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BWattmagazine is an international Fashion Paper , we really have readers from the whole planet” – Shortly, BWattmagazine is covering the most fierce and unique in fashion, music, art, photography and with top celebrity coverstories. The magazine is released online BWATT MAINFESTO : -WE DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS WE FOLLOW PEOPLE… -WE LOVE DIVERSITY, SO WE ARE PROUD TO BRING MODELS OF ANY “COLOR” AND ETHNICITY IN OUR FASHION STORIES.. -WE GIVE YOU INSPIRING STORIES FROM COOL CREATIVE PEOPLE AND CELEBRITIES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, JUST TO INSPIRE YOU TO FOLLOW AND ACT OUT ON YOUR OWN DREAMS…. ENJOY ..

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BWATT ISSUE 06 45 n k a Photographer Anja Poulsen Stylist Line givskov Model Agnuscka Elite copenhagen Retouch Soeren