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ISSUE 68 • MAY-JULY 2015<br />

WHAT TO<br />


YOU’RE<br />






GOOD<br />

SOS<br />



9 771833 383011<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />

04<br />




sugar<br />

does it<br />

deserve such<br />

a bad rap?<br />

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SAVVY<br />






www.drwilliammooney.com.au<br />



• SKIN CARE<br />


www.faceplus.com.au<br />



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Stratpharma has wound healing covered<br />

With many years of international dermatological expertise, Swiss company Stratpharma has developed breakthrough treatments for<br />

faster wound healing, abnormal scar prevention <strong>and</strong> treatment, that are now available in over 50 countries. These silicone-based<br />

products are clinically proven to be effective <strong>and</strong> easy to use alone or in combination with more invasive therapies.<br />

Laser resurfacing (acne scars) 1<br />

(Left) Before treatment (Middle) Day 0 (Right) Day 7<br />

Stratamed is the first film-forming silicone gel-based<br />

wound dressing approved for use on open wounds <strong>and</strong><br />

compromised skin<br />

• Can be used immediately after skin resurfacing (laser<br />

treatment, chemical peels, dermal abrasion, tattoo removal<br />

etc), general, cosmetic <strong>and</strong> Mohs surgery, trauma, burns<br />

(1 st <strong>and</strong> 2 nd degree)<br />

• Bacteriostatic, gas permeable <strong>and</strong> inert 1<br />

• Creates an optimal environment for faster wound healing,<br />

resulting in reduced downtime 1<br />

• Reduces the inflammatory response 1<br />

• Provides symptomatic relief (redness/discoloration, itching,<br />

discomfort, pain) 1<br />

• Hydrates <strong>and</strong> protects superficial wounds <strong>and</strong> compromised<br />

skin 1<br />

• Improves the visible outcome of the treatment 3<br />

• Easy to apply with a great safety profile 1<br />

www.stratamed.com<br />

Linear hypertrophic scar (after nevis excision)<br />

(Left) Before treatment, 14 months after excision (Right) After 2 months of monotherapy<br />

treatment with Strataderm<br />

Strataderm - for the prevention <strong>and</strong> treatment of<br />

hypertrophic scars <strong>and</strong> keloids<br />

• Silicone gel is internationally recommended as a gold<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard in non-invasive scar treatment 4<br />

• For both old <strong>and</strong> new scars<br />

• Prevents abnormal scar formation 5<br />

• Softens <strong>and</strong> flattens raised scars 6<br />

• Relieves itching <strong>and</strong> discomfort 6<br />

• Reduces redness <strong>and</strong> discoloration 6<br />

• Can be used in monotherapy or in combination with more<br />

invasive therapy 4<br />

www.strataderm.com<br />

Switzerl<strong>and</strong><br />

For more information: 1800 567 007<br />

174 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, NSW 2065 Australia www.stratpharma.com<br />

References: (1) S<strong>and</strong>hofer M, Schauer P. SKINmed 2012;10:S1–S7. (2) Monk EC, Benedetto EA, Benedetto AV. Dermatologic <strong>Surgery</strong> 2014;40;76–79. (3) Data on file. Stratpharma AG (4) Gold MH et al. Dermatol Surg 2014;40:817-824. (5) Monstrey S et<br />

al. JPRAS 2014;1-9. (6) Dermat Estetyczna 2004;35(6):323-328

Brought to you by MD Cosmedical Solutions<br />

Total Facial Makeover<br />

Minor Surgical & Local Anaesthetic Procedures<br />

Astarte Threadlift Facelifts<br />

Non-Surgical Mini Facelifts & Neck lifts<br />

• Revolutionary new Absorbable Threads<br />

• Simple non-surgical clinic procedure<br />

• Minimal discomfort or downtime<br />

• No general anesthesia or skin incisions<br />

• Immediate results lasting 3 – 5 years<br />

• Treatment for Facelifts, Neck Lifts, Brow<br />

Lifts, Jowl Correction, Cheek Augmentation BEFORE AFTER<br />

Eyelid Hooding <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Blepharoplasty Eyelid <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

• Treatment of unsightly Eyelid Hooding<br />

• Minor surgery with minimal bruising,<br />

discomfort or downtime<br />

• Treatment performed under light sedation<br />

& local anaesthetic<br />

• No hospitalization or general aneasthetic<br />

• May be combined with Threadlift Facelift<br />

Bat Ear Correction Procedure<br />

Non-Surgical Bat Ear Correction<br />

• Reduction of unsightly Bat Ears<br />

• Simple procedure utilizing the most<br />

advanced techniques<br />

• Minimal bruising, discomfort or downtime<br />

• No risks of unsightly scars<br />

• Treatment performed under local anaesthetic<br />

• No hospitalization or general aneasthetic<br />

Why choose<br />

MD Cosmedical Solutions …<br />

• Over 5,500 Facelift Treatments<br />

• Over 35,000 Laser Treatments<br />

• 100% Safety Record<br />

• Renowned Worldwide Reputation<br />

• Australia’s Leading <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Medical Team<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

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AFTER<br />

Anti-Ageing &<br />

Rejuvenation Specialties<br />

• Threadlift Facelifts<br />

• Thermage CPT Facelifts<br />

• Eyelid Hooding <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

• Bat Ear Correction Procedures<br />

Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser<br />

• Fraxel Repair Dual Laser<br />

• Fraxel Restore Laser<br />

• Wrinkle Injections & Fillers<br />

• Vein Removal Lasers<br />

• Lipomedix Body Contour<br />

• Mesotherapy Injections<br />

• Acne & Scar Treatments<br />

• Pigment Treatments<br />

• Stretch Marks Treatments<br />

• Excessive Sweat Injections<br />

• Tattoo Removal<br />

• <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattooing<br />

• IPL Photorejuvenation<br />

• Laser Hair Removal<br />

• Hair Stylists<br />

• Make-Up Courses<br />

NEW Blepharoplasty Eyelid <strong>Surgery</strong><br />



Specialist Doctors & Registered<br />

Nurses performing cosmetic medical<br />

treatments Dr Buddy Paul Beaini<br />


Australia’s Leading <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Clinics<br />

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Sydney CBD Sydney Sheraton, CBD Sheraton Wahroonga & Wahroonga & Canberra<br />

P. 1300 885 808<br />

www.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au<br />

Award winning Threadlift Facelift, Thermage CPT & Fraxel Clinics

Introducing a game-changer in diy hairstyling<br />

3-in-1<br />

hair dryer,<br />

straightener<br />

<strong>and</strong> styler<br />

Get a salon-quality blowdry at home<br />

with the world’s first 3-in-1 hair dryer,<br />

straightener <strong>and</strong> styler by awardwinning<br />

stylist <strong>and</strong> hair extension<br />

specialist Joseph Mourad.<br />

• Unique design <strong>and</strong> mechanism for<br />

that fresh-from-the-salon look<br />

• Blowdryer, brush <strong>and</strong> straightener<br />

can be used together or separately<br />

• Transform your look in minutes –<br />

slick <strong>and</strong> straight, soft waves <strong>and</strong><br />

body, or flowing curls<br />

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Joseph<br />

Mourad<br />

Hair & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

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The proven Regen Lab PRP system concentrates powerful growth factors, contained in your own<br />

blood, to be used for reinjection to promote tissue regeneration.<br />

Regen Lab PRP accelerates <strong>and</strong> increases tissue regeneration by stimulating production of<br />

collagen <strong>and</strong> new blood vessels; stem cell migration, differentiation <strong>and</strong> proliferation; <strong>and</strong><br />

production of nutrients, antioxidants <strong>and</strong> the other components of the extracellular matrix.<br />

www.regenlab.com<br />

Skin<br />

Hair<br />

Loss<br />

Sports<br />

Injuries<br />

Fat<br />

Transfer<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Gynaecology<br />

<strong>Surgery</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> Wounds<br />

P 1800 201 760 E amsl@amsl.com.au<br />

W www.amsl.com.au

contents<br />

regulars<br />

12 Editor’s letter<br />

14 Contributors<br />

16 Newsfront<br />

53 How to subscribe<br />

122 Directory<br />

features<br />

22 Sugar, should we quit it?<br />

We investigate the question on<br />

everyone’s taste buds<br />

38 What to expect when you’re<br />

expecting perfection<br />

Realistic expectations are key in a<br />

successful surgery<br />

42 Breast surgery in 2015<br />

There’s likely a procedure to suit<br />

every patient’s needs<br />

54 By a nose<br />

Rhinoplasty is one of the most<br />

popular cosmetic procedures. We<br />

explore what’s involved<br />

64 Skin SOS<br />

Is your skin crying out for help?<br />

Here’s our rescue advice<br />

82 Scar solutions<br />

Scars no longer have to be a<br />

lifelong legacy<br />

breasts<br />

46 Breast beauty<br />

Harmonise the breast <strong>and</strong><br />

the body<br />

50 Are you chasing a price<br />

point, or an effective<br />

result?<br />

Don’t let “discount” surgeries lull<br />

you into a false sense of security<br />

nose<br />

58 Look better in luxury<br />

Rhinoplasty can be combined<br />

with other surgical <strong>and</strong> nonsurgical<br />

procedures<br />

face<br />

60 Delaying surgery<br />

Minimally invasive procedures<br />

can help reverse the signs of<br />

ageing <strong>and</strong> delay the need for<br />

cosmetic surgery<br />

teeth<br />

62 Clinic snapshot: <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> reconstructive dentist<br />

Integrating dentistry <strong>and</strong> oral<br />

medicine<br />

skin<br />

68 Radiofrequency for skin<br />

rejuvenation<br />

Improve the tone, texture <strong>and</strong><br />

appearance of ageing skin with<br />

radiofrequency energy<br />

70 Smooth <strong>and</strong> tighten skin<br />

This non-surgical treatment helps<br />

refine facial contours<br />

72 Skincare to revive your<br />

complexion<br />

A new treatment for radiant<br />

results in skin repair<br />

74 Clean science in<br />

cosmeceutical formulations<br />

76 Your go-to br<strong>and</strong> for mineral<br />

makeup<br />

It’s recommended by<br />

dermatologists, plastic surgeons<br />

<strong>and</strong> skin therapists<br />

cosmetic tattoo<br />

78 A holistic approach to beauty<br />

Successful <strong>and</strong> individualised<br />

results in permanent makeup<br />

80 Raising the bar in cosmetic<br />



New Indermica take-home system offers<br />

the latest in hydroquinone-free brightening <strong>and</strong><br />

high performance anti-ageing ingredients.<br />


Improve texture <strong>and</strong> tone Boost skin radiance<br />

Minimize lines <strong>and</strong> wrinkles Diminish dark spots<br />

Hydrate, soften <strong>and</strong> soothe

contents<br />


scarring<br />

86 Reduce scarring<br />

A breakthrough treatment for<br />

abnormal scar prevention<br />

intimate surgery<br />

88 Empowering women with<br />

choice<br />

Genital surgery can help<br />

ease discomfort <strong>and</strong> restore<br />

self-esteem<br />

90 Non-invasive vaginal<br />

tightening<br />

New laser technology to treat<br />

vaginal atrophy<br />

beauty & spa<br />

92 Train your skin<br />

Enrol your skin in boot camp<br />

this winter<br />

100 Blitz the bulge<br />

Remove toxins, shrink your<br />

waistline <strong>and</strong> improve circulation<br />

102 Straight from the salon, DIY<br />

styling<br />

Introducing a game-changing<br />

device in hair styling.<br />

104 Winter body care<br />

Stay hydrated this season<br />

108 Winter beauty<br />

This season’s all about porcelain<br />

skin <strong>and</strong> vixen lips<br />

112 Editor’s Faves<br />

travel<br />

114 Beautiful destinations<br />

Your guide to travelling Bangkok<br />

<strong>and</strong> beyond<br />

cover stories<br />

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ISSUE 68 • MAY-JULY 2015<br />

WHAT TO<br />


YOU’RE<br />






GOOD<br />

SOS<br />



9 771833 383011<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />

04<br />

sugar<br />




does it<br />

deserve such<br />

a bad rap?<br />

GET<br />


SAVVY<br />


22 Sugar, should we quit it?<br />

38 What to expect when<br />

you’re expecting<br />

perfection<br />

42 Breast surgery in 2015<br />

54 By a nose, your guide to<br />

rhinoplasty<br />

64 Skin SOS<br />

82 Scar solutions<br />

Read the FREE online version at<br />


CMYK<br />

TM<br />

TM<br />

MonaLisa<br />

TM<br />



Welcome to the latest issue of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>. It has been all systems go lately at<br />

Bella headquarters, dealing with deadlines, attending<br />

Wconferences <strong>and</strong> interviewing the many international <strong>and</strong> local<br />

keynote speakers. We underst<strong>and</strong> the importance of knowledge,<br />

so we attend all the major scientifi c meetings in Australia to keep<br />

up to date <strong>and</strong> report on the latest innovations <strong>and</strong> breakthroughs<br />

in the enhancement arena.<br />

We know cosmetic surgery has the power to transform lives<br />

for the better, often restoring self-esteem <strong>and</strong> improving body image in suitable patients.<br />

However, while the vast majority of treatments result in successful, positive outcomes,<br />

one crucial thing has never changed: the importance of realistic expectations. On page<br />

38, our feature What to expect when you’re expecting perfection guides you through the<br />

various motivations for aesthetic surgery <strong>and</strong> helps shape your expectations regarding<br />

your procedure, recovery <strong>and</strong> results.<br />

Plus, on pages 42 <strong>and</strong> 54, you will fi nd our comprehensive guides to breast <strong>and</strong> nose<br />

surgery respectively. These offer comprehensive insight into the latest surgical techniques<br />

<strong>and</strong> approaches, arming you with relevant knowledge <strong>and</strong> the right questions to ask your<br />

doctor when it comes to consultation time.<br />

On a lighter note, we ‘weigh into’ the sugar debate – should we go cold turkey <strong>and</strong><br />

really quit it? Turn to our feature on page 22 to make up your own mind. Also, in our<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> & Spa pages (from page 92 onwards) you will fi nd skincare advice <strong>and</strong> makeup<br />

tricks for keeping your face <strong>and</strong> body hydrated, healthy <strong>and</strong> beautifi ed this winter.<br />

For those looking to escape the winter months with an overseas getaway, we also have<br />

you covered. This issue features an eight-page travel special on Bangkok on page 114,<br />

including the best places to stay, eat <strong>and</strong> receive a top-to-toe pampering.<br />

Finally, don’t forget you can download the free digital edition of this issue online at<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au. You’ll be able to read your favourite articles <strong>and</strong> view all the<br />

product shots <strong>and</strong> before <strong>and</strong> after images on your computer or portable device. Plus,<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au is home to hundreds of unique articles on general health <strong>and</strong><br />

beauty topics, product road tests, surgical <strong>and</strong> non-surgical cosmetic procedures <strong>and</strong> the<br />

latest treatment innovations. See you online!<br />

Michelle Kearney<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

michelle@bellamedia.com.au<br />

Michelle Kearney is sole director of The Bella Media Group <strong>and</strong> no other parties or individuals have any fi nancial interest in the<br />

company or in Australian <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong> & <strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> (ACSBM). Reproduction in whole or in part is not permitted without<br />

the written authorisation of the publisher. All reasonable efforts have been made to trace copyright holders. All manuscripts <strong>and</strong><br />

articles submitted for publication remain the property of The Bella Media Group. This magazine contains general information only <strong>and</strong><br />

does not purport to be a substitute for medical advice. All readers are advised to seek medical advice from a doctor if considering<br />

cosmetic surgery. The publisher <strong>and</strong> the authors do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of an action taken by readers in<br />

reliance on the recommendations set out in this magazine. Except where specifi ed in captions, photographs depict models who have<br />

not necessarily received treatments described in this magazine.<br />

Advertising Policy ACSBM follows <strong>and</strong> upholds the Australian Competition <strong>and</strong> Consumer Commission (ACCC) Guidelines to<br />

Advertising Medical Services, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) advertising regulations for therapeutic goods <strong>and</strong> services,<br />

<strong>and</strong> individual state Medical Board guidelines. All reasonable effort is made by ACSBM to ensure that all advertisements accepted<br />

for publication follow these guidelines. Copies of these guidelines are available from the individual agencies <strong>and</strong> boards. ACSBM<br />

reserves the right to reject advertising that is in breach of these guidelines. All ACSBM advertisers assume sole responsibility <strong>and</strong><br />

liability for statements contained in their advertising copy, <strong>and</strong> hold harmless <strong>and</strong> indemnify ACSBM, Bella Media, <strong>and</strong> offi cers,<br />

directors <strong>and</strong> employees from <strong>and</strong> against all liability, loss, claim, damages, costs or expenses arising out of matter contained in the<br />

advertising. Advertisers accept these terms <strong>and</strong> responsibilities when signing an advertising contract with ACSBM.<br />

Read the online edition at<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au<br />

Issue 68<br />

MAY-JULY 2015<br />

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important to underst<strong>and</strong> that they represent<br />

one person’s experience <strong>and</strong> there is<br />

no guarantee that any other patient will<br />

experience similar results.<br />


Contributors<br />

Dr Buddy Beaini Dr John Flynn Stephen H<strong>and</strong>isides<br />

Val Glover-Hovan Dr Steven Liew Dr William Mooney Dr Sarkis Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian<br />

Dr Oseka Onuma Rita Porreca Terri Vinson<br />

14 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Prosthodontics<br />

& Implant <strong>Surgery</strong><br />


Centre for cosmetic, reconstructive<br />

<strong>and</strong> implant dentistry<br />

Dr Sarkis Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian completed his Bachelor of Dental <strong>Surgery</strong> with<br />

Honours in 1983 <strong>and</strong> Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) in<br />

2000 at The University of Sydney. He also completed his Masters in<br />

Prosthodontics in 2004 at the prestigious King’s College, University<br />

of London with distinction. He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian<br />

College of Dental Surgeons.<br />

B.D.S. (Hons.) Uni.Syd.<br />

FRACDS<br />

Grad. Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni.Syd.<br />

M.Clin.Dent (Prosthodontics) King’s College Uni. London<br />

Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian specialises in Dental Implants <strong>and</strong> Prosthodontics<br />

for treating simple to complex dental, functional <strong>and</strong> aesthetic<br />

problems.<br />

He lectures on topics including Dental Implantology, Prosthodontics<br />

<strong>and</strong> Implant <strong>Surgery</strong>.<br />

He maintains a specialised practice in Sydney limited to Aesthetics,<br />

Prosthodontics & Implant <strong>Surgery</strong>.<br />

Dr Sarkis Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian<br />

B.D.S. (Hons.) Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni.Syd. FRACDS<br />

M.Clin.Dent (Prosthodontics) King’s College Uni.London<br />

Designer Smiles<br />

17 Gerard Street Cremorne NSW 2090<br />

For more information call<br />

02 9953 4189<br />

Fax 02 9953 4358<br />


newsfront<br />




The latest cosmetic surgery stats are out <strong>and</strong>, apparently, 2014 was the year of the face.<br />

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the biggest annual increases were<br />

seen in facelifts <strong>and</strong> eyelid surgeries, but it was non-surgical treatments that stole the show<br />

last year. Anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fi llers <strong>and</strong> chemical peels all saw a signifi cant rise<br />

in popularity from the year before.<br />

Treatments with dermal fi llers (the most popular type being hyaluronic acid) increased<br />

by fi ve per cent between 2013 <strong>and</strong> 2014. Anti-wrinkle injections also increased by eight<br />

per cent, soaring past three <strong>and</strong> a half million procedures annually. In total, there were<br />

6,907,091 injectable treatments performed last year in the US. Treatments with laser <strong>and</strong><br />

intense pulsed light were also on the rise. And chemical peels? Up as well, by two per cent.<br />

Over all, there was a six per cent increase in minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures.<br />

With more men <strong>and</strong> women opting for laser hair removal <strong>and</strong> skin rejuvenating procedures.<br />

Surgical cosmetic procedures dropped in popularity last year compared to their nonsurgical<br />

counterparts. Across all cosmetic surgeries, there was a one per cent drop in total.<br />

The number one surgical procedure, breast augmentation, experienced a one per cent<br />

drop from the year before – with 286,000 procedures performed. Rhinoplasty came in as<br />

the second most popular surgical procedure, with liposuction following closely.<br />

In its entity, the industry is booming. The total amount of cosmetic surgeries performed<br />

– including surgical, non-surgical <strong>and</strong> reconstructive – was up fi ve per cent in 2014,<br />

compared to the year before.<br />

16 www.cosbeauty.com.au

newsfront<br />



on facial injectables<br />

Complete Face is a one-on-one workshop, right at your fi ngertips.<br />

It is an interactive <strong>and</strong> educational tool for every health professional who<br />

performs facial cosmetic injecting. The App was created by Sydney<br />

plastic surgeon Dr Steven Liew <strong>and</strong> plastic surgeon in<br />

Victoria Dr Peter Callan.<br />

With hundreds of high quality videos, photographs <strong>and</strong><br />

protocols on display, the App advises practitioners on<br />

injecting techniques, anatomy <strong>and</strong> product choice.<br />

Importantly, there are different modules available to<br />

cater to different levels of practitioner experience.<br />

The Complete Face App is available to<br />

download from the App Store <strong>and</strong> on Android.<br />

WE MADE<br />

$57,600 IN NEW<br />








1300 667 374<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 17

newsfront<br />





COSMETEX 2015 saw the launch of a new dermal fi ller range to the Australian<br />

market <strong>and</strong>, in this, a ground-breaking solution to reducing the appearance of dark<br />

under-eye circles.<br />

The line of fi llers is manufactured in Switzerl<strong>and</strong> by Teoxane Laboratories, <strong>and</strong> is<br />

distributed in Australia <strong>and</strong> New Zeal<strong>and</strong> by Mondeal Aesthetics.<br />

The range includes solutions for full-facial rejuvenation <strong>and</strong> lip enhancement,<br />

as well as the only approved fi ller for dark under-eye circles <strong>and</strong> hollows. This<br />

unique product is specially designed to treat dark hollow circles, tear troughs <strong>and</strong><br />

palpebromalar grooves – the fi rst of its kind.<br />



While each individual usually mashes<br />

together their own program for<br />

slimming down <strong>and</strong> toning up, the<br />

physiological processes in shedding<br />

fat are not so particular – each body<br />

breaks down fat the same way, through<br />

a process called oxidation.<br />

But all this begs the question. Where<br />

does the excess weight actually go?<br />

How does it leave the body?<br />

Is it excreted as waste? Transformed<br />

into muscle? Converted to heat energy?<br />

None of these are the case,<br />

according to new research from the<br />

University of New South Wales (UNSW)<br />

in Australia. Instead, it’s all in the breath.<br />

A new study, by Prof. Andrew<br />

Brown <strong>and</strong> Ruben Meerman at UNSW,<br />

has shown that when weight is lost,<br />

the majority of it is breathed out as<br />

carbon dioxide.<br />

Once in the body, excess carbohydrates<br />

<strong>and</strong> protein are converted<br />

to a type of fat called triglycerides.<br />

These molecules are made up of<br />

carbon, hydrogen <strong>and</strong> water. When we<br />

lose weight, triglycerides are broken<br />

down <strong>and</strong> the atoms are separated in a<br />

process called oxidation.<br />

The UNSW researchers set out to<br />

track these atoms, <strong>and</strong> follow the path<br />

they take when leaving the body. They<br />

found that in 10kg of oxidized fat, 8.4kg<br />

was converted <strong>and</strong> excreted as carbon<br />

dioxide (CO2) via the lungs, <strong>and</strong> 1.6kg<br />

became water (H2O).<br />

The fi ndings suggest the lungs are<br />

the main excretory organ for weight<br />

loss <strong>and</strong> the remaining H2O departs the<br />

body in urine, feces <strong>and</strong> sweat.<br />

18 www.cosbeauty.com.au

newsfront<br />

xxxxx<br />

xxxxxx<br />

New study has<br />

potential to reshape<br />

the fight against<br />

breast cancer<br />

Long-held theories about breast cancer may be inaccurate, explains<br />

Adelaide University Associate Professor Brendon Coventry who<br />

was involved in a unique 20-year research collaboration between<br />

surgeons, immunologists, pathologists <strong>and</strong> scientists.<br />

‘For many years breast cancer has been assumed to be “nonimmunogenic”,<br />

meaning that the disease does not trigger a response<br />

by the body’s immune system,’ A/Prof Coventry says. ‘The new<br />

findings indicate that the immune response appears to be already<br />

occurring in many women with breast cancer, <strong>and</strong> that the strength<br />

of that response correlates with longer-term survival.’<br />

The study compared the tissue of women suffering from breast<br />

cancer with those who did not. It found that an immune response –<br />

shown by a higher count of specific white blood cells – was present<br />

in some breast cancer patients, when compared with normal breast<br />

tissues. While the research is ongoing, these findings have major<br />

implications, as Dr Coventry explains.<br />

“The study, <strong>and</strong> others of its kind, offer renewed hope to breast<br />

cancer suffers <strong>and</strong> their families,” Dr Coventry says. “They pave the<br />

way for continued research into enhanced treatments of the disease,<br />

including immunotherapy, a form of treatment that has long been<br />

successful in the management of other forms of cancer.’<br />

Wanted<br />

Specialist in Weight loss<br />

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Cosmedic Professionals, a state-ofthe-art<br />

clinic in Five Dock, Sydney<br />

offering medical procedures, beauty<br />

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therapies, has a room for rent for a<br />

medical professional specialising in<br />

weight loss or IPL treatments.<br />

For more information, please contact<br />

Rita Porreca on 02 9712 4133<br />

Making old cells<br />

act young again<br />

A fresh approach<br />

to anti-ageing<br />

As we age, the cells in our body slow down<br />

in replication <strong>and</strong> become less resilient to<br />

internal <strong>and</strong> external stressors. This leads to<br />

both the visible <strong>and</strong> physiological signs of<br />

ageing.<br />

However, the cells themselves aren’t<br />

solely to blame. New research suggests it<br />

might be possible to slow the rate of decline<br />

in ageing cells by optimising the condition of<br />

the extracellular matrix (ECM) – or the material<br />

surrounding the cells.<br />

The ECM is comprised of tiny fibrils of<br />

collagen, which acts as a scaffolding to<br />

support the skin cells. With age, the ECM<br />

becomes “fragmented” causing the cells to<br />

lose their support, further contributing to the<br />

rate of cellular ageing.<br />

Scientists at the U-M Department of<br />

Dermatology injected the buttock skin of 21<br />

volunteers aged over 80 with a filler often<br />

used to reduce facial wrinkles in cosmetic<br />

patients. Once injected, the filler worked to fill<br />

the fragmented ECM <strong>and</strong> return it to a more<br />

robust resiliency.<br />

Three months after injection, the<br />

researchers found that fibroblast cells had<br />

begun expressing collagen-related genes,<br />

producing more collagen <strong>and</strong> connecting<br />

more effectively to the ECM. The skin grew<br />

thicker <strong>and</strong> more vasularised. The new blood<br />

vessels helped nourish the cells, slowing the<br />

rate of cellular ageing.<br />

‘Fragmentation of the extracellular matrix<br />

plays an important role in skin ageing, but by<br />

altering the matrix using an external filler <strong>and</strong><br />

increasing the internal pressure, we’ve shown<br />

that we can essentially trigger a signal for cells<br />

to wake up,’ says Gary Fisher, Ph.D., the Harry<br />

Helfman Professor of Molecular Dermatology<br />

<strong>and</strong> senior author of the research. ‘This<br />

shows that skin cells in elderly people have<br />

the capacity to respond robustly in a very<br />

positive way to alterations in the mechanical<br />

property of their environment.’<br />

‘We still need to know more about how<br />

cells sense their environment, but in general it<br />

appears we have made a real difference in the<br />

structural integrity of skin,’ Fisher concludes.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 19

newsfront<br />




We all know prolonged sitting it no good for our health. But new<br />

research, published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of<br />

Nephrology (CJASN), has found just two minutes of walking every hour<br />

might reduce the hazard of sitting for long periods.<br />

Past research has linked sitting each day for long periods to premature<br />

death <strong>and</strong> an increased risk of heart disease <strong>and</strong> diabetes. And, although<br />

we are encouraged to perform at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise<br />

each day to waylay these risks, the new study was looking to fi nd an<br />

easier, more achievable solution to maintaining health in offi ce workers.<br />

For their analysis, the research team used data on 3,243 participants<br />

in the 2003-04 National Health <strong>and</strong> Nutrition Examination Survey in<br />

America. The researchers asked participants to wear accelerometers<br />

for several days. From this, they worked out how many minutes per<br />

hour were spent on sedentary (less than 100 accelerometer counts per<br />

minute), low (100-499), light (500-2019) <strong>and</strong> moderate to vigorous (2020<br />

<strong>and</strong> over) activity.<br />

They found low intensity activities such as st<strong>and</strong>ing did not work to<br />

offset the effects of long-term sitting, but trading two minutes of sitting to<br />

two minutes of light-intensity activity each hour resulted in a 33 per cent<br />

lower risk of premature death.<br />

“It was fascinating to see the results because the current national<br />

focus is on moderate or vigorous activity. To see that light activity had<br />

an association with lower mortality is intriguing,” lead author Srinivasan<br />

Beddhu, professor of internal medicine at the University of Utah School<br />

of Medicine in Salt Lake City, explains. “Based on these results we would<br />

recommend adding two minutes of walking each hour in combination<br />

with normal activities, which should include 2.5 hours of moderate<br />

exercise each week.”<br />

Senior citizens face no added risk from cosmetic surgery<br />

New research from the V<strong>and</strong>erbilt University Medical Center has found<br />

senior citizens are at no higher risk of complications following cosmetic<br />

surgery compared to younger patients.<br />

In a data analysis of more 129,000 patients, the researchers found<br />

no signifi cant difference in complication rate in patients under or over 65<br />

years of age.<br />

The procedures studied varied from facelift to liposuction. The only<br />

surgery to show a slightly higher rate of complication in older patients was<br />

abdominoplasty, where the complication rate was 5.4 per cent for older<br />

patients <strong>and</strong> 3.9 per cent for younger patients.<br />

‘Similar outcomes of cosmetic surgery in younger <strong>and</strong> older patients<br />

have never been shown before on such a large scale,’ said Max Yezhelyev,<br />

M.D., Ph.D., the author of the study <strong>and</strong> a plastic surgery resident at<br />

V<strong>and</strong>erbilt. ‘Our study demonstrated that patients over 65 can safely<br />

undergo cosmetic procedures with a complications rate similar to younger<br />

patients when surgery is performed by a board-certifi ed plastic surgeon.’<br />



feature<br />

should we quit it?<br />

Sugar. It’s been described as toxic, poisonous <strong>and</strong> addictive, but<br />

should we quit it completely? Caitlin Bishop investigates.<br />

Sugar is the villain of the day<br />

in the health <strong>and</strong> wellness<br />

sector. Slowly but surely<br />

fats are shedding their bad-boy<br />

status, <strong>and</strong> sugar is taking over<br />

as the most detrimental dietary<br />

ingredient to our waistlines,<br />

health <strong>and</strong> general wellbeing.<br />

We outline the bad rap sugar<br />

has been attracting <strong>and</strong> look into<br />

the question on everybody’s taste<br />

buds – should we banish it from<br />

our diet once <strong>and</strong> for all?<br />

22 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

What is it?<br />

At a molecular level, sugar is a crystalline carbohydrate. There are<br />

many different types of sugar – glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose <strong>and</strong><br />

sucrose (sucrose is your typical table sugar, <strong>and</strong> is composed of glucose<br />

<strong>and</strong> fructose).<br />

Some of these sugars occur naturally in fruits, vegetables <strong>and</strong> other<br />

food groups. However, it’s the added sugars, used to enhance flavour <strong>and</strong><br />

add sweetness, that have been blamed as a culprit in a myriad of health<br />

issues. These sugars are usually delivered in the form of sucrose or fructose<br />

corn syrup, <strong>and</strong> it is fructose, more than glucose, that is receiving the most<br />

negative attention.<br />

The highest quantities of added sugars are found in soft drinks, fruit<br />

juices, cakes, chocolate <strong>and</strong> desserts. According to Medical News Today,<br />

just a single can of cola can contain up to seven teaspoons of added sugar,<br />

while an average-sized chocolate bar can contain up to six teaspoons.<br />

At present, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended<br />

daily dose of sugar is less than 10 percent of your daily total energy intake.<br />

WHO suggests a further reduction to less than five percent for beneficial<br />

health outcomes.<br />

Many nutritionists recommend against consuming more than 13<br />

teaspoons a day.<br />

Is sugar addiction possible?<br />

The book Sweet Poison: Why Sugar is Making Us Fat by David Gillespie,<br />

published in 2008, marked a turning point in the way we consider sugar<br />

consumption. In the book, Gillespie investigated the relationship between sugar,<br />

the ever-increasing obesity rates of the Western world <strong>and</strong> the most prevalent<br />

diseases in the 21st century.<br />

It was Gillespie’s personal story, however, that set people on the path of<br />

quitting sugar. From being 40kg overweight, he immediately started losing<br />

weight, <strong>and</strong> kept it off, by cutting sugar (specifically fructose) from his diet. He<br />

claims sugar is addictive – a fact exploited by food manufacturers – <strong>and</strong> a rare<br />

resource to which we don’t have an in-built “off switch”, meaning we can keep<br />

eating it without feeling full, leading to weight gain <strong>and</strong> a myriad of health effects.<br />

