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Issue 011 - May 2009 - Bike Business Magazine Home Page



Issue 11 May - June 2009

b u ssi in e s s s tto b u ssi in e s ss

ARE YOU selling the


Bike-to-Bike Intercom?

Distributed Exclusively by Strike –

On the Road Again with TEXA

Tyre Down ABC Inventors Winner

Motorcycle Sales First Quarter



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w e l c o m e

Still No Slow Down

With Autumn drawing to a close

leading us into another winter, bringing

on shorter and colder days you could

be fooled into thinking the Australian

Motorcycle Industry is slowing down for

the cooler season. Well if the level of

activity in the May – June 2009 issue 11

of Bike Business is any indication there

is no evidence of the industry backing

off, in fact there seems to be more

and more product to report on in each

progressive issue.

Besides some great product updates

there is news of a tempering of the

excessive rates of new bike sales that

were seen in 2008, that said there are

still some reports of continued growth

in the new bike sales in the first quarter

of 2009, Triumph and Hyosung feature

on that list. I doubt any of us will be

surprised with these latest statistics

as all the indicators were there for

the Australian Motorcycle Industry to

weather well through this economic

down turn.

But just when we were all bunkering

in for a long term economic down

turn there are reports of glimmers of

recovery, which may translate to more

good turn over which hopefully converts

to good profits.

Away from the business front for a

bit, in this issue we report on an exciting

win by an Australian inventor KYA

Racing who won Inventor of the Week

on the ABC’s New Inventors Program,

positioning them to win Inventor of

the Year.

Besides the fact that this Aussie

invention has addressed a long term

problem of the effect on suspension

when transporting bikes, it is refreshing

to unveil that the manufacture of the Tyre

Down will stay on Australian shores.

Too often we hear stories of great

Aussie ingenuity having to go offshore

to make a ‘go of it’, so congrats to

KYA Racing for addressing an industry

problem and staying at home with it

in OZ.

Our next issue of Bike Business will

feature the Annual Motorcycle Industry

Supplier Directory, which will detail

industry suppliers including their range

of brands and products.

According to feed back the 08 - 09

Motorcycle Industry Supplier Directory

was well received and provided a great

resource for the industry.

Anticipating the same interest in the

09 - 10 release we will be busily

preparing the information for its release

in July 2009.

Now it’s time to get reading and

enjoy the latest industry update with Bike

Business. The Editors desk.


b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

c o n t e n t s



Issue 11 May - June 2009

b u ssi in e s s s tto b u ssi in e s ss

ARE YOU selling the


Bike-to-Bike Intercom?

Distributed Exclusively by Strike –

On the Road Again with TEXA

Tyre Down ABC Inventors Winner

Motorcycle Sales First Quarter



PLUS - News - Accessories - Parts - Service - Workshop

About the cover:


range (

au/bb) is the ultimate in

motorcycle intercom.

Speak to your friends,

listen to music, get

instructions from your

GPS and answer your

mobile phone.

All from the 1 device.

See page 13.

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3 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

n e w s

Triumph has finished off the first quarter strongly,

17 units up on the same period for 2008

“We are particularly pleased to be in

a ‘positive’ position, given the current

economic climate,” said Triumph’s

Marketing Manager, Mal Jarrett.

“Once again our bikes in the ‘Naked’

segment performed extremely well, with

the Street Triple at a 26.4% increase

and first place in the category, the

Bonneville at a 6.1% increase and

second place in the category, and the

Thruxton achieving a 29.2% increase

and eighth place in the category.

The T100 also made it into the top 10 in

the category at fifth place.

“The Sprint ST was also a star

performer for us, with a whopping

116.7% increase over the corresponding

period in 2008, and finishing third best

seller overall in the ‘Sports Touring’


Although it’s still early days, it

appears that during these tough

economic times customers are turning

to a brand that can be trusted not only

for being a reliable mount, but a brand

that will retain its resale value and be

around for many years to come.”


Since November 2008 TEXA committed to sponsoring live

workshop diagnostic demonstrations around Australia and

their distributors have been involved in these information

sessions to showcase the technologies available for modern


TEXA, established in Italy, is a leader in Europe and the

worldwide market in multiband diagnostic tools; and has

for many years developed a series of products specifically

dedicated to servicing motorbikes.

The series of seminars kicked off in Sydney, where Italian

TEXA development manager for the Bike sector, Mario

Giacomella shared his experience from a global perspective

on world’s ‘best’ practice in workshop repair and Bike


Since then more than half a dozen information nights have

been held in central and coastal regions in NSW, Melbourne,

and other states.

TEXA was also on hand at events like the ULYSSES AGM

to help users find out more about electronic systems &


The feedback at these events has been very positive, with

attendees soaking up the information and sharing valuable

experiences of repair work with others.

Every month there has been live workshop diagnostic

demonstration sponsored by TEXA and thanks goes to

institutions like the IAME, NSW TAFE and of course local

TEXA distributors for the continued support to help organise

these events.

Another live workshop diagnostic demonstration night with

OMP will be held in Melbourne’s South East on Tuesday the

26 th May 2009 (see flyer insert for details Victoria only).

And in NSW, MOTOHANSA will participate in some more

sessions with the IAME covering northern NSW.

For event details, contact your local TEXA distributor; IAME

branch or TAFE.

For more information on events or demonstration refer

the following web

sites; and at (select TEXA INTERNATIONAL

– DEALERS, Then region OCEANIA/AU).


4 May - May - June b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

n e w s


The Honda Smart Accredited Rider

Training Schools continue to be a highly

successful tool for training off-road riders

in 2009. Since its inception in 2001 over

5000 students have participated in one

of the many reputable riding courses run

around Australia.

Honda Smart and their 2009 national

off-road training program have thus

far conducted schools in Frankston,

Maroondah, Maffra/Sale, Winton (VIC),

Cairns, Mareeba (QLD), Tea Tree Gully

(SA), Tamworth and Young (NSW).

“It’s been a great start to a new year.

Motorcycle riding and racing is becoming

a widely accepted sport.

This is marginally due to the ever

increasing coverage on Television and the

successes of Australian riders in world


Hyosung are one of the few brands

to be holding their own in these tough

times. Confirmed by the FCAI industry

data released for the first quarter of

2009, Hyosung are virtually unit for unit

compared to the same time last year,

selling 542 road bikes, up 2 over the

corresponding period.

Hyosung is in a unique position in that

all of their 250cc and 650cc models are

LAM’s (Learner Approved Motorcycle

As the sport’s popularity increases

so does the awareness for rider training.

Individual riders, parents and corporate

Australia appreciate the necessities of

rider training,” said Honda Smart’s Glen


The program covers all of the

techniques of motorcycle riding and

racing. Body position, cornering, braking

and jumping are taught by a star studded

line up of instructors including legends

such as Troy Dorron, Glen Bell, Jye

Harvey, Yarrive Konsky, Peter Boyle and

one of Australia’s most decorated riding

coaches, Paul Broomfield.

The School’s worth is also witnessed

by the great performance shown this

season by riders like Dylan Peterson,

Wade Carter, Jacob Wright and Matt

Philips of the Thor Honda Smart Youth

Hyosung Holds Firm in Tough Market

Scheme) approved and this is clearly

proving a popular option for owners.

“It’s not just the learner market we

are catering for”, said Hyosung Brand

Manager Simon Gloyne,” our 650cc

models are also available in full power

(non-lams) and they are proving popular

for riders without restricted licences.

Our GT250R (two-tone) is also

continuing to provide a great value

proposition for many owners with 2008

Development Team who have thrived

under the guidance of team coordinator

and Smart school instructor, Glen Bell.

“It’s been a great start to the season.

More and more it’s becoming increasingly

evident the need for coaching both on

and off the bike.

Glen has done a tremendous job with

Dylan and his 3rd place at a round of

the under 19 nationals showed it,” said

Honda Smart director Yarrive Konsky.

With Honda committed to fostering

young talent weather on road or off-road,

the Honda Smart Rider Training Schools

provide a perfect environment to learn

and practice under controlled conditions.

Over the coming months Honda Smart

Schools will be held in Victoria, New

South Wales, Queensland, Western

Australia and Tasmania.

model run outs continuing at $5990 plus


In considering the reasons for

Hyosungs continuing solid sales,

Mr. Gloyne added, “The feedback

we are getting is that there are less

impulse buyers out there and buyers are

becoming more discerning about how

they spend their money.

