunteer support<br />

in the schools and in local media. The costs for this exceptional program<br />

are merely those for the swim instructor, pool rental, swimsuits and caps,<br />

ear plugs, towels, sunscreen, pool safety equipment, transportation, and<br />

certificates for achievement awards. ECAS would even be willing to help<br />

by providing public service announcements for local television; ideas for<br />

merit awards, decals, and patches; literature to help trainers and guide<br />

your swim instructor; and ECAS will put you in touch with other<br />

organizations that can help coordinate and support your program.<br />

~District Editor Sabrina Moore<br />

16 • Club Highlights Club Highlights • 17



It is that time of year, again! School is just around the corner, and <strong>Key</strong><br />

Club meetings are officially back in session! Hosting successful meetings<br />

is vital to any club. Therefore, implementing the tips below will<br />

help every meeting run smoothly.<br />

Have an Agenda<br />

Making a clear, full agenda for each meeting allows both officers and<br />

members to stay focused. It is not recommended to have the<br />

agenda on a phone - instead, it is beneficial to instead make copies<br />

and pass them out at the door!<br />

Graphic Presentations<br />

One way to keep meetings more enjoyable, and ultimatly successful,<br />

is to use graphic presentations such as PowerPoints, videos, and<br />

photos. Keep in mind that both <strong>Key</strong> Club International and the <strong>Florida</strong><br />

District have YouTube channels filled with great videos to share.<br />

Make meetings fun<br />

Having icebreakers, energizers, and games at the start of meetings<br />

can really help form a <strong>Key</strong> Club family. It is essential that a welcoming<br />

environment is created. When an officer walks in tired and stressed, it<br />

definitely sets the mood for the meeting, so always be sure that your<br />

officers exude excitement and pride in the work that they do. One<br />

of the best ways to energize everyone at a meeting is to invite guest<br />

speakers!<br />

Professional is <strong>Key</strong><br />

Try to keep the meeting as professional as possible. Having items such<br />

as the <strong>Key</strong> Club Pledge, Pledge of Allegiance, ringing the bell, etc.<br />

can reinforce the fact that every member is part of a larger, more<br />

impactful organization - <strong>Key</strong> Club International.<br />

Have Scheduled Meetings<br />

Consistent meetings are vital to having strong attendance and high<br />

membership. At the beginning of the year, have a plan, and stick to it.<br />

Try to avoid moving or cancelling meetings out of respect for<br />

members’ time.<br />

Recognize Members<br />

Recognizing members for their hard work lets them know that people<br />

are taking notice of their good deeds! Giving a member a compliment<br />

or birthday wish can make him or her feel important to <strong>Key</strong> Club.<br />

Additionally, by giving out awards such as Member of the Month or<br />

Year, a member can be officially recognized for their dedication and<br />

commitment to their <strong>Key</strong> Club Family.<br />

Incorporate a Service Project into Meetings<br />

What’s the primary goal of a <strong>Key</strong> Club anyway? The purpose, of<br />

course, is to serve its home, school and community! <strong>No</strong>t only does<br />

having a service project at each meeting accomplish this goal, but<br />

it also draws in members and is a sure fire way to have a successful<br />

meeting.<br />

~Club Advisory Council<br />

18 • Club Highlights Club Highlights• 19

FLOF vs. YOF: What grant is right for your service project?<br />

The <strong>Florida</strong> Opportunity Fund<br />

(FLOF) and Youth Opportunity<br />

Fund (YOF) can seem daunting<br />

and complicated. However,<br />

upon closer examination clubs<br />

find that these grants aren’t so<br />

scary and can be very helpful<br />

when executing large projects.<br />

“How do the grants differ, how<br />

much can you get from these<br />

grants, what are the restrictions<br />

of these grants, and where can<br />

I find applications” are some of<br />

the most commonly asked<br />

questions.<br />

So what differentiates FLOF<br />

and YOF? The <strong>Florida</strong> District has<br />

an account for FLOF managed<br />

by the FLOF Committee and<br />

District Treasurer. About $1 from<br />

every member is put into this<br />

account. YOF is managed by a<br />

committee of International Officers<br />

who receive guidance from<br />

Kiwanians.<br />

Both YOF and FLOF have<br />

different amounts of money<br />

that can be awarded. The FLOF<br />

grant will award up to two-thirds<br />

of the cost of a project with a<br />

maximum award amount of up to<br />

$1000 and a minimum of $100<br />

With YOF, you can be awarded<br />

from $100 - $2000 with no<br />

stipulations on the percentage of<br />

the cost that must be paid by the<br />

club.<br />

Both grants have limitations<br />

and restrictions. For the FLOF<br />

grant, absolutely no funds will be<br />

awarded for a fundraiser of any<br />

kind. In addition to the initial application,<br />

clubs must also submit<br />

a follow-up report on the project<br />

that they did. If the project cost<br />

was lower than anticipated, then<br />

clubs are asked to return any<br />

money that was not used. If these<br />

follow up reports are not done<br />

within the specified timeframe,<br />

all money must be returned to<br />

the District. For the YOF grant, all<br />

applications must be emailed,<br />

mailed, or faxed into the<br />

appropriate offices no later than October 15th. If your club has<br />

been approved for YOF, you will pay the expenses of the project<br />

out-of-pocket and will then later be reimbursed for their expenses.<br />

Your expenses are determined by receipts, so be sure to save them!<br />

Clubs can apply for both FLOF and YOF in the same year since they<br />

are independent of one another. Applications for FLOF and YOF<br />

can both be found on the <strong>Florida</strong> <strong>Key</strong> Club website under “FLOF<br />

and YOF.” If you need help with these applications, you are highly<br />

encouraged to either contact your Lieutenant Governor or District<br />

Treasurer Shane Meyers.<br />

~Chris Komorov<br />

Liuetent Governor Division 17<br />

20 • Youth Opprotunities Fund Youth Opprotunities Fund • 21

Official Publication of the<br />

<strong>Florida</strong> District of <strong>Key</strong> Club International

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