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Selwyn Times: June 07, 2016

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32 Tuesday June 7 2016 Gardening SELWYN TIMES gardening without guesswork Question: Thanks to Neroli for her question. I have seen a bunch of new season rose bushes out, can you please tell me the how to plant them into my garden beds properly? Roses like a sunny spot, preferably Answer: where they will get at least 5 hours of sun. Choosing the right spot is important for your plants to survive. The local garden centre you purchase from will be able to talk to you about which varieties will be best for the area that you have in mind. The quality of soil in the area you pick is important too. This is the base for creating a healthy environment for your plants to grow. Here are some simple steps when it comes to the planting stage: 1) Dig a hole, approximately twice the depth and width of the root ball of your rose. 2) Gently loosen the root ball of your rose and position the plant in the centre of the hole. 3) Press soil gently around the base of the plant. For extra nutrients, you can add Patio Plus at this stage. 4) Fill the remainder of the hole, pressing gently – but firmly. 5) Water your rose well after planting. If you haven’t prepared your garden beds yet, you can add some Organic Compost and some Sheep Pellets to your soil. These are excellent at ensuring the garden is ready for your rose bushes. for more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: QualITy prOducTs frOm ThE WEB TO ThE shEd! WIN! a $50 INTEllIgrO gIfT VOuchEr! Send us your question and BE IN TO WIN! Email to: or post your question on our Facebook page: Questions must be received by Friday 10th June. don’t forget to feed them! Roses need nutrients to sustain healthy growth and produce their beautiful blooms. Intelligro Rose Fertiliser provides a complete nutrient fix for your roses. Easy to follow instructions are on the container. Fertilising is best done in spring and summer. Yes, still we are OPEn! So how do I get to you now? It might look like we aren’t open, but we definitely are! With the upcoming road changes for Main South Road, Intelligro has made some changes of its own. We are still here at 1394 Main South Road, and you still come in and out using the same entrance way, you will just find us in a slightly different spot. We are operating out of some temporary portacoms that are in our new retail/loading area, while our brand new building is getting finished off. We still have the same fantastic products and excellent service. We appreciate your understanding while we go through these changes. You will be able to see where our new building is when you come to visit. Once the changes are all done, we are sure you will love it as much as us! LET’S GET GardEninG INTELLIGRO OFFERS: 3 Expert gardening advice 3 High quality products 3 South-Hort growing mixes 3 VIP rewards 3 Buy in-store and online 3 Handy delivery service For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: | Phone 03 347 9415

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday June 7 2016 33 Gardening Beautiful bedding nemesia • By Tod Palenski IF YOU have an area in your garden you’d like to blanket with colour, then nemesia is the plant for you. It is a lovely small bedding plant that can be used for edging, in borders and as a ground cover and, in the right conditions, will produce so many flowers it’s hard to see the greenery. Growing to a height of around 20cm, it’s also lovely grown in pots, hanging planters or any other suitable growing container. Nemesia seedlings come in mixed colours. Bi-colour bundles contains seedlings that will produce flowers with more than one colour on each flower. Some are a mix of white and lavender, yellow or pink and others are just a mix of different colours. A mixed bundle will produce all sorts of different coloured flowers including orange, white, red and pink. Wherever you decide to plant your nemesia, try to ensure the soil is rich and moist and that the plants will be mostly in full sun to part shade. Then simply plant your seedlings around 15cm apart from each other. Depending on the weather, in just five to six weeks you can expect a beautiful array of different coloured flowers in your chosen garden bed or container. COLOUR: Nemesia is the plant to use for ground cover. It also grows well in hanging containers. HARDY: Cabbages are ideally suited to the winter garden. Create a base for planting in the spring A LOT of vegetables grow happily through the cold weather. Don’t forget, though, that winter is also a good time to leave some beds empty so that they have a rest. It’s also a good season to create some new vege beds. The easy way to do this is to start by constructing an above-ground edging. Then fill the enclosed bed with manure, leaves, straw or grass clippings. Leave this alone for a couple of months and you’ll have the perfect base for your spring plantings. An additional sprinkling of lime encourages biological activity in the bed and will prove to be beneficial for most veges. Members of the cabbage family, for example, chinese cabbages, broccoli, cauliflowers and cold-loving brussels sprouts are ideally suited to the winter garden. Broad beans and peas grow well in the winter months but won’t always set their pods until spring. Use your outdoor living areas all year round • Warm & dry in winter • UV protection for summer • Stylish & permanent • 5 year warranty “AS SEEN ON TV” Chris Thorndycroft Phone 0800 27 24 46 | 15 months INTEREST FREE Normal lending criteria apply Urban Section autumn planting • moon calendar • the lone pine • plant doctor Decking Retaining Wall Timber Landscaping Timber Trellis Residential Fencing Poles and Piles H3 and H4 Timber Dressed Timber HOURS Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm Saturday: 8am- 12pm Weedons Ross Rd to Rolleston We are here Berketts Rd Jason Pester 1304 Main South Road, Christchurch P 03 3477465 F 03 3477032 Trents Rd Main South Rd / SH1 Your Local Timber Merchant We’re for every gardener FlAnders PoPPy Its significant story • Regional planting • Plant Doctor • Design ideas • Seasonal edibles and flowers • Small-space gardening and so much more... InsPIred by AustrAlIA Ideas from Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show $5.90 incl. GST ISSN 1174-8656 100% Issue 413 | April 16 – April 29, 2015 What it means to be KIWI mAke It eAsy Low-maintenance gardening Projects to remember Making wreaths and poppies We’re for every gardener 12 ISSUES delivered to your door $ FROm ONly 49. 00 SUBSCRIPTIONS FREEPHONE 0800 77 77 10 100%