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Retro Live 2017 - issue 2

Readers voted for the video game System of the Century - pre 2000 ... choices included consoles and computers. Plus we look at Flight Sims and much more.


WELCOME WELCOME TO OUR SECOND ISSUE OF RETRO LIVE. What’s the best gaming system of the last century? That’s the question we asked readers and we had a massive response. People from all over Australia and internationally voted and the results are in this issue. We chose to limit choices to pre 2000 as we really wanted to focus on retro consoles - retro? Yes it’s been 17 years since the turn of the century and the threat of the Y2K bug … that didn’t actually do much at all. Seventeen years! Published by Time flies as they say. But the fact remains, gamers had some great systems to play with in those times. Some were brilliant and some not so good. Some are still in demand today and others you can’t seem to

INSIDE 6 20 Retro 40 Flight 62 The 92 Retro Feature: System of the Century Top 10 Systems Simulators Gamer Diaries Cosplay give away. But what were the best systems of those decades? We count them down from page 6. Also in this issue we asked some of our expert friends their thoughts … it’s interesting to see the differences between what they chose and what you, the reader voted on. We also take a look at flight sims, Project Wingman and we give away some flying time courtesy of Jet Flight Simulators! THE LIVE TEAM Publisher: Rob Jenkins (GTHQ) Art Director: Giselle Capozza (GTHQ) Retro Editor: Paul Monopoli Movie Editor: Scott Sowter Cosplay Editors: Anny Simms & Tiffany Dean It’s a big month in Retro Live! Rob Jenkins Publisher & Editor in chief