Supplement 3 to the Network Statement 2014 Combined ... - ProRail

Supplement 3 to the Network Statement 2014 Combined ... - ProRail

Supplement 3 to the Network Statement 2014 Combined ... - ProRail

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<strong>Supplement</strong> 3 <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Statement</strong> <strong>2014</strong> <strong>Combined</strong> <strong>Network</strong><strong>ProRail</strong> has adopted <strong>the</strong> following supplements and/or changes <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Statement</strong> <strong>2014</strong><strong>Combined</strong> <strong>Network</strong>, in accordance with <strong>the</strong> provisions of Chapter 1.6 of this <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Statement</strong>.1. Dangerous goodsI. § 2.6 Transport of dangerous goodsa. The text of <strong>the</strong> third paragraph is replaced with:The handling and stabling of wagons containing dangerous goods is only permittedon railway yards specially equipped for such (see Chapter 3.4.3), under <strong>the</strong> termsof <strong>the</strong> environmental permit granted for <strong>the</strong> yard in question and on condition that<strong>ProRail</strong> is provided with up-<strong>to</strong>-date information on <strong>the</strong> location of <strong>the</strong> goods.b. The text in <strong>the</strong> paragraph under <strong>the</strong> heading Summary of regulations is supplementedwith:On grounds of Sections in conjunction with of <strong>the</strong> RID, <strong>the</strong>railway undertaking must ensure that <strong>ProRail</strong> at all times during <strong>the</strong> transport ofdangerous goods (including <strong>the</strong> stay at a railway yard during transport) has promptand trouble-free access <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> load specifications of wagons with dangerousgoods, as well as <strong>the</strong> location of those wagons in relation <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r wagons of<strong>the</strong> railway undertaking in <strong>the</strong> train.c. The text in <strong>the</strong> paragraph under <strong>the</strong> heading Regulations <strong>to</strong> be agreed upon isreplaced with:<strong>ProRail</strong> wants <strong>to</strong> state in <strong>the</strong> Access Agreement whe<strong>the</strong>r <strong>the</strong> business activities of<strong>the</strong> railway undertakings include <strong>the</strong> transport of dangerous goods, and if so,include agreements in <strong>the</strong> Access Agreement on <strong>the</strong> method of informationprovision regarding said transport (see Appendix 6 ‘Operational Conditions’Section 4.2.1).<strong>ProRail</strong> wants <strong>to</strong> include agreements in <strong>the</strong> Access Agreement on <strong>the</strong> method ofsupply of load specifications and information on <strong>the</strong> wagon sequence of trains andat railway yards (see Appendix 6 ‘Operational Conditions’ Section 4.2.2).II.Appendix 6, Operational Conditionsa. The version dated is changed <strong>to</strong>: 1 September 2013b. The text of Chapter 4.2.2 ‘Provision of information on sets of wagons or (a group of)opposite freight wagons at railway yards’ is replaced with:In order <strong>to</strong> ensure that public and internal emergency services are adequatelyinformed about <strong>the</strong> current situation on <strong>the</strong> railways, <strong>the</strong> railway undertakings willpromptly and fully register information on <strong>the</strong> position and (only in case ofdangerous goods) <strong>the</strong> load of every type of freight wagon, which information will bemade available <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Manager. The railway undertaking is responsible for<strong>the</strong> accuracy, completeness and timeliness of its information.This obligation applies <strong>to</strong> all shunting activities with freight wagons on <strong>the</strong> railwayyards referred <strong>to</strong> in Table 3.6 of Chapter 3.4.3 of <strong>the</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Statement</strong> andconcerns:• all sets of freight wagons (which also includes a train ready for departure, ofwhich <strong>the</strong> wagon list has not yet been entered in<strong>to</strong> OVGS);• all (groups of) opposite wagons.The position of <strong>the</strong> wagon must be indicated by means of <strong>the</strong> rail number and <strong>the</strong>position of <strong>the</strong> wagon in relation <strong>to</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r freight wagons on that track.As regards <strong>the</strong> performance of this obligation, ‘timely’ is unders<strong>to</strong>od <strong>to</strong> mean that<strong>the</strong> railway undertaking will register every movement and provide <strong>the</strong> information<strong>the</strong>reon within a timeframe of 5 minutes before up <strong>to</strong> 5 minutes after <strong>the</strong>movement.The <strong>Network</strong> Manager will provide <strong>the</strong> railway undertakings with <strong>the</strong> use of <strong>the</strong> IGSsystem for <strong>the</strong> registration and provision of information. The <strong>Network</strong> ManagerEDMS 3419071<strong>Supplement</strong> 3 <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Statement</strong> <strong>2014</strong> <strong>Combined</strong> <strong>Network</strong> 1/2

assumes responsibility for <strong>the</strong> provision of information <strong>to</strong> public emergencyservices.The procedure is fur<strong>the</strong>r described in <strong>the</strong> document ‘Provision of LoadSpecifications Manual’, which is available for consultation on <strong>the</strong> website of <strong>the</strong><strong>Network</strong> Manager (www.prorail.nl > vervoerders > <strong>to</strong>egang <strong>to</strong>t het spoor >algemene en operationele voorwaarden).2. Access control facilities on stationsI. 3.6 Stations for passenger transportThe following text is added <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> end of Chapter 3.6.2:If a railway undertaking wishes <strong>to</strong> regulate access <strong>to</strong> platforms by means of accesscontrol facilities, <strong>the</strong> railway undertaking will disclose:• on which stations/platforms and from which date <strong>the</strong> access control facilities areactivated;• The measures that have been taken by <strong>the</strong> railway undertaking <strong>to</strong> enabletravellers and/or service personnel of o<strong>the</strong>r railway undertakings <strong>to</strong> pass <strong>the</strong>access control facilities.NS Reizigers will, as railway undertaking that wishes <strong>to</strong> regulate <strong>the</strong> access <strong>to</strong>platforms by means of access control facilities, disclose <strong>the</strong> aforementionedinformation via <strong>the</strong> website www.ns.nl, under <strong>the</strong> tab “Beheerste Toegang Stations”(controlled access <strong>to</strong> stations).II.III.The following text is added <strong>to</strong> 'User conditions" category in Chapter 5.2.1 Train path:Railway undertakings are notified that <strong>the</strong> text on access control facilities in Section3.6.2 relates <strong>to</strong> access or departure by service personnel of <strong>the</strong> railwayinfrastructure via stations and platforms.The following text is added <strong>to</strong> "User conditions" category <strong>to</strong> Chapter 5.3.1 Transfer space:Railway undertakings are notified that <strong>the</strong> text on access control facilities inChapter 3.6.2 relates <strong>to</strong> access by <strong>the</strong>ir passengers <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> stations and platforms.<strong>ProRail</strong> BVUtrecht, 10 September 2013EDMS 3419071<strong>Supplement</strong> 3 <strong>to</strong> <strong>the</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Statement</strong> <strong>2014</strong> <strong>Combined</strong> <strong>Network</strong> 2/2

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