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J Magazine Fall 2017

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Experience CalAtlantic

Experience CalAtlantic Homes Homes Quick Move-in Homes available Quick Quick Move-in Move-in Homes Homes available in the below communities available in the below communities in the below communities CELESTINA ARTISAN LAKES AT NOCATEE CROSSWATER AT NOCATEE Single-Family CELESTINA Homes from the low $300s Single-Family ARTISAN LAKES Homes AT from NOCATEE the upper $200s Single-Family CROSSWATER Homes AT NOCATEE from the upper $300s CELESTINA St. Single-Family Johns schools Homes and from gated the community low $300s ARTISAN 55+ Single-Family age-restricted LAKES Homes AT and NOCATEE from gated the community upper $200s CROSSWATER Now Single-Family Selling Homes AT NOCATEE from the upper $300s Single-Family 20 St. Lunetta Johns schools Ct., Homes St. and Johns, from gated FL the community 32259 low $300s Single-Family 33 55+ Ropemaker age-restricted Homes Ct., and Ponte from gated Vedra, the community upper FL 32081 $200s Single-Family 73 Now Spanish Selling Creek Homes Dr., from Ponte the Vedra, upper FL $300s 32081 CELESTINA ARTISAN LAKES AT NOCATEE CROSSWATER AT NOCATEE St. Phone: 20 Lunetta Johns (904) schools Ct., 671-6102 St. and Johns, gated FL community 32259 55+ Phone: 33 Ropemaker age-restricted (904) 373-6114 Ct., and Ponte gated Vedra, community FL 32081 Now Phone: 73 Spanish Selling (904) Creek 688-5200 Dr., Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 Single-Family Homes from the low $300s Single-Family Homes from the upper $200s Single-Family Homes from the upper $300s 20 Phone: Lunetta (904) Ct., 671-6102 St. Johns, FL 32259 33 Phone: Ropemaker (904) 373-6114 Ct., Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 73 Phone: Spanish (904) Creek 688-5200 Dr., Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 St. Phone: MONTEVILLA Johns (904) schools 671-6102 AT and BARTRAM gated community PARK 55+ Phone: THE age-restricted CROSSING (904) 373-6114 AT TWENTY and gated MILE community IN NOCATEE Phone: THE Now ISLAND Selling (904) 688-5200 AT NOCATEE 20 Villa MONTEVILLA Lunetta Homes Ct., from St. AT Johns, the BARTRAM mid FL $200s 32259 PARK 33 Single-Family THE Ropemaker CROSSING Homes Ct., AT TWENTY Ponte from Vedra, the MILE upper IN FL NOCATEE 32081 $300s Single-Family THE 73 Spanish ISLAND Creek Homes AT NOCATEE Dr., from Ponte the Vedra, upper $700s FL 32081 Phone: MONTEVILLA Gated Villa Homes (904) community 671-6102 from AT the with BARTRAM mid low-maintenance $200s PARK living Phone: THE 60’ Single-Family wide CROSSING (904) homesites 373-6114 Homes AT TWENTY and from quick the MILE move-in upper IN NOCATEE $300s homes THE Luxury Single-Family Phone: ISLAND homes (904) Homes AT on 688-5200 NOCATEE 100’ from wide the homesites upper $700s Villa 14913 Gated Homes community Venosa from Cir., the with Jacksonville, mid low-maintenance $200s FL 32258 living Single-Family 38 60’ Woodview wide homesites Homes Ct., Ponte and from quick Vedra, the move-in upper FL 32081 $300s homes Single-Family Only Luxury one homes opportunity Homes on 100’ from remaining wide the homesites upper $700s MONTEVILLA Gated Phone: 14913 community Venosa (904) 880-8085 AT Cir., BARTRAM with Jacksonville, low-maintenance PARK FL 32258 living THE 60’ Phone: 38 Woodview wide CROSSING (904) homesites 373-4854 Ct., AT Ponte TWENTY and quick Vedra, MILE move-in FL IN 32081 NOCATEE homes Luxury Phone: Only THE one ISLAND homes (904) opportunity 688-5200 on AT 100’ NOCATEE remaining wide or (904) homesites 373-4854 Villa 14913 Phone: Homes Venosa (904) from 880-8085 Cir., the Jacksonville, mid $200s FL 32258 Single-Family 38 Phone: Woodview (904) 373-4854 Homes Ct., Ponte from Vedra, the upper FL 32081 $300s Only Phone: Single-Family one (904) opportunity 688-5200 Homes remaining or from (904) the 373-4854 upper $700s Gated Phone: TERRA community (904) COSTA 880-8085 with low-maintenance living 