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T4 Wk7 - Kinross Wolaroi School

T4 Wk7 - Kinross Wolaroi School

In brief, this

In brief, this additional time will allow for increased responsibilities which includes theopportunity to have: More effective trialing and selection processes for students; currently staff are stillinvolved in the end of their summer or winter season, while trying to plan and coordinatethe program as an MiC for the following season A document which outlines the selection policies and guidelines More effective pre-season planning for these sports, including the production of coachingmanuals for the season, representing the school at association meetings, completion ofregistration requirements, organising professional development opportunities andcredentialing of coaches More effective recruitment and monitoring of external coaching staff. Improved communication with parent bodies and supporters groups within the school Improved communication with students, parents and the Director of Sport Improved management of Risk Policy in their sports Improved end of season reporting and recording of student progress in the respectivesports Raising the profile and marketing of these sports programs on the school website withinthe local media.I would also like to advise parents of the appointment of Michelle Pryse Jones to the position ofEnrolments Registrar of Kinross Wolaroi School.Michelle has a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and is currently completing aBachelor of Teaching Secondary. Michelle has a strong administrative background, particularly inFinance and Business Administration. Most recently Michelle was the Financial andAdministrations Supervisor, Corporate Service Manager for Wangarang Industries in Orange.Michelle is a current parent with 2 children in the school. Michelle will begin the Registrar’sposition at the commencement of next year. I take this opportunity, on behalf of the schoolcommunity to congratulate Michelle on this appointment and look forward to her contributionto Kinross Wolaroi School, in this role.Brian J KennellyPrincipal - Kinross Wolaroi SchoolGRAND CONCERT DVDS NOW AVAILABLEThe DVD recording of the 125 Years Celebration Concert isnow available for purchase from the Music CentreSupervisor Office in the Music Centre.Copies are $20.00 each and can be billed to your account.Please contact Mrs Libby Chapman on 6292 0347 to reserve a copy or go directly to her officeto get your copy.A Random Act of KindnessPlease encourage your child to contribute to the purchase of a gift for aresident of Wontama UnitingCare Nursing Home.See the ‘Chaplain’s Corner’.

Chaplains Corner“The King will say, ‘Come, you that are blessed by my Father!Come and possess the kingdom... I tell you, whenever you didthis for one of the least important of these brothers andsisters of mine, you did it for me!”- Matthew 25: 34 & 40This passage is the only eschatological narrative inMatthew’s gospel. The story describes people beingseparated just as a shepherd separates his sheep fromhis goats at the end of a day. Those people representedby the sheep are then welcomed into the Kingdom ofGod on account of their acts of compassion andgenerosity;“I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave medrink; I was a stranger and you received me in your homes, naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you tookcare of me, in prison and you visited me.” (v.35-36)The truest expression of faith in Christ is found through acts of generosity and compassion and astriving for justice. According to Matthew, this is paramount to our entering the Kingdom.Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to bear witness to our Christian identity and to please ‘theKing’. We may not encounter people who are hungry (please not those who are naked!), but there aremany who are in need of knowing they are loved, appreciated and honoured.Our students are being encouraged to do just that over the last couple of weeks of term. Wontama is aUnitingCare Aged Nursing Home in Orange. It has about 150 residents, some of whom are ‘forgotten’people. This year our students are invited to respond to the Gospel by contributing to the purchase ofa gift for each resident of Wontama. These gifts will be delivered by students on 1 st December.If you can think of someone who warrants or needs a tangible sign that they are noticed or rememberor simply not forgotten, consider the option of a random act of kindness.125 years MemorabiliaThis may be your lastchance for 2011 to secure acopy of the ‘Whole SchoolPhoto’ taken earlier in theyear. A limited number of‘Whole School Photos’ areleft for purchase.The impressive photomeasures 45cm x 18cm –and costs $25, unframed.Some ‘KWS 125 Years’ badges are also still available for $4 each.If you would like to purchase either of these items please contact PaulTierney on 63920305 or via email on

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