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november 2012 - The Temple Congregation Ohabai Sholom

The Temple

Congregation Ohabai Sholom


Next Dor enjoyed

Sushi & Sake

in the Sukkah

on October 6 th

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18 th

Global Day

of Jewish


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Save the date for the

Installation of Cantor Tracy Fishbein

on Friday evening ~ December 7 th

November 2012 ~

The Temple

5015 Harding Road

Nashville, TN 37205

Phone: 615-352-7620

Fax: 615-352-9365

Executive Staff

Mark Schiftan

Senior Rabbi................................. ext. 224

Shana Goldstein Mackler

Associate Rabbi........................... ext. 221

Randall M. Falk

Rabbi Emeritus

David Davis

Rabbi Laureate

Tracy Fishbein

Cantor............................................ ext. 226

Bernard Gutcheon

Cantor Emeritus.......................... ext. 234

Lynda Gutcheon

Director of Education................ ext. 233

Religious School Office.............. ext. 225

Corye Nelson

Playschool Director..................... ext. 231

Nancy Richardson

Director of Membership & Programming

........................................................ ext. 298

Erin Zagnoev

Director of Development.......... ext. 299

Office Staff

Lisa Crockett

Finance Manager........................ ext. 230

Mitzie Russell

Office Manager........................... ext. 292

Mark Shepard

Facility Manager.......................... ext. 235

Keith Moore

Administrative Assistant.......ext . 241

Kathy Smietana

Rabbinical Secretary.................. ext. 222

Marjorie Zager

Senior Services Coordinator..... ext. 237


Ray Berk...................................President

Ralph Levy......................Vice President

Martin Sir.................................Treasurer

Joyce Friedman.......................Secretary

Social Action Month

This month, the second on the Hebrew calendar, is called

Cheshvan. Because it contains no holidays except for Shabbat, and

because it contains no extra mitzvot to perform, our Sages of old

called it “Mar Cheshvan” – the bitter Cheshvan. In attempts to make

this month less “bitter,” decades ago, this month became known as

“Social Action Month.” During Cheshvan, we work towards making

the lives of those in our community and in our world less bitter. One

Rabbi Mackler

of the ways we can do that as a community is to participate in and

volunteer with the Boulevard Bolt, raising awareness and money for homeless and hunger

programs right here in our city.

This November, as we will gather with our families for Thanksgiving at the end of the

year to express our gratitude for all we have, we also have the opportunity to walk in someone

else’s shoes, if only for a week, to feel what it is like to live on food stamps, in need of further

financial assistance.

According to its website, “The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

makes a difference in the lives of millions of Americans across the country, but in many cases, the

benefits received are too low to allow families to purchase enough nutritious food and to feed

their families healthy meals on a consistent basis. After paying for housing, energy and health care

expenses, many low-income households have little or no money remaining to spend on food

without food stamp benefits. In addition, most food stamp households report their benefits do

not last the entire month. Many are forced to turn to food pantries and soup kitchens…

The SNAP Challenge first captured public attention in 2006 when FRAC allies in

Philadelphia, Pa. hosted one, followed by groups in Wichita, Kansas. The Challenge took the

national stage in 2007 when four Members of Congress – Representatives James McGovern

(D-Mass.), Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.), Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), and Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) – pledged to

live for a week on an average food stamp budget and blogged about their experiences.

Since then, hundreds – if not thousands – of people have taken the challenge, including

Members of Congress, governors, state legislators, mayors, advocates for elderly persons

and children, religious and community leaders, reporters, and average citizens have taken the


continued on page 11 . . . .

We Are Proud to be Part of the AJWS Global

Hunger Shabbat ~ November 2 nd at 6:00 pm

Global Hunger Shabbat is a key component of AJWS’s Reverse Hunger campaign.

Together, we have already made a huge difference. Global Hunger Shabbat 2012 is an

opportunity to take stock as we continue our work to advance food justice for all.

How does our tradition inspire us? How do we use our power as American Jews to

make a difference in the lives of people facing hunger in the developing world?

How can we be more effective in our role as advocates and catalysts for change?

In conjunction with this effort we are delighted to display the Think

Out of the Box project in which one of our congregants,

Michael Moreau,

won the grand prize for his design of a virtual Tzedakah box.

We hope that you will be inspired to “think out of the box”

for ways to live up to our ideals and values.

We look forward to exploring these questions with you during

Global Hunger Shabbat 2012!

page 2 ~ November2012 - - 615-352-7620

Get on Board

I hope that you enjoyed our High Holy Days services this year. They were the culmination of considerable

planning and preparation by our clergy, staff, and numerous volunteers.

I would like to thank everyone whose participation and effort combined to make the holidays so special

for our congregants and guests, and I enjoyed the kind words of appreciation from so many of our members.

Particularly gratifying were the compliments from several of our out-of-town visitors, who were impressed

Ray Berkt by our services, clergy, and facility. I was delighted to hear such glowing accolades from non-members.

With the arrival of autumn, things are in full swing at the Temple. That is not to suggest that summer is a

slow period, because it is not. During the summer, life cycle events continue, our services and programming go on, and your staff,

clergy, and lay leaders continue to look after Temple affairs.

The officers still meet the first Tuesday of each month, the Executive Committee the second Tuesday, and the Board of

Trustees on the third Tuesday. Among the important matters addressed by our Board during the summer months is the adoption

of the annual budget, as well as a presentation from our endowment investment advisors.

In between the meetings noted above, the various committees of the Temple continue with their responsibilities. Some

of their work done over the summer becomes obvious in the fall, when we consider such things as Social Action Committee

allocations for non-profits, and annual giving.

