University of Kent Department of Psychology Research Committee ...

University of Kent Department of Psychology Research Committee ...

University of Kent Department of Psychology Research Committee ...


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<strong>University</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Kent</strong><br />

<strong>Department</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Psychology</strong><br />

<strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong><br />

Friday 23 rd May 2008<br />

12:00pm in KS9<br />

Minutes<br />

Present:<br />

Jacqueline Aldridge, Theresa Gannon, Roger Giner-Sorolla,<br />

Gary Samson, S<strong>of</strong>ia Stathi, Mark van Vugt (Chair) Ulrich Weger<br />

Jo Dunn (Minutes)<br />

1. Apologies<br />

Lynne Curran, James Cane, Diane Houston, Adam Rutland<br />

2. Minutes <strong>of</strong> previous meeting held on 20 th March 2008<br />

Agreed as a true record.<br />

3. Matters arising<br />

• <strong>Kent</strong> Academic Repository<br />

CRB and CAS have been tasked to transfer <strong>Department</strong>al records <strong>of</strong> staff publications to<br />

KAR and the process is underway. It is hoped to have the transfer completed by the<br />

end <strong>of</strong> June, by which time, all research outputs since 1965 will be centralised.<br />

Further instructions will be sent to staff on how to amend and input new entries on the<br />

system. Individuals will be responsible for maintaining their entries and keeping them<br />

up to date. There is a typical web form that guides people through 6 stages for<br />

depositing in the repository and the <strong>University</strong> will heavily rely on this as a resource for<br />

annual auditing, etc. The onus will be on the <strong>Department</strong> and academics to keep the<br />

data base up to date.<br />

Working papers and those in press can also be entered but not grants. Conference<br />

papers and presentations are not required.<br />

• Lab space for FYP students<br />

MvV spoke to DTW about this and has received an email from which will be forward to<br />

JAD for the record. A query has arisen over whether not the ethics deadline has been<br />

removed for FYP students. It was agreed that the on-line system negates the need for a<br />

centralised deadline.<br />


Students should be encouraged to collect their data before Christmas. It was debated<br />

whether or not it was feasible to collect data and submit ethics before submitting the<br />

proposal. The proposal could form part <strong>of</strong> the ethics submission.<br />

SP304 students are looking to complete their RPS requirement in the A-term and<br />

supervisors should encourage their students to start collecting data before Christmas.<br />

If students want to book lab space they have to make a case for the space used and GBS<br />

was asked to check whether or not this was already on the booking form. This should<br />

also be part <strong>of</strong> the ethics submission, as should any equipment required.<br />

References to ethics deadlines in all publications and on the web should be removed.<br />

ACTION: Web authors to remove all references to ethics deadlines on the web and in<br />

departmental publications.<br />

• RPS attendance<br />

<strong>Psychology</strong> students appear to be just as bad as non-psychology students at not showing<br />

up to participate in studies and this issue has been sent to the WP on student attendance<br />

to discuss. <strong>Research</strong>ers would like something to be done about this for the next AY.<br />

Penalties have been increased but cannot be enforced. Penalties can be applied<br />

automatically by the RPS system if it is set to do so, but this could be a problem is the<br />

student has a genuine emergency that prevents them for turning up. The system could<br />

be set to default to a penalty if as the norm with the onus on the experimenter to amend<br />

should the student show up. All researchers should be made aware <strong>of</strong> this and the<br />

options they have for recording no-shows. They should also be reminded <strong>of</strong> the type <strong>of</strong><br />

culture the <strong>Department</strong> is trying to nurture, i.e. reward rather than punishment.<br />

ACTION: RPS attendance issues to be discussed at the Attendance WP and any<br />

solutions to be reported back to the next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong>.<br />

ACTION: GBS to notify all researchers <strong>of</strong> the options at their disposal in the event <strong>of</strong><br />

a no-show participant.<br />



MvV to discuss FYP with<br />

DTW.<br />

MvV Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> – 23rd May 08<br />

Done<br />

GBS to supply the URL <strong>of</strong> GBS Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> – 23rd May 08 –<br />

the <strong>Kent</strong> Academic<br />

Done – further developments since – see<br />

Repository to staff and to<br />

matters arising<br />

investigate the inclusion <strong>of</strong><br />

grant application<br />

information.<br />

MvV to investigate the<br />

possibility <strong>of</strong> holding a<br />

hard copy <strong>of</strong> the RAE<br />

submission for people to<br />

MvV<br />

Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> - 23rd May 08 Done<br />

– a hard copy can be viewed in the<br />

<strong>Department</strong>al Administrator’s <strong>of</strong>fice<br />


inspect.<br />

UW to liaise with DA on<br />

the <strong>Research</strong><br />

Apprenticeship scheme.<br />

MvV to find out how other<br />

universities and other<br />

departments at <strong>Kent</strong> deal<br />

with the issue <strong>of</strong> RPS<br />

credits for postdoctoral<br />

staff and report this issue<br />

to the next <strong>Department</strong>al<br />

Meeting.<br />

GBS to email results <strong>of</strong> RPS<br />

attendance analysis to<br />

researchers, MvV and RS<br />

GBS to put checklist on<br />

web and pass the URL to<br />

MvV for circulation.<br />

GBS to email all students<br />

and staff with the clause<br />

concerning all-day lab<br />

bookings.<br />

JAD to prepare more<br />

SILENCE notices for the 1 st<br />

and 2 nd floor labs.<br />

MvV to speak to GTV<br />

about revisions to the<br />

ethics procedure.<br />

UW Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> In place from next<br />

