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BWattmagazine is an international Fashion Paper , we really have readers from the whole planet” – Shortly, BWattmagazine is covering the most fierce and unique in fashion, music, art, photography and with top celebrity coverstories. The magazine is released online BWATT MAINFESTO : -WE DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS WE FOLLOW PEOPLE… -WE LOVE DIVERSITY, SO WE ARE PROUD TO BRING MODELS OF ANY “COLOR” AND ETHNICITY IN OUR FASHION STORIES.. -WE GIVE YOU INSPIRING STORIES FROM COOL CREATIVE PEOPLE AND CELEBRITIES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, JUST TO INSPIRE YOU TO FOLLOW AND ACT OUT ON YOUR OWN DREAMS…. ENJOY ..

BWATT ISSUE 06 24 When

BWATT ISSUE 06 24 When did you start taking photos and what made you proceed it ? I have always had a huge love for images, as a teenager I collected Vintage Vogue’s, Interview, Arena etc, all stored in my room. I took out my favourites from Peter Lindbergh, Ellen VU, Hans Feurer and framed them. Being able to paint I started out as a make-up artist with 18. I used to work extra in a gayclub in Stockholm and do the drags before moving on to editorial and commissioned work. On shoots I got very involved with the art direction, and I tried out a camera on a friend of mine and absolutely loved it, was such adrenalin when I saw how it came out, there was no way back after that point. I still love to do the make up and hair for my shoots when its possible. Interview by Line Givskov

Thanks to models Jessica Buchanan Emma Menteath Eva Doll Alissa Wenzel Jenna Pietersen Your composition in your images are so intense and beautiful, do you use a lot of time planning the composition or do they emerge intuitively while shooting? Thank you. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not big on planning, I can’t even make a dinner reservation! I do love to develop a concept/idea though, I’m definitely not planning my composition beforehand. Almost all my favourite images happened spontaneously. All the models/people in your photographs have A very strong and sexy persona/ expression/body composition how do you get that out of Them ? Or are you just very good at picking out models with that natural spirit in Them? Everyone has it. Everyone! Its just a matter of direction and bringing it out. And to see what fits this particular person. I get very focused on the person I’m shooting, its a temporary love affair. ever going to give that away — I love that part just as much as photography. Life is what nspires me every day, a well cut neck passing by, the smell of spring, an old lady with too much make up on, the punks jackets on the street, an amazing song and the smile on someones face when i show them a portrait i took of them. What are your goals within your work with photography. Stories to tell, places to travel?, people to capture? I’m not very goal driven, although I know how to make things happen and push thru an idea, or go ahead with a dream, but for me its never been very set up how I want my career to play out. Honestly I wasn’t expecting a lot of things that has happened the last few years, everything evolved rather quick and I’m super grateful for been given the opportunities to travel, the trust from clients and to do what I love. But I need to have exhibitions! Thats my goal now haha. BWATT ISSUE 06 25 Tell us about your love for photography , do you prefer natural light or are u more Into big light settings ?! Are you involved in the retouching process yourself ? And who/what inspires you to push yourself to grow Every time you take pictures ? Natural light, that gives me space to let the model be free and move around and focus on more interesting things such as the dept of the lipstick or how the hair falls haha! I do all my retouching myself, its a part of the process, I don’t think I’m