Caribbean Times 84th Issue - Thursday 26th January 2017


Caribbean Times 84th Issue - Thursday 26th January 2017

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Thursday 26th January 2017

President’s 10 Mentorship Programme:

A special opportunity for young women

By Joanna Paris

Ten young women from

secondary schools across

Antigua and Barbuda will

be chosen to participate in

the President’s 10 Mentorship

Programme, which has

been organized by the Legislature

of Parliament.

The programme was

officially launched on

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Wednesday in a private

quarter in the Parliament

Building and was widely

attended by students

and other specially invited


According to the President

of the Senate, the

Honourable Alincia Williams-Grant,

the programme

is designed to

specifically translate the

advances that women have

made in educational development

into significant

increases in female leadership

in business and politics

in Antigua and Barbuda.

“The programmer will

focus on empowering

young women to acquire

basic knowledge, information,

tools and skills necessary

to understand and gain

more competence about

how parliament and other

government departments

work”, she explained in her


She added that the students

will also receive information

about being successful

in future careers,

business etiquette and spiritual


In order to be chosen

for the programme, a third

form student should have

maintained a B+ average in

second form and in the first

quarter of third form, possess

strong leadership skills

and must write a 250-word

essay detailing why they

would like to enter into


The candidates will then

be required to complete

an interview process. The

deadline for submitting the

application forms is the

15th of February.

The President of the

Senate expressed thanks

to all the key persons who

have been instrumental in

bringing the project to reality.

Senator Shenella Govia

was also on hand to offer

her words of support and


“I want to encourage

you all, it is not just about

the professions of being a

lawyer, doctor or architect,

you can aspire to be a politician

as well.

“I want you to use this

opportunity and be a part

of the first-hand experience

that you will have being

a part of this process.

I encourage you to get involved,

participate, be passionate

and stay motivated”,

she urged.

Member of Parliament

for the St. Mary’s South

Constituency, the Honourable

Samantha Marshall

also joined her colleagues

in encouraging young females

to consider the rewards

that can be derived

once selected for the mentorship


“Whether you determine

that your leadership should

be in politics or public life,

whether you determine that

you would be the first female

to manage a corporation

in Antigua and Barbuda,

whatever you decide to

do, be strong about it”, she


The top 10 students will

be announced in March.

Thursday 26th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Visit Antigua & Barbuda

magazine and maps launched

By Justin Peters

The Antigua Hotel and

Tourism Association, on

Tuesday launched its official

in room publication

aptly titled Visit Antigua &

Barbuda 2017 and the Visit

Antigua & Barbuda Maps


The beautiful 100-page

volume contains many of

the basic facts that visitors

to Antigua and Barbuda

need to know about our

108-square mile island, but

also expands on that information

by providing more

information about eating,

relaxing, shopping, getting

married and investing in Antigua

and Barbuda.

The volume is filled with

full page photo spreads that

display the amazing amenities

that one can enjoy on the


Publishers Peter Savill

and Garry Duell explained

that as the first iteration

of the publication, there is

definite room to grow and

expectations were the next

year’s product would capitalize

on the opportunities

identified this year.

They also explained that

the magazine and maps are

being marketed in partnership

with the AHTA, which

is different from the common

approach of simply

selling ads and keeping the

profit. Duell stated that a

percentage of the advertising

revenue goes towards developing

the tourism product of

the country.

The decision was made to

publish the maps as a booklet

which features full maps

as well as sectional maps

which focus on a particular

area on the islands.

The conventional map

products, Savill expressed,

were too cumbersome and

from his experience were

difficult to re-fold once

they were unfolded. Using a

booklet format makes it easier

for the maps to be stored

in a shoulder bag.

Tourism Officials and

Stakeholders were present

for the short opening ceremony

where they could take

away copies of the publications.

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Thursday 26th January 2017

Members of the RPFAB give thanks and praise

By Joanna Paris

The rank and file of the

Royal Police Force of Antigua

and Barbuda congregated

at the Multipurpose

Cultural Centre on Wednesday

for a special service of

thanksgiving and praise.

The law enforcement officers

took time away from

their schedule to reflect on

the year 2016 and to look

ahead to what can be accomplished

this year.

Commissioner of Police,

Wendell Robinson, explained

that the force is committed

to effectively carrying

out their duties but cannot do

so without the guidance and

protection of God on a daily


Permanent Secretary

within the Ministry of Legal

Affairs and Public Safety,

Worthene George commended

them for congregating for

a special cause.

“It is always important

to give God thanks. It is also

important to give your best,

respect one another and trust

God and believe in him”, she


Reverend Cortwright Jarvis

delivered the sermon and

offered the force this advice.

“Do not be conceited, be

careful to do what is right

in the eyes of others, be at

peace with everyone, do not

take revenge, leave room for

the wrath of God”, he urged.

