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Selwyn Times: May 31, 2016

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday May 31 2016 SELWYN TIMES Our People Firefighting a family affair at Steven Maw Firefighting is a lifestyle for Steven Maw. He is a volunteer as well as being a full-time professional – and his girlfriend is also a firefighter. He talks with Caitlin Miles When did you decide to sign up to the Southbridge Volunteer brigade? I was sitting down with dad one day and we were talking about it and he said you know you can join the day you turn 16 and so the day I turned 16 I went on the internet and had a look, talked to the chief and that was that. So you’ve wanted to be a firefighter for a long time then? Yeah, I have. I grew up with it. From the day I was born the fire siren would go and dad would run out the door and as we got older mum would take us to see what they were doing or we would go to the fire station and listen to the radio to know where they were and what was going on. So your dad is also a firefighter? Yeah. my dad is and my brother, Hamish, has just finished up with the Southbridge brigade because he’s moving out of the area. What does your mother think of you being in the brigade? If she was ever worried she never says anything. All the wives and partners are like part KEEP CLIMBING: Steven climbed the Auckland Sky Tower for the fifth time at the weekend. He did it in just over 15min, of the brigade as well, they’re the behind the scenes support. She knew everyone in the brigade and she always knew that when we were heading out I had a good group of people around me. What’s the hardest part of being a firefighter in a small community? In a community like Southbridge everyone knows everyone, if you go to a decent crash or a house fire where there is property loss there’s a good chance someone in the crew is going to know the person involved. You go through that heartbreak of knowing what they have lost or potentially working on someone in a car crash that you’ll know. It’s not so much what happens at the job it’s what happens after. Having the best to ensure great service When you need to rely on your outboard motor to get you home after a great day’s fishing or boating, it is essential to have had it serviced by the best people available in the business. The team at Butler Marine has been servicing outboard motors in their current business since 1987, and, even before that, boating and motors were in their blood. Owner John Butler says, “We have a hands-on approach to most problems our customer can have. If we cannot fix it we will arrange to have it fixed.” Butler Marine will service Suzuki, Yamaha, Mercury, Parsun, Mariner, Johnson, Evinrude, Honda and Tohatsu outboard motors. “We carry a wide range of parts, and what we don’t have we can generally get overnight. We also have access to a range of second hand parts to help keep costs down,” John says. “We are agents for Suzuki outboard motors, the world’s best four stroke motor, and Parsun two and four stroke outboard motors.” He adds that now is the ideal time to get your boat serviced with Butler Marine currently offering a winter service special. John lives in Prebbleton and provides a drop-off, pick-up service from the village, saving Selwyn District residents the long drive across town. Contact Butler Marine for details. “Our friendly, accommodating staff are more than happy to assist you with all your everyday boating needs, and you’re welcome to come in and see Dave, Brett, Sandy or myself.” Whether you are servicing or replacing your existing boat, thinking of buying your first one, or looking to customise the boat you have, talk to the people at Butler Marine. BOAT SERVICE AMAZING WINTER SPECIAL For May & June Beat the traffic problems, drop off your boat in Prebbleton, we will take it to our service centre in town, carry out any work and return it to Prebbleton at no extra cost to you. We have the most experienced outboard technicians in Canterbury. And will work on most outboard motors. Phone or email now for your booking. Butler Marine 275 Ferry Road Phillipstown Christchurch Phone 389 0077 Email Mention this add when booking and Get 10% discount off labour costs Butler Marine, 275 Ferry Rd, Christchurch, is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm Phone 03 389 0077 for confirmation. Visit the website at

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday May 31 2016 9 the Southbridge brigade Like if there is a fatality it could be two weeks later when it actually hits you. Or something brings it back up or you start thinking about what else you could have done. What was that possibility like when you first signed up? I guess when I started I was 16 and I thought I was bullet proof being a volunteer firefighter, and that was probably the worst thing to be thinking. But there are a lot of people out there who might not be able to handle it, it takes a strong amount of will power. How do you deal with fatalities and bad incidents? The New Zealand Fire Service offer us peer support and they can come out and talk to the crew straight after something has happened or talk to us personally and ask for some help or support. What makes you keep doing it? You’re in a good group of guys and girls and getting to help out the community is the best thing we get out of it. It’s really cool getting to do school visits. We did a mini Sky Tower Challenge with them [Southbridge School]. We set a ladder up on the ground and the kids had to run through it. They enjoyed it and we enjoyed it. Is doing things like that the nicer side of the job? Yeah, we go to school a couple times a year and have a chat they come to the fire station and we show them around and it’s good to have them involved as well because they’re potentially the future fire fighters of the community. You’re always going to need that support within the community. Just from what you were saying about the Sky Tower Firefighter Challenge you were doing with the kids, how many times have you done it? This year is the fifth time I’ve done it. Eight of us went up this year, it’s the biggest team we’ve sent up which is great because we can give more money to the leukaemia foundation. What does the Sky Tower Challenge involve? You start in the basement of the Auckland Sky Tower maybe five or six floors below street level. We are in full kit too. With the breathing apparatus that can weigh upwards of 10kg. You climb and just keep focused and keep going and then go for a well deserved beer when you’re done. Why do you keep going back? It’s just a challenge, every time you go you’re competing with FAMILY INVOLVEMENT: Brother Hamish (left), father Wayne and Steven have all competed in firefighting challenges as a family. yourself and everyone else. We have our own wee inter brigade competition, my big goal every year is to try and beat my dad, which I haven’t been able to do yet. You go over seas to compete in combat challenges don’t you? Yeah, I do. Dad, Hamish and I have both gone over and competed at worlds. I’ve done it three times, dad has done it twice and Hamish has done it once. What does it involve? It involves climbing up a couple of flights of stairs, hauling up a hose, running back down the stairs, force-able entry while dragging the hose and then victim rescue. You do it in your full gear too so you’re carrying a bit of weight. You were saying you are a firefighter full-time too? Yeah, I work at Christchurch Airport as a firefighter. What made you want to do that? I was volunteering at the time and thought it’d be cool to get to work full time and get paid to do it. I thought I’d get the best of both worlds, get to go to work and mainly focus on the aviation side of things and the aircraft and then on my days off I get to do the volunteer fire service work. With such a busy life firefighting do you have time for a relationship? My girlfriend is a fire fighter as well so she understands pretty well how it all works. We both do competition stuff so we train together and push one another to keep going. Did you guys meet through firefighting? Yeah we did, it’s kind of funny. She works at the airport as a firefighter as well. We met well she was on her basic training. Between volunteering and working full-time do you get much down time? Oh a little bit. I’m usually kept pretty busy with the brigade. That’s cool though, I really enjoy it. •Tower challenge, p13 The Working SATURDAY JUNE 25, 2016, 11.30AM - 7PM ROLLESTON COMMUNITY CENTRE Key success tools for artists in Selwyn A free seminar/workshop for the arts community featuring five speakers Saturday 18 June, 9.30am–3.30pm Lincoln Event Centre Register before 15 June at Registrations are essential Celebrating it’s 2nd Annual Beer Festival in Rolleston, A Mid-Winter’s Ale is bringing together the elite Canterbury craft brewers along with it’s very first Wearable Beer Art Competition. There will be over 50 different beers plus ciders with new release local beers served to you fresh direct from the brewery. Also, some international mix from America, England, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Japan. There will be live music performances from 3 local bands and other performers to entertain your day. Tickets available at This is an R18 event. growing strong communities together