One study by Nicole Avena, Pedro Rada <strong>and</strong> Bartley Hoebel (2008) looked<br />

into the addictive properties of sugar. It examined the physiological response to<br />

sugar intake in rats, <strong>and</strong> how the rats behaved when “on” <strong>and</strong> “off” sugar.<br />

‘”Food addiction” seems plausible because brain pathways that evolved to<br />

respond to natural rewards are also activated by addictive drugs,’ the report<br />

states. ‘Sugar is noteworthy as a substance that releases opioids <strong>and</strong> dopamine<br />

<strong>and</strong> thus might be expected to have addictive potential.’<br />

After a month “on” sugar, the animals showed a series of behaviours similar<br />

to the signs of drug abuse.<br />

‘These are categorised as “bingeing”, meaning unusually large bouts of<br />

intake, opiate-like “withdrawal” indicated by signs of anxiety <strong>and</strong> behavioural<br />

depression <strong>and</strong> “craving” measured during sugar abstinence as enhanced<br />

responding for sugar.’<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 23

feature<br />

So, are we all junkies?<br />

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the average American consumes 22<br />

teaspoons of added sugar a day, equating to an extra 350 calories. Scarily, these 22<br />

mouthfuls of sweetness are easily consumed – added sugar is difficult to avoid.<br />

Gillespie claims food manufacturers are taking advantage of our collective sugar<br />

addiction <strong>and</strong> are “lacing” non-sweet products – such as bread, sauces, soups <strong>and</strong><br />

cereals – with the poison to ensure we stay hooked. And he’s not alone in this thinking.<br />

Dr Robert Lustig, a paediatric endocrinologist at the University of California-San<br />

Francisco <strong>and</strong> author of the book Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, says the<br />

food industry is purposefully sweetening up our diets.<br />

‘The food industry has made sugar into a diet staple because they know when they do,<br />

you buy more,’ he told The Guardian in 2013. ‘This is their hook. If some unscrupulous<br />

cereal manufacturer went out <strong>and</strong> laced your breakfast cereal with morphine to get you to<br />

buy more, what would you think of that? They do it with sugar instead.’<br />

Is it really that bad?<br />

Sugar has been linked to high blood sugar, cardiovascular disease mortality,<br />

diabetes <strong>and</strong> cellular ageing.<br />

An article published in the online journal Open Heart found sugars are probably<br />

more instrumental in increasing the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure)<br />

<strong>and</strong> cardiovascular disease (CVD), as compared to dietary sodium (salt).<br />

‘Compelling evidence from basic science, population studies, <strong>and</strong> clinical<br />

trials implicate sugars, <strong>and</strong> particularly the monosaccharide fructose, as<br />

playing a major role in the development of hypertension,’ the researchers state.<br />

‘Moreover, evidence suggests that sugars in general <strong>and</strong> fructose in particular<br />

may contribute to overall cardiovascular risk through a variety of mechanisms.’<br />

Furthermore, a study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal,<br />

conducted by researchers at the Division for Heart Disease <strong>and</strong> Stroke Prevention<br />

at the Centers for Disease Control <strong>and</strong> Prevention, associated a high added<br />

sugar intake with a heightened risk of CVD.<br />

The study found that people who consumed between 17 <strong>and</strong> 21 per cent<br />

of their daily calories from added sugar exhibited a 38 percent higher risk of<br />

CVD mortality, compared to those whose added sugar intake was maintained<br />

at around eight percent. For those whose daily intake of added sugar was<br />

more than 21 percent of their daily calories, they had double the risk of CVD<br />

mortality. And, in participants who consumed 25 percent of their daily calories<br />

from added sugar, their risk of CVD mortality was tripled.<br />

Cellular ageing<br />

The anti-ageing world is full of talk about telomeres – or the protective DNA<br />

that caps the end of cell chromosomes. The common consensus is the longer<br />

the telomeres, the longer the quality of life. The trick? Telomeres continuously<br />

shorten as our cells replicate, getting shorter <strong>and</strong> shorter as we age.<br />

Ongoing research is furiously exploring the possibilities in lengthening<br />

telomeres to reduce the rate of ageing or ways to prevent their ever-persistent<br />

shortening. But sugar, according to scientists from the University of California-<br />

San Francisco, is one sure-fire way to shorten your telomeres before their<br />

time. The research, led by Prof. Elissa Epel, assessed 5,309 participants <strong>and</strong><br />

24 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

found those who drank larger amounts of sugary soda tended to have shorter<br />

telomeres in their white blood cells, making them susceptible to inflammation<br />

<strong>and</strong> chronic disease.<br />

‘Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened sodas might influence disease<br />

development,’ says Epel. ‘Not only by straining the body’s metabolic control of<br />

sugars but also through accelerated cellular ageing of tissues.’<br />

Diabetes – sugar’s off the hook (somewhat)<br />

Type 2 diabetes is caused when blood levels of glucose become chronically<br />

elevated. Although diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia<br />

according to Diabetes Australia – with the total number of diabetic <strong>and</strong> prediabetic<br />

Australians estimated at 3.2 million – sugar is somewhat off the hook in<br />

this particular epidemic.<br />

As we eat, the sugar <strong>and</strong> carbohydrates in our food cause our blood sugar<br />

level – or the amount of glucose in our blood – to rise. In response to this, insulin<br />

is released from beta cells in the pancreas, <strong>and</strong> its job is to send glucose back<br />

into cells, so it’s not reaping havoc in the blood stream.<br />

When you eat high quantities of foods that cause a steep rise in blood sugar,<br />

higher levels of insulin are released to combat this. Over time, these repeated<br />

floods make the body less sensitive to the hormone, leading to a condition called<br />

insulin resistance <strong>and</strong>, following this, diabetes.<br />

An emerging school of thought holds that fructose may lead to insulin<br />

resistance. However, this is not certain <strong>and</strong> sugar is not the sole culprit here.<br />

Instead, foods with a high glycemic index (GI) – which measures how much the<br />

carbohydrates raise the blood sugar levels – have a greater impact on blood<br />

sugar. Interestingly, refined grains <strong>and</strong> starches actually have a higher glycemic<br />

index than sugar.<br />

There is also no differentiation in the body’s insulin response to the source of<br />

sugar – the fructose found in sucrose <strong>and</strong> the fructose found naturally in fruits<br />

will incur the very same insulin response. The only reason added sugars might<br />

be related to diabetes is because the foods they are founds in are more likely to<br />

lead to weight gain – a high risk factor in diabetes.<br />

Should we quit it?<br />

Certainly, the myriad of health problems associated with high sugar intake is<br />

enough to quieten anyone’s sugar cravings, but is it healthy to eliminate sugar<br />

from our diet completely?<br />

Sugar is found naturally in fruits, vegetables <strong>and</strong> dairy products, which means<br />

that to eradicate it completely from our diet would leave us with little other than<br />

meat <strong>and</strong> fats.<br />

‘I am quite comfortable with dietary sugars if they come from whole foods<br />

such as fresh fruits <strong>and</strong> vegetables, as the sugar is diluted with water, fibre <strong>and</strong><br />

other nutrients,’ health expert Professor Kerin O’Dea from the Sansom Institute<br />

for Health Research told the ABC.<br />

As for added sugar, the alternative options – in the form of artificial sweeteners<br />

– are not necessarily any better for you. A recent study published in the journal<br />

Nature found artificial sweeteners interfere with gut bacteria, increasing the<br />

chances of obesity <strong>and</strong> diabetes.<br />

‘Our findings suggest that artificial sweeteners may have directly contributed<br />

to enhancing the exact epidemic that they themselves were intended to fight,’<br />

the researchers from the Department of Immunology at the Weizmann Institute<br />

of Science in Israel state. csbm<br />

Myth<br />

busting<br />

raw vs white vs<br />

brown sugars<br />

Hopeful sugar lovers have ventured<br />

the suggestion that brown sugar<br />

or raw sugar might indeed by<br />

healthier than the super-refined<br />

white sugar seen on most coffeeshop<br />

tables. Unfortunately, their<br />

hopes are dashed.<br />

Although they go through<br />

slightly different processes, raw,<br />

white <strong>and</strong> brown sugar are derived<br />

from the same source <strong>and</strong> hold<br />

very little nutritional difference – ie,<br />

all are equally bad for you.<br />

Sugar crystals are made from the<br />

juice of sugar cane or sugar beet.<br />

The juice is filtered, evaporated,<br />

boiled – which produces molasses<br />

– centrifuged <strong>and</strong> dried to yield<br />

raw sugar. White, or refined<br />

sugar, undergoes further washing,<br />

bleaching, filtering, processing <strong>and</strong><br />

drying. Brown sugar is created<br />

through the addition of molasses<br />

to refined white sugar.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 25

industry<br />

My Face My Body<br />

Awards<br />

are coming to Australia<br />

My Face My body are<br />

the only consumer<br />

awards dedicated<br />

to the aesthetic<br />

industry, <strong>and</strong> this<br />

November they’re<br />

coming to Australia.<br />

The MyFaceMyBody Awards were launched in the UK in 2012, <strong>and</strong> are<br />

coming to Australia this November. They celebrate the best in the cosmetic<br />

industry, as voted by consumers. Different awards include Cosmeceutical<br />

Range of the Year <strong>and</strong> Best Anti-Ageing Product or Treatment. There are also<br />

separate categories for practices/practitioners <strong>and</strong> industry media, including<br />

awards for Best Plastic <strong>Surgery</strong> Product or Device <strong>and</strong> Best Advertising<br />

Campaign by a Manufacturer or Supplier.<br />

After a mammoth response at the London Awards, founder of MyFaceMyBody<br />

Stephen H<strong>and</strong>isides is bringing the awards to Australia. He’s aiming to give<br />

consumers a voice in voting on their favourite br<strong>and</strong>s, products <strong>and</strong> services in<br />

the cosmetic market.<br />

The awards culminate in a red carpet event attended by 300 leading industry<br />

professionals, br<strong>and</strong>s, journalists <strong>and</strong> celebrities. Leading up to the big night, a<br />

team of international judges – with exceptional experience in the industry – draw<br />

up the final shortlist for each category. Importantly, the awards are voted by the<br />

consumer, positioning MyFaceMyBody as the only consumer-driven awards in<br />

the aesthetic industry.<br />

Bridging the gap between the aesthetic medicine market <strong>and</strong> mainstream<br />

beauty <strong>and</strong> fashion sectors is what MyFaceMyBody is all about. H<strong>and</strong>isides<br />

believes the awards will be a valuable addition to the ever-growing Australian<br />

aesthetic industry. ‘After the huge success of the UK awards, I wanted to bring<br />

the awards closer to home in Australia where the popularity of aesthetics <strong>and</strong><br />

beauty is rocketing,’ explains H<strong>and</strong>isides, who was born in New Zeal<strong>and</strong>. ‘The<br />

awards climax in an evening of exceptional glamour <strong>and</strong> celebrity, the likes of<br />

which the aesthetic industry rarely sees.’ csbm<br />

26 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Saturday, 28 November 2015<br />

Hilton Sydney<br />

WHY ENTER?<br />

The prestigious MyFaceMyBody Awards is the only consumer<br />

awards dedicated to the aesthetic industry to recognise <strong>and</strong><br />

reward br<strong>and</strong>s for their product innovation <strong>and</strong> popularity.<br />

Practices are also rewarded for exceptional experiences <strong>and</strong><br />

outst<strong>and</strong>ing service to their consumers. The awards will be<br />

attended by 250-300 leading industry professionals, br<strong>and</strong>s,<br />

journalists <strong>and</strong> celebrities.<br />

For more information, go to<br />

www.globalaestheticawards.com/enter<br />


Br<strong>and</strong> Awards<br />

Cosmeceutical Range of the Year<br />

Best Anti Ageing Product or Treatment<br />

Best Skin Tightening Product or Treatment<br />

Best Body Reshaping Treatment<br />

Best Plastic <strong>Surgery</strong> Product or Device<br />

Most Innovative Product or Service<br />

Best Advertising Campaign by a Manufacturer<br />

or Supplier<br />

Best Customer Service by a Manufacturer or Supplier<br />

Awards for Practices/Practitioners<br />

Best Plastic <strong>Surgery</strong> Practice<br />

Best Aesthetic Practice – VIC<br />

Best Aesthetic Practice – NSW<br />

Best Aesthetic Practice – QLD<br />

Best Aesthetic Practice – ACT<br />

Best Aesthetic Practice – SA/WA/NT<br />

Best Aesthetic Practice – TAS<br />

Best Aesthetic Practice – New Zeal<strong>and</strong><br />

Best Aesthetic Practice – Overall<br />

Best Customer Service<br />

Best Practice Team<br />

Best Practice Manager<br />

Media Awards<br />

Best <strong>Beauty</strong> Blogger Details<br />

Best Practice Website<br />

To enter, go to<br />

www.globalaestheticawards.com/enter<br />

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<strong>Beauty</strong> professionals, clear your diaries for August<br />

22nd <strong>and</strong> 23rd! A revamped, jam-packed <strong>and</strong><br />

refreshed <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo Australia, held at the<br />

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After undergoing a name change late last year,<br />

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In keeping with previous Expos, the weekend will<br />

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2015<br />

industry<br />

EXPO<br />

WHAT’S<br />

NEW<br />

IN 2015?<br />

This year’s expo will include the Paramedical Conference,<br />

in collaboration with Laser Lounge <strong>and</strong> The Australasian<br />

Academy of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Dermal Science.<br />

The revamped, new-look <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo Australia<br />

will provide beauty <strong>and</strong> spa professionals unparalleled<br />

opportunities for growth, in terms of networking,<br />

education, new products <strong>and</strong> business inspiration. This<br />

year’s Expo is all about tapping into new trends <strong>and</strong> taking<br />

your professional possibilities to unprecedented heights!<br />

Tickets are set to go on sale mid-May, head to www.<br />

beautyexpoaustralia.com.au for more details. csbm<br />


With $3.8 billion being spent annually,<br />

the future for beauty salons is bright.<br />

The key to success involves keeping<br />

up with the trends. Source the best<br />

products from a range of industry<br />

leaders <strong>and</strong> discover the latest in<br />

makeup, tanning <strong>and</strong> nails at this<br />

year’s <strong>Beauty</strong> Expo.<br />

The dem<strong>and</strong> for wellness treatments<br />

has soared over the past decade<br />

due to an increasing focus on health<br />

<strong>and</strong> appearance; clients are more<br />

concerned about fostering a healthy<br />

lifestyle as part of their everyday life.<br />

This trend is expected to continue,<br />

with the industry projected to grow to<br />

$442 million in the next 5 years.<br />

Learn all there is to know about<br />

improving your client’s health, beauty,<br />

wellbeing <strong>and</strong> ageing through<br />

tailored spa treatments. In 2015 <strong>and</strong><br />

beyond there will be a sharp focus on<br />

interweaving mindfulness techniques<br />

to help clients reach a whole new<br />

place of serenity <strong>and</strong> calm.<br />

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industry<br />

What’s new<br />

in PRP?<br />

The 13th annual Aesthetic <strong>and</strong> Anti-Ageing Medicine World<br />

Congress was held this March in Monaco, <strong>and</strong> PRP was featured<br />

as a regenerative treatment for gynaecology patients.<br />

Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

Regen PRP remains at the forefront of possibilities in regenerative medicine,<br />

<strong>and</strong> this potential was certainly on show at the 13th annual Aesthetic <strong>and</strong><br />

Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress (AMWC) in Monaco this March.<br />

For the past 13 years, the AMWC has played a key role in growing scientific<br />

underst<strong>and</strong>ing in anti-ageing medicine on a global scale. By combining a<br />

number of approaches in aesthetics, including dermatology <strong>and</strong> cosmetic<br />

surgery, with anti-ageing medicine for internal wellbeing, the Congress explores<br />

new possibilities in both corrective <strong>and</strong> preventative treatments.<br />

There were several presentations delivered at this year’s Congress on different<br />

applications for Regen’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) system, including its use as a<br />

st<strong>and</strong>-alone treatment, <strong>and</strong> also in conjunction with fat transfer, micro needling,<br />

mesotherapy, laser treatment, <strong>and</strong> stem cell injections.<br />

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industry<br />

Several Australian doctors attended the 2015 meeting, including Sydney<br />

cosmetic physician Dr Joseph Hkeik <strong>and</strong> Adelaide gynaecologist Dr Fariba<br />

Behnia-Willison. The RegenLab team could be found in the main trade area –<br />

which spanned three levels – <strong>and</strong>, in total, the meeting saw more than 9,000<br />

delegates attend over three days.<br />

Dr Behnia-Willison presented to the Congress on the use of PRP for cosmetic<br />

gynaecology. This is an emerging field in the industry, <strong>and</strong> RegenLab in Australia<br />

is at its helm. Dr Behnia-Willison <strong>and</strong> Sydney physician Dr Abbas Al Taiff, are<br />

considered pioneers in gynaecological medicine. They are working to improve<br />

quality of life in female patients using Regen PRP for vaginal rejuvenation.<br />

PRP kickstarts the<br />

body’s cellular<br />

processes, stimulating<br />

collagen production<br />

<strong>and</strong> invigorating the<br />

area with stem cells<br />

<strong>and</strong> growth factors<br />

Regen PRP for Gynaecology<br />

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a regenerative <strong>and</strong> rejuvenating procedure<br />

with seemingly endless options for application. The procedure involves extracting<br />

a sample of the patient’s blood, centrifuging this sample to concentrate the<br />

platelets, <strong>and</strong> reinjecting the concentrated solution into the treatment area.<br />

After injection, the platelet-rich solution works to kickstart the body’s cellular<br />

processes, stimulate collagen production <strong>and</strong> invigorate the area with stem<br />

cells <strong>and</strong> growth factors. Treatment with PRP is used to regenerate tissue,<br />

initiate vascular growth, induce cell differentiation <strong>and</strong> recruit other cells to help<br />

rejuvenate the area.<br />

The same potential applies to gynaecology. Regen PRP can be effective in<br />

repairing, rehydrating <strong>and</strong> stimulating collagen in the ageing vaginal walls. It is<br />

also used for restoring vaginal muscle tone, boosting the strength of the vaginal<br />

skin <strong>and</strong> assisting in optimal lubrication.<br />

Dr Behnia-Willison is one of the practitioners trailblazing the use of PRP in a<br />

gynaecological setting. One of her patients underwent PRP to treat a pervasive,<br />

aggressive <strong>and</strong> uncomfortable condition involving vaginal dryness, which<br />

caused great irritation in her vagina. ‘I had visited several gynaecologists but<br />

no one could pin-point the exact cause of my problem, nor could they suggest<br />

a solution,’ this patient describes. ‘It was so distressing; it affected my sexual<br />

health, I was in constant pain, it hurt to urinate, I couldn’t wear certain clothes<br />

<strong>and</strong>, psychologically, I was traumatised.’<br />

Other doctors had prescribed anti-depressants <strong>and</strong> therapy, but this patient<br />

was determined to address the physical cause of her trauma. After a consultation<br />

with Dr Behnia-Willison, she went ahead with a series of three PRP treatments,<br />

combined with laser therapy to augment results.<br />

‘After the first treatment I could wear proper clothes again,’ the patient<br />

describes. ‘Each time I received treatment, the symptoms of discomfort <strong>and</strong><br />

dryness continued to improve. I felt I could st<strong>and</strong> up tall again, I felt I was in<br />

control. PRP treatment really gave me myself back – I want women to know<br />

there are options out there. I was told I had to live with my condition, but PRP<br />

has given me hope.’ csbm<br />

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industry<br />

Cosmetex<br />

A powerhouse of<br />

cosmetic surgeons,<br />

aesthetic practitioners,<br />

dermatologists <strong>and</strong><br />

scientists descended<br />

upon Melbourne in<br />

April for the 2015<br />

COSMETEX meeting.<br />

Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

Regenerative medicine <strong>and</strong> its potential to<br />

fundamentally change the way in which cosmetic<br />

practitioners <strong>and</strong> surgeons treat their patients was a<br />

primary focus of COSMETEX15.<br />

The three-day cosmetic medicine <strong>and</strong> surgery expo<br />

kicked off on April 30 <strong>and</strong> was held at The Pullman Albert<br />

Park Conference <strong>and</strong> Event Centre in Melbourne.<br />

Academics, scientists, psychologists <strong>and</strong> cosmetic<br />

medical practitioners from a range of disciplines<br />

converged at COSMETEX15 to cover topics ranging from<br />

beauty concepts across cultures to advances in facial<br />

rejuvenation, cosmeceuticals, face lifting, dermal fillers,<br />

tattoo removal, laser skin rejuvenation, body contouring<br />

<strong>and</strong> lifting. Concepts such as the way people see<br />

themselves, <strong>and</strong> the media’s role in shaping the “aesthetic<br />

ideals” in today’s society, were also explored at the<br />

2015 meeting.<br />

‘Ongoing collaboration between researchers in the labs<br />

<strong>and</strong> practitioners working in the field is vital for the advances<br />

<strong>and</strong> broadening of applications. At COSMETEX15 we<br />

will explore the hurdles, hopes <strong>and</strong> applications in both<br />

regenerative <strong>and</strong> “rejuvenative” medicine,’ says Professor<br />

Richard Boyd from Monash University who opened the<br />

session on Stem Cells at COSMETEX15.<br />

There were several “firsts” at this year’s event, including<br />

the launch of new practice st<strong>and</strong>ards for aesthetic nurses<br />

in Australia, as well as the introduction of a new laser <strong>and</strong><br />

IPL safety course.<br />

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industry<br />

round-up<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> nurses release new<br />

draft practice st<strong>and</strong>ard<br />

Nurses <strong>and</strong> doctors are working together to raise the<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ards of cosmetic medical practice <strong>and</strong> improve<br />

patient care.<br />

The Australasian College of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong> (ACCS)<br />

released the new Professional Practice St<strong>and</strong>ards <strong>and</strong><br />

Scope of Practice for Aesthetic Nursing Practice in Australia<br />

at COSMETEX15. This draft consultation st<strong>and</strong>ard is<br />

the first of its kind in Australia, setting the benchmark<br />

for nursing care in the rapidly evolving field of cosmetic<br />

medicine <strong>and</strong> surgery.<br />

ACCS nursing representative Elissa O’Keefe RN said<br />

that the practice st<strong>and</strong>ard would improve st<strong>and</strong>ards of<br />

care <strong>and</strong> could be used for recruiting new staff, developing<br />

position descriptions, professional development planning<br />

<strong>and</strong> performance appraisal.<br />

ACCS President Dr Soo-Keat Lim said the practice<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard is a key reform in the nationwide effort to raise<br />

the st<strong>and</strong>ards of care <strong>and</strong> protect patients. ‘Nurses are<br />

an integral part of the health team, <strong>and</strong> this gives clear<br />

guidance for nurses, doctors <strong>and</strong> their patients about what<br />

an expected st<strong>and</strong>ard of care is,’ he said.<br />

Key topics &<br />

highlights from<br />

this year’s<br />

program include:<br />

• Stem Cells: Where Are We At? Controversies,<br />

Stem Cells <strong>and</strong> Hair Loss<br />

• Cosmeceuticals Masterclass<br />

• How People See Themselves: How Media<br />

Drive the Aesthetic Patient World<br />

• The Beautiful Face: A Better Underst<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

• Tear Trough Injecting Workshop<br />

• Advances in Facial Rejuvenation<br />

• Laser Gynaecology Workshop for Minimally<br />

Invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation <strong>and</strong> Tightening,<br />

Urinary Stress Incontinence <strong>and</strong> Prolapse<br />

Treatments<br />

• Breast Registry Update<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> laser course launched<br />

In a unique joint venture, the Australasian College of<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong> (ACCS) <strong>and</strong> Laser Safety Australia<br />

have launched two br<strong>and</strong> new laser <strong>and</strong> intense pulsed<br />

light safety courses to support doctors, nurses <strong>and</strong> other<br />

providers of cosmetic laser treatments.<br />

ACCS Fellow Dr David Topchian said, ‘This course is<br />

unique because it has been specifically developed with<br />

busy clinicians in mind. It is online, rapidly accessible <strong>and</strong><br />

participants are able to learn at their own pace <strong>and</strong> in their<br />

own time.’<br />

The partners recognised the need for evidence-based<br />

<strong>and</strong> contemporary courses that are able to adapt <strong>and</strong><br />

change with a fast-paced industry. Complaints about<br />

adverse outcomes to laser <strong>and</strong> IPL treatments are<br />

becoming more common <strong>and</strong> ACCS <strong>and</strong> Laser Safety<br />

Australia believe that this new partnership will help to raise<br />

the st<strong>and</strong>ards of clinical education <strong>and</strong> improve outcomes<br />

for cosmetic patients. csbm<br />

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industry<br />

Sign up<br />

members<br />

to your<br />

clinic<br />

The new Memberships feature<br />

from Shortcuts software will<br />

keep your clients coming back<br />

<strong>and</strong> spending more.<br />

Today’s discerning clients expect more than a<br />

transactional relationship with the businesses they<br />

choose to interact with. When they select your clinic<br />

above your competitor’s, it’s because they believe you will<br />

provide them with the complete experience they are after.<br />

They expect you to make them feel welcome, relaxed <strong>and</strong> –<br />

above all – valued.<br />

If you can meet this expectation, you will be rewarded<br />

with a committed client who will keep returning time <strong>and</strong> time<br />

again. This is why being able to build rapport <strong>and</strong> provide<br />

meaningful rewards is more important than ever before.<br />

Membership programs are the ideal way to create this<br />

sense of exclusivity, while providing tangible benefits to your<br />

clients. The new Memberships feature from Shortcuts makes<br />

creating a membership program simple – <strong>and</strong> will help clinics<br />

encourage repeat visits <strong>and</strong> take the customer experience to<br />

the next level.<br />

This feature empowers clients to pay in regular<br />

installments to receive a specific set of benefits – such as six<br />

IPL treatments over six months, for a reduced price. There<br />

36 www.cosbeauty.com.au

industry<br />

is no better way to reward patients, deliver results <strong>and</strong> keep clients committed.<br />

Most importantly, this can be achieved without the need for heavy discounting.<br />

Provide benefits – in a way that<br />

suits your business<br />

Similar to the membership programs seen at gyms <strong>and</strong> health clubs, clinic<br />

memberships are a way to offer specific benefits to clients. Most importantly,<br />

however, the clinic retains control over what’s on offer.<br />

‘Membership programs can be customised to suit any clinic – depending<br />

on their most popular offerings <strong>and</strong> which clients they’re hoping to cater to,’<br />

Shortcuts educator Brooke Morkham-Calvert explains. ‘A clinic might have<br />

several membership programs on offer, depending on their specific services. By<br />

offering separate programs for anti-ageing, hair removal, body treatments <strong>and</strong><br />

even products, you’re guaranteed to have something for everyone.’<br />


The<br />

benefits of<br />

Membership<br />

programs:<br />

Attract new clients<br />

Keep clients<br />

committed<br />

Provide exclusive<br />

benefits<br />

Encourage<br />

upselling<br />

Increase profits<br />

The flexibility of Memberships makes it an effective way to attract new clients as<br />

well as keeping existing clients interested.<br />

‘Offering a membership program is a great way to sign up new patients,’<br />

Morkham-Calvert explains. ‘For example, a facial rejuvenation membership<br />

could involve a series of payments over six or twelve months – an attractive<br />

prospect for a potential new client who wants regular treatments without<br />

over-paying.’<br />

‘You can build entire campaigns around these programs, to really start to<br />

increase your client base. You could even make them available solely for new<br />

clients who sign up – it could be that extra little incentive needed to get them<br />

over the line,’ Morkham-Calvert adds.<br />


‘Membership programs are particularly suited to clinics, as the investment<br />

required for a series of treatments can be broken into regular, smaller payments,’<br />

Morkham-Calvert explains. ‘Paying a membership fee – as opposed to paying<br />

larger upfront sums for multiple individual treatments – can be very attractive to<br />

clients <strong>and</strong> encourages them to adhere to their treatment plan.’<br />

‘Clinics can also choose whether clients pay upfront or in weekly, fortnightly<br />

or monthly instalments, depending on business needs <strong>and</strong> what they feel bests<br />

suits their clients,’ Morkham-Calvert adds.<br />

Improve profitability<br />

Membership programs help secure long-term client commitment by offering bitesized<br />

discounts or bonus add-ons. This can help increase cash flow, enables<br />

clinic owners to plan ahead, <strong>and</strong> also provides the perfect opportunity to upsell.<br />

‘We know that clients who are signed up to a membership program are far<br />

more likely to treat themselves to a product or add-on service during their visit,<br />

which is a huge driver of revenue for clinics,’ Morkham-Calvert said.<br />

‘As most Memberships payments are made automatically, they won’t need<br />

to pull out their credit card to pay for their treatment – making it much easier to<br />

explore additional options that could be of benefit.’ csbm<br />

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feature<br />

What to<br />

expect<br />

when<br />

you’re<br />

expecting<br />

perfection<br />

38 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Underst<strong>and</strong>ing your motivations<br />

<strong>and</strong> having realistic expectations<br />

are key to successful cosmetic<br />

surgery. caitlin bishop reports.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> surgery is more popular than ever before.<br />

With an increasing number of people seizing the<br />

opportunity to correct aesthetic concerns, it has<br />

never been more important for patients to explore their<br />

motivations for surgery, manage expectations <strong>and</strong> prepare<br />

for the psychological effects that changing the shape <strong>and</strong><br />

appearance of their face <strong>and</strong> body can have.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> surgery will not turn you into a<br />