year onward. Will be on <strong>Department</strong>al website<br />

MvV Next <strong>Department</strong>al Meeting – 15 th May 08<br />

Dept meeting decided not to go down this<br />

road. If the postdoc is working for someone<br />

else, that person will have to sign <strong>of</strong>f the study.<br />

Supervisors should be reminded that postdocs<br />

have a statutory 6 hours for their own studies.<br />

This item is now closed.<br />

GBS Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> – 23rd May 08 –<br />

Done and circulated to committee<br />

GBS<br />

GBS<br />

JAD<br />

Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> – 23rd May 08 Done<br />

Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> – 23rd May 08 Done<br />

Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> – 23rd May 08 Done<br />

MvV Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> – 23rd May 08<br />

MvV emailed GTV about this- it will be pursued<br />

once GTV returns from paternity leave.<br />

5. Chair’s communications<br />

None<br />

6. Casual <strong>Research</strong> Assistance<br />

JA spoke to her tabled paper which comprises a list <strong>of</strong> different tasks that could<br />

be undertaken by a RA together with the grade the tasks attract. This is designed<br />

to help with deciding which rate <strong>of</strong> pay is most suitable for casual research<br />

assistance. JA was asked to send an electronic version <strong>of</strong> this to be circulated<br />

with the minutes <strong>of</strong> this meeting and to be put on the web. The list has been<br />

endorsed by the <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong> and the check list will become a research<br />

tool for the <strong>Research</strong> Office as part <strong>of</strong> the Irregular Worker contract that is signed<br />

by the casual employee.<br />

ACTION: JA to send JAD an electronic version <strong>of</strong> her casual RA task list.<br />

The <strong>Research</strong> Office can help with deciding how to grade an individual and<br />

people can be paid by a mixture <strong>of</strong> tariffs. JA would welcome advice as to<br />


whether or not these tasks are the typical tasks for a <strong>Psychology</strong> RA. If anyone<br />

has any suggestions they should send these directly to JA (j.aldridge@kent.ac.uk).<br />

R.G-S will go through this with JA.<br />

ACTION: Staff to email suggestions to JA regarding tasks on the casual RA task<br />

list.<br />

ACTION: R.G-S to go through the list with JA<br />

7. <strong>Research</strong> support for junior staff<br />

MvV reported on this issue. The <strong>Department</strong> should move towards a more<br />

structured system <strong>of</strong> giving research support to junior members <strong>of</strong> staff. They<br />

should be made aware <strong>of</strong> the facilities <strong>of</strong>fered, their teaching load, PhD<br />

supervisions. It should be explained that the best research students are allocated<br />

studentships.<br />

UW reported that start-up funds are normally an issue <strong>of</strong> negotiation when a new<br />

member <strong>of</strong> staff commences employment with the <strong>Department</strong>. He also stated<br />

that new members <strong>of</strong> staff are mentored by someone from UELT while they<br />

undergo their PGCHE training. He though that there may be opportunities for<br />

co-supervision using one <strong>of</strong> the funded studentships.<br />

Junior staff could be paired up with a more senior member <strong>of</strong> staff. Officially,<br />

every new member <strong>of</strong> staff is provided with a mentor and this arrangement could<br />

be enforced so that new staff members know who to approach for help with e.g.<br />

research grant applications. It was acknowledged that this could back-fire as staff<br />

may feel obliged to report back on a regular basis, but they should be<br />

encouraged to see advice from the most appropriate person.<br />

New members <strong>of</strong> staff should be given clear guidelines on what is expected <strong>of</strong><br />

them and what they need to achieve. This could be done by working within the<br />

existing appaiser/appraisee framework. The whole issue needs to be discussed<br />

at a Pr<strong>of</strong>essorial meeting as it is an important issue and senior staff members<br />

should be helping more junior members <strong>of</strong> staff. Discussions will continue and<br />

any suggestions should be passed to MvV<br />

ACTION: Suggestions on staff mentoring to be passed to MvV for discussionat<br />

the next pr<strong>of</strong>essorial meeting<br />

8. AOB<br />

None<br />



Web authors to remove<br />

all references to ethics<br />

deadlines on the web and<br />

in departmental<br />

web<br />

authors<br />

By the beginning <strong>of</strong> next AY<br />


publications.<br />

RPS attendance issues to<br />

be discussed at the<br />

Attendance WP and any<br />

solutions to be reported<br />

back to the next <strong>Research</strong><br />

<strong>Committee</strong>.<br />

GBS to notify all<br />

researchers <strong>of</strong> the options<br />

at their disposal in the<br />

event <strong>of</strong> a no-show RPS<br />

participant.<br />

JA to send JAD an<br />

electronic version <strong>of</strong> her<br />

casual RA task list.<br />

Staff to email suggestions<br />

to JA regarding tasks on<br />

the casual RA task list.<br />

R.G-S to go through the<br />

list <strong>of</strong> casual RA tasks<br />

with JA<br />

Suggestions on staff<br />

mentoring to be passed to<br />

MvV for discussion at the<br />

next pr<strong>of</strong>essorial meeting<br />

Attendance<br />

Working<br />

Party<br />

GBS<br />

JA<br />

all<br />

academic<br />

staff<br />

R.G-S<br />

all<br />

academic<br />

staff<br />

Next <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Committee</strong><br />

asap<br />

asap<br />

asap<br />

asap<br />

asap<br />

JAD, July 2008<br />


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