Although the Religious School has no classes during the summer, Lynda Gutcheon is busy planning and organizing for the

upcoming year. This fall, Lynda has arranged for a variety of “Food Trucks” to come to the Temple one Sunday each month during

the school year. If you are unfamiliar with the food truck craze, I encourage you to give it a try. It can be a fun, interesting, and tasty

treat for all. Plus, the Temple receives a portion of the sales.

The Development Committee worked hard this past summer, formulating and finalizing strategies for planned giving

opportunities that you will be hearing more about in the coming year. In addition, the committee met with our past presidents and

worked with several congregants who have generously included the Temple in their estate planning.

One of the most innovative giving opportunities created by the Development Committee is the ability to endow one’s dues,

or to endow dues in memory of someone who has passed away. It is a wonderful way to support the Temple in perpetuity, and to

remember and recognize someone special in our lives, for the life of our congregation.

Of course, the members of the Caring and Concern Committee, who do so much for our congregants, don’t miss a day

in the summer. They are always there to assist our members in difficult times. I think that you would be surprised how much time

committee members put in, and how many congregants they assist on a weekly basis.

I have mentioned only a few of our committees. In fact, we have more than thirty active committees at the Temple, all of

which work in conjunction with members of our staff and/or clergy. Everything you see, everything you touch, and everything that

is consumed at the Temple is associated, in some way, with the work of our volunteers.

The hundreds of volunteers who contribute their time and talent to the Temple don’t take a season off. They work tirelessly,

year round, for the benefit of our congregation. So, if you want to help, check out the list of committees in our Temple directory,

and talk with a committee chair about volunteering opportunities. Help is always needed and appreciated, and it can be a satisfying

and rewarding experience.

Regardless of the season, many of your fellow congregants are working hard to make the Temple a better place for you and

your family. This New Year, please give some thought to what’s going on at the Temple, and how you can be part of it.

Adult Education with

Rabbi Rami Shapiro

November 14 th , 28 th

& December 12 th at 7:00 pm

Dialogues with the

Hassidic Tales, Narratives & Stories

November2012 - - 615-352-7620 ~ page 3

B’not Mitzvah

Skylar Fischer

November 3, 2012

11:00 am.

Skylar was born on September

18, 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her

parents are Suriva and Bob Fischer. Her

grandparents are Geraldine Fischer, Elaine

Goldman and the late Herbert Fischer.

Skylar’s mitzvah project is to “Adopt a Grandparent”.

She adopted a grandparent whose children and grandchildren

do not live in the Nashville area and has enjoyed spending time

with and getting to know her new “grandmother.”

Skylar is in the 7 th grade at John Trotwood Moore. Her

special interests include theatre, singing, playing piano, playing

violin, songwriting, swimming, dancing, modeling and reading.

Margot Suchet

November 10, 2012

11:00 a.m.

Margot was born on September 9,

1999 in Nashville. Her parents are Kenny

and Dalih Suchet. Her grandparents are

Jewel Green of West Lafayette, Indiana and

the late Travers Vander Merwe, Leah Suchet and Harry Suchet.

For her mitzvah project, Margot has collected books to

donate to Youth Villages and other organizations including area


Margot is in the 8 th grade at Martin Luther King Magnet

School. Her special interests include playing viola in the Blair

Junior Orchestra and reading.

Sloane Fischer

November 3, 2012

11:00 am


B’not Mitzvah

Sloane was born on September 18,

1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her parents are

Suriva and Bob Fischer. Her grandparents

are Geraldine Fischer, Elaine Goldman and

the late Herbert Fischer

Sloane’s mitzvah project is helping the women who stay

at The Temple for Room in the Inn by filling backpacks with hats,

scarves and gloves for the winter. She is also planning to volunteer

this winter.

Sloane is in the 7 th grade at John Trotwood Moore. Her

special interests include fashion design, singing, drums, acting,

modeling, clarinet in the school band, swimming, volleyball, reading

and math.

Benjamin Harris

November 17, 2012

11:00 a.m.

Benjamin was born on October

4, 1999 in Nashville. His parents are Nina

Harris and Richard Harris. His grandparents

are Barbara Turner of Nashville and the late

Bruce Turner and Emanuel & Rosa Harris of Tampa, Florida.

For his mitzvah project, Benjamin will volunteer and

participate in the Boulevard Bolt to raise money for the homeless

in Nashville.

Benjamin is in the 7th grade at University School of

Nashville. His special interests include cross country, swimming,

musical theater, video games and hanging out with friends.

We Welcome the Following New Members

Frances Allen & Joshua McClain

Isobel Arnold

Fran Brumlik

Karin Davidovich

Martin Davidovich-Whitehouse

Darren & Heather DeFord

Tristan, Devon, Dillon

Charlie Friedman

Richard & Ardis Jacobson

Brian & Amy Katz

Steve & Lisa Landau

Abigail, Hannah, Samuel

Phil & Lindsey Lienert

Jonathan & Camille Muhtar

Aden, Emerie & Elise

Stephen & Beth Rossen

Alyssa & Noah

Nicholas & Lauren Rothberg

Sophia & Jack

Bill & Rita Schreiber

Jessica, David, Holly

Jason Wesley

page 4 ~ November2012 - - 615-352-7620



Congregational News

Mazel Tov to . . .

Ashley & Adam Small on the birth of their son,

Chase Jackson on October 18 th . Chase’s grandparents are Bonnie

& Doug Small. His great grandparents are

Beverly & Jimmy Small and his uncle is Ryan Small.

Tamelyn Feinstein & Ken Mastri on the birth of their grandson

Edmund James Bollay, on August 24 th .

Edmund’s parents are Brittney Bush Bollay and Benn Bollay

of Seattle, Washington.

His aunt is Sophia Mastri and his uncle is Julian Mastri.

