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Wednesday 11 th September 2013

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Telecoms Join the Table

IFA 2013: New market landscape revealed at

world’s leading consumer lifestyle event


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Dan Hesse

Chief Executive

Officer, Sprint

See interview page 18

While Home Appliances

have now been lining

up proudly alongside

Consumer Electronics at

IFA for a number of years,

and IT is increasingly

integrated as part of the

scenario, the savviest

players of the Telecoms

sector have concluded that

they are also part of the

same movement.

The first ever keynote at IFA

by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse

and the news that IFA will

next year be a key partner

of the CTIA Super Mobility

Week are key indicators

that mobile technologies

have become an integral

part of a single ecosystem

– of which IFA Berlin is the

global hub. Indeed, Hesse



underlined that innovation

reshaping the wireless

industry is transforming

perhaps every product that

is represented here at IFA.

Tablets re-shape the Information Technology landscape

as the PC records its longest sales dip. Yet the consumer

IT area as a whole remains buoyant: monitors continue

to surprise, networking and connectivity thrive, personal

storage grows, and consumers still covet accessories. In

this section we interview

major players such as

Toshiba, Lenovo, Intel

and others to bring you

the latest insight.

Read the special section

from page 22

“ (…) the


industry is


perhaps every

product that is

represented here

at IFA









and CEO,

PC Depot

"IFA offers a wide range of

products and plenty of

demonstrations, so it provides us

with sufficient inspiration."

See page 17




Chairman of the

supervisory board of

gfu, Vice President


"IFA is an 'order fair' and we expect

that we will have more orders in the

books than in the past" See page 9



IFA Director

"The most important word for IFA is

'Global'." See page 7

Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA




FOR 2014

Three months have passed

since the topping-out garland

was hoisted onto the roof of

CityCube Berlin. Since then

the face of Berlin’s new venue

for congresses and trade fairs

has changed almost daily.

In the meantime the roof of

the building has been sealed

and the facade, consisting of

concrete, glass and fabrics, is

currently nearing completion.

Inside the building work on

the technical installations is

now fully underway. When

this multi-purpose hall opens

in March 2014 it will be able

to host events with up to

11,000 participants.

Every since the foundation

laying ceremony in July 2012

the CityCube has attracted

keen interest both at home

and abroad. A substantial

number of bookings have

already been taken for events

in 2014 and 2015 and even as

far ahead as 2022.

Dr. Christian Göke, Chief

Executive Officer of Messe

Berlin, said: “We can

justifiably say that even

before its completion the

CityCube Berlin has taken up

its position on the market for

national and international


Sound United Expands into

International Audio Market

The audio company makes its IFA debut and demos an

array of personal audio systems

Kevin Duffy

President of Sound United

Southern California-based

audio company Sound United

is expanding its presence into

the international market,

participating for the first

time at IFA. The Sound

United family of audio

brands includes Definitive

Technology, a 25-year veteran

in the high-end home audio

space; Polk, an audio brand

with more than 40 years'

experience pioneering highquality

personal audio; and

Boom, a portable audio brand

targeting the youthful actionsports

orientated consumer.

According to Kevin Duffy,

President of Sound United,

the company’s presence at

IFA reflects the significant

commitment and investment

the company is making to

expand its awareness and


“Firstly, we wanted to expand

overseas so IFA made a lot

of sense to us,” he said.

“Secondly, we’re launching a

very broad assortment of new


Sound United recently

signed an agreement with

Xbox to develop and launch

headphones and a soundbar

to go with Xbox One, which

is launching in November.

“That is a great opportunity,”

said Duffy.

Other products on show at IFA

include the Sound Cylinder

from Definitive Technology –

which dynamically upgrades

the sound of a tablet – plus

the Polk Heritage collection of

headphones, which features

a vintage aesthetic.

Duffy is adamant that Sound

United’s first IFA has been

a positive experience. “We

have met with a lot of great

distribution partners,” he

said. “I came to see whether

this was a worthwhile

investment and it certainly

has been.”

Hall 3.2

Stand 205

Marrying TV Form and Content

DisplaySearch focuses on industry in transition

Three conference sessions

hosted by DisplaySearch at

IFA provided an assessment of

the global TV industry. There

is a general shift in strategy

from selling more boxes to

selling them profitably.

4K2K and OLED were

introduced to retail in 2013

in order to revive consumer

interest in the big screen. Paul

Gray, DisplaySearch’s Director

of European Research, is

wary of the industry getting

ahead of itself and compares

the status quo to the audio

industry in the 1980s.

Then, CD was introduced,

followed by eight or nine

different formats which soon

disappeared. “We’re at this

CD moment in TV now,”

says Mr Gray. “Just like CD,

the matter of content comes

up. Very little was available

in Super Audio CD and that

is the situation we face with


The lesson to be learned from

the introduction of 3D TV in

recent years, is that in order to

sell consumers an enhanced

experience there has to be an


Paul Gray

Director, Displaysearch

“There is a general

shift in strategy from selling more

boxes to selling them profitably”



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In Monday 9 th september edition

of IFA International it was

accidentally stated that CNC’s

three production lines have a

capacity of 80,000 units per

month. This should have read:

CNC has 26 product lines with a

capacity of 6.3M units per year.



Highlights of the

“World’s Smartest Show”

IFA Director Jens Heithecker – on the

2013 edition

As the world’s most important event for the consumer electronics and

home appliance industries, IFA continues to grow. But what have the key

trends been this year? We put the question to IFA Director Jens Heithecker.

The most important word for

IFA is “Global”. The trend

for IFA towards becoming

a global platform has been

evident over the years,

but this year the trend

has been confirmed and

our global functions have

been reinforced. We had

more international media

representatives here than

ever before, more exhibitors,

more people from the

headquarters and of course

more global trade visitors.

IFA is the leading global show

for consumer electronics and

home appliances. In one

way this is not surprising.

It’s a logical development,

not a revolution… the show

is developing over time and

we are gaining global grip.

We could feel that in the

past, but this year, everyone

can see the proof. On the

other hand, it is surprising

due to the situation of the

TV manufacturers. It has

been important for these

manufacturers to sense

the mood of the market

for the next six months.

We are very proud that we

have been able to create

this atmosphere, giving the

feeling to the markets that

now it’s time to be positive

for the next season.

But there had been some

hesitation in the market…

Indeed. On the first day, one

could still feel the concerns

of a number of players, given

the market development

during the first half of the

year. Many companies have

been investing heavily in

new products, and they

were anxious to see what

the feedback would be like

for new TV technologies

– especially Ultra HD. The

market players wanted to

know if they could bring

the market to a new level of

energy after what has been

virtually a lost year. And it

has happened. In the second

day or even at the end of

the first day you could feel

it in the show. The retailers

are very open to these new

technologies, and so are

the consumers. For many

members of the public, it was

the first time they had seen

UHD TV. Their eyes were wide,

and they were saying, “Wow,

what an image”! These first

reactions were transported to

the retailers, buyers and the

industry. In a very important

part of the industry – the TV

sector – and they understood

they had the next right

product for the market.

IT has been growing as

part of the recipe, but

now telecoms as well.

This is a big change in the

playing field…

Yes. Technically, the

Consumer Electronics

industry is absorbing

wireless technologies and IT

technologies. Ten or fifteen

years ago, some IT and

telecom players had the very

strong opinion that they

would be in pole position

for the consumer markets

of the future, but that didn’t

happen. We at IFA expected

a different development. We

expected that the strength

of the Consumer Electronics

industry, its experience in

how to act with consumers

and react to consumer

expectations, how to

integrate new technologies

into consumer devices, and

how to bring the product

to the consumers in terms

of distribution… would give

it the edge. Now, the result

is that today wireless and IT

“(…) today

wireless and IT


have become


parts of the





technologies have become

natural parts of the Consumer

Electronics eco-system. So

this is one of the reasons

why we believe it’s the right

time to start this cooperation

with our new partner, the

CTIA – the wireless industry

association in the USA.

The new hall – the City

Cube – will be open in

time for IFA next year.

Please tell us more about


We are very, very happy that

we can enlarge our capacity

next year by at least 6,000

sq. m. There will be two levels

available with this capacity

in the new building. For the

moment we plan to use the

upper level for exhibitors,

and the lower level may

act as a conference centre.

This year, we had more and

bigger conferences than ever

before, and as the ICC will

be closed for renovations

next year, we will need space

for this, as we plan to have

an even more important

convention next year.

TH Lam

President of TongFang Global Ltd

Hall 25

Stand 131 IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013



IFA 2013 Puts a Positive

Spin on Q4 Business

gfu gathers feedback and plans

an even greater event in 2014

As the gates of IFA 2013 close for the last time, the first reports of business

activity and show attendance are as positive as expected. According to

Hans-Joachim Kamp, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the gfu –

organisers of the show – figures are up whether they be in the fields of trade

visitors or international visitors, or orders signed at the show. We asked Mr

Kamp for an initial report on this year’s event.

The market situation has

been very tough, especially

in the very important field

of television. There was

a downturn of 20%, so

there were questions of

what the situation would

be like after six days of IFA,

but I expect a very positive

trend. I am quite sure that

the second half of the year

will be more positive than

last year. Smart TV is one

of the main topics and on

the other hand all dealers

and all Berlin visitors were

very enthusiastic to see

Ultra HD. So the result this

year from my point of view

is a triple-A ranking. On

the other hand if you look

what we have done with

keynotes, I have never seen

such well-visited keynotes.

We had more keynotes than

in the past. It’s the first time

the car industry has been

present with a keynote. The

second important thing we

addressed is connectivity.

The third is that in my view

more new products have

been shown here at the IFA

than in the past. This means

that for the season from

October through December,

which represents 35% of

turnover, there are more

innovations that will arrive

in the stores. That is good

for the trade and it is also

good for the consumers.

Are you very excited about

the fact that the IT and

the telecommunications

industry are coming in

to become part of this

ecosystem at IFA?

Yes, absolutely; because

in the past, we had a

separate business from IT

and telecommunications.

But with connectivity and

with the “smart approach”

these product categories are

coming closer together and

90% of all these products

are sold in the same outlets.

If we say the VIPs for us are

the trade on the one hand

and the press on the other,

then this fulfils our strategy

to bring them all together.

Two of the big trends this

year were geographic,

with the increased

visibility of major players

from Turkey and China.

Are you noticing a big

change in this geoeconomic

situation as


The Turkish companies

were already strong in the

past but they were more

‘present’ this year at IFA

and it’s the first time that

Vestel has made a keynote,

because the production

capacities were also in the

last year on a very high level.

And what is new is that they

also started new fields such

as smartphone business. I

think for many they know

Vestel only as a company

that is in white goods and

consumer electronics and

now they are stepping in

to the telecommunications

business. And one thing

is quite clear, competition

in the market is always

good and there is strong

competition from the

Chinese and Turkish

“We aim to

build up a



which can

become the

'Davos of the




companies which is good

for development and for


Is this changing balance

good for IFA?

IFA has shown that it’s

the number one place for

consumer electronics in the

world with all the companies

that are present, with all the

Hans-Joachim Kamp at the IFA opening press conference

internationality, and all the

companies that decided to

bring their products to Berlin.