The service also featured

a number of musical renditions

from members of the

Royal Police Force.

Thursday 26th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Trade Minister supports

implementation of food code

By Joanna Paris

The Minister of Trade

Industry and Commerce,

the Hon. E.P Chet Greene,

has given his support for the

implementation of Codex

Alimentarius (food code) in

the country’s schools.

Minister Greene was the

featured speaker at a Codex

Sensitization Seminar on

Wednesday, which was organized

by the Inter American

Institute for Cooperation

on Agriculture (IICA)

in partnership with the

United States Department

of Agriculture and the Antigua

and Barbuda Bureau of


The forum took place at

the Public Library.

The Codex Alimentarius

or “Food Code” was established

by FAO and the

World Health Organization

in 1963 to develop harmonized

international food

standards, which protect

consumer health and promote

fair practices in food


Minister Greene told the

participants that the seminar

and workshop in critical to

complete the objectives of

the project, which included

incorporating education/

academia as key stakeholders

in the work of Codex,

to help bring about the desired


of Codex as envisioned by

the Bureau of Standards and


“Setting a foundation in

the knowledge and understanding

of Codex Alimentarius

will assist Antigua

and Barbuda to better contribute

to the development

of international standards

for food safety and food

standards framework at the

regional and international

levels, in the long run, by

building institutional capacity

that is aligned to the

purpose and mandate of the

Codex Alimentarius”, he


He voiced his support

for the Antigua and Barbuda

Bureau of Standards, and

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the National Codex Committee

in embracing the

Education sector as a key

stakeholder in their thrust to

institutionalize Codex Alimentarius

in Antigua and


“I fully endorse all efforts

to accomplish the

goals and objectives for

the project “Development

of institutional capabilities

for the strengthening and

sustainability of Codex Alimentarius

in Antigua and

Barbuda”, before its closure

at the end of this month”,



he said.

He also commended the

organizers and facilitators

of the programme for what

he described as “the foresight

of the outreach that

will no doubt have implications

for relationship between

the Education sector

and the standards world in

the future”.

Minister Greene emphasized

that the education sector

is pivotal for instilling

“a culture of excellence” in

the areas of food production

and trade in food


State Insurance Corporation announces the sale of

damaged vehicles. Contact us at 481-7818/17/12 to

make an appointment to view vehicles. Then submit

sealed bid including name address and telephone number

of bidder, bid value and make and model of vehicle.

Address bids to Salvage Sales and drop off at our

office on Redcliffe St. Our representative will contact


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Thursday 26th January 2017

PM attends CELAC Summit in Santo Domingo

PUNTA CANA, Dominican

Republic – Prime

Minister the Hon. Gaston

Browne was yesterday in

Punta Cana, Dominican

Republic for the Fifth Summit

of Heads of State of the

Community of Latin American

and Caribbean States

(CELAC), where matters of

the grouping and changes in

Europe and North America

are expected to feature on

the agenda.

According to Prime Minister

Browne, the meeting is

very important to members

of the grouping particularly

with a new administration in

the United States and the issues

surrounding Brexit.

He noted that the Heads

also addressed issues of

food security, drugs, and

migration. The Summit

was expected to approve 19

resolutions on topics of interest

to the grouping and

conclude with the Political

Declaration of Punta Cana

and special declarations on

By Everton Barnes

Members of the local private sector

are gathering for a breakfast seminar

today to discuss how best to survive in

an increasingly hostile global environment.

The event takes place at the Jolly

Beach Hotel where the featured speaker

is the Secretary General of the OECS

Secretariat, Dr. Didicus Jules, who will

address the topic of How Can Business

Survive in These Times?

Financial secretary Whitfield Harris

topics common to CELAC


The Summit was also attended

by Raúl Castro, President

of Cuba, Enrique Peña

Nieto of Mexico; Nicolás

Maduro, from Venezuela;

Juan Manuel Santos, from

Colombia; Evo Morales,

from Bolivia; Michelle

Bachelet of Chile and Daniel

Ortega of Nicaragua.

Prime Minister Browne

was accompanied by Foreign

Affairs, International

Trade and Immigration Minister,

the Hon. Henry Charles


Prime Minister Browne

returns to the country today

in time to chair the weekly

session of Cabinet which

will be held on Friday. Attorney

General and Minister

of Legal Affairs, the Hon.

Steadroy Benjamin is the

Acting Prime Minister.

Business community holds forum

will also speak at the forum where he is

expected to outline government’s policies

to assist the private sector compete

in the current environment.

The forum is organsised by the Employers

Federation which is inviting

members of the business community to

attend and to participate in the discussions

that will follow.

