Hagersville Streetscape Plan


Hagersville Streetscape Plan - Haldimand County

Official Plan

The Haldimand County Official Plan was adopted by the County in

2006 and was approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and

Housing in 2009. As the long‐range planning document guiding

the future growth and development of the County, it provides the

high level policy direction that guides decisions regarding planning

and design.

The Official Plan identifies specific roles for each of the six urban

areas within the County, reflecting the unique characteristics of

the respective community. For Hagersville, the Official Plan

identifies the interface with the Six Nations of the Grand River and

Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation Reserves; its role as a

service centre for the rural area and the farmers‘ market; and the

West Haldimand General Hospital.

The study area, the Hagersville CIPA, is designated Community

Commercial in the Official Plan. The Community Commercial

designation reflects the central business areas of the County’s

urban communities, which are intended to be the “largest and

most dense concentration of commercial functions in the County”

as well as accommodating supporting non‐commercial activities.

They are located surrounding the historical crossroads or core

area of the respective urban community, in this case the Main

Street and King Street intersection for Hagersville.

The Community Commercial designation permits the broad range

of uses that are expected in the core area of a community: retail

shops, offices, personal services, entertainment facilities,

accommodations, restaurants, apartments above shops, as well as

other public and community uses. Pedestrian orientation, historic

Hagersville Streetscape Plan

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