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Welcome to IFA 2007

More International Than Ever!

Record participation for second occasion since the show has become an annual event... IFA underlines its vocation as the

world's veritable international showcase for new CE technologies.

True International Vocation

In addition to strong

representation from the trade

and industry in the European

core markets, the IFA is also

becoming increasingly

important as a marketing

instrument for companies in

Asia and North America.

“Foreign exhibitors account for

more than 60 per cent of the

total, a consequence of the efforts

to give the IFA a more

international dimension”,

according to Dr. Rainer

Hecker, Chairman of the

Supervisory Board of the gfu

(Association for Consumer and

Communications Electronics).

At the IFA opening press

conference, Dr. Christian

Göke, COO of Messe Berlin,

expressed his pleasure at the

return of several major players

and explained how the event is

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Battle of the

Smart Phones

Kicks-off at IFA

Following the success of its

Prada and Chocolate

phones, LG Electronics is

now aiming to dethrone

the iPhone with its touchscreen,


KS20. The phone is one

millimeter thicker than the

iPhone and looks similar to

the Prada model, but packs

features such as Wi-Fi, an

MP3 Player and a 7 cm

screen. The company also

launched the Viewty, a

5MP Camera, at its packed


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31st August











Rudy Provoost

Chief Executive

Officer of Philips

Consumer Electronics

“We are redefining the boundaries of what

TV is all about. Lifestyle is about fashion,

art and emotion, and that is what we

want are radiating and bringing to life

through the world premiere at IFA.”

See page 11

Toshiyuki Tajima

CEO for Sharp

Electronics Europe

“The LCD TV boom has only just

begun and I believe Europe is a market

which is only just awaking. This is why

we are concentrating on Europe as the

LCD TV market of the future.”

See page 10

Hirofumi Wada

General Manager


Thanks to the Advanced PDP

Development Center Corporation

(APDC), an R&D company jointly

established by Hitachi, Pioneer and

Panasonic, we are working hard on

developing higher-efficiency panels.

See page 13


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Welcome to IFA 2007

More International Than Ever!

now organised: “We are

delighted that the whole of the

Messe is being used this year and

that everyone is back on board.

We are also very happy with the

way that the space has been

separated and organised to

provide the maximum amount of

clarity in the overall structure. It

makes life easier for

buyers and exhibitors

and also encourages

genuine competition

within each sector.”

Despite the scale of

the event and the

complications that

this brings, IFA's


management is

determined to

provide visitors

with a simple and

transparent reflection of the

current state of the market: “In

the case of content, we asked

ourselves what type it was, to be

looked at or listened to and in the

case of devices, whether they were

personal or public.”

We are also very

happy with the

way that the space

has been separated

and organised to

provide the

maximum amount

of clarity in the

overall structure.

Göke also gave the latest

projected attendance figures for

IFA 2007 which confirm that

this year's event is the biggest

ever with a rented area of

arround 104,000 square metres

and record participation by

1,212 exhibitors from 32

countries. “With 80 more

German exhibitors than last

year, it is clear that the German

CE market is robustly healthy,”

Göke said.

“Equally the number

of nationalities

attending has grown,

with the most

impressive rise in

attendance coming

from Italy, the

Netherlands and

Belgium. And our


indicate that this

year will be another

banner year for international

growth with pre-registrations

currently standing at 99% of the

total international attendance of

last year.”

Between 1999 and 2006 the

amount of orders placed grew

by 147% with the 2006 total of

euros 2.5 billion expected to be

surpassed this year: “We're

confident that 2007 will see

more orders placed and I believe

that the reason for IFA's success is

that we offer a better working

place and are constantly trying to

improve the ways in which we

cooperate with exhibitors.

Consequently we encounter a

very high degree of satisfaction

amongst those exhibitors.”

Alongside an excellent selection

of keynote speakers which

kicks off with Philips' Rudy

Provoost and Norio Niwa of

Seiko Epson on Friday,

Guerrino De Luca of Logitech

and IBM's George Bailey on

Saturday and Navigon AG's

Andreas Westhoff on Sunday,

the event will have several

innovatory products including

the first multi-media notebook

with an HD DVD drive, the

first camcorder with a Blu-ray

Disc drive and demonstrations

of Alcatel's DVB-H / DVB-SH

mobile broadcast system.

“We have a major focus on sound

this year with a record number

of artists performing in the

Sommergarten, there are the

qualifications for the World

Cyber Games, the world's most

expensive home entertainment

system, next-generation media

and 3D monitors that don't

require glasses”, Göke said.

“We are also placing IPTV

under the spotlight because we

believe that it has a major role to

play in the future as an

alternative carrier that also offers

VOD, interactive programme

guides and much more.”











651* 210

58 733*




IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007


Evolving gently with time…

The Ultimate in Dynamic Aesthetics –

adding value to any Plasma or LCD TV.

Each one of these digital works is a

“creative matrix” that informs and

regenerates its surrounding environment.

... welcome to the wonderful

world of ArtDisplay...

bringing art and emotion to

y o u r walls.

Come to visit us at IFA: Hall 24 - stand 102 (Cleverdis stand)


Dynamic Art Comes Alive at IFA

IFA and Philips Electronics Open the Way to Dynamic Art

and a Fabulous Market for Flat Screen Manufacturers

IFA is a major event per se for

the future and development of

Consumer Electronics, but this

year, the show is at the origin of

an event of worldwide

importance going well beyond

the general evolution of these

products – the revelation of a

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new major artistic

movement –

Dynamic Art.



Digital Art

as Added


Philips Electronics,

global leader in

lifestyle and technology thanks

to its ‘sense and simplicity’

brand message, clearly knows a

good idea when it sees one.

CEO Rudy Provoost, in

announcing the milestone of

sales of one million Digital

Photoframes, said: “The

millionth Digital PhotoFrame is

a great milestone for Philips, and

what better way to celebrate this

accomplishment than through

digital art”. Philips has indeed

started a partnership with

ArtDisplay, Europe’s leading

editor of digital art, and is

showing four original artworks

on its PhotoFrames at IFA.

“Our alliance with ArtDisplay

gives us the opportunity to bring

high profile digital art into the

consumer electronics realm",

concluded Provoost.

Gérard Lefebvre, President &

CEO of Cleverdis, global

specialists in the analysis of

audiovisual markets, underlines

the importance of the

movement: “ArtDisplay also

represents an extraordinary

opportunity for all flat-screen TV

makers: this is a major new

innovation, and not only in

terms of providing a platform for

the wider appreciation of fine

art. The humble television is

transformed into a work of art

and I firmly believe that this

presents an opportunity to boost

sales for all TV makers by giving

the screen a whole new usage as a

canvas and as a display for

digital works. This idea perfectly

compliments the efforts made by

constructors to house their screens

in attractive casing that

compliments lifestyle desires. It

will also act as a USP for the

first manufacturers to offer art

integrated in to their products."

Thanks to the amazing

technological evolution of the

CE industry and to the rapid

fall in flat screen prices, a new

generation of digital artists is

currently opening new

horizons in the art world.

Digital Art takes artistic

creation out of the elitist

spheres of galleries and

museums and into people’s

living rooms and bedrooms.

Anybody can now enjoy art.

Driven by a need to explore

and to make art available to all,

independent visionary artists

have been seeking an

extraordinary platform... and

they found it here at IFA.

Every emerging cultural

movement has its “figurehead”.

In the same way as the

impressionists turned to

Manet, Digital Art and its close

cousin Dynamic Art seem to

have found a leading light.

Patrick Goubet, founder of

ArtDisplay, is the first

European editor whose

vocation is to promote and

publish dynamic artworks for

flat screen TVs. Thanks to

innovative and original artistic

content, ArtDisplay turns flat

screens into a tool of

contemporary art. As the

European and worldwide

reference in terms of digital art

and dynamic art, ArtDisplay

offers the perfect

communication platform to

artists whose works remained

relatively unknown until now.

Goubet compares this

revolution to that of canvas...

“A number of centuries ago, there

was a major revolution when

rather than painting frescoes,

artists began painting on canvas,

making art ‘mobile’. Today the

canvas comes alive thanks to flat

screens and modern technology.”

Just like Impressionism, an

artistic movement that was

born as a reaction to official

academic painting in 19 th

century France and, like

Fauvism with its audacity and

search for chromatic

innovation, Dynamic Art was

born out of a cultural

revolution that was made

possible by new ways of

thinking and new ways of

creating. Dynamic Art’s key

concept is the notion of time

(time going by) and life in

movement (art evolving with


ArtDisplay works are on

display during the IFA:

• at the Philips stand

(Hall22/101) where the

company is celebrating one

million Digital PhotoFrames

through the fusion of digital

art, sophisticated style and


• At the Panasonic stand (Hall


• At the Cleverdis stand (Hall

24/102) - official sponsor of

Artdisplay during IFA

• In front of the office of IFA

International in the Press

Center (Hall 6.3)

You can come and see the

artist Patrick Goubet at the

Cleverdis stand (Hall 24/102).

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



Epson and

Disney team up

for Mobile

Projector Launch

ADB Teams with Grundig to

Bring Full Range of Digital

Terrestrial Products to the

European Market

Epson launch their latest multientertainment

projector, the

EMP-DM1 today at IFA. The

new mobile projector unit will

be exclusively packaged with a

DVD of Disney’s classic family-favourite,

The Jungle Book,

for the first three of its launch

months. “The movie has undergone

spectacular restoration, and

the DVD is being released for the

first time on a 2-disc Platinum

Edition this autumn.” says Steve

Foulser, VP Marketing EMEA

for Walt Disney Studios Home


Until now, home cinema products

have been regarded as premium-price

products, but as a

simple plug-and-play system

priced below €700, the EMP-

DM1 aims to make home cinema

affordable for the family


The EMP-DM1’s built-in

stereo speakers and Dolby

Surround Sound capabilities

enhance interactive features on

the Disney DVD. Div-X compatibility

enables the system to

be used in conjunction with an

array of external devices, from

MP3 players to video games

consoles. An in-built gamemode

setting offers optimum

reactivity between console and


Weighing 3.8kg, the system is

easy to carry and comes with a

protective carry case. Simple

image-correction functions on

the remote control speed up

set-up times, and a USB connection

point allows the EMP-

DM1 to display still photographs

directly from a digital

camera or play music and

videos from a USB flash-drive.