It means our excellent bang for your

buck proposition is stacking up”.


First quarter sales figures for the

motorcycle industry have just been

released by the FCAI, and although the

expected decline across the board has

impacted all manufacturers to some

extent, Honda Australia is looking forward

to a strong recovery in the coming

months. Honda’s General Manager,

Motorcycles, Tony Hinton said sales

will improve from this point forward as

the company has taken an informed

and strategic approach to ensuring the

business remains strong.

“We are confident that our remaining

three quarters for the year will be stronger.

We have done what is necessary to stay

buoyant such as focusing on inventory

management and planning for a different

kind of market in the coming years,”

Mr Hinton said. “Honda wants to ensure

that our dealers remain strong, and

balancing their inventory in line with

market conditions is a priority. It’s about

responsible economic management.”

Regardless of lower retail figures for

the January to March 2009 period, Honda

continued to have a strong presence

in all of the major sectors such as ATV,

Supersport, Touring, Enduro, Motocross,

Fun, Farm, Trail, Naked and Scooter.

“The two wheel industry can always

bank on the fact that motorcycles are a

fantastic option for people who are looking

for an economical way to get around.”

“Buyer confidence and a willingness

to make a discretionary spend on a

motorcycle has started to show again

in recent weeks, and I think we will see

stronger sales for sectors that cater to

the commuter market in particular in the

future,” he added.

Honda is currently reviewing their

product line up, and as a result, will be

bringing in a number of new models

before the end of the year aimed at

meeting the demands of these new market


Whilst bolstering sales remains

important, Honda will also continue to

remain focused on key matters that are

peripheral to the retail sector.

“We remain committed to expanding on

our training and safety through our HART

facilities, and in fact, will be launching the

all-new Victorian centre next month,”

Mr Hinton said.

“Honda also remains committed to

working with Government to improve

conditions for motorcyclists through our

membership on key industry bodies.”


b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

5 May - June 2009

n e w s

BRP Launches Can-Am Spyder Roadster Demo Tour

BRP’s Can-Am Spyder

roadster has taken Australia

by storm in its first 12

months, and now it is coming

to a city near you, starting

in Sydney in May 2009, BRP

is launching “The Can-Am

Spyder experience” demo


“The Spyder Experience”

is a travelling road show

including the “Spyder

hospitality truck” that will

visit cities all over Australia

giving adventurers and

enthusiasts the opportunity

to experience first hand the

Spyder roadster’s unique

features, ride characteristics,

exhilarating performance,

magnetic cornering and

peace-of-mind stability.

The Can-Am Spyder

experience offers participants

a two-hour introduction to the

vehicle which includes rider

training and technical overview

prior to putting the Spyder

roadster through its paces on

the open road and feeling first

hand the thrill of its unique

riding sensation. Participants

then have the opportunity to

grab a coffee and discuss their

experience with like minded

adventurers, dealers and

experts from the Can-Am team.

The demo tour is free

Register early, spots are


To find out where and when

you can register to try the

Can-Am Spyder roadster, visit:

New South Wales Premier gives HART

New South Wales Premier Nathan

Rees visited the Honda Australia Rider

Training (HART) facility in St Ives recently

to announce a new licensing scheme for

motorcycle riders.

The scheme, to be introduced in June,

is similar to a motor vehicle licence and is

designed to give riders more time to gain

confidence and experience on the road.

“We’ve extended the minimum

provisional period for motorcycle riders

from one to three years, with the same P1

and P2 phases as car drivers,” said Mr


NSW Roads Minister, Michael Daley,

was also in attendance at HART, which

was chosen for the launch dues to its

international standing as a provider of high

quality motorcycle learner and licensing

skills programs.

“Riders must now hold a learner licence

for a minimum of three months before

attending a pre-provisional course.

They must then be on a P1 provisional

licence for a minimum of 12 months before

applying for a full licence,” said Mr Daley.

“The new scheme recognises car

driving experience and brings NSW in line

with other States.”

Honda is heavily involved in rider

training, with four facilities located in

Queensland, New South Wales and


“Whilst we wholeheartedly support

training programs designed to make

riders safer, it will be interesting to watch

what effect the new licensing scheme has

on accident rates and crash data in New

South Wales,” said Honda Australia’s

Managing Director Stuart Strickland.

“We’re disappointed that there’s no

national uniformity, considering the overall

size of the motorcycle market compared to

the motor vehicle market.”

“We enjoy good relations with the NSW

Government and the Road Transport

Authority, and remain committed to

contributing to road safety.”

“We hope this new scheme produces

some measurable outcomes for


Huge savings when shipping Motorbikes by Airfreight from USA

Ship My Bike have negotiated huge

savings when shipping Motorbikes

by Airfreight from USA into Sydney,

Melbourne and Brisbane.

This is due to a mix of schedule

changes; new airlines on the route and a

general decline in cargo revenues create a

“prefer to fill” attitude versus flying light on.


b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

6 May - June 2009

The bottom line on any Quad or Bike

we are seeing savings of up to USD

$1500.00 when you ship by Airfreight.

By Air it passes through less hands

in the transport chain, is customs and

quarantine cleared and delivered all within

7-10 days versus 5-6 weeks by Seafreight.

We have not seen Air prices like this for 4

to 5 years, they are worth the investigation

for any importers.

Our own office in the USA will arrange

pick up of rolling bikes across USA, Crate

and Handle Export Customs requirements

on your behalf.

For more information contact Ship My Bike

02 9587 5111



Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool

This is a universal tool, covering virtually all major manufacturers’ diagnostic functions. It helps the technician to

diagnose problems and make repairs faster; many common procedures are written into the tool so the technician can

follow them (injectors, ignition, coils, fuel pump, etc.). It allows the technician to perform factory service procedures

such as re-setting the service light, encoding keys, unlocking the immobilizer and configuring the immobilizer/

alarm, making injection adjustments (CO Trimmer), adjusting the throttle valve position sensor (TPS), re-setting

auto adaptive parameters, making idling adjustments. The tool shows live data; it displays ECU data, reads stored

faults (history) or live data (RPM, battery voltage, throttle angle). It’s easy to update via Smart Card technology.

Logicar Australia are specialist workshop and diagnostic equipment suppliers to the Automotive trade. Our range

also includes motorcycle diagnostic scan tools, carbon cleaning/de-carbonising equipment and motorcycle lifts. All

equipment is supported by a technical team that prides itself on customer support well beyond initial installation.

For further info contact Andrew Peterson direct on: 0412 212 192

Features include:

• Read and clear codes.

• Run diagnostic procedures.

• Display key ECU data real-time.

• Make certain adjustments.

• Follow factory procedures.

• Updateable via smartcard.

• Note: Not all functions/features

available on all bikes.


147 Rooks Road

Vermont VIC 3133

PH: 1300 334 334

Fax: (03) 9873 7009


15/42-44 Garden Blvd.

Dingley VIC 3172

PH: (03) 9551 6222

Fax: (03) 9551 6888


17a Carrick Dve.

Tullamarine VIC 3043

PH: (03) 9338 7666

Fax: (03) 9338 4400

n e w s

New Inventors winner

Even though the road and trail bike

Tyre Down have been on the market for

some time KYA Racing got their chance

to showcase some ‘good ol’ Aussie

ingenuity on a recent program

of the ABC New Inventors.

The program has been

the ignition point for some

great Aussie inventions, to be

selected is an achievement but

to win is just special.

The road and trail bike tyre

downs was voted their weeks

winner which puts them in the

running to be the inventor of

the year.

The road and trail bike

Tyre Down essentially

protect motorcycles during

transportation or storage

securely using the very latest in tie down

technology. This Aussie designed and

built product, protects bikes handlebars

and suspension by safely securing bikes

via the rear wheel.

Tyre Down can be fitted to most

types of trailers and also within utes,

vans etc. There is no need for front tie


For the road bike Tyre Down

to be suitable for all bikes, the

rear wheel needs to be relatively

clear, bikes with large tight rear

guards, panniers or saddlebags

and low pipes may not be.