And when I look to the

season, 35% of the business

is done in the lead up to

Christmas… so it’s an “order

fair” and we expect that

we will have more orders in

the books than in the past,

which is good for the trade

and is also good for dealers.

It is a win-win situation.

Finally, if you have a

message for the press and

for the trade for next year

what would it be?

I’m looking forward to next

year, because then we are in

the fantastic situation that

we have the new City Cube

Hans-Joachim Kamp

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the gfu

and we will gather, more than

ever, all the decision-makers

at the IFA. Next year, we have

the chance to build up here in

Berlin a congress programme

for the consumer electronic

industry, which is what we

will be working on in the

next months. We need to

address many themes, from

WEEE, through data security,

to networks, so there are

a lot of themes. All the

experts will be here, and we

are also inviting politicians,

not only from Germany, but

also from around Europe.

We aim to build up a

congress programme which

can become the 'Davos of

the Consumer Electronics

industry'. IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013



The Interface Drives

Design Changes

Outer looks and inner beauty come

together in Siemens’ innovations

Principal Designer Gerhard Nüssler and his team of engineers at Siemens-

Electrogeräte register up to 50 patents a year. Here, he explains why design

and technology are inseparable for the German super-brand…

[ Interview by Richard Barnes ]

At Siemens, an appliance's

design is not simply driven

by aesthetic form, but is

also closely linked with

technology, which is where

many design ideas originate.

Conversely, many technical

innovations cannot become

reality without a new design.

For example, it would not

make sense to control the 48

inductors on our induction

cooktops using traditional

knobs. The technological

development called for a

design innovation — in

this case a TFT display

underneath the 4mm

ceramic glass plate with a

totally new user navigation


What’s changing in

the way products are

designed today at


Control systems. Ten years

ago, washing machines

usually had a single rotary

knob and ovens had

two. The functions were

imprinted all the way

round, and the design

input consisted simply of

defining the style, size

and colour — a relatively

swift task. But now, even

mid-range appliances

have complex displays and

premium appliances boast

high-resolution, coloured

TFT displays. Today, the

configuration of the

interface has an enormous

influence on appliance

design, not only on the

control dialogue but also

on the proportions of the

unit's surface.

How difficult is it

to integrate new

concepts such as touch

user interface and


It’s extremely difficult,

because we find ourselves

facing a range of totally new

challenges. For example, in

the home-appliances sector,

displays of the sort familiar

to people from cars, satnavs

or mobiles need to last as

long as the appliance itself.

However, a display averages

an operating time of only

4,000 hours over the entire

life cycle of a passenger car.

The car spends the majority

of its time in the garage,

while ovens require the

same technology 24 hours

a day, 365 days a year —

that's 8,760 hours in a

single year.

Gerhard Nüssler

Principal Designer,


“(...) the configuration

of the interface has an

enormous influence on

appliance design (...)”

Hall 1.1

Stand 101

The Connected Home

Major appliances gain in intelligence and user-friendliness

Dr Claudia Häpp

Project Leader, Home

Connect, at BSH

Bosch und Siemens


[ by Richard Barnes ]

The market for home

appliances is being

driven by several factors,

including design, userfriendliness,


and water efficiency

— and, increasingly,

the ‘smartness’ of the


In Germany, Siemens is testing

a number of new concepts,

some of which are already

seeing the light of day.

Dr Claudia Häpp, Project

Leader, Home Connect, at

BSH (Bosch und Siemens

Hausgeräte), said research

shows that customers are

looking for better ways to

interact with their appliances:

“People are looking for

appliances that can work

intelligently and in a

connected way. While energy

efficiency is important — as

is good design — our aim is

to bring new and intelligent

technologies that offer more


An online survey by

Germany’s Psyma has

confirmed that remote

monitoring is high on the

consumer’s priority list when

it comes to convenience and

security. Digital user manuals

are also increasingly popular.

There are three core areas for

the connected household:

home appliances, heating

and energy management,

and multimedia. For Psyma’s

2,000 respondents, the most

important segment was home

appliances (31%), followed by

air-conditioning and energymanagement

systems (30%)

and connected multimedia

(27%). “We believe it's

more relevant than ever to

offer connected appliances

because some parts of the

control infrastructure, like

tablet PCs and smartphones,

are now very common,”

Dr Häpp said. “Everybody's

using apps, so why not have

an app to control or monitor

an appliance?” She cited

a Siemens-designed app

that allows the consumer to

obtain an overview of all their

appliances, including coffee

makers, washers, dryers,

ovens, induction hobs, fridges

and dishwashers. “With

this feature, if the washing

machine tells you it has a

problem, the issue can be

analysed and solved without

calling customer service.

Future plans will also allow

service teams to intervene

remotely if a machine breaks

down,” Dr Häpp added.

Hall 1.1

Stand 101





Vogel's celebrates 40 years

of redefining the wall mount

Founded in 1973 as a

maker of loudspeaker

stands, Vogel's then

went on to set new

standards in the way

that TVs are mounted.

In the Nineties — a

key decade for the

company — it began

to introduce design

elements into the

mounts. Innovations

included the Evolution

range, which hides

the cables, and

was, aesthetically

speaking, a milestone.

We asked CEO Gerdi

Vogels to explain

today's evolution.

As TVs become lighter,

flatter and more like a

painting on the wall, the

quality of the mount design

is becoming of ever-greater

importance. We believe

that every product has to

be a complete package,

with even the tiniest

details absolutely right.

That attitude is reflected

in our unique online tool

called the TV Mount

Advisor, which in just a few

steps shows the best mount

for any TV. Its database

incorporates more than

10,000 screens.

What plans do you have

for the next few years?

The fact that many people

now watch TV on tablet

devices is an area of great

opportunity for Vogels,

because it gives us the

chance to add something to

the experience. We believe

that we have done with

the RingO range of tablet

mounts. In addition to our

ultra-thin THIN range, there

is our new WALL range.

These series’ swivel mounts

are specifically designed to

keep the screen as close

to the wall as possible

via a by Vogels patented

magnetic system. They also

feature a smart mechanism

that ensures the TV is

absolutely straight, even

after mounting. Looking

to next year, we will be

introducing a new, as yet

unnamed range in which

the emphasis is very much

on design.

Hall 25

Stand 142

Gerdi Vogels

CEO, Vogel's

“The fact

that many


now watch

TV on tablets

is an area

of great


for Vogel's”

Pret a Portable

Celly can dress up your devices in the latest cool

Italian style

Sabrina Biagini

Export Manager, Celly

Fifteen years after starting

business in Europe’s

fashion capital Milan, Celly

continues to bring Italian

style to phones and tablets.

With accessories ranging

from chargers to covers,

the company’s aspirational

brand partners include

Lamborghini and Juventus.

IFA sees the launch of Celly’s

new GLAMme collection

— possibly its most purely

fashion-focused range yet

— and the Celly 24 range

of accessories, aimed at

professional users.

“Celly 24 is an elegant

and discreet collection

distinguished by a

combination of eco-leather

and high-tech textile in the

darker colours associated

with business,” said Sabrina

Biagini, the company’s

Export Manager.

Biagini added: “Celly’s new

collections are dedicated

to people who treat their

device as a precious and

intimate part of their life

and like to dress it up, as

well as protect it.”

Meanwhile, the company

continues to design

products for the very

latest generation of smart

devices, meaning that Celly

is ready with an accessory

almost as soon as a new

product hits the market.

Hall 9

Stand 305 IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013



Toshiba Targets the Action-cam Market

New Camileo X Sports works for pro and amateur thrill-seekers

Raf Kuppens, Head of DLP & Services at Toshiba Europe, talks to IFA

international about their new action-cam, the Camileo X Sports.

Raf Kuppens

Head of DLP & Services,

Toshiba Europe

Why is Toshiba launching

into this segment and

how does your offer


We’re taking our Camileo

range to the next step. It’s

a natural extension of our

camcorder business where

we already have successful

products in a range of

form factors. Compared

to what’s in the market,

Toshiba is launching a very

comprehensive sportscam


We’ve embedded a twoinch

LCD display so users

can appreciate when they

view or configure. We’ve

added all video and photo

modes. This camera is

available with a water proof

casing effective up to 60m.

We’ve given it an on-thewrist

remote control with

big buttons in case gloves

are in use during sport.

You can see if you are

recording or taking photos

with the remote. We are

also aware that customers

require different mounting

solutions so we’ve included

a comprehensive mounting

solution as standard in the

pack with some important

generic accessories. It's wifi

enabled and there's a

great wi-fi app. I could go

on but the important value

added for the consumer

is that Toshiba has used its

experience to provide the

first comprehension solution

for an action-cam.

What audience will

Toshiba reach with

Camileo X Sports?

We’ve made a camera that

can meet the requirements

of extreme sports. That’s an

audience we want but we

also want to address the

wider audience of people

who want to capture their

free time without being an

extreme sports enthusiast.

These are the people who

want the same thrill but are

rafting or waterskiing only

on their vacation time.

We have existing sales

channels and these

channels are looking for

new products. We think the

channels will be very eager

for the Camileo X Sports.

Hall 21A

Camileo X Sports



Ford Shifts its Focus

The motoring giant offers a richer mix of technology features to

entice its customers

Ford is in the midst of

a restructuring effort in

Europe. Alan Mulally,

President and CEO of

Ford Motor Company,

told IFA International

that the company

is shifting its focus

towards selling more

vehicles to individual

customers, rather

than rental fleets, and

offering a richer mix

of technology features

to entice customers

to spend more. Ford

followed a similar

strategy in the US, said

Mulally, with impressive


Our One Ford plan

transformed Ford in North

America into an exciting,

viable business serving

customers with great

vehicles and delivering

profitable growth for all

of our stakeholders. We

reported record second

quarter and first half pre-tax

profits for North America in

2013, driven by our strong

product line-up. We are

following the same One Ford

plan in Europe – with a focus

on accelerating new product

development, strengthening

our brand and improving

our cost efficiency.

How important is IFA

as part of your global

marketing plan?

IFA and other consumer

technology events are very

important. Technology is

absolutely a reason to buy a

Ford, and we are committed

to serving customers

with best-in-class smart

technology in every new

Ford vehicle.

Can you tell us more

about "connected

driving" and how it

leverages technology to

deliver a better driving


We introduced the SYNC

technology platform to the

European markets a few

years ago, enabling drivers

to stay connected to their

friends and family and access

their favourite music with

simple voice commands.

We added the emergency

assistance feature, which

automatically connects

drivers to emergency services

across Europe for free.

We are now bringing the

SYNC AppLink to our

European customers with

the new Ford EcoSport.

Drivers will be able to access

their favourite mobile apps

and access this content

while on the road, safely

with voice command.

“we are committed to serving

customers with best-in-class

smart technology in every new

Ford vehicle.”

Alan Mulally

President and CEO

Ford Motor Company

Sisvel Takes TV into a New Dimension

How the company’s tile-format technology will drive the

delivery of 3D TV content

Sisvel Technology, the

technical arm of Sisvel,

has the role of technology

scouting and development

in several hot areas

including entertainment

and television, indoor

and outdoor localisation,

wireless systems and green


What are the key reasons

for your presence at IFA

this year? What are you

most heavily promoting?