Advanced Digital Broadcast, a

leading supplier of digital TV

systems and software solutions

for interactive television have

announced that they have been

selected by Grundig to enter

into a partnership to supply

set-top box (STB) technology

to the digital terrestrial

television market throughout

Europe. As part of the

agreement, ADB will supply

Grundig with high definition

(HD) STBs, HD digital video

recorders (DVRs) and HD

iDTV modules for distribution

across Europe to meet the

growing needs of digital

terrestrial television roll-out.

“We are delighted to reach this

agreement with Grundig”,

commented Philippe

Lambinet, CEO of ADB. “We

feel that the digital terrestrial

market is growing strongly

throughout Europe and are very

happy to partner with Grundig

who offer a very strong branding

proposition as well as multiple

routes to market”. The first

range of products will be

deployed towards the second

half of 2007. The first unit to

launch will be the ADB-

3800T and this will be

followed up with an upgraded,

feature-rich unit the ADB-

3810T towards the end of the

year. The ADB-3810T

platform is integrated with

MHP software from Osmosys

( to ensure

that operators can offer their

customers a multitude of

interactive services and

applications. Both units are

advanced digital set-top boxes

incorporating standard

definition (SD) and high

definition (HD) television

reception based on MPEG-2

and H.264 / MPEG-4

Advanced Video Coding

(AVC). The products will

enable the operators to

maximise their broadcast

bandwidth, while presenting

consumers with a high quality,

feature-rich television

experience. ADB’s unique

driver and operating software,

Car Radio Celebrates

75 Years‘ Existence

Today, in-car entertainment is

a lot more than just radio –

you can play CDs and DVDs,

read the content of memory

cards, navigate and link up

with mobile phones. What is

now an everyday item has been

evolving over the past 75


As with many other

innovations, the IFA (in its

original form as the

Funkausstsellung) has been

and still is an ideal and

popular stage where new

equipment can make its debut.

So it was in 1932, when the

first car radio was presented in

Berlin on 19 August. AS 5 was

its name, it was made by

Blaupunkt, and was operated

by remote control from the

steering column. It relied

entirely on valves, had a

volume of over ten litres and

cost a whopping 465

Reichsmarks, at the time

equivalent to about one third

of the cost of an entire car.

The AS 5 could pick up

stations broadcasting on the

long and medium wavebands.

Some time was to elapse before

car radios became a standard

fixture in cars, and initially

ownership of one was more of

a status symbol for an elite


coupled with an optimal

memory configuration and

state-of-the-art microprocessor,

result in enhanced system

performance, including fast

channel decoding and swift

rendering of applications such

as the Electronic Programme

Guide (EPG). A number of

further product enhancements

are planned including

an iDTV module for

integration directly into TV

sets and digital video recording

(DVR) to allow consumers

complete control of their

television viewing experience.

“We are very pleased to be

working with ADB to bring new

DTT products to market”,

commented Hans-Peter Haase,

CEO of Grundig. “ADB has

been instrumental in leading the

digital terrestrial and MHP

market in Europe – we needed a

technology partner who we

could trust to meet operators’

requirements in a very short lead

time and ADB has proved to be

that unique partner”.

Germany – a Rich

Market For Car


Since 1965 sales of car radios in

Germany have steadily


1965: 500,000 units; 1970: 1.6

mi. units; 1975: 2.5mi. units;

1980: 3.5 mi. units; 1985: 4.3

mi. units; 1990: 6.9 mi. Units.

A peak was reached in 1991

following German reunification,

when 7.9 million

car radios were sold. In 2006

sales in Germany totalled

approx. 5.7 million, and almost

100 per cent of all cars are

fitted with a radio nowadays.

6 IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007


IFA Success Matches Growth of CE Market

At IFA’s Opening Press

Conference, Dr Rainer Hecker,

Chairman of the Supervisory

Board of the Gesellschaft für

Unterhaltungs und Kommunicationselektronik


painted a very rosy picture of the

market, covering its significant

growth in the past few years.

With positive income

expectations for the future, the

market is expected to grow

further as more and more

innovative and high quality

products become available.

Looking at the ten most

important European countries,

the overall growth will be 5.3 %.

The UK comes in with the

largest market volume, followed

by France and Germany in

second place. Flat screen TVs are

the main factor (up 20%)

behind the market buoyancy,

followed by mobile products

such as notebook computers,

portable navigation devices,

mobile phones, DVD HD video

players, MP 3 players and digital

cameras. HD ready TVs

carrying the “Full HD” label as

proof of a true 1080 line display

have proved very popular and

large screen formats of 36” and

more are being increasingly

sought after. TVs equipped with

100Hz scan rate which enables

moving images

to be displayed

in a more

realistic way and

24 frames per

second, which

indicates that

the TV can

show output

from Blu-ray

and HD-DVD

discs with maximum precision

are another indication of the

move to higher quality.

The television is now more than

ever the centre of family life with

interface capabilities to several

devices such as camcorders,

digital cameras, DVD storage

for music and films, personal

computers and wired / wireless

networking. With this range of

options, ease of use is of

paramount importance. Top of

the range TVs at IFA 2007 are

equipped with HD receivers and

hard disc drives for time delayed

viewing. One of the IFA

highlights is a TV equipped with

a media player and network

adaptor capable of supplying the

whole home with videos, images

and music.

CEMIX, the Computer

Electronics Market Index which

receives the latest market

information from its partners

has established that there has

been a 4.9% rise in the German

consumer electronics market as a

whole during the first two

quarters of 2007 compared with

the same period last year. It is

thought that this trend will

continue in the second half of

the year, with the IFA providing

valuable impetus. In the

German market,


expectations are

the highest in 12


The IFA is

intensifying its


with leading

dealers buying

groups. These

partnerships are

designed to give


dealers access to

a single location

where they can

not only see the

latest product

innovations but

also buy them.

To the IFA organisers, the

dealers are seen as the real VIPs

and the intention is to carry on

giving them an environment

second to none in terms of

keeping ahead of the


42% Rise in Digital SLR Camera Sales in First 6 Months of 2007...

High Price Category Leads Market Boom for Sector

Exciting innovations are to be found in all categories of digital cameras, helping push the overall growth in the CE sector, but high priced Single Lens

Reflex models are driving growth.

With a 12 per cent increase in

sales during the first half of

2007, digital cameras are

among the most important

factors driving growth

throughout the industry. Sales

of high-value SLR cameras

have been particularly

spectacular, rising 42 per cent

during the first six months of

this year, with 250,000 of them

having been sold in Germany

between January and June.

With virtually all major

manufacturers of digital

cameras and leading suppliers

of photo printers using IFA to

present their latest products to

the trade and the public in time

for the Christmas sales rush,

particular attention is being

focused on SLR cameras. This

is a relatively new area

representing the latest

technological stage in the

development of the whole

product group. Resolution in

the tens of millions of pixels are

now taken for granted, picture

stabilisers ensure protection

against shaking even when the

telephoto lens is used, and dust

protection systems keep

cameras clean even under the

toughest conditions. Of

particular interest: a new

standard for image sensors and

lenses has enabled designs to

become even more compact.

The smallest of digital SLR

cameras are even daintier and

lighter than their analogue


At the other end of the

spectrum there is a great deal of

excitement surrounding the

new digital pocket models, in

thinier, flatter formats, and in

cases that easily fit in any shirt

pocket. The displays are even

brighter and larger and are

among the most important

technological trends in this

field, and even the lightest of

these tiny cameras is often

provided with electronic

picture stabilisers. Yet another

trend is that of the zooms with

extra wide-angle lenses that are

being fitted to an increasing

number of compact cameras, as

is evident by focal lengths of 28

millimetres and upwards

(converted to miniature camera

conditions), making them ideal

for indoor photography. For

example, the wide angle setting

is suitable for photographing

all the guests at a party from a

close distance. These minicameras

are also setting new

records with their levels of

sensitivity at the IFA 2007,

with figures of up to ISO 6400

no longer a rarity, enabling

faithful colour reproduction

even after the sun has long

since set. The range of the

built-in electronic flash

has also been extended.

And there is yet another

keyword that regularly

appears in the list of features:

digital face recognition. This

refers to the cameras’ ability to

instantly identify faces from

any direction, and to optimise

all settings in accordance with

these details.

And the end result: snapshots

and portraits are clearer and

sharper, and skin tones look

particularly natural.

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



SES ASTRA launches new digital

platform Entavio at the IFA

…”the beginning of a new generation of digital satellite television…”

SES ASTRA has chosen IFA

2007 as the launch point for

what it terms “a new

generation of satellite

television.” Entavio is a set

top box providing a digital

satellite service comprising

about 500 digital TV and

radio channels to households

in Germany. The service will

be distributed free and will

include the option to access

pay-TV for a monthly flat rate

of 1.99 Euro. The first pay-

TV operator to offer its

packages via Entavio is

Premiere, including its new

Premiere programme Premiere

Star. Further operators will

follow. 15 models of Entavio

compatible receivers by

around 12 manufacturers will

be available for households at

the beginning of September.

The smart cards required for

accessing pay-TV will be

offered and distributed by the

Entavio company.