Well done to KYA Racing for

their ingenuity, and especially

for keeping the invention well

and truly on Australian shores,

by retaining manufacturing

in Australia.

For more information contact

WFO 03 9681 7999.



Chifley Eastern Creek

At Chifley Eastern Creek you are ideally positioned directly

opposite Eastern Creek International Raceway, and just 2km from the

junction of the M4 & M7 Motorways allowing for easy access to all

areas of Sydney.

The 4.5 star hotel features 104 stylishly

appointed rooms and suites, complete with high

speed broadband in all rooms and LCD televisions

in the suites. Hotel features include 24 hour

reception, indoor heated lap pool, fully equipped

gymnasium complimentary onsite parking and

shuttle service to surrounding areas.

Phone: 02 8889 7700




8 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

Figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive

Industries (FCAI) show 26,241 motorcycles, scooters and allterrain

vehicles (ATVs) were sold to the end of March – a 15.5

per cent decline compared to the same period in 2008.

“There are signs that the motorcycle market has softened

in the past three months, however it has to be remembered

that it is being compared to the record sales result of 2008,”

FCAI Chief Executive Andrew McKellar said.

“There are obvious financial benefits of motorcycle

ownership and in these economic times people should look

seriously at their transport needs,” he said.

Road-bikes were the most popular segment in the

marketplace recording 10,794 sales (6.8 per cent decrease)

compared to the off-road segment’s 8,644 sales (19.6 per

cent decrease).

There were 3,807 ATVs sold during the first three months

of the year (13.2 per cent decrease) and 2,996 new scooter

sales (31.1 per cent decrease).

“Scooters remain a fashionable, convenient and

economical mode of transport but it is clear that the

tightening economy has affected sales of this previously

rapid growing segment,” Mr McKellar said.

Yamaha was the number one selling brand in the

marketplace with 5,197 first quarter sales, followed by Honda

with 4,917 and then Suzuki with 3,763.

Looking at the segments in more detail, cruisers retained

leadership of the road-bike sub-segments ahead of 250cc

and sports.

Harley-Davidson led the road bike segment with 1,902

sales, followed by Suzuki (1,834 sales) and Honda (1,775

sales). In the off-road market, Yamaha was the clear leader

(2,552 sales) from Honda (1,996) and Suzuki (1,311). In a

declining market, SYM was the leading scooter brand with

517 sales ahead of Piaggio (385) and Vespa (376). ATV sales

were led by Yamaha with 1,085 sales, then Honda (843)

and Polaris (633).

BMW Motorrad is pleased to announce

their highly acclaimed Off Road Training

courses for 2009 in Victoria, New South

Wales and Queensland.

Now in its fifth consecutive year since it

began, BMW Motorrad’s Off Road Training

continues to grow in order to cater for

the increasing demand. Combining

a unique blend of highly trained and

experienced instructors together with

the worlds leading Adventure and

Enduro motorcycles, BMW Motorrad will

again provide off road riders with the

opportunity to learn, harness and refine

their riding skills. Designed for riders of

all abilities, there are two great courses

to choose from on the 2009 calendar, the

new Enduro “Trail Bike” Skills Course

and the BMW GS “Adventure Bike” Skills


The new Enduro “Trail Bike” Skills

Course provides participants the option

to hone their off road riding skills aboard

the G 450 X or if participants feel more

comfortable, they can bring their own trail

bike (BMW or other brand).

As part of the 2009 line up, Luka Bussa,

BMW Motorrad’s very own Pro Class rider

from the BMW Motorrad Enduro Team will

be a guest instructor and provide guests

with invaluable advice and techniques.

The GS “Adventure bike” course is

designed for those BMW GS owners

that wish to learn all the skills in order to

get the most out of their GS motorcycle,

creating a new level of confidence.

All courses are run for two days and

are held in three ideal venues throughout

Australia, incorporating terrain reflective of

varied riding conditions and abilities.

Course dates and locations are as follows:

Dargle (Sydney), NSW - June 2009

11-12th - Enduro/Trail Bike

Skills Course

13-14th - GS “Adventure Bike” Skills

Course (Own motorcycle required)

15-16th - GS “Adventure Bike” Skills

Course (Own motorcycle required)

Green Park (Conondale), QLD -

July 2009

n e w s

BMW Motorrad Off Road Training

Courses Continue to Grow

Motorcycle Transport & Logistics is

celebrating its 3 rd anniversary this year

with the opening of there new massive

depot and storage facility concept store at

100 Barry Rd, Campbellfield, on Saturday

30 th of May 2009.

The new custom built 6000sq ft store

promises to change the retail transport

and storage of motorcycles in Melbourne.

The new Depot and Storage Facility

has been designed completely around

the industry requirements and you will

experience that as soon as you step in the


The reception area will feature

an entertainment area including a

refreshment section, lounge area and 42”

plasma screen showing constant Trade

related DVD’S. MTL also has a small

amount of Trade Displays in the reception

area to inform its customers of what

products are out there.

MTL will provide it’s interstate

customers with a courtesy bus to

Melbourne & Essendon Airports seven

days a week when they are booking there

motorcycle transport through MTL.

MTL will be opening its doors from 3.00

PM on Saturday 30 th of May 2009 so drop

in and check out the new facility, see the

staff meet the drivers that move your bikes

and see the displays.

There will be a barbecue and finger

food with refreshments along with an

evening mystery ride.

Displays at the Open Day:

• Retail Bikes on Display including

Harley Davidson, Ducati, Victory,

Honda, Suzuki, Vespa, Yamaha

and Royal Enfield.

• Trick Bikes, Stunt Bikes,

Bikecraft Display

• DVD displays on current

merchandise and bikes,

• Coffee Cart

MTL will begin having Ride nights on

the last Saturday evening of every second

month which will include a Light Meal &

Refreshments prior to the ride. For more

information contact 03 9357 6233.

16-17th - Enduro/Trail Bike Skills


18-19th - GS “Adventure Bike” Skills

Course (Own motorcycle required)

20-21st - GS “Adventure Bike” Skills

Course (Own motorcycle required)

Werribee (Melbourne), VIC -

October 2009

8-9th - Enduro/Trail Bike Skills Course

10-11th - GS “Adventure Bike” Skills

Course (Own motorcycle required)

12-13th - GS “Adventure Bike” Skills

Course (Own motorcycle required)

Enduro “Trail Bike” Skills Course

With BMW G 450 X supplied $895

Own bike supplied $625

GS “Adventure Bike” Skills Course

Own bike required $625

For more information and bookings

regarding the BMW Motorrad Off Road

Training Course please refer to

For a complete list of dates or for more

info, simply head to www.fullthrottlesports.


Motorcycle Transport & logistics

When your bike needs a ride…


9 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

n e w s

BMW Motorrad’s New K Series Wins Prestigious ‘red dot’ Awards

Two of BMW Motorrad’s latest K

Series motorcycles are the recipients

of the famous ‘red dot’ awards that

recognise outstanding design quality.

The K 1300 S sports bike and the K

1200 R naked roadster have won the

internationally acclaimed label that

is awarded to products that have

clearly set themselves apart from

the competition by their particularly

successful design solutions.

Launched in 1955, the red dot award

has become established as one of

the most important design awards in

the world. It recognises achievements

in numerous categories such as

automotive, architecture, domestic,

consumer electronics, fashion, life

science and medicine.

This year, the jury considered the

design of 3,231 products from 49

different countries all over the world.

A total of 683 products won the red

dot award, and the winners will be

presented with their accolades at a

special ceremony on 29 June in Essen,


The new K-Series range was launched

in BMW dealerships in March and

consists of three models, all renowned

for their high performance, advanced

technology and powerful engines.

Individually, the K 1300 S is the fastest

motorcycle ever produced by BMW

Motorrad, the K 1300 R naked roadster

is the most technologically advanced

in its class, and the K 1300 GT is the

best high-speed tourer BMW has ever


Winning these two red dot accolades

in the ‘automotive, transport and

caravan’ segment means that the K 1300

S and K 1300 R join a long list of awardwinning

BMW motorcycles.

Last year, the BMW G 450 X won a

special ‘red dot: best of the best’ award

for particularly pioneering design.

The HP2 Sport motorcycle was a 2008

red dot awards finalist and the F 800 GS

also received an honourable mention

during last year’s ceremony.