Arrangements have been made for a

Question and Answer segment following

the presentations by Dr. Jules and


Federation president Leslie Salmon

described the posture of the larger

states as being unfriendly to small

states such as Antigua and Barbuda and

many in the Caribbean. He said these

states have to be constantly looking for

new opportunities as the more developed

countries have displayed an indifference

towards the concerns of small


In fact, he noted that each time these

small economies identify a new source

of revenue to fund their operations, the

large countries move in and cripple the

source of revenue.

Thursday 26th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Six cruise ships in port

By Joanna Paris

On Tuesday, lower St. Johns was

buzzing with activity and the island

hosted six cruise vessels at three different

port of entry.

Silver Wind and Viking Star

dropped anchor at the Deepwater Harbour,

while the Zenith and Thompson

Discovery and Adventure and Britannia

docked at the Nevis Street Pier and

Heritage Quay respectively.

It was indeed a site to behold as

the vessels were visible from the high

points around the city a true symbol

By Everton Barnes

There’s a call for more

discussions between the

government and the business

community prior its

implementation of policies

that will affect this critical

group in the society.

Making the call is President

of the Employers’ Federation,

Leslie Salmon, who

said such discussions will

be beneficial to both the

government and the private

sector as both are interested

in having a thriving economy.

“It is my view that the

government should give a

voice to the business community

through its representative


– the Antigua and Barbuda

Chamber of Commerce and

Industry and the Employers

Federation – ahead of

adopting legislation or implement

policies that will

affect the sector,” he told

that the cruise tourism industry is alive

and well.

Speaking to Caribbean Times,

President of the Antigua and Barbuda

Cruise Tourism Association, Nathan

Dundas indicated that “it is a good day

for cruise tourism”.

“We had six ships in port today and

this is indeed a good thing for all of the

key entities in cruise tourism. We know

that our country is heavily dependent

on the tourism sector and it is days like

this that person should really see the

rewards. So, we are very happy with

Caribbean Times.

Salmon added that his

organization is prepared to

work closely with the government

on this matter as he

believes that both entities

‘would work better together’.

The federation president

said he is an advocate for

this policy of inclusion as

according to him there may

be things about a particular

policy that the business

community does not fully

understand, while at the

same time government may

not fully understand how a

policy may truly affect the

business community.

Salmon indicated that

he is aware that the government

has certain social

responsibilities it cannot

ignore, but at the same time

he noted that both entities

have one thing in common;

they want to see the economy


His comments comes on

the heels of the announcement

that the government

intends to fully enforce the

unincorporated business

tax which is levied against

small business who are required

to pay an annual license

as well as the statutory


The business executive

Antigua and Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association

President Nathan Dundas

what has happened and will continue to

happen”, he stated.

He added that efforts will continue

to attract the best cruise lines to the

twin island state.

Employers’ Federation wants more dialogue

said the tax could result in

many of these businesses

adopting tax avoidance

measures which is not in

the government’s interest.

He said dialogue with the

government could arrive at

a way forward that would

make the government happy

and one with which small

businesses would accept.

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Thursday 26th January 2017

Barbados moves to ban e-cigarettes in public


– It’s not just second-hand

tobacco smoke

that health officials in Barbados

want to stop exposing

the public to. Now, e-cigarettes

are to be banned.

Parliament yesterday

passed the Health Services

(Amendment) Bill 2017

which adds e-cigarettes to

products that people are forbidden

to smoke in public.

An e-cigarette is a handheld

electronic device that

vaporizes a flavoured liquid,

which the user inhales.

It is usually made of

nicotine, propylene glycol,

glycerine, and flavourings,

although some e-liquids do

not contain nicotine.

“The Ministry of Health

will not support the report

sometimes made that this

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The

Barbados-based Caribbean Examinations

Council (CXC) reported success

as it officially launched its Electronic

Testing Service to the region yesterday.

Some 500 candidates from seven

countries – Jamaica, Grenada, Dominica,

Cayman Islands, Anguilla, St Lucia

and Montserrat and St Lucia – tested

the online initiative which allowed students

to use a computer or an electronic

device to sit their Caribbean Secondary

Education Certificate (CSEC)

Paper 1 (Multiple Choice) examination

in more than a dozen subjects.

Barbados’ Education Minister Ronald

Jones gave thumbs up to the initiative

which CXC said “would bring

regional learners up to speed with

product can be used as a

cessation device and, on the

contrary, it may be a forerunner

to the use…of tobacco

product,” Minister of

Health John Boyce said as

he introduced the amendment

that also includes a ban

on the sale of e-cigarettes to


Minister of Commerce

and Industry Donville Inniss,

in his contribution to

the debate, said it was time

to regulate the use of these


“Over the years, there

has been aggressive marketing

by manufacturers who

claim it is less harmful than


“Many jurisdictions have

imposed heavy taxes on the

traditional cigarettes. We

have also prohibited the

advertising of this, but the

e-cigarette which around the

world is yet to be regulated

has been able to fly under the

radar,” he noted.