HD-DVD Wins Major “Brownie

Points” in Battle of Formats

Paramount and Dreamworks Animation Each

Declare Exclusive Support for HD-DVD

Until recently, Blu-ray Disc

had been boasting about

having “exclusive” deals with

major studios. However the

HD DVD camp have now

won major points by gaining

support from some big names

in Hollywood.

Paramount Pictures and

DreamWorks Animation have

each announced that they will

exclusively support the nextgeneration

HD DVD format

on a world-wide basis. The

exclusive HD DVD commitment

will include all movies

distributed by Paramount

Pictures, DreamWorks

Pictures, Paramount Vantage,

Nickelodeon Movies and

MTV Films, as well as movies

from DreamWorks

Animation, which are distributed

exclusively by Paramount

Home Entertainment. The

companies each said that the

decision to distribute exclusively

in the HD DVD format

resulted from an extensive

evaluation of current market

offerings, which, they said,

confirmed the clear benefits of

HD DVD, particularly its

market-ready technology and

lower manufacturing costs.

Paramount Home

Entertainment was due to

launch its exclusive HD DVD

program with the release of the

blockbuster comedy hit

“Blades of Glory” on August

28th following with two of the

biggest grossing movies of the

year “Transformers” and

“Shrek the Third”. These three

titles alone represent more

than $1.5 billion in box office

ticket sales worldwide.

“The combination of

Paramount and DreamWorks

Animation brings a critical mass

of current box office hits to

consumers with a line-up of live

action and animated films that

are perfect for HD DVD,”

stated Brad Grey, Chairman

and CEO of Paramount

Pictures, which is currently the

leading studio in domestic box

office. “Part of our vision is to

aggressively extend our movies

beyond the theater, and deliver

the quality and features that

appeal to our audience. I believe

HD DVD is not only the

affordable high quality choice

for consumers, but also the

smart choice for Paramount.”

As a neutral platform, Entavio

offers satellite households a

large range of current and

future digital free and pay-TV

programs through a single

receiver. Furthermore, TV

viewers will benefit from

additional features and service

functions such as the

interactive mobile phone

service Blucom. In pay-TV,

Entavio will start to market the

whole satellite offer of Premiere

on 1 st September, with the

access to the Premiere Flex

offer already included in the

monthly Entavio flat rate of

Euro 1.99. In December, the

first Entavio HD PVR

(Personal Video Recorder)

equipped with a hard disk will

be launched.

Entavio is a technical and

service platform which does

not itself acquire or bundle

programs and is therefore open

to all broadcasters.

Manufacturers of satellite

receivers are able to launch

compatible devices with the

Entavio label besides the

manufacturer’s brand.

According to company CEO,

Wilfried Urner, “Entavio is the

beginning of a new generation of

digital satellite television.

Entavio provides a very large

programme choice, interactive

applications, easy access to pay-

TV as well as an excellent

customer service. With Entavio,

we have developed a concept that

will be able to reflect all future

technological innovations”. “The

launch of Entavio further

simplifies the reception of

Premiere via satellite,” said

Michael Boernicke, CEO of

Premiere. “Premiere’s

programmes will be an

important driving force for

Entavio. With Entavio, Premiere

can further increase its reach and

benefit from its partners’

marketing initiatives.

Furthermore, the launch allows

us to outsource technical services

and further focus on our

competence as a content and

programme provider”. With

Germany taking the lead in this

exciting market, here’s hoping

similar offers are quick to show

their heads throughout the rest

of the European Union.

Sony Pictures Release Details of BD sales in Europe

In their most recent release on

Blu-ray Disc (BD) sales, Sony

Pictures Home Entertainment

(SPHE) claims total BD sales

across Europe have topped

180,000. According to Matt

Brown, Executive Vice

President, International: “Our

European Blu-ray sales increased

more than 1,000 percent since

the launch of the PS3 in March

2007, due to strong sales in the

UK, France, Germany and

Spain. This is extremely positive

news not only for SPHE but for

the European High Definition

market as a whole, as it

underscores the increasing

consumer demand for High

Definition content and the

power of the PS3.” The launch

of the PS3 in March is seen as a

turning point for the Blu-ray

Disc format across Europe,

with weekly sales of Blu-ray

Disc titles averaging between

two- and five-times the amount

of HD DVD sales week over

week (Source - Gfk). According

to the Sony release, Blu-ray

Disc software accounts for

67% of the total High

Definition market and SPHE

titles account for more than

50% of the total Blu-ray Disc

market share in the UK, France

and Spain. In the UK, SPHE

maintained 53% share of the

total Blu-ray Disc market,

holding six of the top 10 bestselling

Blu-ray titles, including

the Bond Blockbuster Casino

Royale, the biggest selling Bluray

title in the country.

Independent Sector in UK Shows Major Growth

The latest news from the

independent sector in the UK

saw four leading independent

distributors announcing that

they would release some of

their bestselling titles on Bluray

Disc from this summer

onwards. Tartan Video,

Entertainment in Video, Icon

Home Entertainment and

Metrodome Distribution have

all expressed their support for

the Blu-ray Disc format. The

fact the discs offer a seamless

menu-bar allows the viewer to

enjoy a wide range of bonus

material without leaving or

interrupting the main movie.

Icon Home Entertainment’s

head, Ian Dawson, said the

indie would be releasing as

many High Definition films as

makes sense over the coming

12 months following highly

successful Blu-ray Disc sales of


8 IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



The Future of In-Car Navigation

Interview / COO

Alexander Ribbink

In their IFA Press Conference, TomTom announced some major steps

forward in the field of navigation. We spoke to TomTom’s COO,

Alexander Ribbink, about where the navigation market is headed


There are several major axes of growth

for the industry. The first one is the

increasing penetration, which means

that all of us will have to make sure that

our products become even friendlier to

use, smarter in their interaction with the

environment, have more connectivity

and are also more reliable in terms of the

quality of the data that they use. The

safety features are also becoming

increasingly important. There is only a

15% penetration of all cars in Europe,

this means there is still 85% to come

and that is a lot! There are two big

things that consumers are looking for in

a navigation product. The first is smart

and reliable traffic information. We feel

that with the technologies that we have

created over the past couple of years,

and starting now to implement these

with Vodafone in Holland and the UK,

we will be able to offer superior traffic

information to more and more people.

We are talking about real time and

accurate data because coverage is much

higher than what current systems can


The other thing that we feel strongly

about is making sure that maps are

improved. We have launched a new

feature on the GO range this year called

“Map Share”, which allows consumers

to correct things on the maps that they

find to be wrong. This is part of a larger

movement towards creating a

community and allowing the

community to interact with the device

and the data on the device. Safety is

also a key area of growth. It is like a

sanity factor, but a very important one.

We have a functionality that allows

people to look for the nearest police

station for example. This is an

important feature for a navigation

device to embrace. It also allows people

to read out loud their location to an

urgency service in different languages,

and with the coordinates and so on…

So there is definitely a lot happening

and there is a lot of future.

As the market evolves, this must have an

effect on marketing and on channel


Yes it does. In terms of the messages, at

the beginning of the industry it was very

much for the spending category as a

whole, “what can I do for you in your

life?” And then the emphasis has

switched to the efficiency and how

much time you can save using

navigation devices.

As we move further in detail, there are

more benefits for different groups to be

revealed and to be addressed. One of the

key ones was safety: there are new groups

of people that have been attracted to the

industry because of the safety features

that are in there, whether it is entry

calling or voice address input. All these

are messages that address different

groups and reflect the widening of the


IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



New CEO for Sharp Electronics Europe

Toshiyuki Tajima

Toshiyuki Tajima is Group

Deputy General Manager and

CEO Europe, International

Business Group, and Chairman

(products) of Sharp Electronics

(Europe). Born February 8th

1947, Mr Tajima has a long and

illustrious background with

Sharp Corporation, joining the

company in 1969. Already in

1995, Mr Tajima was named

President of Sharp Electronics

(Europe) GmbH, following

which he was named as CEO of

European Operations and

Chairman of Sharp Electronics

(Europe) GmbH.

In 1999, he crossed the Atlantic

and became CEO of American

Operations and Chairman of

Sharp Electronics Corp.

Coming back to Europe in 2004,

Mr Tajima worked as President

of Sharp Telecommunications

Europe for two years before

taking on the highly specific role

of President of Sharp

Manufacturing Poland Sp.zo.o.

Finally, in 2007, Mr Tajima

was, for the second time in ten

years, named CEO of European

Operations and Chairman of

Sharp Electronics (Europe)

GmbH, while retaining a

Chairmanship role in the Polish


From 1 st July Toshiyuki Tajima

took on the responsibility for all

European Sharp Sales

Subsidiaries and Operations.

Toshiyuki Tajima is Chairman

and Managing Director of Sharp

Electronics (Europe) GmbH and,

at the same time, Chairman of

Sharp Manufacturing Poland


The 60-year-old Japanese has

been with Sharp since 1969. In

the past years he was CEO of

Sharp USA, President of Sharp

Telecommunications in Europe

and, lastly, President of the

Sharp LCD module factory in

Torun, Poland.

Mr Tajima, please tell us how

Sharp sees the European LCD

market at this point in time...

The LCD TV boom has only

just begun and I believe Europe

is a market which is only just

awaking. This is why we are

concentrating on Europe as the

LCD TV market of the future.

Our decision to be the first

company in the world to

concentrate solely on LCD

TVs caused a few sniggers at

the time, yet we are now one of

the most successful LCD

companies in the world. We set

new standards with large screen

diagonals, HD panels with 100

Hz technology and

contemporary design. In Bluray

technology we also offer the

ideal partner for the complete

Full-HD experience.

A major news item this year has

been the official opening of the

SMPL (Crystal Park) plant in

Poland, where Sharp produces

LCD modules and TVs. Why

is this so important?