In the case of IFA we are

promoting a technology for

the efficient representation

and delivery of 3D

content – in particular for

autostereoscopic (glassfree)

displays – that goes

under the name of ‘tile

format’. We have developed

the echo-system around it,

with the collaboration of

important partners. At IFA

we are showing the delivery

systems of tile-formatted

3D content to the set-tops

that support it.

In recent years you have

been promoting your tile

format 3D system. What

point is this currently at

and where do you see 3D

TV going?

The tile format has

made important steps in

several areas that range

from standardisation to

implementation and early

adoption. 3D is regaining

some momentum, thanks

to the evolution of

technologies including 4K-

8K and autostereoscopic

displays. The 3DTV will

follow this trend.

Hall 2.2

Stand 104

Andrea Basso

Managing Director, Sisvel Technology IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013



Getting into Hot Water

IFA debut for the pioneers of the sous-vide cooking technique

SousVide Supreme

is an amazing new

all-in-one sous-vide

water oven designed

to bring the sous-vide

culinary technique

into home kitchens

and restaurants at an

affordable price. The

sous-vide (pronounced

soo-veed) technique

involves cooking food in

vacuum-sealed pouches

submerged in a water

bath held at a preciselycontrolled


At their first IFA, Dr

Mary Dan Eades and

Dr Michael Eades, cofounders

of SousVide

Supreme, explained

their marketing plan to

IFA International.

Our marketing plan thus

far has relied on our PR

team, a vigorous click

ad campaign, passionate

affiliate marketers, and

an active social media

footprint. In addition, we

employ a small sales force

to take the message directly

to retailers and distributors.

We communicate through

consumer demonstrations,

social media, chef

and blogger seeding

programmes and contests,

the production of multiple

cookery books, and a

robust website.

Do you belong in the

cooking category, or are

you a lifestyle brand?

Really, we fit nicely into

both. There is no better

way to leverage time in a

busy world and still enjoy

the benefits of fabulous

food than by using the

SousVide Supreme.

What new products are

you spotlighting at IFA?

This is our first year at IFA

so we are showing the full

product family.

Which are your fastest

developing markets?

The UK and EU markets

have exploded in the past

Drs Michael Eades and Mary Dan Eades

year. We are up 180% in

sales in some key markets

and it’s showing no signs of

slowing down.

What new territories are

you focusing on at IFA?

We recently announced

global expansion into 25

countries worldwide and

we have a very keen eye on

The SousVide Supreme method eliminates guesswork and enables the user

to cook food “with incomparable taste and texture”.

all European markets as well

as the Middle-East and Asia.

What can visitors

experience at your IFA


Yummy food. Throughout

the day, every day, we are

demonstrating cooking

with the SousVide Supreme

water oven and sampling

delicious sous-vide cooked


Hall 8.1

Stand 215

Nespresso Knows its Customers Well

Luxury coffee brand has become a way of life

Holger Feldmann, President of Nespresso Germany, told IFA International how the company maintains

its position as a leading brand in the coffee-as-lifestyle marketplace.

Holger Feldmann

President, Nespresso Germany

The Nespresso story

began with a simple but

revolutionary idea – to

enable any coffee lover to

prepare the perfect espresso

at home.

This passion for coffee is

the engine of our actions. In

27 years we have managed

to grow into one of the

most prestigious brands

and become the worldwide

reference for premiumportioned


How important are

Nespresso stores as part

of your concept and why?

The Nespresso boutiques

offer our customers a

modern, unique coffee

experience and bring the

concept of individualised

service to a new level.

More that 300 Nespresso

Boutiques around the

whole world are the

window to the heart of the

brand and an important

sales channel.

How is the Nespresso

business model evolving -

in store and online?

We are always in direct

contact with our customers

and club members. Our

unique distribution channels

– including our online shop,

our exclusive boutiques

and our service-oriented

customer relationship

centre, complemented by

our sales model for machine

partners, offer us a unique

competitive advantage.

Our customer relationship

centre offers consumers

another way to get in touch

with Nespresso in their

preferred way. More than

1,300 friendly, professional

coffee specialists take care of

the needs of our customers

by phone and help on all

matters relating to coffee

machines, accessories and

comfortable ordering of all

Nespresso products.

We think that our way of

doing business is the best

“We are

always in



with our


way for our company and

our customers. So there is

no reason to change that.

In Frankfurt, the current

boutique will move to the

new ONE Goetheplaza in

October 2013. With 600

sq m of retail space on

two floors, the boutique in

Frankfurt will be the largest

boutique in Germany. As

well as this, we will be

represented in the Rhein-

Main-Region starting this

autumn as we are going to

open our first boutique in


Hall 8.1

Stand 215



IP and TV – the Issues of Streaming

The onward march of higher resolution and multiplication

of service providers raises new issues

Service providers such as

DirecTV, Comcast, Sky and

Canal Plus have already

started testing and, in some

cases, broadcasting live

sporting events in Ultra HD.

In addition, major players

in the CE industry, such as

Samsung, Sony, Toshiba,

LG, Sharp and Hisense, are

already developing and

manufacturing Ultra HDcapable

TVs. However,

given that more than half of

consumers recently surveyed

in a study for Rovi Corporation

report difficulty playing videos

more than once a month,

it's clear that the current

satisfaction bar is low.

At IFA, a triple-pronged

strategy is being presented

by Rovi in order to foster the

development of Full HD and

Ultra HD streaming, as the

company promotes easier

ways to find, deliver and

watch content, and most

importantly for the service

providers, to monetise the

plethora of new content.

The advent of better ways

to encode content means

extending reach and

expanding the market, and the

Santa Clara based company

is spearheading efforts to

push the new HEVC platform

into the market. “HEVC is

fundamentally critical for

all our customers who are

involved in the creation and

delivery of video, because

it does two things: it saves

them money and it allows

them to deliver higher quality

services,” Ray DeRenzo, SVP

of Marketing at Rovi told IFA

International. “We wanted to

be involved in HEVC very early

and accelerate its adoption.”

HEVC, says Rovi, is simply

a better frame of reference

for both users and providers.

“50% better compression

means I can send more

content to more places with

more reliability”, he added.

We are going to provide the

core creation tools. If you can

imagine, there are massive

libraries of content that are

stored in digital form. To take

advantage of HEVC, these

libraries are going to have to

be re-encoded, to take the

benefits of HEVC. Rovi has

made available a main concept

Software Developers’ Kit to

enable this, and introduced

a conversion tool, which the

company describes as “total

code”. It is significant, says

DeRenzo, because it takes a

single stream in – whether

it’s a DVD, a Blu-ray Disc

or a Mezzanine file – and

outputs it simultaneously for

multiple services. Added to

this is the release of DivX 10

– a similar solution for general

consumers, which allows

them to move content with

maximum flexibility.

According to Mr DeRenzo,

it’s not only about creating an

HEVC solution: “Our strategy

was to lead the conversation,

to be the first to bring a

scalable solution for HEVC.

We believe we are uniquely

positioned to drive this

forward. Many of the things

we are demonstrating here

today are genuinely industry


Ray DeRenzo

SVP of Marketing, Rovi

Hall 25

Stand 151

Pro Business is Back at IFA

European electrical appliances initiative returns

Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, Pro Business ElektroHausgeräte is an initiative

of European brands committed to brand expertise, product range diversity and innovative

technologies. We asked Heinz Werner Ochs, Chairman, Pro Business ElektroHausgeräte about

the main participants.

Heinz Werner Ochs

Chairman of Pro Business


Interest is usually focused

on the big international

companies such as

Dyson, Kärcher, Melitta

and Jura, but all brands

involved in the initiative

are now achieving special

recognition, both in the

European market as well

as on other continents.

“The demonstration and

sampling of the products is

a high priority”

Please tell us about the

Pro Business space at

the IFA this year

We are pleased that at IFA

2013, we have succeeded

again in reserving the

ideal exhibition space for

our member companies.

The 15 top Pro Business


brands are at IFA with

over 3,100 sq m of

exhibition space.

What is the objective

of this area?

The member brands of

Pro Business are mainly

manufacturers of small

electrical appliances. The

particular focus at the IFA

is to present themselves

within an environment

that is appropriate to the

status of their brands.

The demonstration and

sampling of the products

is a high priority.

Who are you targeting?

Of course it is primarily

trade customers to

whom such a major

fair is directed. Home

Appliances @ IFA has

a special characteristic,

whereby consumers

also develop a very

strong interest in the

small electrical product

goods on display, thus

influencing buying

impulses positively

through their demand in

the trade.”

Does it have a direct

influence on business


A large number of

customers come from

Germany and the

bordering European

countries. With improved

sales in 2013, we see

Home Appliances @

IFA providing an even

better opportunity than

before to win customers

for our product ranges

from other regions and

markets. IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013



Trade News


IFA as an Inspiration


Euronics press conference

Euronics Bucks

the Economic Trend

Buying group sees profit in helping

Germany to get smarter

Euronics International has

every reason to be pleased

with itself — and at its IFA

press conference President

Hans Carpels explained why.

With its 2012 sales figures

showing an increase of

8.6% to 17.6bn, Euronics

has cemented its position

as Europe’s largest electrical

buying group and second

largest consumer electronics

retailer, Carpels said. But

the Euronics chief conceded

that “the future is not rosy”

and that “profitability is


However, Carpels said that

Euronics is planning to

expand once more and ran

through the profitable new

technology that it is pushing

throughout its 11,000 stores.

Smart TVs, he added, look

like a potential profit turner

for Euronics. The company’s

largest market — Germany

— is under-represented in

terms of smart-TV uptake

compared to France, and

this is an area that Euronics

is looking to exploit. To this

end, it is part of an industry

retail movement called

‘Smarter Fernsehen’, which

aims to promote smart-TV

sales. Carpels then drew

attention to Samsung’s 4K

OLED TV. “Customers will be

amazed when they see it,”

he said.

Among the other products

that Euronics is hoping to

push in the third and fourth

quarter of this year are robot

cleaners, automatic espresso

machines, compact system

cameras with wifi, tablets

and built-in fridge units.

Carpels reserved a special

place for hybrid tablets,

predicting that demand

for them would be strong

throughout all Euronics’


In other developments,

Carpels announced the first

Eastern European board

member to join the Euronics

team. Kirill Novikov will

represent Euronics Russia

— a new growth market for

the company.

Carpels also took stock

of 2012’s CE casualties to

bankruptcy or cold feet,

citing Comet in the UK,

ONOFF in Sweden and Best

Buy. The latter had plans

to establish a foothold in

Europe but as Carpels put it:

“They found the water too


“Euronics has cemented its

position as Europe’s largest

electrical buying group and

second largest consumer

electronics retailer”

Hall 23

Stand 102

Takahisa Nojima

President and CEO, PC Depot

Japan retailer uses IFA in business


PC DEPOT is transforming both store format and

business model from PC specialization to an internet

devices service store that combines merchandise and


Takahisa Nojima, President and Chief Executive Officer

of PC DEPOT and leader of the IFA delegation of PC

Depot, says “In this age of the progressive networking

of home appliances, it is important to take hints for our

solution business. IFA offers a wide range of products

and plenty of demonstrations, so it provides us with

sufficient inspiration.”