Jan Huettner on the birth of her grandson,

Issaac Aaron Rosenthal on September 7 th .

His parents are Jessica & Chad Rosenthal of Cincinnati

Alan & Frances Mazer on the birth of their grandson,

Jay William Gross on October 1 st . His parents are

Barbara & John Gross of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Shari Krakauer & David Urekew on their

October 13 th marriage.

Stephanie Lambert & Jason Varrin on their

October 20 th marriage.

Caroline Moses & Lee Sprouse on their October 20 th marriage.

Caroline is the daughter of Marlene & Bob Moses and the

granddaughter of Elaine & Edward Eskind.

Sheri & Bob Warnke on the October 6 th marriage of her son Philip

Oliphant to Mara Levin of Atlanta.

Philip’s grandparents are Jackie and Howard Tepper.

Julie Murillas Baker on her conversion on October 26 th .

Laurie Eskind who has been named as one of this year’s honorees

by the YWCA’s Academy for Women of Achievement.

This honor is awarded to those whose leadership serves and

inspires others to succeed.

Howard Snyder, who is currently performing as "Shlomo" in the

three-month run of "A Stoop on Orchard Street" at the National

Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, written by Jay

Kholos. Before beginning its run in Philly, "Stoop" kicked off in New

York City’s Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan on

October 8 th .

Bernard Werthan who was a finalist for the Kraft CPA’s Board

Member of the Year Award presented as part of the Center for

Non-Profit Management’s Salute to Excellence.

Sincere Sympathy

The Temple family extends condolences to the

following members who have lost loved ones.

• Nancy (David) Bednowitz on the death of her mother,

Bernice Hobson.

• Dorothy (Ray) Berk on the death of her father,

Robert Keenan.

• Jared (Judy) Book on the death of his father, Milton Book.

• Judy Abrams Cahn on the death of her brother-in-law,

Michael Morris.

• Alan (Regina) Cooper on the death of his mother,

Mort (Hannah) Cooper on the death of his sister-in-law

and Mike (Lauren) Cooper on the death of his aunt,

Grace Cooper.

• Scott (Leslie) Newman on the death of his father,

Samuel Reuben Newman.

• Carla (Mark) Rosenthal on the death of her mother,

Helen Elizabeth Dollinger.

• Mickey (Sylvia) Salomon on the death of his father

and David (Karla) Salomon on the death of his

grandfather, Alvin Salomon.

• Bonnie (Doug) Small on the death of her father

and Adam (Ashley) Small and Ryan Small on the death of

their grandfather, Nathan Magid.

• Sheri (Bob) Warnke on the death of her father,

Jerry Martin Klein.

Congregant Gallery

in Meeting Room A & B

November features

The Temple Preschool

Stop by & enjoy their work!

Temple Gift Shop

Chanukah Open House

Sunday, November 18 th

9:30 am - 12:00 pm

November2012 - - 615-352-7620 ~ page 5

. . . from our Director of Membership & Programming

Dear Temple family,

After thinking about this for a long while, I have decided to step down from my position as

Director of Membership & Programming. This is a personal decision, not in response to any thing or

event here at Temple. I assure you too that everyone in my family, myself included, is healthy and well.

Simply put, for me, it’s time for a change.

It has truly been a pleasure to serve the membership and programming needs of our Temple

these past four years. Each day, I have appreciated the sacred honor of working at a congregation

rich with tradition and legacy, yet equally inclusive and progressive. My staff role has afforded me

an immensely wonderful and memorable opportunity to get to know and work for so many of you,

newcomers and longtime members alike, during times of celebration and times of need.

You are each so special to me. I am profoundly thankful for the welcome, kindness, and

encouragement you’ve offered, which I will hold onto always. I will be working at Temple until Thanksgiving. Then, I'll join you as

a congregant once again.

With gratitude & friendship,


We hope you will plan to join us on

Friday, November 23 rd during our 6:00 pm Shabbat Services

as we honor Nancy for the contributions she has made to our Temple Family.

The Temple Cemetery Committee is

pleased to announce the addition of new

section markers in our cemetery.

Our hope is that this addition will be helpful for

generations to come!

The Adult Education committee introduces the

Well-Being Program (WBP)

to our Temple community for the enrichment of your mind, body and spirit.

First Yoga Class - November 11 th at 10:00 am

The Temple WBP is offering yoga classes with the theme of “Come as you are, pay what you can”. Classes will be donation

based (donations will go to the Adult Education Fund to aid in the continuation of programs like this) and open to all levels of

experience. These classes will include breathing practices, meditation, music and gentle flow. You will need to bring your

own mat, towel, pillow, blanket … whatever will give you comfort and restoration. As our program develops we will have

classes for different levels, and at different times during the week. In time, we will be able to supply yoga props and mats

at the Temple. The first class will be offered on Sunday, November 11 th from 10 - 11 a.m. and facilitated by Karen Silien,

who completed her yoga teacher training last April at Sanctuary Yoga.

In 2013 the WBP will be offering Shabbatons for restoration and play. We offered one of these in March 2012 and are

delighted to have a series of these for our community in 2013. The Shabbatons will include yoga, centering breath

practices, reflective writing, a Jewish-themed art project, and healthy and delicious food, of course. The day concludes

with a Havdalah ceremony to bring Shabbat to a peaceful close. Look for specific dates and themes in the January View.

For more information on any of these programs please contact:

Karen Silien, Adult Education Chair at or call The Temple (352-7620)

page 6 ~ November2012 - - 615-352-7620

Honoring Our Veterans & Remembering Yitzhak Rabin

Friday, November 9 th at our 6:00pm Shabbat

On November 9 th in addition to honoring our Veterans during our Shabbat Services

we will also be remembering the legacy of Yitzhak Rabin.

