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Government Security News August Digital Edition

Donald Trump’s

Donald Trump’s shortsighted immigration plans won’t secure the homeland Continued from page 31 tries stepped forward and registered with the federal government, resulting in 13,000 deportations. However, no one who registered under NSEERS was ever charged with a crime related to terrorism. The “special registration” requirement ended in December 2003, while NSEERS as a whole was scrapped in April 2011. What Trump is proposing is NSEERS on a massive scale. It is important to keep in mind that “security” is about more than just keeping out those who would threaten our national security. It is also about creating and maintaining a vibrant economy and dynamic society that attract people from around the world. It is about establishing our global credibility as a society in which the rule of law and fundamental human rights are highly valued and respected. And it is about not undermining U.S. relationships with the allies needed to effectively combat international terrorists. If we move too far away from these goals, building a locked-down nation in which fear runs rampant and productivity and creativity are starved, then what exactly are we attempting to “secure”? 3M’s new ALPR software extends reach, delivers real-time actionable intelligence Continued from page 35 als, and audit reports provide a full view of system activity to identify any potential misuse of sensitive or private data. “From parking lots and highways to ports and borders, we are committed to protecting law enforcement officials and their communities,” said Stores. “Plate Alert Software is the newest innovation to support those who take the oath to protect and serve.” About 3M At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With $30 billion in sales, our 90,000 employees connect with customers all around the world. Learn more about 3M’s creative solutions to the world’s problems at or on Twitter @3M or @3MNewsroom. 3M and 3M Science. Applied to Life. are trademarks of 3M Company. Used under license in Canada. 44 Peter Smallridge, 3M Traffic Safety and Security Manager, discusses E.U. border security Continued from page 40 questions. Another major trend is Interoperability of Systems. In the U.S. there are different fingerprint systems which are called “AFIS” systems. These are fingerprint identify systems. Some are for border, a second group is for dealing with criminals, and the third group is use by the military. This system is not available in Europe, since a big objective in Europe is to separate systems so that citizens’ private affairs cannot be misused by politicians. Smallbridge adds that “The terrorist incidents in the last few months have proved the weakness of that concept”. He concludes the interview with a number of observations of the U.S. differences in practices from those of the European Union, and lists a number of objectives and initiatives that 3M is working with, pointing

out that 3M is one of the big three in this area – 3M, BEC and Morpho/ Safron. As a company generating upwards of $30-billion in revenues, 3M definitely has the wherewithal to research and produce topnotch solutions and take a long view. In the U.S., identification systems are operated by Customs and Border Protection, and with the purchase some years ago of Cogent Systems, the CBP biometric matching system contains about 200 million people in its database; the criminal database is handled by the FBI and the military databases are handled by the Department of Defense. 3M is working now on Mission Critical systems, the AFIS system and is modernizing capabilities for multiple biometric matching. 3M has also been working on facial recognition, voice recognition, mobile readers for such applications as walking through trains or entire cities, and further document reader improvement to enable processing of people who don’t speak English. “Learning our customers’ problems is the best way to solve the problems,” says Smallbridge. “It’s the kind of things we worry about. Can we see it? How? Do we need to acquire? That would be our scope. We’re a big company with many divisions. We share information inhouse with other divisions. Usability is very important to us. Sign-up for Free GSN Digital Editions and Email Newsletters Free subscription to your selection of GSN digital editions and daily/weekly email newsletters. Add new selections or opt-out of any selections at any time. GSN Airport, Seaport, Rail, Border Security Weekly GSN Daily Insider Newsletter (5 Days Weekly) GSN Monthly Digital Edition GSN Media Kit CLICK HERE The News Leader in Physical, IT and Homeland Security 45