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Are you planning for installing outdoor signs for your organization? Neon lights are one of the most attractive outdoor signs in Kansas City. Read this presentation to find more on neon signs.

Most of you would have

admired scintillating and

colorful signs when

walking through a

marketplace during the

late evenings. These are

nothing but neon signs.

These can be used both

for promoting business

and decorating your


Benefits of Neon Signs

Attractive and clear Visibility:

Neon signs are bright

and colorful enough

to grab the attention

of a person, viewing

from a long distance

with great clarity.

Lower Cost:

This is much more

affordable compared

to other signs. It also

gives the opportunity

for business owners

to have multiple signs

around their


Customized designs:

Neon light is ideal for

creating different

shapes, letters, logos

or symbols. All these

can be made at a size

as needed by the

business owners.

Saves Energy:

When compared to

conventional lighting

signs, neon consumes

very little power

reducing utility bills. It

emits no radiations. Also

sign neon lights are

manufactured with a

water resistant

mechanism for outdoor


For attractive, customized and guaranteed

neon signs design choose “AcmeSign”

To know more on “AcmeSign”

visit: www.acmesigninc.com

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