Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast - 17 July 2012 - Regulation and ...

and some lights did not work. An issue also observed in Ward 5A

treatment room.

Damaged fly screens and radiator covers, displaced or damaged

ceiling tiles, split covers on pull cords and rusted shelving in the

chemical cupboard of the domestic store contributed to the minimally

compliant score achieved in Ward 5A for this standard. The drugs’

fridge was old, worn and damaged, an issue also identified in Ward 6A.

In Ward 6A, wiring was exposed on a hand held call bell, wall trunking

in the bays and the sealant at some hand washing sinks were

damaged. Some caps used to cover mirror screws were missing

resulting in rusted screw heads.

6.4 Fixtures and Fittings

The fixtures, fittings and equipment in all wards were generally fit for

purpose however common issues were identified for action. In Wards

4C, 5A and 6A, shower rail fittings were available but there was no

curtain to protect patient’s privacy and dignity. The lack of bedpan drip

trays and chipped bedrails were noted in Wards 5A, 6A and 7B,

bedpan holders were overstocked in Ward 7B.

Vertical blinds and wooden chairs were damaged in Wards 6A and 7B

and there was no sign on the treatment door alerting the storage of

oxygen cylinders. Pillows in Ward 7B did not have plastic protective

covering, inspectors observed stained pillows.

In Ward 6A the leaflet rack in the waiting area was badly damaged and

the fabric covers on the seating benches were badly stained. At the

feedback trust representatives confirmed these would be replaced.

Also observed were damaged toilet seats and worn plugholes, the blue

storage containers in the treatment room were worn and damaged.

A mattress spot checked in Ward 4C was damaged, the undercarriage

of a bed was broken and privacy curtains were not dated. Privacy

curtains in Ward 5A required changing.

6.5 Information

With the exception of Ward 6A, the trust’s new nursing cleaning

schedules outlining responsibility, equipment and frequency of cleaning

were not in place for staff to reference and document. Due to on-going

refurbishment of the domestic store in Ward 6A, domestic cleaning

schedules had been removed.

Hand washing posters in Ward 4C demonstrated a 6 step procedure

instead of the recommended 7 step, information leaflets on MRSA,

Clostridium difficile, general infections or hand hygiene were not

available, MRSA leaflets were also not available in Ward 7B.


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