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Maintaining the commitment to excellence - con ... -

Maintaining the commitment to excellence - con ... -

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MethaneCO2Total Con Edison,Inc. Greenhouse GasEmissions(C0 2,e thousands of tons)SF69,0008,0007,0006,0005,0004,0003,0002,0001,000020012002200320042005Methane EmissionsMethane is a greenhouse gas that has 21 times the heat-trapping potential of CO 2.This potential is represented as (CO 2,e) and is used to compare greenhouse gases.Methane emissions result chiefly from the CECONY natural gas distribution system.The sources of these emissions include leaks from supply stations and surfacefacilities as well as releases from pipes. To reduce these emissions, Con Edison hasenhanced inspections and maintenance at gas facilities, and continues to implementequipment upgrades on an ongoing basis. In addition, a research program is beingconducted using a newly developed natural gas recovery trailer. This piece of equipmentdraws the natural gas from sections of pipe that must be taken out of service.Rather than releasing the gas, it is stored in the trailer until it can be reinserted intothe pipe. The pilot program testing this method showed that it significantly reducedthe amount of methane going into the atmosphere.In 1993, CECONY became one of the first companies to join the United States EnvironmentalProtection Agency’s (EPA) Gas STAR program. As a STAR partner in theprogram’s transmission and distribution sector, the company evaluates the program’sbest management practices for reducing natural gas emissions and works to implementthose that are applicable to our operations.Proportion of Substancesin Con Edison TotalGreenhouse Gas Emissionsfor 2005(C0 2,e thousands of tons)SF 627.2% Methane 4.1%CO 268.7%In April 2003, the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program awarded Con Edison a Certificateof Achievement “for aggressively reducing methane emissions and helping lead theway to reducing climate change impacts.” The EPA has also recognized Con Edisonwith a “Gas STAR Partner” award for ten years of company achievement in its work tocurb methane emissions.Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF 6) EmissionsIn 1999, Con Edison entered into a memorandum of understanding with the EPA,voluntarily enlisting in the sulfur hexafluoride (SF 6) Emissions Reduction Partnershipfor Electric Power Systems. SF 6is an insulating material for high-voltage switchingcontacts and buswork used chiefly in CECONY substations. It has 23,900 times theheat-trapping potential of carbon dioxide. This potential is represented as (CO 2,e)and is used to compare greenhouse gases. To date, no suitable alternative has beenfound for SF 6in this application. To better manage the SF 6in our electric infrastructure,Con Edison developed a special SF 6optical sensor that is configured as acamera. This hand-held monitoring device can quickly spot equipment that is releasingSF 6, even in very small quantities. Con Edison works to prevent SF 6releases byimplementing rigorous technical and procedural controls and replacing equipmentthat may be leaking.Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)Con Edison is one of the companies that has supported an initiative developed by thegovernors of seven northeast states. Known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative(RGGI), the effort aims to cut CO 2emissions from the region’s power plants and40 Environment, Health and Safety Annual Report

create new investments in cleaner, more efficient energy technology. The accord takeseffect in 2009. Along with new emissions limits, the plan will use a market-basedstrategy, called “cap and trade,” that rewards companies for outperforming the newlimits and lowers overall compliance costs. Under RGGI, each state will have its ownemissions cap. By announcing its support in the earliest phase of RGGI, Con Edisonhopes to collaborate with industry and with policy makers to help set a useful precedentin exploring effective solutions for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.Working With Organizations on Air QualityIn 2003, Con Edison joined with a group of companies and the World ResourcesInstitute to explore prospective private-sector actions to address climate change.This diverse group includes companies from various sectors and differing size andgeographical reach. In 2004, the World Resources Institute issued a report titled, “AClimate of Innovation: Northeast Business Action to Reduce Greenhouse Gases.” Thisreport is intended to share experiences and build momentum among companies forthe benefit of the business community, for informing emerging regional climate policydiscussions, and for devising strategies to succeed in a “carbon-constrained world.”In particular, the group assessed the drivers for action, the management systems forquantifying and analyzing emissions, and the energy-related projects for reducingemissions.” The report is available through the World Resources Institute Web site Edison endorses initiatives,including the NortheastRegional Greenhouse GasCoalition, that focus on airquality and promote reductionof greenhouse gases.Con Edison also is actively involved in a voluntary national effort to reduce greenhousegas emissions. In 2002, the President implemented a voluntary climate changeinitiative targeting a reduction of greenhouse gases. In 2004, seven power sectorgroups signed an umbrella Climate VISION Memorandum of Understanding with theU.S. Department of Energy and rolled out an implementation work plan that highlightsthe actions of the industry. Con Edison, through the Edison Electric InstitutePower Partners signed on to this voluntary initiative.Helping to Promote Wise Energy ChoicesCon Edison encourages all customers to use energy wisely. It communicates througha variety of channels, and offers conservation programs and other resources for businessand residential customers.Incentives for BusinessSound energy management is crucial to conserving resources and the environment,but it is equally important to businesses and their bottom line. To encourage the wiseuse of energy, Con Edison offers load-reduction programs that help to manage energyusage during times of exceptionally high demand while rewarding commercial customersand other large energy users with financial incentives.Environment, Health and Safety Annual Report 41

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