Get involved with your local Clubs

I’m one of your customers. I’m a

Motorcyclist and member of a Club.

My Club is a Member of the Motorcycle

Council of NSW.

Established in 1982, the Motorcycle

Council of NSW Inc. (MCC of NSW) is

an internationally recognised umbrella

group for motorcycle clubs, associations

and ride groups, in the state of New

South Wales. The MCC of NSW is the

peak body for motorcycling in NSW and

represents over 41 clubs/groups, with

more than 36,000 riders as members.

The MCC of NSW exists to support

its’ Member Clubs and the members of

those Clubs. Those Members support

motorcycle Businesses and in return

they get support from the Motorcycle

Industry. Which, in turn, supports the

MCC of NSW… and as a result, the work

that the MCC of NSW does, supports the

Industry. Incestuous?

Confused? At times perhaps, but

essentially we all need to assist each

other to protect motorcycling in its many

forms and varieties. So how and why can

the Industry help the MCC of NSW?

Or, even better, how can I help you?

So, what does the MCC do? In

NSW, you might remember the Exhaust

legislation, the Clause 19 or dreaded

“Sticker Tax”.

If you are not from NSW, this was

an attempt by the NSW Dept. of

Environment to get all aftermarket

exhausts off NSW Roads.

The MCC, through a variety of means,

convinced the NSW Government to

repeal the law. So you can now continue

to sell aftermarket exhausts in NSW.

Other ways that the MCC of NSW is

working to further motorcycling, is by

making riding safer for all and more

socially acceptable to all. In 2000, we

launched a research study into Crash

Barriers called “Barriers to Safety”.

This, amongst other things, led to the

production and launch in June 2002 of

“Positioned for Safety”. This was the first

time anyone, including Governments,

in Australia had produced a strategic

plan for the future of motorcycling. This

document was updated and re-released

in 2007.

More recently, the MCC challenged

the NSW Government and Motor

Accidents Authority over CTP pricing for


The results from this are yet to be

seen, but are expected later this year

and are the first steps towards a fairer

and more equitable system of CTP for

Motorcycles. Defrosting of relations

between the NSW Government and

Motorcycling is steadily taking place.

However, as we have all seen in the

news, this has taken a battering of

late, with issues of law and order. We

do expect that over time, there will be

more and more ongoing consultation

on motorcycle matters. Which can only

benefit all riders and the Industry.

A good example of this can be

seen with the Sydney City Councils’

introduction of a Motorcycle and Scooter

Transport Strategy. The first jurisdiction

to recognise Motorcycles as an integral

part of a complete transport strategy.

This was only achieved via the MCC’s

steady consultation work over several

years. This is what is required for the

future… steady consultation.

So how can you help?

Get involved with your local Clubs

and the MCC of NSW.

Go to our website: and drop us a


Guy Stanford Chairman Motorcycle

Council of NSW.

Need More Copies of Bike Business



10 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

National & Victorian Dealers WANTED

Healthy margins for most models - Many distribution areas available

View All Models at:

To View All Models Visit

For Prices Call 1300 529 862

Fax: 03 9663 3925



i k e s & a t v s

The Sherco Enduro model line grows with the addition of the SE2.5iF

The 2009 Sherco Enduro line has grown

larger with the introduction of the new SE2.5i-F

it joins the current line which features the 4.5i-F

and the 5.1i-F. The SE2.5iF has lightest and

most compact Enduro engine on the market.

The star of the new Sherco Enduro line is

no doubt, the 2.5i-F, which incorporates the

most advanced technology that Sherco has

ever produced, it is one of the most innovative

motorcycles in this market segment.

The motor is extremely compact and is

equipped with electronic fuel injection, it also

has an extremely efficient and effective electric

starting motor, it does not have a kick starter;

Would you like an exciting NEW EUROPEAN brand in your shop

“Play With Gravity”

all of these features help contribute to the

extreme lightness of the complete assembly.

In addition to the release of the new 2.5i-F, the

4.5i-F and the 5.1i-F, have been the objects of a

thorough design review and have also received

many updates. They are equipped with a new

Ceriani front fork that is lighter and narrower

which greatly improves the handling.

The chassis which combines steel and

aluminum in appropriate places is very rigid,

the center of gravity is lower; the seat height

has also been lowered which along with other

changes and new radiator side plates make it

easier for the rider to move around on the bike

for improved handling in every situation and


For more information

Sinister Looking KFX450R Monster Energy ATV Races into the Marketplace

Kawasaki is proud to announce the injection and a reverse gear to back out

release of the latest addition to the of tight situations. The aluminium frame

Kawasaki Monster family; the 2009 is both lightweight and rigid, plus it’s

KFX450R Monster Energy sports ATV. designed for superb handling and to

Kawasaki is confident that this sinister allow the KFX450R to maximize traction

looking, race ready ATV will gain

without wasted wheelspin.

immediate recognition and success in Kawasaki made the KFX450R race

the marketplace.

ready so that extensive and expensive

Its engine comes straight from the modifications are unnecessary.

2008 AMA MX Championship winning For more information visit

KX450F with the addition of digital fuel

Sherco Motorcycles Australia is looking for

new dealerships. We have spots available in

QLD, W.A, TAS & certain locations in Vic, S.A.

& NSW and are looking for dealerships that

are passionate about off-road riding in their

region. With an extensive line-up of 2 & 4 Stroke

Trials bikes as well as the Fast, Reliable & Fuel

injected Enduro range, Sherco Motorcycles

could be just the ticket to add some spice

to your shop with Trials riding being the

background & cross-training choice of many

top Road & Offroad Riders it will increase

potential new customers through your doors.

Low initial commitment, solid spares & tech

backup & support with advertising, signage

& local rider sponsor deals make Sherco

Motorcycles a great addition.


12 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

Moto Central Group Pty Ltd

12-16 Sandford St, Mitchell ACT 2911

Phone: 02 6248 0229



a c c e s s o r i e s



Two ready-to-use enhanced Scala Rider Q2 wireless

headsets packaged together for instantaneous, clear

bike-to-bike communications, right out of the box.

Every headset includes an mp3 jack so each rider can listen to

their own music of choice.

The SCALA RIDER ® Q2 MULTISET retail box includes two

ready-to-use, enhanced SCALA RIDER Q2 wireless headsets

for hands-free and safe bike-to-bike communication (up to

500m) as well as for hands-free conversations when paired with

mobile phones. The Q2 MULTISET was created with the safety,

convenience and enjoyment of motorcyclists in mind.

The headsets come pre-paired so that riders can

instantly begin communicating with each other.

For added entertainment, an MP3 jack is included

in both headsets which allow each rider to connect

their personal MP3 player to the unit so they can

each enjoy their own music. Incoming intercom

messages and mobile phone calls automatically

override the MP3 music so hands never have to

leave the handlebars. “With the SCALA RIDER Q2

MULTISET we continue to empower bikers with the

best communication technology available, without

compromising safety.

To offer a smooth out-of-the-box experience the two headsets

come factory paired, so that users can instantly start enjoying the

product. As the fifth addition to our SCALA RIDER line of products,

we keep pushing the envelope for our customers by offering

optimal solutions for every need”, said Adam Rockett, CEO of Strike

Group Australia.

The two enhanced SCALA RIDER Q2 headsets featured in the

MULTISET retail box employ Multiple Device Connection (MDC)

technology, with added features that allow bikers to connect

wirelessly by Bluetooth to several audio sources including the

following: in-helmet voice instructions from a GPS unit, mobile

phone conversations with third parties and intercom conversations

with passengers and with other bikers.

The headsets also feature high-quality FM radio transmissions

from the embedded FM radio. Whether riding solo, with another

motorcycle or riding with a passenger, the SCALA RIDER Q2.

MULTISET is a great way to communicate with another biker while

on the road.

The SCALA RIDER Q2. MULTISET headsets are also fully

backward-compatible with the entire line of earlier SCALA RIDER

models. In addition to MDC technology and Bike-to-Bike intercom

communications, the MULTISET pair offers the same high-quality

performance as in previous SCALA RIDER models, including wind

impact reduction, voice controlled receipt and rejection of incoming

calls, automatic volume adjustment according to driving speed and

ambient noise, full rain and snow protection and more.

