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2015 EDITION Vol.3 Issue 11 DIGITAL

Health Simple things

Health Simple things that matter to your heart The heart might be a small organ of your body, but it has a crucial function in your life. It is therefore important to keep your heart healthy. Sadly, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in both Europe and the USA. However, with the latest research available, doctors are now beginning to have a better knowledge of the functionality of – and dangers associated with - the heart. Knowing these dangers is a better way of finding the best way to keep your heart healthy. Yes, we all know that doing regular exercises is a good weapon to fight cardiac disease – especially in middle age. We are also aware of the fact that those unhealthy eating habits do no good for your heart. Right? But is that all? You better think twice, if you think it is!! You definitely might consider taking a look at other simple moves that can help boost your cardiac health. LISTEN TO MUSIC: The latest medical research in 2015 shows that music is a good therapy for the heart. Listening to the music for just about 30 minutes helps to lower one’s circulatory - system pulse and the stiffness of the arteries – two important elements necessary for determining how hard the heart works. Interestingly, one does not need to spend money going to the orchestra or opera. Listening to any kind of music – even traditional African music – for just half an hour could be a key to your healthy heart. STOP THAT DAILY ASPIRIN INTAKE: Yes, aspirin is a very effective tablet against pain, but have you considered the risks? Many adults take aspirin as a prevention against a heart attack, but results of different medical research – including those published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine - have indicated otherwise. Daily aspirin intake can not only cause internal bleeding, it could in fact, lead to other serious issues. RELAX: Life is not all about work and stress; sometimes, some hours of relaxation could prolong your life. Doubt that? Since stress is not good for your heart, relaxation through medication, yoga or any other way to keep yourself mentally relaxed is a plus for your heart. GO TO SAUNA: Sauna might be considered typical for a cold climate, but with the latest studies pointing to the benefits of a sauna to the heart, it might not hurt if you consider paying a regular visit to one. Having in mind that a good schvitz is like exercise, a frequent sauna visit increases your heart rate and sweating, which are very common with exercises. DO NOT BURY YOURSELF INSIDE TV: With the power of the media, one can hardly avoid the TV, but the question is how often does one stay behind the TV? Now a big bomb: A 2011 medical research shows that spending 2-3 hours daily watching TV exposes one to risks of heart problems. That is not all. The research equally suggests that too many hours watching TV could cause Type 2 diabetes as well. AVOID PHONING MUCH: Not only regular interaction with TV is a harbinger for cardiovascular disease; the result of a 2013 research shows equally that the sound of a ringing phone can clearly increase one’s blood pressure. A good reason to send more SMSes than initiate frequent phone calls? STOP SNORING: Ordinarily, frequent snoring is a sign that something is wrong health-wise. Snoring could be caused by overweight or other medical problems. A study conducted in 2013 shows that snoring could trigger problems in the carotid arteries, responsible for the supply of oxygenated blood to the brain. But that is not all. Excessive snoring, which is a sign of sleep apnea, can be damaging to your health. It can not only increase heart attack, but stroke and high blood pressure are not exempted. Thus, even though you might consider your snoring harmless, it is definitely not. CONSIDER NOT LIVING ALONE: Believe it or not, the result of the latest Harvard medical research shows that living alone could increase one’s chance of dying from stroke, heart attack or other cardiac health problems. Like in Africa and other southern countries, strong social networks and interactions could lower the risk of those cardiovascular diseases. Not even having a pet like a dog or cat is a bad idea, as shown by a 2013 research conducted by the American Heart Association. TRY OTHER FOODS: A medical research by the Shanghai Cancer Institute, which is affirmed by the Vanderbilt University shows that trying foods like peanuts and much maligned potato can help reduce chances of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. Perhaps, a good reason to depart from beef, steak and other regular / traditional meal and try something different. You definitely need a strong heart to have a good health. Kata kata cartoon magazine 6

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