Integrated system for safe and future-proof power distribution - Moeller


Integrated system for safe and future-proof power distribution - Moeller

Special Publication

Integrated system for safe and

future-proof power distribution



Jutta Zacharias,


Heinrich Moog

With power requirements

increasing all

over the world and the

continued increasing

pressure to cut costs,

there is an even greater

need for secure

investments through

which efficient

planning, assembly,

installation and

operation are ensured.

To meet these requirements,


and standardised power

distribution systems

are needed that

customers can adapt

to the individual

requirements of their

projects. In short

what is needed is

maximum flexibility,

economy and


Think future. Switch to green. green

Integrated system for safe and

future-proof power distribution

With power requirements increasing all over the world and the

continued increasing pressure to cut costs, there is an even

greater need for secure investments through which efficient

planning, assembly, installation and operation are ensured. To

meet these requirements, cost-efficient and standardised power

distribution systems are needed that customers can adapt to the

individual requirements of their projects. In short what is needed

is maximum flexibility, economy and reliability.

Extensive safety requirements and

special standards have to be observed in

the power distribution sector. The consistent

use of the extensive assembly

and testing regulations as stipulated by

DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660 Part 500):

2000-08 [1, 2] is therefore an important

requirement for the reliable and safe

operation of a switchgear and controlgear

assembly, i.e. a type-tested (TTA)

and partially type-tested (PTTA) assembly

for power and service distribution

boards (DIN EN 60439-3 (VDE 0660

Part 504):2002-05 [3, 4]). In compliance

with DIN EN 60204-1 (VDE 0113 Part

1):1998-11 [5, 6] the switchgear and

controlgear assembly, or switchboard

system for short, can likewise be used

as a type-tested/partially low-voltage

Jutta Zacharias is head of the

Power Distribution business unit

at Moeller GmbH in Bonn.


Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Moog is head of

xEnergy product management at

Moeller GmbH in Bonn.


Picture 1. In the divide between the demand

for greater safety, flexibility and load

capability on the one hand, and pressure to

cut costs on the other, Moeller's switchboard

system is a future-proof platform for resultoriented


control panel for machines. Apart from

the basic assembly and test requirements,

the relevant standards and regulations

also lay down the safety requirements

for electrical equipment, personnel

and system protection and also the

selection and dimensioning of electrical


The extensive type testing for lowvoltage

switchboard systems contains

the following seven tests areas:

• Limit overtemperature,

• Dielectric strength,

• Short-circuit current capability,

Jutta Zacharias • Heinrich Moog

• Efficiency of the protective devices,

• Creepage and air clearances,

• Mechanical functions,

• IP protection.

The following functions are tested in the

switchgear and controlgear assembly in

the degree of protection for the corresponding

current class:

• Maximum current carrying capacity

of the electrical function units,

• Switching and protective devices in

mechanical and electrical combination

with the mounting systems including

the main busbars, dropper bars and

busbar links,

• All system components as integral

units in their functional mounting.

An additional test is carried out in the

protective conductor circuits of the system

panels in accordance with IEC/EN 60

439-1, section 8.2.4 - Verification of the

effectiveness of the protective circuit -

with the following tests:

• Section Verification of the

effective connection between the

exposed conductive parts of the

assembly and the protective circuit by

measurement and

• Section Verification of the

short-circuit strength of the protective

circuit by test.

Both tests must be verified by the

manufacturer (of each) and are particularly

important for personnel protection.

The results for the assembly of the

switchboard system are documented for

practical application by system suppliers,

such as in product catalogues;

selection and dimensioning documents;

assembly manuals; configuration and

engineering tools; certification of the

completed type tests for the declarations

of conformity by the system supplier.

The tests therefore guarantee reliable

system assembly, as well as verifying the

basic features with successfully completed

type tests (TTA). At the same time,

the reliable functioning of a switchboard

system during operation is also

verified – an important factor for a

future-proof and reliable power supply.

TTA/PTTA switchgear assemblies also

include those that are engineered and

assembled by local panel builders in

2 Heft 7/2004 •

xEnergy –

in the divide of panel building

Moeller's Kit system for the panel builder is a single-source development that has been designed

and thought through to meet the needs of the panel builder. xEnergy offers outstanding

efficiency, flexibility and stands out with its simplicity and functionality.