“better” person or attract the ideal partner<br />

Managing your expectations<br />

The vast majority of cosmetic procedures result in a<br />

successful, <strong>and</strong> very positive, outcome. However, if you’re<br />

expecting perfection, the results can often fall short. Realistic<br />

expectations are key in undergoing any form of cosmetic<br />

procedure. An educated <strong>and</strong> informed idea of what to<br />

expect during the recovery period, <strong>and</strong> as the results emerge<br />

in the months following the procedure, will go a long way in<br />

securing a positive outcome, without any surprises.<br />

For the right individual – usually those who are physically<br />

healthy <strong>and</strong> psychologically sound – cosmetic surgery can be<br />

a highly successful procedure that helps restore confidence,<br />

both inside <strong>and</strong> out. However, cosmetic surgery will not turn<br />

you into a “better” person, eradicate emotional problems or<br />

attract the ideal partner.<br />

There are several factors that contribute to the final result<br />

of any surgical procedure – there is no “one size fits all”<br />

result. Skin type, physiology, age <strong>and</strong> external factors will<br />

all influence surgical outcomes. For this reason, surgery<br />

should not be considered a solution to restoring youth in an<br />

ageing face or body. While a tightening, lifting or slimming<br />

effect can certainly be achieved in the short term, these all<br />

pertain to the appearance, <strong>and</strong> the process of ageing will<br />

still continue over time.<br />

Alongside the inevitable march of ageing, it is important<br />

to underst<strong>and</strong> that our aesthetic concerns <strong>and</strong> ideals<br />

are likely to change over time also. The book Living with<br />

your Looks (2007) by Roberta Honigman <strong>and</strong> David J<br />

Castle delves into the process of ageing <strong>and</strong> changes in<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39

feature<br />

perception of appearance over time. ‘Our preoccupation<br />

with appearance extends right across our lives, <strong>and</strong><br />

each stage creates different psychological <strong>and</strong> emotional<br />

responses to our bodies,’ the authors state. ‘As people<br />

age, their appearance concerns focus increasingly on<br />

the face. This was demonstrated in a study involving 24<br />

women ranging in age from 29 to 75 years, of whom 12 had<br />

undergone cosmetic surgery <strong>and</strong> 12 had not. It was found<br />

that the younger women were concerned more with the<br />

shape <strong>and</strong> appearance of their bodies, whereas the older<br />

women were preoccupied with their faces.’<br />

To help manage expectations going into surgery, it is<br />

important for the patient to consult with a qualified surgeon<br />

to discuss their individual concerns <strong>and</strong> motivations for<br />

seeking surgery. By communicating which areas of the face<br />

<strong>and</strong> body most concerns then, the patient can help the<br />

surgeon tailor the procedural approach to suit their needs<br />

<strong>and</strong> existing anatomy.<br />

Furthermore, a good skincare regimen <strong>and</strong> sun<br />

protection following the procedure is recommended.<br />

This will help extend the longevity of the results <strong>and</strong> help<br />

slow the process of skin ageing by boosting <strong>and</strong> protecting<br />

skin health.<br />

Prepare for change<br />

psychologically<br />

As well as physically altering the body, surgery that changes<br />

the shape <strong>and</strong> appearance of the face <strong>and</strong> body can induce<br />

various psychological effects. It is well documented that,<br />

as well as possible physical complications, patients can<br />

experience psychological reactions immediately following<br />

cosmetic surgery.<br />

Some patients find themselves searching for their more<br />

familiar selves post surgery. It can take some time to adjust<br />

to a “new” face <strong>and</strong> body, <strong>and</strong> become accustomed to the<br />

changed figure or face reflected in the mirror.<br />

Certainly, post-surgical unease can compound this<br />

disruption in a patient’s body image. Depression from being<br />

inactive or isolated for a number of days post-procedure,<br />

combined with the effort of coping with any pain, bruising<br />

<strong>and</strong> swelling can contribute to a preoccupation with<br />

the result of surgery, regardless of whether the surgical<br />

outcome is successful or not.<br />

The key to preventing this is preparation. Being aware<br />

of a psychological shift, due to the physical change, can<br />

help patients prepare for any sense of loss or surprise they<br />

may feel. Given the impact of psychological complications<br />

post-procedure, it is important for both the patient <strong>and</strong> their<br />

surgeon to thoroughly explore the motivations for change<br />

before the surgery.<br />

As well as<br />

physically altering<br />

the body, surgery<br />

can induce various<br />

psychological<br />

effects. It can take<br />

some time to adjust<br />

to a “new” face<br />

<strong>and</strong> body<br />

Motivations for surgery<br />

Motivations for contemplating cosmetic surgery can be<br />

complicated. However, it is one of the most important<br />

areas to explore before deciding to go ahead with any<br />

cosmetic procedure.<br />

If cosmetic surgery is considered (even subconsciously)<br />

as a potential solution to fixing a failing relationship or<br />

succeeding professionally, the surgical result is likely to<br />

be disappointing or even cause for regret. Talking to an<br />

independent person, such as a GP or counsellor, can help<br />

tease out the real issues surrounding the desire to alter<br />

their appearance. In this, the patient may avoid undergoing<br />

surgery for reasons that may be inappropriate <strong>and</strong> which<br />

may compound their psychological issues further.<br />

‘When an individual makes a personal decision based on<br />

a desire to improve his or her confidence <strong>and</strong> self-esteem<br />

by altering appearance through cosmetic procedures, it<br />

is likely that the person will be happier with the results,’<br />

Honigman <strong>and</strong> Castle state. ‘Those people having surgery<br />

to please others, <strong>and</strong> thereby attempt to change their lives<br />

as well, are more often dissatisfied with the results of the<br />

surgery, especially when the anticipated changes do not<br />

occur as they had wished.”<br />

Body Dysmorphic Disorder<br />

People suffering from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) are<br />

inherently unhappy with the way they look. Sufferers can be<br />

obsessed with either an aspect of their appearance, or their<br />

40 www.cosbeauty.com.au

nose<br />

body as a whole. This fixation can become so severe that<br />

they often think of nothing else <strong>and</strong> it compromises their<br />

ability to function.<br />

Body dysmorphic disorder is not rare <strong>and</strong> is frequently<br />

left undiagnosed. In the case of cosmetic surgery, BDD<br />

patients are unlikely to ever be satisfied. The result is either<br />

at odds with their expectations, or the patient will continue<br />

to return seeking more <strong>and</strong> more treatment.<br />

A pre-surgical assessment by the surgeon, including<br />

specific questions about appearance concerns, motivation<br />

for surgery <strong>and</strong> medical history is always necessary for<br />

the surgeon to underst<strong>and</strong> the patient’s psychological <strong>and</strong><br />

physical state <strong>and</strong> either prepare the person for surgery, or<br />

suggest an alternative approach.<br />

Prepare yourself physically<br />

During the consultation process, the surgeon will discuss<br />

with the patient in detail various factor to help shape realistic<br />

expectations going into surgery. These often include<br />

details of the chosen procedure, the type of anaesthesia<br />

to be used, the risks <strong>and</strong> limitations involved, any required<br />

medications, the patients expectations <strong>and</strong> goals, realistic<br />

outcomes, as well as the steps to take to physically prepare<br />

for the procedure.<br />

The consultation process is an important time for the<br />

patient to ask any questions they have about the procedure,<br />

the possible risks <strong>and</strong> complications <strong>and</strong> recovery <strong>and</strong><br />

post-operative care. The surgeon will evaluate the shape<br />

<strong>and</strong> structure of the patient’s anatomy pertaining to the<br />

treatment area to determine which surgical techniques are<br />

most suitable as well as what results can be realistically<br />

achieved. For face surgery, this includes examining<br />

the patient’s skin tone <strong>and</strong> elasticity <strong>and</strong> the extent of<br />

tissue ageing.<br />

In some cases, patients might be asked to undergo lab<br />

testing or a medical evaluation to establish exact health<br />

<strong>and</strong> fitness levels. The surgeon may advise the patient to<br />

adjust the medications they are taking, <strong>and</strong> discourage the<br />

use of any forms of aspirin, as well as some vitamins <strong>and</strong><br />

supplements, which can increase the risk of blood clotting.<br />

For those patients that smoke, you will need to stop<br />

smoking well in advance of the surgery, as smoking<br />

significantly increases surgical <strong>and</strong> anaesthetic<br />

complications <strong>and</strong> can impair healing post-operatively.<br />

As for the recovery period, there are many factors that<br />

can affect the length of recovery. Every person’s body has<br />

different tendencies toward healing, however carefully<br />

following the doctor’s advice can help to speed the process<br />

along. The nature of the recovery period will depend on the<br />

surgical technique <strong>and</strong> anaesthetic administered, <strong>and</strong> the<br />

type <strong>and</strong> extent of the surgery.<br />

The specific length of recovery is dependent on factors<br />

such as age, pre-operative activity level as well as the<br />

number <strong>and</strong> type of procedures that have been performed.<br />

However, most patients can usually return to everyday<br />

activities after between two <strong>and</strong> three weeks. Final results<br />

may not be evident until several months after surgery. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41

feature<br />

BREAST<br />


in 2015<br />

42 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />




Breast surgery is more customisable than ever before.<br />

Research spanning decades has helped formulate<br />

surgical <strong>and</strong> aesthetic techniques that have placed<br />

breast surgery at the forefront of today’s plastic <strong>and</strong><br />

reconstructive arena.<br />

The expertise garnered through years of investigation<br />

from leading aesthetic surgeons around the globe means<br />

breast surgery today offers more individualised results, with<br />

less scarring <strong>and</strong> reduced downtime following surgery.<br />

The implants used in breast augmentation have<br />

been improved <strong>and</strong> refi ned through both design <strong>and</strong><br />

manufacturing. Features to reduce the risk of capsular<br />

contracture <strong>and</strong> prevent implant rotation, gel diffusion <strong>and</strong><br />

implant rupture help achieve superior results with fewer<br />

incidences of complication.<br />

Surgical techniques have also changed. Different implant<br />

placement <strong>and</strong> incision sites afford breast augmentation<br />

patients more options in scar placement <strong>and</strong> aesthetic<br />

outcomes. Surgical advances in breast reduction have led<br />

to improved results, with less downtime. And a greater<br />

underst<strong>and</strong>ing of breast anatomy <strong>and</strong> aesthetics has made<br />

correcting deformities, such as tuberous breasts <strong>and</strong><br />

asymmetry, more effective than ever before.<br />

Breast surgery in 2015 encompasses a range of<br />

procedures to suit the functional <strong>and</strong> aesthetic concerns<br />

of most women. Here, we outline the most common<br />

procedures performed today <strong>and</strong> how the surgical<br />

approach can be tailored to meet each patient’s needs,<br />

concerns <strong>and</strong> expectations.<br />

Breast augmentation<br />

When considering implant shape, texture <strong>and</strong> size in<br />

breast augmentation, a decision is made with reference<br />

to a woman’s individual body type <strong>and</strong> aesthetic goals.<br />

During the consultation process, measurements are taken<br />

to determine the anatomical limitations <strong>and</strong> allowances of<br />

the breasts, chest <strong>and</strong> soft tissue, <strong>and</strong> patients are able<br />

to express their motivations, concerns <strong>and</strong> expectations<br />

going into surgery.<br />

The choice of projection is a very personal one. A woman<br />

who is happy with her shape <strong>and</strong> has suffi cient breast<br />

tissue may opt for a low-profi le implant that will simply<br />

increase the size of her breasts. Another patient may favour<br />

a high-profi le implant to reduce sag <strong>and</strong> generate cleavage.<br />

Ultimately, a thorough underst<strong>and</strong>ing of the implants,<br />

their shapes, fi lls <strong>and</strong> placement will help ensure a<br />

satisfactory outcome.<br />

Implant fill<br />

There are two types of implant fi lling: silicone gel <strong>and</strong> saline<br />

solution. Both are encased within an outer shell of silicone.<br />

Silicone gel implants are touted to have a more natural<br />

feel than their saline-fi lled counterparts, <strong>and</strong> the gel’s<br />

cohesive consistency helps retain implant shape following<br />

insertion. In comparison, saline-fi lled implants are fi rmer to<br />

touch, <strong>and</strong> have a greater chance of rippling after insertion.<br />

If implant rupture occurs with saline-fi lled implants,<br />

the saline solution will be absorbed into the body <strong>and</strong> the<br />

rupture will be immediately noticeable to the patient. When<br />

using silicone gel fi lled implants, rupture is less noticeable<br />

<strong>and</strong> can remain undetected for longer periods of time,<br />

which is cause for concern to some doctors <strong>and</strong> patients.<br />

Although the length of incision will depend on the size<br />

of the implant, there are slight differences between saline<br />

<strong>and</strong> silicone gel fi lled implants. Because silicone gel is<br />

manufactured into the implant before surgery, the incision<br />

sites must be slightly longer than those required for saline<br />

implants, which can be fi lled through valves once inside the<br />

breast pocket.<br />

Implant shape<br />

Implants come in round, teardrop (anatomical) <strong>and</strong> conical<br />

shapes. The round <strong>and</strong> teardrop options are the most<br />

popular in modern-day breast surgery.<br />

Round implants come in smooth <strong>and</strong> textured shells, <strong>and</strong><br />

will usually lend more upper pole fullness than anatomically<br />

shaped implants. When the patient is upright, a round<br />

implant can assume a defi ned, round shape or a teardroplike<br />

contour, depending on its fi ll.<br />

Anatomical (teardrop) implants have a fuller lower pole,<br />

<strong>and</strong> the shape more closely resembles that of the natural<br />

breast. Their design gives them greater projection in relation<br />

to the size of the base, making them particularly suitable<br />

for women with little breast tissue. A precise degree of<br />

accuracy is needed when positioning anatomical implants,<br />

because if they shift after surgery the shape of the breast<br />

may be noticeably distorted. To reduce this risk, anatomical<br />

implants will always have a textured surface to enable<br />

adherence to surrounding tissue.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43

feature<br />

Implant texture<br />

The surface of breast implants can either be smooth or<br />

textured. Smooth-shelled implants are acclaimed for their<br />

natural movement <strong>and</strong> feel, they are relatively easy to<br />

insert during surgery <strong>and</strong> have a thinner shell than textured<br />

implants. There is a downside to smooth implants, however:<br />

they have a greater chance of capsular contracture<br />

(hardening of the breast), which is a common reason for<br />

revision surgery.<br />

In comparison, textured implants – usually coated<br />

with polyurethane foam – exhibit greater adherence to<br />

surrounding tissue, meaning there is less friction between<br />

the implant <strong>and</strong> breast pocket. This reduces the change<br />

of capsular contracture <strong>and</strong> helps protect against implant<br />

movement following surgery.<br />

Implant placement<br />

Breast implants can be placed either above or below the<br />

pectoral muscle <strong>and</strong>, in some cases, a dual plane approach<br />

means the implant is partially placed in both fi elds.<br />

Subgl<strong>and</strong>ular placement is when the implant is positioned<br />

above the pectoral muscle, beneath the gl<strong>and</strong>ular breast<br />

tissue. This implant positioning is best suited to patients<br />

who have adequate existing breast tissue, as this tissue<br />

will cover the implant’s edges after insertion. Subgl<strong>and</strong>ular<br />

implant placement often causes a pronounced ‘roundness’<br />

to the breasts, <strong>and</strong> the implant moves relatively naturally in<br />

this position following surgery.<br />

In patients with less soft tissue in the breast area,<br />

implants placed underneath the pectoral muscle –<br />

called submuscular implant positioning – are often less<br />

conspicuous. This placement helps camoufl age the implant<br />

edges <strong>and</strong> can create a more natural-looking contour at the<br />

top of the breasts.<br />

In dual plane placement, the implant is placed partially<br />

beneath the pectoral muscle in the upper pole, while the<br />

lower half of the implant falls in the subgl<strong>and</strong>ular plane.<br />

This placement will camoufl age upper implant edges<br />

<strong>and</strong> provide full projection in the lower pole, suited to<br />

women with a high degree of sag or an accentuated<br />

breast fold. It will reduce the defi ned ‘roundness’ usually<br />

associated with subgl<strong>and</strong>ular implants <strong>and</strong> will offer a<br />

natural breast contour.<br />

The incision site<br />

The incision site will determine the visibility of scars <strong>and</strong> is<br />

generally decided based upon the personal preferences of<br />

the patient <strong>and</strong> surgeon. There are surgical advantages <strong>and</strong><br />

drawbacks for each site.<br />

The inframammary incision is the most common incision<br />

site for breast implant placement <strong>and</strong> it is made in the<br />

inframammary fold, or the crease under the breast.<br />

The periareolar incision is made on the border of the<br />

areolar – the area of darker skin surrounding the nipple.<br />

A transaxillary incision is made in the armpit fold, <strong>and</strong><br />

a channel is created to deliver the implant to the breast<br />

pocket. And, fi nally the transumbilical incision, which is not<br />

so commonly used, is made on the rim of the navel <strong>and</strong> an<br />

endoscope is used to tunnel to the breast.<br />

Breast lifting<br />

Mastopexy – commonly known as a breast lift – can<br />

help restore height, volume <strong>and</strong> shape to the breast.<br />

Breast implants may also be used in conjunction with this<br />

procedure to achieve the desired result.<br />

During breast lift surgery, excess skin is removed to lift <strong>and</strong><br />

reshape the breast, creating a more youthful contour. The<br />

appropriate technique <strong>and</strong> incision pattern is determined<br />

according to the size, shape <strong>and</strong> degree of sagging of the<br />

breast, as well as the position <strong>and</strong> size of the nipple. The<br />

nipple is lifted <strong>and</strong> reshaped to appear smaller, rounder<br />

<strong>and</strong> more in proportion with the new breast. The skin that<br />

surrounds the areola is brought together to contour <strong>and</strong><br />

reshape the breast.<br />

Breast reduction<br />

Breast reduction (or reduction mammoplasty) is a surgical<br />

procedure to remove excess breast <strong>and</strong> fatty tissue from the<br />

breast. It seeks to relieve symptoms caused by very large<br />

breasts, including back <strong>and</strong> neck pain, breast tenderness,<br />

shoulder grooving (from bra straps), intertrigo (rash<br />

between folds of skin) <strong>and</strong> overall discomfort participating<br />

in everyday activities.<br />

44 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Breast surgery today<br />

offers more individualised<br />

results, with less scarring<br />

<strong>and</strong> reduced downtime<br />

following surgery<br />

Areolar reshaping surgery is performed to<br />

address the size <strong>and</strong> shape of areolar, according to<br />

the patient’s concerns or in conjunction with other<br />

breast surgeries – for example the areolar might be resized<br />

to achieve a more aesthetic result in breast augmentation<br />

or reduction.<br />

In areolar reduction, some of the pigmented skin around<br />

the nipple is excised. This involves an incision around the<br />

perimeter of the areolar. Areolar augmentation is more<br />

diffi cult to achieve, however some enlargement of the areolar<br />

may occur as a result of breast augmentation surgery.<br />

Correcting breast deformities<br />

In most cases, breast reduction is performed through one<br />

vertical incision around the areolar <strong>and</strong> down to the breast<br />

crease. A portion of fat <strong>and</strong> excess tissue is then removed.<br />

The nipple <strong>and</strong> areolar are repositioned <strong>and</strong> the skin under<br />

the breast is resculpted. Breast reduction surgery results in<br />

smaller, more aesthetically shaped breasts, with improved<br />

support, lift <strong>and</strong> overall fullness.<br />

Nipple <strong>and</strong> areolar surgery<br />

Nipple surgery is a procedure growing fast in popularity,<br />

<strong>and</strong> can be performed to correct inverted nipples, reduce<br />

overly large nipples <strong>and</strong> address protruding or misshapen<br />

nipples. The procedure can be combined with other<br />

types of breast surgery to create a more aesthetically<br />

complete result.<br />

The nipple is made up of two parts – the actual nipple,<br />

which is the protruding part that holds the milk ducts, <strong>and</strong><br />

the areolar, which is the pigmented area surrounding the<br />

nipple. The areolar contracts to assist in nipple projection.<br />

In cases of inverted nipples – when the nipples either<br />

do not protrude from the breast or turn inwards under<br />

stimulation – nipple correction surgery can be performed<br />

to permanently protract the nipple. Women with inverted<br />

nipples are more likely to experience complications with<br />

breastfeeding <strong>and</strong>, in some cases, surgery can exacerbate<br />

this further.<br />

The actual nipples themselves can also be reduced<br />

in length <strong>and</strong> thickness. Tips of nipples can be surgically<br />

removed, <strong>and</strong> a wedge can be excised from the nipple to<br />

reduce its diameter.<br />

Tuberous breasts<br />

Tuberous breasts – also referred to as constricted breasts<br />

or ‘snoopy’ breasts – is a medical condition that causes the<br />

breasts to appear tight, button-like <strong>and</strong> widely spaced. The<br />

deformity is caused by stymied development <strong>and</strong> a high<br />

degree of fi brosis in the breast tissue.<br />

A common side effect of tuberous breasts is low volume<br />

– meaning breast augmentation is usually necessary to<br />

correct the deformity <strong>and</strong> achieve an aesthetic result.<br />

However, a particular surgical approach is required to<br />

navigate the high degree of fi brous tissue <strong>and</strong> balance the<br />

extent of the condition in different breast quadrants – the<br />

extent of fi brosis is often uneven between different sections<br />

of each breast.<br />

During surgery, the fi brous area is surgically released <strong>and</strong><br />

an artifi cial pocket is created to hold the implant. Because<br />

tuberous breasts are tighter <strong>and</strong> more fi brous, there is often<br />

not much capacity for achieving great volume in corrective<br />

augmentation.<br />

Breast asymmetry<br />

Most women have breast asymmetry to some degree.<br />

Breast asymmetry can consist of differences to the actual<br />

breast size, the position of the nipple areolar complex, the<br />

positing of the breast on the chest wall <strong>and</strong> the anatomy of<br />

the chest wall itself.<br />

Breast asymmetry can be addressed surgically in several<br />

ways. Volume discrepancies are typically corrected using<br />

different sized implants in breast augmentation patients,<br />

<strong>and</strong> one breast can be lifted, as well as augmented, to<br />

correct drooping asymmetry.<br />

In breast reduction surgery, more breast tissue can be<br />

excised from one breast compared to the other <strong>and</strong>, once<br />

again, differentiated lifting can be performed to return the<br />

breasts to a more symmetrical position.<br />

In cases of chest wall deformities, the surgeon will<br />

usually address the contour of the chest wall while at<br />

the same time exploring breast enhancement options.<br />

Nipple repositioning can also be effective in reducing the<br />

appearance of breast asymmetry. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 45

easts<br />

Breast<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><br />





Surgical procedures <strong>and</strong> implant types have become more<br />

advanced over the past decade. An experienced surgeon<br />

can effectively customise breast shape <strong>and</strong> size to match the<br />

requirements <strong>and</strong> expectations of breast surgery patients.<br />

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steven Liew says most women who<br />

are contemplating breast surgery women tend to be focussed only<br />

on their dream cup size. But helping patients decide on the perfect<br />

breast shape, says Dr Liew, is the single most important factor to<br />

ensuring the best results.<br />

‘Beautiful breasts come in many shapes <strong>and</strong> sizes. But years<br />

of experience have taught me almost all women seeking breast<br />

surgery have just three basic desires,’ he says. These desires are:<br />

• A breast size in proportion with their body, giving them symmetry<br />

<strong>and</strong> balance<br />

• Fullness <strong>and</strong> perkiness – especially in the upper part of the<br />

breasts<br />

• Cleavage.<br />

‘Once the degree of fullness on the top, side <strong>and</strong> base of the<br />

breasts is agreed upon, the cup size <strong>and</strong> implant size are easily<br />

determined,’ says Dr Liew. ‘It really boils down to a patient’s<br />

preferences.’<br />

Dr Liew says the age <strong>and</strong> personality of a patient also needs<br />

to be considered. Younger patients tend to request a little more<br />

fullness in the upper part of the breast. Women over 40 also want<br />

a fuller breast, but generally opt for a more conservative approach.<br />

‘Ultimately the best outcomes are almost always a combined<br />

effort between the patient’s desires <strong>and</strong> the surgical skills, artistry<br />

<strong>and</strong> aesthetic judgment of her surgeon,’ he says.<br />

The cases shown here demonstrate Dr Liew’s approach to<br />

creating beautiful breasts: the lower <strong>and</strong> upper part of the breasts<br />

shaped to the ideal proportions for each patient to create the perfect<br />

shape <strong>and</strong> fi t. csbm<br />

Actual patient of Dr Liew<br />

46 www.cosbeauty.com.au

easts<br />

Natural-looking breasts of different sizes, with a gentle slope from the chest<br />

to the nipple – almost a straight line – to fit the patients’ requirements<br />

1<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

2<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

3<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 47

easts<br />

Natural-looking breasts of different sizes with a gentle curve to the upper pole<br />

<strong>and</strong> a moderate degree of fullness to fit the patients’ requirements<br />

1<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

2<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

3<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

48 www.cosbeauty.com.au

easts<br />

Natural-looking breasts of different sizes with significant convex curve to the upper<br />

pole, the so-called ‘pushup bra’ look to fit the patients’ requirements<br />

1<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

2<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

3<br />

BEFORE AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Liew<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 49

easts<br />

Are you<br />

chasing<br />

a price<br />

point<br />

or an<br />

effective<br />

result?<br />

Breast augmentation<br />

is a popular<br />

procedure, but<br />

don’t let “discount”<br />

surgeries lull you<br />

into a false sense<br />

of security. Caitlin<br />

Bishop reports.<br />

50 www.cosbeauty.com.au

easts<br />

Dr John Flynn, a cosmetic doctor in practise on the Gold Coast in<br />

Queensl<strong>and</strong>, says the popularity of breast augmentation <strong>and</strong> the discount<br />

options emerging in today’s market have caused a surge in the uptake of<br />

breast implant augmentation. However, this rise may lull the patient into a false<br />

sense of security.<br />

‘Breast augmentation is an extremely common procedure – especially in<br />

younger women,’ he says. ‘My concern, however, is that breast augmentation<br />

is becoming so popular that there is a danger of trivialising the procedure <strong>and</strong><br />

overlooking the chances of complications <strong>and</strong> post-operative difficulties.’<br />

According to Dr Flynn, the same goes for surgery procedures performed<br />

overseas. ‘When surgery is performed in the same town as the surgeon, it’s easier<br />

to manage any complications,’ he explains. ‘When the surgeon is located some<br />

3,000km away, this becomes more difficult, particularly with the communication<br />

<strong>and</strong> interpretation issues that sometimes arise. When patients are chasing a<br />

price tag, they often don’t consider if the procedure is actually suitable for them,<br />

<strong>and</strong> the possibility of complications post-operation.’<br />

Certainly, some breast augmentation procedures can be straightforward,<br />

with minimal complications. However in those cases that call for a slightly more<br />

complicated surgical approach, or in revision breast augmentation procedures,<br />

the surgeon needs to have sufficient experience <strong>and</strong> expertise to account for the<br />

increased likelihood of a problem, according to Dr Flynn.<br />

‘Straightforward breast augmentations aside, other patients present with a<br />

very different situation,’ says Dr Flynn. ‘They might present with major differences<br />

between the breasts, or they may have tuberous or sagging breasts.’<br />

‘These patients call for a special type of surgical approach, <strong>and</strong> can’t be<br />

treated with the “one-size fit all” approach,’ he adds. ‘Experience <strong>and</strong> expertise<br />

is paramount to achieving the best results in these patients – not only to deal<br />

with the surgery but also to recognise the condition in consultation, <strong>and</strong> to tailor<br />

the surgery accordingly.’<br />

This awareness in consultation is particularly necessary in patients presenting<br />

with tuberous breasts. ‘Tuberous breasts affects the anatomy of the breasts <strong>and</strong><br />

warrants a different surgical approach in breast augmentation,’ Dr Flynn explains.<br />

‘In less severe cases, patients approach me seeking breast augmentation <strong>and</strong><br />

can be unaware that they even have the condition. A thorough consultation is<br />

necessary to diagnose the condition <strong>and</strong> establish the best surgical plan.’<br />

In primary breast augmentation, some common complications following<br />

surgery include capsular contracture <strong>and</strong> implant rupture or repositioning.<br />

‘Capsular contracture is one of the most common complications following breast<br />

augmentation surgery. It occurs when the breast tissue contracts around the<br />

implant <strong>and</strong> the breast often appears hard <strong>and</strong> distorted in shape,’ he explains.<br />

‘The type of surgery required to correct this is far more complicated than a<br />

primary augmentation procedure.’<br />

Dr Flynn has more than 30 years’ experience in aesthetic surgery. He has an<br />

extensive history of achieving successful results in both primary augmentations<br />

<strong>and</strong> secondary or revision procedures.<br />

‘I’m not talking about limiting competition. Competition is healthy – it means<br />

everyone has to work harder,’ he says. ‘Prices need to be competitive, but they<br />

also need to be realistic <strong>and</strong> not dictate the quality of care provided.’ csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 51

easts<br />

Tuberous breasts<br />

Tuberous breasts are caused by stymied development<br />

<strong>and</strong> a high degree of fibrous tissue in the breast. This<br />

means the natural breast is small <strong>and</strong> constricted with tight<br />

fibrous tissue.<br />

A common side effect of tuberous breasts is low volume,<br />

<strong>and</strong> for this reason an implant is needed to correct the<br />

condition. Dr Flynn creates an artificial pocket in the breast<br />

tissue, <strong>and</strong> selects the implant volume according to the<br />

patient’s existing tissue <strong>and</strong> wants.<br />

‘In order to insert an implant, the fibrous pocked needs<br />

to be opened <strong>and</strong> an artificial pocket in the breast tissue<br />

needs to be created,’ he explains. ‘A number of incisions<br />

are made on the outside of the fibrous bundle to create<br />

“pleats” <strong>and</strong> exp<strong>and</strong> the space.’<br />

In its most severe form, the tuberous abnormality is seen<br />

in all the quadrants of the breast but there can be different<br />

varieties of the condition. For example, constriction can<br />

occur only in the lower portion of the breast, while the top is<br />

fully developed. Similarly, there can be differences between<br />

the two breasts – one breast may be fully constricted, <strong>and</strong><br />

the other normally developed.<br />

‘The surgery is a balancing act, especially when there<br />

is unevenness between the breasts, or within one breast,’<br />

Dr Flynn explains. ‘For example, when the constriction is<br />

only in the lower segment, the surgeon must create an even<br />

balance between the upper <strong>and</strong> lower poles of the breasts.<br />

If the condition is different between both breasts, then it<br />

becomes about balancing the two.’<br />

breast<br />

surgery<br />

case<br />

studies<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER breast augmentation by Dr Flynn<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER tuberous breast augmentation by Dr Flynn<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER breast reduction by Dr Flynn<br />

52 www.cosbeauty.com.au

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Consistently in the top 5 most popular cosmetic procedures,<br />

we take a closer look at the intricate procedure that is rhinoplasty.<br />

Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, has long been one of<br />

the most frequently performed plastic surgery<br />

procedures. While some want their nose reshaped<br />

because they are unhappy with the nose they were born<br />

with, others become unhappy as ageing changes the<br />

appearance of their nose. For others, an injury may have<br />

bent or distorted the nose, or they may have grown tired of<br />

functional concerns. Whatever the complaint, one thing is<br />

clear: nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks<br />

than the size <strong>and</strong> shape of the nose.<br />

Because the nose is the most defining characteristic of<br />

the face, a slight alteration can greatly improve a person’s<br />

appearance. Similarly, a slight imperfection – caused by<br />

injury, ageing or genetics – can have an overwhelmingly<br />

negative impact on the rest the face. Fortunately, surgeons<br />

are equipped with a number of techniques that allow them<br />

to disguise imperfections <strong>and</strong> restore a nose that is not only<br />

beautiful, but in keeping with the rest of the face.<br />

The techniques used to augment or sculpt the nose differ<br />

depending on the desired outcome, the preference of the<br />

surgeon <strong>and</strong> the functional properties of the nose. Before<br />

the 1970s, the procedure was generally performed via the<br />

intranasal approach, referred to as ‘closed rhinoplasty’. In<br />

1973, however, Dr Wilfred S Goodman initiated a shift in<br />

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nose<br />

approach was further popularised <strong>and</strong> refined by Dr Jack<br />

Anderson, who wrote Open Rhinoplasty: An Assessment in<br />

1982. Although the technique was initially used for first-time<br />

rhinoplasty, towards the late 1980s the open technique<br />

started to become more prevalent in secondary, or revision<br />

rhinoplasty, encouraged by the work of Dr Jack P Gunter.<br />

During open rhinoplasty, an incision is made at the<br />

base of the columella – the tissue <strong>and</strong> skin that separate<br />

the nostrils at the base of the nose. The nasal skin is then<br />

carefully lifted back, allowing the surgeon to work on the<br />

cartilage <strong>and</strong> tissue inside the nose.<br />

Because the inner cartilage network <strong>and</strong> underlying<br />

structure of the nose is exposed, the surgeon has greater<br />

visibility than with closed rhinoplasty, <strong>and</strong> is able to work<br />

on the inner structure of the nose with more precision <strong>and</strong><br />

freedom. Open rhinoplasty is therefore often chosen for<br />

more complicated cases, where considerable work may be<br />

required in order to achieve the desired outcome.<br />

Because the nose is the most<br />

defining characteristic of the<br />

face, a slight alteration can result<br />

in a great improvement<br />

technique when he published the paper External Approach<br />

to Rhinoplasty, detailing what has become known as ‘open<br />

rhinoplasty’. Today, both open <strong>and</strong> closed techniques are<br />

widely used by surgeons, each having their own relative<br />

merits <strong>and</strong> disadvantages.<br />

Although the end-goal is often the same – either to<br />

build-up (augment) or reduce the size of the nose – the<br />

two techniques differ primarily in their access to the nasal<br />

structure. In open rhinoplasty, the surgeon will make a small<br />

incision between the nostrils, <strong>and</strong> go on to make a number<br />

of additional incisions inside the nose. Closed rhinoplasty,<br />

on the other h<strong>and</strong>, involves incisions made only to the<br />

interior of the nose.<br />

Rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes grew in popularity<br />

throughout the 20th Century <strong>and</strong>, consequently,<br />

techniques were continually evolving. However, it wasn’t<br />

until Dr Goodman’s paper in 1973 that open rhinoplasty<br />

as a technique became more readily available. This new<br />

The open technique, for example, can be helpful<br />

when performing cleft lip operations, or during revision<br />

rhinoplasty when an earlier procedure has left a nose<br />

pulled too high <strong>and</strong> structural grafts are required. In these<br />

scenarios, surgeons will tend to favour open rhinoplasty<br />

due to the extra visibility given by revealing the internal<br />

structure of the nose.<br />

The open technique also helps ensure the basic<br />

foundation of the nasal structure is kept strong, facilitating<br />

a natural-looking outcome. It also leads to a more stable<br />

shape post-surgery, helping to safeguard against collapse.<br />

Because an incision is made at the base of the columella,<br />

the open technique will leave a small scar on the underside<br />

of the nose. This will fade over time <strong>and</strong>, in most cases,<br />

become barely noticeable. The patient may also experience<br />

swelling, bruising <strong>and</strong> numbness for a more drawn out<br />

period of time than with the closed approach to rhinoplasty.<br />

Whereas the open technique may be used to tackle<br />

complex cases, closed rhinoplasty is generally used to<br />

address minor defects. The operation is much quicker,<br />

typically taking between one <strong>and</strong> two hours – around half<br />

the time taken to perform closed rhinoplasty <strong>and</strong> because<br />

all incisions are made inside the nostrils, the procedure<br />

does not result in visible scarring. Given this minimally<br />

invasive approach, healing <strong>and</strong> recovery time is also less,<br />

as are swelling, bruising <strong>and</strong> numbness of the nasal tip<br />

post-surgery.<br />

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nose<br />

Anatomy & Function<br />

There’s a good reason rhinoplasty is often referred to as<br />

the most intricate of facial surgeries. An intricate network<br />

of bones, cartilage, cells, blood vessels, nerves <strong>and</strong> skin,<br />

rhinoplasty needs to not only improve the appearance of<br />

the nose, but also maintain or improve upon its function.<br />

Different parts work together to filter the air that then enters<br />

the lungs, <strong>and</strong> to send messages to the brain to enable the<br />

sense of smell.<br />

The nose can be divided into two main parts – the<br />

external <strong>and</strong> the cavity. A ‘wall’ called the nasal septum<br />

divides these sections vertically.<br />

‘External’ refers to the actual structure of the nose,<br />

comprising bone, cartilage <strong>and</strong> tissue. At the very top<br />

of the nose, two nasal bones link the nose to the frontal<br />

bone of the forehead. These bones form the ‘bridge’ of the<br />

nose, or dorsum. The lower part of the external structure is<br />

made up of cartilage <strong>and</strong> tissue, which give shape to the<br />

nose. The nasal bones give way to septal cartilage, which<br />

forms the dividing wall of the nose. Further down, major alar<br />

cartilage runs from the tip to either side of the nose, forming<br />

the nostrils.<br />

The internal structure of the nose centres around the<br />

nasal cavity, which can be thought of as a tunnel with an<br />

opening on the face <strong>and</strong> an opening at the top of the throat.<br />

