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Employee Handbook V5 2018

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getting the most from your employee handbook We would like to wish you every success during your employment, whether you recently joined us or whether you are an existing employee. We hope that your experience of working here will be positive and rewarding. This employee handbook has been designed to introduce you to the company and to serve as a quick reference for many issues relating to your employment with the Fuller Research Group, through policies, practices and benefits. The Handbook is in two parts: Part One provides an overview of the key things you need to know about working for us in relation the our business, our people policies, your terms and conditions, your rewards and benefits, looking after your health, safety and wellbeing and the development opportunities and support for your career that we provide. The second part of the Handbook is about Protecting You, Our Clients and the overall business, it covers legal and ethical requirements that we need to follow to make sure we do the right things all of the time. c Some sections of the Handbook are part of your contractual terms and conditions of employment and these are indicated by this symbol p Some of the sections are an overview of our people or business policies there are indicated by this symbol It is important that you read and understand this Handbook and refer to it when you need to throughout your career with us. From time to time it might be necessary for us to change some of the details contained in this Handbook to reflect changes in company policy or to comply with new legislation, so it is important that you always refer to the most current and up to date policies and Handbook. You will find these on People HR, our internal people software.

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