The SCALA RIDER Q2 is available with either a standard boom

or with a corded microphone, designed especially to fit all types of

full-faced helmets.

The multi-featured SCALA RIDER Q2 is distributed in Australia

and New Zealand exclusively by Strike Group Australia Pty. Ltd,

phone: 1300 792 044

New Harley Davidson

parts from RIZOMA ®


Phone: (03) 9585 2100



t o b u s i n e s s

13 May - June 2009

a c c e s s o r i e s

Pulse Technology in our motorcycle charger

The XtremeCharge 5-stage

Maintenance Battery Charger works with

any 12 volt lead acid battery including

flooded, fill and charge, gel, AGM and all

maintenance-free varieties.

Whether the bike’s battery is new or

old, the Patented Pulse Technology in this

motorcycle charger minimizes the size of

lead sulfate crystals to ensure that it keeps

as much charge as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a

traditional or a high-performance battery,

the proprietary charging algorithm will find

the proper charge for maximum power.

Just plug the XtremeCharge 12 Volt

Charger into any 110-220 ac power source,

turn it on and the XC100 will recharge the

battery quickly and safely.

It’s fuse-protected, spark proof and is

UL Certified for both indoor and outdoor

use, making it the ultimate 12 volt battery


Customers can get the most out of

a motorcycle battery by purchasing the

XTremeCharge Motorcycle products.

For more information contact Hot Wire

Pty Ltd 08 8339 7093

Trade enquires welcome.


OzzieMoto was created in Victoria, just

under 12 months ago, since then they

have been developing new and exciting

accessories, the first of which is

the PROtector*.

Throughout the next 18 months, two

further products will be released, and they

are sure to catch everyone’s attention.

The PROtector* was released in March,

2009, and is already proving very popular

and successful.

This product not only offers PROtection,

but because OzzieMoto use either

powder coated or anodized colour, it also

enhances the beauty of the bike.

OzzieMoto report the reaction has

been phenomenal, saying that once the

owners see their PROtector on their bike,

they can’t take their eyes off it, and the

most common statement to date has been

“WOW!! Love it”.

OzzieMoto custom make PROtector’s*

for all bikes, including road, sports,

tourers and dirt. Installation is quick and

easy, and being realistically priced makes

them even more attractive.

OzzieMoto are offering all motorcycle

retailers the chance to increase their

profits by stocking their PROtector’s*,

with realistic wholesale buying prices,

businesses can be saying “WOW!! Love

it” too.

For more information contact

Ozzie Moto Australia 03 5986 6271

Header pipes for the ATV market

D.J Manufacturing are committing to

manufacture more header pipes for the

ATV market, using the onsite mandrel

Pipe Bender.

Currently they are producing a small

range but with market feed back and

specific requests this range can easily

be increased to service the needs of

your customers. Resulting in a complete

system for your clients, that is pipe and

muffler manufactured to established high

standards, enabling correct fitting and at

a reasonable price.

If you haven’t called on D.J

Manufacturing before there is a chance

to save 50% off RWP. Up to the end of

June 2009 any new D.J Manufacturing

customer will be subject to this great

introductory offer.


b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

14 May - June 2009

Not to forget D.J Manufacturing

continue to manufacture brake discs,

and their huge range of spares.

For more information contact

D.J Manufacturing 02 6040 9503

Paul 0418 962 624 or

John 0410 446 234.

a c c e s s o r i e s

Cruize safe

Compliant to the Australian Safety Standard (AS NZS 1337-1992 Eye protectors for

industrial applications), the Cruize glasses are a multifunctional design offering up to

six combination options. Cruize glasses offers ideal eyewear for sports enthusiasts,

particularly motorcycle riders and can also double as industry/safety eyewear.

Offering maximum peripheral vision, the multi pack also

includes three different lens colour options of

clear, yellow and smoke.

Piranha Eyewear can provide the RX gaskets

with required scripts ready to go, and come with a safety compliance certification.

All the parts are included except the RX prescription gasket which needs to be ordered

separately. There can be great benefits with this as the RX gasket, as the prescription lens

is always protected by the sunglass lens avoiding the risk of damage.

A feature unique to this model is the option for the RX gasket to be used with or without

the foam gasket. The Polycarbonate Lenses used in the Cruize glasses, comply with

the Australian Safety Standard and come with an anti scratch and anti fog coating; and

standard tint colours, photochromic and polarized are available to choose from.

For customers who prefer a more secure fit the clip-in adjustable straps are standard

with the TR-90 Frames, as is the double injection flexible rubber tips on the temples

ensuring a comfortable fit even under tight helmets.

There is further comfort with the detachable foam insert that works as a cushion

between the glasses and the face, and also serve a higher purpose of keeping the wind,

rain, dust, insects and other fragments from entering the eye region.

For more information contact Piranha Eyewear 1300 369 574.


New for 2009 from the RIVET collection is the armour packed sportsbike jacket the

“Fighter”. Full-on with attitude, style, comfort and safety, it’s sure to meet everyone’s

demands for a top quality product.

Its safety features include rigid outer protectors on elbows/shoulders as well as internal

CE approved armour and back


A heavy duty 600D polyester

shell with reinforced panels set

into the anatomically shaped


The waterproof and breathable

liner with a zip-out winter liner,

and air vent zips for liners makes it

an ideal all year round garment.

For more information contact


02 9709 4655.


15 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

a c c e s s o r i e s

HOT NEW PRODUCT BMW F650/800GS Steering Damper/Stabilsers

The Ralle-Moto Steering Dampener for the F 800GS and

F 650GS twins are an under the handle bar arrangement, made

from the highest quality billet 6061-T6 aluminium and anodised


This kit is fully bolt on with no major irreversible modifications

to the bike like cutting, grinding or welding to the frame or the

need to reroute any cables and has detailed instructions for

installation. Most aftermarket hand guards can be retained, and

the damper is fully serviceable.

The F 800 GS is a serious off-road adventure bike and riding

on rough ground is what the bike was built to do and rough

ground means coming in contact with rocks, sand, tree roots and

the like which can catch out the very best of riders.

All Ralle-Moto hard parts are 100% designed, developed,

manufactured and tested in Australia against the tough Australia


The Ralle-Moto Steering Dampener will allow riding through

places never thought possible or enjoyable without the Steering


The Ralle-Moto Steering Dampener kit includes:

• Ralle-Moto Steering Dampener unit

• One piece CNC Machined 6061 T6 lower dampener mount

• Billet lower handlebar mounts 20mm raiser- higher

options available

• One piece billet top handlebar mount with GPS mount capability

• Steering Dampener actuator mount

• All fasteners and instructions.

For more contact Motorrad Garage 08 9444 6807

Draggin Jeans have

introduced Draggin Jeans K-legs

The K-legs compliment the K-shirt by offering a 100% Kevlar long

john that can be worn under any trouser. It is made completely

from Kevlar® featuring a double layer of Kevlar in the knees

and backside. K-legs are comfortable, breathable and provide

abrasion resistance for the legs. RRP AUD259.00 For more

information contact 03 9646 0377

Infinite Variable Charge Output from 100-mA Increments up to


Optimized for AGM and GEL Batteries by Charging at the Required

15V Rate

Monitors Both Voltage and Current

Utilizes TRUE Patented De-Sulfation Pulse Technology

Works on ALL 12-Volt Batteries!


16 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

Dealer enquires welcome.

a c c e s s o r i e s


A perfect match for Rivet’s FIGHTER jacket is the HOTLAP

pants, with similar hi-tech features as the jacket, with removable

knee sliders included. The pants feature accordion stretch panel

at back and knees, stretch cordura crotch panel, adjustable waist

tabs each side and they can be attached to any RIVET jacket by

the joiner zip attached. For more information contact R&R

SPEEDSPORTS on 02 9709 4655.

Ultimate EvoLution-A

revolutionary design

SHARK EvoLine offers high technology and the utmost

functionality through simple and trustworthy solutions, while

maintaining an aesthetic balance and very high performance

interms of safety.

