In a late afternoon in the early autumn, I’m standing at the balcony overlooking the playground of my apartment building. Children are excited to go outside after a heavy rain. Some boys are noisily fighting to catch a plastic ball. Under the shade of trees, my daughter and her friends are drawing strange images on the stone chairs with a pen of tree’s branch dripping with water. The space is noisy yet peaceful. Autumn comes and brings with it a lot of expectations such as milk flowers in every corner or green young rice for delicious dishes. Some people are complaining that their skin is getting drier despite cool weather. Children are eager to meet their friends after a long summer holiday, participate in outdoor activities on the weekend, or gather and make crazy things at one’s house while their parents are worried about their workload. Who will take care of the kids, take them to school, contact with teachers, help them with homework, and clean the messes they make? You see, whether or not autumn is wonderful depends on our mood. While reading this letter, perhaps, you are a bit busy preparing for a new business trip or getting tired of work. But spend a few minutes this autumn to take up some intriguing things, letting the autumn winds help you find out your own tranquility!

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