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198934 Roof Stairs INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.pdf - Westeel

198934 Roof Stairs INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.pdf - Westeel

7. Bolt on hand rails

7. Bolt on hand rails and mid rails as shown in the Typical Roof Stair Module Assembly. If multiple stair modules are being used, mating handrails fit into each other at the support post locations. One end of one handrail fits into the other end of the second handrail as shown. The mid rails are positioned on the inside of the vertical hand rail supports, with the “V” positioned as shown. Mating mid rails also overlap. MATING HANDRAILS OVERLAP AT SUPPORT POST LOCATIONS. MATING HANDRAILS OVERLAP AT SUPPORT POST LOCATIONS. MATING HANDRAILS OVERLAP AT SUPPORT POST LOCATIONS. Figure 13 Figure 13 8. Attach a warning chain (234101) to a spare hole on the upper end of a hand rail, by securing a bolt through the end link on the chain. Drape the chain across the stairwell opening and hook into a hole (must be drilled) on the opposite handrail HOOK SECURES TO SPARE HOLE IN HANDRAIL. Figure 15 Page 20

Inspection Hatch Cage Assembly (This is supplied as a standard feature of the roof stairs.) 1. Attach three 1” diameter support arms (234504) to the pass through rail adjacent to the inspection hatch as illustrated, using support arm clips (234517). Position the lowest 1” diameter support arm just above the bend in the pass through rail, position the top support arm as high as possible and position the center support arm midway between the other two. UPPER SUPPORT ARM POSITIONED AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE. PASS THROUGH RAIL SUPPORT ARMS (234504) PLASTIC CAP (234559) SUPPORT ARM CLIPS MIDDLE SUPPORT ARM POSITIONED MID-WAY BETWEEN UPPER AND LOWER VERTICAL SUPPORT TUBE (234069) LOWER 1” DIAMETER SUPPORT ARM POSITIONED JUST ABOVE BEND IN PASS THROUGH RAIL. BOTTOM SUPPORT ARM (234100) BOTTOM, LOWER 1 ¼” DIAMTER SUPPORT ARM POSITIONED BELOW BEND IN PASS THROUGH RAIL. Figure 16 POSITION VERTICAL SUPPORT TUBE, DRILL WALL SHEET TO MATCH AND SECURE WITH HARDWARE. 2. Using the support arms as guides, position the vertical support tube (234069) such that it attaches to the other ends of the support arms using the support arm clips, bridges the eave of the roof panel, and aligns alongside the wall sheet. Using the holes in the vertical support tube as a guide, drill 3/8” holes through the crest of the mating wall sheet corrugations and attach using 3/8” x 2 ½” bolts. Putting the sealing washer on the inside insures a water tight seal. Attach the plastic cap (234559) to the vertical support tube. Page 21

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