For 2007, we expect LCD TV

demand to reach 27 million

units in Europe. With the

factory in Torun we want, on

the one hand, to be able to

better meet the high demand

for LCD TVs in Western

Europe while reducing the time

to market. On the other hand,

we are deliberately investing in

Eastern Europe with this

factory, since countries like

Poland, the Czech Republic,

Hungary or Slovakia belong to

the fast growing European

LCD TV markets which will

gain more and more

importance in the future.

In the latest major revelation,

Sharp has just announced the

upcoming construction of the

world’s first tenth-generation

LCD plant and the world’s

largest solar cell plant in Japan.

This is big news!

Yes, we wanted to combine

both technology areas to set up

an “industrial park for the 21 st

century”. The glass coating

technology applied here is the

same for both, the production

of LCD panels as well as the

production of thin-film solar

cells. In addition to production

advantages resulting from the

combined utilisation of

materials and machines,

synergy effects occur from

which both, the production of

thin-film solar cells and the

production of LCD panels, will

benefit. Besides the two stateof-the-art

plants, the 1.27

million square-metre industrial

park will have room for

suppliers supporting the entire

production process as well as

further infrastructure;

providing a time and cost


Furthermore, CO2 emission

will be avoided due to the

vertically integrated method of

production. With this, Sharp

not only emphasises its

innovation leadership but also

supports its claim to be an

environmentally friendly


Just how important is Europe

in Sharp’s global plan?

Europe is one of the major

foreign markets for our

company worldwide. In the

past fiscal year we achieved a 14

per cent increase in European

sales. My goal is to further push

this growth in the two-digit

range in the next few years.

Sharp sees Europe as the

market of the future!.

By focusing our activities on

the profitable European key

markets of Solar Systems,

Document Solutions and LCD

TV, we have almost doubled

sales on the continent within

the past three fiscal years. With

sales amounting to 3.4 billion

euros and operating profits

reaching 52.5 million euros in

fiscal 2006, business here in

Europe accounts for 26 per

cent of Sharp’s total business

outside Japan.

10 IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007


“...Lifestyle is about fashion, art and


Rudy Provoost

Rudy Provoost is Chief Executive

Officer of Philips Consumer

Electronics and a member of the

Board of Management. Mr.

Provoost began his professional

career in 1984 with Procter &

Gamble Benelux in

Management Systems and

worked for a number of years as

a project manager on various

finance, operations and

marketing and sales assignments.

In 1987, he joined Canon

Belgium as Marketing Planning

Manager, and later became Sales

and Marketing Manager for the

Reprographics division. In 1989,

he was appointed General

Manager Marketing for all

business operations. After joining

Whirlpool he went on to become

Vice-President Whirlpool Brand

Group for Europe.

In October 2000, he joined

Philips as Executive Vice-

President of Consumer

Electronics in Europe. He was

appointed Chief Executive

Officer of Global Sales and

Services for Consumer

Electronics, as well as Senior

Vice-President and member of

the Group Management

Committee in August 2003. In

2004, he became Chief

Executive Officer of the

Consumer Electronics division.

In April 2006, he was appointed

a member of the Board of


The fact that Wong Kar Wai is

going to be involved in

promoting the TVs at IFA is an

extremely interesting way of

differentiating Philips as being

“art oriented”. We asked Mr

Provoost to tell us about the

company’s current strategy in

this sense...

For us IFA is an absolute

milestone this year because we

are launching the next

generation of Ambilight, which

we call Aurea. The Aurea launch

is really about the ultimate TV

experience. Essentially we are

launching the product under

the umbrella of a campaign

called “Seduction by Light”,

which is about finding the

match between the art and

science of the consumer

experience, about the fusion of

fashion and function. If you

want to create a complete

experience with light, sound

and image in a unique way, you

need to work with the masters

of seduction. That’s why we

have chosen to team up with

different people like Wong Kar

Wai on the TV campaign, who

is making a special movie

completely dedicated to Aurea.

We work with the kind of

people who know what

seduction and emotion truly

are, and in that sense it is a very

unique campaign. We are

redefining the boundaries of

what TV is all about. Lifestyle is

about fashion, art and emotion,

and that is what we are radiating

and bringing to life through the

world premiere at IFA.

Philips is announcing an

extraordinary innovation using

the works of a French digital

artist, Patrick Goubet in the

digital photo frames to celebrate

the sale of the millionth frame.

Why has Philips decided to

include this dynamic art on the

photo frames?

We are determined to redefine

ourselves as a lifestyle company

and in order to achieve that, art,

fashion and design are

important ingredients. We

bring these ingredients together.

We also do that with the

partnership with Swarowski.

Digital photo frames are not so

much about displays but about

people bringing digital

memories to life. In that sense

we are very much on the

emotional side and working

together with ArtDisplay is a

nice way to make another

statement. The millionth digital

photo frame is a great

opportunity to act as a platform

to bring the artistic and

technological aspects of our

business together.

In your keynote, you will

explain will how Philips

differentiates itself from the

competition. Can you give us a

little foretaste of the


In Consumer Electronics, the

industry tends to talk too much

about electronics and not

enough about consumers. In

that sense, we have been looking

at our business much more

through the lens of what

consumers aspire to in terms of

lifestyle. So I am going to bring

the theme of lifestyle to life,

articulating around what

lifestyle stands for, which is

people pursuing well being, a

good combination of wellness

and pleasure. We identified four

major areas that correspond to

the concept of lifestyle: my

space, my body, my mind and

my appearence. There are some

brands that are active in one of

these areas, but we think we can

fire on all cylinders, we believe

we are a very unique company

and we have a very unique

position. I am going to

elaborate about personal and

environmental well-being. With

our keynote we want to

challenge some of the existing

paradigms of the industry, just

like we did last year.

What things amaze you today in

Consumer Electronics? Is there

still anything today that makes

you say “Wow!” when you look

out there?

One of the things that keep

fascinating me is the speed and

the rhythm of change. It amazes

me to think that the CD was

born just 25 years ago! If you

think about where we are today,

in a world where internet is

giving impulses all the time, and

where content is finding its way

through many different

combinations of software and

hardware, it is a fascinating

world. The speed, magnitude

and impact of the change are

tremendous. This also means

that lifecycles are getting shorter

and that commoditisation

remains a threat all the time. In

that sense, we believe we should

continue to differentiate

ourselves and there is a

tremendous opportunity there.

On a more visionary note, what

would you say are the biggest

challenges that face the industry


I think the biggest challenge will

be to keep creating value for

consumers and avoid

commoditisation, which is our

biggest enemy. At the same time

I consider it as an invitation to

innovate. Outpacing and

outperforming the competitors

is one thing, but amazing

consumers is what our business

is all about. In that sense the

industry will be forced to put

the consumer more at the centre

and de-emphasize the consumer

part in Consumer Electronics.

That will require a totally

different landscape and totally

different companies joining

forces along the value chain,

which has to do with bringing

together content in surprising

ways with a great user interface.

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



I Want My PTV!! (Plasma TV by Panasonic!)

Interview / Hirofumi Wada - General Manager, Product Planning Group

Visual Products and Display Devices Business Group Panasonic AVC Networks Company

video signals to 1080p signals

to deliver images as beautiful

as those from HD video

signals. This allows Viera to

render images that are more

beautiful than the original.

Matsushita just opened a new

(4th) plasma plant in Japan.

How will this help business?

As market leader in the field of

Plasma TV, Panasonic has very

much been leading the way in terms of

technological developments for the

category. We asked Hirofumi Wada to

tell us about the latest technological

advances being made in the Plasma


Thanks to the Advanced PDP

Development Center Corporation

(APDC), an R&D company jointly

established by Hitachi, Pioneer and

Panasonic, we are working hard on

developing higher-efficiency panels. In

the near future, we will be able to make

screens that are larger than even our 103

inch, have higher resolution that reach

4Kx2K pixels resolution and produce

panels that consume less than 70W

power consumption.

We have heard about what you term the

V-real Processor system. What is this

and how does it help make a better


V-real Processor System is an integrated

system consists of Processor, Driver and

Display Panel. The new V-real Processor

has two main functions to realize the

best picture quality; Inputting and

outputting 1080p Video Signals

without altering their natural

specifications. The Viera processor

receives 1080p video signals in their

original format, and then applies

optimum signal processing without

down-converting to output the same

high signal quality. It up-converts SD

In order to meet expanding

global demand, operations of

our fourth factory began this

June and will be in full

operation sometime in 2008.

This new plant will employ

state-of-the-art process

technologies and production

systems that are more advanced than

those from our other PDP plants.

The new systems and technologies will

bring greater mass production

efficiencies to the whole process while

ensuring higher quality. As a result, we

will be able to supply PDPs with more

speed and flexibility as well as less cost

to meet high consumer demand.

IPTV is one of the main themes of IFA.

What is your view of the development

of IPTV around the world? Do you see

a time when built-in IPTV devices

might be happening?

It is already developing in some

countries like Japan where our TVs can

be connected to the “AcTVila” TV

Portal Service. Panasonic is also part of

the Open IPTV Forum, an industry

consortium that will work to define an

interoperable end-to-end specification

for delivery of IPTV services. We will

develop IPTV devices according to the

situation of infrastructure in each


What should people consider today

when buying flat TV?

When buying flat TVs, consumers

should consider three things. First, it is

the picture quality in that the TV has

smooth motion pictures and natural

colour reproduction. Second, it is easy

to use and have advanced networking

capabilities. Finally, the TV should not

be harmful towards the environment!

Hall 5.2, stand a/b

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



Epson Launches “Most

Compact and Advanced

Entertainment Centre on


Epson announce the

launch of the EMP-

DM1, an Entertainment

Centre for instant big screen

movie enjoyment. This truly

portable home entertainment

centre has been designed for

ease of use whilst delivering the

highest-quality images and

stereo sound. The easy

installation means you can

simply plug it in, insert your

DVD… and within a couple of

seconds you are watching your

favourite film! It can be easily

connected to a computer,

games console, digital camera

or USB memory storage and

can easily be carried between

rooms with its practical

integrated handle, and with

just one power lead you can

start watching your DVDs

without the worry of

reconnecting a host of cables.