EvoLine SHARK marks a technical, functional and aesthetic

breakthrough. The movement of its unique and patented Tech-

Move System chinstrap provides full comfort and optimal safety

through its integrated structure. With just one simple, quick

movement the chinstrap unlocks, moves to a back position and

fits with the line of the shell. EvoLine then turns into a jet with a

visor that provides maximum protection, an essential bonus. The

centrally controlled internal sun visor, the Precise Lock chin strap

buckle and lining in treated microfibre producing great comfort.

EvoLine, just like the whole SHARK range, has a 5 year

warranty, with a choice of five colours. For more information

contact Ficeda 02 9757 0061.


b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

17 May - June 2009

a c c e s s o r i e s

Rizoma has a huge range of Billet mirrors

The Elisse and Senso are both new for Rizoma 2009,

and when it comes to exceptional quality and horn

styling Rizma deliver.

The Elisse mirror comes in two colours, silver and

black both with amber glass preventing unwanted glare.

The Senso mirror offers three colours options, black

and chrome, black on black and bronze and black and

includes adapters.

For more information contact

Bikecraft Custom Streetbikes 03 9585 2100

Yamaha Tool Kit

This handy metric tool kit comes in a convenient carry case and

contains some essential tools. You will find:

• Ring/open end spanners 8, 10, 12 and 14mm

• 8” Adjustable spanner

• Vice grips • Four way Phillips/standard screwdriver

• Allen keys #3, #4, #5 and #6

• Sparkplug spanner and plug gap gauge

• Roll black electrical tape • WD-40 lubricant

• Tyre pressure gauge • Cable ties/wire/rag.

This can be a great add on-sell to any bike purchase.

For more information contact: Yamaha Motor Australia

02 9757 0011


18 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

zMAX, a commercialised metal interface

treatment, is a uniquely processed mineral

oil that has demonstrated its ability to

improve fuel economy, reduce engine

deposits, and reduce wear through the

process of micro-lubrication.

This micro-lubrication improves performance

by reducing engine friction, affording an

attendant improvement in fuel economy, and

reducing engine wear and deposits in critical

high temperature sealing areas.

Because this uniquely processed mineral

oil is able to both absorb onto and absorb

(penetrate) into the pores, cracks, and

fissures in the engine’s metallurgy, a new

mechanism of micro-lubrication is offered

for improving the overall lubrication and

performance in automotive engines.

zMAX is derived from a highly refined

mineral oil that undergoes a proprietary

process involving specific molecular

rearrangement. It has a kinematic viscosity

of 11.5 cSt @ 40 °C and 3.00 cSt @ 100

°C, a Surface Tension of 27.75 dynes/

cm @ 20°C, and an API gravity of 36.6.

A comparison of the high temperature

distillation results of zMAX versus the

mineral oil used for its production reveal

zMAX having a slightly higher boiling range

than the originating mineral oil. Chemical

analyses using gas chromatography and

mass spectroscopy conducted by Triton

Analytics Corporation (Houston, TX) show a

greater concentration of linear hydrocarbon

chains in zMAX than in mineral oil.

Here are 2 depictions of what zMAX does to your engine.

s e r v i c e p a r t s

What is zMAX Micro-lubricants and what does it do

Since zMAX is added to the engine oil,

a misconception may exist that zMAX is an

additive for engine oils. This is incorrect as

the SAE J357 OCT 99 Information Report

Physical and Chemical Properties of Engine

Oils provides this definition “A lubricant

additive agent is a material designed to

enhance the performance properties of the

base stock or to improve the base stock

properties that do not naturally exist with

the base stock.” Clearly, zMAX does neither

of these two functions, as it is not designed

to improve or enhance any qualities of the

engine oil. Introducing it into the engine

oil is merely the means to transport zMAX

directly to the engine’s metallurgy. For more

information contact 08 9231 5936.


Now available for many different makes and

models - Road, Race, Off-Road, Vintage

and Modern. Stock and shortened

lengths plus custom made shocks

all available from Ikon.

Made and distributed by:

Proven Products Pty Ltd

81 Boronia Street

North Albury NSW 2640

Tel (02) 6040 9955



19 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

s e r v i c e p a r t s

The X Factor

For Competitive Street Bikes and Power Sport Application

After two years of development, CP

has expanded its X - forging technology

from its custom racing piston program and

introduced Project X Pistons.

These ‘off the shelf’ fully boxed pistons

suited to a variety of street bike and Power

sport applications including brands such

as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki,

KTM and others. CP Pistons fully boxed

forgings are designed to minimize friction

and reduce weight without compromising

the piston strength. CP adjusts the weight

balance between the high and low areas

of the piston during the forging process,

and incorporates bracing and ribs for near

unbeatable strength.

The inherent design of CP Piston’s

X forgings allow for the use of a shorter

pin, which increases strength and over all

lightness of the assembly.

Project X Piston Line features:

• Leading edge racing piston technology

available off the shelf



• Fully boxed-style forging for ultimate

strength, durability and power

• Reconfigured piston skirt designs

maximize power and reduce piston rocking

• Coated skirts limit the amount of friction

on the skirt and act like a buffer between

the piston and cylinder wall

• Double –pin oilers engineered in

conjunction with broached oilers to deliver

twice the amount to the pin

• Internal windows allow additional oil to

flow to the pin

• Wrist pins treated with proprietary coating

to eliminate pin galling and overcome

brittleness associated with hardened metals.

True to the CP reputation, these pistons

have been thoroughly developed and tested

in extreme applications.

The result is a state of the art piston using

the latest in technology that was once only

offered to the higher echelons of motorsport.

For more information contact Quantum

Racing Industries 07 3290 0085.

Over 2000 Wrecking Bikes & Atv’s

• Large Range & SH Bikes • Parts Sent Australia Wide &

Overseas • Reco stator and cdi exchange service, most

models in stock • Full Workshop Service

• 4 Wheelers • Reco exchange atv axle service

• Large range of new and s/hand starter motors


Looking for that hard to find part…

Give us a call!

Kawasaki KX Pipes -1984 and up

A – External bracing minimizes piston deformation to

maintain maximum ring support to deliver more power

B - Internal bracing strengthens the part in the most

critical area, the pin bore. The bracing maximizes

durability while decreasing friction in the pin assembly

C- Internal windows allow excess oil to reach the wrist

pin. These windows along with CP standard double

pin oilers promote longer life and more useable


D – Wilder skirt faces the redesigned profiles are

engineered for stability, power and durability. Al Project

‘X” pistons come standard with skirts coating which

reduces friction, which in turn reduces heat.(Coating

not shown)

Suzuki RM Pipes - 1979 and up

DG Pipes NOW available Down under!


b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

20 May - June 2009

Honda CR Pipes

- 1973 and up Vintage Silencers - 1977 and up

Yamaha YZ Pipes

1977 and up

A.R.Maxwell Motorcycles, Finley NSW. Ph: 03 5883 1315 Fax: 03 5883 1257

s e r v i c e p a r t s

It is sandable and paintable it is Plastex

A revolutionary product that makes even difficult repairs quick and easy.

Plastex is sandable and paintable. Plastex does what other glues and adhesives

can’t. Plastex easily glues, fills gaps, repairs stripped threads and can remake

tabs or small parts in just minutes. Only Plastex has a reusable molding bar that

gives you the ability to repair or reproduce almost any plastic part quickly and

easily. Plastex can repair almost anything made of hard plastics

(ABS, polycarbonate acrylic, vinyl

chloride, FRP polyester). Plastex can

also repair fibreglass, carbon fibre

composites, metal, glass, wood,

balsa and plywood.

Plastex is excellent for reproducing

knobs and other small parts. Plastex

can also reproduce the texture on

parts with the molding bar.

Plastex plastic repair kits come

in small or standard size and your

choice of kit colours: clear, black,

white, aluminium or mini master

(which contains a small amount of

clear, black, white).

Each Plastex kit contains detailed

instructions and an instructional

mini dvd.

For more information contact

WFO on 03 9681 7999




JT braking discs are laser cut, high carbon

stainless steel hardened and tempered to a 35

HRC rating, working to ensure low pad and

rotor wear.

The universal laser cut design is suitable for left

and right hand fitments, and the ‘Semi-Waved’

vents allow the disc to operate at its optimum

braking temperature resulting in better wear life

and increased performance.


for use with


Organic and


range of

brake pads.