The nasal septum divides the cavity vertically. The upper<br />

part of the nasal cavity is lined by the olfactory epithelium,<br />

which contains receptor cells that detect odours <strong>and</strong> enable<br />

the sense of smell.<br />

Three small bones called turbinates protrude into the<br />

nasal cavity on either side, which help to maintain the<br />

temperature, humidification <strong>and</strong> filtration of the air as it<br />

passes through the nostrils. The lungs need to be supplied<br />

with air that is around 35 degrees centigrade <strong>and</strong> 95 percent<br />

humidity, <strong>and</strong> therefore the nose is structured to not only<br />

receive the air but also to warm <strong>and</strong> filter it prior to entering<br />

the lungs.<br />

Often, the type of surgery selected will come down to<br />

the preference of the surgeon. Where some prefer open<br />

surgery because it unveils the underlying structure of the<br />

nose, others prefer the closed approach because it offers<br />

better ability to judge the final shape <strong>and</strong> contour of the<br />

nose. This is because there are no external incisions<br />

compromising the appearance of the nose.<br />

The closed technique offers surgeons considerable<br />

freedom to reshape the nose. Bone <strong>and</strong> cartilage can both<br />

be removed using this technique or in some cases taken<br />

from other parts of the body <strong>and</strong> used to better shape <strong>and</strong><br />

support the nose.<br />

However, despite offering plenty of scope to address<br />

minor modifications, the main disadvantage of the closed<br />

technique is its limited use. Although suitable for reshaping<br />

the contours of the nose, complex cases cannot be tackled<br />

as effectively with closed rhinoplasty.<br />

Relatively recently, non-surgical techniques have also<br />

been adopted in order to correct minor irregularities in the<br />

nose, allowing suitable c<strong>and</strong>idates to alter their appearance<br />

without having to undergo surgery.<br />

Already known for their ability to ease the appearance<br />

of wrinkles, fillers are increasingly being used to refine facial<br />

contours. Indeed, nasal irregularities can be corrected<br />

using either temporary or long-lasting dermal fillers, allowing<br />

suitable patients to alter their appearance without the need<br />

for surgery.<br />

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can correct minor external<br />

nasal deformities, depressions, asymmetries, collapsed<br />

nasal bridges <strong>and</strong> saddle noses. It can also be an effective<br />

technique for making corrections post-surgery where the<br />

results of earlier rhinoplasty have been unsatisfactory.<br />

A relatively quick procedure, non-surgical rhinoplasty<br />

requires no anaesthesia <strong>and</strong> involves minimal downtime.<br />

Most fillers will leave residual redness <strong>and</strong> slight tenderness<br />

for up to a few days <strong>and</strong> patients can expect slight swelling<br />

<strong>and</strong> bruising.he results are immediately evident <strong>and</strong> can last<br />

up to a year in some patients.<br />

Recently, non-surgical<br />

techniques have been adopted<br />

in order to help correct minor<br />

irregularities in the nose<br />

Sometimes, surgeons are called on to address<br />

complications from earlier rhinoplasty procedures.<br />

Considered one of the most difficult forms of cosmetic<br />

surgery to perform, revision rhinoplasty, or ‘secondary’<br />

rhinoplasty, involves the correction of previous cosmetic<br />

procedures.<br />

Despite the best efforts of any skilled surgeon, revision<br />

rhinoplasty is necessary in five to 12 per cent of rhinoplasty<br />

cases. Whilst some may require only minor adjustments,<br />

others may need major modification, <strong>and</strong> may be a result of<br />

too much or too little bone, cartilage or tissue having been<br />

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nose<br />

Both the nostrils <strong>and</strong> the nasal cavity are lined with<br />

mucous membranes <strong>and</strong> small hairs called cilia. Together<br />

with the mucous produced by the membranes, the cilia<br />

fi lter the air <strong>and</strong> prevent the entry of dust, germs <strong>and</strong> other<br />

unwanted particles into the respiratory system. Should<br />

something become stuck in the nose, a sneeze is triggered<br />

to clear it out. The mucous also helps moisten the air, <strong>and</strong><br />

blood capillaries located beneath the mucous membrane<br />

help to warm it before it reaches the lungs.<br />

Paranasal sinuses, located behind the bones above <strong>and</strong><br />

behind the eyes <strong>and</strong> behind the ethmoids, assist with air<br />

fi ltration by producing mucous. Hollow air cavities lined with<br />

mucous membranes, sinuses help warm <strong>and</strong> humidify the<br />

air that passes through the nasal cavity, while also improving<br />

vocal resonance.<br />

removed, resulting in a nose that is too large or too small<br />

for their face.<br />

The techniques adopted for secondary rhinoplasty will<br />

vary from one patient to the next <strong>and</strong> according to the<br />

issues that need to be corrected. Implants or grafts may be<br />

needed to fi ll in dips <strong>and</strong> smooth the contours of the nose,<br />

or breathing diffi culties caused by the initial rhinoplasty may<br />

need to be addressed.<br />

Because the procedure takes place after an original<br />

surgery, the presence of scar tissue makes secondary<br />

rhinoplasty diffi cult. Because of this, it is usually recommended<br />

that patients requiring revision rhinoplasty wait at least one<br />

year from the date of their last nasal operation.<br />

Ultimately, the technique used for any rhinoplasty<br />

surgery will come down to the goals <strong>and</strong> desired results of<br />

the patient, as well as the surgeon’s personal preference.<br />

However, with so many variables, the most suitable<br />

approach to each individual’s rhinoplasty should only be<br />

decided after careful <strong>and</strong> detailed discussion between the<br />

patient <strong>and</strong> surgeon.<br />

No matter which technique is adopted, there’s no<br />

doubt a well performed rhinoplasty can result in siginifi cant<br />

changes to not only the appearance of the nose, but to the<br />

face as a whole. csbm<br />

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nose<br />

Look better in<br />

luxury<br />

Sydney ENT <strong>and</strong> facial cosmetic surgeon Dr William Mooney<br />

offers patients several surgical <strong>and</strong> non-surgical options in facial<br />

rejuvenation. Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most<br />

popular cosmetic procedures – sought out to reduce,<br />

augment, narrow, widen, straighten or reshape the<br />

nose – but it is also one of the most complex. Because the<br />

nose acts as an anchor to the face, any adjustment to the<br />

length, width or symmetry of the nose can have a major<br />

impact upon the overall facial aesthetic.<br />

Sydney ENT <strong>and</strong> facial cosmetic surgeon Dr William<br />

Mooney explains rhinoplasty combines the central pillars of<br />

cosmetic surgery: art <strong>and</strong> science.<br />

‘The nose is a vital, complicated organ; it’s a gateway to<br />

the upper respiratory tract, the egress to the nasal sinuses<br />

<strong>and</strong>, unfortunately, there are a lot of problems that can<br />

affect its functioning,’ he says. ‘When patients come to me<br />

because they’re unhappy with the shape of their nose, we<br />

also address the underlying functional problems. They often<br />

leave happier with their new improved nasal airways than<br />

their appearance.’<br />

Rhinoplasty addresses both the aesthetics <strong>and</strong><br />

functionality of the nose. Dr Mooney favours the “open”<br />

surgical technique, which involves a small incision between<br />

the nostrils to afford maximum surgical access.<br />

Certain functional problems can also contribute to an<br />

aged or tired appearance. For this reason, Dr Mooney<br />

explains the aesthetic benefits of rhinoplasty are often<br />

double-fold.<br />

‘Problems such as difficulty breathing, allergies,<br />

snoring <strong>and</strong> sleep apnea – not to mention post-traumatic<br />

obstructions – often occur alongside cosmetic concerns,’<br />

he explains. ‘Although these might seem like little things on<br />

their own, when combined they can really impinge upon<br />

quality of life. For example, if you don’t breathe properly,<br />

particularly at night, this can lead to a tired <strong>and</strong> drawn<br />

appearance, <strong>and</strong> also affect your mood.’<br />

For those patients concerned with ageing, Dr Mooney<br />

says nose surgery can often help revitalise a heavy, aged or<br />

tired appearance.<br />

‘As we age, noses become bigger <strong>and</strong> more irregular,’<br />

he explains. ‘Deviations in noses are like the leaning tower of<br />

Pisa – they often progress as time goes by. As well as this,<br />

the skin becomes thinner during ageing so any irregularities<br />

become more pronounced.’<br />

According to Dr Mooney, nose surgery is just one<br />

element in improving quality of life <strong>and</strong> overall health.<br />

He encourages patients to make some easy lifestyle<br />

adjustments to improve the results of surgery, <strong>and</strong><br />

commonly prescribes a simple skincare regime to optimise<br />

universal results. csbm<br />

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feature nose<br />

Face Plus Medispa<br />

Face Plus Medispa by Dr Mooney offers a bespoke selection of the latest antiageing,<br />

skincare <strong>and</strong> facial aesthetic treatments.<br />

‘Whether it’s good quality skincare, laser skin resurfacing, injectables or<br />

medical-grade facials, my philosophy in achieving the best possible results<br />

involves what I refer to as “the layer cake” approach. In my experience, smaller,<br />

incremental changes that target different layers of the skin yield the most<br />

satisfying <strong>and</strong> natural-looking results,’ says Dr Mooney.<br />

‘Subtlety is the key. ‘Natural” is always going to be more attractive than<br />

looking artificial or “too done”,’ he continues. ‘By addressing the skin in layers,<br />

much like the cake metaphor, we can correct areas of concern <strong>and</strong> get the skin<br />

looking <strong>and</strong> functioning its best – for many years to come.’<br />

At Face Plus, Dr Mooney <strong>and</strong> his team of qualified nurses <strong>and</strong> aestheticians<br />

tailor an innovative treatment menu according to each client’s needs. ‘We offer a<br />

free skin assessment, whereby we discuss the current state of the patient’s skin,<br />

their areas of concern, the aesthetic treatments most appropriate for them, as<br />

well as their lifestyle habits,’ he explains.<br />

‘Importantly, not everything has to be done at once; patients can pick <strong>and</strong><br />

choose from their customised menu what treatments or skincare products they<br />

wish to use according to their wishes <strong>and</strong> budgets. We draw up a longer term<br />

treatment <strong>and</strong> skincare plan for them – what’s right for them in their 20s <strong>and</strong> 30s<br />

won’t necessarily be as effective in their 40s <strong>and</strong> 50s.’<br />

Some of the treatments on offer at Face Plus Medispa include:<br />

Laser rejuvenation<br />

This non-ablative laser treatment is<br />

used to reduce the appearance of fine<br />

lines, enhance the complexion <strong>and</strong><br />

ward off the visible signs of ageing.<br />

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)<br />

treatments<br />

Reduce the appearance of sun spots,<br />

pigmentation <strong>and</strong> melasma with this<br />

non-invasive light treatment.<br />

LED therapy<br />

LED therapy kickstarts your skin’s<br />

natural cellular processes to reduce<br />

pore size, improve skin health, remove<br />

bacteria <strong>and</strong> promote healing.<br />

Anti-ageing facials<br />

A selection of bespoke luxury facial<br />

treatments is available at Face<br />

Plus Medispa. These are ideal for<br />

promoting vitality, restoring elasticity<br />

<strong>and</strong> reinforcing skin structure.<br />

Facial peels<br />

Face Plus Medispa offers a selection<br />

of facial peels for various anti-ageing<br />

<strong>and</strong> rejuvenating concerns, including<br />

chemical peels, enzyme peels <strong>and</strong><br />

herbal peels.<br />

Factor 4<br />

This autologous anti-ageing serum<br />

contains a high concentration of<br />

growth factors from the patient’s own<br />

blood plasma. When injected, it helps<br />

stimulate collagen production <strong>and</strong><br />

increase skin elasticity.<br />

rocess.<br />

Injectables<br />

Dr Mooney <strong>and</strong> the aesthetic team at<br />

Face Plus Medispa use anti-wrinkle<br />

injections <strong>and</strong> dermal fillers to address<br />

a wide range of aesthetic concerns.<br />

From enhancing the lips <strong>and</strong> chin, to<br />

performing an entire “liquid facelift”,<br />

there are several options for nonsurgical<br />

facial rejuvenation.<br />

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face<br />

delaying<br />

surgery<br />

Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Buddy Beaini uses several minimally<br />

invasive procedures to help reverse the signs of ageing in cosmetic<br />

patients. Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

Minimally invasive procedures are the fastest growing<br />

sector of the cosmetic arena, <strong>and</strong> for good reason.<br />

From minor surgeries to non-surgical face lifting,<br />

there are several options for facial rejuvenation that don’t<br />

involve the downtime associated with surgery.<br />

Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Buddy Beaini says<br />

minimally invasive options can help reverse the outward<br />

signs of ageing <strong>and</strong> delay surgery. ‘When selected<br />

appropriately <strong>and</strong> used in combination, minimally invasive<br />

procedures can make a patient look five to 10 years<br />

younger,’ he says.<br />

Dr Beaini offers a range of light therapies, thread lifting<br />

procedures <strong>and</strong> injectable treatments at his MD Cosmedical<br />

Solutions clinics in Sydney’s CBD <strong>and</strong> Wahroonga, <strong>and</strong><br />

Barton in Canberra. The combination of these modalities<br />

delivers an individualised approach to effectively address<br />

each patients’ needs <strong>and</strong> concerns. ‘With the advanced<br />

technology <strong>and</strong> techniques we have access to today, facial<br />

rejuvenation has developed dramatically, giving patients the<br />

options to look <strong>and</strong> feel younger without the need for major<br />

surgery. In particular, thread lifting, blepharoplasty <strong>and</strong> bat<br />

ear correction (otoplasty) are minimally invasive procedures<br />

that can achieve significant results,’ Dr Beaini explains.<br />

‘During consultation, I ask my patients to describe their<br />

main concerns <strong>and</strong> I will discuss with them a number of<br />

relevant treatment options, including the advantages,<br />

disadvantages, success rates, downtime <strong>and</strong> budget<br />

involved,’ he adds. ‘For those patients who are less specific,<br />

<strong>and</strong> are hoping to look younger, fresher, rejuvenated or<br />

“happier”, I make an assessment of how we can improve<br />

the patient’s overall image <strong>and</strong> appearance.’<br />

Thread lifting<br />

Thread lifting is suitable for those patients hoping to reverse<br />

the descent of facial soft tissue associated with ageing, or<br />

even to delay the need for a surgical facelift. It is a minimally<br />

invasive procedure used to lift the brow, face <strong>and</strong> neck,<br />

as well as reposition the cheeks, reduce the jowls <strong>and</strong><br />

enhance the lips.<br />

The procedure involves inserting dissolvable threads<br />

into the skin’s dermis. This triggers the production of<br />

new connective fibres <strong>and</strong> acts as a support structure,<br />

lifting <strong>and</strong> bolstering the tissue for an anti-ageing <strong>and</strong><br />

rejuvenating effect.<br />

‘I have been performing mini-facelifts <strong>and</strong> neck lifts<br />

with threads over the past two years <strong>and</strong> we have seen<br />

exceptional face lifting <strong>and</strong> rejuvenation results in more than<br />

95 percent of our patients,’ says Dr Beaini. ‘Thread lifting is<br />

commonly used to address mid-face drooping, deep cheek<br />

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face<br />

Vaginal rejuvenation<br />

Dr Beaini is now offering a new non-surgical<br />

treatment for vaginal <strong>and</strong> bladder rejuvenation. The<br />

Aphrodite gynaecology treatment use laser energy<br />

to help improve gynaecological health, boost sexual<br />

satisfaction <strong>and</strong> relieve stress incontinence.<br />

Women experiencing vaginal dysfunction – in the<br />

way of dryness or discomfort during intercourse,<br />

leaking of the bladder when sneezing, coughing or<br />

laughing, or persistent irritation <strong>and</strong> inflammation<br />

– often put the symptoms down to the inevitable<br />

effects of ageing. Now, with advancements in laser<br />

technology, the Aphrodite treatments can deliver a<br />

non-surgical method for rejuvenating the surrounding<br />

muscles <strong>and</strong> improving vaginal <strong>and</strong> bladder function.<br />

wrinkles, deep nasolabial lines, excessive jowling <strong>and</strong> neck<br />

laxity. Other concerns include brow droop, facial asymmetry<br />

<strong>and</strong> loss of cheek positioning.’<br />

Eyelid hooding surgery<br />

‘When we look at an individual’s face, our attention first<br />

focuses on the eyes, <strong>and</strong> any abnormality or asymmetry,’<br />

Dr Beaini explains. For this reason, blepharoplasty – or<br />

eyelid hooding surgery – can achieve significant results in<br />

rejuvenating the entire face.<br />

The procedure involves excising excess fat <strong>and</strong> skin from<br />

the upper <strong>and</strong>/or lower eyelids to open the eyes for a fresher,<br />

more alert appearance. The day surgery is performed under<br />

local anaesthesia, <strong>and</strong> can be used in conjunction with<br />

other treatments such as brow thread lifting, non-invasive<br />

skin tightening <strong>and</strong> laser skin rejuvenation.<br />

Bat ear correction<br />

Dr Beaini offers a permanent non-surgical treatment to<br />

correct <strong>and</strong> reshape protruding ears (bat ear correction).<br />

He performs the procedure with a mild sedative <strong>and</strong> local<br />

anaesthesia; no hospitalisation, general anaesthetic or<br />

surgical incisions are required.<br />

‘Any abnormality <strong>and</strong> asymmetry in facial appearance will<br />

attract attention, which is particularly relevant to individuals<br />

with bat ears,’ he says. ‘These patients were born with this<br />

problem <strong>and</strong>, in most cases, are burdened with underlying<br />

emotional issues relating to the appearance of their ears.<br />

The joy <strong>and</strong> relief they experience once their ears are<br />

corrected makes this treatment extremely desirable.’ csbm<br />

Improving form & function<br />

As a woman’s body experiences childbirth or as<br />

a result of natural ageing, the tissue surrounding<br />

the vagina can become weakened, resulting in a<br />

condition known as vaginal relaxation. This can be<br />

uncomfortable, <strong>and</strong> might lead to deterioration of the<br />

functionality of the vagina <strong>and</strong> decrease in sensations<br />

leading to sexual difficulties or dissatisfaction.<br />

One such condition is vaginal atrophy, which is<br />

accompanied by a set of aggravating symptoms that<br />

tend to worsen over time. Symptoms include vaginal<br />

dryness, burning sensation, vaginal discharge, genital<br />

itching, burning with urination, <strong>and</strong> decreased vaginal<br />

lubrication during sexual activity. Aphrodite laser<br />

vaginal rejuvenation results in a tighter, more elastic<br />

<strong>and</strong> rejuvenated vagina, as well as enhancing the<br />

aesthetic appearance of the vaginal area.<br />

Bladder restoration<br />

Stress urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of<br />

urine caused by the weakened tissues supporting the<br />

urethra as a result of childbirth or the normal ageing<br />

process. It is a common <strong>and</strong> embarrassing problem<br />

for many women.<br />

Aphrodite laser vaginal rejuvenation strengthens<br />

the tissues supporting the bottom wall of the urethra.<br />

The non-surgical laser treatment is a hallmark<br />

procedure in the newly established field of<br />

cosmetogynaecology, offering a convenient walkin,<br />

walk-out treatment that rejuvenates the vaginal<br />

tissues with minimal discomfort <strong>and</strong> downtime.<br />

Dr Buddy Beaini <strong>and</strong> his team of medical<br />

practitioners will be able to advise whether Aphrodite<br />

is a solution for you.<br />

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teeth<br />

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snapshot<br />

cosmetic &<br />

reconstructive<br />

dentist<br />

Integrating<br />

dentistry<br />

<strong>and</strong> oral<br />

medicine<br />

According to Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian,<br />

preserving the smile <strong>and</strong><br />

maintaining the patient’s existing<br />

teeth just might hold wider<br />

benefits for overall health. In<br />

fact, Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian explains<br />

tooth health has been linked to<br />

cognitive function.<br />

‘We are living longer than ever<br />

before, <strong>and</strong> dental health has<br />

never been so important,’ he<br />

says. ‘Where there is missing<br />

teeth, especially in edentulous<br />

patients, studies show the brain,<br />

which is neuroplastic, can adapt<br />

to feedback from dental implant<br />

integration within the patient’s<br />

neurophysiology.’<br />

home to sydney aesthetic <strong>and</strong> reconstructive<br />

dentists Dr Sarkis Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian, Designer<br />

smiles in CREMORNE has a new address <strong>and</strong> a<br />

revamped look. Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

According to Sydney aesthetic reconstructive dentist Dr Sarkis Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian,<br />

a dental practice should be an environment that breeds creativity <strong>and</strong><br />

encourages the highest st<strong>and</strong>ards of performance in the surgeon, while<br />

also being comfortable <strong>and</strong> relaxing for the patient. ‘It needs to be a place where<br />

the patient can make the best decisions for themselves <strong>and</strong> their future,’ Dr<br />

Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian explains.<br />

He has created exactly this environment in his new, state-of-the art clinic<br />

in Cremorne, Sydney. ‘The new clinic has been designed <strong>and</strong> built for the<br />

convenience of all our patients,’ Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian explains. ‘Considerable time,<br />

planning <strong>and</strong> effort means we can deliver the best treatments, in a relaxing<br />

setting, using the latest diagnostic technology, personalised treatment rooms<br />

<strong>and</strong> an in-house dental laboratory.’<br />

‘The clinic caters to new <strong>and</strong> existing Designer Smile patients, <strong>and</strong> incorporates<br />

specially built accommodation for our overseas clients.’<br />

Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian has extensive experience in dental practice. He performs both<br />

implant <strong>and</strong> reconstructive procedures regularly, but believes the most important<br />

goal of dentistry should be to preserve the patient’s existing anatomy.<br />

‘The longevity of actual teeth bypass immensely the longevity of dental<br />

implants,’ Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian explains. ‘Although I will place implants after careful<br />

assessment of all options, the preservation of biology is of upmost importance<br />

in my practice. In suitable cases, I will opt for procedures that require minimal<br />

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feature teeth<br />

intervention to patients’ existing dental anatomy. This helps maintain the teeth<br />

<strong>and</strong> longevity of the smile.’<br />

An extensive consultation process is key in developing the most suitable<br />

treatment plan for each individual patient. Whether the procedure is aesthetic<br />

or reconstructive, Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian explores several potential solutions to suit the<br />

patient’s individual concerns <strong>and</strong> preferences.<br />

‘It is important that the patient is well informed <strong>and</strong> educated when deciding<br />

to undergo any form of treatment,’ Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian explains. ‘Some patients come<br />

to me believing invasive intervention is the only possibility, however I help them<br />

underst<strong>and</strong> that there may be an alternative approach, involving less downtime<br />

<strong>and</strong> minimal disruption to their existing biology.’<br />

As well as offering reconstructive <strong>and</strong> implant surgeries in his practice, Dr<br />

Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian also offers a service he calles the One-Visit Dental Facelift. This<br />

specifically focuses on the speech area <strong>and</strong> aesthetic zone of the mouth. It calls<br />

upon either ultra-thin porcelain veneers or composite veneers, which require<br />

no injections, no drilling <strong>and</strong> no downtime. Both these procedures have been<br />

developed <strong>and</strong> optimised at Designer Smiles, <strong>and</strong> are a solution for minimal<br />

intervention in smile rejuvenation, suitable for patients of all ages. Importantly,<br />

they also afford flexible options for future revision, as Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian explains.<br />

‘There are many ways we can use non-invasive methods to improve a<br />

patient’s smile, restoring their confidence <strong>and</strong> allowing them to continue with their<br />

lives after just one visit,’ Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian explains. ‘‘The beauty of using composite<br />

veneers is that we can improve the patient’s smile while still keeping their options<br />

open for future orthodontic realignment,’<br />

‘I preserve <strong>and</strong> enhance the patient’s smile wherever I can. My aim is to help<br />

my patients keep their smile for life,’ Dr Nalb<strong>and</strong>ian concludes. csbm<br />

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feature<br />

SKIN<br />

SOS<br />









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feature<br />

It’s easy to tell when your skin sends out an SOS. Your<br />

once-clear complexion may have erupted in a seemingly<br />

unstoppable outbreak of acne, it may appear red <strong>and</strong><br />

flushed, or dry <strong>and</strong> cracked. Too long spent in the sun may<br />

have fast tracked your path to fine lines <strong>and</strong> wrinkles, <strong>and</strong><br />

pigmentation may be starting to rear its head. Here, we<br />

get to know some of the most common skin concerns,<br />

investigating the causes, symptoms <strong>and</strong> cures.<br />

Ais for Acne<br />

Thought to affect up to 80 percent of girls aged<br />

15 to 16 <strong>and</strong> 95 percent of boys aged 17 to<br />

18, acne vulgaris is the bacterial infection of the<br />

pilosebaceous unit, or the hair follicle <strong>and</strong> its<br />

adjacent sebaceous gl<strong>and</strong>s. And its not just adolescents<br />

who are affected by the dreaded outbreaks; it affects adults<br />

too, with women far more likely than men to continue to<br />

suffer acne into adulthood.<br />

Acne develops within the skin’s pores. Fine hairs grow<br />

through these pores, alongside sebaceous gl<strong>and</strong>s that<br />

produce oil to lubricate the hair <strong>and</strong> protect the skin. In<br />

response to a number of factors, most predominantly the<br />

rise of testosterone levels in both males <strong>and</strong> females during<br />

puberty, these sebaceous gl<strong>and</strong>s can begin to secrete<br />

excessive oil, termed sebum. This oil, combined with a<br />

build up of dead skin cells, can plug the pore, creating an<br />

optimum breeding ground for bacteria. As hypercolonisation<br />

of bacteria occurs, so too does the formation of a pusstrapped,<br />

inflamed pimple. Blackheads, whiteheads,<br />

pustules <strong>and</strong> cysts are all forms of acne <strong>and</strong> can ultimately<br />

lead to scarring, not to mention affecting self-confidence.<br />

From toothpaste cleansers to oatmeal paste masks, it<br />

seems every remedy type has been tried <strong>and</strong> tested in a bid<br />

to clear the spots of acne. Mild acne can usually be treated<br />

with regular skin cleansing, topical moisturisers <strong>and</strong> dietary<br />

adjustments. Moisturisers rich in active ingredients will<br />

strengthen the skin’s protective oil/water layer <strong>and</strong> improve<br />

the integrity of its structure, making it more resistant to<br />

infection <strong>and</strong> more efficient in shedding dead skin cells.<br />

In more severe cases, medical grade treatment is often<br />

required. Prescription ointments can reduce levels of the<br />

Propionibacterium acne, the bacteria responsible for<br />

most acne infections, while antibiotics can fight the same<br />

bacteria or reduce testosterone hormone levels in the<br />

body. However, these treatments dehydrate the skin <strong>and</strong><br />

can cause redness, irritation <strong>and</strong> sensitivity to sunlight.<br />

Laser therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion <strong>and</strong><br />

light induction therapy can also be effective in reducing the<br />

appearance of acne <strong>and</strong> acne scarring.<br />

Dis for dehydration<br />

As much as 60 percent of the body<br />

is comprised of water <strong>and</strong>, with the<br />

skin its largest organ, it makes sense<br />

you need to keep your skin hydrated.<br />

Tired, aged, wrinkled <strong>and</strong> pimpled skin are all signs<br />

of dermal dehydration, where enzyme activity is<br />

impaired <strong>and</strong> skin health has deteriorated. Quite<br />

simply, to regain <strong>and</strong> retain hydration, the skin’s oil<br />

barrier, known as the acid mantle, must be restored.<br />

The acid mantle – the outermost layer of the<br />

epidermis – is secreted by the sebaceous gl<strong>and</strong>s<br />

to keep water <strong>and</strong> nutrients circulating between<br />

skin cells in the epidermis, preventing water loss<br />

<strong>and</strong> protecting against pathogens. When the acid<br />

mantle is depleted, ‘transepidermal water loss’<br />

occurs <strong>and</strong> enzyme activity, which is dependent on<br />

water <strong>and</strong> responsible for the correct functioning of<br />

skin cells, is compromised.<br />

Water intake, humidity, lymphatics <strong>and</strong> essential<br />

fatty acids can influence dehydration <strong>and</strong> enzyme<br />

activity. Increasing the amount of water consumed,<br />

upping your exercise regime <strong>and</strong> supplementing<br />

your diet with omega oils can boost the amount of<br />

water reaching the epidermis through the dermalepidermal<br />

junction <strong>and</strong> maintain hydration within the<br />

skin. These changes, complemented with a diligent<br />

skincare regime, can restore enzyme activity <strong>and</strong><br />

reduce the premature signs of ageing associated<br />

with dehydration. A home-care range for dry skin<br />

should incorporate hyaluronic acid to attract water,<br />

antioxidants to regenerate <strong>and</strong> repair, <strong>and</strong> vitamin A<br />

to stimulate the dermis <strong>and</strong> normalise cell function.<br />

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feature<br />


A form of dermatitis, eczema is the infl ammation of the skin’s outer<br />

layer, resulting in rashes that can exhibit dryness, redness, swelling,<br />

crusting <strong>and</strong> fl aking. These symptoms can cause itchiness, oozing<br />

infection <strong>and</strong> bleeding, which sometimes leads to scarring.<br />

With no known cause, some researchers speculate limited exposure to<br />

environmental pathogens as a child can lead to a heightened susceptibility<br />

to eczema. Authors of a 2005 study into the so-called hygiene hypothesis<br />

Flohr, Pascoe <strong>and</strong> Williams urge caution in prescribing antibiotics to children,<br />

particularly those with a family history of atopic dermatitis, or eczema. Others<br />

speculate eczema may be triggered by an allergic reaction after exposure to<br />

proteins in meat or vegetables, whilst some researchers speculate eczema<br />

may be linked to dust mites <strong>and</strong> celiac disease.<br />

With no single causal factor, eczema cannot be ‘cured’ but the skin<br />

irritations can be managed. Once again an array of home remedies have been<br />

put forward to reduce infl ammation, <strong>and</strong> certainly modifying your diet <strong>and</strong><br />

exposure to certain irritants can go lengths in achieving relief from eczema<br />

symptoms.<br />

A study by Hoare, Li Wan Po <strong>and</strong> Williams found the use of<br />

immunosuppressant medication, corticosteroid creams (using chemicals<br />

that resemble steroid hormones produced in the body) <strong>and</strong> ultraviolet light<br />

therapy were most effective in eczema treatment.<br />


If you indulge in sugary delights, you’re<br />

probably fully aware of the havoc it will reap on<br />

your hips <strong>and</strong> waistline, yet as sugar bombards<br />

your system your skin can suffer too. Glycation<br />

presents itself as aged skin, leading to cross-hatched<br />

wrinkles on the chin <strong>and</strong> around the eyes. It is caused by the<br />

bonding of sugar molecules onto protein or lipid molecules<br />

without the controlling action of an enzyme. The end result<br />

is an abundance of ‘advanced glycation end products’, or<br />

AGEs, which stiffen <strong>and</strong> weaken the collagen <strong>and</strong> elastin in<br />

our skin. When this happens, the elasticity, plumpness <strong>and</strong><br />

youthfulness of skin deteriorate, <strong>and</strong> the telltale fi ne lines<br />

start to appear.<br />

To a certain extent, glycation is inevitable, as AGEs will<br />

exist in even the cleanest of diets. To slow the process, you<br />

can avoid foods that include pre-formed AGEs, caused by<br />

cooking sugar alongside protein or fat. ‘Browned’ products<br />

like chips <strong>and</strong> baked goods achieve their colour through<br />

dietary glycations, while soft drinks <strong>and</strong> caramelised<br />

treats also contain the pre-formed toxins. To help ward<br />

off glycation’s effect on the skin, many cosmetic skincare<br />

ranges include antiglycation agents. Retinoids promote<br />

new collagen formation to eradicate the damage caused<br />

by sugar, <strong>and</strong> pharmaceutical companies are working on<br />

products to break the AGE cross-links after they’re formed.<br />

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feature<br />

pis for Pigmentation<br />

Hyperpigmentation, or the darkening of<br />

the skin in localised areas such as the<br />

cheeks, forehead <strong>and</strong> around the eyes,<br />

can be triggered by several factors<br />

<strong>and</strong> can spoil an otherwise clear complexion. The<br />

appearance of dark, often brown spots is caused<br />

by the overproduction of melanin by melanocytes<br />

in the basal layer of the epidermis. This can occur<br />

in response to hormonal changes, pregnancy,<br />

inflammation <strong>and</strong> sun damage.<br />

The most avoidable form of pigmentation,<br />

particularly common in Australia, is caused by sun<br />

exposure, when melanin is produced to protect skin<br />

cells from harmful UV rays. Acting like an umbrella,<br />

melanocytes release pigment into the skin cells to<br />

surround <strong>and</strong> protect the cell’s nucleus. This causes<br />

skin darkening <strong>and</strong> concentrated spots of melanin,<br />

often termed ‘sun spots’.<br />

Certain products such as perfumes, soaps or<br />

cosmetics contain ‘phototoxic’ ingredients, which<br />

induce a sensitised reaction to sun exposure can<br />

also trigger excessive melanin secretion.<br />

Presenting in a more ordered, symmetrical<br />

pattern, hormonal melasma is caused by<br />

overstimulation of melanocytes in response to<br />

increased levels of oestrogen <strong>and</strong> progesterone.<br />

Most common in women, hormonal melasma<br />

can arise after pregnancy, in women with a<br />

history of taking the oral contraceptive pill or in<br />

those undergoing hormonal therapy. Finally, postinflammatory<br />

pigmentation occurs as a result of<br />

injury to the epidermal/dermal junction. This can<br />

appear in skin conditions like eczema, acne or<br />

chronic dermatitis, or in some cases after harsh<br />

cosmetic treatments.<br />

Pigmentation of all forms can lie unnoticed in<br />

the lower layers of the epidermis for years before<br />

appearing on the face. Because of this, <strong>and</strong> the fact<br />

it is so sensitive to inflammation, treating visible signs<br />

of pigmentation can be difficult with no guarantee of<br />

complete eradication.<br />

Regardless of the cause, all pigmentation is<br />

treated with a similar approach. Topical treatments<br />

are the first step, with a skincare range incorporating<br />

vitamin A to normalise cell function, vitamin C to<br />

protect DNA <strong>and</strong> niacinamide (the active form of<br />

vitamin B) to inhibit the synthesis of melanin <strong>and</strong><br />

lighten existing pigmentation. This treatment can<br />

be combined with collagen induction therapy (skin<br />

needling), light-emitting diode (LED) therapy <strong>and</strong><br />

chemical peels. It is best to work with a dermatologist<br />

when fighting the appearance of pigmentation, as it<br />

is often a long process involving multiple aspects.<br />

ris for rosacea<br />

Evident as redness, pimples, flushing <strong>and</strong><br />

pustules, rosacea is a vascular disorder that<br />

can arise in the centre plane of the face, across<br />

the cheeks, neck, chest <strong>and</strong> around the eyes.<br />

A flushed appearance occurs on account of mildly inflamed<br />

superficial vasculature, <strong>and</strong> the redness can be dotted<br />

with small bumps called papules or, in more severe cases,<br />

inflamed pustules.<br />

Rosacea symptoms can flare up in response to various<br />

triggers, including sun exposure, heat, alcohol, spicy foods<br />

<strong>and</strong> certain cosmetics. Treatment for rosacea will usually<br />

begin with a patient journal to identify the triggers most<br />

troublesome to the individual so that lifestyle adjustments<br />

can be made to avoid these irritants.<br />

Skincare with anti-inflammatory ingredients can be<br />

effective in combating the appearance of rosacea, with aloe<br />

vera, provitamin B5, green tea, red algae, <strong>and</strong> zinc just some<br />

of the ingredients shown to sooth skin irritation. Salicylic<br />

acid can help with rosacea, <strong>and</strong> retinaldehyde, the milder<br />

version of retinoid, is usually appropriate to promote skin<br />

integrity in rosacea patients, though progressive adoption is<br />

recommended. Alongside topical treatments, oral antibiotics<br />

can be used to reduce inflammation <strong>and</strong> eradicate the<br />

papules <strong>and</strong> pustules that can sometimes arise.<br />

Though steroid treatment will succeed in promoting<br />

short-term relief of rosacea symptoms, it will usually<br />

increase capillary formation <strong>and</strong> result in amplified redness<br />

