POSITION PAPER Session of the United Nations Security ... - ViaMUN


POSITION PAPER Session of the United Nations Security ... - ViaMUN


Session of the United Nations Security Council

on the situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran

People's Democratic Republic of Congo

Delegates: Alexander Klebe, Maja Sołtysik

Our delegation reaffirms its commitment to the Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear

Weapons and in conformity with articles I and II of that Treaty, recalls the right of States

Party, to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes

without discrimination. At the same time on the basis of the IAEA reports and resolutions

related to Iran’s nuclear programme including the February IAEA Board resolution

(GOV/2006/14) and Iranian failure to fulfill the obligations required by the IAEA Board of

Governs, notably in the first operative paragraph of the resolution GOV/2006/14, we point out

the absence of clarity concerning the peaceful purposes of the Iranian nuclear programme.

However, we strongly oppose adopting any sanctions under Chapter 7 of the United Nations

Charta because our main concern remains the fear that imposing the sanctions can lead to

political instability in the Democratic Republic of Iran. As might be seen on the current

example of the Iraq crisis, imposing sanctions or military intervention can only result in the

violation of democratic principles, rule of law and good governance.

As a country who suffered from the political instability, we strongly support the role of a

strong government in maintaining the peace and promoting democracy issues.

Moreover our main concern remains the political balance of power in the region of the Middle

East. However it should be considered, that there is a threat of an atomic power bringing a

misbalance to the region and fear of neighbouring countries.

We do not express our support of atomic weapons as a mean of bringing peace and justice.

We strongly recommend that the Iranian conflict should be resolved by the mean of

diplomatic dialogue rather than imposing sanctions by the United Nations super powers.

Therefore we suggest further investigation of the Iranian nuclear issue to find the truth

concerning the real aim of the Iranian nuclear issue. We recomend that the IAEA should be

given the right to access every facility in the Iran, which is under the suspicion to be used in

the nuclear process and wait for the report until sanctions are to be discussed in the UNSC.

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