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Employee Handbook V5 2018

part one p supporting

part one p supporting you your health, safety and wellbeing managing safely We’ve got a formal Health and Safety Management Policy in place, which outlines any common hazards that have been identified and how we stop these turning into accident. This information is available in the HR and Health and Safety folder, under Supporting You. your responsibilities Whilst at work, you’re also responsible for taking reasonable care of your own health and safety and that of your colleagues, particularly if they could be injured by something you do or don’t do. You need to take positive steps to make sure you work safely and don’t do anything reckless that could result in injury to yourself or others. When you join the Fuller Research Group you will be given a copy of the company health and safety information pack, which tells you about the key risks and what you need to do for safe working. Whether you are new, or have been here some time, you should read the booklet and make sure that you apply the guidance in the workplace. You’ll also need to complete the mandatory health and safety training within 30 days of joining FRG, and then complete refresher training as required. reporting concerns You always need to be alert to any health and safety risks in your workplace. If you identify a risk you should take action to control it straight away if you can, for example by moving a storage box that is blocking a fire exit. If it is not something you can do yourself, tell HR. accidents If you have an accident at work, however small, you must tell HR straight away. You’ll need to record what happened in the on-site Accident Book. fire safety To ensure high standards of fire safety, an adequate number of fire wardens have been appointed and trained across the business. If a fire starts, it is the fire wardens’ responsibility to ensure everyone evacuates the building quickly and calmly. The fire warden will let you know when it’s safe to go back into the building. When you first start work, HR will make sure you’re told: emergency arrangements If there’s an emergency situation, like a bomb threat, and you are not in your normal place of work, let you manager know you are safe straight away via phone, text or email. We also have an emergency preparedness plan, which outlines actions to take in an emergency. This is available in the supporting you folder – please familiarise yourself with it. first aiders We have Appointed Persons in place to make sure there’s always help and support available if you have an accident or injury at work. Appointed Persons are responsible for calling the emergency services in the event of an emergency. first aid kit First aid kits are located in the kitchen areas in each of the offices. How to raise the alarm. What the alarm sounds like. The quickest way out of the building. Where to go and who to report to once you’ve left the building.

We’re positive about mental health at the Fuller Research Group and want you to know that you can talk about any problems you may have openly and in confidence and without fear of being judged, persecuted or ignored. p p If you have an existing or developing mental health condition that you need help with, always talk to you manager about this. With your consent and working as a team, your manager and HR will make sure you get the help and support you need at work. drug and alcohol policy When you are at work you must be able to carry out your role safely and to the standards expected. If we reasonably believe you are under the influence of any substance we’ll investigate this and may take appropriate action (including action under our Disciplinary Policy). Where, however, you may be encountering problems with drug or alcohol misuse/ abuse, and you come to us for support, we’ll aim to deal with you fairly and sympathetically and to work with you to help you try to overcome these, so you can continue in your role with the Fuller Research Group and wherever possible protect your health and wellbeing. The use, possession, sale or distribution of illegal substances at work is illegal and are treated as gross misconduct under our Disciplinary Policy. Our Drug and Alcohol policy explains how we approach this. smoking policy To protect everyone from the risks of passive smoking whilst they are at work we have a no smoking policy in place in all our buildings, it is also the law, and this extends to the use of e-cigarettes as well. Smoking at work is only allowed at the rear of the buildings, in the designated smoking area and is not permitted outside the front of the building. This is because, as well as increasing the risk of passive smoking for colleagues, clients and members of the public, it can create a bad impression of the FRG. If you are not sure where the designated area is, please ask HR. If you use e-cigarettes you must also only use these outside the building, but you don’t have to use the smoking area if you don’t want to. However, we do ask you to find a place that is not client facing wherever possible. We know that many people what to stop smoking and that it can be really hard to do so. So, if you want help with this you can contact HR, who can point you in the right direction for support services. Expert help in difficult times – Telephone Counselling - 0800 975 3356 As a caring employer we want to support you at all times. Friends, family, colleagues and your manager can often help you out with invaluable help and support when times are tough. But sometimes you just need someone impartial to talk to; or someone who can provide you with independent, professional help and information. Through our Healthcare provider, Simply Health, we offer a telephone counselling service, you can talk to them about anything that is troubling you. Things like financial difficulties, relationships, bereavement, serious illness, separation, anxiety and depression.

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