<strong>and</strong> flushing in the long term. While some cosmetic<br />

treatments like chemical peels <strong>and</strong> microdermabrasion will<br />

inflame rosacea symptoms, other procedures like vascular<br />

laser therapy or intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment can<br />

successfully relieve redness <strong>and</strong> flushing. By targeting<br />

the capillaries in the dermis, these treatments use light to<br />

destroy the tiny blood vessels <strong>and</strong> reduce flushing. csbm<br />

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skin<br />


FOR SKIN<br />





Fractora, distributed in Australia by High Tech<br />

Laser, is a radiofrequency treatment designed<br />

to improve skin tone, homogenise skin texture<br />

<strong>and</strong> reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles <strong>and</strong><br />

fi ne lines, without the need for surgery.<br />

The device is designed to heat the skin <strong>and</strong><br />

remodel deep collagen. This works to improve the<br />

integrity of the skin’s support structure, helping to<br />

reverse <strong>and</strong> prevent the signs of ageing.<br />

The versatility of the Fractora device means it<br />

is suitable for most patients, <strong>and</strong> to treat a wide<br />

variety of skin concerns. Fractora can be used<br />

as a fractional skin resurfacing treatment, or as a<br />

minimally invasive rejuvenating treatment.<br />

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skin<br />

‘Fractora has two broad applications: there is an externally applied h<strong>and</strong>piece<br />

that delivers radiofrequency energy as it glides over the skin; <strong>and</strong> there is also a<br />

fractional h<strong>and</strong>piece, which delivers radiofrequency technology through microneedles<br />

that pierce the skin,’ explains Queensl<strong>and</strong> cosmetic doctor Dr John<br />

Flynn. ‘Both systems can be used to treat the entire face.’<br />


By delivering radiofrequency energy through microneedles, Fractora creates<br />

spots of coagulation (tissue tightening) in the sub-dermal tissue. This triggers the<br />

skin’s wound healing response, promoting collagen production <strong>and</strong> improving<br />

the appearance of the skin’s surface.<br />

‘The fractional approach is very effective in reducing the appearance of heavy<br />

lines around the mouth,’ Dr Flynn explains. ‘It can also be used in the peri-orbital<br />

area (around the eyes), however this calls for a more cautious approach due to<br />

the thinner <strong>and</strong> more sensitive skin in this area.’<br />

The Fractora system is highly customisable <strong>and</strong> the depth of RF energy<br />

delivery can be adjusted according to individual patient concerns <strong>and</strong> certain<br />

skin conditions.<br />

‘The Fractora fractional system is most suitable to patients who have a high<br />

degree of sun damage, <strong>and</strong> are concerned about the appearance of wrinkles,’<br />

Dr Flynn adds.<br />

There is some downtime associated with the fractional system. Patients should<br />

expect to have swelling <strong>and</strong> redness for a few days following the procedure.<br />

The physics of the Fractora fractional system<br />

The nature of radiofrequency delivery means energy is released from one<br />

needlepoint <strong>and</strong> will connect with another needlepoint at a certain distance within<br />

the skin. This increases the area of coagulation <strong>and</strong> delivers a more universal,<br />

holistic result.<br />

In short, Fractora heats the skin using a controlled pattern of radiofrequency<br />

delivery. This helps remodel deep collagen <strong>and</strong> improve the surface appearance<br />

of the skin.<br />


For those patients not ready to commit to the few days’ downtime of fractional<br />

Fractora, the benefi ts of radiofrequency alone can still be achieved using the<br />

external delivery system.<br />

‘There is minimal downtime associated with this system – patients might<br />

experience some mild redness following the procedure,’ Dr Flynn explains. ‘It is<br />

used in skin rejuvenation to improve tone, texture <strong>and</strong> fi rmness.’<br />

Because Fractora helps boost skin quality, it can be used before <strong>and</strong> after<br />

surgical procedures to reduce healing time <strong>and</strong> help augment results.<br />

‘I often use Fractora before <strong>and</strong> after certain procedures, <strong>and</strong> two to three<br />

treatments can be performed to improve skin conditioning before the fractional<br />

treatment,’ he adds.<br />

Fractora is an effective device that can be customised for different patients<br />

<strong>and</strong> various concerns. Treatment with Fractora can help improve the appearance<br />

of ageing skin by reducing fi ne lines, deep lines, textural irregularities, blood<br />

vessels <strong>and</strong> redness, leaving skin tighter, clearer <strong>and</strong> more resilient to future<br />

ageing. csbm<br />

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skin<br />

Smooth<br />

& tighten<br />

your skin<br />

Infini is a nonsurgical<br />

skin<br />

tightening <strong>and</strong><br />

refining treatment,<br />

used to improve skin<br />

tone <strong>and</strong> texture,<br />

counter skin laxity<br />

an refine facial<br />

contours. tara<br />

casey reports.<br />

The team of aesthetic experts at Skin Renu in Balmain, Sydney has a new<br />

addition to their anti-ageing arsenal. Staff <strong>and</strong> patients alike are blown away<br />

by the results they’re seeing with the Infini non-surgical skin tightening <strong>and</strong><br />

refining treatment.<br />

Infini is a new technology used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, counter<br />

facial <strong>and</strong> neck skin laxity, improve acne scarring, treat enlarged pores <strong>and</strong><br />

rejuvenate the overall complexion.<br />

The treatment combines the benefits of radiofrequency (RF) energy <strong>and</strong><br />

microneedling to stimulate collagen production, contracting, tightening <strong>and</strong><br />

smoothening the skin gradually over the subsequent weeks.<br />

Treatment with Infini helps achieve a firmer, stronger <strong>and</strong> more youthful<br />

complexion – indeed, it’s being heralded by many practitioners as a bridge<br />

between non-surgical <strong>and</strong> surgical procedures due to the results it can achieve.<br />

Infini is unique in that it addresses both the superficial <strong>and</strong> deeper layers of<br />

the skin. It delivers radiofrequency energy deep into the dermis using<br />

microneedles, termed microneedling fractional radiofrequency (MFR), <strong>and</strong> also<br />

The Infini experience<br />

Sylvia, a member of the Skin Renu team, has personally undergone treatment with Infini. ‘I wasn’t expecting any<br />

change so soon, as I know Infini works by stimulating your body’s own collagen, which takes a while to kick in, <strong>and</strong><br />

yet after only one week after the treatment, I started noticing a difference in my skin.’<br />

‘I love wearing foundation, but since my treatment I haven’t needed it as my skin looks even <strong>and</strong> has a real<br />

radiance to it all on its own. I’m really happy with the results – all this with really minimal downtime as the mild redness<br />

is easily covered with regular makeup,’ she adds.<br />

Patients at Skin Renu are equally impressed: ‘When my friends <strong>and</strong> family commented on how nice my skin<br />

looked, I knew my Infini treatments were giving the results promised. I haven’t heard anything like that in the past 10<br />

years! It made me feel so good,’ said one recent patient.<br />

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skin<br />

superfi cially, via superfi cial factional radiofrequency (SFR). This three-dimensional<br />

approach helps reinforce the skin’s structure, leading to a fi rmer <strong>and</strong> more<br />

youthful complexion.<br />

Superficial <strong>and</strong> deep skin rejuvenation<br />

Gold-coated microneedles deliver RF energy into the dermis during Infi ni<br />

treatment. This causes controlled areas of coagulation, or tissue shrinkage, <strong>and</strong><br />

triggers the body’s natural healing response, promoting collagen production<br />

without damaging the skin’s superfi cial layers.<br />

Importantly, the microneedles can be adjusted to target different depths,<br />

affording a comprehensive <strong>and</strong> tailored treatment protocol. The use of<br />

microneedles further stimulates collagen production in the dermis, improving<br />

skin tone, structure <strong>and</strong> texture.<br />

Alongside MFR, the SFR technology delivers thermal energy via two channels<br />

to penetrate both the epidermis <strong>and</strong> the dermis. The unique dual channels of<br />

SFR noninvasively deliver RF energy to the epidermis <strong>and</strong> superfi cial dermis.<br />

This has a synergistic effect, resulting in luminous skin <strong>and</strong> controlled tightening.<br />

This unique amalgamation of technologies causes a comprehensive <strong>and</strong><br />

three-dimensional change in the skin. Typically, new collagen fi bres begin to form<br />

four weeks after treatment, with results showing within 10 weeks.<br />

The treatment itself usually takes around 40 minutes to complete, with the<br />

starting energy level <strong>and</strong> needle depth selected according to the patient’s skin<br />

condition. Levels are usually adjusted with each pass of the h<strong>and</strong>piece to the<br />

face. csbm

skin<br />

Revive<br />

your<br />

skin with<br />

Indermica<br />

Introducing Indermica,<br />

the new cutting-edge<br />

skincare for radiant results<br />

in skin repair, without<br />

any of the nasties. caitlin<br />

bishop reports.<br />

The modern-day skincare patient is highly<br />

discerning, not only about the ingredients they<br />

want included in skincare products but also<br />

about those ingredients they don’t want anywhere<br />

near their skincare regime.<br />

Recently, there has been a growing dem<strong>and</strong><br />

for paraben-free <strong>and</strong> non-hydroquinone-based<br />

products.<br />

Parabens are preservatives widely used in<br />

cosmetic <strong>and</strong> pharmaceutical products. Some<br />

health advisers claim parabens are associated with<br />

hormonal imbalances, certain cancers <strong>and</strong> increased<br />

UVB damage. Hydroquinone is a compound used<br />

in skin-lightening skincare, as it has been shown<br />

to inhibit melanin production in the skin. Excessive<br />

72 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

use of hydroquinone can result in<br />

Ochronosis, a condition of blueblack<br />

pigmentation on the skin <strong>and</strong>,<br />

according to some sources, can act<br />

as a carcinogenic.<br />

While there is little clinical<br />

evidence linking parabens <strong>and</strong><br />

hydroquinone to cancers, the<br />

growing consumer awareness has<br />

triggered a revolution in the way<br />

skincare is fo rmulated.<br />

Indermica is a hyroquinone- <strong>and</strong><br />

paraben-free skincare solution. The<br />

range has only recently l<strong>and</strong>ed on<br />

Australian shores <strong>and</strong> is distributed<br />

by Advanced Cosmeceuticals.<br />

The premier anti-ageing regimen<br />

combines performance-based<br />

compounds that are methodically<br />

layered within each formula to<br />

deliver real results, without the<br />

possible irritations or health risks<br />

potentially associated with parabens<br />

<strong>and</strong> hydroquinone ingredients.<br />



Oxygenation is at the heart of the<br />

Indermica range. Suffi cient levels of<br />

oxygen <strong>and</strong> nutrients are essential<br />

to maintain the healthy rate <strong>and</strong><br />

results of cell reproduction.<br />

If oxygen <strong>and</strong> nutrient levels are<br />

depleted in the skin, the new skin<br />

cells are not as healthy, resulting<br />

in premature ageing <strong>and</strong> the<br />

manifestation of fi ne lines, wrinkles<br />

<strong>and</strong> a dull or sallow complexion.<br />

The Indermica line uses<br />

oxygenating compounds that help<br />

disperse carbon dioxide (CO 2<br />

) from<br />

the skin, aiding to scavenge free<br />

radicals <strong>and</strong> revive the complexion.<br />

These compounds exhibit a heavy<br />

molecular weight <strong>and</strong> density,<br />

which is necessary to act upon the<br />

dermal cavity <strong>and</strong> help decrease<br />

wrinkle formation.<br />

Indermica uses compounds<br />

called perfl uorocarbons inside<br />

an oil <strong>and</strong> aqueous emulsion to<br />

trigger oxygenation deep within<br />

the skin. These are artifi cial oxygen<br />

carriers shown to improve tissue<br />

oxygenation. They allow the skin to<br />

breathe to optimum levels <strong>and</strong> helps<br />

increase its capacity to self-regulate in<br />

polluted environments. By cleansing<br />

the skin of toxins <strong>and</strong> carbon dioxide,<br />

perfl uorocarbons enrich the skin<br />

without disrupting the pH barrier.<br />

‘Skin normally renews itself around<br />

every 28 days. However, if oxygen<br />

<strong>and</strong> nutrients are diminished, the<br />

cell reproduction process is slowed<br />

down, <strong>and</strong> the new skin cells are<br />

not as healthy, resulting in premature<br />

ageing <strong>and</strong> the manifestation of fi ne<br />

lines, wrinkles <strong>and</strong> a dull or sallow<br />

complexion,’ states a report called<br />

Perfl uorodecalin – a new advancement<br />

in skin oxygenation.<br />

‘Perfl uorocarbons allow the<br />

skin to breathe to optimum levels<br />

<strong>and</strong> to self-regulate better in<br />

polluted environments. It is an ideal<br />

detoxifi cation agent, as it cleans the<br />

skin of carbon dioxide <strong>and</strong> enriches<br />

the oxygen levels of the skin.’<br />

All Indermica products are based<br />

on Aloe Vera, which acts as a carrying<br />

agent for ingredients to enhance<br />

dermal absorption.<br />

A chemist on the board of<br />

Indermica Inc owns an Aloe Vera<br />

farm, <strong>and</strong> there are more than<br />

200 nutritional substances in Aloe<br />

Barbadensis leaves, including 20<br />

minerals, 20 amino acids, 12 vitamins<br />

<strong>and</strong> countless active enzymes. csbm<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

Indermica treatment<br />

The Indermica approach encompasses<br />

both in-salon treatments <strong>and</strong> takehome<br />

products for long-lasting, antiageing<br />

results.<br />

The Indermica Pro Infusion Facial is<br />

often used before beginning the takehome<br />

regimen. The patent-pending<br />

massage infusion technique delivers<br />

powerful topical ingredients deep into<br />

the skin for maximum results. Results<br />

are evident immediately following<br />

treatment, <strong>and</strong> a brighter, healthier,<br />

more youthful skin tone can be<br />

achieved after just one treatment.<br />

The professional treatment helps<br />

kick start the skin’s natural processes<br />

at a cellular level. This primes the skin<br />

to receive The Indermica Take-Home<br />

System – or the regimen of anti-ageing<br />

skincare products.<br />

One of the range’s hero products,<br />

Oxyderm Wrinkle Cream is a fastacting,<br />

anti-ageing treatment<br />

specifi cally designed to reduce fi ne<br />

lines <strong>and</strong> wrinkles. It is composed with<br />

multiple oxygenating, relaxing, fi rming<br />

<strong>and</strong> hydrating agents to help refresh<br />

<strong>and</strong> smooth the complexion.<br />

In its entity, the Indermica system<br />

represents an innovative pathway to<br />

healthy skin. According to Indermica,<br />

your skin will look visibly younger,<br />

more uniform <strong>and</strong> luminous in as little<br />

as eight weeks of skincare use.<br />

AFTER 18 months following Indermica treatment<br />

AFTER 28 days following Indermica treatment<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 73

skin<br />

Harnessing<br />

the power of<br />

‘Clean Science’<br />

in cosmeceutical<br />

formulations<br />

Terri Vinson, cosmetic<br />

chemist <strong>and</strong> owner of<br />

Synergie Skin, TAlks<br />

clean science <strong>and</strong><br />

efficacious skincare.<br />

As a scientist, I am aware of the power<br />

of laboratory-created ingredients <strong>and</strong><br />

the positive impact they can have on<br />

skin. There are also many natural product<br />

ranges on the market that are extremely<br />

nurturing, but they may not create the same<br />

level of biological impact.<br />

The secret to formulating, in my opinion,<br />

is to harness the very best of laboratory<br />

science with naturally derived ingredients<br />

in synergy to create the most effective<br />

products that create perceivable change.<br />

They should penetrate the skin for optimal<br />

delivery <strong>and</strong> be cosmetically elegant to use<br />

for the consumer.<br />

As a formulator, it is often as important<br />

what I don’t include in the product as what<br />

I do include. I have my own list of what I<br />

refer to as ‘questionable ingredients’. These<br />

are chemical additives that I believe can be<br />

harmful to cells when allowed to accumulate<br />

over time. A compelling scientific study<br />

showed that women absorb more than 3kg<br />

of chemicals from cosmetics <strong>and</strong> toiletries<br />

each year.<br />

The secret to<br />

formulating is to harness<br />

the very best of<br />

laboratory science with<br />

naturally derived<br />

ingredients to create the<br />

most effective products<br />

74 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

As a brief overview, I advise<br />

customers to avoid the<br />

following ingredients on<br />

their cosmetic products:<br />

1. Paraben preservatives<br />

2. Artificial colour<br />

(FD&C dyes)<br />

3. Artificial fragrance<br />

4. Phthalates<br />

5. SLS <strong>and</strong> other<br />

foaming sulfates<br />

6. PEG<br />

7. Propylene glycol<br />

8. Isopropyl alcohol<br />

Unfortunately, the terms ‘natural’ <strong>and</strong> organic’ are used too loosely in the<br />

cosmetic industry. Natural is not always best, <strong>and</strong> it is important to underst<strong>and</strong><br />

that natural ingredients can be extremely harmful. Arsenic, for example, is 100<br />

percent natural but less than 1/8th of a teaspoon can be fatal, <strong>and</strong> the beautiful<br />

ole<strong>and</strong>er shrub can be organically grown but may result in cardiac arrest if the<br />

leaves or flowers are ingested!<br />

Many laboratory-made ingredients used in skincare products are a bioidentical<br />

copy to the natural form. However, the laboratory synthesised<br />

form can be 100 percent pure <strong>and</strong> free of contaminants or pesticides as it is<br />

manufactured under sterile conditions. A good example of this is the ingredient<br />

Phycosaccharide, which is an active ingredient that promotes skin repair <strong>and</strong><br />

reduced inflammation. This complex sugar is copied in the laboratory to avoid<br />

depleting the coast of seaweed reserves where this ingredient exists in nature.<br />

In this case, the synthetic ingredient is effective, identical to nature, pure <strong>and</strong><br />

environmentally sustainable.<br />

Decisions based on natural versus synthetic are personal. As a clean science<br />

formulator, I consider two factors:<br />

1. The overall safety profile of the ingredient. Both natural (arsenic)<br />

<strong>and</strong> synthetic (parabens, PEG, artificial colour) ingredients can be<br />

questionable <strong>and</strong> even toxic. Thoroughly read scientific evidence based<br />

on the individual ingredient.<br />

2. The benefit <strong>and</strong> effectiveness of the ingredient. If a particular ingredient<br />

is a laboratory-made synthetic (eg, peptides to minimise the appearance<br />

of wrinkles) <strong>and</strong> does not present as a questionable or potentially toxic<br />

ingredient then it is, in my opinion, a perfectly valid addition to a product.<br />

Natural is not always best. Clean science formulating uses the very best of<br />

both science <strong>and</strong> nature in synergy. Harnessing the positive attributes from both<br />

will result in a product that produces the best results with the highest safety<br />

profile. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 75

skin<br />

Your go-to<br />

br<strong>and</strong> for<br />


MAKEUP<br />



THE TEST OF TIME – 20<br />








Recently, there’s been a shift in<br />

the cosmetic industry towards<br />

heightened effectiveness <strong>and</strong><br />

increased protection in beauty<br />

products. More <strong>and</strong> more cosmetic<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s are incorporating skincare<br />

ingredients into makeup, but this is<br />

not a new phenomenon. For 20<br />

years, jane iredale has pioneered the<br />

inclusion of soothing <strong>and</strong> protective<br />

ingredients, such as pharmaceuticalgrade<br />

vitamins <strong>and</strong> antioxidants, into<br />

mineral makeup. jane iredale has<br />

become the go-to mineral makeup<br />

br<strong>and</strong>, trusted by dermatologists,<br />

plastic surgeons <strong>and</strong> skin therapists all<br />

across the world.<br />

Combining beauty with skin health<br />

is the keystone of the jane iredale<br />

range. This is achieved in a formulation<br />

of quality cosmeceutical ingredients<br />

<strong>and</strong> pure miconised minerals. Take<br />

their foundations, for example. They<br />

all include sooting ingredients that<br />

contribute <strong>and</strong> optimise skin health.<br />

jane iredale foundations also allow the<br />

skin to breathe <strong>and</strong> function normally,<br />

<strong>and</strong> all vitamins <strong>and</strong> antioxidants used<br />

are pharmaceutical-grade <strong>and</strong> certifi ed<br />

organic where possible.<br />


jane iredale mineral foundations are<br />

essentially four products in one.<br />

Amazing Base, PurePressed Base,<br />

Glow Time <strong>and</strong> Dream Tint foundations<br />

act as active skincare, while also<br />

providing foundation coverage,<br />

concealer precision <strong>and</strong> sun protection.<br />

76 www.cosbeauty.com.au

skin<br />

Flawless finishes<br />

High-quality minerals are designed<br />

to interact with light, a concept that<br />

causes their celebrated, soft-focus<br />

effect. The jane iredale makeup line<br />

encompasses a variety of foundations<br />

that provide the full spectrum of finishes<br />

– from sheer to full, <strong>and</strong> luminescent<br />

to velvety.<br />

jane iredale makeup uses pure<br />

mineral pigment, without the nasties.<br />

There are no “fillers” such as talc<br />

included in any jane iredale formulation.<br />

This means the range of foundations<br />

<strong>and</strong> concealers provides exceptional<br />

coverage <strong>and</strong> calls for minimal<br />

touch-ups.<br />

Adherence<br />

The mineral pigments used in jane<br />

iredale makeup bind together upon<br />

application so they resist running,<br />

creasing <strong>and</strong> smearing. They can be<br />

removed with cleanser, or a special<br />

micro-fiber cloth from jane iredale<br />

(Magic Mitt), which requires only water<br />

for effective cleansing. csbm<br />

Quality testing<br />

Each jane iredale product undergoes specific testing – not because it’s<br />

required but because the company believes in offering the consumer the<br />

highest quality product line possible.<br />


iredale conducts extensive testing of<br />

its sunscreen products to determine<br />

their efficacy in terms of UVA <strong>and</strong><br />

UVB protection in compliance<br />

with both US FDA (Food <strong>and</strong> Drug<br />

Administration) <strong>and</strong> international<br />

requirements <strong>and</strong> testing<br />

methodologies.<br />


an in vitro test conducted with light<br />

rays to determine the percentage of<br />

active ingredients. It is required by<br />

some countries in order to register<br />

products claiming an SPF. The light<br />

rays measure the absorption <strong>and</strong><br />

reflection of light in order to confirm<br />

the percentage of actives, in this<br />

case titanium dioxide <strong>and</strong> zinc oxide.<br />


measures shelf life. The product<br />

can be tested in real time, provided<br />

the product has been in the line<br />

long enough, or it can be measured<br />

through an incubation process.<br />

This subjects the product to intense<br />

heat <strong>and</strong> cold for a period of one<br />

month. This acceleration is equal<br />

to one year.<br />

the jane iredale products. The br<strong>and</strong><br />

can legitimately claim the products<br />

are: Dermatologist Tested. Soothing.<br />

Safety Tested. Allergy Tested.<br />

Clinically Tested. Hypoallergenic.<br />


This test proves the efficacy of<br />

the preservative system. This is<br />

particularly important to the jane<br />

iredale br<strong>and</strong>, as they insist on<br />

using systems that don’t rely on<br />

parabens <strong>and</strong> phenoxyethanol but<br />

rely on more natural methods. In a<br />

laboratory, bacteria, yeast <strong>and</strong> mould<br />

were introduced into the product.<br />

Staphylococcus epidermidis,<br />

Pseudomoas aeruginosa <strong>and</strong><br />

Escerichia coli (E. coli) were<br />

introduced a second <strong>and</strong> third<br />

time after allowing seven days of<br />

incubation. The test allows the<br />

evaluation of the real capacity of<br />

the preservative system of not only<br />

preventing microbial contamination<br />

but of also reducing it to a level that<br />

is safe for human health. In other<br />

words, the preservative system has<br />

to be able to kill the organisms.<br />

When the test was finished (21 days)<br />

no microbial activity was detectible.<br />


sensitivity test is conducted on 50<br />

people per product. This is a twophase<br />

test, which tests irritancy <strong>and</strong><br />

sensitivity. During the first phase, the<br />

test is repeated three times on the<br />

same subject within a week. There is<br />

a ten to fourteen day break <strong>and</strong> then<br />

the subject is patch-tested for three<br />

consecutive days. There is a 24-hour<br />

evaluation <strong>and</strong> 48-hour evaluation.<br />

No sensitivity was recorded to any of<br />


– jane iredale conducts<br />

comedogenicity tests on all<br />

products. All products exhibit no<br />

comedogenicity.<br />


heavy metal test is performed on all<br />

jane iredale products. There is no<br />

measurable amount of heavy<br />

metals in any product including lead<br />

<strong>and</strong> nickel.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 77

cosmetic tattooing<br />

the<br />

holistic<br />

approach to<br />

beauty<br />

Rita Porreca of Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre celebrates 25 years<br />

delivering successful <strong>and</strong> individualised results to her aesthetic<br />

patients. Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

Rita Porreca<br />

It’s been 25 years in the industry for cosmetic tattoo artist<br />

Rita Porreca of Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre. And her<br />

anniversary is marked by the success of her newest venture<br />

– Cosmedic Professionals, in Five Dock, Sydney.<br />

Cosmedic Professionals is a venture born from Porreca’s<br />

belief in the value of combining complementary treatments –<br />

beauty treatments, medical procedures <strong>and</strong> alternative health<br />

therapies. By aligning inner health with outer beauty, Cosmedic<br />

Professionals offers patients a holistic approach to lasting<br />

cosmetic results.<br />

‘Self-confidence comes from how we feel inside <strong>and</strong><br />

permeates outwards,’ Porreca explains. ‘Since I started Sydney<br />

Permanent Makeup Centre, I’ve had a dream to create a centre<br />

that provides personalised natural beauty <strong>and</strong> lasting cosmetic<br />

results. This is where alternative therapies <strong>and</strong> cosmetic<br />

treatments meet.’<br />

The new clinic is built on the philosophy of enhancing the<br />

outward reflection of inner beauty. Cosmedic Professionals<br />

aims to bridge the gap between medical, cosmetic <strong>and</strong><br />

alternative therapies. Offering several services including<br />

microdermabrasion, dermal peels <strong>and</strong> anti-wrinkle treatments,<br />

Cosmedic Professionals is a specialised team committed to<br />

78 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

SPMUC FP(NEW) 30/4/07 1:30 PM Page 1<br />

timeless <strong>and</strong><br />

delivering personalised beauty <strong>and</strong> wellness treatments.<br />

timeless<br />

The team hails from the Sydney Permanent<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

Makeup Centre<br />

<strong>and</strong> Skinial (tattoo removal).<br />

‘Cosmedic Professionals is a unique venture where effortless beauty<br />

clients can find answers to a variety of concerns,’ Porreca<br />

says. ‘Detoxing with our infrared sauna, <strong>and</strong> assisting<br />

SPMUC with FP(NEW) weight 30/4/07 loss methods 1:30 will PM address Page 1health <strong>and</strong> lifestyle ‘In When 1984 it my comes dream to eyes, was to lips, create face, a<br />

concerns. When these measures are partnered with skin Centre body, skin that <strong>and</strong> provided training, personalised we are the<br />

peels <strong>and</strong> light therapies for skin rejuvenation, a holistic, beauty experts’ solutions expert. With with more natural than <strong>and</strong> 24<br />

effective <strong>and</strong> long-term change in the skin <strong>and</strong> body can lasting years’ experience results – a world we have above developed<br />

be achieved.’<br />

traditional<br />

an excellent<br />

beauty<br />

reputation<br />

salons.’<br />

with doctors<br />

First-time visitors to Cosmedic Professionals will – <strong>and</strong> Rita surgeons. Porreca, We Founder also work & MDclosely<br />

timeless <strong>and</strong> effortless<br />

undergo a consultation with one of their beauty experts to with surgeons in post-operative<br />

beauty<br />

care.<br />

explore which procedures might help address the patient’s When it comes to Eyes, Lips, Face, Body, Skin <strong>and</strong><br />

– Rita Porreca, Founder & MD<br />

main aesthetic concerns. The consultation process will Training we are the experts' expert. We also work closely<br />


also delve into various lifestyle changes to help improve the with surgeons on post-operative care.<br />

quality <strong>and</strong> longevity of aesthetic procedures.<br />

‘We do not believe in exterior appearances alone,’ ‘In 1984 my dream was to create a<br />


Porreca explains. ‘Our services focus on your overall health Centre that provided personalised<br />

<strong>and</strong> SERVICES wellbeing, WE for PROVIDE we strongly believe that true beauty is<br />

beauty solutions <strong>Cosmetic</strong> with natural Tattooing<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

lasting results – a world above<br />

deeply <strong>Cosmetic</strong> rooted Tattooing<br />

inner confidence <strong>and</strong> wellbeing.’<br />

traditional beauty Medical salons.’ Tattooing<br />

Eyebrows Cosmedic Hair Professionals stroke to shaded offers a one-stop brows to shop give where you more of a<br />

patients natural appearance<br />

can find potential solutions to a wide range of<br />

– Rita Porreca, Founder Skin & Needling<br />

MD<br />

cosmetic Eyeliner <strong>and</strong> Subtle beauty to Dramatic requirements. or to define ‘By optimising your eye inner shape<br />

Dermal BEFORE Planning Peels<br />

health, <strong>and</strong> using a holistic <strong>and</strong> multimodal treatment When it comes<br />

Lips From lip liner to full lips & blends we make your lips look good with Non to Laser Eyes, Lips, Tattoo Face, Removal<br />

Body, Skin <strong>and</strong><br />

regime,<br />

an ideal<br />

we<br />

shape<br />

will bring<br />

<strong>and</strong> colour<br />

out the<br />

all<br />

beautiful<br />

the time.<br />

in all our clients,’ Training we are the experts' expert. We also work closely<br />

Porreca concludes. csbm<br />

with surgeons <strong>Cosmetic</strong> on post-operative Tattooing care. Courses<br />

Medical Tattooing<br />

Areola re-pigmentation Is the final stage of breast reconstruction <strong>and</strong> is AFTER FULL LIP TATTOOING<br />

also considered by those with areola colour loss.<br />


Corrective Services Camouflage include: Can bring a natural skin colour back to scars<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>and</strong> burns Tattooing<br />