Selling Points:

• An innovative home entertainment


• Compact and stylish black

and white design

• The most compact and

portable entertainment

centre integrating a handle

and fashionable carrying case.

Hall 21b, Stand 103

Sanus Set To Mirror

US Success In Europe

US based Sanus systems are setting out to

expand their European market share

through the release of innovative new products

at IFA backed up with a strong retailer support

programme. Its Dutch based European

operation, launched 2 years ago, is presenting

new additions to their comprehensive product

range including wall, ceiling and table mounts

for flat screen TVs and computer screens. “We

like to continually innovate,” says Karin Van

Lierop, Product Marketing Manager for Sanus

Europe. “This year we are complementing the

trend for black flat screen TV sets with a full range

of black mounts to complement our silver range.”

Another innovation is the mirror mount, the

new addition to Sanus’ decorative frame mount

series. “Many people want a large screen flat panel

TV but they do not want it to dominate their

living room,” says Van Lierop adding, “a set

installed inside the mirror mount becomes invisible

when it is turned off and the mount becomes a

mirror and a beautiful piece of furniture in your

living room. When the set is turned on the mirror

becomes perfectly transparent.”

The full range of Sanus products and

accessories can be seen at IFA in Hall 25 Stand


14 IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007


It’s a Camera… It’s a Phone …

No… it’s a Viewty!!

LG Electronics has chosen

IFA 2007 to unveil its new

super-high quality camera

phone, the LG-KU990. The

LG-KU990 allows viewers to

enjoy a wide variety of

professional-level digital camera

features in single sleek handset.

LG is once again driving new

mobile phone trends by shifting

its focus to high-tech

functionality. The company’s

new feature-oriented phone, the

LG-KU990, a super-high

quality camera phone, is the

first example of this new

direction. Equipped with

professional-level digital camera

features, the phone allows

mobile users to enjoy their

viewing experience to the


features to go along with our good

looks. LG is always trying to

identify unspoken customer needs

and create new mobile trends.”

Using LG-KU990’s manual

focus function, which no other

camera phone provides, users

can take more control over their

pictures. In addition, the builtin

image stabilizer helps

consumers record clearer

images. Users can personalize

their unique pictures by

“writing” on them digitally

using its 3.0-inch LCD and

attached stylus; they can also use

the stylus and screen for

working with the LG-KU990’s

built-in digital editing software.

And, when they’re done, picture

and video can be easily

uploaded to the internet.

input via the stylus.

The phone also records video at

up to 120 frames per second,

the highest frame speed ever for

a handset camera. This allows

users to seamlessly watch DVDlike

content, even in slow

motion. It also features quick

search-enabled jog wheel, which

helps users quickly raise or lower

volume during calls as well as

easily zoom in or out when

taking photos or video.

The sleek black surface is one

big touchscreen on the front,

with a 5.1-megapixel camera

and jog wheel on the back. And

the intuitive user interface

makes it easy to use right out of

the box, with many controls

similar to digital cameras.

high speed HSDPA connectivity

at 3.6Mbps.

The LG-KU990 will be

available in Europe from Q4

2007. To see the LG-KU990 up

close, please visit LG’s stand at

IFA 2007 in Hall 11.2.

Customer Benefits:

• Image Stabilizer/ISO


• Full-Touchscreen and 3.0”

Wide Flat LCD

Screen/Mobile XD

Engine/landscape view

• Handwriting



• High speed video capture at

120 frames per second

• Jog wheel for resizing pages

in web browser/zooming in

and out when taking

photos/raising and lower

volume during calls

• Direct uploading to


• Schneider-Kreuznach

certified lens; 5.1 Mega pixel

AF/MF Camera with Xenon


• DivX mobile profile, TV

out, document viewer

Hall 11.2, Stand 101

“The LG-KU990 is a camera

phone with unparalleled digital

camera functions that maximize

benefits for consumers. This

handset provides quality

matching or exceeding that of

conventional digital cameras,”

said Dr. Skott Ahn, CEO of LG

Electronics Mobile Communications

Company. “With some

of our earlier handsets, LG

emphasized great style. Now we

are focused on functionality and

Borrowing from the high-end

digital camera industry, ISO

800 and SmartLighttechnology

help consumers create bright

pictures, even indoors and at

night. Users are able to enjoy a

wider and much more vivid

display than with most phones

on the market through the LG-

KU990’s large full-color

touchscreen and Mobile XD

engine. The handset can even

recognize handwritten text

The LG-KU990’s highly

advanced features even include

the ability for users to create and

edit their own video files right

on the phone and then upload

them directly to

The phone also is Googlefriendly,

with a fully-equipped

package from the ubiquitous

web portal for mobile internet


Additionally, users can still

enjoy terrific voice quality and

IFA International • Friday, 24 th August 2007



Major Advances in Home Cinema

Systems New Energy 5.1 home theater system

designed to sound as good as it looks

Pushing Energy’s 30-year legacy in acoustic

research and development ever forward, the

new Take Classic home theater system fuses

elegant style, compact dimensions and immense

sound. Standing less than 7-inches high and

weighing less than 3 pounds, each magneticallyshielded

satellite is a bass-reflex design with a rearfiring

port. All of these speakers utilize a

Convergent Source Module with a

3-inch poly-titanium woofer and a

3/4-inch Hyperbolic aluminumdome

tweeter for a dynamic

frequency range and expansive

soundstage. The 1.4 kg magnetically-shielded

center channel has all the same features and

technologies as the satellites, except for the fact it

employs dual front-firing ports. Completing the

system’s bottom-end performance is a hard-hitting

compact subwoofer which employs an 8-inch

MPP woofer with a patented Ribbed Elliptical

Surround coupled to an efficient 200-watt

amplifier. This proprietary design

eliminates surround distortion,

enabling the subwoofer to play

lower with greater output and


On display at IFA 2007

in Hall 3.2, Stand 103





Because the quality of 3D

sound is an integral part of

the enjoyment of computer games,

Sennheiser has added four special

headphones to their product range so

that you can hear your opponent at

any moment and react like lightning.

They replicate the finest nuances of sound to such a degree that

the gamer finds himself in the centre of a virtual world. At IFA

2007, Sennheiser will be presenting the HD 515 Gaming and

HD 201 Gaming and, for portable gaming systems, the CX

500 Gaming and CXL 400 Gaming. Hall 3.2, Stand 107

Customer Benefits:

• The new headphones fulfil the most exacting requirements in

terms of sound quality, comfort of use and design.

• The new series suits players from the hobby games arena to

professional e-gamer level.

• The open, “circumaural” HD 515 Gaming features a special

ergonomic design to channel the sound directly into the ear.

18 IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007


ComBOTS Launch

Mobile Rich Media


Germany’s ComBOTS

Corporation launch a new

mobile version of their

Integrated Rich Media platform

at IFA. The free software from

the Karlsruhe based company

operates on the Windows and

Vista platforms and integrates

telephony, messaging and secure

media file exchanges of up to

1GB. The new ComBOTS

Mobile 1.0 synchronises all

messaging and data between

PCs and recent models of Nokia

and Sony Ericsson mobile

phones. Compatibility with the

latest Samsung models will be

added soon.

ComBOTS President Frank

Schueler says that the new

features on ComBOTS

Version 1.0 represent

the next generation for

communications tools.

“We are offering a Rich

Media messaging tool

with a very powerful,

secure and reliable file

exchange assistant built in.”

ComBOTS messaging service is

compatible with existing

messenger clients including

Google, ICQ, AOL and Yahoo.

File exchanges utilise 256 bit encryption,

while its telephony

service works via DSL and VoIP

permitting the placement of

calls from phone to phone, PC

to phone and PC to PC.

“You can now place calls without

using special Voice IP equipment,

so there is no need for a headset

anymore, or special USB phones.

You can use your regular phone

and we allow you to place calls


only to


l i n e

phones but also to mobiles and

PCs,” says Schueler adding “ We

are not forcing users to add

another pre-paid account but

support their existing accounts.”

ComBOTS sees a wide take up

for its free software including

businesses but its revenue

stream will come from younger

users who can purchase

characters including SpongeBob

and Lord Of The Rings

favourites from 1.49 euro

from its website shop

( The easy

The newly re-launched

Nordmende brand of TV sets

is making its debut at IFA after

being revived by leading

Indian electronics company

VDC. The company aims to

carve out a considerable slice

of the rapidly growing

European market through a

combination of excellent value

for money and the

revolutionary NEVe feature.

NEVe is the result of several

years of research by Chinese

and Japanese teams and offers

a true-to-life image normally

only found on top of the range

TVs. The Nordmende

range also includes all the

usual features such as

HD/Multi HDMI/

SCART and a viewing

angle of 176°.

Under the banner “Feel

Your Vision” the

Nordmende brand will

first be concentrating its

marketing efforts on the

to use and fun interface features

popular characters from movies

and media or personalised

images through the new Create

Your Own Character feature.

Schueler announces, “our latest

major deal is with Time Warner

and we are preparing the Looney

Tunes characters such as

Sylvester and Tweety and the

Batman collection for imminent


Follow Product info “as it happens”

“Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline”

is back at IFA… LIVE from Hall 24!




youth and lifestyle markets of

Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain,

Portugal, France, Benelux and

Eastern Europe. The brand

has already been successfully

launched in Italy where VDC

has a manufacturing facility in

Anagni, just outside Rome.

The upcoming marketing

push will also be putting a

special focus on the Super slim

CRTs, another unique product

along with DVDs and digital

products supporting LCD/

PDP segment.