The retailer looks around IFA specifically for ideas for

network solutions in consumer IT and home appliances.

“Now we mainly offer five categories of contents

and services and we provide these via smartphones,

iPads or tablet computers,” says the CEO. He lists the

five categories as magazines & newspapers, video on

demand, information about earthquakes & tsunami,

digitalization of their customers’ legacy analogue

videos& photos, and IP phone service.

“Home security and automotive networking as well as

the networking of appliances should be a new chance

for us to offer new solutions,” says Nojima.

Regarding store formats, the Corporation has servicebased

Smart Life Partner (SLP) stores in the pipeline

which differ from conventional mass home electronics


“Our SLP stores offer our customers everything in one

store, from hardware, software, all kinds of contents

and technical services, in order to bring them a smarter

digital network.We utilize devices which users already

have at home. This service is not limited to the devices,

which were sold in PC DEPOT shops but includes a

network for the necessary information and services

for the user’s life.We arrange hardware, software and

contents for easy and practical use. We try to convince

our customers of economic efficiency by proposing,

for example, a review of the current payment plan for

their mobile phone or smartphone, or utilizing a digital

device for newspapers and magazines.”

PC DEPOT of Japan brought a delegation of 14 staff

to IFA 2013. The company runs 111 stores producing

about 387 million euro in revenue in the last fiscal year. IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013


Keynote Feature


Dan Hesse received a

BA from Notre Dame, an

MBA from Cornell, and an

MS from MIT where he

was awarded the Brooks

Thesis Prize. From there,

he spent 23 years at

AT&T, becoming President

and CEO of AT&T Wireless

Services from 1997-2000.

He served as CEO for

Terabeam Corporation

and subsequently Embarq

Corporation, before his

appointment as CEO of

Sprint in December 2007.



MARK 2013

Sprint Nextel Corporation

and SoftBank Corp. this

summer announced

the completion of

their merger whereby

SoftBank invested


$21.6 billion in

Sprint, consisting of

approximately $16.6

billion to be distributed

to Sprint stockholders

and an aggregate $5

billion of new capital

to strengthen Sprint’s

balance sheet.

Dan Hesse continues to

serve as CEO of the new

company, which dropped

the “Nextel” to be known

simply as Sprint, while

Softbank's Masayoshi

Son will become the new

company's chairman of

the board of directors.

It is reported that

Masayoshi Son has “big

plans” not only for Sprint

in the US market but also

for Softbank on a global


Sprint this summer

also announced the

successful completion

of its transaction to

acquire 100% ownership

of Clearwire. The merger

agreement was first

announced in December,

2012 and Clearwire

shareholders approved

the transaction at a

special meeting of

stockholders held on July

8, 2013.

The deals have been

described by analysts

as among the more

complicated and

interesting acquisitions

in the industry in a long


Sprinting Towards the

Wireless and Consumer Electronics

IFA specialises in innovations and progress in CE & HA, yet it is of particular significance that 2013

saw the first ever keynote by a US wireless CEO. The presence of Dan Hesse, CEO, Sprint Corporation,

to address the conference on Friday marked a turning point. IFA and Sprint together is emblematic

of the convergence of wireless with CE & HA – for both, the future is connected.

Dan Hesse

Chief Executive Officer, Sprint

“Wireless has evolved to

enable an entirely new

dimension for home

appliances, for smartgrids,

healthcare and cars (…)”

As one of the leading

mobile phone companies

in USA, Sprint is wellplaced

to see the direction

telecommunications are

heading – and in his

groundbreaking keynote he

addressed the impact of a

society that is ‘always on’.

Hesse spoke of his first visits

to Berlin many years ago,

when from Checkpoint

Charlie he could see across

the wall. He likened the

changes that are happening

in our industry to the

changes that took place back

then: "On the subject of

change, perhaps no industry

has changed more or been

reshaped more than the

wireless industry in recent

years. The innovations that

are reshaping the wireless

industry are transforming

perhaps every product

that is represented here

at IFA. And they are not

incremental changes, they

are transformational."

Hesse said they bring to

mind the words of a British

writer, Arthur C. Clark, who

said that "any sufficiently

advanced technology is

indistinguishable from


"The more we understand

these transformations and

work together to address

them," said Hesse "We can

use advanced technology

– this wireless magic –

together in productive


"Wireless has evolved to

enable an entirely new

dimension for home

appliances, for smartgrids,

healthcare and cars", he


Global wireless data

communications surpassed

voice communications in

2009 and the gap continues

to widen. Speaking about

the onset of 4G networks,

Hesse told the audience that

it’s estimated by the end of

this year there will be 244

commercial LTE networks in

87 countries.

“Wireless is challenging the

status quo and affecting

everything from grocery

shopping to medicine,”

Hesse said. “With the advent

of ultra-high-speed mobile

networks, wireless will play

an even more integral role

in virtually every aspect of

our lives. Advances once

thought far in the future,

like augmented reality, vocal

recognition and real-time

translation, will become


Sprint offers wireless and

wireline communications

services bringing the mobility

to consumers, businesses

and government users.

Sprint served more than 55

million customers at the end

of the first quarter of 2013

and is widely recognised

for developing, engineering

and deploying innovative

technologies, including the

first wireless 4G service from

a national carrier in the US.

The American Customer

Satisfaction Index rated

Sprint as the most improved

company in customer

satisfaction, across all 47

industries, during the last

five years.

With this pedigree, and

having recently acquired

Clearwire, Sprint is ensuring it

is future-proof. “Clearwire’s

2.5GHz spectrum resources


Keynote Feature

Mobility Revolution

now inseparable at IFA

Dan Hesse, IFA 2013

Keynote Speaker

allow Sprint to increase

the capacity and speed

of our 4G offerings” said

Hesse, adding: “Sprint has

a long history of industry

firsts, including being the

first national carrier to

launch 4G in the US. The

exploding popularity of

smartphones and tablets,

accessing applications and

content such as video and

music, make it desirable for

carriers to upgrade to 4G

to provide the capacity and

network speed necessary

for a high-quality customer


But the future is not just

about maximising network

speeds and capacities.

Sprint is number three

among America’s greenest

brands. “Sprint leads the

US telecoms industry with

its portfolio of sustainable

devices, device re-use and

recycling, the development

of environmental criteria and

reducing our overall impact

on the environment. We are

more than halfway to our

goal of a 20% reduction in

absolute greenhouse gas

emissions by 2017.”

Hesse’s keynote also

highlighted the ways

in which all electronics,

appliances, communications

and The Internet Of Things

are converging. It seems

we are not far from “a

dishwasher that runs

remotely when the electricity

is cheapest. A fridge that

you can access from your

phone to find out what’s

in it when you’re at the

supermarket. It could even

make suggestions, based

on its contents, as to what

you might cook that evening

when you get home,” he

predicted, adding that

Sprint has begun working

with Chrysler, working

towards 90% of all new

cars being wireless by 2020.

This certainly chimed with

another first at IFA2013 –

the debut keynote delivered

by fellow American, Alan

Mulally President and CEO

Ford Motor Company.

To help implicate itself

further in this global

technological evolution,

Sprint has become

empowered through its

recent acquisition for

$21.6bn by Japanese

powerhouse Softbank.

Hesse said, “We believe

that SoftBank’s investment

will enable Sprint to be a

stronger competitor in the

US market by enhancing

the company’s financial

and competitive position,

including purchasing scale

and the ability to make

investments in spectrum

and network. In addition to

the SoftBank investment,

the shut-down of the

iDEN network frees-up the

valuable 800 MHz spectrum

for our LTE and CDMA

networks and removes

the financial burden of

maintaining the iDEN


With a keynote that covered

everything from Brazilian

governments installing

microchips in trees for the

“(…) after 2013, IFA’s focus

on CE and home appliances

will widen to incorporate

telecommunications (…)”

monitoring of illegal logging,

to the security concerns of a

wirelessly connected world

– “the trade-off between

logistics and privacy” as he

called it – one thing is clear:

after 2013, IFA’s focus on

CE and home appliances

will widen to incorporate

telecommunications. “IFA

is a large and very wellrespected

platform to share

the advances and issues

associated with America’s

embrace of, and even

obsession with wireless

technologies,” he said,

and the world is listening.

Wirelessly. IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013



Exclusive Interview

Building a Global Giant

Sport, innovation and globalisation drive Arçelik forward

Koç Holding, the

parent company of

Arçelik Group, is the

largest conglomerate

in Turkey. Arçelik

CEO Levent Çakiroglu

explains how his

company, which owns

the Beko and Grundig

brands, became the

third largest household

appliances company in


Our company has

approximately 25,000

employees and operates

14 production facilities

worldwide. We provide

products and services in

more than 100 countries,

and generate nearly 60%

of our revenues from

international operations.

A lot of our success is

down to R&D and cuttingedge

technology. Arçelik

Group is able to design and

manufacture pioneering and


products that are the best

in their class in terms of

energy and water efficiency.

Arçelik holds more than

one third of all international

patent applications to WIPO

[World Intellectual Property

Organization] originating

from Turkey.

How do Beko and Grundig

differ in term of brand


Beko appeals to young and

savvy shoppers looking for

smart technology, stylish

and functional design, and

environmental responsibility

and friendliness. Grundig,

meanwhile, has its roots

in Germany and became

famous around the

world for its radios and

televisions. This traditional

brand's recipe for success

is to combine high-quality

products with intelligent,

smart technology, ease

of operation, and classic,

simple and timeless design.

Why do you believe

it’s important to tie

your brands to sports


We truly believe that

creating brand awareness

through sporting events

helps us to convey our

product promise and reach

our target audience more

effectively. Also, as part

of our social responsibility

commitment, we actively

support sports across the

world. Sports contribute

to the development of

children, not just in terms

of physical co-ordination,

but also in communication

and social skills such as

teamwork, quick thinking

and self-esteem.

As well as basketball, Beko

is the official supporter

of the FA Cup in the UK

which, with its 141-year

history, is the oldest football

tournament in the world.

Grundig is also focusing

on football and has been

the first official technology

partner of the German

Bundesliga since 2011. In

addition, the home of FC

“Arçelik holds more than one third of all

international patent applications to WIPO

originating from Turkey”

Nuremberg is now known

as the Grundig Stadium.

How is Beko performing

in Western Europe?

From 2008 to 2012, Beko

has been the brand with

the highest unit marketshare

increase in the overall

European market. As of

the end of 2012, Beko was

Europe’s third largest brand

in white goods. It is also the

leading brand in both the

UK and Lithuanian whitegoods


Ecology and sustainability

are key to Arçelik. How

important is R&D in

achieving your green


In accordance with our

‘Respects The Globe,

Respected Globally’ vision,

Arçelik applies a focused


approach to all its processes.

The energy-efficient Green

Factories certification system

has awarded Platinum

certification to eight of our

factories, and Gold to two.