Eyebrows Detoxing Hair – infrared stroke to sauna shaded brows to give you more of a BEFORE FULL LIP COLOUR<br />


natural Skin Needling appearance<br />

Needling Microdermabrasion<br />

treatment for wrinkles, acne scars & scar relaxation<br />

BEFORE<br />

Eyeliner Subtle to Dramatic or to define your eye shape<br />

BEFORE<br />

Lips Skin From<br />

Removal<br />

Rejuvenation lip liner to full lips & blends we make your lips look good with<br />

of skin irregularities – Cryo probe<br />

an Is ideal for shape the rebuilding <strong>and</strong> colour of all new the collagen time. <strong>and</strong> lightening pigmentation.<br />



Medical IPL<br />

Non-laser<br />

Hair Tattooing Removal<br />

tattoo removal<br />

Areola Enables re-pigmentation hair removal from Is nearly the final every stage part of of breast the body reconstruction quickly <strong>and</strong> is AFTER FULL LIP TATTOOING<br />

Medical skin treatments<br />


also <strong>and</strong> efficiently considered by those with areola colour loss.<br />

Corrective<br />

Medical Skin needling<br />

Camouflage Can bring a natural skin colour back to scars<br />

Skin Peels/Microdermabrasion<br />

<strong>and</strong> burns<br />



Skin treatments ranging from Green Peel, CosMedix Peels<br />

& Microdermabrasion High-grade skin peels<br />

Skin Needling to give you a natural healthy glow.<br />

Needling treatment for wrinkles, acne scars & scar relaxation<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Injectable Dermal anti-wrinkle Fillers treatments & Mesotherapy<br />

02 9712 4133<br />

BEFORE<br />

follow us on<br />

Skin Bella Building, Shop 4/239<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Rejuvenation Tattooing Courses<br />

Is <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>and</strong> medical tattooing<br />

Learn, ideal up-skill for the <strong>and</strong> rebuilding exp<strong>and</strong> of with new professional collagen <strong>and</strong> cosmetic lightening tattooing pigmentation. Great<br />

training.<br />

North Rd, Five Dock<br />


located in Cosmedic Professionals<br />

IPL Hair Removal<br />

Email: info@spmuc.com.au<br />

Enables hair removal from nearly every part of the body quickly Web: www.spmuc.com.au<br />

<strong>and</strong> efficiently<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au AFTER EYEBROW TATTOOING<br />


cosmetic tattooing<br />

Raising the bar<br />

in cosmetic tattooing<br />

Val Glover-Hovan remains AT the helm of<br />

cosmetic TATTooing in Australia. She explains<br />

trEATMEnt can restore lost definition <strong>and</strong> colour<br />

in the lips <strong>and</strong> brows. Tara Casey reports.<br />

Val Glover-Hovan has been a name in the beauty<br />

industry for some 35 years <strong>and</strong> has pioneered<br />

cosmetic tattooing in Australia. She is at the forefront<br />

of education in the industry <strong>and</strong> has just returned from the<br />

Annual Spring Convention <strong>and</strong> Trade Show in Las Vegas for<br />

the Society of Permanent <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Professionals, of which<br />

she is Education Chair <strong>and</strong> board member.<br />

Along the way she has earned a swag of accolades<br />

from organisations, including the American Association<br />

of Micropigmentation Lifetime Achievement Award for her<br />

contribution to the cosmetic tattoo industry, <strong>and</strong> another<br />

prestigious award from the International Image Council.<br />

In short, Glover-Hovan has carved a career out of making<br />

Australian women look <strong>and</strong> feel more youthful <strong>and</strong> vibrant.<br />

‘When performed correctly, cosmetic tattooing can<br />

enhance <strong>and</strong> beautify a woman’s looks,’ she says. ‘This<br />

might include creating defined, well-groomed eyebrows,<br />

enhanced eye shape with eyeliner, <strong>and</strong> more youthfullooking<br />

lips with colour. The great thing is that all of these<br />

treatments last for many years. It makes me feel good to<br />

know I’ve made so many people feel more beautiful <strong>and</strong><br />

confident throughout my career.’<br />

It is Glover-Hovan’s lip work in particular which has<br />

gained so much international attention. She delivers regular<br />

educational presentations on optimising results in the lips,<br />

<strong>and</strong> tailoring treatment to each individual patient.<br />

‘Permanent lip line is suited to people who have no<br />

definite lip shape, or for pale, sun damaged or uneven lips<br />

<strong>and</strong> those that have lost shape as a result of cold sores or<br />

injury,’ she explains. Permanent lip line can also simply add<br />

definition for women who want to put more emphasis on<br />

their lips.<br />

To further enhance the appearance of the lips, clients<br />

can choose between a lip line <strong>and</strong> blend, which outlines<br />

Learn from the master<br />

of cosmetic tattooing!<br />

Basic <strong>and</strong> Advanced Training Courses by Val<br />

Glover-Hovan: Learn the art of full lip colour <strong>and</strong><br />

blend, body illustrations, camouflage, MCA scar<br />

relaxation, repigmenting, needling, plus more.<br />

For further information regarding Training Kit<br />

options <strong>and</strong> costs, please call 02 9938 2111 or email<br />

info@cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

Learn more at www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

the mouth <strong>and</strong> blends the colour onto part of the lips,<br />

making the lip line more subtle; or a full lip colour, with more<br />

than 100 shades to choose from. ‘This is one of the most<br />

popular treatments,’ she says. ‘You can kiss without leaving<br />

a trace – no more worry about lipstick marks on your teeth,<br />

glassware or other people!’<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> tattoo can also bring definition to the brows,<br />

enhancing facial symmetry <strong>and</strong> framing the eyes. With<br />

techniques that allow her to mimic the appearance of hair,<br />

Glover-Hovan believes cosmetic tattooing can result in a<br />

real transformation.<br />

As cosmetic tattooing continues to grow in popularity,<br />

education is key in maintaining effective <strong>and</strong> aesthetic<br />

results. Glover-Hovan is a specialist <strong>and</strong> educator in<br />

cosmetic tattoo. She evaluates facial proportions <strong>and</strong><br />

symmetry, as well as hair <strong>and</strong> skin colouring, before creating<br />

a design that will complement <strong>and</strong> enhance each client’s<br />

features to reveal a brighter, more striking appearance.<br />

‘When done well, cosmetic tattoo can have a significant<br />

anti-ageing effect <strong>and</strong> can help re-instil a sense of<br />

confidence <strong>and</strong> youthfulness, however, we all have different<br />

needs, lifestyles <strong>and</strong> tastes, <strong>and</strong> the cosmetic tattoo needs<br />

to reflect this,’ Glover-Hovan explains. ‘I have strived to set<br />

high st<strong>and</strong>ards for the industry in cosmetic tattooing with<br />

continued education <strong>and</strong> high quality products, promoting<br />

professionalism in treatments <strong>and</strong> training.’ csbm<br />

80 www.cosbeauty.com.au

9:40 AM Page 1<br />

9:40 AM Page 1<br />

DESIGNING 9:40 AM Page 1<br />


FACES IS<br />

IS<br />

OUR<br />





For AESTHETIC PURPOSES, tattoos<br />


For can AESTHETIC flatter the COSMETIC existing PURPOSES, features tattoos<br />


the tattoos<br />

For<br />

can<br />


flatter the existing<br />


features<br />

tattoos<br />

face, achieving a natural look. of the<br />

can flatter the existing features of the<br />


TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

face, Reshaping achieving <strong>and</strong> colouring natural EYEBROWS<br />

look.<br />



face, achieving a natural look.<br />

VAL GLOVER-HOVAN Reshaping will give you <strong>and</strong> instant colouring face EYEBROWS<br />

lift,<br />


Reshaping <strong>and</strong> colouring EYEBROWS<br />

will EYELINER give you defines an instant the eye face shape,<br />

lift,<br />




give you<br />

defines<br />

an instant<br />

the eye<br />

face<br />

shape,<br />

lift,<br />



can be reshaped, made fuller,<br />

IALIST COSMETIC TATTOO defines the eye shape,<br />

LIPS outlined<br />


can or be coloured reshaped, like lipstick. made fuller, Val Glover-Hovan<br />


LIPS can be reshaped,<br />

like<br />

made<br />

lipstick.<br />

fuller,<br />

outlined Colour lasts or coloured for years. red like lipstick.<br />

Director Val Glover-Hovan<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

FACES<br />


IS<br />

outlined or coloured FACES like lipstick. IS Director<br />

Val Glover-Hovan<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Australia of <strong>and</strong> <strong>Cosmetic</strong> The Academy Tattooof<br />

annel OUR 9 Body AFTER Work)<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Director<br />

Australia<br />

of<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

The Academy<br />

Tattoo<br />

of<br />

nsformation annel BUSINESS FACES IS<br />

AFTER<br />

Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Corrective<br />

OUR 9 Body following Work) BUSINESS<br />

For Eyebrow AESTHETIC tattooing PURPOSES, tattoos<br />

Australia<br />


Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> The Academy<br />

Corrective<br />

of<br />

annel ut <strong>Surgery</strong> 9 Body Work)<br />

Tattoo is the mother of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

For can AESTHETIC flatter the existing PURPOSES, features tattoos of the tattoos<br />

ter Colour Result<br />

Image &<br />

is<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the mother<br />

Corrective<br />

For of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

can<br />


flatter the existing<br />


features<br />

tattoos<br />

Tattoo in Australia which<br />

face, achieving a natural look. of the<br />

ter Colour Result can Tattoo Val Glover-Hovan<br />


Tattoo is<br />

Australia<br />

the mother<br />

which<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

flatter the existing features of the<br />

ter Colour Result<br />

face, Reshaping achieving <strong>and</strong> colouring natural EYEBROWS<br />

look.<br />

she introduced in 1985. She<br />

face, Tattoo Director of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />


she introduced<br />

in Australia<br />

in 1985.<br />

which<br />

achieving a natural look.<br />

Reshaping will give you <strong>and</strong> instant colouring face EYEBROWS<br />

lift,<br />

has been recognised worldwide She<br />

Reshaping <strong>and</strong> colouring EYEBROWS<br />

will<br />

she Australia, The Academy<br />

• improves shape has<br />

introduced<br />

been recognised<br />

in 1985.<br />

worldwide<br />

She<br />

EYELINER give you defines an instant the eye face shape,<br />

lift,<br />

will for of her Image excellence & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> in practice<br />

give you<br />

defines<br />

an instant<br />

the eye<br />

face<br />

shape,<br />

lift,<br />


LIPS can be reshaped, made fuller,<br />

• solid colour or hair has<br />

for Corrective her<br />

been<br />

excellence<br />

recognised<br />

Tattoo in <strong>and</strong> practice<br />

worldwide<br />

EYELINER defines the eye shape,<br />

<strong>and</strong> education. Her team of<br />

LIPS outlined can or be coloured reshaped, like lipstick. made fuller, Val strokes Glover-Hovan<br />

give for<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

her<br />

Hovans education.<br />

excellence<br />

Group, Her<br />

in<br />

is the team<br />

practice<br />

LIPS can be reshaped,<br />

like<br />

made<br />

lipstick.<br />

fuller,<br />

mother of<br />

outlined Colour lasts or coloured for years. red like lipstick.<br />

Director Val Glover-Hovan<br />

instant of lift <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

highly skilled <strong>and</strong> experienced<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

highly of<br />

education.<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> skilled <strong>and</strong> Tattoo<br />

Her<br />

experienced<br />

team<br />

in Australia,<br />

of<br />

AFTER<br />

outlined or coloured like lipstick.<br />

Director<br />

Val Glover-Hovan<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />

Australia of <strong>and</strong> <strong>Cosmetic</strong> The Academy Tattooof<br />

practitioners assist her to<br />

dy AFTER Work)<br />

Colour lasts for years.<br />


Director<br />

Australia<br />

of<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

The Academy<br />

Tattoo highly<br />

practitioners which skilled she pioneered assist<br />

<strong>and</strong> experienced<br />

her in to 1985.<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

fulfil<br />

of<br />

ion AFTER<br />

Image & <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Corrective the dem<strong>and</strong> for quality,<br />

ody following Work) Eyebrow tattooing<br />

nger Colour Result<br />

• Australia<br />

Image defines & <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> the The eyes Academy<br />

Corrective<br />

of<br />

ery<br />

practitioners<br />

fulfil<br />

Val<br />

the<br />

has<br />

dem<strong>and</strong><br />

been assist recognised<br />

her<br />

quality,<br />

to<br />

ody Work)<br />

Tattoo is the mother of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

lour Result<br />

Image hygienically<br />

LIPS<br />

fulfil worldwide<br />

performed<br />

&<br />

is<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the mother<br />

Corrective<br />

Tattoo in Australia which of <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

for her excellence<br />

hygienically<br />

the dem<strong>and</strong><br />

performed<br />

for quality,<br />

lour Result<br />

Tattoo<br />

Tattoo is<br />

Australia<br />

the mother<br />

which<br />

of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

• reshaped made fuller hygienically in practice Tattoo <strong>and</strong> procedures.<br />

lour Result<br />

she introduced in 1985. She<br />

education.<br />

Tattoo <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

• full lip colour gives<br />

SPCP Industry Tattoo<br />

performed<br />

she introduced<br />

in Australia<br />

in 1985.<br />

which<br />

has been recognised worldwide She<br />

Leader procedures. Award<br />

she<br />

has<br />

introduced<br />

been recognised<br />

in 1985.<br />

worldwide<br />

She <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo procedures.<br />

for her excellence in practice proudly presented to Val<br />

AFTER has<br />

for your her<br />

been<br />

excellence lip recognised power in practice<br />

worldwide<br />

<strong>and</strong> education. Her team of Glover-Hovan CPCP, who<br />

• for<br />

<strong>and</strong> colour her<br />

education.<br />

excellence that lasts Her<br />

in<br />

team<br />

practice<br />

highly skilled <strong>and</strong> experienced<br />

for of<br />

“I just love the makeup Val has created for me. My friends are amazed <strong>and</strong> exemplifies the true spirit of<br />

ical area, years<br />

when<br />

tattoos<br />

I show them<br />

can<br />

my<br />

be<br />

new<br />

used<br />

work of<br />

to<br />

art.<br />

camouflage<br />

They are all envious<br />

the white<br />

<strong>and</strong> are<br />

scars highly<br />

education. face skilled <strong>and</strong><br />

Her<br />

body. experienced<br />

team of<br />

olour Result<br />

practitioners assist her to For women membership, after a mastectomy fellowship <strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

Colour dical area, Result<br />

• highly <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo<br />

amazed tattoos that it’s can so natural be used looking. to I am camouflage so grateful for the what white Val has scars practitioners<br />

skilled face assist<br />

<strong>and</strong> experienced<br />

fulfil the dem<strong>and</strong> for body. her quality, to<br />

scars For women on generosity face after in a <strong>and</strong> the mastectomy permanent body. <strong>and</strong><br />

Colour dical area, Result<br />

done<br />

tattoos<br />

for me. She<br />

can<br />

breast<br />

made<br />

be<br />

me<br />

used<br />

reduction,<br />

feel so<br />

to<br />

special,<br />

camouflage<br />

colour is<br />

important<br />

the<br />

tattooed<br />

<strong>and</strong> loved”.<br />

white<br />

to<br />

scars<br />

create practitioners an<br />

Treatments face<br />

areola body.<br />

<strong>and</strong> nipple.<br />

fulfil the dem<strong>and</strong><br />

assist her<br />

quality,<br />

to<br />

hygienically performed For women after a mastectomy <strong>and</strong><br />

en after a mastectomy breast reduction, <strong>and</strong> breast colour reduction, is tattooed to colour create an areola <strong>and</strong> nipple. cosmetics industry 2013<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

– Gail, NSW everlasting<br />

is tattooed<br />

beautyto create an areola <strong>and</strong> nipple.<br />

breast<br />

Tattoo<br />

reduction,<br />

treatments<br />

colour<br />

are<br />

is<br />

available<br />

tattooed<br />

in<br />

to<br />

Sydney, fulfil<br />

hygienically<br />

the<br />

create an<br />

Melbourne, dem<strong>and</strong><br />

performed<br />

for quality,<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo areola procedures. <strong>and</strong><br />

Brisbane<br />

nipple.<br />

<strong>and</strong> Perth.<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo treatments are available in Sydney,<br />

hygienically<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong> Melbourne, Tattoo<br />

performed<br />

procedures. Brisbane <strong>and</strong> Perth.<br />

Our <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo treatments are available in Sydney, <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Melbourne, Tattoo procedures. Brisbane <strong>and</strong> Perth.<br />




CADEMY SSIONAL tattoos can be<br />


used<br />



IMAGE AND IN the THE white scars<br />

IN THE<br />

COSMETIC ART on face OF <strong>and</strong> COSMETIC body. For women<br />



after a mastectomy <strong>and</strong><br />

a, tattoos can be used to camouflage the white scars on face <strong>and</strong> body. scars For women on face after<br />

TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

a <strong>and</strong> mastectomy body. <strong>and</strong><br />

a, tattoos can<br />

breast<br />

be used<br />

reduction,<br />

to camouflage<br />

colour is<br />

the<br />

tattooed<br />

white<br />

to<br />

scars<br />

create<br />

on<br />

an<br />

face<br />

areola<br />

<strong>and</strong> body.<br />

<strong>and</strong> nipple.<br />

For women after a mastectomy <strong>and</strong><br />

Our r st<strong>and</strong>ard SSIONAL a <strong>Cosmetic</strong> mastectomy Val’s breast of training high TRAINING reduction, <strong>and</strong> st<strong>and</strong>ard is breast accepted colour of training reduction, IN is tattooed by THE is <strong>Beauty</strong> accepted to colour ART create <strong>and</strong> by is OF <strong>Beauty</strong> tattooed <strong>Cosmetic</strong> areola COSMETIC <strong>and</strong> to nipple. <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Tattoo create Associations Tattoo an TATTOO areola Associations <strong>and</strong> in nipple.<br />

breast<br />

Tattoo<br />

reduction,<br />

treatments<br />

colour<br />

are<br />

is<br />

available<br />

tattooed<br />

in<br />

to<br />

Sydney,<br />

create Melbourne,<br />

areola <strong>and</strong><br />

Brisbane<br />

nipple.<br />

<strong>and</strong> Perth.<br />

<strong>and</strong> Our st<strong>and</strong>ard <strong>Cosmetic</strong> the USA. in of Australia Tattoo training Her treatments expertise <strong>and</strong> the accepted USA. are as available Her a presenter by expertise <strong>Beauty</strong> in Sydney, as <strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> a Melbourne, presenter educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>and</strong> Brisbane Tattoo educator sought <strong>and</strong> Associations is after Perth. sought from around in<br />

Our st<strong>and</strong>ard <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

the USA. after of Tattoo training treatments<br />

from Her around expertise accepted are available<br />

the world as a <strong>and</strong> by presenter she <strong>Beauty</strong> in Sydney,<br />

continually <strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> Melbourne,<br />

educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> Brisbane<br />

keeps abreast is Tattoo <strong>and</strong><br />

sought <strong>and</strong> up Associations Perth.<br />

<strong>and</strong> after to date from with around in<br />

<strong>and</strong> Y OF she<br />

<strong>and</strong> the IMAGE continually<br />

she USA. information continually Her AND keeps<br />

expertise COSMETIC abreast<br />

for keeps the profession. abreast as a presenter CORRECTIVE <strong>and</strong> up to date<br />

<strong>and</strong> up <strong>and</strong> to date educator TATTOO with information for the profession.<br />

with information is sought after for the from profession. around<br />

s MY<br />

<strong>and</strong> training OF IMAGE<br />

she programs AND<br />

She continually offers training<br />

in COSMETIC<br />

keeps all aspects<br />

programs abreast of CORRECTIVE<br />

in all <strong>and</strong> <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

aspects up to of<br />

Tattoo. TATTOO<br />

MY AL<br />

date <strong>Cosmetic</strong> with Individual<br />

Tattoo, information offers<br />

Tuition,<br />

NAL<br />


Individual for the profession.<br />

Tuition<br />

s training TRAINING<br />


<strong>and</strong> programs IN THE<br />

COSMETIC ART OF COSMETIC an Importer in all ART aspects OF<br />

<strong>and</strong> Distributor of COSMETIC<br />


<strong>Cosmetic</strong> of Quality Machines Tattoo. TATTOO<br />

TATTOO<br />

NAL <strong>and</strong> d of training<br />

Individual & Pigments. Tuition,<br />

s Distributor TRAINING accepted<br />

programs<br />

of IN quality by THE <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

in all<br />

Machines ART <strong>and</strong><br />

aspects<br />

OF <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

of<br />

COSMETIC &<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Pigments. Tattoo Associations<br />

Tattoo.<br />

TATTOOin<br />

rd<br />

Individual Tuition,<br />

USA. <strong>and</strong> of training Her Distributor expertise Val accepted certified of as a quality presenter by by <strong>Beauty</strong> the Machines Society <strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong> of & Permanent Pigments. is Tattoo sought Associations <strong>Cosmetic</strong> after from Professionals around in (SPCP).<br />

rd<br />

RAINING <strong>and</strong> USA. continually<br />

of training<br />

Distributor Her expertise keeps accepted<br />

abreast of as quality a by presenter BROWS, <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><br />

up Machines to <strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

EYELINER, date educator <strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

with & Pigments.<br />

information is Tattoo sought Associations<br />

LIPLINE after for the from profession. around in<br />




continually Her expertise keeps abreast as a presenter<br />


<strong>and</strong> up <strong>and</strong> to date educator<br />


with information is sought after<br />


for the from profession. around<br />

e programs continually in<br />

RAININGADVANCED keeps all aspects abreast of<br />


FULL <strong>and</strong> <strong>Cosmetic</strong> up LIP to COLOUR, Tattoo. date with Individual<br />

FULL information CHEEK Tuition,<br />

COLOUR, for BLUSH, the DESIGNER profession. EYESHADOW,<br />



g programs<br />


in all aspects of<br />



<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

LIP EYELINER, Tattoo.<br />

COLOUR,<br />

Individual<br />


g<br />

ributor<br />

programs<br />

of quality<br />

in all<br />

Machines<br />

aspects of<br />

&<br />

<strong>Cosmetic</strong><br />

Pigments.<br />


tributor<br />

L<br />

ED<br />



of quality Machines<br />


FULL & Pigments.<br />






tributor BREAST<br />

G of quality BROWS, Machines EYELINER, & Pigments. LIPLINE<br />











BREAST<br />


OOING<br />

AINING<br />






SCAR<br />













BODY<br />

SCAR<br />




BREAST<br />




AREOLA/NIPPLE BREAST Coast, Melbourne <strong>and</strong> Perth<br />



sultation <strong>Cosmetic</strong> – Sydney, Tattoo Australia Brisbane,<br />



Clinic<br />

CONSULTATIONS Gold Coast, Melbourne<br />

ARE FREE<br />


RTHER<br />

Tattoo 696<br />


Pittwater Road,<br />


Brookvale,<br />

THE<br />

NSW<br />


2100<br />




RTHER Like us on Facebook Like us on Twitter<br />

ter Road, Tel: INFORMATION<br />

SUITE<br />

Gold<br />

02 Brookvale, 9938 2111 CONTACT<br />

12,<br />

Coast,<br />

2ND<br />

SUITE NSW Fax:<br />

12,<br />

02 2100 2ND<br />

9938 THE<br />

FLOOR,<br />

Melbourne<br />

ARE FREE<br />

ARE<br />

FLOOR,<br />

5988 FRIENDLY<br />

22 FREE DARLEY<br />

<strong>and</strong> Perth<br />




NSW GROUP 2095<br />






SUITE<br />

d, Email: 6655 info@cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

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MANLY<br />

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WEBSITE www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com<br />

77 6655 FAX 02 9977 0666 EMAIL sales@hovansgroup.com WEBSITE www.cosmetictattooaustralia.com

feature<br />

Scar<br />

solutions<br />

82 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature<br />

Scars no longer<br />

have to be a lifelong<br />

legacy. Tara<br />

Casey investigates<br />

the different types<br />

of scars <strong>and</strong> their<br />

treatments.<br />

Scars are often an inevitable part of surgery, as well as accidents, some<br />

diseases <strong>and</strong> skin conditions such as acne.<br />

Most scars fade over time, usually over a period of a year to 18 months,<br />

although some can mark our bodies permanently.<br />

Studies suggest one in three scars becomes a permanent, often unsightly<br />

fixture with a raised ridge of hard tissue. Some can even continue to grow long<br />

into the healing process. One study found that nine out of 10 people who had<br />

undergone a routine surgical procedure within the past six to 12 months were<br />

unhappy with their residual scars.<br />

But the good news is that with advances in scientific research <strong>and</strong> medical<br />

technology, scars no longer have to be a lifelong legacy. While it is important<br />

to have realistic expectations about scarring with any kind of cosmetic<br />

procedure, you should also be aware of the scar treatment techniques available<br />

today which can significantly reduce the appearance of a scar – both before<br />

<strong>and</strong> after it has healed.<br />

What is a scar?<br />

Any wound that penetrates through the epidermis <strong>and</strong> into the dermis will cause<br />

scarring. However, the severity of the scar depends on the success of the skin’s<br />

repair response <strong>and</strong> the behaviour of your collagen.<br />

Collagen is the fibre-like protein that aids healing of skin <strong>and</strong> wounds by<br />

adhering together. In normal, healthy skin, the bundles of collagen are in a woven<br />

criss-cross pattern. The best case is when the epidermis around the edges of<br />

the wound closes together with the gluey collagen, staying flat <strong>and</strong> occupying<br />

the narrowest possible level surface.<br />

The worst-case scenario is when cells that repair the hole in the skin, known<br />

as fibroblasts, go into overdrive <strong>and</strong> a whole new system of blood vessels is set<br />

up to cater to the scar – triggering a collagen overload. Instead of neat criss-cross<br />

patterns, bundles of collagen form rigid, parallel lines, sometimes gluing layers of<br />

tissue <strong>and</strong> tendon together <strong>and</strong> forming lumps. The collagen also overflows onto<br />

the skin surface, creating rubbery scars that smother healthy tissue.<br />

Exactly why this happens with some scars <strong>and</strong> not with others is not fully<br />

understood. A wound does not become a scar until the skin has healed<br />

completely. After the wound has healed, a scar continues to alter as new collagen<br />

is formed <strong>and</strong> the blood vessels return to normal. This is the reason most scars<br />

will fade <strong>and</strong> improve over the two years following an injury to the skin. However,<br />

there will always be some visible evidence of the injury, <strong>and</strong> hair follicles <strong>and</strong><br />

sweat gl<strong>and</strong>s do not grow back.<br />

Why do we scar?<br />

There are a number of possible answers to this question when it comes to<br />

undergoing a surgical procedure <strong>and</strong> bearing subsequent scarring. Poor surgical<br />

technique can contribute, so it’s important to select an experienced doctor with<br />

a good reputation. An individual’s genetic predisposition also weighs in, as<br />

does the location of the wound. Certain areas are likely to trigger worse scars,<br />

particularly those above moving joints.<br />

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feature<br />

Types of scars<br />

There are lots of different causes of scarring, but not all scars are the same.<br />

Some types of scars include stretch marks <strong>and</strong> chicken pox scars, whereas<br />

scars that are deemed problematic include hypertrophic <strong>and</strong> keloid.<br />

Flat, pale scars are most common <strong>and</strong> are a result of the body’s natural<br />

healing process. Initially, they may be red or dark <strong>and</strong> raised after the wound<br />

has healed but will become paler <strong>and</strong> flatter naturally over time.<br />

Sunken scars are recessed into the skin <strong>and</strong> are usually a result of injury.<br />

They may be indented due to the skin being attached to deeper structures<br />

(such as muscles) or to loss of underlying fat. Another reason for sunken<br />

scars is residual pitting from acne <strong>and</strong> chicken pox.<br />

Stretch marks develop when the skin is stretched rapidly, for example<br />

during pregnancy, weight loss or gain or a growth spurt. Initially, stretch<br />

marks appear red but become paler over a number of years.<br />

Hypertrophic scars<br />

When a normal wound heals, the body produces new collagen at a rate<br />

that matches the breakdown of old collagen. A hypertrophic scar is formed<br />

when the collagen is able to build up on the surface of the wound. The scar<br />

remains within the confines of the original injury but is hard, raised <strong>and</strong> red.<br />

They may itch, though are not usually painful.<br />

Hypertrophic scars are more common in young people with darker skin<br />

<strong>and</strong> those with an inherited tendency to this type of scarring. It is not possible<br />

to completely prevent hypertrophic scars <strong>and</strong> they do come as a risk of<br />

surgery. Anyone who has suffered one should inform their doctor prior to a<br />

procedure. Scar therapies that may speed up the process of change from a<br />

hypertrophic scar to a flatter, paler one are available.<br />

Keloid scars<br />

Like hypertrophic scars, keloids are the result of an imbalance in the<br />

production of collagen in a healing wound. Unlike hypertrophic scars,<br />

keloids grow beyond the boundary of the original wound, affecting healthy<br />

tissue <strong>and</strong> creating lumpy scars that can continue to grow indefinitely. They<br />

may be itchy or painful <strong>and</strong> may not improve in appearance over time.<br />

Anybody can get a keloid scar <strong>and</strong> they can occur anywhere on the<br />

body. However, young people, whose skin has a tendency to over-repair,<br />

<strong>and</strong> those with darker skin are around 15 times more prone to this type of<br />

scarring. It is also more common on certain parts of the body such as the<br />

ears, chest, shoulders <strong>and</strong> back.<br />

If you’ve developed a keloid scar, you are more likely to be prone to<br />

this condition in the future <strong>and</strong> should alert your doctor when undergoing a<br />

cosmetic procedure.<br />

Internal scars<br />

An internal scar is an adhesion that can be formed deep inside the body<br />

or just below the skin’s surface. They occur when the tissue that has been<br />

operated on develops a scar that sticks organs to tissues. Those just below<br />

the skin surface can cause problems with muscles <strong>and</strong> tendons.<br />

The most common site is on the chest where the scar can connect to<br />

the sternum, however h<strong>and</strong>s are generally the most problematic. When the<br />

top layer of skin becomes attached to the muscle or tendon beneath, it can<br />

cause other symptoms, such as rigidly fixed curled fingers.<br />

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feature<br />

Preventing scars<br />

You can better manage scarring by being educated <strong>and</strong> prepared. Communicating<br />

that scarring is a key issue with your surgeon may affect where they make the<br />

incision or the techniques utilised, especially in procedures such as breast<br />

augmentation.<br />

Any wounds should be covered with a light, compressive dressing or pad<br />

post-procedure to keep it moist <strong>and</strong> prevent a scab forming. A scab can create<br />

a barrier to healing, so by keeping the wound moist you can steer the collagen<br />

away from the surface of the skin.<br />

Once the dressing is removed, use a moisturising lotion to hydrate the skin<br />

around the scar. This improves the healing process <strong>and</strong> helps ensure a balanced<br />

release of collagen. You don’t need an expensive moisturising cream, just<br />

something you know you have no reactions to initially.<br />

Gently massaging the scar for 30 seconds to a minute several times a day,<br />

from the time the wound has healed over, will assist in breaking up the scar<br />

tissue <strong>and</strong> help prevent the collagen from becoming lumpy.<br />

What can we do to treat scars?<br />

No scar can ever be removed completely, though they may improve naturally<br />

over a period of time or respond to methods to improve their appearance. It<br />

is best to treat scars early when they are more susceptible to less invasive<br />

treatments, as older scars tend to respond better to more involved treatments<br />

such as laser or surgical removal.<br />

Any wound that<br />

penetrates through<br />

the epidermis <strong>and</strong><br />

into the dermis will<br />

cause scarring<br />

Medical treatment<br />

Laser works either by targeting the blood vessels that feed raised red scars or,<br />

in the case of CO 2<br />

lasers, removing the surface layers of the skin. Fractional CO 2<br />

lasers work by ablating discrete columns of tissue to remove some of the scar<br />

<strong>and</strong> stimulate collagen remodelling to create healthy new skin in its place. It is<br />

important to establish that a fully trained medical practitioner carries out any laser<br />

therapy with experience in improving scars.<br />

However, smaller gestures can be made to improve scars. A course of steroid<br />

injections can help to soften <strong>and</strong> flatten a hypertrophic or keloid scar.<br />

Pressure garments are most often used for burn scars, under supervision,<br />

once the wound has healed. They are made to fit like a second skin <strong>and</strong> it is<br />

thought the continuous pressure on the surface blood vessels allow the scars to<br />

become softer, flatter <strong>and</strong> paler.<br />

Low-dose, superficial radiotherapy may reduce the recurrence rate of<br />

hypertrophic <strong>and</strong> keloid scars after surgery, <strong>and</strong> cryotherapy uses specialist<br />

equipment to freeze the scar tissue using liquid nitrogen. Dermabrasion can be<br />

used to reduce irregularities by removal of the surface of the skin with specialist<br />

equipment. It may be helpful where the scar is raised above the level of the<br />

surrounding skin but is less useful when the scar is sunken or pitted.<br />

In the case of pitting, dermal fillers can be injected to build up the level of the<br />

skin. However, the effect is temporary <strong>and</strong> injections need to be repeated at<br />

regular intervals.<br />

At-home treatment<br />

Both waterproof <strong>and</strong> flexible, silicone gel sheets look <strong>and</strong> feel like transparent<br />

gelatine <strong>and</strong> work by flattening, softening <strong>and</strong> fading red <strong>and</strong> raised scars. They<br />

are comfortable to wear <strong>and</strong> easy to apply, even on awkward areas such as<br />

joints, <strong>and</strong> can be cut to fit. It works by moisturising <strong>and</strong> covering the scar area,<br />

helping to reduce size <strong>and</strong> improve the colour <strong>and</strong> elasticity. csbm<br />

