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Employee Handbook V5 2018

part two protecting you,

part two protecting you, our clients and the fuller reseach group We expect you to have the highest professional and ethical standards whilst you are working for us and in carrying out your role. This includes following any required legislation, our people policies and our policies on business conduct as well as following the Market Research Society Code of Conduct generally. We need you to act professionally, honestly and with integrity in all your dealings with your colleagues, our clients and anyone else that you have contact with as part of your role with us. business integrity We expect each of our employees to maintain the highest standards in carrying out their business activities, adhering to legislation and our policies on business conduct. We expect you to always act professionally, honestly and ethically in your dealing with colleagues, third parties and clients. If during your employment you have received any convictions that you believe will impact on our reputation or the job that you do, it is important that you notify your manager of this fact as soon as possible as it may have a bearing on your future employment with us. For the same reasons outlined above you should also advise your manager if you are required to attend court as a result of being arrested or charged with a criminal or statutory offence; or have any economic or terrorism related sanctions against you, as this may also have a bearing on your future employment with FRG. c conflicts of interest A conflict of interest may happen if you have a direct or indirect interest in a contract or proposed contract as a result of personal or business relationships or other activities outside of your job with us. It is also important you are aware of risks posed by Politically Exposed Persons (‘PEP’S’). These are people who hold or have held positions in public office (e.g. senior political or public office positions or employees of state owned enterprises). PEP’s generally present a higher risk for conflicts of interest and bribery and corruption because of the positions they hold and their ability to influence events. You must let us know of any connection which could be seen to compromise your judgement in your role, so you need to: Make sure you never abuse your position or authority for personal gain Take steps to avoid conflicts of interest wherever possible Tell your manager as soon as possible if you become aware of any potential conflict of interest Co-operate with any steps we need to put in place to manage risks associated with a conflict of interest

c c c other employment and outside interests You may want an additional job as well as your role with FRG, but it is important this does not cause a conflict of interest or have a negative effect on doing your job with us. We also need to check that you’re not putting your health and safety at risk because all of your working hours together potentially putting undue strain on you. You should ask your manager or HR about your plans before you confirm any commitments elsewhere to guard against a possible conflict of interest and make sure everything is ok. This also applies if you want to set up your own business or become self-employed. Although we will never unreasonably stop you from working elsewhere, we won’t agree to anyone working for one of our direct competitors or one of our suppliers or agents. We do encourage our people to have a broad range of interest and activities outside of their work as it helps to gain valuable skills and experiences. We do expect that those other interests are not in competition or conflict with your role or work for us. If you’re not sure whether something you want to get involved with may create a conflict of interest then please speak to your manager. intellectual property In the course of your work with us, you may create certain works or solutions etc. that could have a broader use than just for the Fuller Research Group. These may amount to what is known as “Intellectual Property” or “IP”, and includes inventions, designs or technical know-how. If that’s the case, you must tell us about and keep confidential all such IP and by agreeing to employment with us, you acknowledge that the Company have rights of ownership for any IP created. Any decisions about the protection or use of any such IP are for us to make as a Company. Further details are outlined in your Statement of Terms and Conditions. confidentiality You need to know, and follow, the guidelines about confidentiality in the area you work. In addition, your Terms and Conditions of Employment provide details regarding your duty of confidentiality. You must not disclose confidential information, including personal data about clients, suppliers, respondents or other employees. You may sometimes be entrusted with confidential information relating to a third party organisation, its research and customer list. Please respect your privileged position and do not disclose and information, which could undermine the reputation or commercial position of either company. You must keep everything you use for your work, like any papers or letters, secure both at your workplace and elsewhere. You’ll need to return everything which belongs to us, or which contains confidential information, if you leave the company, or anytime we ask you for it. You must not copy, share or publish any material that is protected by copyright, unless you have the permission of the person who owns the copyright. business continuity management Like any organisation we can be at risk from incidents which interrupt our business operations, for example something unexplained happening to the company building, our systems or our people, or any combination of these things. If a crisis does happen, the people responsible for our crisis management response will make sure internal and external communications are in place so we can carry on with our essential businesses operations and that we have got effective co-ordination in place with external agencies such as the emergency services.

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