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T4 Wk7 - Kinross Wolaroi School

T4 Wk7 - Kinross Wolaroi School

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KWS Sport PagesCricket NewsWiburd Shield – Round 1KWS v The Scots School Bathurst.The main pitch was ruled out after Thursday’s rain and sothe game was switched to the synthetic wicket at SallyKennett. Captain of the Year 8-9 team, Charles Litchfieldwon the toss and elected to bat. After the loss of an earlywicket Angus Gilmore 45 and Charles Litchfield 27worked hard to get KWS into a good position in the 40 over game. AndrewJohnson 33 and Sam Nicholls 27 also batted well and KWS finished at 6-191.After lunch Scots set about the chase. Sam Nicholls and Charlie Harris’s fast andaccurate bowling soon had the opposition on the back foot. At the end of their 4over spells Bailey Hilder and Peter Crisp 2-1 continued to make in-roads. Thespinners Tom Rogers 2-2 and Angus Gilmore 2-4 then cleaned up the tail. BenRaines fielding was spectacular with two great close in catches and a run-out. Manof the Match was Angus Gilmore for his strong batting and good spin bowling. KWSwill now play St Pauls Grammar in Round 2 of the Wiburd shield. This game will beplayed on the 1st Dec, the pupil free day. This will avoid disruptions to annualexaminations. A note will be sent home to parents of players in this team withdetails of the away match.KWS 14 v Orange CityOn the first day of a two dy match KWS scored a massive 265 runs from 44 overs.Star of the day was Charlie Mortimer who retired on 60 and then resumed hisbatting at the end of the innings. He added another 11 at that stage. Others whobatted well were Hamish Sheehan, Jack Ridley and Charlie Steele-Parke (whoanchored Mortimer’s innings).Next week Orange City will have the challeng of watching the KwS boys, so itshould be an interesting moring’s cricket.The Cadets Training Calendar for Term 4 isavailable on our website. Please go to Recreation Centre and Eric SollingPool will be closed for the durationof the Christmas School Holidays dueto renovations.

BasketballKWS 1 st BoysOn Monday night the KWS 1 st boy’s basketball came up againsttheir new found rivals, the Dark Sharks. Due to some unfortunatepasses and missed shots the Sharks took an early lead of 4 points.For the next two halves the 1 st ’s were playing catch-up only pullingahead in the third quatre. Despite losing Lucas in the secondquarter to an ankle injury the team stayed strong and at the start ofthe fourth quarter the boys pulled head of the now exhausted DarkSharks with the lead at 11 points. At the final buzzer the score was 36to 31 to Kinross. Great game boys a strong win against a strongopponent.KWS Girls 2nds v Pink Lightning lost 20 – 25Given the hiding we received from this experienced team in our previous match against them, wedid well to keep close to them for much of the game. For almost the last 15 minutes the matchhung precariously at 19 - 22 and we looked like scoring on numerous occasions. Rosie and Gretelhad dominant games, with both players being very assertive in general play. Annabelle and Aleishaplayed much tougher roles, unwilling to step back from the contest and concede possession.Arabella was confident in the air and was willing to take on her opponents. Abbie and Evie closedthe space and forced the Pinks to rush their passes. We hassled well is defense and got into goodspace in attack. Perhaps our passing and catching was a little wayward, allowing our opposition toslow down our play. We certainly did not lack confidence to shoot, however we would have likedto have been more accurate at crucial moments in the game.Patriots v CHS Lost 40-33Once again the Patriots played well but failed to convert opportunities in a game that was therefor the taking. Energy & enthusiasm were high with Will & Nick combining well till injury forcedWill off in the last quarter. Will was still the top point scorer on the night. Ahead at half time 18-16, the signs were very promising . Sam was everywhere & Jerry supported Duncan & Alister onmany attacking raids. Failure to clean up defensive rebounds allowed CHS to have up to 3 or 4shots on many occasions, which ultimately allowed them to get a solid lead . Free throws &accuracy of passing & shooting are areas for continued focus & were the point of difference in thegame. It would be remiss of myself not to mention Hillbilly’s 2 three pointers , which did lift theteam towards the end of the game. The win is not far away!Dangerous DinosaursAt 8 o’clock last night, the girls 1sts stepped on the court, ready to take on the DangerousDinosaurs for the third time. It turns out we weren’t quite as ready as we had thought, as westruggled to get going in the first and second quarter.The slow start didn’t put Niki off. She was the person that everyone relied on to make thingshappen when the score was close, and she accepted the challenge gallantly, top-scoring with 10points.Sarah Burns was second top points scorer on 7 points. She had a strong game, especially in the keywhere her height worked to her advantage.Megan and Pip played a good game, along with Katie and little Sarah.We defeated the Dinosaurs 27-21.Good job girls, next week we will aim to get off with a stronger start to the game.The Girls 1 st ‘s defeated the Dangerous Dinosaurs 27-21 in a friendly game of hard basketball.Over the last few weeks, KWS junior girls have been playing brilliantly in the town competition.Each Individual has improved considerably and they are all to be commended on their efforts.

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