One of the key challenges

in achieving sustainability is

how to maintain profitability

by designing innovative

and eco-friendly products

without losing competitive


Hall 23

Stand 101

Hall 7.1A

Stand 101

Arçelik CEO Levent Çakıroglu and Miss IFA


CEO, Arçelik Group

Levent Çakiroglu serves as

the CEO of Arçelik Group

and has been its General

Manager since 2008. He

graduated from Ankara

University Faculty of

Political Science and earned

his post-graduate degree

from the University of

Illinois. He started his career

in 1988 as an assistant

accounting specialist at the

Turkish finance ministry

and held this position until

1998. He joined Koç Group

in 1998 as Finance Group

Co-ordinator. IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013








More to the PC Market

than the PC



Intel’s fourth generation

core processor goes by the

codename Haswell. Haswell

marks a number of firsts

for Intel, including leadingedge

technologies like

on-chip voltage regulators,

eDRAM, and their first

graphics engine that

fully supports the DX11.1

specification and OpenGL

4.0. Haswell is primed

to offer a considerable

performance increase on

previous generation core


Tablets re-shape the information

technology (IT) landscape as

the PC records its longest

sales dip. Yet the consumer

IT area as a whole remains

buoyant — monitors continue

to surprise, networking and

connectivity thrive, personal

storage grows, and consumers

still covet accessories.

Worldwide, PC shipments

dropped to 76 million units

in the second quarter of

2013, a 10.9% decrease from

the same period last year,

according to preliminary results

by Gartner, Inc. This marks

the fifth consecutive quarter

of declining shipments — the

longest duration of decline in

the PC market’s history — as

inexpensive tablets displace

the low-end machines used

primarily for consumption in

mature and developed markets.

Some industry research

companies include tablets as

PCs, while others try to create

a new category to measure.

But no one denies the impact

that tablets are having on the

consumer IT business.

Says Mikako Kitagawa,

principal analyst at Gartner: “In

emerging markets, inexpensive

tablets have become the first

computing device for many

people, who at best are

deferring the purchase of a PC.

This is also accounting for the

collapse of the mini notebook




Bob Raikes of the European Display Market

Research specialist, Meko, explains a number

of uses for the new generation of displays that

consumers may be overlooking.

For many users, the monitor on

their PC is still the main display

that they interact with. However,

unless the buyer has been careful

in their selection, it may be the

screen with the lowest resolution

in their day-to-day lives. New

phones are better, TVs are often

better, and the best tablets are

much better.

From the panel-maker’s point of

view, monitors are still important.

In the last quarter, LG Display, the

component display side of LG's

business, got more revenue from

monitor panels than from tablets

and smartphones combined –

around 20% of their total revenue.

The European monitor market

is worth around €5bn a year –

down a long way from its peak

at €13.6bn in 2007, but still a

substantial business, and with

volumes of around 34 million

this year. That's about 100,000 a

day across Europe – not a small


It's worth making sure that the

monitor is a good one when 40-

50 hours per week are spent

staring at it. Many monitors now

have wide viewing angles, mainly

using IPS or PLS technology, and

without huge cost increases. That

means users don't get the horrible

changes in contrast and colour of

cheaper monitors.

Many consumers have been

buying other mobile devices such

as tablets and smartphones.

Monitors with MHL connectors,

can be paired with compatible

phones (such as the Samsung

Galaxy range), to view content

from mobile devices on a large,

high quality display. Adding a

Bluetooth game controller makes

for a pretty good game console.

Using a USB or Bluetooth

keyboard and mouse with a

smartphone or tablet creates

a very reasonable device for

productivity applications such as

word processing or spreadsheets.

Streaming TV is much more

comfortable to watch on a decent

sized screen than a phone.

And with MHL the mobile

device is being charged at the

same time.

Bob Raikes

Managing Director, Meko




The Era of the Mouse Is Over

Yifang brings ultra-thin tablets, a smart watch, digital

pens and more to IFA

Yifang Executive Director Kenny Hua tells IFA International about the company's enthusiasm for the

post-mouse era and how it has affected product development, plus what to expect next from the

company... For us, the post-mouse era also means the touch era. Touch-screens and touch-control are

huge trends, and not only for smartphones and tablets, but increasingly for computers.

Kenny Hua

Executive Director, Yifang


and touchcontrol


huge trends”

What new products are

you showing at IFA this


In addition to tablets and

digital pens, we are showing

some next-generation

smart devices, including

Smart Lighting, Smart

Switch, Home Environment

Sensor, Smart Watch, Smart

Pedometer and a Key Fob.

Cloud is an important

trend. How has your

introduction of the

CloudMemo been

received in Europe?

The first-generation

CloudMemo was based

on Bluetooth, but it was

complicated for users to

upload hand-written notes

first to a smartphone

and then to the cloud.

The second-generation

CloudMemo based on wifi

is more user-friendly.

We believe the WIFI

CloudMemo will win more

customers in Europe, and

we have brands to introduce

it to the market.

The Android tablet

market is proving to be

highly competitive. What

factors affect sales the

most? How important is

design and size?

The hardware configuration

affects sales the most. The

Android tablet market is

competitive. Given the

best possible hardware

configuration, Yifang

emphasises design and the

high quality of the M778,

M780 and M878 tablets

which feature Quad-core

plus 3G. The M878 is a

7.85-inch tablet that is a

mere 6mm wide.

Which of your products

do you feel was capture

the most attention at IFA?

The Home Automation &

Smart Wearable Devices

has received the most

attention at IFA. Our smart

watch is a mobile phone

accessory with incoming

call and message alerts. It is

always on due to low power

consumption and has a

pedometer function.

Smart TVs are the fashion.

How will THTF further

develop the mobile and

streaming aspects that

make a smart TV?

We are exploring simple,

cost-effective and great

smart TVs, which will be

launched in America and

Europe in 2013 Q4. Visitors

to IFA have a chance to see

all the features of our new

generation TVs.

What new products do

you have at IFA and how

do they reflect market


We are launching an

innovative TV using special

material – paper – reflecting

the trend of environmentally

friendly ideas, and we are

also going to show a 55”


Hall 25

Stand 165

Gianfranco Lanci

President, EMEA Lenovo

Vice-President Lenovo Group

“We are one of

the few players

with a full offer

and a full user


Hall 18

Stand 102

Moving In on Mobile

Lenovo leaves rivals behind in PC-plus computing

IFA International talked

with Gianfranco Lanci,

Lenovo President of EMEA

and Vice-President of the

Lenovo Group, about the

consumer IT market.

Is it still possible for a

PC maker to launch into

a maturing smartphone


There are very few players

from the PC business

looking at PC-plus

computing in terms of

smartphones. We are one

of the few players with

a full offer and a full user

experience. We started with

the smartphone business in

China and so we have built

up our know-how.

Has the relationship

changed between large

retailers and their PC

suppliers? Both groups

are under pressure. Has

that pressure formed any

new bonds?

What we see at retail is

that, soon, some countries

will experience integration

or mergers. There’s not

room enough for all these

big players. The survivors

will be the ones who have

learned how to build

demand, not only by

promoting the ‘best price’

but by understanding user

experience and customer


Germany has been a very

successful market for

Lenovo. What factors

make Lenovo’s market

share higher in Germany

than, for example,


We started investing earlier

in Germany than France.

Our investment in MEDIUM

is helping. When we make

a different level investment

in other markets — which

we intend to do — we’ll

see similar results.


Lenovo, creator of

multimode computing,

has expanded its

portfolio of multimode

devices. The new line-up

starts with two new Yoga

convertibles: the Yoga

2 Pro, successor to the

original 360-degree flipand-fold

13.3-inch Yoga;

and the new ThinkPad

Yoga, with its multimode

design and businessheavy


Lenovo is also bringing

multimode computing to

mainstream laptops and

desktops with its new

dual mode Lenovo Flex

14- and 15-inch laptops

and Flex 20 all-in-one

(AIO) desktop. These

machines give consumers

all the productivity of a

PC plus one extra mode,

essentially giving them

two powerful devices at

one affordable price. IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013




IFA: Global Launch Venue

Toshiba uses IFA as launch pad for key new IT


More than ever before, Toshiba is utilising IFA as a global launch pad for its innovative new IT products

targeting the consumer market. We asked about the roadmap for Toshiba’s PC business.

Graeme Simons

Head of Product Strategy,

B2C PC, Toshiba Europe

“The Toshiba

PC range has

never been as

diverse (…)”

Toshiba aims to provide

a diverse range of welldesigned,


and compelling devices

for mobile content

consumption for all kinds

of users. These extend from

pure tablets to clamshell

laptops, detachable twoin-ones,

and all-in-one

desktops that also have TV

functionality. The Toshiba

PC range has never been

as diverse, and with the

introduction of some

exciting new products

at IFA this year we have

something for everyone.

In your four-pronged

strategy for B2C IT

products – convertible,

clamshell, tablet and AOI

– which are currently the

fastest growing areas?

The tablet is the fastest

growing. The biggest

product segment by quite

a way is still the clamshell,

and we expect the twoin-ones,

the convertible

detachable segment to

start growing from early

2014 as users are looking

to simplify their device


Toshiba has opted for

Windows 8.1 in the

“Encore” tab. What is

your strategy regarding

Windows 8.1?

The Encore product is an

8.1-based companion

device, straddling both

work and play, and that’s

where it’s different from

the Android products we

already offer. It enables

Windows and Officeoriented

workers to

extend their mobile life in

a convenient and elegant


How important is IFA in

your global marketing

plan and what are your

aims/goals for IFA?

IFA is hugely important to

Toshiba. We have been

appearing at IFA for many,

many years. This year we

have used IFA as the global

launch venue for some

of the products we have

been talking about, and

this is quite a coup for the

Toshiba guys in Europe,

because we used to have

to wait for other shows.

Hall 21 A

Sandisk Opens New $4bn Factory

Memory market still innovating after 20 years

SanDisk is synonymous with portable digital memory storage since its pioneering innovations in

the field over 20 years ago. Pascal de Boer, Vice President of SanDisk's Retail Business Unit (EMEA),

explained how SanDisk became such a recognisable brand.

People know us because

our founders did a good job

keeping the SanDisk brand

visible on the product they

were selling – namely, the

cards and new technologies

we invented in the early

days of digital photos.

Now, one strongly growing

market is memory cards in

smartphones in conjunction

with the success of Android

phones. At least once in the

lifetime of the product you

will plug a card into your

phone. It’s an accessory, it’s

like tyres on your car – you

need it for your host device

to function.

How do you continue to

compete against other

big CE companies in this

technology segment?

The thing with our

technology is the barriers

to entry are high. Firstly,

it’s not easy to make, you

need technology that

SanDisk owns like NANDflash.

Second is the need

for flash manufacturing.

We just announced the

opening of a new factory,

and the investment in that

one factory is $4billion.

Technology, know-how, IP

and capital required to enter

the market creates high

barriers to entry. The threat

is always there, sure, but we

are always innovating.

What’s the next step?

One of the products

we have announced is

a USB drive with a wi-fi

connector – the SanDisk

Connect. Really simply, it

allows you to transfer data

regardless of the platform

you’re using. It even has an

upgradable micro-SD card.

Like a digital Swiss Army

knife – except you can’t

use it to open your beer.

We also offer SSDs as an

alternative to a hard disk

drive - once you’ve tried it

you’ll never go back.