Meantime, Minister

Boyce also served notice

that steps were being taken

to have cigarette packaging

graphically illustrate the

harmful effects of smoking.

worldwide test-taking practices and

provide them with the flexibility to

interact with images, video, audio and

other resources during their examinations”.

He told the brief launch there were

no real challenges with the initial offering.

Jones noted that candidates, invigilators

and education officials were

“The packaging and

labelling of any tobacco

product should not contain

any information that is

false, misleading, deceptive

or likely to give erroneous

information about its characteristics,

health effects

or hazards of the tobacco

product,” he added. (Caribbean360)

Regional examinations body begins e-testing

happy with the results and he was confident

it would be embraced as more

countries get on board.

“The relatively small January sitting

afforded CXC the opportunity to

gauge the acceptance by candidates as

well as the implementation of examinations

administration personnel who

worked directly with the new system.

. . .It was rewarding to learn that in all

territories the feedback received was

emphatically positive,” he said.

CXC registrar Glenroy Cumberbatch

said the move to embrace technology

was a step in the right direction

for the region.

He was confident that Caribbean

students and teachers would appreciate

the initiative.

cont’d on pg 9

Thursday 26th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

Lack of exercise makes women

age faster, study shows


– New research out of the

United States suggests that

women who lead sedentary

lifestyles have faster-ageing

cells than those who exercise

every day.

A study of 1,500 women

aged 64 to 95 found that

those who spent many hours

sitting and exercised for less

than 40 minutes a day had

cells that were biologically

eight years older.

Scientists stressed that

even in old age, it was important

to protect genetic

material by keeping active

and avoiding sitting for more

than 10 hours a day.

During ageing, tiny protective

caps on the ends of

DNA strands naturally shorten

and fray, but health and

lifestyle factors may speed

up the process, according to

researchers from California.

These protective caps,

known as telomeres, have

been likened to the plastic tips

of shoelaces and are there to

prevent chromosomes from


The length of telomeres

is one indicator of biological

cont’d from pg 8

Stressing that technology was the way

of life, Cumberbatch said it was imperative

that students be allowed to exploit its

benefits in the classroom and not just for

social networking or leisure.

“It is not easy for students to take part

in an activity in one way and then the exam

Scientists stressed that even in old age, it was important to protect genetic material by keeping active

and avoiding sitting for more than 10 hours a day.

age, which does not necessarily

match chronological age.

Among other things,

shortened telomeres have

been linked with an increased

risk of diabetes, cardiovascular

disease, and major cancers.

A significant factor in

telomere length now appears

to be the amount of regular

exercise people take.

For the study, which was

published in the American

Journal of Epidemiology, the

volunteer’s movements were

tracked by accelerometers

worn on their right hips for

seven consecutive days and

nights. They were also asked

is in a totally different way. If information

technology can be used for teaching and

for learning then it should also be used for

testing,” he said.

CXC has assured that its e-testing platform

will adhere to world-class security

standards, which will guarantee the integrity

of the test taking. (Caribbean360)

to complete questionnaires

detailing their activity.

“We found that women

who sat for longer did not

have shorter telomere length

if they exercised for at least

30 minutes a day,” said Dr

Aladdin Shadyab, lead study

author, from the University

of California San Diego

School of Medicine.

“Discussions about the

benefits of exercise should

start when we are young, and

physical activity should continue

to be part of our daily

lives as we get older, even at

80 years old,” he urged. (Caribbean360)

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 26th January 2017

Wednesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Raise cane?

5. Some are double

10. Bundle of joy

14. East of the Urals

15. Riveter of WWII

16. Tub on the table

17. Block

20. Fencing figure

21. Arrange the sheets?

22. Word with head or mind

23. Given the ax

24. Color of raw silk

27. Long, long time

28. Transmission innards

32. Block (With 42-Across)

35. Cooper’s product

36. High toss

37. Reactor part

38. Chip off the old block

39. Greek ‘’T’’

40. Already up

42. See 32-Across

44. Big tops

45. Anti vote

46. Gambol

47. In motion

49. Furthermore

51. Gawk

54. Lay waste

58. Block

60. First-class

61. Jocular address

62. One of the woodwinds

63. Jeff’s comic strip cohort

64. Hold the reins

65. New Jersey cagers


1. Destined lot

2. Posthaste

3. Food found in a bed

4. Ad-libs, maybe

5. Rooster’s comb

6. Vast multitude

7. School of thought

8. Vitamin B3

9. Granada gentleman

10. Heavy rock

11. Edison’s middle name

12. Produce choice

13. Bygone time

18. Tell it like it isn’t

19. Ritzy

23. Befuddlement

24. Enthusiastic approval

25. Scutwork

26. Burt Ward role

27. It can be bitter

29. Robot Detoo in ‘’Star Wars’’

30. Furnish with better weapons

31. Difficult time for Sosa

33. Did a dry cleaner’s job

34. Electrified particle

35. Dressy wrap

38. Tricky

41. Screen ingenue, often

42. Links statistic

43. View with disfavor

45. Dumbbell

48. Things to do

49. House style

50. Half and half

51. Con job

52. Commandment starter

53. Isn’t wrong?

54. Used cars

55. ‘’Let ___’’ (Beatles tune)