60’ Phone: THE wide OUTLOOK (904) homesites 373-4854 AT TWENTY and quick MILE move-in IN NOCATEE homes Phone: VILLAS Luxury (904) AT homes NOCATEE 688-5200 on 100’ or wide (904) homesites 373-4854 14913 Villa TERRA and Venosa COSTA Single-Family Cir., Jacksonville, Homes from FL the 32258 low $300s 38 Single-Family THE Woodview OUTLOOK Homes Ct., AT Ponte TWENTY from Vedra, the MILE upper FL IN 32081 NOCATEE $300s Villa VILLAS Only Homes one AT opportunity NOCATEE from the low remaining $300s Phone: TERRA Gated Villa and (904) community COSTA Single-Family 880-8085 with Homes no CDD from fees the low $300s Phone: THE Large Single-Family OUTLOOK homesites (904) 373-4854 Homes AT and TWENTY model from the MILE now upper open IN NOCATEE $300s VILLAS Gated Villa Phone: Homes community AT (904) NOCATEE from 688-5200 the with low low-maintenance or $300s (904) 373-4854 living Villa 3139 Gated and Parador community Single-Family Way, with Jacksonville, Homes no CDD from fees FL the 32246 low $300s Single-Family 73 Large Spanish homesites Creek Homes and Dr., model from Ponte the now Vedra, upper open FL $300s 32081 Villa 71 Gated Crestway Homes community from Lane, the with Ponte low low-maintenance Vedra, $300s FL 32081 living TERRA Gated Phone: 3139 Parador COSTA community (904) 993-9380 Way, with Jacksonville, or no (904) CDD 318-6313 fees FL 32246 THE Large Phone: 73 Spanish OUTLOOK homesites (904) Creek 688-5200 AT and Dr., TWENTY model Ponte MILE now Vedra, open IN FL NOCATEE 32081 Gated Phone: 71 VILLAS Crestway community (904) AT Lane, 547-2059 NOCATEE with Ponte low-maintenance Vedra, FL 32081 living Villa 3139 Phone: and Parador Single-Family (904) 993-9380 Way, Jacksonville, Homes or (904) from 318-6313 the FL 32246 low $300s Single-Family 73 Phone: Spanish (904) Creek 688-5200 Homes Dr., from Ponte the Vedra, upper FL $300s 32081 71 Phone: Villa Crestway Homes (904) Lane, 547-2059 from Ponte the low Vedra, $300s FL 32081 Gated Phone: community (904) 993-9380 with no or CDD (904) fees 318-6313 3139 Parador Way, Jacksonville, FL 32246 Large Phone: homesites (904) 688-5200 and model now open 73 Spanish Creek Dr., Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 Phone: Gated (904) community 547-2059 with low-maintenance living 71 Crestway Lane, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 Phone: (904) Visit 993-9380 one or of (904) our communities 318-6313 featuring Phone: resort-style (904) 688-5200 amenities in Jacksonville, Phone: Ponte Vedra (904) 547-2059 and St. Johns Visit one of our communities featuring resort-style amenities in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and St. Johns from the mid $200s to over $1 million. Stop by today and tour one of our award-winning model homes. Visit from one the of mid our $200s communities to over $1 featuring million. resort-style Stop by today amenities and tour in one Jacksonville, of our award-winning Ponte Vedra model and St. homes. Johns from the mid $200s to over $1 million. Stop by today and tour one of our award-winning model homes. Visit one of our communities featuring resort-style amenities in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and St. Johns from the mid $200s to over $1 million. Stop by today and tour one of our award-winning model homes. For more information, please visit For more information, please visit us online at For us online more information, please visit us online at For more information, please visit us online at No view is promised. Views may also be altered by subsequent development, construction and landscaping growth. Seller does not represent/guarantee that the project will be serviced No view is by promised. any particular Views public may also school/school be altered district by subsequent or, once serviced development, by particular construction school/school and landscaping district, growth. that the Seller same does school/school not represent/guarantee district will service that the the project project for will any be No particular serviced view is by period promised. any particular of time. 