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scarring<br />

reduce scarring<br />

with Stratamed<br />

Stratamed is a<br />

breakthrough<br />

treatment for faster<br />

wound healing <strong>and</strong><br />

abnormal scar<br />

prevention. It’s<br />

easy to use <strong>and</strong> can<br />

improve the visible<br />

outcomes of other<br />

cosmetic procedures.<br />

Caitlin Bishop<br />

reports.<br />

Scarring is a major consideration of cosmetic surgery patients. While the<br />

benefits of surgery <strong>and</strong> certain ablative non-surgical procedures can<br />

help rejuvenate the face <strong>and</strong> revitalise the complexion, the possibility of<br />

scarring post-procedure can sometimes detract from the final result.<br />

Stratamed is a breakthrough in post-procedure care <strong>and</strong> abnormal scar<br />

therapy. It is designed to accelerate tissue healing <strong>and</strong> prevent abnormal scar<br />

formation. It is the first semi-occlusive, self-drying, transparent silicone gel<br />

dressing, which can be applied on compromised skin directly after a procedure<br />

or skin trauma.<br />

Stratamed creates an optimal environment for faster wound healing. It helps<br />

reduce the inflammatory response <strong>and</strong> re-epithelialise, or lay down skin on the<br />

wound bed.<br />

Once applied, Stratamed self dries to form a full contact, flexible, protective<br />

sheet that bonds to the injured skin. Stratamed is bacteriostatic; it stops bacteria<br />

from reproducing <strong>and</strong> protects the wound from chemical <strong>and</strong> microbial invasion.<br />

Unlike fully occlusive medications, for example, petrolatum, Stratamed allows<br />

the wound <strong>and</strong> scar to breathe while remaining hydrated <strong>and</strong> protected.<br />

Stratamed does not adhere strongly to the healing tissue. This semi-occlusive<br />

effect works to protect the wound site, but also helps to improve hydration <strong>and</strong><br />

speed up healing.<br />

During the healing process, Stratamed restores the barrier function of<br />

the outer-most epithelial layer – called the stratum corneum – <strong>and</strong> prevents<br />

dehydration of the skin. This allows the migration of skin cells across the wound<br />

bed for faster recovery.<br />

Stratamed feels good<br />

The application of Stratamed provides relief to symptoms of redness,<br />

discolouration, itching, discomfort <strong>and</strong> pain. It is easy to apply <strong>and</strong> can be<br />

used immediately after all dermatological interventions such as laser treatment,<br />

dermal abrasion, chemical peels, tattoo removal <strong>and</strong> surgery.<br />

The best results are achieved when Stratamed is in continuous contact with<br />

the skin – literally 24/7 – in the days <strong>and</strong> weeks following a procedure or skin<br />

trauma. For more information visit www.stratamed.com. csbm<br />

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scarring<br />

Ask<br />

the facial<br />

plastic surgeon<br />




How important is scar minimisation as part of your<br />

work as a facial plastic surgeon?<br />

Scar minimisation is crucial, it is the signature an artist puts on his<br />

painting. It appears to be the one single aspect of surgery that raises the<br />

most concerns in the patient.<br />

Almost all patients invariably raise concerns about the scar when<br />

undergoing any form of surgery, let alone aesthetic surgery.<br />

Stratamed is a<br />

breakthrough in<br />

post-procedure care<br />

<strong>and</strong> abnormal scar<br />

therapy<br />

How do you approach surgery in order to minimise<br />

scarring?<br />

The patient’s personal history relating to their skin type, thickness <strong>and</strong><br />

previous keloids should be checked, as well as medications <strong>and</strong> drugs<br />

that infl uence the repair processes. To minimise skin scarring, the<br />

incision needs to be placed within natural facial or low tension lines<br />

<strong>and</strong> accurate incisions. Careful h<strong>and</strong>ling of the skin edges with delicate<br />

instrumentation helps.<br />

What scar treatments do you use following surgery in<br />

your practice?<br />

Following surgery, ointment usually prevents cicatrisation of the incisions,<br />

<strong>and</strong> silicone ointment has been shown to be useful for this. Other early<br />

treatments may include local antibiotic creams, minimising trauma to the<br />

incision <strong>and</strong> keeping the incision site clean. Taping the incision to reduce<br />

tension is sometimes needed.<br />

How does Stratamed <strong>and</strong> Strataderm fit in with your<br />

treatment protocols?<br />

Strataderm appears to help reduce raised or thickened scars if used<br />

regularly over 4-8 weeks post-operation. Stratamed has been useful to<br />

place early in the postoperative scar while still healing. I have also found<br />

it to be useful on early laser wounds to prevent drying <strong>and</strong> crusting. It is<br />

well tolerated <strong>and</strong> I have not seen it excite any infl ammatory response,<br />

which is good.<br />

How long have you been recommending these<br />

products?<br />

I have been using silicone preparations for approximately a decade <strong>and</strong><br />

Strataderm for about fi ve years.<br />

I have not had any complaints from any patients about the use of<br />

topical silicone preparations <strong>and</strong> their feedback overall has been positive.<br />

For more information visit www.shirecosmetic.com.au<br />

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genital<br />


WOMEN<br />

with choice<br />







All women are born with differently shaped genitalia,<br />

however the effects of childbirth <strong>and</strong> ageing can<br />

cause many to suffer from problems that make them<br />

self-conscious <strong>and</strong> unhappy, often affecting relationships<br />

with their sexual partners.<br />

‘The function <strong>and</strong> form of the different parts of the vagina<br />

are closely linked to the female psyche <strong>and</strong> the perception of<br />

self in terms of attractiveness,’ says Adelaide gynaecologist<br />

<strong>and</strong> pelvic reconstruction surgeon Dr Oseka Onuma.<br />

‘As women become more aware that it is possible<br />

to correct potentially “embarrassing” problems, female<br />

genital surgery is increasing in popularity,’ he adds ‘These<br />

days women are less willing to accept changes in genital<br />

anatomy resulting from pregnancy, childbirth <strong>and</strong> ageing.<br />

They are less likely to have the attitude “it’s just part of being<br />

a woman”.’<br />

Every organ within the female pelvic fl oor is subject to<br />

stress – from gravity or from the delivery of a baby. Muscle,<br />

connective tissue <strong>and</strong> epithelium can break, tear, stretch<br />

<strong>and</strong> lose their elasticity, resulting in functional impairments.<br />

The organs within the female pelvic fl oor that can be<br />


Oversized, elongated or asymmetrical labia minora –<br />

the inner vaginal lips which surround the entrance to<br />

the vagina – can cause irritation <strong>and</strong> discomfort when<br />

wearing certain clothes, <strong>and</strong> during sporting activities<br />

or sex.<br />

According to Dr Onuma, women often identify an<br />

apparent problem with their labia early in their teenage<br />

years, or notice gradual changes with thickening as<br />

well as elongation over time.<br />

Laser reduction labioplasty can sculpt an elongated<br />

or unequal labia minora according to the patient’s<br />

wishes. ‘There is a wide variation in the appearance<br />

of the external genitalia, so no one look is normal,’ Dr<br />

Onuma says.<br />

‘The vulvar structures (including the labia minora,<br />

labia majora, mons pubis, perineum, entrance to the<br />

vagina <strong>and</strong> hymen) can be surgically enhanced, both<br />

functionally <strong>and</strong> aesthetically.’<br />

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Laser Vaginal<br />

Rejuvenation TM<br />

subject to prolapse include the urethra, bladder, uterus,<br />

vaginal walls, perineum <strong>and</strong> labia minora. All can present<br />

as a lump or mass that was not previously visible or noted<br />

by the woman.<br />

Common symptoms of vaginal wall prolapse or<br />

relaxation include a lump, a ‘dragging’ within the vagina<br />

or lower back, urinary incontinence, the need to empty<br />

the bladder frequently <strong>and</strong>/or with urgency, pain <strong>and</strong>/or<br />

reduced sensation during intercourse.<br />

Another problem is female stress urinary incontinence,<br />

caused predominantly by an improperly functioning urethra.<br />

When a woman suffers from this condition, weakened<br />

muscle <strong>and</strong> pelvic tissue don’t adequately support the<br />

urethra. As a result, the urethra doesn’t maintain a tight seal<br />

during exercise or exertion such as coughing or laughing<br />

<strong>and</strong> urine may escape.<br />

‘Beyond pelvic floor retraining <strong>and</strong> physiotherapy, there<br />

is now a range of minimal-access surgical options available<br />

that can address <strong>and</strong> hopefully resolve these problems,’<br />

says Dr Onuma.<br />

Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) can enhance vaginal<br />

muscle tone, strength <strong>and</strong> control. According to Dr Onuma,<br />

the laser techniques deliver gentle precision procedures<br />

with controlled accuracy <strong>and</strong> result in rapid healing, minimal<br />

pain <strong>and</strong> scarring, relatively fast recovery <strong>and</strong> allow for<br />

improved sensation <strong>and</strong> resumption of daily activities in a<br />

relatively short period of time.<br />

The procedure is performed in a fully accredited hospital<br />

to monitor any discomfort. After the procedure, the<br />

amount of time away from work depends on the type of<br />

work the patient does. ‘An office worker could return to<br />

work after two weeks; someone doing more physical work<br />

such as lifting or remaining on their feet for long periods<br />

normally returns to work after four to six weeks,’ he says.<br />

Total healing of surface <strong>and</strong> connective tissues along with<br />

damaged muscle may take up to six weeks.<br />

Most patients report mild discomfort which can be<br />

controlled by analgesics <strong>and</strong> cold packs to the area during<br />

the first week after the operation.<br />

Dr Onuma says LVR is a procedure with a relatively low<br />

risk, provided the surgeon is skilled <strong>and</strong> experienced. But<br />

as with any surgery, prior to the operation there should be a<br />

thorough discussion between the surgeon <strong>and</strong> the patient<br />

about the operation techniques <strong>and</strong> likely outcomes.<br />

‘No woman should suffer embarrassment or feel inhibited<br />

in her relationship with her partner due to the appearance<br />

of her vagina or physical sexual dysfunction,’ Dr Onuma<br />

says. ‘The importance of reassuring the woman that she is<br />

not alone in her genital issues <strong>and</strong> that there are options for<br />

improving her quality of life cannot be over-emphasised,’ he<br />

concludes. csbm<br />


• Aesthetic <strong>and</strong> functional<br />

labial surgery<br />

• Curing urinary incontinence<br />

• Restoring pelvic support<br />

• Enhancing sexual gratification<br />

• Resolving menstrual dysfunction<br />


Empowering women with<br />

knowledge, choice <strong>and</strong><br />

access to world class care<br />

Dr Oseka Onuma<br />



Gynaecologist &<br />

Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation<br />

Institute of Adelaide<br />

Robe Terrace Specialist Centre Suite<br />

4 Robe Terrace, Medindie<br />

South Australia 5081<br />

Phone 08 8344 6085<br />

Facsimile 08 8344 6087<br />

Email reception@dronuma.com.au<br />

www.dronuma.com.au<br />


genital<br />

Non-invasive<br />

vaginal<br />

tightening<br />

MonaLisa Touch is a surgery-free laser treatment that helps restore<br />

vaginal tissue <strong>and</strong> address certain gynaecological concerns. Caitlin<br />

Bishop reports.<br />

MonaLisa Touch, distributed in Australia by High Tech Laser, is a new<br />

non-surgical way to treat vaginal atrophy – a condition that causes<br />

symptoms including incontinence, poor lubrication, itching, dryness<br />

<strong>and</strong> pain during intercourse. MonaLisa Touch can also be used for aesthetic<br />

purposes, to counter the effects of ageing <strong>and</strong> achieve a rejuvenating effect by<br />

restoring vaginal tissue.<br />

‘MonaLisa Touch helps patients suffering from symptoms such as urinary<br />

incontinence, painful intercourse, dryness, itchiness, burning, vulval <strong>and</strong> vaginal<br />

pain, prolapse <strong>and</strong> laxity or looseness,’ explains Dr Fariba Behnia-Willison, a<br />

gynaecologist from South Australia. ‘These symptoms are part of a common<br />

condition known as vaginal atrophy. It can also be used for vaginal rejuvenation.’<br />

90 www.cosbeauty.com.au

genital<br />

Almost all of my<br />

patients notice<br />

a significant<br />

improvement after a<br />

MonaLisa Touch<br />

procedure<br />

The versatility of MonaLisa Touch stems from the technology it uses to<br />

improve the genital mucosa <strong>and</strong> restore proper function in the treatment area.<br />

Using laser light, the MonaLisa Touch probe – which is inserted into the vagina<br />

– delivers thermal energy into the deeper layers of the vaginal tissue. This kickstarts<br />

the body’s natural processes to increase blood flow <strong>and</strong> stimulate the<br />

formation of collagen, which improves the integrity <strong>and</strong> elasticity of the genital<br />

mucosa. This can be effective in alleviating vaginal pain in those patients<br />

experiencing gynaecological problems or vaginal atrophy, or in simply tightening<br />

the vaginal walls for a rejuvenating effect.<br />

‘To put it in simple terms, the MonaLisa Touch procedure stimulates the<br />

body’s natural processes,’ Dr Behnia-Willison explains. ‘It creates more hydrated<br />

<strong>and</strong> healthy cells which help to increase vascularisation, hydration <strong>and</strong> acidity,<br />

which are important components of vaginal health.’<br />

According to Dr Behnia-Willison, a treatment to improve vaginal function is<br />

sought by a significant number of patients, of many different ages. ‘Although<br />

many of my patients are going through menopause or are post-menopausal,<br />

there are also many younger women suffering from similar symptoms,’ she says.<br />

‘I have found the treatment particularly effective for women who find it painful to<br />

have sexual intercourse.’<br />

MonaLisa Touch delivers thermal heating at specific depths in the tissue to<br />

achieve an optimum, targeted result. Also, the fractionated effect means there<br />

are areas of untouched tissue left between laser columns. This healthy tissue<br />

helps promote healing <strong>and</strong> reduce downtime after treatment.<br />

‘The advantage of the MonaLisa Touch procedure, for both results <strong>and</strong> safety,<br />

is that it uses a fractionated CO 2<br />

laser, which means the heat is deposited at<br />

the ideal depth in the tissue,’ Dr Behnia-Willison explains. ‘And because it is a<br />

fractional laser treatment it leaves most of the superficial layer untouched, which<br />

is important from a safety perspective.’<br />

The treatment itself is non-invasive <strong>and</strong> requires no anaesthesia. Often, a<br />

series of treatments is recommended to achieve the best results. ‘MonaLisa<br />

Touch is a straightforward <strong>and</strong> simple procedure. It involves a probe being<br />

placed inside the vagina <strong>and</strong> the fractionated CO 2<br />

energy being delivered to the<br />

vaginal tissue,’ says Dr Behnia-Willison.<br />

‘The published research has shown that the best results are obtained from<br />

three MonaLisa Touch treatments, performed a month apart. Most patients<br />

notice a significant improvement after the first procedure. I also recommend to<br />

patients they may need a follow-up procedure every year or so, after the initial<br />

course of treatments.’<br />

As with any medical procedure, there are some potential risks with the<br />

MonaLisa Touch treatment. ‘In my experience, which is similar to that of<br />

overseas practitioners, the likelihood of post-treatment complications following<br />

a MonaLisa Touch treatment is minimal,’ she says. ‘The worst side effect I have<br />

seen has been some mild discomfort for 12 to 24 hours following the procedure,<br />

but this is in only a h<strong>and</strong>ful of patients <strong>and</strong> I have now performed more than<br />

1,000 MonaLisa Touch treatments.’<br />

Whether you’re looking to relieve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, or seeking<br />

a rejuvenating effect, MonaLisa Touch is a viable option, backed by clinical<br />

research <strong>and</strong> a history of success in a gynaecological setting.<br />

‘Almost all of my patients notice a significant improvement following the<br />

MonaLisa Touch procedure – some have even described the treatment as lifechanging,’<br />

says Dr Behnia-Willison. ‘I hope it becomes the new st<strong>and</strong>ard of care<br />

for the many women suffering from these often painful symptoms that can effect<br />

their everyday life. It certainly has in my practice.’ csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 91

eauty & spa<br />

Train<br />

your<br />

skin<br />

The cooler months are the<br />

perfect time to TAke your skin to<br />

boot camp <strong>and</strong> get it back in top<br />

form. aimÉe surtenich reports.<br />

Weekly regimens involving active skincare can<br />

replenish, rejuvenate <strong>and</strong> promote cell turnover,<br />

while masks <strong>and</strong> peels for treating pigmentation,<br />

melasma <strong>and</strong> wrinkles can revive your skin after the long,<br />

hot summer. So what are the cool climes skin boosters that<br />

will help you get your skin fighting fit throughout winter?<br />

A serious skin routine incorporates a variety of layering<br />

strategies <strong>and</strong> techniques to diminish fine lines <strong>and</strong><br />

wrinkles; fade pigmentation <strong>and</strong> age spots; firm sagging<br />

skin; minimise uneven skin tone; <strong>and</strong> improve breakouts.<br />

A few extra minutes every day spent with your skin<br />

rejuvenation products will turn a basic skincare routine into<br />

a serious skincare regime that will comprehensively address<br />

an array of skin issues.<br />

92 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

1.<br />

Clean<br />

Cleansers are an essential step in any effective skincare program.<br />

Choose a simple, gentle cleansing product that will effectively remove<br />

dirt, makeup <strong>and</strong> excess oil. Maintaining the evening cleansing step<br />

is the most important of them all to wash away the day’s wear <strong>and</strong><br />

tear on the face. Try something with glycolic acid or AHA for added<br />

skin-refining <strong>and</strong> anti-ageing benefits.<br />

1. Societe Deep Thermal Cleanser, $79.20<br />

2. Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser, $49<br />

3. Napoleon Balm Voyage Moisture Complex Cleanser<br />

<strong>and</strong> Makeup Remover, $59<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 93

eauty & spa<br />

Exfoliate<br />

After cleansing, the next most beneficial strategy<br />

to incorporate into your serious skincare regime is<br />

exfoliation. Removing the old skin cells that collect on<br />

the surface of the skin encourages the growth of new<br />

cells, revitalising your skin.<br />

You can choose to use a mechanical exfoliation<br />

method, which is a granular scrub style, or a chemical<br />

exfoliant. The abrasiveness of a microdermabrasion<br />

scrub is quite effective in removing the outermost layer<br />

of dead skin cells that collect on the surface of the<br />

skin.Mechanical exfoliation can be integrated into your<br />

routine directly after the cleansing step once or twice<br />

a week.<br />

There are several opportunities to integrate chemical<br />

<strong>and</strong> enzyme exfoliants such as an alpha hydroxy or<br />

beta hydroxy acid, or Vitamin A (Retinol, Tretinoin <strong>and</strong><br />

Retinyl Palmitate). These are good for fine lines <strong>and</strong><br />

wrinkles <strong>and</strong> should be included in any serious skincare<br />

rejuvenation plan.<br />

A good exfoliant, microdermabrasion or peel can<br />

truly work wonders on jaded skin, removing dead cells<br />

<strong>and</strong> revitalising the complexion. Do bear in mind that a<br />

scrub doesn’t have to be harsh or very grainy to work.<br />

In fact, a product that is too harsh or is used with too<br />

much enthusiasm can do more harm than good <strong>and</strong><br />

granular scrubs can exacerbate problems such as<br />

redness <strong>and</strong> broken veins.<br />

1. Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm Fort, $79.95<br />

2. ASAP Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub, $49<br />

3. Paulas’s Choice Resist Weekly Retexturizing<br />

Foaming Treatment 4% BHA, $45<br />

1.<br />

2. 3.<br />

94 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

Masks & peels<br />

A regular face mask can keep skin in tip-top<br />

condition. Refining masks can the achieve the<br />

removal of the older, outermost layer of skin,<br />

which stimulates new skin cell growth.<br />

An occasional home or in-salon peel can<br />

also be a beneficial strategy to substitute for an<br />

exfoliation treatment for some skin types.<br />

1. Babor Energizing Lime M<strong>and</strong>arin Invigorating<br />

Peeling Gel, $55, 2. Clinique Moisture Surge<br />

Overnight Mask, $47, 3. Paulas’s Choice<br />

Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask, $30,<br />

4. Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising<br />

Cream Mask, $50, 5. Aspect Exfoliating Clay<br />

Mask, $55, 6. Babor Skinovage Intensifier<br />

Refreshing Foam Mask, $67, 7. Sisley Express<br />

Flower Gel Mask, $150, 8. Elixabeth Arden<br />

Visible Difference Peel & Reveal Revitalizing<br />

Mask, $55, 9. Raccine Ultimate Hydra<br />

Perfection Gentle Refining Scrub Mask, $44<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 95

feature beauty & spa<br />



& PROTECT<br />

The winter months usually bring the diffi cult<br />

duo of cold weather <strong>and</strong> heating, which<br />

combine to suck moisture from skin, chapping<br />

lips <strong>and</strong> cheeks. This is not only unsightly but<br />

can also be very uncomfortable. A decent<br />

moisturiser is essential in winter, <strong>and</strong> you may<br />

fi nd you need to change to a richer one as<br />

your skin battles the elements.<br />

Moisturising gives your skin the arsenal it<br />

needs to ignite <strong>and</strong> sustain the rejuvenation<br />

process. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a super<br />

additive to lock moisture into the skin. Try an<br />

HA serum with an SPF moisturiser over the<br />

top for a plumping day-time concoction.<br />

Peptides are known for their rejuvenation<br />

<strong>and</strong> repair properties, such as copper<br />

or hexapeptides, so they come highly<br />

recommended. Be warned that many of<br />

the anti-ageing ingredients, such as Vitamin<br />

A, AHA or BHA, greatly increase the skin’s<br />

sensitivity to the sun.<br />

Find a different skin rejuvenating moisturiser<br />

for day <strong>and</strong> for night that work well in synergy.<br />

For instance, if you are incorporating antiageing<br />

duo Vitamin C <strong>and</strong> copper peptide,<br />

use them at different times because they<br />

neutralise each other’s effective qualities.<br />

Don’t forget the all-important SPF, though.<br />

An incredible 80 to 90 percent of what we<br />

perceive to be the signs of ageing (wrinkles,<br />

dryness) are actually caused by sun exposure.<br />

Serums are a great option if you feel your<br />

skin is drying out over the colder months.<br />

There are many to choose from <strong>and</strong> most<br />

contain concentrated levels of benefi cial<br />

ingredients that are easily absorbed. A little<br />

goes a long way too; just apply a drop or two<br />

under your moisturiser to give skin a boost or<br />

use at night for an intensive treatment.<br />

1. Babor Biogen Cellular Ultimate Repair Cream, $274, 2. Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil, $250, 3. Paulas’s Choice<br />

Clinical Ultra-Rich Moisturiser, $46, 4. Jurlique Nutri-Defi ne Multi-Correcting Day Cream, $120, 5. Aspect SMC Super<br />

Moisturising Complex, $79.20, 6. Elixabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Nighttime Miracle Moisturiser, $35,<br />

7. L’Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream, $58, 8. ASAP Ultimate Hydration, $85, 9. Obagi Hydrate Luxe Moisture-Rich<br />

Cream, $79.95, 10. ASAP Anti-Ageing Night Cream, $65, 11. Raccine Ultimate Hydra Perfection Illuminating Cream,<br />

$44, 12. Ultraceuticals Ultra Moisturiser Cream, $72, 13. Indermica Oxyderm Wrinkle Cream, $189, 14. Sukin Moisture<br />

Restoring Night Cream, $19.95, 15. Dr Lewinn’s Private Formula Day Cream Moisturiser Light SPF 15, $49.95, 16. Dr<br />

Lewinn’s Advanced Night Cream, $49.95.<br />

96 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

7.<br />

10. 11. 12.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

15.<br />

16.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 97

eauty & spa<br />

4.<br />

1.<br />

2. 3.<br />

1. Lancome Rénergie Multi-Lift, $147, 2. Lancome Advanced Génifi que Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator<br />

Youth Activating Concentrate, $95, 3. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye<br />

Serum 60 capsules, $125, 4. PCA Skin Collagen Hydrator, $55, 5. Babor Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid 7x2ml,<br />

$93, 6. Inskin <strong>Cosmetic</strong>s 818 One Truth Anti-Ageing Serum, $299, 7. Paula’s Choice Resist Intensive<br />

Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum, $52, 8. CR Formulations Berry Boost Serum, $89, 9. CR Formulations<br />

Silk & Pearl Peptide Serum, $79, 10. La Mav Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar, $49.95, 11. Indermica<br />

Wrinkle Repair Serum, $116, 12. ASAP Radiance Serum, $89, 13. ASAP Super B Complex, $89, 14. Jing<br />

Qi Shen Diamond Rainbows Fire Intensive Repair Elixir, $300, 15. Dr Lewinn’s Private Formula Miracle<br />

Radiance Renewal Serum, $49.95, 16. Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm, $80<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

5.<br />

6. 7. 8. 9.<br />

98 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

12. 13. 14. 15. 16.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 99

eauty & spa<br />

Blitz the<br />

BULGE!<br />





When you’ve worked hard at the gym, booked your spray tan<br />

<strong>and</strong> picked the dress, it can be disheartening to discover a<br />

few extra centimetres on your body the day before a big event.<br />

With a reduction of your total body circumference guaranteed<br />

after one visit, the International Body Wrap is your best friend for<br />

last-minute centimetre blitzing.<br />

And the best part? The treatment is free if you don’t drop the<br />

minimum 15cm.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> with benefi ts<br />

• Guaranteed loss of 15cm<br />

• Improved circulation<br />

• Smoother skin<br />

• Removal of toxins<br />

The power of clay<br />

As the clay particles become<br />

hydrated, they exp<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> are<br />

able to absorb many times their<br />

own weight in body toxins. The<br />

solution acts as a magnet for<br />

many toxic elements present in<br />

the body such as free radicals,<br />

<strong>and</strong> draws out toxins <strong>and</strong><br />

impurities from the body while<br />

cleansing your skin.<br />

What is it?<br />

The treatment involves being wrapped head to toe with b<strong>and</strong>ages<br />

soaked in natural Dead Sea clay to cleanse <strong>and</strong> detoxify your body of<br />

impurities such as toxins <strong>and</strong> free radicals. After your body is measured<br />

<strong>and</strong> marked up so that centimetre loss can be calculated after the<br />

treatment, the b<strong>and</strong>ages are wound around your body <strong>and</strong> a vinyl suit<br />

is worn for warmth <strong>and</strong> comfort while the power of clay gets to work<br />

over the next hour.<br />

Historically known for its cleansing <strong>and</strong> detoxifi cation qualities,<br />

the clay used to draw toxins out of the body is the key culprit<br />

in the resulting dramatic centimetre reduction. After an hour, not<br />

only is your skin softer, fi rmer <strong>and</strong> more toned but the skin tissue<br />

is also compressed <strong>and</strong> the soft fatty tissues are compacted,<br />

resulting in the reduction of your body circumference.<br />

Your body is smaller, trimmer <strong>and</strong> more toned-looking, all<br />

without the aid of a personal trainer. And if you’re thinking the<br />

reason is due to dehydration <strong>and</strong> water loss, think again: the<br />

centimetres lost are not a result of water loss <strong>and</strong> should last at<br />

least 30 days – <strong>and</strong> up to 12 months if you have a healthy lifestyle<br />

<strong>and</strong> don’t put on any weight.<br />

Where?<br />

Head to Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon, Double Bay, Sydney for the International<br />

Body Wrap <strong>and</strong> other rejuvenating <strong>and</strong> anti-ageing treatments. Phone<br />

0410 627 767 or visit www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au. csbm<br />

100 www.cosbeauty.com.au


Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon offers only the very best treatments available,<br />

including the International Body Wrap which improves the appearance<br />

of cellulite, stretch marks <strong>and</strong> scar tissue <strong>and</strong> is guaranteed to take 15<br />

centimetres off your entire body size - or your money back!<br />

With highly trained aestheticians <strong>and</strong> stunning surroundings, any<br />

treatment you have at Nicole’s <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon will be a luxurious<br />

experience you’ll long for time <strong>and</strong> time again.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />


feature beauty & spa<br />

Straight<br />

from the salon<br />


102 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty feature & spa<br />

Joseph<br />

Mourad on<br />

Hair stylist to the stars<br />

Joseph Mourad has invented<br />

a game-changing device<br />

– the first <strong>and</strong> only combined<br />

hair dryer, straightener <strong>and</strong><br />

styler. Caitlin Bishop reports.<br />

There’s nothing better than a salon blow dry <strong>and</strong><br />

straighten – but, for a style that seems so easily done<br />

in-salon, the same look can become near impossible<br />

to achieve at home. Not any longer.<br />

Joseph Mourad is an established <strong>and</strong> celebrity-renowned<br />

hairdresser in Sydney’s Double Bay. Now, he’s released a<br />

game-changing invention after 10 years in development –<br />

the first <strong>and</strong> only hair dryer <strong>and</strong> straightener combined.<br />

The frustration associated with DIY styling is down to<br />

coordination, Mourad believes. The secret behind that<br />

fresh-from-the-salon look is the ability to move seamlessly<br />

between a blowdryer, brush <strong>and</strong> straightener. The answer?<br />

Mourad has combined these three tools into one device.<br />

With hot plates for straightening, hot air vents for blowdrying<br />

<strong>and</strong> attachable brush bristles, Mourad’s system dries<br />

hair, adds volume <strong>and</strong> straightens or styles for a smooth,<br />

slick finish.<br />


Joseph Mourad presented his<br />

product on the entrepreneurial show<br />

SHARK TANK on Channel 10 last<br />

season. Here’s an excerpt from<br />

what one of the “sharks” (akajudges)<br />

Naomi Simson had to say:<br />

‘For more than 30 years as a stylist,<br />

Joseph Mourad has pondered why<br />

people cannot get a salon quality<br />

blow dry at home,’ Simson says.<br />

‘Joseph has invented a cross<br />

between a hairdryer <strong>and</strong> a<br />

straightening iron – he spent close<br />

to $800k developing his invention....<br />

<strong>and</strong> beautifully designed device.’<br />

For more information on this<br />

revolutionary DIY styling device,<br />

call 02 9328 2277 or visit<br />

www.josephmourad.com.au<br />

Transform your look in minutes,<br />

whether you’re after slick <strong>and</strong><br />

straight shine, soft waves <strong>and</strong><br />

body, or large, flowing curls.<br />

Most importantly, it’s fast. Mourad’s device can transform<br />

your look in only minutes, whether you’re after slick <strong>and</strong><br />

straight shine, soft waves <strong>and</strong> body, or large, flowing curls.<br />

The blowdryer, brush <strong>and</strong> straightener can be used<br />

as a combined system, or separately as a st<strong>and</strong>-alone<br />

blowdryer or straightener. In short, this is an all-inone<br />

solution to DIY styling. Mourad’s invention brings<br />

professional styling home with you; it’s easy to use <strong>and</strong><br />

achieves fast, runway-ready results. csbm<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 103

eauty & spa<br />

Winter<br />

body<br />

care<br />

The skin on your body<br />

deserves some extra<br />

pampering in the cooler<br />

months to keep it soft<br />

<strong>and</strong> smooth. AimÉe<br />

Surtenich reports.<br />

With a wardrobe of leather boots,<br />

tailored coats <strong>and</strong> luxurious<br />

fabrics, winter is definitely the<br />

more sophisticated sister of the seasons.<br />

But hydrated <strong>and</strong> supple skin doesn’t come<br />

so easy in cooler weather.<br />

Skin suffers the most in winter; low levels<br />

of moisture in the air <strong>and</strong> blustery winds can<br />

cause our skin to become dry <strong>and</strong> irritated.<br />

Now’s the time to pull out all the stops <strong>and</strong><br />

start the pampering process.<br />

104 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

Bath oils<br />

Shower gels<br />

Instead of hitting the snooze button, give<br />

yourself a hit of energy by lathering up<br />

with a freshly scented shower gel. Citrus<br />

oil is said to have anti-anxiety <strong>and</strong> antidepressive<br />

effects in aromatherapy, so<br />

a fresh citrus-smelling shower gel will<br />

invigorate the senses to give you that getup-<strong>and</strong>-go.<br />

Other scents such as mint, lime,<br />

peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, grapefruit<br />

<strong>and</strong> orange are zesty <strong>and</strong> enlivening scents<br />

to wake you up for the day ahead.<br />

Opt for a wash-off moisturiser if you’re<br />

looking for something that will soothe your<br />

dry winter skin.<br />

The steam from a warm shower<br />

relaxes the surface of the skin <strong>and</strong> allows<br />

moisturisers to infiltrate the deeper layers to<br />

really boost hydration levels.<br />

Baths are the crème de la crème of relaxation. Create your<br />

own aromatherapy session, indulging in scents such as<br />

lavender, honey, vanilla, rose or jasmine to soothe the senses.<br />

Milk has been the a body beautifier for centuries, used by<br />

kings <strong>and</strong> queens to keep them looking as youthful as<br />

possible. Bath milk lightly moisturises the whole body <strong>and</strong><br />

blankets the skin with nutrients.<br />

Exfoliators<br />

Body scrubs are a great way to get rid<br />

of dry skin <strong>and</strong> get the blood circulating<br />

around the body. Sea salt body scrubs<br />

prime the skin for products such as<br />

moisturiser by removing dead skin<br />

cells <strong>and</strong> dirt particles, ensuring that<br />

the active components of the product<br />

are deeply penetrated into the layers of<br />

the skin.<br />

No time for a total body scrub<br />

session? Chemical exfoliators contain<br />

mild acids that remove dead skin cells,<br />

creating a slight tingling sensation on<br />

application that only lasts a few minutes.<br />

Scents in exfoliating creams are often<br />

activated as they are applied to the skin<br />

– which make for an energising start to<br />

a slow winter morning.<br />

Exfoliation is an important part of<br />

rejuvenating the skin (not to mention<br />

imperative for winter faux-tan prep).<br />

Whichever exfoliator you use, make<br />

sure to follow it up with a moisturiser for<br />

skin that is soft <strong>and</strong> smooth.<br />

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.<br />

1. La Mav Coffee Bean Body Scrub, $29.95, 2. Sunescape Hydrating Shower Gel, $19.95, 3. Sanctuary Spa Green<br />

Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash, $14.99, 4. L’Occitane Revitalizing Body Cream Scrub, $45, 5. Sanctuary Spa<br />

