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Selwyn Times: September 13, 2016

2 Tuesday

2 Tuesday September 13 2016 Inside FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK SELWYN TIMES News.......................................3-8 TECHNOLOGY doesn’t slow down for anybody, and as we report on page 1, Selwyn residents could soon be treated by videolink. Reporter Tom Doudney reveals nurses based at a proposed 24-hour clinic in Rolleston will be able to talk to doctors at Christchurch Hospital and that could be via videolink. A proposed 24-hour medical facility in Rolleston would see nurses digitally linked up with doctors at Christchurch Hospital to provide around the clock care for Selwyn residents. District councillors Grant Millar and Pat McEvedy, who is also standing for mayor, have been pushing the council barrow. And congratulations to Lincoln, victors of the Selwyn premier netball title on Saturday. We have the photos on pages 21-22. – Barry Clarke Getting to the root of tooth decay in our children NEWS 24 Your Local Views.......10 Our People..........................12 Local Schools........13,16 Sport................................. 21, 22 Community Events...23 Gardening.....................26,27 Taste...................................29 Driven........................................31 Real Estate.................... 36 GET IN TOUCH General Enquiries Ph 379-7100 Classified Advertising Ph 379-1100 NEWS Tom Doudney Ph: 371 0780 NEWS Caitlin Miles Ph: 364 7442 ADVERTISING Lynette Evans Ph: 364 7434 ROLLESTON’S HEARINGHEAR ine “I was in denial, pure and simple. My family were bringing it up more often with a gentle nudging to “do something about it.” My ability to hear accurately was impacting on my whole life and for what ever reason, I wasn’t convinced that hearing aids would make much difference. I am a parent, grandparent and teacher. Conversations were becoming increasingly difficult. I compensated and modified my interactions to cope but I was being robbed on personal enjoyment, on social occasions, family occasions, everyday life. I had been to another bigger hearing clinic 3 years ago. I left without a solution to my hearing problem because the interview and testing was less about me and more about a company selling a product. It was a mechanical process and I left despondent. I was losing my hearing and that is personal, I needed it dealt with in a personal manor. Recently I happen to have a couple of conversations with friends and colleagues who had or were getting hearing aids. Their feedback on how fabulous hearing aids were was so positive. They mentioned Brenna Sincock Hearing. Right people, right time, right conversations and all of a sudden I was spurred into action and had booked into see Brenna. I am not sure that I can do justice in describing Brenna’s approach. Brenna is infinitely professional, kind and understanding. Brenna instantly put me at ease with her friendly nature and lead me through an interview that really exposed my heart and motivation as to why I would want to rectify this increasing inability to participate more fully in my life! Brenna gave me time and patience. She fitted hearing aids and I was overcome by the how much more I could hear. We have had follow up appointments since and adjusted the aids. I know I have her support and can call her with questions at the drop of a hat. That personal connection, for me, is important for dealing with something as important as hearing. In the short time that I have had my hearing aids they have re-enhanced my life in immeasurable ways. At school, I no longer have to ask children to repeat themselves, my colleagues will have noticed the difference in me, it just such a relief. LOVE YOUR HEARING Call 03 390 2332 today My own family are elated, to make an understatement, but also proud of me for having had the courage making this decision. Hearing is a precious gift. Thank you Brenna for your gentle professional explanations and support. I highly recommend Brenna Sincock and her business to anyone who may feel they have any hearing loss. Don’t leave it for seven years, like I did!” - Sharen Holmes Brenna Sincock Hearing | 36 Tennyson Street, Rolleston | Darfield | Leeston Jon Griffiths Brenna Sincock Hearing Branding / Appropriate Usage PRINT Faye Leathwick AKA HearOine