Our guest speaker will be Hadar Moskovitz, Community Educator and Shilicha (Emissary).

4 th year Rabbinic Student

Rachel Kaplan Marks

will be our special guest speaker on November 23 rd

& will teach Chevrah Torah on November24 th

Jewish Federation Executive Director

Mark Freedman

will be our special guest speaker on November 30 th

W.E.L.L. Goes to the Movies ~ Monday, November 12 th at Noon

The Cake Lady

Directed by Adam Hirsch. Produced by Brittany Tenenbaum

Meet Fay Tenenbaum, whose sense of humor, willingness to give to others,

and love for baking help her with the transition of moving into assisted living.

Special guest: “The Cake Lady,” Fay Tenenbaum, Director Adam Hirsch & Producer Brittany Tenebaum.

Dressing in America: Tales from the Garment Center

Dressing America shows how Jewish immigrants paved the way for the likes of

Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Isaac Mizrahi and others.

Tickets may be purchased by going to - A boxed lunch is available upon reservation.

Think Globally, Learn Locally:

The entire Nashville Jewish community is invited to participate in the Global Day of Jewish Learning on

Sunday, November18 th , at the Akiva School from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Global Day provides an opportunity to study Jewish texts while learning with distinguished Jewish scholars and

educators. Nashville’s Global Day will be keynoted by

Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield,

a prominent scholar from the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.

His appearance is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Libby and Moshe Werthan.

The Global Day includes lunch and dietary laws will be observed.

There’s a fee of $10 per person for the meal.

Child care will be available as well as transportation for seniors.

To pre-register for the Global Day, please send an e-mail to Barbara Schwarcz at or call her directly at 615-354-1630.

November2012 - - 615-352-7620 ~ page 7

Temple Events

Golden Lunch


Join us for



and fun!

November 4 th

(Jeff Lisenby)

November 20 th

(Frank &

Diane Marino)

@ 11:30 am



7:15 pm


November 7 th

We are



A Code of



Volume 1:

You Shall be


by Rabbi



Chapters on

Jewish Laws

of Fair


For more



Martin Sir,

419-8325 or

David Barton,





Sunday Monday Tuesday Wedne

9:30 AM Religious


Food Trucks

9:30 AM Religious School

10:00 AM Book Club

11:00 AM Conversion


11:00 AM Yoga Introduction

9:30 AM Religious


12:30 PM Medicare

Prescription Review




Conversion Conversations

Oct 2012


1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

14 15 16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24 25 26 27

28 29 30 31

1:30 PM TAF Meeting

7:00 PM Social Action


Room in the Inn

12:00 PM W.E.L.L.

Film Festival Matinee

Room in the Inn

10:00 AM TAF Meeting

Room in the Inn

25 26 27





Dec 2012



2 3 4 5 6 7 8

9 10 11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18 19 20 21 22

23 24 25 26 27 28 29

30 31

Join Rabbi Mackler & Patty Marks

Our next meeting will take place on November 11 th

Boulevard Bolt ~ November 22 nd

for details go to

11:30 AM Golden Lunch


4:00 PM Officer's Mtg.

4:15 PM Mid-Week


4:00 PM Executive

Committee Meeting

4:15 PM Mid-Week


11:30 AM Golden Lunch


4:15 PM Mid-Week


7:00 PM Board of

Trustees Meeting





4:15 PM Mid-W

6:00 PM

6:00 PM

6:30 PM 6:30

7:15 PM


11:30 AM Se


4:15 PM Mid-W

6:00 PM

6:00 PM

6:30 PM Ad

7:00 PM Rabbi

3:00 PM P


6:00 PM

4:15 PM Mid-W

6:00 PM

6:00 PM

6:30 PM Ad

7:00 PM Presch

Room in the Inn

7:00 PM Rabbi

page 8 ~ November2012 - www.temp

er 2012

er 2012

sday Thursday Friday Saturday

eek Hebrew


Post Con

Adult Hebrew



cond Harvest

& Tour

eek Hebrew


Post Con

ult Hebrew

Rami Shapiro




11:30 AM Lunch with

the Rabbi

12:00 PM Women's

Torah Study

4:00 PM Nominating


11:30 AM Lunch with the


12:00 PM Women's Torah


1:00 PM Preschool Advisory


6:00 PM Jmingle Roaming

Happy Hour

9:00 AM Coffee with Corye

11:30 AM Lunch with the


12:00 PM Women's Torah


4:30 PM Cemetery





6:00 PM Shabbat


6:00 PM Shabbat


5:15 PM Pre-Service


6:00 PM Family Service




9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

11:00 AM B'not Mitzvah

Skylar & Sloane Fischer

9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

11:00 AM B at Mitzvah

Margot Suchet

7:00 PM Next Dor

9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

11:00 AM Bar Mitzvah

Benjamin Harris

12:30 PM Medicare

Prescription Review

7:00 PM Next Dor

Temple Events

Book Club

2 nd Sunday of each

month at 10:00 am,

November 11 th


by Richard Ford


are always


For more



Joan Breyer









led by

Patty Marks


@ 12:00 pm.