56. Spoils

57. Easter buys

59. Praiseful poem

Thursday 26th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Generally sunny despite a few

afternoon clouds.

High - 80ºF

Low - 72ºF

Wind: East North East 10 mph

Sunrise 6.40 am; Sunset 5.59 pm

Wednesday’s Crossword Solution


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). Just as the bees and gophers

have work to do, your

nature comes with a workdrive

as well. Loving yourself

is loving your nature and

pushing yourself to fulfill the

job at hand.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

A person who doesn’t realize

that he or she is wrong will

have no desire to do right.

Pangs of guilt or shame could

be the first sign that a person

will soon be blossoming into


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

Even when the situation is far

from ideal, your positive, upbeat

and honest attitude will

make it better. The “honest”

part is key. Temper optimism

with realism.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

If you take the exact path you

took yesterday, you’ll still

learn something new. You

can’t help it: Your curious

mind will keep seeing more

and more as you relax into a


GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Should you play dumb to

avoid hurting someone’s feelings

or avoid a confrontation?

You’re too smart to do this

believably, but it still might

work to buy you some time in

an awkward situation.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

The saying goes, “Enough is

enough.” While that may be

true, getting to “enough” can

be tricky. Usually you don’t

know the right amount until

you’ve gone over it. Well,

next time you can use what

you know to scale it back.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). If

there were some way to be

certain of beauty, truth or any

answer at all really, no one

would still be questing. If it

has to be eternally sought,

there’s nothing to be found.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

It’s not true that you live

within the confines of your

head. Context matters. You’re

different in different situations.

Your head changes with

the location and the environmental

factors and influences


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

Because you’re paying such

a marvelous quality of attention

to all that’s going on

around you, what you’ll learn

today will make you a more

discriminating and reflective


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Too much activity can be

numbing. It’s like you can’t

tell if you’re in the swing of

things or just watching yourself

go through the swinging

motions. Either way, it’s time

to slow down and rest.


Dec. 21). You’ll do excellent

work because of your ability

to prioritize, focus and dedicate

yourself to the task until

it’s finished. Your work ethic

now compares to that of your


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Our feelings show up

with the purpose of helping

out, but they are often misguided.

When negative feelings

impede your progress,

keep asking, “What am I telling

myself that is making this


12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 26th January 2017

All eligible persons in Barbuda are being urged to register immediately

in light of the upcoming Barbuda Council elections,

which are slated to be held in late March. The cut-off date for

names to appear on the Register for Elections is January 31. All

registration in Barbuda takes place at the Handicraft Centre. For

more information, please call 562-4191 or visit our Facebook

Page at Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission.

The Community Services Department of the Villa Seventh-day

Adventist Church on Fort Road will be conducting

clothing distribution for persons in need. Distribution will

be held on the church’s grounds on January 29th, 2017 from

10 am. All are welcome.

All members of the Antigua Barbuda Amateur Bodybuilding

& Weightlifting Federation are HEREBY notified that an Annual

General Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday 28th

January 2017 at 6pm at the ABI Financial Building, 2nd Floor,

Redcliffe Street, St John's, Antigua. Annual Registration dues

are due and payable on that date. All are asked to be on time.


The following VACANCIES are currently registered at the

One Stop Employment Centre (OSEC):


- Must be fluent in Russian and have the ability to

translate documents

- Liaise with Russian speaking clients

- Consult with experts in specialist areas

- Ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines


- 2 to 5 years’ Accounts payable & receivable experience


- Flexible/Shift schedule – 5 days per week

- Knowledge of Photoshop illustrator

- Driver’s license a plus


- Police Record Required


- At least 1–2 years retail experience

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located on

Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 5628533/34/35. Kindly


Friday 27th January, 2017.


The following VACANCIES are currently registered at the

One Stop Employment Centre (OSEC):

1) Cashier/Clerk – (Construction Supply Company)

The key duties would entail:

1. The sale of construction supplies

2. Recording said sales accurately and according procedures

in place

3. Receiving and disbursing cash, cheques

4. Tracking inventory

5. Adhering to re-order levels

6. Facilitating employee sign in and sign out daily

7. Answering queries in person and by phone

The ideal candidate should be:

- Computer literate

- Possess at least 3 CSEC subjects including English

A, Mathematics or P.O.A

- At least 2-3 year’s work experience in related field

2) Administrative/Sales Assistant


- Minimum 2 years’ experience in administration is


- Strong, keen performance focus, sales planning,

strong team-building skills.