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday September 13 2016 3 News Ill miss out on doctors’ appointments • By Tom Doudney FREE DOCTORS’ visits for under 13-year-olds has led to children with minor ailments taking appointments from those in greater need, a Rolleston doctor says. Rolleston Central Health managing director Dr Philip Schroeder said that the policy, introduced by the Government on July 1 last year, had had a huge impact on general practices in Selwyn and across Canterbury. “We are often seeing all those very well under 13s taking appointments for what effectively are just basic colds for which they never would have been seen in the past,” Dr Schroeder said. “Something I am hearing across all Selwyn practices is that we are finding it very difficult to see those that really need care because the urgent appointments are being taken up by children who are, by and large, relatively well.” Dr Schroeder said that for all the children in the under 13 group that were seen at his practice, probably only one in 10 really needed to be. TIME IS PRECIOUS: Dr Philip Schroeder (left), says free visits for under 13s mean a lot of appointments are being taken by children who don’t need to see a doctor. Many presented with minor coughs and colds and would have been better off being treated at home. When the practice couldn’t fit in someone who needed an urgent appointment, they were referred to a 24-hour facility in Christchurch. Dr Schroeder, who is chairman of the Canterbury Primary Pandemic Group, said the shortage of urgent appointments times was particularly difficult during the winter when influenza and other viral infections were circulating. Ministry of Health community health group manager Andrew Inder said the new policy appeared to have been effective at improving access to primary care for children aged under 13. General practice teams could decide how to best manage their patients in ways that worked best for their enrolled population. “For instance, it could mean that children aged under 13 are initially triaged by a nurse, at which point it can be decided whether an appointment with a GP is required,” Mr Inder said. Rolleston resident Jenny Fitzgerald said her adult daughter had found it hard to get an appointment at Rolleston Central Health when she needed LINCOLN EVENT CENTRE SATURDAY 8TH OCTOBER an infection in her hand treated with antibiotics recently. She had initially been told she would either have to wait two days or visit a 24-hour service in Christchurch, although as it turned out they did manage to fit her in the next day. “I just felt it wasn’t good enough,” Mrs Fitzgerald said. HAVE YOUR SAY: Have you found it hard to get a timely appointment at your medical centre? Are people too quick to take their children to a doctor? Send your views to tom.doudney@starmedia. kiwi 7 pm start | Doors & Bar open 6.00pm Jeremy Corbett | Justine Smith | Ben Hurley | Tom Furniss at The Famous Grouse Hotel or email In Brief DECISION EXPECTED The outcome of the Rolleston Reserve Land exchange proposal is expected tomorrow. The decision on developing over half of the reserve into a commercial area went to the hearings panel last month. The district council received 50 submissions opposing the idea. Only nine supported it. CRASH INJURIES A Rolleston woman and a Christchurch man were recovering in Christchurch Hospital yesterday after being involved in a crash at the intersection of Main South Rd and Weedons Ross Rd on Sunday at about 10am. Sergeant Dan Harker said the woman, who was the sole occupant of her car, pulled out onto Main South Rd in front of the man who was on a motor-cycle. SKATE PARK UPDATED Work on the skate park in Darfield has finally finished. The redevelopment of the skate area at Westview Park has now been completed. New ramps have been added to the skate area, as well as a shade cover. Introducing John Sunckell – ECan candidate A third generation farmer from Leeston, married to Karen with two children, I have been involved with St John Ambulance in Selwyn for the past 34 years and also participate and lead in many other sports and community groups. For five years I have been involved with the Selwyn/Waihora Zone Committee and also with the development of the Selwyn Waihora subchapter. I am standing for ECan in the knowledge that we are changing practices and moving our environmental footprint forward with a population also accepting of the need for change. To overcome and continually improve the environmental challenges we face, genuine engagement on farm and in our vibrant rural communities is required – working together. As well as environment issues, ECan is also about the continued building of infrastructure, connectivity and transport vital for our future in Canterbury – especially in the rural hinterland. Our governors need a collaborative approach to take us and our communities forward. I believe that with my strong community focus and knowledge of water and agriculture, I will make a strong governor for Canterbury and representative for Mid Canterbury. John Sunckell ECAN 2016 “Working together taking us forward” • A steady experienced hand • Strong Mid Canterbury voice • Thriving sustainable communities • Responsible resource use • Simple regulatory processes 0274 542 554 john4ecan Authorised by John Sunckell, 100 Caldwells Road, Leeston