Hot Sugar Scrub, $19.99<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 105

eauty & spa<br />

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.<br />

Moisturisers<br />

If you only buy one body product this winter, make it a moisturiser. Everyone’s skin behaves differently from season to<br />

season, so look for a richer <strong>and</strong> more intensive moisturiser for skin in winter <strong>and</strong> a lighter one in summer.<br />

Barrier is the word de jour. In healthy skin the top layer (epidermis) has a seal around the cells to trap moisture, known<br />

as a barrier function. Dryness, cold <strong>and</strong> sensitising products wreak havoc on this natural function <strong>and</strong> can lead to rashes,<br />

itching <strong>and</strong> skin conditions such as eczema, so you need products to bolster your skin’s defences. Using or adding a richer<br />

cream or oil into your routine will help to nourish <strong>and</strong> nurture your skin back to health.<br />

Scented moisturisers can be a great substitute for perfume, <strong>and</strong> chances are your favourite br<strong>and</strong> of perfume<br />

has a lotion in the same scent. If it’s not heavy duty enough for your skin, mix it with a rich fragrance-free lotion to<br />

keep your skin smooth <strong>and</strong> smelling sweet.<br />

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.<br />

1. Sisley Restorative Fluid Body Cream, $180<br />

2. Paula’s Choice Resist Retinol Skin-Smoothing Body Treatment, $40<br />

3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Body Treatment, $35<br />

4. Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil, $62<br />

5. Sunescape Hydrating Body Butter, $29.95<br />

6. Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter, $58<br />

7. TanOrganic Multi-Use Dry Oil, $42.50<br />

8. Jurlique Clarity H<strong>and</strong> Lotion, $80<br />

9. Babor Shaping Firming Body Lotion, $81<br />

10. L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil, $54.25<br />

11. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion - Deep Restore, $5.25<br />

12. Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Advanced Strength, $9.99<br />

13. Essano Rosehip Intensive Hydrating Body Lotion, $16.99<br />

14. Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion, $19.95<br />

106 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

Winter warmers<br />

Despite the mid-winter chills, who can resist<br />

the lure of a golden summer glow? Here are<br />

some of our favourite tried <strong>and</strong> tested selftanners<br />

to help you go faux like a pro.<br />

Before you begin, make sure you slough<br />

off dead skin cells to extend your tan’s life<br />

<strong>and</strong> also prevent patchy results. Use a buff,<br />

loofah or grainy body scrub to exfoliate,<br />

paying extra attention to drier areas such<br />

as elbows, knees <strong>and</strong> ankles that soak up<br />

colour more intensely.<br />

A word of warning though: a fake tan can<br />

make you look more faux than fabulous in<br />

winter, so remember less is more. It’s easier<br />

to add layers to a conservative tan than<br />

lighten a too-dark job. Alabaster beauties<br />

may benefit more from a moisturiser with<br />

built-in tanner, which will gradually build <strong>and</strong><br />

maintain a holiday glow.<br />

1. Tan Organic Self-Tanning Oil, $42.50,<br />

2. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self<br />

Tanning Smoothing Gel, $23.95,<br />

3. Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Body Skin<br />

Care, $120,<br />

4. Lancome Self Tan Autobronzant Flash<br />

Bronzer, $75<br />

1. 2. 3. 4.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 107

WI<br />

NT<br />

ER<br />

beauty & spa<br />

beauty<br />

108 www.cosbeauty.com.au






Kiss with kapow this season with a bold <strong>and</strong><br />

beautiful lip. Whether it’s warm or cool, make sure it<br />

packs a punch in opaque red, raspberry, plum or<br />

burgundy hues.<br />

Keep eyes glam or neutral as your wardrobe dictates,<br />

but don’t let them steal the limelight from your pout. Eye<br />

makeup should be beautifully blended <strong>and</strong> brows should be<br />

perfectly groomed, with long, defi ned lashes.<br />

Vixen eyes <strong>and</strong> lips only work when you have a perfect<br />

base, so prep your canvas by exfoliating your face before<br />

you apply your makeup. Apply concealer <strong>and</strong> a luminous<br />

foundation using a sponge or brush <strong>and</strong> set it using<br />

translucent powder. Rosy powder or cream blush applied to<br />

the apples of your cheeks adds a romantic fl urry of colour,<br />

defi ning cheekbones <strong>and</strong> imparting a healthy hue.<br />

The look is all about the basics – fl awless<br />

foundation <strong>and</strong> concealer, paired with bold <strong>and</strong><br />

confi dent lips <strong>and</strong> cheeks <strong>and</strong> neutral-toned<br />

eyeshadow, with lashings of black mascara. csbm<br />

BASE<br />

1. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Liquid Foundation in Sable<br />

S<strong>and</strong> $31.95, 2. Eles Retexturizing Face Primer SPF20<br />

$64.25, 3. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 02 $37, 4.<br />

Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda Supreme in Warm<br />

Glow $243, 5. Eles Dual Action Concealer $37.50, 6.<br />

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H $55, 7. Laura Mercier<br />

Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide in Butterscotch $59,<br />

8. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin<br />

24HR in Cream Nude $50, 9. Clinique 2-in-1 Beyond<br />

Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in 18 S<strong>and</strong> $50<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

9.<br />

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.<br />

BLUSH<br />

1. Clarins Multi-Blush in c<strong>and</strong>y $42, 2. Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher in Roses<br />

$12.95, 3. L’Oreal Paris Le Blush in C<strong>and</strong>y Cane Pink $25.95, 4. YSL Blush<br />

Volupté in Héroïne $75, 5. Giorgio Armani Sheer Bronzer in Amber $82<br />

1.<br />

2. 3. 4. 5.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 109

eauty & spa<br />

1.<br />

EYES<br />

1. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Les Ombres Eyeshadow<br />

Quad in Infi niment Bronze $23.95, 2. Giorgio Armani<br />

Eyes to Kill Mascara in Black $57, 3. Napoleon Nude<br />

U Eyes, Cheeks <strong>and</strong> Brows Palette $79, 4. Covergirl<br />

Bombshell Shineshadow in Copper Fling $8.99, 5.<br />

Sisley Phyto 4 Ombres in Mystery #2 $110<br />

2.<br />

3. 4. 5.<br />

110 www.cosbeauty.com.au

eauty & spa<br />

LIPS<br />

6. 7. 8. 9.<br />

1. 2. 3. 4.<br />

5.<br />

1. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lipstick in Persistent Plum $24.95, 2. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited<br />

Lipstick in WN255 $42, 3. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Matte Lipstick in Raspberry<br />

Matte $35, 4. Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist in Coral #7 $50, 5. Ulta3 Moisturising Lipstick in Sweet Current<br />

$2.95, 6. Giorgio Armani Crystal Shine Gloss in Pink 524 $52, 7. Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in<br />

Hot Chocolate $38, 8. Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Rose Noire $50, 9. Eles Microbubble<br />

Lipstick in Blush $39.50<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 111

eauty & spa<br />

FAV<br />

OUR<br />

ITES<br />

Dermaquest Algae<br />

Polishing Scrub $55. This<br />

cooling exfoliator uses<br />

jojoba beads <strong>and</strong> relaxing<br />

algae extracts to clear away<br />

dead skin cells <strong>and</strong> hydrate<br />

the complexion.<br />

EDITOR’S<br />

Benefit Sugarbomb $51.<br />

We love anything from<br />

Benefi t <strong>and</strong> Sugarbomb is no<br />

exception! It combines four<br />

shades – rose, pink, plum<br />

<strong>and</strong> peach – alongside a hint<br />

of shimmer to highlight the<br />

cheekbones <strong>and</strong> make your<br />

complexion sing.<br />

Showpony Hair Extensions with<br />

Clip-in Fringe $110. A fresh-fromthe-salon<br />

look has never been<br />

more achievable! Give yourself the<br />

perfect fringe in minutes with these<br />

natural-looking hair extensions.<br />



Chloé Eau De Parfum<br />

50ml $130. This fragrance<br />

makes the Favourites for its<br />

subtle, fresh <strong>and</strong> crisp scent.<br />

There’s nothing better for<br />

day-to-day wear.<br />

112 www.cosbeauty.com.au

WoodWick C<strong>and</strong>le in Isl<strong>and</strong><br />

Coconut $49.95. This soy<br />

wax c<strong>and</strong>le smells like an<br />

isl<strong>and</strong> holiday! The scent<br />

combines juicy pineapple<br />

<strong>and</strong> milky coconut with<br />

hints of banana <strong>and</strong> vanilla –<br />

tropical getaway, anyone?<br />

beauty & spa<br />

Eles Luminous CC Cream 20 $49.50. It’s lightweight, oil-free<br />

<strong>and</strong> provides sun protection. Not to mention, it’s beautiful to<br />

apply. Don’t be put off by its light colour; the micro-encapsulated<br />

pigments adapt to your skin tone for a fl awless fi nish.<br />

Batiste Strength & Shine Dry<br />

Shampoo 200ml $12.95. A lifesaver<br />

between washes, this dry shampoo<br />

refreshes <strong>and</strong> strengthens hair, while<br />

restoring body <strong>and</strong> shine.<br />

Sunescape Instant Self-Tan<br />

Mousse $39.95. Perfect for<br />

a bronzing on the run, this<br />

hydrating mousse creates a<br />

smooth, natural <strong>and</strong> sunkissed<br />

look in minutes.<br />

Metacell Renewal B3 from SkinCeuticals<br />

50ml, $149. Gentle, hydrating <strong>and</strong><br />

corrective, what’s not to love? This smooth<br />

serum is a cocktail of highly concentrated,<br />

anti-ageing actives, designed to combat<br />

early signs of photoageing.<br />

L’Oreal Elvive Fibralogy Thickness Booster<br />

$9.95. Achieve thicker hair wash after wash,<br />

with this breakthrough range from L’Oreal.<br />

Apply a 50c sized dollop of this to your hair<br />

between shampooing <strong>and</strong> conditioning.<br />

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist in C<strong>and</strong>y #8 $50.<br />

These lippies colour like a lipstick <strong>and</strong> shine<br />

like a gloss. Most importantly, the colour pops!<br />

L’Oreal Elvive Fibralogy<br />

Double Serum 30ml<br />

$9.95. This leave-in<br />

treatment combines<br />

a thickening gel <strong>and</strong><br />

a smoothing serum,<br />

providing the perfect<br />

solution to thicker<br />

looking hair.<br />

QVS Foundation Brush $11.99 <strong>and</strong><br />

QVS Powder Brush $9.99. Say hello to fl awless,<br />

stay-put foundation with these makeup brushes,<br />

creating seamless application <strong>and</strong> easy layering<br />

for optimum coverage.<br />

Giorgio Armani Fluid Master<br />

Primer 30ml $75. This primer<br />

visibly smooths the skin’s<br />

surface, hides those tiredlooking<br />

pores <strong>and</strong> creates the<br />

perfect canvas for immaculate<br />

makeup application.<br />

Model wearing showpony hair extensions<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 113

travel<br />

beautiful<br />

destinations<br />

Step off the fast-paced Bangkok streets <strong>and</strong><br />

you’ll find the thriving metropolis is a haven<br />

for relaxation <strong>and</strong> rejuvenation. We take a<br />

trip to the bustling hub to bask in some R&R.<br />

What many spa devotees have known for years has become<br />

official: a jury of industry insiders <strong>and</strong> journalists has declared<br />

Thail<strong>and</strong> Asia’s spa capital. A rejuvenating spa treatment in<br />

one of Bangkok’s luxurious spas or a traditional Thai massage may just<br />

be the perfect antidote to the sightseeing <strong>and</strong> shopping-your-socks off<br />

the city is notorious for.<br />

Combine the legendary Thai hospitality with ancient healing knowledge, the<br />

exotic tropical surrounds of the city’s decadent hotels <strong>and</strong> spas <strong>and</strong> you have<br />

the ultimate pampering recipe for the pursuit of inner <strong>and</strong> outer beauty.<br />

The conclusion we came to? Spoiling yourself is just unavoidable in Bangkok.<br />

114 www.cosbeauty.com.au

feature travel<br />


3 Rajdamri Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan,<br />

Bangkok 10330, Thail<strong>and</strong><br />

Tel: +66 2209 1234<br />

Email: info@hansarbangkok.com<br />

www.hansarbangkok.com<br />

Driving through the buzzing streets of Bangkok’s shopping district, the sights<br />

<strong>and</strong> sounds suddenly lull as you turn off onto a lush lane en route to the Hansar<br />

Bangkok.<br />

A haven of elegance, contemporary sophistication <strong>and</strong> comfort, the Hansar<br />

Bangkok is a boutique property (part of the Small Luxury Hotels group) at the<br />

cutting edge of customer service <strong>and</strong> a benchmark of modern st<strong>and</strong>ards.<br />

Its ivy-trimmed walls climb towards the sky, providing a stark contrast against<br />

the glass <strong>and</strong> chrome, <strong>and</strong> cocooning against the garish neon lights <strong>and</strong> blaring<br />

horns of Bangkok’s streets. Hansar offers an architectural edge in an aged city,<br />

as does the array of innovative <strong>and</strong> highly spacious suites.<br />

With four unique dining concepts, Hansar Bangkok offers experiences for the<br />

culinary connoisseur. Do not miss the fine dining French Provençal experience<br />

at the upmarket Eve, the newest starlet on the Bangkok dining block. An infinity<br />

edge pool, jacuzzi, spa, fitness centre, l<strong>and</strong>scaped sky terrace, private roof club,<br />

business centre <strong>and</strong> function rooms also provide for the discerning traveller.<br />

Contemporary interiors collide with thoughtful design twists inside the range<br />

of suite configurations. As I enter, a distinctive interior garden wall alive with<br />

tropical greenery greets me from behind a glass-walled courtyard. The verdant<br />

Jim Thompson silk-panelled living area <strong>and</strong> lounge gives way to the plush<br />

bedroom, <strong>and</strong> then the languishing masterpiece that is the bathroom – decked in<br />

a harmonious marriage of wood, water <strong>and</strong> stone. The expansive space features<br />

double sinks, a decadent rainshower <strong>and</strong> free-st<strong>and</strong>ing terrazzo bathtub,<br />

each encased in their own glass compartments. In the living areas a daybed<br />

cantilevered out over the pool soars into the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, an<br />

intimate niche to enjoy a drink while surveying the city lights.<br />

The temple of restoration <strong>and</strong> renewal in the heart of Hansar is its in-house<br />

Luxsa Spa. Luxsa comes from the Sanskrit language <strong>and</strong> means ‘healing –<br />

health through water’. This philosophy, together with the ancient Thai healing<br />

methods based on the four body elements of earth, water, air <strong>and</strong> fire, forms the<br />

basis of the spa’s concept.<br />

A sanctuary for the senses, Luxsa offers an array of holistic treatments – from<br />

soothing aromatherapy with pure Thai essential oils, spices <strong>and</strong> aromas <strong>and</strong><br />

facials using pure Thai ingredients to traditional massages <strong>and</strong> detoxifying body<br />

wraps.<br />

The spa comprises eight treatment suites, <strong>and</strong> I’m led down a hall to a<br />

spacious double spa suite with a private bathroom <strong>and</strong> outdoor jacuzzi for my<br />

treatment. I opt for one of the spa’s signature treatments, the 90-minute Eastern<br />

Blend Massage. It’s a medium to strong massage that combines traditional Thai<br />

techniques using soothing oils <strong>and</strong> targeting pressure points. It was the perfect<br />

remedy to relieve sore <strong>and</strong> tired muscles <strong>and</strong> left me knot- <strong>and</strong> tension-free after<br />

a day sightseeing.<br />

For the height of luxury boutique accommodation that prides itself on lavishing<br />

personal attention on each <strong>and</strong> every visitor who enters its doors, Hansar<br />

Bangkok is Destination Perfect.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 115

travel<br />

Dusit Thani Bangkok<br />

946 Rama IV Road<br />

Bangkok 10500, Thail<strong>and</strong><br />

Tel: +66 0 2200 9000<br />

www.dusit.com<br />

The famed Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel has been a social <strong>and</strong><br />

business institution in Bangkok for 40 years. Even non-English<br />

speaking taxi drivers know exactly where to take you when<br />

you w<strong>and</strong>er, disoriented by bustling Bangkok, into their cabs.<br />

When I arrive at the Dusit Thani, it’s abuzz with excitement as<br />

teenagers eagerly await the arrival of four Korean popstars.<br />

The international hotel st<strong>and</strong>ards of the Dusit Thani<br />

Bangkok, a travel partner of Preferred Hotel Group, are<br />

delivered with distinctive Thai artistry <strong>and</strong> graciousness –<br />

befitting of a hotel that translates in Thai to ‘a town in heaven’.<br />

Ideally located in the heart of Bangkok, it sits adjacent<br />

to Lumpini Park – a green respite in a concrete jungle. My<br />

spacious two-bedroom suite is extravagantly appointed. Two<br />

bedrooms, each with an ensuite, living area <strong>and</strong> dining, make<br />

for plenty of space to spread out shopping acquisitions.<br />

Devarana Spa is an oasis of tranquility within the Dusit<br />

Thani, named from Thai-Sanskrit meaning ‘garden in<br />

heaven’. The contemporary Thai design <strong>and</strong> decor envelops<br />

you on entry <strong>and</strong> relaxes the weary urbanite. The welcoming<br />

reception features a sparkling water pond, natural light<br />

<strong>and</strong> vibrant colours leading off to the private <strong>and</strong> double<br />

treatment suites. Luxuriously designed in a contemporary<br />

Thai style, each room boasts facilities such as a steam room,<br />

shower room, floral bath, massage area <strong>and</strong> a lounge on<br />

which to unwind.<br />

The treatment menu is an array of internationally<br />

influenced massage, facials, water treatments, body wraps<br />

<strong>and</strong> packages. The signature Heavenly Nantha Garden<br />

Experience is a delight. It combines fresh tropical pink<br />

lotus <strong>and</strong> champaca with aromatic blends of ylang ylang<br />

<strong>and</strong> jasmine to create a divine experience. A body scrub is<br />

followed by a massage, blending Thai, Ayurveda <strong>and</strong> Shiatsu<br />

techniques with Swedish <strong>and</strong> aromatherapy influences.<br />

For those who love both being on the doorstep of the<br />

action <strong>and</strong> traditional Thai style, Dusit Thani is your Mecca.<br />

116 www.cosbeauty.com.au

travel<br />

Tower Club at lebua<br />

1055/42 Silom RoadBangrak,<br />

Bangkok 10500,Thail<strong>and</strong><br />

Tel: 66 2624-9555<br />

Email: towerclubresvn@lebua.com<br />

www.lebua.com/en/<br />

Perched over the me<strong>and</strong>ering Chao Phraya river, the Lebua State Tower with its<br />

gold-domed skyscraper is hard to miss among the erratic Bangkok skyline. A<br />

destination in itself, internationally renowned for its gastronomical offerings, it’s<br />

an ideal retreat high above the bustling Bangkok streets.<br />

For the pinnacle of luxury at Lebua, I stayed in a River View Tower Suite<br />

at The Tower Club – a range of suites that sprawl across floors 54 to 59 –<br />

offering breathtaking views from private balconies with cushy interiors. The rare<br />

privileges of the guests at The Tower Club are access to the Tower Club Lounge,<br />

complimentary mini-bar <strong>and</strong> Bulgari amenities, among others.<br />

Lebua, a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, provides every pampering<br />

facility expected of a luxury hotel. A fully equipped gymnasium, relaxing open-air<br />

pool, jacuzzi, elegant sauna, steam rooms <strong>and</strong> staffed massage rooms ensure<br />

you’re in good shape mentally <strong>and</strong> physically.<br />

In truth, it’s more likely you’ll hit the gym to work off the culinary sins of the<br />

night before. The Dome at State Tower on the 63rd floor – a shiny gold beacon<br />

in the Bangkok night sky – boasts some of the city’s most celebrated venues.<br />

Restaurants include Sirocco, Mezzaluna <strong>and</strong> Breeze, <strong>and</strong> the world-renowned<br />

Sky Bar offers convivial guests cocktails <strong>and</strong> fine vintages with a view that is<br />

second-to-none.<br />

Not to be missed is the exquisite open-air dining experience at Mediterraneaninfluenced<br />

Sirocco, where live jazz accompanies fine fare <strong>and</strong> a mesmerising 360<br />

degree bird’s eye view of Bangkok in all its nighttime glory. The popularity of the<br />

venues at The Dome mean you needn’t leave your lofty perch to enjoy a full <strong>and</strong><br />

exciting night out among the glitterati. All restaurants <strong>and</strong> bars provide their own<br />

unique approach with attention to detail <strong>and</strong> immaculate customer service.<br />

The Tower Club at Lebua soars as one of the prized destinations in the city,<br />

with everything you need to spoil yourself silly.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 117

travel<br />

ISLAND<br />

dreaming<br />

Samui <strong>and</strong> Phangan may be widely known for full moon<br />

parties <strong>and</strong> revelry, but we explored the quieter side<br />

of these destinations for those who prefer to take<br />

their luxury with a side of spa treatments.<br />

East of the Thai peninsula in the Gulf of Thail<strong>and</strong> lay two little leisure-seeker’s<br />

gems – the isl<strong>and</strong>s of Samui <strong>and</strong> Phangan. These are newer additions to<br />

the tourism circuit when compared to boom town Phuket, possibly born<br />

out of the lure created around the isl<strong>and</strong>s of Thail<strong>and</strong> by Alex Garl<strong>and</strong>’s The<br />

Beach. Adventure seekers <strong>and</strong> holidaymakers now flock here to grasp a h<strong>and</strong>ful<br />

of paradise.<br />

While the bustling hubs of these isl<strong>and</strong>s are known for shopping, festivals <strong>and</strong><br />

full moon parties, there is a flip side to this coin. Peace, indulgence <strong>and</strong> luxury<br />

wash up in other nooks <strong>and</strong> shores of the isl<strong>and</strong>s.<br />

The Bangkok to Samui, Phangan <strong>and</strong> Tao route is one of the most common<br />

paths taken by travellers wishing to explore the Gulf of Thail<strong>and</strong> isl<strong>and</strong>s, of which<br />

Phangan is the second largest. Tucked away in a private bay on the isl<strong>and</strong> of Koh<br />

Phangan lays Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort & Spa.<br />

Its distinctive eco-chic approach to a hideaway escape, set against a backdrop<br />

of mountains giving way to the sapphire ocean, sets it apart. Villas scatter across<br />

the 18 acres of verdant tropical l<strong>and</strong>scape, embracing the natural setting.<br />

Whisked from Samui on a Santhiya speedboat with picturesque scenery<br />

flying by, we dock at the resort’s private pier 30 minutes later. The beautiful<br />

Thong Nai Pan bay is the neighbour of Santhiya’s private beach, which any<br />

Google search will tell you is among the isl<strong>and</strong>’s most beautiful locales. Upon<br />

arrival at Santhiya Resort & Spa, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels group,<br />

I’m welcomed into four traditional teakwood Salas (pavilions). They surround a<br />

glorious lofty inner court punctuated by ornate leather s<strong>and</strong>-dollar ch<strong>and</strong>eliers<br />

from the vaulted ceilings. Thedesign is inspired by the architecture of the King<br />

Rama V period, in keeping with traditional Thai designs <strong>and</strong> green building<br />

principles. It quickly becomes clear that here it’s assured your definition of a<br />

blissful holiday will be met.<br />

118 www.cosbeauty.com.au

travel<br />

If you’re not into exciting outdoor <strong>and</strong> water activities, the three gourmet<br />

restaurants, relaxing poolside by the waterfall or spa-ing the day away at Ayurvana<br />

Spa will be sure to satisfy the soul.<br />

Lush tropical forests <strong>and</strong> the crystal-clear private bay provide a stunning<br />

backdrop for the suites <strong>and</strong> villas. The concept of the hotel is for guests to stay<br />

as close to nature as possible, which is why the villas were built around the<br />

existing l<strong>and</strong>scape rather than consuming it. The property has also implemented<br />

environmentally friendly conservation projects to promote a sustainable ecosystem<br />

– such as garbage separation, planting new trees <strong>and</strong> reducing water.<br />

Stylish Thai teak villas with tropical forest or sea views feel gr<strong>and</strong> yet<br />

secluded, so you come to believe you’re the only person on the resort. Their<br />

burnished orange <strong>and</strong> grey rooftops feel warm <strong>and</strong> earthy, set into the lush green<br />

mountainside.<br />

Each structure is truly unique, with its own details to delight in. My favourite<br />

features are the open-air bathroom <strong>and</strong> the private pool off our deck. The gr<strong>and</strong><br />

four-poster bed is swathed in white mosquito nets, <strong>and</strong> the separate sitting room<br />

<strong>and</strong> large outdoor spa tub are thoughtful touches for unwinding time. At all times<br />

you’re serenaded by the symphony of cicadas setting the air alive.<br />

While some patrons may prefer meditating <strong>and</strong> gaining mental clarity at the<br />

Santhiya Fitness Centre, where you can practice yoga at the break of dawn<br />

<strong>and</strong> tone up, I prefer finding my Zen at the spa. Tucked away in a quiet corner<br />

among the palm trees is the Ayurvana Spa, a partially open structure that draws<br />

in the panorama of the bay before it. Its ideology revolves around traditions <strong>and</strong><br />

celebrating nature in its purest form. Aromatherapy massage rooms <strong>and</strong> a sauna<br />

lead off to the spacious open-air Thai <strong>and</strong> Foot Massage terrace.<br />

An array of spa treatments soothe from head to toe – from traditional<br />

massages, aromatherapy oil massages to facial treatments, body wraps <strong>and</strong><br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 119

travel<br />

scrubs, mineral baths, reflexology <strong>and</strong> herbal saunas.<br />

The sounds of water, palm fronds <strong>and</strong> the scent of<br />

the sea complement my Revitalizing Facial, which deeply<br />

moisturises dehydrated skin after the salty sun <strong>and</strong> surf. The<br />

natural products used contain active ingredients to reduce<br />

fine lines, restore suppleness <strong>and</strong> balance the complexion.<br />

My partner opts for the Gentlemen’s Skin Treatment, a<br />

great way to get your man into the salon with you. My<br />

other favourites on the menu were the Sunburn Facial <strong>and</strong><br />

massage, perfect for the holidaymaker that misjudged the<br />

sun’s rays.<br />

Santhiya Resort & Spa offers visitors the perfect<br />

opportunity to indulge <strong>and</strong> lavish themselves with a guiltfree<br />

disclaimer <strong>and</strong> promotes the privacy some holiday<br />

makers crave.<br />

The largest isl<strong>and</strong> is Samui, which is also closest to<br />

the Thai mainl<strong>and</strong>. Tongsai is a small, private bay on the<br />

northeastern tip nestled in 25 acres of beautiful gardens<br />

that melt into the surroundings.<br />

The story of the Tongsai Bay began in 1985, when the<br />

late Khun Akorn Hoontrakul, then chairman of The Imperial<br />

Family of Hotels, saw Tongsai Bay from the sea <strong>and</strong><br />

declared that it was love at first sight. It went on to become<br />

the first five-star luxury hotel on Koh Samui. A short 10<br />

minutes drive from Samui Airport found us winding along<br />

the driveway at the Tongsai Bay, now a member of Summit<br />

Hotels & Resorts.<br />

Emerald, fertile tropical gardens submit to the secluded<br />

s<strong>and</strong>y bay, lined by deck chairs <strong>and</strong> gazebos. Set back from<br />

the beach are 83 suites, cottages <strong>and</strong> villas. All rooms boast<br />

mesmerising ocean views <strong>and</strong> spacious terraces, although<br />

our Gr<strong>and</strong> Pool Villa is on another level all together. Perched<br />

on the hillside, the large terraces include a gazebo (where<br />

we nap in the eve open-air, beneath a mosquito net) as<br />

well as a bathtub-for-two, a pantry-bar area, a dining table<br />

<strong>and</strong> sun loungers beside a private plunge infinity pool. In<br />

the Gr<strong>and</strong> Villas you’re more likely to languish outdoors <strong>and</strong><br />

take in the spectacular panoramic view of the ocean than<br />

retreat inside. Although inside you’ll find a private sanctuary<br />

– with high ceilings, a four-poster bed <strong>and</strong> lounge as well as<br />

a dressing quarter with his’n’her vanity basins, a dressing<br />

table, double built-in wardrobes <strong>and</strong> a shower.<br />

We stroll across the bay <strong>and</strong> wind up the leafy peninsula<br />

to the Prana Spa, which specialises in a relaxing technique<br />

of Thai massage. It revolves around synchronising the mind<br />

<strong>and</strong> body to decrease stress. A series of spa cottages are<br />

positioned around a courtyard, each uniquely designed<br />

120 www.cosbeauty.com.au

travel<br />

Getting<br />

there<br />

Thai Airways operates daily flights<br />

from major Australian capital cities to<br />

destinations across Thail<strong>and</strong>. To get<br />

to <strong>and</strong> from Bangkok, Bangkok Air –<br />

Asia’s only boutique airline – operates<br />

multiple flights each day to lusted<br />

holiday hubs such as Koh Samui.<br />

Book online at<br />

www.thaiairways.com.au <strong>and</strong><br />

www.bangkokair.com<br />

for two adults <strong>and</strong> replete with herbal steam room, a floral<br />

bath in the open air, an outdoor foot treatment area, two<br />

massage beds <strong>and</strong> two body treatment beds.<br />

Once we’re thoroughly relaxed, we take part in the more<br />

social vibe on Tongsai Bay – with happy hour drinks by the<br />

water’s edge followed by the much-anticipated Barbecue<br />

Banquet, which sees guests flocking to the nine Thai cuisine<br />

stations set up throughout the Po-Lad Beach Bistro & Bar.<br />

The Tongsai Bay is set away from the chaos of the<br />

bustle <strong>and</strong> bars of Chaweng <strong>and</strong> offers a peaceful respite<br />

for visitors who enjoy spoiling themselves while remaining<br />

connected to like-minded holiday makers when they chose.<br />

The isl<strong>and</strong>s of the Gulf of Thail<strong>and</strong> offer a slice of bliss<br />

away from the plights of urban living. The chance to unwind<br />

while your holiday effortlessly unfurls before you can be<br />

found on the beaches of Samui <strong>and</strong> Phangan. csbm<br />

Santhiya Resort<br />

& Spa Koh Phangan<br />

+66 0 7742 8999, www.santhiya.com<br />

Tongsai Bay<br />

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At the<br />

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Aesthetics<br />

Face Breast Body<br />

Suite 109, 19A Boundary St, Darlinghurst NSW<br />

T 02 8356 2888 | info@shapeclinic.com.au<br />


Body Balance<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

cosmedic&<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

skin clinic<br />

Reshaping can create<br />

cosmedic&<br />

the look you want<br />

skin clinic<br />

Breast augmentation can<br />

enhance the natural size<br />

<strong>and</strong> shape of your breasts<br />

Refi nement in <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

With breast augmentation, your natural form can be<br />

enhanced <strong>and</strong> complemented. This results in a balanced<br />

<strong>and</strong> symmetrical effect that suits your individual body type<br />

<strong>and</strong> achieves a feminine silhouette.<br />

Liposuction to Shape <strong>and</strong> Contour<br />

With liposuction, Dr John Flynn can reshape <strong>and</strong> contour<br />

your form to achieve balance between your body’s<br />

proportions. Areas such as the abdomen <strong>and</strong> inner <strong>and</strong><br />

outer thighs respond particularly well to this procedure.<br />




Dr John Flynn<br />

M.B., B.S., Dip. R.A.C.O.G., F.R.A.C.G.P.<br />

Dip. P. Dermatology., F.A.C.C.S.<br />

Fellow of the Australasian College of <strong>Cosmetic</strong> <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Certifi ed by the American Board of Laser <strong>Surgery</strong><br />

Dr John Flynn has over 20 years of experience as<br />

a medical practitioner on the Gold Coast<br />

AD Flynn.indd 1<br />




20/4/09 9:01:39 AM<br />

AD Flynn.indd 1<br />

For more information or to make an<br />

appointment call Cosmedic <strong>and</strong> Skin Clinic<br />

1300 88 13 88<br />

Southport | Gold Coast<br />

Suite 2, 98 Marine Pde, Southport 4215<br />

www.cosmedic.com.au | info@cosmedic.com.au<br />

Dr John Flynn<br />

20/4/09 9:01:39 AM<br />

cosmedic& skin clinic<br />

Dr John Flynn

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