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Persons are may effective Seller in be photos decorator does on the do not date not suggestions represent/guarantee reflect of publication racial that preference are and not subject that included and the to housing project change the will is purchase without open be to serviced all price notice. without and by Depictions any availability regard particular to of race, may homes public vary. color, or Ryland school/school other religion, features Homes sex, handicap, are of district Florida artist or, conceptions. familial Realty serviced Corporation status Hardscape, by national a CQ268118. particular landscape origin. school/school Standard Prices, plans other Pacific and items district, of terms Florida shown that are (CQ1038741). may the effective same be decorator on school/school the Standard date suggestions of Pacific publication district of that Tampa will are and service not (CQ1038743). subject included the to project change in CAJAX196 the for purchase without any particular notice. price and Depictions period availability of time. of may homes Eligibility vary. or Ryland other requirements features Homes are of (including Florida artist conceptions. Realty geographical) Corporation Hardscape, may CQ268118. change landscape over Standard time. other Pacific You items should of Florida shown independently (CQ1038741). may be decorator confirm Standard suggestions which Pacific schools/districts of that Tampa are not (CQ1038743). serve included the in project CAJAX196 the purchase and learn more price information and availability about may the vary. school Ryland district’s Homes boundary of Florida change Realty process Corporation prior CQ268118. to executing Standard a purchase Pacific contract. of Florida Persons (CQ1038741). in photos Standard do not Pacific reflect of racial Tampa preference (CQ1038743). and housing CAJAX196 is open to all without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. Prices, plans and terms are effective on the date of publication and subject to change without notice. Depictions of homes or other features are artist conceptions. Hardscape, landscape and other items shown may be decorator suggestions that are not included in the purchase price and availability may vary. Ryland Homes of Florida Realty Corporation CQ268118. Standard Pacific of Florida (CQ1038741). Standard Pacific of Tampa (CQ1038743). CAJAX196

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS By Mike Clark Unlocking the core’s unrealized potential Alex Coley on the remarkable growth of Brooklyn to becoming a ‘walkable urban place’ to moving people Downtown with ‘pedestrian accelerators’ he introduction of the apartments at T 220 Riverside caused a wonderful revival of the Brooklyn neighborhood. The momentum from that development — and Unity Plaza — ignited a retail flurry anchored by a Fresh Market and ALEX COLEY LIVES IN: Jacksonville Beach WORK: Principal and co-founder of NAI Hallmark Partners. a handful of restaurants and shops. At the center of the Unity Plaza/Riverside 220 project has been Alex Coley, principal and co-founder of NAI Hallmark Partners, the developers of the project. Coley, who has lived in Jacksonville since 1979, was interviewed by Times-Union Editorial Page Editor Mike Clark. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a ghost town and 10 being a tourist attraction, what grade would you give to Downtown? I love Jacksonville, it’s been very good to me, I want to be kind and loving to Jacksonville, so I’m giving it a 5. What are the best assets of Downtown? It’s trite to say the river. I’ve been so fortunate to visit each of the Rouse festival marketplaces back when our marketplace (the Landing) was under construction. I met with the managers of each one of them. I’ve been to San Antonio and Portland. I’ve been blessed to really FALL 2017 | J MAGAZINE 95