Hall 26c, Stand 119

Selling Points:

• Powerful but easy to use.

• Rich Media messaging with

voice messages, photos, text

messages and 3D emotion.

• Reliable file transfer independent

of on-line status of

sender or receiver using drag

and drop to send up to 1GB

of data.

Dave is back for his fifth trip to IFA as he and his team continue to bring his

worldwide audience some of the latest from Berlin and the many Exhibitors

here at IFA. This is the ONLY international radio show covering Consumer

Electronics, "Into Tomorrow" highlights the way technology is changing our lives!

From Gadgets & Gizmos to Home Theater, Digital Photography, Car Audio,

Security & Navigation, High Tech Recreation, HDTV, Technology On-The-Go

and everything else that people are talking about. They also frequently broadcast

from many trade shows around the world!

Broadcasting for over 12 years now, "Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" is a

3-hour national radio program (as well as 60 second Daily Features) covering the

Latest in Consumer Electronics & Technology, currently airing on over 100 stations

around the United States, several international radio stations and on XM Satellite

Radio and several other sources - every weekend. "Into Tomorrow" is also heard

around the world on the Armed Forces Networks. In addition, they stream live

audio and video via their web site and provide free Podcasts of their show archives.

(There is no charge to be a guest on their show)…

"Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" on the Advanced Radio Network

LIVE Sundays from 2-5pm ET (East Time) as well as Daily Features.

Please stop by their web site at: for more info.

Hall 24, Stand 101

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



Micronas’ truD FHD 120 eliminates ´Motion Blur´

and ´Film Judder´ on Full HD Flat Panel TVs.

The 4th generation FRC 94xyM outperforms existing solutions with leading-edge Full HD motion vector estimation and compensation frame interpolation

technology for 1920x1080p 100/120Hz televisions

Micronas, a leading

supplier of innovative

application-specific IC system

solutions for consumer

electronics, has announced its

latest generation FRC 94xyM

Full HD frame rate converter

IC which eliminates unpleasant

´Motion Blur´ and ´Film

Judder´ on Full HD (1080p)

TVs. Driven by the need to

eliminate motion blur and

movie film judder that limits

today’s LCD TV performance,

the new truD FHD 120

technology is a breakthrough in

video processing – it offers an

advanced processing

technology to generate 120

individual frames per second

(fps) from 50/60Hz broadcast

content and from 24 fps film


The best proven method to

overcome the motion blur

effect on LCD TVs is to

increase the image rate – more

images give a more realistic

portrayal of motion. Leaping

ahead of existing technologies,

the FRC 94xyM generates

100/120 images per second

using Micronas’ patented truD

FHD 120 technology. The

result is a bright, clear moving

image without motion blur on


Film judder in movie content

creates annoying flicker on

larger, high brightness-andcontrast

displays. De-juddering

is the process of converting

film, originally shot at 24 fps,

to the TV display frame rates of

100/120Hz using motion

vector estimation and

compensation. Micronas’ truD

FHD 120 motion compensation

technology increases the

frame rate by generating

additional frames. This

eliminates judder effects that

can be experienced while

watching cinema content from

any source, either broadcast or

the latest-generation media

players, which offer low-framerate

24p output on a

conventional flat panel TV.

To achieve the best possible

result, Micronas deploys a

unique Full HD processing

technology: the FRC 94xyM

processes images at Full HD

resolution. Consequently, the

display delivers an image that is

a perfect match to the source

image. This is relevant for all

flat panel displays, including

LCD, plasma and rearprojection


Micronas are demonstrating

the FRC 94xyM in hall 1.1,

stand 135

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



International Keynotes a Highlight of IFA 2007

With Rudy Provoost, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

Philips Consumer Electronics opening the show on Friday 31 st August, speaking

on “Sustainability”, this year’s IFA keynotes will be a true highlight of the show.

The keytnote will build on the 2006 keynote's New Convergence story by

outlining how Philips is specifically addressing the concept via its Consumer

Lifestyle strategy. Through the keynote, Rudy will address how the modern

consumer wants to make intelligent choices about their own personal wellbeing,

that of their families and home environments, and about the environment itself

from a sustainability point of view. Rudy will position how Philips is

differentiating itself from the competition as a broad consumer electronics

vendor by incorporating Health & Wellbeing, Sustainability and Design into its

product portfolio, applying these elements as part of a transition from

conventional CE brand to a people-centric business serving the lifestyle needs

of consumers.

Mr Provoost has agreed to give IFA INTERNATIONAL a sneak preview of his

keynote on page 11. Don’t miss it!!

In the afternoon, Norio Niwa, EVP of Seiko Epson Corp will be giving a

keynote on Imaging Vision. In his speech, Norio Niwa will emphasize Epson’s

vision of the imaging age and how Epson envisages its role in the future,

continuing and strengthening its leadership of the market. One of the core

elements of his presentation will be the evolution and revolution of Epson’s

projector technology and how it transfers to end-user applications from gaming

to education. Together with some exciting new product announcements, he will

point out the uniqueness of 3LCD technology, pioneered by Epson and now

used in the majority of the market’s projectors. He will conclude by presenting

the company’s vision of the future of imaging.


9:45 – 10:30 a.m.: Rudy Provoost

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Philips Consumer Electronics


Hall 22, Philips booth




3:00 – 3:45 p.m.: Norio Niwa

Executive Vice President Seiko Epson Corporation


Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area


Imaging Vision


9:45 – 10:30 a.m.: Guerrino De Luca

President and Chief Executive Officer Logitech


Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area


Never the same again - how digital technology will change the face of

consumer electronics and home entertainment


3:00 – 3:45 p.m.: George Bailey

General Manager, IBM Global Electronics Industry


Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area


Innovative CE Business Models through Technology Collaboration


9:45 – 10:30 a.m.: Andreas Westhoff

Chief Sales Officer NAVIGON AG


Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area


Connected Navigation: Access to the infinite mobile future

Sharp Focuses on High Definition

for European LCD Market Growth

LCD pioneer Sharp Electronics

unveil a range of new HD

ready products at IFA that aim

to boost their European market

share in LCD flat screens and

to consolidate their

commitment to the Blu-ray


Sharp Electronics Europe

Chairman & CEO Toshiyuki

Tajima told IFA International

that these new product ranges

should boost Sharp’s

dominance of the High

Definition LCD TV market

and help improve their overall

share of the LCD TV market.

“Our current market share in

Europe is around 6 or 7%. But

when it gets to HD TVs we are

already at more than 25%. Our

goal is to take our HD TV

market share to more than 30%

in the very near future and

increase our total LCD TV

market share to 15% in three

years time”.

The new X20E series comprises

of five new Full HD Slim-line

LCD TV models from 32 inch

to 52 inch with a native

HDTV resolution of 1,920 x

1,080 pixels and full 24p

compatibility. This series

extends Sharp’s extensive

AQUOS range of HD ready

LCD TV’s, including the

XL2E series with 100 hertz

technology and screen sizes of

42, 46 and 52 inches.

Europe is the largest market for

flat-screen TVs with over 40%

of all sets sold here and a 50%

growth forecast for this year

with 27 million LCD TVs sold.

To serve the European market

better, and especially the

growing Eastern European

markets, Sharp officially

opened a new manufacturing

plant in Torun, Poland August

28th. “The new Torun plant is a

core manufacturing centre for the

European market for Sharp,”

commented Tajima.

Also demonstrated by Sharp at

IFA is a new super-thin profile

prototype LCD TV with

unsurpassable image quality

and advanced environmental

performance. Tajima told IFA

International, “We are actually

showing Sharp’s potential

technological capability and we

believe that the next generation

after LCDs is still the LCD with

the new technology of Sharp.”

Sharp’ new AQUOS Blu-ray

BD-HP20S player is also

debuted at IFA. This powerful

BD player provides high

definition images in 1080p

quality in the 24p progressive

scan process, which eliminates

quality loss due to image

scaling as movies are played

back at the same frame rate in

which they were recorded. The

BD player also features a high

performance and long life 210

milliwatt laser, using Sharp’s

own opto-electronic laser

diodes and multi-beam scan


Sharp’s new and existing

product range can be seen at

IFA on their stand 3.2 in Hall


Sony Walkmans

Go DRM Agnostic

Sony announced the launch of two new series of Walkmans,

the A and S series. Both series support an open platform and

Windows Media technology. The decision to open up the

DRM management was, according to Jeffry van Ede, VP of

Sony Europe, driven by the customer-base: “The Walkman

Goes Open is our slogan and we have done this because we know

that our customers do not want their content to be locked up.

What they want is complete freedom and that is what they will

have with these devices.”

The hardware looks great and sound quality is governed by a

combination of the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine

(DSEE) plus Clear Bass and Clear Stereo. “Alongside our

sound-enhancement technology, essential for getting the best out

of the majority of music files,

we are also giving consumers

the ability to choose which

DRM system they use, and

they can also load up DRMfree

files should they wish.”

Likewise, video content

will require no conversion

because the new players

support AVC Baseline

Profile and MPEG4 video

codecs. “There has been a

fundamental shift in the

way content, especially

music at the moment is

offered to consumers and we

want to be part of that


IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



Battle of the Smart Phones

Kicks-off at IFA

.../ Cont’d. from page 1


After yet another set of results

showing a steep increase in sales

around the world, LG Electronics

European President & CEO James

Kim explained the importance of

design in the company’s success and

corporate culture: “We call one of

our core concepts WAF, or the Women

Accept Factor. Men no longer make

all the decisions about what models of

electronic goods to buy and WAF

allows us to please both parties,” he

said. “As a consequence the quality of

design will play an ever increasing

role for all consumers. Our Chocolate

range of phones proves this. They are a

huge success because of their appeal to


It is clear that in the era of the flat

screen, TVs are no longer merely

functional, they are increasingly a

centre-piece of the home. Elmar

Schurer, VP of design institute red

dot praised LG for its judicious

application of design principles.