Boulevard Bolt

Thanksgiving - Temple

Office & Preschool



6:00 PM Blue Jean


Preschool Closed


9:30 AM Chevrah Torah

11:00 AM S habbat


Lunch with

the Rabbi


11:30 am at

The Temple

eek Hebrew


Post Con

ult Hebrew

ool Fundraiser

Rami Shapiro


11:30 AM Lunch with

the Rabbi

12:00 PM Women's

Torah Study


6:00 PM Blue Jean


Save the Date:


Tot Shabbat

December 8 th

10:00 am



7:00 pm


November 17 th

There are still

a few spaces

available for our

Whole Foods

Outing! - 615-352-7620 ~ page 9

Social Action Allocation Highlight:

Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC)

OIC assists those who are ready and willing to achieve a better quality of life for themselves, their families and our

community. In 2010-2011, students in the GED Preparation Class made 134.6 Grade Level Advances. Fifteen students earned

a GED last year, and OIC helped 48 of its clients get jobs at an average of $9.75 per hour ($20,270/year). In soft skills training,

students completed 80 modules in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook. The value of these skills

added significantly to the marketability of the clients.

OIC received funding from Social Action Allocations in 2012 to assist the agency in providing assessment, training,

education and job placement services.

Attention Seniors !!! The Social Action Committee is sponsoring a

Medicare Prescription Plan Review

at The Temple on

Saturday, November 17 th & Sunday, November 18 th at 12:30 p.m.

Dr. Bob Neaderthal & Judy Book FNP-C, will review the medications you take

& help select the plan best suited for your needs.

Bring your will be seen on a first come first served basis.

The review will take approximately 10 minutes.

Teamwork Improves Recycling Program

Greater Efficiency Produces Monetary Savings

by Charles Krivcher, co-chair of the Building & Maintenance Committee

Collaborative efforts of three committees working closely with the Temple staff have taken our recycling program to

the next level. Members of the Building & Maintenance, Green Team and Beautification Committees, along with the advice and

consent of the staff, have combined trash and recycling efforts under the umbrella of our ongoing relationship with a single

vendor, Clarksville Disposal, LLC (a subsidiary of Waste Connections, Inc.).

Effective October 1, 2012 The Temple has one trash container and one single stream recycling container, as well as a

number of movable recycling bins located around the building. The Temple will save over $2,000 per year with the added benefit

of being able to recycle more items while creating less trash.

Please be in touch with any comments and suggestions, as we strive to be both “greener” and more efficient in our

operations. We would also welcome your support as a volunteer (perhaps, an hour each week) to maintain our current

composting and organic gardening activities.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who donated coats for the Temple Coat Drive this year! We collected dozens of coats that will

be distributed to local homeless men and women by Room in the Inn. Room in the Inn was especially grateful for our donation,

as these were the first coats they had received since the fall weather arrived. The drive was such a success that the Social Action

Committee plans to make it an annual event.

Special thanks to Lynda Gutcheon and the Ninth Grade Religious School class for sorting and loading the coats for


page 10 ~ November2012 - - 615-352-7620

.........continued from page 2

While living on a food stamp budget for just a week cannot come close to the struggles encountered by low-income

families week after week and month after month, it does provide those who take the Challenge with a new perspective and

greater understanding.”

Think about what you spend in a day on food – perhaps a $4 cup of coffee, a $12 sandwich, maybe $50 for a couple

to have dinner out. In Tennessee, the average weekly total for food stamps is $33.45. That is $4.46 a day. We invite you to

participate in the challenge for one week, spending only the allotted average $33.45 a week on food. We will host a Global

Hunger Shabbat Friday, November 2, where we will learn more about this Challenge and how we can help. This program

was inspired by our young adult members in our community who seek to create understanding and change in our world. They

will be helping to lead our Challenge and participate in our service. We will join other Challenge participants, like the AARP,

Jewish Council for Public Affairs , MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger , National Council of Jewish Women, National Council

on Aging , and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. Join us for this important Shabbat and join the SNAP Challenge.

Second Harvest Food Bank ~ A Rewarding Experience

by Glenda Kraft

About 20 years ago, my friend Missy Russ invited me to join her in volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank. Along

with some other friends, we spent hours every Wednesday preparing a large weekly mailing. Admittedly, part of the appeal was

spending time with the group and going out to lunch after we finished. Even though we weren’t working directly with food, our

help amounted to saving the food bank many man (or woman) hours of paid labor. Over time, different friends have joined us,

our job has changed a few times, we’ve seen staff come and go, and the facility has moved.

All these years later, Missy and I are still the “Wednesday ladies”, as the staff refers to us, and most Wednesday afternoons

you can find us folding, stuffing, sealing and stamping at Second Harvest.

The reason I’m still committed is that I see what important work is done there.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee provides food to a lot of hungry people, and 31 percent of those people

are kids. It’s estimated that in our state, 1 in 4 children are food insecure.

Last year, over 19 million pounds of food was distributed throughout 46 counties, providing more than 16 million meals

to people of all ages and circumstances. During recent years, when many have encountered difficult economic times, this made

the difference between being able to feed the family, or going to bed with empty bellies.

`The food may be in an emergency food box, sent out to an outlying community in the Mobile Pantry, or sent home in

a school child’s backpack. Wherever the need arises, Second Harvest gets the food to those who would otherwise go hungry.

As one who loves to eat, and to share meals with family and friends, knowing that too many in our community are ‘food insecure’

is saddening to me. So I am grateful that the food bank provides me with an opportunity to help in a small way.

I encourage you to go to the website, There you can learn more about their mission, the

various programs, (including my favorite: the backpack program), and how to help.

Then, join us on November 14 th for lunch and a personal tour of Second Harvest Food Bank, and see for

yourself this impressive facility and the even more impressive work that is done there!

Join us for a

Private Lunch & Tour at Second Harvest Food Bank

331 Great Circle Road, Metro Center, Nashville

Wednesday, November 14, 11:30 am ~ 1:00 pm

hosted & led by

Mark Rubin

Director & Executive Chef of the Culinary Arts Center of Second Harvest Food Bank

$12 donation, to feed the Hungry of Middle Tennessee

For more information & to RSVP, contact Missy Russ,

If you would still like to make your food drive donation to Second Harvest our web page

( will be active until December 1 st

November2012 - - 615-352-7620 ~ page 11

Religious School

by Lynda Gutcheon

Religious School Kicks Off in High Gear

1 st Graders make edible succahs as part of their study

of this important harvest holiday.