- Strong communication, analytical, problem solving

& decision-making skills

- Job experience with extensive customer contact, including

building and maintain customer relationships.

- Ability to work efficiently in a high demand, team

oriented, and fast-paced environment.

- Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Career Progression:

• Career progression to Accounts Clerk or Marketing Officer

possible with requisite training and qualifications

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in a

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located on

Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 5628533/34/35.

Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICA-

TIONS is Monday 30th January, 2017.

Thursday 26th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Flyers II trumps Ottos Officials,

Potters Steelers edges out Ovals II

By Carlena Knight

Flyers 2 trumped Cuties Ottos

Officials, 89-39 in the first match of

the double header at the JSC Sports

Complex on Tuesday night.

The division 2 matchup saw the

Orange men led by Anthony Greer

with 19 points and assisted by Nickon

McGregor with 19 points and 13

rebounds outhustle Officials.

Tavarus Benta also of Flyers had

18 points while teammates, Kellony

Tonge and Shaquille Kelly contributed

11 and 10 points respectively.

Travis Weste of Ottos Officials had

12 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in

a losing effort.

Global Hawks had the better of

H.U.F. Baldwin Braves 2, defeating

them 77-65 in the feature match at

ST JOHN’S, Antigua

– Regional cricket made

a successful return to the

Coolidge Cricket Ground,

when the venue hosted its

first WICB Regional Super50

match on Wednesday


The newly-renovated

facility staged the Zone A

first round fixture between

home side Leeward Islands

Hurricanes and English

County side Kent Spitfires.

The ground last hosted

regional cricket just under

a decade ago.

It will be home for all

the day/night matches in

Group A of this tournament

as well as the semi-finals


Despite a 20 point and 8 rebound

effort from Tristan Jacobs and a 15

point effort from Raji Thomas, the

Grays Green men could not find an

answer to stop Edgar Obismo with

his 16 points and 15 rebounds to pick

up the victory.

Anthony Jacobs and Alister Nibbs

chipped in with 11 points for Braves

while Chell Goodman contributed 10

points and 7 rebounds for the win.

Division 2 action continued that

same evening at the Ovals Basketball

Court where Potters Steelers edged

out the home team, F and G Trading

Cuties Ovals Ojays 2, 53-50.

The newly promoted Steleers began

their season with a huge victory

over Ojays with Alfred Lee leading

on February 15 and 16 and

final on Saturday, February


It will be the prime

ground from which televised

matches will be

shown on ESPN.

Speaking during

Wednesday’s match,

WICB President’s Dave

Cameron said it was pleasing

to see the ground in

top-class condition for the

region’s premier 50-over


“This is a wonderful facility

here in Antigua, and

we at the WICB are happy

to partner with the Government

of Antigua & Barbuda

to get things up and running,”

Cameron said.

“We are witnessing a

good match between the

teams and I’m sure they

appreciate the excellent facility

we have here.

“The entertainment

off the field has added to

a very good atmopshere,

typical of the merriment

and enjoyment which in

part of West Indies cricket.”

Michael Muirhead

the outgoing CEO of the

WICB has pioneered the

project to have the ground

refurbished in time for this


“A lot of hard work and

dedicated service has gone

the charge with 18 points and 5 rebounds.

He was assisted by Julian Fredericks

with 10 points and 10 rebounds.

Ojays’ Michael Jeffers had 13

points while Kevorn Cornwall 9

points and 7 rebounds.

Dion Jules grabbed 10 rebounds in

a losing effort.

The lone Division 3 matchup got

underway as F and G Trading Cuties

Ovals Ojays 3 ran a clinic on Original

One Stone, defeating them, 71-34.

Delornje Jules led his team to victory

with 24 points and 9 rebounds

with teammates, Bokeem Murrell

chipping in with 13 points and Michael

Barton grabbing 13 rebounds.

Franklyn Roberts of One Stone

had 9 points and 7 rebounds.

Coolidge Cricket Ground brings the vibes

into getting this facility

ready to host matches and

today we are pleased to see

that everyone is enjoying

the atmosphere and the

cricket on the field,” Muirhead


“This ground has enormous

potential. It is one

of those intimate venues

where the family can come

and relax and enjoy the


“There is still work to

be done, but we are pleased

with the way things have

gone so far and we know

the players and spectators

will enjoy their time at the

Coolidge Cricket Ground,”

Muirhead says.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 26th January 2017

Volcanoes hold off Windies Under-19s


– Windward Islands

Volcanoes survived a scare

before posting a 21-run

victory over West Indies

Under-19s in their opening

game of the Regional Super50

here Wednesday.