“(…) one

strongly growing

market is

memory cards in



Connect is "like

a digital Swiss

Army knife"

Pascal de Boer

Vice President of SanDisk’s

Retail Business Unit in

Europe, Middle East and

Africa (EMEA)

Hall 10.2

Stand 101



Inside Intel’s Thinking

4th Gen Intel Core is ‘best improvement in a decade’


Intel’s IFA stand reflects the chip-maker’s status as

a world leader in computing innovation. Christian

Morales, Intel Corporation’s Vice-President and

General Manager, EMEA, explains where he sees

the new Ultrabook in the computing ecosystem…

The two-in-one is the best

experience that can be

brought to users in terms

of ultra-mobility, great

performance and the

capability to develop your

own content and have

breakthrough experiences.

It combines the best of the

notebook and the ultramobility

of the tablet. Today,

we are introducing several

flavours of Ultrabooks on

the 4th Gen Intel Core —

The 4th Gen Intel Core Processor

the best improvement in a

decade from one generation

to the next.”

How has the move away

from PC to tablets and

smartphones affected


There’s a proliferation of

devices on the market.

People use PCs to work,

to create rich content, for

education… But when

people want to consume

content, they want other

devices like smartphones

and tablets. We have

introduced the Silvermont

micro-architecture. The first

products are the Bay Trail

tablets. The next generation

will address smartphones,

Internet Of Things, invehicle

entertainment and

applications in data centres,

from the thinnest, lightest

devices to the biggest.

Where are the new


Today there are 1.5 billion

people connected to the

internet, and that will surge

to three or four billion in

the foreseeable future.

The Internet Of Things will

involve 15 billion devices by

2015. More and more data

is being generated and that

has to be stored and easily

retrieved. We are developing

new technologies to

organise and access data.

This is where the user

experience is moving.

Whether in the consumer

market or the business

environment, people want

this evolution in the usage

of their devices, the internet

and big data.

Hall 2.2

Stand 101

Christian Morales

President and General Manager, EMEA

Intel Corporation

“The Internet Of Things

will involve 15 billion

devices by 2015”


At IFA 2013, pocket beamer specialist Aiptek

is presenting an Android tablet with built-in

projector. The seven-inch Projector Pad P100

delivers 100 lumen, enabling users to take

their mobile cinema with them wherever

they go. The combination of tablet and

projector also presents an attractive option

for business users to project presentations

on the move. The removable device can be

used with other multimedia sources.

» HALL 17 / STAND 109



Quad-core CPU,

16 GB memory, 1

GB RAM, Android

4.2, 1280 x 800 IPS


Projects a 300

cm image with

854 x 480 pixels

resolution and

1000:1 contrast


The stand-alone

projector can be

used in conjunction

with other

multimedia sources.



Offering speeds up to 600Mbps to

Wireless-N clients and up to 1,300Mbps to

Wireless-AC clients, the new Linksys Smart

Wi-Fi Router AC1900 is the new standard

for express connectivity in the home. Users

operating multiple smart devices need wi-fi

that is powerful, easy to use and offers

quick access to media files. The router is

equipped with the latest

802.11ac technology,

offering superfast wireless

speeds up to three times


» HALL 3.2 / STAND 112




compatible with

existing wireless


Includes latest


technology to

deliver better range

and speed.

800Mhz Dual-

Core processor

for maximum

performance. IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013







Sony's two lens-style QX

series cameras merge

the creative power of a

premium compact camera

with the convenience

and connectivity

of today’s

smartphones. The



DSC-QX100 and

DSC-QX10 models

utilise wi-fi

connectivity to

instantly transform

a connected

smartphone into a

versatile, powerful

photographic tool

that can shoot highquality

images and

HD videos to rival

a premium compact


» HALL 4.2 / STAND 101


Sun Rising Again

Japanese CE companies reprise

role as innovation leaders

Japan continues to be a

world-leading high-tech

innovator. However, as

competition from across

the water in China and

Korea catches up, once

impregnable Japanese

CE giants such as Sony,

Panasonic, Toshiba and

Sharp have been forced to

innovate like never before.

As is evidenced by a slew of

radical and original product

launches by Japanese firms

at IFA 2013, there is

a sense that the


18.2 megapixels

Weighs less than 4oz


Japanese are taking up the


Sony’s Xperia Z1 nextgeneration


and Panasonic’s pioneering

20-inch 4K tablet are

typical of the bold product

offerings from Japanese

manufacturers that are

pushing Japan back to the

CE summit.

"Xperia Z1 is a watershed

moment for Sony,” said

Kazuo Hirai, President and

CEO of Sony Corporation,

during the much-hyped

Sony products launch

at IFA. “It marks

the first time we

have concentrated

so many leading

technologies, together

with our full suite of

entertainment content

services, all in a single,

beautifully designed mobile


Hirai spoke of a “productled

revival” at Sony that

aims to lead the field in

the tradition of the Sony

Walkman of the 1980s. A

large number of hopeful

Japanese CEOs have come

to IFA with the same intent.

As global management

consultancy Accenture

stated in a 2013 report on

Japanese high-tech firms:

“There is evidence of a

growing sense of renewal.”


Sharp has launched a new all-in-one hi-fi



The world’s first tablet with a 20-inch UHD 4K screen was launched

by Panasonic at IFA. Its large size and relative high price point

mean the state-of-the-art tablet is aimed squarely at the business

market, notably creative professionals such as architects, designers

and photographers. It runs Windows 8.1, has a two-hour battery

life and weighs 2.3kg.


Crystal-clear screen

Rugged carbon-fibre case

Aspect ratio of 15:10


Competitively priced

Mutiple listening


Slim, sleek design

The middle-of-the-range

device contains a CD player,

radio, iPod and iPad dock, as

well as Bluetooth streaming

capabilities. It comes in a

slick piano black. The hi-fi

runs on low energy and

Sharp claims it consumes

as little as 0.4W. It also

includes an auto power-off

function — a further sign

that Sharp is embracing

energy efficiency in its new


» HALL 2.2 / STAND 114


» HALL 20 / STAND 101

» HALL 5.1 / STAND 101

Stand of The Day

Philips - Hall 22 / 101

Buyers entering the Philips' stand will be struck by its exclusive

B2B zones, tailor-made for showing real-life retail experiences


DORIS LUN - Senior Manager

IRENE WONG - Manager

Marketing Management

BG Lifestyle Entertainment

Philips Consumer Lifestyle

“There are many newcomers

in the sound & headphone

segment, but Philips has a

unique value-add and knowhow

in this field, due to our

history and experience here.

Since the 1920s, when we

launched the world-first chapel

radio, we have been constantly

leading innovation in the field.

High-quality sound is part of

our DNA, and this is reflected

in our sound products and the

areas of the booth dedicated to

this topic.”

Comfort was a prime consideration in the design of the Philips stand

– the creation of an open, inviting and interactive area where visitors

can sit down and really appreciate the innovative products.

Philips’ Lifestyle Entertainment unit demonstrates its

high-end Fidelio range to retailers at dedicated parts

of Philips innovative and inspiring stand. Within its

dedicated B2B space (two thirds of the Philips hall), several

rooms allow retailers to experience Philips’ “obsession with

sound”, and to get ideas for creative and efficient in-store


In the Home Cinema Sound Room, retailers can experience the

concept of ‘flexible’ surround sound, with Philips Fidelio E5 wireless

surround cinema speakers, and its high-end SoundSphere DesignLine.

Part of the

walls at the Philips

booth are made

from specialist

acoustic materials

to eliminate noise

and improve sound

quality, further

illustrating the

slogan “obsessed

with sound”.

Visitors can see several artworks

composed of parts of the Fidelio

high-end range at the booth.

The high-end Fidelio headphone range

is displayed in a lifestyle-orientated in-store concept. IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013


A Word of Thanks

IFA International gives special thanks to all those who have helped us in making

the official show daily a true decision-making tool for the trade – and an information

source for the media

The entire team of

IFA International is

mobilised throughout

the year, and of course

at IFA, to ensure its

readers are provided

with information that

facilitates their decisionmaking

process.Visit to

access all six editions of

IFA International 2013.

What makes the exceptional

richness of a daily is the face

to face interviews and we

are particularly thankful to

the top executives of the

companies present at IFA

who, despite being very

busy, accepted to meet with

us to share their vision and

thought leadership. Some

prime examples include:


Wiebo Vaartjes

General Manager, Lifestyle

Entertainment and

Executive Vice-president,

Philips Consumer Lifestyle


Ki-Wan Kim

EVP and GMO,

LG Electronics


Li Dong Sheng Chairman

and CEO,



Laurent Abadie,

Chairman and CEO,

Panasonic Europe Ltd.

1. 2.



Gerard Lefebvre – Publisher

The IFA International team celebrating another year of producing the official English-language publication of IFA.

Front row from left to right: Patrice Bosch, Helene Beunat, Viktoria Pelles, back row from left to right: Neil Cole, Uta

Morawietz, Veronika Meier, Calypso Barnes, Jean-Guy Bienfait, Anja Kühner, Stuart Braun, Gerard Lefebvre, Guillaume

Kaercher, Miss IFA, Richard Barnes, Jean-Francois Pieri, Joanna Stephens, Bob Snyder, Julian Newby, Bianca Newby,

Bettina Badon, Guillaume Vinrich






Just in time for the arrival of Worldwide Executives of the CE

One of Berlin’s & HA in most Berlin original for the IFA and press conferences from September

tasteful hotels 4 th , the and Waldorf nightspots Astoria is announces that the legendary

the very “jazzy”



Pierre Gagnaire

We asked

will be there in person during this

the establishment’s director Tina

exceptional time to run "Les Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire",

Brack what to her mind makes the

a Michelin-starred restaurant offering a peerless culinary

Ellington different to other hotels

in this category.

experience in the German capital.

Among Waldorf Astoria Berlin's impressive range of dining

Our hotel is a and listed drinking historic experiences, structure. It the restaurant run by worldrenowned

office building French at chef, the end Pierre Gagnaire, is the hotel's

was built as an

of the 20’s and flagship the building attraction. alone Gagnaire shows owns and directs highly

the glamour successful of the past. restaurants It’s not just throughout a the world, including the

hotel… we sell legendary feeling and Pierre atmosphere Gagnaire in as Paris' Rue Balzac – consistently

well. In the 50’s awarded we had three a very Michelin famous jazz stars, the highly acclaimed Sketch

club in the house, in London where and musicians Pierre in like Hong Kong. Together, Gagnaire's

Ella Fitzgerald,


Louis Armstrong



12 Michelin


stars, and it is no surprise

Ellington played – which is of course where

that tables at the opulent Les Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire are

our name comes from.

among the most sought after in the Berlin restaurant scene.

Food and beverage are becoming more

important, and “The at Waldorf the Ellington Astoria this introduces a great and peerless

is particularly name the to case. Berlin, Please and tell it gives us me great pleasure to bring a

more. sophisticated and unique culinary experience to the people

The Duke restaurant of Berlin is famous and international not only for guests”, says Pierre Gagnaire

hotel guests but of the also restaurant for Berlin that residents. will continue his culinary credo of

Our chef, Florian "facing Glauert, tomorrow is well but known respectful in of yesterday".