2 nd graders create a class covenant as

they begin their study of Torah & talk

about Abraham.

8 th graders, along with their teacher, Alan Mazer, make lunches for the Habitat for Humanity Build

which included the efforts of our congregation.

Consecration ~ Class of 2012/5773

Liam Jacob Aaronson son of Oran Aaronson & Shannon Snyder

Stella Evelyn Altman daughter of Marshall & Lela Altman

Lia Ruth Cohen-Poole daughter of Mike Poole & Ali Cohen

Eliana Gorden daughter of Lee Gorden & Joan DeWitt Gorden

Kasey Pauline Hill daughter of Mark & Jodi Hill

Laura Grace Hirt daughter of Andy & Laura Hirt

Laney Drew Hirt daughter of Andy & Laura Hirt

Sydney Grace Johnson daughter of Treye & Rachel Johnson

Benjamin Isaac Kampine son of William & Andrea Kampine

Bar Minuskin son of Tal & Limor Minuskin

Alyssa Meredith Rossen daughter of Stephen & Beth Rossen

Jack Charles Schwarcz son of Andrew & Barbara Schwarcz

Jacob H. Schenk son of Danny & Leslie Schenk

Benjamin Phillip Sonkin son of Peter & Linda Sonkin

Lillian Reese Stone daughter of Jeremy & Becca Stone

Paisley Jordan Stone daughter of Jeremy & Becca Stone

page 12 ~ November2012 - - 615-352-7620


by Corye Nelson & Jan Huettner

Preschool Receives Wall to Wall Support

We are so excited to announce that two of our

preschool classrooms will be getting new floors during the

Thanksgiving Holiday break. The Brachot (Infant classroom)

and Neshamah (Toddler 1 classroom) rooms will have the

carpet and VCT flooring removed from their classrooms and

new flooring will be installed. The new flooring will consist of a

premium vinyl material with a wood grain finish. This is the same

type of flooring being used in many hospitals and will provide

a warm and inviting, yet sanitary and easy to clean alternative,

to our current flooring. It is a project that Mark Shepard and

Corye have been working on for quite a while and finally it is

coming to fruition. The ultimate plan is to have the floors in ALL

of the classrooms

replaced. As you

can imagine, this

will be quite a

costly project.

The Temple

has been very

gracious to

agree to sponsor

these first two

classrooms, and

now it is on us

to raise enough

funds to complete

the project.

Here’s where

our parents,

grandparents, and

friends of the preschool can help.

The Parent

Committee has been hard at work planning the Temple

Preschool’s first “grown up” fundraiser. The fundraiser will

be called “Wall to Wall Support” and 100% of the funds raised

at this event will go towards replacing the floors in our entire

school. We hope to raise enough money to reach our goal and

will appreciate your donation in support of our renovation.

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS and line up a baby sitter

now for the evening of November 28 th . We will have a

wonderful wine and cheese soiree in the Temple’s Art Gallery

(Meeting rooms A & B). The backdrop for this wonderful event

Wall to wall


for our



will be our own student artists’ paintings, as we have once again

been given the honor of having them display their art work as

the featured artists for the month of November.

Before we say goodbye for the month, we would like

to recognize our own Corye Nelson for the amazing job that

she did in chairing the Tennessee Association for the Education

of Young Children’s State Conference which was held on Friday,

October 12 th in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Corye worked

diligently for the past several years with her committee to

attract world-class professional speakers and educators

from across the country to lead and guide approximately

one thousand preschool and early education teachers from

across the state

of Tennessee.

They presented

“cutting edge”

topics on a

variety of

subjects including

the latest in

brain research,





emergent literacy,

health issues for

children and

how we can

respond, the

administrator’s role in promoting cultural diversity, math and

science innovations, music, infant and toddler interactions,

and finding inspiration in the Reggio Emilia approach. This

was just a sampling of some of the workshops that were

presented, and all of us who attended the conference came

back refreshed and inspired. We had several teachers (Ms.

Melissa Sostrin, Ms. Lindsey Lienert, and Ms. Stephanie “Moon”

Bishop) who presented workshops at the conference, as well.

We congratulate our teachers and our director for their

participation and guidance that took place at this prestigious


November2012 - - 615-352-7620 ~ page 13

Kaddish will be recited in memory of these loved ones . . . .

November 2 & 3 November 9 & 10 November 16 & 17 November 23 & 24

Alfred Alperin

Sheldon Baker

Annette R. Bernow

Howard W. Blocker

Ilene Wilma Cohen

Joseph Cooper


Morton Cooper

Adolph N. Friedman

Florence Goldstein

Bernice Hirsch


Bruce & Rae Hirsch

Adolph S. Jacobs

Elizabeth Jonas Jacobs

Bessie Rosenblum Jacobs


Elinor & Rudy Saperstein

Peter Katz

Warren Gilber Kleban

Jeanette H. Krizelman


Sheldon & Patricia Krizelman

Max Loskove

Horace Renegar

Julia Straus Rosenthal


Norma Neaderthal

Rose Saff

David Slabosky

Lilian Sperling

Josef Strupp

Jack Tenzel


Doris Fleischer

John Urtnowski

Russ Walter

Carol Wiener Wile

Paul Belz

G. Ernest Budwig

J.B. Cohen


Shirley Greenberg

Jacob Dresner

Gilbert J. Fox

Zvi Griliches

Shirley Cohen Gutcheon

Isadore H. Gutow


Jessica & Daniel Viner

Mildred B. Hobbs


Frances & Steven Wolf

Rosa Pfeifer Isacson

Manny Kellem

Bernerd Krohn


Janice Krohn

Ralph Z. Levy, Sr.