Sent in at the Vivian

Richards Cricket Ground,

Volcanoes were dismissed

for 221 off 46.2 overs, with

Sunil Ambris top-scoring

with 54 and captain Liam

Sebastien getting 31.

Seamer Keemo Paul

was outstanding, finishing

with four for 31 while leftarm

spinner Joshua Bishop

picked up two for 34.

In reply, the Windies

Under-19s were struggling

on 34 for three before recovering

through Bhaskar

Yadram’s 52, while Kirstan

Kallicharan struck 25 and

Keemo Paul, 22.

But seamer Mervin

Matthew tore through the

innings to finish with four

for 38 while left-arm seamer

Delorn Johnson supported

with two for 33.

Entering the contest as

heavy favourites, Volcanoes

failed to get a grip

of the game and struggled

from the outset, sliding to

55 for four.

However, two partnerships

then bolstered the

innings with Ambris at the

centre of both.

The 23-year-old righthander

faced 84 balls and

counted three fours and a

six, adding 70 for the fifth

wicket with Sebastien and

a further 41 for the seventh

wicket with Kyle Mayers

whose 28 came from 38


However, once Ambris

perished, Volcanoes lost

their last four wickets for

54 runs.

In reply, the Under-19s

were in early trouble when

they lost openers Shian

Brathwaite (2) and Emmanuel

Stewart (3) along

with Alick Athanaze (1),


But Yadram struck

seven fours in an 80-ball

knock, posting 45 for the

fourth wicket with Shamar

Springer who made 13, to

revive the innings.

Man-of-the-Match Matthew

made key strikes,

however, reducing the innings

to 161 for eight before

Joshua Bishop carved

out a breezy unbeaten 22

off 24 balls, in a 36-run,

ninth wicket stand with Te-

Shawn Alleyne (11), to rattle

Volcanoes near the end.


Former player earns

umpire qualifications

By Marver Woodley

Another national cricket enthusiast has progressed in the

fraternity by earning his stripes as a now qualified umpire.

Former cricketer for the regional squad the West Indies

and home grown Leeward Islands, Sylvester Joseph has

earned his stripes as a qualified umpire after 3 long years.

Joseph started his journey towards his new title in 2015

when he completed the theoretical, practical and oral exams

over the course of three years.

The former player, who made his Test debut for West Indies

in 2004 against England, completed the last exam with

an astonishing 96 per cent overall to qualify for the title.

He however admitted that the task seemed lengthy and

doubted if he would press on but after some word of encouragements

form his wife, friends and family and other

members of the cricketing fraternity he continued and is well

pleased with his accomplishments to date.

The former player who resides in New Winthorpes noted

that he will be utilizing the new title very shortly but a waiting

game lies ahead before he can be called to be a regional

umpire for Cricket West Indies.

Thursday 26th January 2017 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Ultimately we want success - Jimmy Adams

Jimmy Adams, the newly appointed

director of cricket for West Indies,

wants to create a structure that will

feed, sustain and guarantee not just

success, but also a certain standard of

cricket all through.

According to Adams, the former

West Indies captain and wicketkeeper,

having a competitive domestic structure

will not only groom young talent,

but also not allow international players

to “relax”.

Adams said he was in no rush to

achieve this. First, he said, he wanted

to sit down and discuss his vision with

the WICB’s new CEO, John Gray, who

takes over from February, as well as

the future head coach, a position that

has been lying vacant since the board

removed Phil Simmons last September.

“I don’t want to say anything premature,”

Adams told Line and Length

Network, a Barbados-based TV station,

in Antigua earlier this week. “Ultimately

we want success. We want a structure

that guarantees a certain standard

of cricket even if you are not winning

every day.

“But you know with what we have,

from grassroots to youth cricket to firstclass

structure, you know the standard

will be within a certain range. In terms

of sustainability, that becomes critical.

We want to see the first team, men’s and

women’s, winning, but I would also

like to underpin that with a structure

that would guarantee a certain standard

of cricket going forward.”

Adams, who joined Kent in 2012 as

head coach, left the county last October.

He said he saw similarities in the

challenges at Kent and in the Caribbean,

especially in the lack of resources.

“There are certain similarities with

cricket in the Caribbean. We have challenges

with resources here that tend to

affect almost every decision we make,

Jimmy Adams is coming off five years of

coaching at English county Kent.

and trying to find the best way to hurdle

those challenges and have the mindset

that you can make it enough with whatever

you have to create a quality cricket


Of the many challenges in front of

Adams, one of the bigger ones would

be sorting out the damaged relations

between the WICB and some of the

senior West Indies players who do not

play in the domestic tournaments.