Berlin for his “classic French cuisine with

a modern touch”. “It is a Last great year honour we scored for us to 14 have won a chef as distinguished

points in the Gault

and legendary

et Milau –







for the Waldorf Astoria

get more this year!

Berlin”, affirms Friedrich W. Niemann, General Manager of

Berlin's newest luxury high rise hotel. “Pierre Gagnaire is

What about business meetings?

not just the ultimate synonym for excellence in the culinary Tina Brack

We have light, open spaces that are very

inviting for private arts, but meetings also, with in three a very Michelin stars, an asset Ellington for the Hotel Director

stylish and relaxed whole atmosphere. of Berlin. Waldorf For more Astoria and Pierre Gagnaire are

“secretive” meetings, associated there’s with a our luxury wine and elegance which does justice

safe. It’s a real to 30M the 2 prestigious safe that legacy was used of the legendary flagship on Park

in former times Avenue, by the Manhattan, state financial and also sets new standards”.

authorities. When Berlin was reunified, the












Your initiative to grow Berlin’s electronic

is the This prime year contact marks the point 50th for anniversary entrepreneurs of one of and the key

sector is working. What are the latest results

provides events unique that shaped services Berlin for investors. City. President It informs Kennedy

in terms of job creation and new companies

about visited financial the possibilities summer of (EU, 1963 state and funding) delivered his

moving 70-million to the city, DM or that local was start-ups? to be distributed

and famous accompanies speech the containing whole process. those The famous BLC four

More than among 900 those new jobs of the were former created eastern in the Berlin first

also words provides expressing individualised his allegiance information to about Berlin. IFA

half of as 2013 a welcome in the electronic/ICT gift was stored creative here. sector. We

Berlin International and its advantages asked Klaus both Wowereit, online and the in governing our

This tendency now store shows wines the in the significant safe and economic are able

showroom Mayor of and this finally illustrious gives city exclusive, how this customised event has been

factor to and host is reinforced intimate by secret the dinners fact that there with –



about real estate, commercial sites

approximately with no risk 5,400 of being companies interrupted! and 62,000

and the city’s technical, social and building

employees involved in the digital sector, Berlin

Many different events were held in Berlin this

regulation infrastructure. Berlin Partner also

can be




as the



this hotel






year to commemorate the historic speech given

every brick. Please tell us more.

assists with fiscal topics and negotiations with

industries in Germany. In 2012, 469 companies

by US President John F. Kennedy to hundreds of

The building was famous for the “Femina

governmental institutions.

were founded, which means a 44% increase. The

thousands of people on 26 June 1963. Two of the

Hall” – a 2,000 M 2 ballroom with a sliding




– where


up to 2,000

even more



highlights were the ceremony held at the original


How does Berlin Partner leverage the huge

than the dance building under sector. the stars. Earlier It this was year, destroyed Microsoft in


site of




speech, Schöneberg

talent attracted

Town Hall,

to the

to mark

opened the its war, Center and in we Berlin have rebuilt Mitte. a The conference capital’s

city by this events 50th anniversary, like IFA? and the visit of the current

flourishing room start-up there. On scene the generated ground floor more in than the

Berlin American Partner President, supports Barack enterprises Obama, through a few days

€200m 1970’s in investments and 80’s, during the Jungle the first Club six was months very

several before business that. promotion packages. The

and investors famous, include and very Bill regular Gates. guests included

company helps to find suitable locations and

David Bowie, who lived just around the

human The resources. enthusiasm The Business of Berliners Location Center that time

What is corner. the cluster Barbara scheme, Streisand and was what another. is the As







key contacts

His arrival



next phase I mentioned, of this plan? jazz clubs here have been

Berlin and the speech he made changed the

government authorities, banks, chambers,

The cluster famous scheme here over is the the implementation years, and this of

world in a number of ways. What remains of

associations and company networks and

the innovation

history can


truly be


felt when




visit the

this today?


financial aspects. The BLC also runs its own


His message still resonates today with all those

Brandenburg in order to lead the capital towards

online jobs service at www.talent-in-berlin.

whose lives, safety, and freedom are threatened.

a successful future. The scheme is divided into five

The breakfast room here is very

com, with up-to-date job ads for experts and

In that sense, his speech is timeless and, even



Health Industry,

as well…

ICT/Media and Creative

management. The Business Immigration Service

fifty years later, still very relevant in many places

Industries, Yes. It Mobility, was designed Energy by a Technologies team of architects and

is a collaboration of the relevant players from

around the world.

Photonics. from The Berlin next and step Italy. is to They create decided even more to

business and administration that answers all

efficiency include terms long of tables economic with benches. and technological At first,

visa-related questions for foreign companies,

development the idea through seemed the strange, fusion of but Berlin it Partner really

Melanie Bähr

How important is business tourism, such as

managers and highly-skilled specialists.

generated by IFA, to the economy of Berlin

and the works. TSB Innovation People like Agency. it, because they get

Managing Director of Berlin

and how is the tourism sector expanding

to talk to other guests and the breakfast



Do you buffet offer is tax excellent. breaks It’s or very other convivial. economic

In 2011 our tourist industry registered more than


20 million overnight stays, up from only 7 million

Berlin Partner as an economic development and

twenty years ago. We’ve asked ourselves what

marketing corporation offers a wide range of

makes Berlin so attractive internationally, and the

assistance. The Business Location Center (BLC)

For more information, see

answer is that it’s being embraced in its entirety 60IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 59

Klaus Wowereit

There are still a lot of new

things happening in our city.


For visitors

of its diversity.

to IFA, taking

As a result,





right gift


can be

booming a major tourist task. industry But classic to continue French department to grow. At store

the same Galeries time, Lafayette, business among travellers the are best-known something names

that for every luxury city shopping welcomes, in Europe, which has is why all your we shopping are

working needs to draw covered. more Vincent and more Senecat, trade Director shows of

and congresses Galeries Lafayette to Berlin. Berlin, takes us on a tour.

If anyone Berlin can has a say highly what diverse it is that population makes and Berlin Galeries

so special, Lafayette you Berlin can. What offers a do wide you range think of it is? products

I think to it’s accommodate the unique combination this demand. of Our a cultural variety of

capital exclusive, and a congress international, venue, French of and economic youth brands

centre are and combined a creative with hub, extraordinary of old and events, new, fashion of

history shows, and the tastings, future. readings There are and still much a lot more. of new

things happening in our city. It is young people

and Please creative describe professionals; the diverse designers, brands artists, on offer.

and internet Galeries entrepreneurs Lafayette Berlin particular is more who than are just a

moving department to Berlin from store. all We over present the world. a wide They range

want of to products live and work from here, international and they enrich luxury our brands

city with to French their presence and young and their fashion energy. brands. We are

also famous for our men's, women's, beauty,

In a accessories, more general jewellery sense, and kids’ what areas. Our your men’s

biggest brands ambitions include Sandro, for Berlin? Tiger of What Sweden, are Costume the

crucial National, things and that Zadig will leave & Voltaire; a positive women’s legacy brands

of your include time Barbara in the Mayor’s Bui, Costume office? National, Karl

Berlin Lagerfeld, is on the Pascal right Millet, track, Paule but has Ka and not Vanessa yet

achieved Bruno; all of while its goals. Coach, I want Marc to Jacobs, keep working Lanvin and

to meet Valentino the great are challenges just some confronting of our renowned cities our

in particular accessories in this stores. era of globalization, so that

Berlin continues to be a metropolis with a human

face, Please even in tell boom us times. more about your Create Berlin


Create Berlin is a platform created by Berlin

designers to connect the creative diversity of the

city’s design scene. Create Berlin brings together

energies and ideas and provides creative talents

with opportunities to realise their visions, and

to understand the importance of the creative

industries in Berlin’s economic development. As

an internationally active network, Create Berlin

Vincent Senecat

Director of Galeries Lafayette Berlin.

Burkhard Kieker, Chief Executive Officer of

visitBerlin tells IFA International about the

curates latest and manages projects various and developments design projects in one

Germany of the and world's abroad, most and has dynamic, over 70 exciting members and

representing individual the cities... diversity of Berlin’s creative

industries. One of the aims of Galeries Lafayette

is to In support 2014, this the industry German and capital the various will be design celebrating

branches. the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin

Wall. So much has been achieved in that quarter

How of can a century. a non-EU Berlin visitor a city that’s save changing, money reinventing

Lafayette itself, and combining thanks to awareness tax-free of the

at Galeries

shopping? past, with looking ahead to the future. From this

For non-EU point of tourists, view, IFA shopping has always and been saving an integral money part

is easy of Berlin, at Galeries because Lafayette it was held Berlin. for the Initially, first time in

customers 1924, can and obtain can now a global look back refund on cheque a long history, at

the customer while still service presenting department the latest on the achievements 1st floor in

when technology paying for and their design. purchases. Then they have

to show Berlin their has purchases, become a receipt leading and international passport to trade

customs fair when and congress leaving the metropolis country or because at the final the city

point is of an departure ideal location when leaving for events, the EU, especially and get those

their dedicated global refund to trends cheque and stamped. creative This ideas. can For

be shown example, along Social with Media their passport Week, and event credit that

card reflects at a local Berlin’s global booming refund office start-up and scene, they will will be

receive held an from immediate 23 September refund on on, the marking credit card. the fact

Alternatively, that a new the internet refund company can be paid is founded in cash. in Berlin

every 20 hours. The open spaces and sophisticated

Please infrastructure describe some make of the the city culinary attractive delights to artists as

on offer well as at tech Galeries start-ups, Lafayette and empty Berlin. factory buildings

Our clients and unused can enjoy areas gastronomic are being specialities transformed as into

well as galleries purchase and baguettes exhibition and spaces. bottles A of wine combination for

their of daily well-established needs. The gourmet institutions food department and up and

includes coming an artists Epicerie, has made cheese Berlin counter, the epicentre meat of

counter, contemporary wine department, art, and bakery, soBerlin confectionery

Art Week, which

and takes deli food. place The from atmosphere 17 to 22 September, in our wine is an

department opportunity I would for especially art connoisseurs recommend: to get with to know

a glass the of art wine scene you in Berlin. can let the evening gently

fade away.

What do you recommend for visitors to IFA

who may not have much time to visit the city.

What should they do first? 36 IFA International • Monday 9 th September 2013 51

Burkhard Kieker

Chief Executive Officer

of visitBerlin

I recommend anyone who has been inspired by

IFA and wants to try out gadgets to discover

Berlin using an app. Numerous providers offer

mobile guided tours on topics such as street art

or the Berlin Wall, as well as virtual 3D tours.

If, on the other hand, you want to disconnect

in the truest sense of the word, you can let off

steam in Berlin’s open spaces. For example, on

the runways of the former Tempelhof airport

visitors can fly a kite or try out kite surfing. At

115 metres, the former US listening station on

the Teufelsberg is Berlin’s highest mountain, and

it's well worth climbing. There are guided tours

which provide an intriguing view of the history

of Berlin during the Cold War era, while at dusk

the area offers an amazing view of the whole

city from above.

Are you finding that more people are tending

to stay on after shows like IFA in order to visit

the city?

In my experience, yes. Visitors to events and

trade fairs take advantage of the opportunity

and often extend their stay by a couple of days.