Jerome Loew

Arnold M. Michelson

Norma Orenstein

Sarah Alperin Pailet

Joseph E. Pasternack


Albee & Jerry Guttman

Betty Roback

Morris Rosenberg

Clarence Rosenstein

Maury Rossen

Milton Rozen

Murray Schott


Sheila Schott

Edwin Schuffman

Abram Shmerling

Lester Solin, Sr.

Alvin Solomon

Abraham Spiller

Nathan Taradash

Lilly G. True

Rabbi Alfred Vise

Florence Wachsberger

Ike Weinstein

David J. Weinstein

Rebecca Wolff

Sara Karlin Wolman


Dorothy & Charles Hirshberg

Samuel Wolman


Dorothy & Charles Hirshberg

Rhonda D. Zager

Nathan Zimmelman


Ida Alexander

Lena Alper


Phyllis Alper

Nathan Cohen

Faye Coleman

Mildred Davis

Morris Fishel

Mildred Flexer

Edward Fortner

Jennie S. Friedman

Rosa Friedman

Anna Gold

Morton Goldberg


Donna & Jeff Eskind

Donald F. Gordon

Juliett Grobstein

Mollie Gurwitch

Samuel J. Hexter

James Paul Inglis

Ann Jacobson

Hannah H. Kirshner

Shirley Kleban


Douglas & Bonnie Small

Milton A. Klein

Louis J. Koch

Leo Levison

Gertrude Bloch May

Bernice Miller

Elizabeth Angel Morris

William P. Noa, Sr.

(great uncle)

Gus & Elaine Kuhn

Joseph Ortega

Ida Seitzman Pomerantz

Rebecca Anne Kornman Raskin

Annette Levy Ratkin

(mother, grandmother)

Gail, Shawn & Amy Seibold

Jeanne Rosenberg

Rosa Zander Rothstein

Lou Schwartz

Herman Shmerling

Louis P. Zimmerman

Sidney Addlestone

Isadore Alexander


Ida Alexander

Julius Bergman

Irwin Chesen

Frederick Deutscher

John R. Dolinger

Gerald Fleischer


Doris Fleischer

Janet Friedman

Hattie Dietz Heiman

Harris N. Jacobs

Herschel Katzman

Nathan Ben Lewis

Fan Levine Liff


Jan Liff


Judith Barker

Norman Mitchell Lipman

Tessie Blum Lowenheim

Theresa Lustig

Samuel Neaderthal


Norma Neaderthal

Arlene Polen

Isaac Raskin

Travis Ezra Richmond

Manuel Russ


Phillip & Missy Russ

Minnie Gertrude Schwartz

James Speyer

Morris Strauch

Bruce Turner


Barbara Turner

Ada Cooper Wallis

Lena Weinstein

Samuel Wilker

Irvin Wolf


Brenda & Bobby Rosenblum

Samuel S. Wolf


Steven & Frances Wolf

Harold Wolf

Ronald Zeitlin

Toby Zimmerman

Mary Krivcher Zimmerman

November 30 &

December 1

H. Ray Bell

Marcia Cohen

Ida Cooper


Morton & Hannah Cooper

Marian Custer

Leopold Freudenthal

Fred Friedman

Bertha Gordon

Herbert Hoffman

Edna Kahn

Florence Kaminsky

Hermine Karlsruher

Irving William Katz

Robert Krivcher

Selma Latter

Leonard Martin

Gert McCluskey

Wilbert J. Michelson

Eva Lyon Morris

Bella Orfus


Ann & Harvey Eisen

Leah Rich

Nelly Rocklin

Albert Z. Rosenfeld

Minette Rossen

Myra Lou Ruben

Emanuel Schatten

Norma Goldin Selkin

Beatrice Shteir

Bonalyn Blom Slocum

Bettye Anne Smirnow

Alberta Albina Stalma

Elise Steiner

S. Michael Stoller

Rose Towbin

Grete Westfield

Rodney Wise

Joseph Wolfe


Lawrence & Sally Wolfe

Warren Wurzburg

Marjorie Opler Wurzburg

Edward Yalowitz

page 14 ~ November2012 - - 615-352-7620

You shall accept gifts for Me from every person whose heart is so moved. . . Exodus 25:2

Adult Education Fund

Recovery of Gloria Sir

Frank & Barbara Ghertner

Beautification Fund

Memory of Marsha Grant

Sanford & Sandra Harris

Recovery of Fred Goldner

Randall & Edna Falk

Recovery of Marjorie Zager

Randall & Edna Falk

Recovery of Sy Trachtman

Frank & Barbara Ghertner

Hank Brooks Campership Fund

Memory of Evelyn Brooks

Louis H. Brooks, Jr.

Building Fund

Memory of Karen Sprintz

Howard & Jacqueline Tepper

Recovery of Sy Trachtman

Howard & Jacqueline Tepper

Cantor Gutcheon’s

Discretionary Fund

Appreciation of Cantor Gutcheon

Laura Turk Brassell

The Gordon/Kleiner Family

The Herzogs

Ralph & Randy Levy

Gary & Lisa Schwartz

Bar Mitzvah of Ben Levine

Laura Turk Brassell

Memory of Karen Sprintz

Barbara Schwartz

Leon & Charles Gilbert

Outreach Fund

Memory of Stanley Bernard

Harris A. Gilbert

Recovery of Marvin Jacobs

Harris A. Gilbert

Need a Ride?