Technical system features

Standards DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660 Part 500)

Type testing TTA

Internal separation Form 1 to Form 4

Rated operational voltage Ue 690V / 50Hz ... 60 Hz

Rated operational current Ie to 4 000 A

Rated short-time withstand resistance Icw bis 100 kA (Effektivwert), 1 s

Ambient temperature 35 °C (40 °C) to 45 °C (50 °C)

Degree of protection IP31/IP55

Network system TN-C / TN-C-S / TN-S / IT

Colour RAL 7035 (other colours on request)

Dimensions h 2 000 mm basic height without plinth,

w 425/600/800/1 000/1 200 mm,

d 400/600/800 mm

xEnergy – technical data

Mounting of Moeller IZM and NZM circuit-breakers up to 4000 A - application benefits:

• Clear and symmetrical design with only one circuit-breaker per section

reduces the number of busbar connections and saves mounting requirements,

• Internal separation up to Form 4 increases personnel and system protection,

• Circuit-breaker mounting kits for optimum assembly and packed as a unit,

• Fast and direct allocation of mounting kits for the mechanical fastening of circuitbreakers,

• High level of flexibility in the terminal area thanks to alternative connection options: Cable

terminal system, straps or busbar adapters.

Mounting of Moeller switching and protective devices up to 630 A - application benefits:

• Max. 38 fixed compartment modules in one section (h = 50 mm), to 40 A

• Max. 19 fixed compartment modules in one section (h = 100 mm), to 160 A

• Optimum device utilisation despite high packing density

• Simple module mounting to Form 2 on one mounting depth,

• Flexible module mounting to Form 4 with different device mounting depths, with standard

operating front,

• Highly flexible combination possible for functional areas and busbars in accordance with

EN 60439 (VDE 0660 Part 500) and national installation practice.

xEnergy – the new system offer in panel building – application benefits of the optimised

system platform up to 4 000 A:

• Low number of individual parts and modules,

• Suitable for universal use (DIN VDE, IEC, NF [France], UNE [Spain]),

• Can be combined flexibly,

• Low earth transition resistance for personnel protection,

• Efficient selection and configuration using Moeller ConFix

• Functionally packed into individual assemblies, supplied as flat pack

• Easy and fast to install – 30 minutes per section,

• Fully type-tested and designed for future requirements.

accordance with binding documents

and supplier specifications.

The construction of partially type-tested

assemblies (PTTA) involves the use

of both type-tested and non type-tested

functional assemblies. Test certificates

• Heft 7/2004

are equally required for PTTAs. These

can be provided by means of additional

type testing or by the derivation of

similar systems from type-tested

assemblies. Additional calculations are

also required depending on the type of

PTTA involved: Short-circuit (DIN IEC

1117 (VDE 0660 Part 509):1993-09 [7, 8])

and temperature rise (IEC/TR 60890).

1987-07 [9]).

Future-proof switchboard system

the platform for results-based


The project business is defining and

shaping the market for low-voltage

switchboard systems. End customers

require individual solutions for their

specific requirements with an optimum

price-performance ratio. This kind of

financially flexible solution can only be

offered by a modular power distribution

system that is based on an intelligent

platform concept. The divide between

ever increasing demands in terms of

engineering and safety on the one hand,

and cost reduction on the other can

only be bridged by means of an innovative

generation of switchboard systems

(Picture 1).

xEnergy – the new power

distribution system generation

xEnergy, Moeller's new integrated system

range, stands for power distribution

systems that are specially designed for

the building infrastructure up to 4 000 A.

Moeller are single-source suppliers of an

intelligent system platform for switching

and protective devices that panel builders

can customise, assemble quickly and

handle easily. Based on many years of

practical experience in the building of

switchgear assemblies, Moeller has developed

the latest generation of switchboard

systems that incorporates the latest trends

and essential features. The individual switching

and protective devices, the associated

mounting system design and also

the switchgear are combined to form one

technical unit. This kind of system is both

economical and reliable at the same time,

as perfectly matched and type-tested functional

units have been developed as a

modular system. Exactly tailored function

modules that have been type-tested in

accordance with DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE

0660 Part 500), and available with internal

separation from Form 1 to Form 4, comply

with national installation requirements

(DIN VDE, IEC, NF [France], UNE [Spain])

(Picture 2). The system range consists of:

• Feeder and coupling sections for circuit-breakers

up to 4 000 A,

• Individually equipped outgoer sections

with fixed compartment modules for

switching and protective devices in-


Picture 2. xEnergy XP power sections, XF outgoer sections and XG system section

cluding motor starter combinations

up to 630 A,

• Outgoer sections up to 630 A for

switch-fuse strips, fuse rails and fuse

switch-disconnectors with different

mounting depths,

• Control sections and empty sections

for ancillary components such as

motor starters, PFC modules, frequency

inverters, soft starters or for

automation solutions,

• Mounting systems for rail-mounted

service installation devices for conventional

service distribution boards

up to 630 A.