“Design goes much deeper than

merely creating a nice shape and LG

has been so successful thanks in part to

its design strategy,” he said.

“It is now widely accepted that design

improves sales, profits and turnover as

well as driving growth. LG

Electronics sales increase in the second

quarter of 2007 is a testament to the

value that design adds to products.”

24 IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007


European Retailers

“Grow the Pie” at IFA

Meet the



Interview / Werner Winkelmann

President Euronics International

Our strategic partnership

spotlights exactly the

information needs of our

members. Besides the

exchange on an international

level, the IFA offers

important and fundamental

insights into the increasingly

convergent and highly

innovative CE market.

We offer our members

exclusive group tours to the

booths of the most important

industrial partners. In a time

frame of 90 minutes they get

an overview of the latest

innovations and highlights of

the IFA. Besides, our

members benefit from special

IFA offers.

Tell us more about what

people will be able to find at

your booth ...

In this column we aim to help you,

the international professional

visitor, find your way about the

stands, and to MEET THE

RIGHT PEOPLE. To this end, we

give you the "leading lights" - those

people who will be your first

contact with some of the top

exhibiting companies at IFA 2007.

Konstantinos Tzouvaras

Channel Manager

Distribution D, A, CH;


Hall 8.1 Stand 111

As we launch, for the first

year, this official international

daily of the IFA, we’re all the

more pleased to see that

Euronics is instrumental in

growing IFA on an

international level. We asked

Werner Winkelmann to tell

us more about how the

organisation is doing this...

We have formed a strategic

partnership with the

organisers of the IFA, the gfu

and the Messe Berlin.

This strategic partnership

offers Euronics Intl. the

opportunity to emphasize its

leading role among the



Organisations. Moreover, we

are using the cooperation to

strengthen the relationship to

our dealers. Euronics Intl. will

be present at this year’s IFA

with its own booth under the

guidance of Euronics

Deutschland. Together with

the Messe Berlin we have

offered special visitors’

packages to our dealers for the

IFA including flight, hotel

accommodation, admission

fee and use of the public

transport system. We were

happy to find that there was a

high demand for these

packages, especially among

our smaller and mid-sized

dealers whom we addressed to

visit the fair.

It’s nice for retailers from

around Europe to be able to

benefit from IFA, but do you

believe that the fact that these

people are coming to Berlin

also helps retailers here?

The focus of the IFA is on

internationalisation. A

stronger internationalisation

is also on the agenda of

Euronics. Our members in

Germany already benefit

from our European branding

strategy and from the

potential of the European

purchasing and marketing

group Euronics Intl. of which

we in Germany are an active

member and partner.

Furthermore, all German

Euronics retailers are offered

the possibility for an exchange

with other members on an

international level which

further emphasizes the

identification with our group.

An increasing number of

small to mid-sized retailers are

able to come to the show

thanks to your promotional

work ... What do you feel for

them will be the main

advantages of coming to the


As the largest European

buying group for CE, we will

underline our leading role in

the European retail business

at this year’s IFA. At our

Euronics-booth with

approximately 400 sqm in

Hall 5.3 we will present a

range of efficient and

competitive concepts from

our European member


Among these are examples

concerning shop fitting

modules, advertising,

E-commerce and communications

systems for our

members. In addition we will

introduce the prototype of an

international product information

system. In our special

Euronics showroom we will

present our actual core range

assortments as well as

products of the latest state of

the art. We are convinced of

the competitiveness of our

retailers and of our group and

will use the IFA to foster and

maintain the position of

Euronics Intl.

Hans-Ullrich Sinner


Marketing and Sales;


Hall 7.2c Stand 101

Oliver John

Director of Sales and



Hall 1.2 Stand 109

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007


IFA 2007




This year these popular tours are

available for four different sections

of the fair.

Audio Entertainment

Home Entertainment

Technology & Components


The main attractions will be Web

2.0, digital photography and music

in the new My Media section, best

sound and best image for an optimum

home cinema experience,

communicating with providers of

phone services, satellite navigation,

cable and aerial broadcasting, the

international halls and the IFA

Science and Technology Forum.

Dates: 31 August to 5 September

Time: daily at 11 a.m. and 1.30 p.m., on 5 September at 11 a.m.

Place: tours start at the International Trade Visitor Reception in Hall 1.1

and will take an hour

Commentary will be in English or German, depending on the nationalities of

those participating.

Date: 31.09.07 / 01.09.07 / 02.09.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.15 Kenwood Electronics 1.2/105

11.20 – 11.35 Beyerdynamic 2.2/101

11.40 – 12.00 Xounts AG 7.1/101

13.30 – 13.45 Yamaha Elektronik 1.2/106

13.50 – 14.05 Sony Deutschland 7.2/101

14.10 – 14.30 Maxfield 14.1/101

Date: 03.09.07 / 04.09.07

11.00 – 11.15 Kenwood Electronics 1.2/105

11.20 – 11.35 Beyerdynamic 2.2/101

11.40 – 12.00 Xounts AG 7.1/101

13.30 – 13.45 Yamaha Elektronik 1.2/106

13.50 – 14:05 TrekStore 16/101

14.10 – 14.30 Maxfield 14.1/101

Date: 05.09.07

11.00 – 11.15 Kenwood Electroics 1.2/105

11.20 – 11.35 Beyerdynamic 2.2/101

11.40 – 12.00 Xounts AG 7.1/101

Date: 31.08.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.15 The BlogHouse (Special Event) 26

11.20 – 11.35 DivX, Inc. 26c/116

11.40 – 12.00 Christian Schwaiger 26a/221

13.30 – 13.45 Technotrend 1.1/200

13.50 – 14.05 Connect (Special Event) 6.2

14.10 – 14.30 MIO Technology 4.2/113

Date: 01.09.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.15 The BlogHouse (Special Event) 26

11.20 – 11.35 DivX, Inc. 26c/116

11.40 – 12.00 Astra 26a/221

13.30 – 13.45 Technotrend 1.1/200

13.50 – 14.05 Connect (Special Event) 6.2

14.10 – 14.30 MIO Technology 4.2/113

Date: 31.08.07 / 01.09.07 / 02.09.07 / 03.09.07 / 04.09.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.15 Humax Digital 26/219

11.20 – 11.35 Epson 21/103

11.40 – 12.00 Samsung 20/101

13.30 – 13.45 Panasonic 5.2/101

13.50 – 14.05 Grundig 23/101

14.10 – 14.30 Fujitsu-Siemens 13/101

Date: 05.09.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.15 Humax Digital 26/219

11.20 – 11.35 Epson 21/103

11.40 – 12.00 Samsung 20/101

No registration is required.

If you have any further queries,

please feel free to contact:

Axel Weber Project Manager IFA

Organisation, Trade Visitors Service

Information & Communication

Messe Berlin GmbH

Messedamm 22 / 14055 Berlin


phone: +49 (30) 3038-2407

fax: +49 (30) 3038-2059

Date: 02.09.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.15 Technotrend 1.1/200

11.20 – 11.35 DivX, Inc. 26c/116

11.40 – 12.00 Astra 26a/221

13.30 – 13.45 Technotrend 1.1/200

13.50 – 14.05 Connect (Special Event) 6.2

14.10 – 14.30 MIO Technology 4.2/113

Date: 03.09.07 / 04/09/07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.15 The BlogHouse (Special Event) 26

11.20– 11.35 DivX, Inc. 26c/116

11.40 – 12.00 Christian Schwaiger 26a/221

13.30 – 13.45 Humax Digital

13.50 – 14.05 Connect (Special Event) 6.2

14.10 – 14.30 MIO Technology 4.2/113

Date: 05/09/07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.15 The BlogHouse (Special Event) 26

11.20 – 11.35 DivX, Inc. 26c/116

11.40 – 12.00 Astra 26a/221

Date: 31.08.07 / 02.09.07 / 04.09.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.30 ARD Digital 2.2/101

11.40 – 12.00 Alcatel-Lucent 5.3/11

13.30 – 13.45 Hongkong Sunshine 3.1/400

13.50 – 14.05 Fraunhofer 5.3/1

14.10 – 14.30 WiMAC & porTiVity 5.3/4

Date: 01.09.07 / 03.09.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.30 ARD Digital 2.2/101

11.40 – 12.00 Alcatel-Lucent 5.3/11

13.30 – 13.45 Hongkong Sunshine 3.1/400

13.50 – 14.05 DRM Digital Radio 5.3/14

14.10 – 14.30 T-labs (Deutsche Telekom) 5.3/16

Date: 05.09.07

Time Exhibitor Hall

11.00 – 11.30 ARD Digital 2.2/101

11.40 – 12.00 Alcatel-Lucent 5.3/11


Navigating to the next level

Emmanuel Poidevin, Founder and CEO of Bilob (Business Development Services ) meets Sharon Antonaros –

Channel Development Director EMEA – Tele Atlas.

Over the last few years, the

diversification of navigation systems has

allowed consumers to develop new day

to day applications. Thanks to an

incredible growth rate, this market has

become truly global and has reached


We met with one of the key actors of

the navigation market: Tele Atlas

delivers digital maps and dynamic

content that power some of the world’s

most essential navigation and locationbased

services (LBS), especially in

Europe. It provides content for over

75% of the PND (Personal Navigation

Device) companies, including

TomTom, Navigon, Navman, Via

Michelin and Route 66 among others.

Products and solutions using Tele Atlas

are represented in numerous

distribution networks such as IT, the

food industry, car accessories and the

mass market. Sharon Antomnaros has

been in charge of marketing and

communications as well as partnerships

in the EMEA region for two years. He

explains how Tele Atlas’ reputation is

based not only on innovation and upto-date

quality content but also on

strategic marketing investments.

