Caribbean Times 84th Issue - Thursday 26th January 2017


Caribbean Times 84th Issue - Thursday 26th January 2017

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Thursday 26th January 2017

PM attends CELAC Summit in Santo Domingo

PUNTA CANA, Dominican

Republic – Prime

Minister the Hon. Gaston

Browne was yesterday in

Punta Cana, Dominican

Republic for the Fifth Summit

of Heads of State of the

Community of Latin American

and Caribbean States

(CELAC), where matters of

the grouping and changes in

Europe and North America

are expected to feature on

the agenda.

According to Prime Minister

Browne, the meeting is

very important to members

of the grouping particularly

with a new administration in

the United States and the issues

surrounding Brexit.

He noted that the Heads

also addressed issues of

food security, drugs, and

migration. The Summit

was expected to approve 19

resolutions on topics of interest

to the grouping and

conclude with the Political

Declaration of Punta Cana

and special declarations on

By Everton Barnes

Members of the local private sector

are gathering for a breakfast seminar

today to discuss how best to survive in

an increasingly hostile global environment.

The event takes place at the Jolly

Beach Hotel where the featured speaker

is the Secretary General of the OECS

Secretariat, Dr. Didicus Jules, who will

address the topic of How Can Business

Survive in These Times?

Financial secretary Whitfield Harris

topics common to CELAC


The Summit was also attended

by Raúl Castro, President

of Cuba, Enrique Peña

Nieto of Mexico; Nicolás

Maduro, from Venezuela;

Juan Manuel Santos, from

Colombia; Evo Morales,

from Bolivia; Michelle

Bachelet of Chile and Daniel

Ortega of Nicaragua.

Prime Minister Browne

was accompanied by Foreign

Affairs, International

Trade and Immigration Minister,

the Hon. Henry Charles


Prime Minister Browne

returns to the country today

in time to chair the weekly

session of Cabinet which

will be held on Friday. Attorney

General and Minister

of Legal Affairs, the Hon.

Steadroy Benjamin is the

Acting Prime Minister.

Business community holds forum

will also speak at the forum where he is

expected to outline government’s policies

to assist the private sector compete

in the current environment.

The forum is organsised by the Employers

Federation which is inviting

members of the business community to

attend and to participate in the discussions

that will follow.

Arrangements have been made for a

Question and Answer segment following

the presentations by Dr. Jules and


Federation president Leslie Salmon

described the posture of the larger

states as being unfriendly to small

states such as Antigua and Barbuda and

many in the Caribbean. He said these

states have to be constantly looking for

new opportunities as the more developed

countries have displayed an indifference

towards the concerns of small


In fact, he noted that each time these

small economies identify a new source

of revenue to fund their operations, the

large countries move in and cripple the

source of revenue.

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