Temple will


~Call Marjorie~


Worship Services,

Chevrah Torah,

Lunch Bunch, Adult Ed,

& other

Temple Programming.

Gerda Loewenstein

Caring & Concern Fund

Birthday of Doris Gross

Nancy Flexer

Mark & Goldie Shepard

Birthday of Eugene Pargh

Anabel Cassell

Birthday of Herb Gross

Mark & Goldie Shepard

Birthday of Herb Jacobs

Nancy Flexer

Bradley & Jennie Zagnoev

Memory of Stanley Bernard

Phyllis Alper

Memory of Eleanor Hersh

Bernard & Betty Werthan

Memory of Karen Sprintz

Phyllis Alper

Nancy Flexer

Griffith & Sherry Haber

Memory of Milton Book

Michael & Nancy Richardson

Memory of Victor Schreiber

Michael & Cindee Gold

Recovery of Marjorie Zager

Robert & Miriam Mamlin

Recovery of Sally Levine

Bobby & Brenda Rosenblum

Greatest Need Fund

Appreciation of Rabbi Mark Schiftan

Seymour & Diane Trachtman

Milton Grossman

Early Education Fund

Memory of Nathan Magid

Sara Rachel Robin

Memory of Frances Rubin &

Rosa Eisenberg

Sara Rachel Robin

Memory of Lenny Seloff

Irv & Barbara Levy

Donald E. Jacobs

Student Loan Fund

Birthday of Sheila Schott

Samuel & Sally Simon

Honor of Dr. Lawrence Wolfe

Kenneth & Ellen Jacobs

Memory of Eli Jacobs

Frank & Barbara Ghertner

Memory of Karen Sprintz

Kenneth & Ellen Jacobs

Sheila Schott

Memory of Stanley Bernard

Kenneth & Ellen Jacobs

Sheila Schott

Recovery of Marvin Jacobs

Frank & Barbara Ghertner

Recovery of Sylvia Shepard

Frank & Barbara Ghertner

Lee & Theresa Kuhn

Social Action Fund

Birthday of Sara Rachel Robin

Gilbert & Lois Fox

Birthday of Selma Goldstein

Gilbert & Joyce Fox

Janice Krohn

Marriage of

Roni Levy & Blake Dunlap

Gilbert & Lois Fox

Memory of Stanley Bernard

Gilbert & Lois Fox

Memory of Karen Sprintz

Howard & Betty Lee Rosen

Memory of Milton Book

Gary & Carol Fradkin

Rabbi Mackler’s

Discretionary Fund

Appreciation of Rabbi Mackler

Ralph & Randi Levy

Lev & Alexandra Mazeres

Sy & Diane Trachtman

Harris Gilbert

Jeremy & Jamie Brook

Honor of Trent Rosenbloom

Lev & Alexandra Mazeres

Memory of Karen Sprintz

Brad & Lori Fishel

Memorial Fund

Memory of Hyman Orfus

Charles & Dorothy Hirshberg

Preschool Fund

Birth of AnyaTenenholz

Ingeborg Loewenstein

Birth of Grandson of Jan Huettner

Gregory & Erin Zagnoev

Religious School

Enrichment Fund

Birthday of Selma Goldstein

Howard & Betty Lee Rosen

Rabbi Mark & Harriet Schiftan

Greatest Need Fund

Birthday of Sy Trachtman

Howard & Arlene Safer

Honor of Rabbi Mark Schiftan

Steven Greil

Scott Shapiro

Preschool Scholarship Fund

Memory of Warren Wurzburg

Steve & Nancy Shapiro

Memory of Marjorie Opler Wurzburg

Steve & Nancy Shapiro

November2012 - - 615-352-7620 ~ page 15

Suzanne J. Morris

Youth Leadership Fund

Memory of Karen Sprintz

Bernard & Betty Werthan

Rabbi Schiftan’s

Discretionary Fund

Appreciation of Rabbi Schiftan

Doug & Melanie Hirt

Harris Gilbert

Jeremy & Jamie Brook

Kenneth & Felicia Anchor

Bar Mitzvah of Tyler Jacobs

Joel & Bernice Gordon

Memory of Maurice Goldstein

Robert & Lisa Goldstein

Memory of Sara and David Kahane

Charles & Claire Kahane

Memory of Marsha Grant

Jack & Dorothy Miller

Memory of Nathan Magid

Shelly & Trish Krizelman

Beverly & Jimmy Small

Golden Agers Fund

Memory of Karen Sprintz

Irvin & Beverly Small

Memory of Leonard Seloff

Irvin & Beverly Small

Memory of Stanley Bernard

Murray & Isabelle Cohen

Irvin & Beverly Small

Yahrzeit Fund

Memory of Rose Bohn

Sara Rachel


Memory of Walter P. Casteel

Perry & Donna Neel

Memory of Ruth Griggs

David & Shirley Horowitz

Memory of Bobbie Hirshberg Fox

Charles & Dorothy Hirshberg

Memory of Jacob Hirshberg

Charles & Dorothy Hirshberg

Memory of Samuel Karlin

Charles & Dorothy Hirshberg

Memory of Ralph Kornman

John & Gayle Rosen

Memory of Reba Kraft

Keith & Meryl Kraft

Memory of David Sherman

John & Gayle Rosen

Memory of Lillian Weisberg Spitz

John & Gayle Rosen

This report reflects donations

that have been acknowledged

as of September 30 th

The Temple

5015 Harding Road

Nashville, Tennessee 37205

The Temple View (USPS 537-620) is published monthly exc. May/June, July/Aug.

& Sept./Oct. + 1 extra in fall by The Temple, 5015 Harding Road, Nashville, TN

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Past Presidents Development Reception at the Schiftan home

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