Moeller supplies the full range, functionally

packed in individual elements

(flat pack) or according to customer

requirements as pre-assembled switchboards.

The system platform enables panel

builders to create individual solutions

that can be optimally designed to meet

the requirements of the end customer.

The basis of this is formed by Moeller's

integrative device world.

The Moeller system range offers more

than the sum of the individual components.

For this integrated system

platform, Moeller developed components

that can be integrated into a technical

unit without any problems. Two features

included are communication-enabled

circuit-breakers and the motor starters

with the combination plug connector

design. These components illustrate how

products can play their part in the

reliability and future investment security

of a modern switchboard system. None

of the components are overdesigned

even though the range offers the

flexibility required with only a few

product types, giving panel builders the

required degree of freedom to meet a

wide range of customer demands.

Open for networked

switching and protective devices

In the Moeller system, each individual

component plays its part in the reliability

and future investment security

of the power distribution system. The

trend towards communication-enabled

circuit-breakers is one example of this.

Circuit-breakers of Moeller's new

NZM device series direct the power to

the connected loads and disconnect

them in the event, for example, of an

overload or short-circuit. These systems

are designed for use in system and

cable protection, motor protection or

selective and generator protection. The

core of an NZM - the electronic

release- detects the actual currents and

determines from this important operating

and diagnostics data. This means,

for example, that load warnings or

overloads can be indicated via the

communication system and measures

can be initiated in time, before these

faults lead to a failure. The wide range

of the tripping parameters allows them

to be adapted to the loads as required.

This also increases selectivity, thus

allowing the planned disconnection of

individually failed building sections or

areas. Current and status monitoring, as

well as the remote operation of

switches and any possibly connected

motor starters, provide the basis for

cost-effective load and energy management

systems or the cost centre related

allocation of the energy used. These

new features are made possible by

means of the communication functions

and the software. The FDT (Field Device

Picture 3. xEnergy communicative up to the power management system

4 Heft 7/2004 •

Tool) technology here simplifies system

integration (Picture 3).

Reliable and fast planning

Components on their own are not

enough. A future-proof planning of

low-voltage switchboard systems must

be supported and documented with

suitable tools – such as for network

calculations, dimensioning and configuration.

This provides a verifiable

guarantee of the quality required for

safe and reliable power distribution.

Moeller offers a toolbox with this in

mind, enabling panel builders to plan

and document all their projects simply.

This ranges from tools for network

calculation, configuration, quotations,

system engineering to order handling.

The use of manufacturer tools, regardless

of the system data involved, allows

the switchboard system required to be

selected and configured precisely and

quickly, in accordance with international

requirements (Picture 4).

The future

xEnergy - the integrated and freely

combinable system range - consists of

switching and protective devices, the

mounting system, the switchboard

system including the planning and

calculation tools. The Moeller Kit

system is ideally tailored for safe and

• Heft 7/2004

reliable power distribution. Individual

projects, either in functional buildings,

office and industrial buildings can be

implemented quickly and economically.

Not only do customers save time,

money and space, they also benefit

from Moeller's excellent reputation for

safety – and without restriction in the

entire world of IEC/EN applications.


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Picture 4. ConFix: xEnergy configuration tool for fast quotation and order processing.

[6] IEC 60204-1:2000-05 Safety of machinery –

Electrical equipment of machines – Part 1:

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[10] Moeller GmbH, Bonn: ■


Moeller GmbH

Hein-Moeller-Str. 7-11

D-53115 Bonn



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Xtra Combinations

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Using Xtra Combinations enables you to find

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optimising the economic viability of your

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It provides:

n Flexibility and simplicity

n Great system availability

n The highest level of safety

All the products can be easily combined with one

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enabling you to arrive at flexible and stylish

solutions tailored to your application - quickly,

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