One of the controversial decisions

taken by his predecessor, Richard Pybus,

was making it mandatory for all

players to play in the domestic tournaments

in order for them to be selected

for West Indies. Many senior players

have objected to that measure and have

declined WICB contracts.

Adams, who is also the outgoing

president of the Federation of International

Cricketers Association (FICA),

did not reveal whether he subscribed

to such a decision, but disagreed with

the view that such players had “abandoned”

domestic cricket.

“I don’t think anybody has abandoned

anything. I think everyone’s

individual circumstances are different

and I respect decisions people make.

It’s not an exact formula, but at the end

of the day, you want to see the strongest

possible competition in terms of players’


“If you can do that, it is the last

building block before we take players

to the international level, in terms of

the upward movement. For those who

are already playing international cricket,

a strong domestic structure ensures

there is no time to relax, which I think

is a good thing.”

Adams did point out that at all times

he would like to see the best players

contest in the regional competitions.

“Part of a strong domestic league is having

the best players available. However

you look at it, you are always looking

to get the best players in a competition

to guarantee standards.

From that point, it’s good to have a

regional tournament. A dedicated block

of time for a 50-overs tournament is

critical, since preparation process can

flow into tournament play, which is

very important. I wasn’t of a fan of oneday

cricket on a Wednesday and fourday

cricket on a Friday, but if guys can

dedicate a block of time specifically

for 50-overs, T20 and four-day cricket,

that’s the best approach possible.”

Adams said his vision was a shared

one: to make West Indies competitive

once again. That, he said, was the main

reason he returned home from Kent. “I

share a common vision, not just with

the people I’m employed to but also the

people of the Caribbean.

“We’d like to see West Indies cricket

strong again. I know we have been

through some lean years. To share the

vision - good competitive cricket coming

out of West Indies - is something

we all want to see and hopefully I can

play some role in helping the region to

achieve that.” (ESPNcricinfo)

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 26th January 2017

Usain Bolt loses Triple-Triple gold

title because of teammate’s doping

KINGSTON, Jamaica –

Doping has cost Usain Bolt

one of the nine Olympic

medals that allowed him to

claim the title of being the

only athlete to win triple

gold in the 100m, 200m and

4x100m in three consecutive

Olympic Games. But it

wasn’t his wrongdoing that

landed him in that position.

The International Olympic

Committee (IOC) today

announced that Nesta Carter,

one of Bolt’s teammates

in the 4x100m relay at the

2008 Beijing Olympics,

tested positive for using a

banned substance, and all

By Carlena Knight

Villa Primary and St. Joseph’s

Academy open their

2017 Cool and Smooth Interschool

Basketball league

with victories in their respective


In the Mini-girls Primary

division, Villa Primary edged

four sprinters have all been

stripped of their relay medals.

“Reanalysis of Carter’s

samples from Beijing 2008

resulted in a positive test

for the prohibited substance

methylhexaneamine,” the

IOC said in a statement posted

on its website today.

“The Jamaican team is

disqualified from the men’s

4x100m relay event. The

corresponding medals, medallist

pins and diplomas are

withdrawn and shall be returned.

The IAAF is requested

to modify the results of

the above-mentioned event

Nesta Carter

out St. John’s Catholic, 9-7 in

the first match of the double

header on Tuesday afternoon

at the JSC Sports complex.

Sanura Lewis scored all

9 points for the victors and

was named the 3D’s Playtime

Snackette Player of the

match for that game.

accordingly and to consider

any further action within its

own competence.”

Bolt, Carter, and fellow

Dominique Bird scored 3

in a losing effort.

St. Joseph’s Academy defeated

longtime rivals, Princess

Margaret School, 30-23

in the Junior boys category.

Led by the 3D’s Playtime

Snackette Player of the

match, Tehran Zacariah with

Usain Bolt

Jamaican sprinters Asafa

Powell and Michael Frater

won the 4x100m relay in

Beijing in world record time

– 37.10 seconds.

That victory completed

Bolt’s first of three

gold-medal sweeps.

The decision by the IOC

means that Trinidad and

Tobago will take the gold,

while the third-placed team

from Japan will get the silver

and Brazil, which did not

finish in podium position,

will get bronze.

Carter was one of two

athletes stripped of medals

for using a banned substance

during the 2008 Olympics.

The IOC statement also

disclosed that Russian Tatiana

Lebedeva lost her silver

medals in the women’s triple

jump and long jump after

reanalysis of her samples

resulted in a positive test for


(turinabol). (Caribbean360)

Villa Primary and St. Joseph’s

Academy open season with victories

10 oints and 15 rebounds,

SJA trumped PMS after

pushing the game into overtime,


Deandea Elien of PMS

had 19 points.

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