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Selwyn Times: December 20, 2016

22 Tuesday

22 Tuesday December 20 2016 HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES Christmas – an evolving tradition The tradition of decorating the house, sharing food and beverages with family and friends and giving presents has evolved over time. For Christians, Christmas represents the coming of Christ and nativity scenes are often included in decorated homes, along with a star at the top of the Christmas tree. For Jewish people the end of November or December is the time they celebrate Hanukkah, marking the re-dedication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem, after it was won back from the Syrian-Greeks in 165 BC. Views differ on how the tree became a symbol of Christmas. Some link it to the Pagan marking of Winter Solstice, others to Saint Boniface, a monk in the 7th and 8th century who likened the fir tree to the Holy Trinity. Decorated Christmas trees are said to have originated in Germany in the 15th century or by Martin Luther in the 16th century. The monarchy introduced decorated Christmas trees to England; initially by Queen Charlotte then by Queen Victoria’s Prince Albert who established the trend there. The tradition of hanging stockings by the fireplace is linked to the legend of Saint Nicholas creeping down the chimney and slipping gold into them. Fifty years ago, Christmas trees were dressed with glass baubles, bells, stars, handmade decorations and streamers. Glitter sprayed on the pine needles added sparkle and crepe paper or foil streamers were hung across the ceilings and walls. Lights once seen mainly on Christmas trees now decorate the interiors and exteriors of homes with some amazing displays by a growing number of houses joining this tradition each year. Colours indicative of Christmas were traditionally green, red, gold and silver with the blue and white which we now see in decorations here, representing winter for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Christmas wreathes are hung on the front door to greet visitors to the home. Today it is not uncommon for the colours and trimmings adorning manufactured Christmas trees, to change with the year. Less common are pine Christmas trees, which were New Zealand’s alternative to the fir tree that stands in many homes overseas such as in North America. Wreathes were hung on front doors to welcome guests into the home. Made from fresh Holly and Ivy, which were interwoven around the wreath they were decorated with small gold or silver painted pine cones, baubles, bows and a candle. Inside Mistletoe is still hung from doorway or ceiling, under which a kiss might be shared while vases of Christmas Lillies and bright red Bottlebrush and Pohutakawa flowers or pots of Poinsettias add to the Christmas theme. Christmas decorations are to be left up until after the twelfth night, the 5th or 6th January and if not taken down then, should stay up for the year however those celebrating Candlemas may leave the decorations up until the 2nd February. Taking Christmas decorations down before New Year is said to be bad luck. Christmas Lillies, Bottle Brush and Pohutakawa flowers add to the Christmas theme. Glass baubles are a traditional Christmas decoration. Saint Nicholas was the first Father Christmas. merry ChrIstmas Happy Holidays to all our customers We will be closing on 23 rd December and will reopen on 16 th January Great Range Of Gifts In Store Florist | Fresh & Silk Flowers | Wall Art | Clocks | Gifts | Vases | Lamps | Home Furnishing | Jewellery Happy Holidays and all the best for 2017 We will be open on Christmas Eve for last minute gifts then closing until 4 January. Curtains • Blinds • Upholstery Fabrics • Cushions • Crafts Classic Curtains & Interiors 817 Jones Road, Rolleston | Ph 03 347 4295 Shop 15 Rolleston Square Rolleston Phone 03 347 1068 Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday December 20 2016 23 HOME PROFESSIONALS A holiday Christmas If heading on a road trip before Christmas your thoughts may not be just on packing togs and playthings but how you will fit Christmas presents and other gear needed for the holiday into the vehicle. Adding in a few items for decorating your destination may not take up much room and will add some sparkle to Christmas Day while keeping the young ones entertained making decorations to hang about. Packing some basics such as a can of silver or gold spray paint, crepe paper, balloons, string, and sheets of coloured cellophane, paper and thin cardboard will take up only a small amount of room and offer hours of fun for all. Add in some small candy Christmas canes to use as decorations before eating later. It is not uncommon to see caravans decked with lights round Christmas however, natural materials might also be used. Pine cones, driftwood, shells, stones and other interesting objects could be painted up with the budding artists going further than just spray painting to include pictures which might be drawn or cut from magazines and stuck on. Stars can be cut out of cardboard then glitter glued on and a short piece of string threaded through a hole on one point of each star so they can be hung up or on a Christmas tree. Green Foliage and wild flowers can be arranged in bottles or makeshift vases, made by cutting the top off milk bottles which should be weighted down with some stones to stop them toppling over. These might also be decorated. Christmas collages could also be created and streamers made from loops of coloured paper linked together, or by cutting rolls of crepe paper into strips. These can be hung around the holiday home or inside the caravan awning while some tinsel might be wrapped around nearby trees and bushes or outside lights used to adorn the outdoors. If by the beach, task the children with collecting shells that have small holes in them to be thread onto a length string. Knot either side to hold them in place, then hung across an old fireplace or some other ideal spot. If part of a larger group of people, you might hold a competition with prizes for not only the most impressive display but also the most creative. It will add to the fun and Christmas spirit making for a great festive season. Christmas decorations at home need not be just purchased glossy baubles and the like. A personal touch may be added with some handmade items to adorn the house and tree. They will not only provide a sense of satisfaction for the creators of the pieces as well as proud parents but can also be packed away for use in future Festive Seasons. FURNITURE SALE * Spend $1500 take 10% off Spend $2000 take 15% off * Terms and Conditions apply - see instore for details CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS Mon 19 th - Wed 21 st 10am - 5pm Thurs 22 nd - Fri 23 rd 10am - 6pm Sat 24 th 10am - 5pm Closed all the public holidays. | | 03 3476190 2239 Main South Road (5 minutes south of Rolleston) Warm up your Winter • Heat pump installation • Log burners • Solar • I Gas servicing • Certified gasfitters and plumbers • 03 420 1020 • 021 341 311 DUE TO LATE ARRIVALS ALL GIFTWARE 20% OFF Looking for Xmas gift ideas? We’ve got it covered! We have a fabulous range of imported designer curtain & furnishing fabrics, cushions and selected homewares. Quality imported fabrics at wholesale prices Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-1.30pm 3 Gerald Street, Lincoln Phone 325 7400 See for late nights.