Although content is available in various

forms (SD card, CD, DVD and

download), Tele Atlas’ value added

resides in content that is integrated to

the PND manufacturers’ end products.

Tele Atlas offers marketing and

communication support, such as a

training program implemented on site

through more than 30 distributors

throughout Europe. Along with

numerous long term partnerships with

various actors, these relationships with

the distribution networks contribute to

making rich and diverse content - an

essential element in the consumer’s

happiness and satisfaction.

At this year’s IFA, Tele Atlas are

presenting a number of innovations,

including Market support and

communication activities, with a

program of education and training

distributed by more than 30 partners

throughout Europe. Added to this, they

are highlighting a number of joint

actions with existing partners in a long

term approach... these actions close to

the distribution networks and

consumers make for richness of content

- an essential element in consumer

satisfaction. In the field of technology,

the company is presenting a new 3D+

system integrating terrain contour data.

With regard to supports and integration

of the new mobile platforms: these

include not only PNDs, wireless

handsets, in-car systems, Internet

services and in-house routing services,

but also Telephony (Nokia N95) and

portable game consoles.

Distributors wanted

At IFA 2007 Amitech, manufacturer

and marketer of entertainment

electronics for the consumer market,

based in Denmark, will be seeking

distributors and large resellers on the

retail markets of Europe for its Ami life

product line. Ideally, Amitech needs a

large distributor in each country.

Especially distributors with a

knowledge of the TV resellers and the

competitive situation on the national

market would be needed to give Ami

life the right start.

Large Resellers

Amitechs goal is to have Ami life

introduced into the major shopping

chains of the electronic consumer

market in Europe. Larger chains that

already market design products and

serve trend setting customers would be

natural partners, but Ami life is well

suited for all types of TV resellers.

Private label welcome

For large resellers that need to promote

their own brand, Ami life can be

delivered with the full scale of features

in a no name version so resellers can use

their own logos.

Instore solutions

For resellers who supply shop-in-shop

solutions and develop content to instore

TVs, Ami life can be manufactured

with the security and start-up features

needed for easy operation. Ami life can

be produced in customized colours or

These new mobile terminals will make

it possible to change the appearance of

cartography data, and in a few years

from now will allow daily updates

(incremental updates).

According to Mr. Antonaros, it is clear

that new uses of the system are

appearing: the system of navigation

must not only make it possible to sail

from point A towards Point B but above

all to find information on centres of

interest (tourism, service...)

In any event, we certainly haven’t heard

the last from Tele Atlas, a reference in

digital cartography and a driver of

innovation, including on the financial

markets as underlined by the tender

offer on behalf of TOM TOM!

Amitech Seeks New Channel

Partners at IFA

with the end customer’s logo imprinted

when large volumes are ordered.

Reseller advantages

There are a number of advantages for

resellers according to Amitech. Ami life

is a distinct TV with a unique story,

giving a strong competitive advantage

to resellers who display the colorful TV.

In addition to this, given the resellers

ability to sell quality products a little

above the markets many discount units,

the possibility of regaining an attractive

profit margin is very realistic. Ami life is

simply good business. New types of

customers can also be found. Ami life

will probably appeal to segments who

are less prone to visit an electronics store

than a design furniture house. Trend

setters, women in general, and high

income families in particular would be

likely new visitors to the reseller’s stores

Finally, there are special advantages for

chains with many stores as Ami life is a

Look ’n Feel product, and therefore not

sold very efficiently on the internet or

by other impersonal marketing. This

gives a strong advantage to resellers who

have invested in shops with a good

geographical coverage.

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



Where to go

Berlin is one of Europe’s greatest capital

cities offering visitors a multitude of

different lifestyles, architecture and

cultural possibilities. There is something for

everyone here, from the most down to earth

up to the ultra sophisticated.


Let Your Feet Do The Talking

After a hard day at the IFA you will probably feel like doing some exploring

and Berlin is a fantastic city to discover using the oldest form of transport

known to mankind… your feet. Close to the chic, ritzy Kurfürstendamm –

worth an hour of your time if only to stroll around and check out the amazing

array of shops - the Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg offers an impressive array

of bars with top of the range Italian, Spanish, French and German restaurants.

The Savignyplatz and its surrounding streets are literally packed with eating

and drinking possibilities including the dramatic Florian, a favourite hanut of

theatre, movie people and musicians on Grolmanstraße, Spanish restaurant

Mary Sol, the Paris Bar for the poseurs and the excellent 12 Apostel next to

the railway arches.

If you want to hook up with a younger crowd, the Pariser Straße is the place

to go. The street is full of taverna-style hostelries, chic, neon-lit bars, American

diners, Mexican restaurants and modern clubs with excellent sound-systems.

Right now many of the bars put out tables and chairs adding to the

overall buzz of the area. Orian is an excellent café while the Route 66 Diner

offers traditional American treats with a local twist.

Your trip really should include the beautiful and lovingly restored Hackesche

Höfe. The complex consists of a web of eight courtyards which together form

the largest series of buildings of its kind in Germany. The complex was originally

a mixture of offices, workshops, and apartments and the Endellscher Hof

houses the "Chamaleon" cabaret theatre, plus a film theatre, several bars and

restaurants; in Hof II (Theaterhof) there is the Hackesche Hof Theatre while

the remaining courtyards are home to an impressive array of small shops and

galleries. Just outside the complex, in the Höfe, is also bursting with life. Here

you’ll find numerous bars plus restaurants and clubs. The Heckmannhöfe is

home to countless galleries and cafés and are on the way to the legendary

Hackescher Markt, where some of the city’s coolest clubs are.

The Prenzlauer Berg is another area that comes alive after dark and it is also

the home to several important political and religious sites of interest including

a Jewish Graveyard on Schönhauser Allee where painter Max Liebermann and

composer Giacomo Mayerbeer are buried. There is also a Synagogue in

Rykestraße and the Gethsemane Church, which is a former meeting place of

the courageous men and women who formed the organised resistance to the

communist regime of the GDR. For great breakfasts the Café Amsterdam on

Gleimstrasse is superb, this bar and B&B also does Tequila Tuesdays while the

Oxon Magenta restaurant-cafe on Greifenhagenerstraße offers an excellent

selection of fish and vegetarian cuisine. Unsurprisingly the area also has a

concentration of Russian and Jewish restaurants. Around the Kollwitzplatz, in

what was East Berlin and named after the artist Käthe Kollwitz who specialised

in intense charcoal drawings, the variety of restaurants is impressive even

by the eclectic standards of Berlin. Etienne on the Husemannstraße serves coffee

and hot cocoa in the French style while Poulette on Knaackstraße serves an

excellent selection of Mediterranean food and features a style of interior decor

that can only be described as vibrant. Restaurant Gugelhof is where

IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007



Chancellor Schroeder took the US president Bill Clinton out to dinner. There

is also a twice-weekly market on the Kollwitzplatz every Thursday and Sunday

where farmers from the fertile plains surrounding Berlin selling organic produce.

Another part of the former Eastern part of the city that was quickly embraced

by upwardly mobile Berliners from both parts of the city is the Oranienburger

Straße which has enough bars, clubs and restaurants to keep the average

person occupied for a year or two. Bar Lounge 808 is pricey and extensively

mirrored while Keyser Soze is for the scene-makers but is not ‘cool’ in the sense

of being full of poseurs, it is in fact one of the more pleasant bars in this part

of town. The food is a tad basic but pretty good. If you don’t mind serving

yourself the Obst & Gemuse is the Pink place for you and at least you don’t have to

sit there being ignored by the waiters.

The locals go to Veb Oz with its ironic Communist chic whilst most of the tourists

are impressed by the wrought iron furniture and fire-breathing

sculptures Zapata Im Tacheles. It is, however, expensive. The Ambulance Bar

features live DJs several nights per week plus video-projections. The music is a

mixture of Funk, Soul, R&B and Electro and happy hour is every night from

20.00-21.00. And finally for Oranienburger straße, the Bellini Lounge was

voted one of Berlin’s best bars by Tagesspiegel and Times Magazin in 2005/6

and has a daily Happy hour from 17.00-21.00.

Other night time treats include The Bangaluu Dinner Club which combines a

wide selection of cocktails and beautifully prepared cuisine from a fixed menu

as well as a Private VIP dining club, the open-air Lido Deck and the Bangaluu

Dancers with a laidback seating plan involving vast white cushions and subtle

lighting. The Dinnerclub starts at 8pm is ideal for bigger groups and can also

be very romantic. Whereas the Private Restaurant is ideal for clients and doing

business. The club is housed in the impressive and imposing former Post Office

building on Invalidenstraße and special club nights every Friday, Saturday and


The Lido Deck at Bangaluu Diner Club

IFA delegates wishing to visit Bangaluu’s club night on Saturday will

get a 50% reduction on the entry fee by saying the password IFA. If

you wish to dine in one of the establishment’s 2 restaurants on

Saturday, mention the IFA password when making your reservation

and you will be offered a welcome drink upon arrival.

When TASTE Matters...

With 3 hotels on Berlin’s most famous

boulevard and one hotel in the South of

the city, with ideal transport connections

to the Eastern and Western

quarters and to Berlin’s Schönefeld

airport (SXF). AHC Hotels Berlin

- addresses to remember!

Hotel Belmondo

am Kurfürstendamm,

Joachimstaler Strasse 39/40,

10623 Berlin

Hotel Frühling

am Zoo Berlin,

Kurfürstendamm 17,

10719 Berlin

Hotel Boulevard Berlin

Kurfürstendamm 12,

10719 Berlin

EuroHotel Berlin

Airport BBI

Rudower Strasse 90-94,

12351 Berlin

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Burlesque performer Dita Von

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30 IFA International • Friday, 31 th August 2007

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