For more


contact Link


07 3382 5000


Springs H Valves H Seals H Bushes H Tools H Performance Upgrades

Australia’s most extensive range of Suspension Componentry


Phone: 02 4773 9115


21 May - June 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

s e r v i c e p a r t s


In order to cover the numerous

applications, Mahle offer a complex product

range. It encompasses air, oil and fuel

filters for passenger cars and commercial

vehicles, agricultural and building machinery

as well as motorcycles and filters for

vehicle interiors to air-drying cartridges for

commercial vehicles.

All of Mahle filters have one thing

in common they are highly effective

in protecting people, engines and the


Mahle continuously expand the filter

program with innovative products that are

high in demand. This includes eco filters

that can be completely incinerated or cabin

air filters. All of the filters are produced in

original equipment quality.

The filter brands Mahle Filter, Knecht

and Metal Leve are also part of Mahle and

provide a range of products that meets the

demands of workshops and garages.

For more information contact Mahle on

03 8368 1870.


Bikes & Bits Importers

Bikes & Bits Importers

Phone: 08 9295 6688

Toll Free Fax: 1800 080808

For all your PROX Racing Parts

- Piston kits - Connecting rod kits - Valves - Camchains - Gasket kits

- Clutch parts - Cylinder sleeves - Oilseals (frontfork/crankshaft) and

Dustcaps - Bearings (crankshaft/wheel/swingarm/steering)

Call for your




High performance forged German

pistons large range for European

and Japanese motorcycles. Car

pistons also available.

BBI importers and distributors of these fine products and many others.

‘Over night delivery in most areas’

Bikes & Bits Importers Phone: 08 9295 6688


22 March 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s


Manufacturer and supplier of

motorcycle gaskets, fork seals,

air filters, big bore kits, bearings

pipes, CDI and much more.


Gasket and seal sets, sets made

in the USA massive range for MX

ATV and jet skis.


Japans pistons and connection

rods large range for early

60’s - 70s Japanese bikes.

Goodridge Clutch range

John Stamnas carries an extensive range of Goodridge

Clutch kits and Springs. Importantly these clutches are

asbestos free made from cork based ‘anti swelling’ facing

impregnated with aluminium particles to reduce wear and

heat fade.

The kits are sold in

pre-measured engine

sets and should always

be replaced in engine

sets. It is advisable to use

only the Manufacturers

drives case oils and

avoid lead or other anti

friction additives, and

soak the plates in drive

case oil before installing.

The clutch springs

are 10-15% stiffer to

try to avoid slip. And

it is advised to always

check the operating

pressure for ease of

clutch disengagement

before riding or release

the motorcycle to the


Goodridge CC Clutch kits are built with US made Dupont

Kevlar fiber friction plates – High durability Steel intermediate

plates to prevent early wear and distortion, each set comes

with an extra steel and extra friction plate with Alloy drive

fingers the plates are unlikely to ‘dog’ the clutch basket plus

with 15% more friction area there is improved drive and the

higher heat resistance of Kevlar facings.

New distress plates help reduce the chance of fracture in

the toughest conditions.

The range includes:

Race/Sport – CC Series

A complete kit with Kevlar lined friction plates, steel

separator plates and heavy duty clutch springs.

The CC kit is a heavy duty high temperature resistant

clutch, suitable for sport /race use in Moto-X and ATV


Race/Sport – GSC Series

A Kevlar paper lined plate set complete with heavy duty

clutch springs, the GSC kit is ideal for heavy sport bikes,

faster riders, and production based race use.

Advantages of the GSC Kevlar series are longer life ,

higher heat resistance, although this clutch has a more

aggressive or faster take up than the CK cork series.

Standard – CK series is almost identical to the original

equipment clutch plates the CK series are a cork based

product impregnated with aluminium particle to increase

wear life and heat resistance.

The material is highly compressed to avoid swell and

clutch drag and is an ideal general purpose replacement

material for all grades and sizes of motorcycle. The kit

includes a complete engine set of the friction plates only.

s e r v i c e p a r t s

Standard – RK Series

RK Series clutch sets are a complete set of CK series

heavy duty cork based lined plates plus heavy duty clutch

springs as steel separator plates.

The springs are 10-

15% stiffer than standard,

and the steel units in

the RK kit prevent this

re –established original

clutch stack.

Remember because

the Goodridge spring

kits are 10 to 15% stiffer

than standard and are

sold in endine sets,

advise the customer that

the lever will feel slightly

“heavier” when upgrading

springs and to acquaint

themselves with this

change in control.

For more information

contact John Stamnas

07 5447 7411 or visit


23 March 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

s e r v i c e p a r t s

New shocks from Ikon for the 2009 Triumph Bonneville

Ikon Suspension has developed new shocks for the 2009

Triumph Bonneville’s released with alloy wheels and a lowered

seat height being the Bonneville and Bonneville SE. The shocks

on this model are shorter than those on the models before it

and other 2009 models that continue with wire spoked wheels,

also employing a different spring rate to the earlier models. Ikon

Suspension weren’t quite satisfied with the models so set to work

to offer an alternative.

The result of Ikon’s work is a 7610 series shock with the

normal 4 position rebound adjustment, 3 position spring pre-load

under a progressive rate spring. The springs are offered in two

rate ranges; solo only or light rider setting and regular rider (up

to 95kg) allowing for pillion and gear. The shocks are available in

either chrome or black.

For more information contact Ikon Suspension 02 6040 9955


Looking for The Advantage

Extreme Power & Reliability

“BIGBORE 125cc

to 144cc talk to

us NOW”


24 March 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

s e r v i c e p a r t s

Suspensions R Us has become the sole Australian factory direct

distributor and service agent for world renowned TRP Trials shock absorbers.

The TRP shocks are

manufactured to one of the

highest standards, produced

in Belgium and are claimed,

far superior to any standard

shock. Their available for

Montesa, GasGas, Sherco

and the all new Beta Evo

models and come standard

with multi adjustable

compression/ rebound

settings and various spring

rates to suit all riders.

TRP shocks are currently

used by many world riders and several

top expert Australian riders including

Colin Zarczynski, Dylan Rees and Kyle

Middleton. Other riders to feel the benefit

are John Rees and Mark Beechey. Says

Beechey “the standard shock on the

Evo is not too bad but the TRP smooths

out the hits and keeps the tyre on the

ground, tracking and finding grip and is

a difference over some standard shocks.

Getting suspension working to its best

on any bike is a number one priority”

Both riders in the Rees camp also

love the feel of the TRP shocks, John

noticing the difference immediately after

fitting it to his 290 Sherco, son Dylan

had this to say “I never knew how much

better the bike could be until I fitted the

new shock, with all the stuff we ride on

in experts it’s great to have a shock that

will handle the big hits but also has the

ability to be fined tuned to

my needs. The difference is


Suspensions R Us are

very pleased to add TRP

to their already vast array

of products, Suspensions

R Us are also Australian

distributors and service

agents for Ohlins, Elka,

White Power, Ikon, Scott

Products and are actively

involved in many facets of

Australian Motorcycle sport.

Victorian based, Suspensions R Us

currently supports both Dylan Rees and

Mark Beechey in Moto Trials and can

service, repair and improve suspensions

for all types of motorcycle disciplines

such as Moto Cross, Enduro, Road Bikes

and Trials.

For more information contact

Suspensions R Us 03 5998 1021.


25 March 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

w o r k s h o p

A New Tool to rival the original bread slicer EDEA Ignition System Tester

100% Australian Designed & Made!

The EDEA Ignition System Tester has been shown

to accurately tests Igniters, Coil over Plug; Coil Packs;

Conventional Coils; Dis Modules; Ignition Modules; Crank

Sensors; Optical Sensors; Hall Sensors; Inductive Sensors;

Speed Sensors and Injectors.

What sets it apart from similar testers, is the

comprehensive instruction manual.

Easy to follow, pictured instructions, take you step by step

through all the testing procedures, continually being updated

so it never becomes out dated.

Reduces the risk of replacing expensive non faulty parts

you can’t return.

After numerous trials, we were so impressed with it’s

ease of use and it’s accuracy, Australian Fuel Injection has

become the exclusive distributor for the EDEA Tester for


For more information contact AFI Phone: 02 9897 9922.

Yamaha Racing Scissor Lift Bike Stand

NEW for 2009 the Yamaha Racing Scissor Lift Bike Stand

is a ‘must have’ for your workshop or garage at home.