The German capital has a lot to offer apart from

trade fairs, everything from cultural hotspots

to partying until dawn in one of the many

clubs. Every visitor can find their own unique

experience in Berlin.

How do you work to support Messe Berlin

and its IFA show?

Messe Berlin is a long established partner of

visitBerlin. We work together regularly and

closely, especially in the congress sector. For IFA

we mainly help with communications through

online and press work.





Where Tourism Meets Business

While Berlin is a fantastic tourism city for individuals

it is also an extraordinary draw-card for business travellers

Jean-François Pieri & Gérard Lefebvre

Executive Director, Cleverdis

Managing Director, IFA International













Previous editions of Where to Go in Berlin

President & Founder, Cleverdis

Publisher, IFA International

Culinary legend in town for IFA Media Days

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Create Berlin by Galeries Lafayette

Pierre Gagnaire, known as the 'Picasso“It’s of French not cuisine', just a hotel… we sell Berlin feeling”

Partner Managing Director Melanie Bähr reveals statistics behind Klaus Wowereit, the Berlin start-up the governing Mayor of Berlin, welcomes you to this wonderful

A New Tech Start-Up Founded Every 20 Hours

will be in Berlin from September 3 rd to September 6 th

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French Department store showcases the diversity of Berlin's creative industries

city and celebrates one of the key events that shaped its history

Ellington: A hotel… a meeting place…with a jazz theme based

on the glorious past of its walls

“business travellers are something that every city

welcomes, which is why we are working to draw more

and more trade shows and congresses to Berlin”




Our variety of exclusive,

international, French

and youth brands

are combined with

extraordinary events,

fashion shows, tastings,

readings and much more.




“Every visitor

can find their own

unique experience

in Berlin”

As strongly underlined in our

IFA International Weekend

edition (7 th & 8 th september)

by Klaus Wowereit, the governing

Mayor of Berlin, business travellers

are very popular customers in

cities, and Berlin puts on a big

spread to attract them.

It’s a veritable “collective

seduction” action made towards

major enterprises, since Messe

Berlin is going to provide its fairs

with a new futuristic hall from

April 2014: the Berlin CityCube.

The organisation Berlin Partner

meanwhile provides solid support

to companies who themselves want

to gain a foothold in the capital

(see interview with Melanie Bähr -

Managing Director of Berlin Partner

in our Friday 6 th Sept. edition).

VisitBerlin for its part works on

developing events dedicated to

trends and creative ideas (see

Burkhard Kieker's interview - CEO

of visitBerlin in our Tuesday 10 th

Sept. issue). Prestigious hotels

in the city also play a key role,

including the Ellington with its

Director Tina Brack who gave us

the pleasure of revealing the many

facets that make it not only a hotel,

but also an atmosphere, in our

preview edition (2 nd Sept.). In the

same spirit, the Waldorf Astoria is

giving us in that same preview all

its assets for a great stay, including

among others the exceptional

comfort of its rooms, a well-known


travellers are very

popular customers

in cities, and

Berlin puts on

a big spread to

attract them.”

brand spa (Guerlain), a legendary

bar (Lang Bar), and a restaurant

with a Michelin starred chef (Les

Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire). Last

but not least, Vincent Senecat,

Director of French Department

store Galeries Lafayette, revealed

in our Monday 9 th Sept. edition

how his store supports the “Create

Berlin” platform, created by Berlin

designers to connect the creative

diversity of the city's design scene,

making the store not only a place to

have your shopping needs covered,

but also an active partner in Berlin’s

cultural life.

If reading this at the show, you

will find all our previous editions in

stands at the main entrances, if not

all are on line on: IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013









He leads tourists across the

streets of Berlin. He is very

friendly, dynamic and wears a

hat that gives him a particularly

dashing look. He was born in

October 1961 in GDR and is

one of the few objects that

survived the fall of the Berlin

Wall in 1989. He is called the

Ampelman, the creation of

traffic psychologist Karl Peglau

to help children to cross the

road safely. Today he’s a design

icon, a symbol of a unified

Berlin, and a merchandising

phenomenon. Berlin now has

five Ampelmann-themed shops

that sell some 600 Ampelmann

products – the first of which,

the Ampel Lamp, was designed

by Markus Heckhausen back in

1996 and made from the glass

of traffic lights.

A new addition to the city in

the Summer of 2007 was the

Ampelmann Restaurant that

overlooks a park that leads

down to the River Spree. Guests

can sit inside or outside on the

terrace next to the park and

enjoy Mediterranean-style food

in these charming surroundings.

And afterwards, take the

Ampelmann guided tour in the

Ampelmann bike-taxi and see

the sights of Berlin in stylish



Andel's hotel Berlin

The highlight of the Andel’s

Hotel in Berlin is the on the 14th floor with

a breathtaking view over Berlin

and its city lights. You can enjoy

fruity cocktails, delicious drinks

and classic beverages with your

business partners after a long

day at IFA.

The special during IFA means

you get a free cocktail, if you

use your foursquare to check in

to the with three people

at the same time. Order three

drinks and you just pay for two.

This special offer is available

until Thursday. The

has a seating capacity for 73

people and can also be reserved

exclusively for private events.



S Landsberger Allee 106

10369 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 453 053 2614


S42, S41, S8, S9



& Shopping

Collection Scharf-


The Collection Scharf-

Gerstenberg is exhibiting

works by artists ranging from

Piranesi, Goya and Redon

to Dalí, Magritte, Max Ernst

and Dubuffet. More than

250 paintings, sculptures and

sketches are being exhibited

on three floors under the title

Surreal Worlds. Surrealism is at

the centre of the collection and

most of the leading surealists

are represented.



Schlossstrasse 70

14059 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 266424242

The Exhibition is open

Tuesday to Sunday from

10.00am to 18.00pm.


S-Bahn S41, S42, S46

U-Bahn U2; U7

Bus: M45, 309, 109


& Exhibitions

Museum Berggruen

The Museum Berggruen

is named after the late art

dealer and collector Heinz

Berggruen. With more than

120 works by Pablo Picasso,

the museum provides an

informative overview of his

career and development

as an artist. On display are

several key works, such as his

famous picture of the seated

harlequin from his Rose Period,

an impressive detail study for

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon,

as well as numerous portraits

of Dora Maar. The collection

also focuses on the work of

Paul Klee. Henri Matisse and

Alberto Giacometti are also

represented, particularly with

works from their later periods.

And in addition, the museum

presents selected works

by Georges Braque, Henri

Laurens, and Paul Cezanne.

The Museum is open from

Tuesday to Sunday,

from 10.00am to 18.00pm.


Schloßstraße 1 14059 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 266424242

(Mon - Fri 09.00 – 16.00)


S-Bahn S41, S42, S46

U-Bahn U2, U7


M45, 309, 109

Museum Berggruen

Ampelmann Restaurant

Opening hours: Tue – Sat

6.30 pm to 11 pm



Stadtbahnbogen 159

10178 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 84710709


Hackerscher Markt S5, S7,

S75, Andel’s Hotel Berlin

Collection Scharf-Gerstenberg

Foto: Maximilian Meisse




Hall 3.2 - Stand 201

Hall 3.1- Stand 103

Hall 21 - Stand 104 / 104a

Hall 1.2 - Stand 121 Hall 1.2 - Stand 121

Hall 9 - Stand 305

Hall 8.1 - Stand 110

Hall 15.1 - Stand 231

Hall 1.2 - Stand 213

Hall 9 - Stand 101

Hall 1.2 - Stand 101/102 Hall 7.2C - Stand 101

Hall 7.1A - Stand 101

Hall 12 - Stand 109


Hall 17 - Stand 111

Hall 15.1 - Stand 215

Hall 13 - Stand 107

Hall 25 - Stand 165

Hall 25 - Stand 142

Hall 21 A - Stand 101

Hall 25 - Stand 131

Hall 25 - Stand 151

Hall 22 - Stand 101

Hall 8.2 - Stand 101

Hall 3.1 - Stand 102

Hall 22 - Stand 101

Hall 25 - Stand 131

Hall 21 - Stand 104/104a

Hall 3.2 - Stand 206


Hall 4.1 - Stand 205

Hall 1.1 - Stand 202 Hall 1.1 - Stand 201 Hall 4.1 - Stand 211

Passage 4.1/6.1 - Stand 101

Hall 8.1 - Stand 112

Hall 10.1 - Stand 118

Hall 3.1 - Stand 105

Passage 2.1/4.1 - Stand 101

Hall 8.1 - Stand 111

Hall 2.1 - Stand 201

Hall 6.1 - Stand 117

Hall 10.1 - Stand 101

Hall 1.1 - Stand 102

Hall 3.1 - Stand 104

Hall 3.1 - Stand 104

Hall 6.1 - Stand 109

Hall 8.1 - Stand 215

Hall 8.1 - Stand 214

Hall 25 - Stand 131

Hall 3.2 - Stand 102

Hall 25 - Stand 155

Hall 3.2 - Stand 109

Hall 25 - Stand 125

Hall 5.2 - Stand 101

Hall 6.2 - Stand 201

Hall 3.2 - Stand 201

Hall 3.1 - Stand 103

Hall 25 - Stand 133

Hall 3.2 - Stand 103

IFA International • 2013



A free shuttle service exclusively

for trade visitors offers stress-free

transportation from Berlin Tegel

Airport directly to the IFA main South



Trade visitors can save time using the

Fast Lane entrance, red carpet style


A free shuttle for trade visitors is

available on the exhibition grounds,

and departs every few minutes


You are invited to lectures of top

managers from consumer electronics

and home appliances on trends,

innovations and worldwide relevant

product developments.



A series of accompanying congress and

events offer a high-end lecture program,

with top managers and experts from

the consumer electronics industry



Together with our partners FP Travel

Service we offer special travel packages

to make your journey to the IFA as

enjoyable and inexpensive as possible.


RECEPTION (2h prior to opening hours)

The International Trade Visitor Reception

is a business and service area

exclusively for IFA trade visitors

> Entrance South, Hall 1.1/2.1


Start off the day with coffee, tea and

fresh croissants. You are cordially


Prior to exhibition opening hours,

from 8-10 a.m.


Explore national and international

magazines from the world of consumer

electronics and home appliances. All

issues are free of charge.


Take part in daily tours focusing on

the latest topics at the IFA, organised

exclusively for trade visitors to the

show. Tours start at the International

Trade Visitor Reception


Our hostesses provide detailed help and

written information in ten languages to

ensure you are well prepared for the fair.

We speak English, French, Spanish, Polish,

Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic

and Turkish


Our lounge area provides internet

access free of charge


Our IFA Representative Offices offer

special travel arrangements, information

about flight and hotel fares – and

sometimes even special offers for group

tours – for international trade visitors.


This is where you will receive your

free trade visitor package with the

official IFA trade fair catalogue and

additional information to assist you

during your stay in Berlin


Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA




I think [IFA International] is really good. The first thing

we always do when we get to the show is to pick it

up and read it…

We always bring them back with us. Because one of

the things we always do is to have a general debrief

for the business, and we use a lot of that in the

general debrief…”



Group Commercial


Dixons Retail

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