• Extends to 845mm in height (from ground to top of

base plate)

• Includes the Scissor Lift Bike Stand PLUS a set of

TWO tool trays

• Easy and smooth pump action for height adjustment

• Adjustable springs that lock onto your foot pegs to

reduce excess movement

Part Number: YMA-YZLIF-ST-KT

Fitment: Suitable for ALL YZ’s and WR’s

For more information contact:

Yamaha Motor Australia 02 9757 0011.

Kozy with Kroll

If the winter chill is nipping at you consider how warm you

could be with Kroll workshop heater. Here is what Chas Kelly

thought of his Kroll Heater

“Hello Rosemary

Sorry about being a bit slow sending you a photo of our

heater but its been a bit hectic these last couple of months.

As you can see we have the heater installed in the

workshop which allows us all to keep warm as we go to and

from our tool box during the day.

This has worked really well and everyone is very happy

with the performance of the heater.”

Thanks again.

Regards Chris Strickland

W/shop Manager Chas Kelly Transport Devonport Tasmania”

For more Information contact Kroll Heaters 1800 805 243


26 March 2009

b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

w o r k s h o p

Get organised with Tradepronamics

Tradepronamics is a software program designed to run the

whole workshop. It has a similar look and feel to MYOB but

it’s to be used by workshops owners and managers.

Because this software can manage all the aspects of a

motorcycle workshop, it may not be necessary to run other


This package contains most things you would need to run

your workshop, it can help you manage bookings; quotes;

job cards; invoicing; stock control; service lists; inspection

reports; balance sheets; profit and loss; and BAS.

You can start off by using Tradepronamics to prepare

customer invoices and build your customer database as you

invoice them, and increase its application as time goes on, or

you can access any of its capabilities as you need it.

The software automatically updates all file aspects as

you prepare an invoice, so bank accounts, money owing;

accounts; stock; profit and loss statement; GST reports etc

are corrected with every entry. Invoices can be found by

using the bike registration number or the customer’s name.

The data is retained so all the customer’s or supplier

information is continually there for your reference.

Historic information on all your customers is retained,

typically their bikes, their invoices, and payment record.

Tradepronamics can also be used as a marketing tool as it

has the facility to automatically generate next service and

re-registration reminder letters. Trial downloads for the

program are available at

For more information contact 0404 176 644.

Battery Conductance Tester for

Motorcylce and Power Sports Batteries

Using Midtronics PBT-50 Battery Conductance Tester

for Motorcycle and Recreation batteries, motorcycle and

recreation vehicle technicians and owners now have a

version of the same tester required for use in OEM dealer

service organizations around the world.

The PBT-50 works for all

motorcycle and recreation batteries

using a simple reference number

for each manufacturer and model.

Connect the clamps to the battery,

input the battery reference number

based on the battery part number,

and press the test button.

In seconds, the PBT-50 will

display an accurate test decision.

The PBT-50 makes it affordable

to experience the advantages of

conductance testing a safe, fast,

simple and portable system that

improves productivity

and accuracy.

For more

information contact

Hot Wire Pty Ltd

08 8339 7093

The Navigator TXB

The Navigator TXB is a new generation of a multi-brand

tool able to connect by Bluetooth to any PC or palm/laptop

to perform the most accurate diagnostics of the electronic

systems of motorcycles, scooters quads and jet skis.

Functions include reading/

erasing errors, evaluating

system parameters,

resetting of service warning

lights, adjustments to

fuelling, key programming,

and much more.

The innovative IDC3

software includes wiring

diagrams and technical

bulletins, and includes

the ability to maintain a

data base on the service

history of customer bikes.

The Software covers all the

main manufacturers and

over 1000 models.

The program is periodically

updated via internet.

NEW GASBOX: Gas analysis for petrol engines measuring

CO, CO2, HC, & O2. Portable unit, runs on battery power with

bluetooth communication to Lap Top.

Contact Russell at OneUp Motorcycle

Products - Mobile 0417 320 742



27 March 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

w o r k s h o p

New MotorScan 5650 Motorcycle Scanner

Formally known as Petro-Ject Victoria,

Logicar has been servicing automotive

workshops for over 20 years and is

proud to announce the arrival of the new

MotorScan 5650 Motorcycle Scanner.

The first comprehensive, all makes

diagnostic scan tool specifically for

motorcycles is now available from Logicar


This full-feature scanner allows the

technician to diagnose, adjust, and reset

key systems on all major motorcycle

brands, including Honda,

Harley-Davidson, BMW,

Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki,

Ducati, and others.

This product is a must-have

for independent motorcycle

shops and technicians, without

it your customers will be

forced to seek help from the


Another significant area

that is arising with fuel injected

motorcycles is carbon build up

causing various running issues.


28 March 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

These include poor idle & running

conditions, higher emissions, poor

throttle response, lack of power and

decrease of injector flow rates due to

carbon build up.

All these issues can be caused by

carbon build up within the engine thus

only removing and cleaning injectors

normally will not fully correct the problem.

We have found over the years a complete

carbon clean is the best way to cure a

vehicles carbon problem.

This process cleans the intake

chambers, manifold tracks, injectors,

combustion chambers and valves from

power robbing carbon. The result is an

easy, efficient and dramatic increase

in throttle response and improved

emissions. With easy hook up, excellent

results and satisfied customers this

machine will quickly become one of the

most profitable pieces of equipment in

your workshop.

Logicar prides itself on being a

specialist diagnostic tool

supplier to the trade, we know

our products and back it up with

ongoing technical and software

support. Both these products are

internationally recognised and

distributed in Australia by Logicar.

For more information on either

of these or other products please

contact our equipment manager

Andrew Peterson directly on

0412 212 192 or use our

national toll free number 1300 EFI

EFI - 1300 334 334.

Bacho 7 Draw tool trolley

This 7 draw trolly offers some great features typically

• Protective top mat

• Total opening drawers with long ball bearing slides

• Anti-sliding system drawers

• Manufactured from quality steel. Double wall of lmrn sheet metal

• Drawer sides have rolled edges for extra strength

• Full length drawer handles

• Heavy duty tubular side handle

• Centre key locking mechanism

• Rounded cabinet edges for safety

• All drawers with drawer liners

• Finished in tough powder

coated orange gloss

• Maximum load capacity:

350 kg

• Wheels: Composite hubs

with rubber tyre - 2 fixed

and 2 swivel with Brake


It measures up to 657 mm

W; 450 mm D; 940 mm H,

and weighs 65.5 kgs

For more information

contact 1300 728 177 for

local stockists, to view the

BAHCO range of products,


u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s


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AMC Rizoma

Serco RK Chain



30 March 2009 b u s i n e s s t o b u s i n e s s

Advertiser Brand


Proven Products Roaring Toyz


Ficeda Sargent Australian Motorcycle Components

VMI Scala Rider

Strike Group

Kroll Heaters Scotts

Shock Treatment

Hotwire Shark


Logicar Sherco

Moto Central

Logicar Sporto Mufflers

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TEXA Instruments

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The Chiffley

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Bikes & Bits Importers Vee Rubber

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AMC Winderosa

Bikes & Bits Importers

Shock Treatment Works Performance

AR Maxwell

Bikecraft Wossner

Bikes & Bits Importers

Bikecraft Zero


Link International Zongshen


Advertiser Product

Advertiser Product


The Chiffley Diagnostic Tool

Logicar Motor Scooters


Tradepronamics Diagnostic Tools

OMP Motorcycles


Electrosil Diagnostic Tools

TEXA Instruments Motorcycles

Moto Central

Ficeda Disc Rotors

John Stamnas Mufflers

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Draggin Jeans Dyno jet

Serco Oil


Hotwire Engine Parts

AR Maxwell Oil

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AR Maxwell

Piston Kits

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DJ Manufacturing Exhausts


Precision Boring


John Stamnas Eyewear


Quad Bikes


Link International Farm ATVS


Racing Discs

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Tradepronamics Grinding


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Shock Absorbers

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Proven Products

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Shock Treatment Inventory Software

Tradepronamics Sprockets

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We also sell: Brake Pads and Shoes - Heavy Duty Clutch Kits - Brake Disc Rotors

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