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Control Engineering - January 2018 (R) 'I'

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At we have the PLCs y need at the prices you want. Regardless of your project or system needs, AutomationDirect has a PLC to match your specs and your budget. So whether you’re building a simple process or a complex machine, you can count on us for affordable PLCs you can rely on. MasTer your conTrol challenge wiTh The power oF do-More! R The Beginner’s BesT Friend CLICK PLCs Basic PLC Unit starting at $69 Free Programming Software & Tech Support for Life! The CLICK PLC family offers extreme value for everyday applications. The compact size and easy programming make CLICK great for small applications and beginner projects. Simple Control Do-more PLCs st Free Programming Softw The Do-more PLC family is d programming powerhouse h instruction sets in the marke allow it to stand strong agains Adv Co (Fixed mem Basic Analog Ethernet Analog Ethernet Discrete Serial Discrete Serial Research, price, buy at: Built-in High Speed Embedded Help Videos USB Custom Comm Slot 1-800-633-0405 Research, www.Do-m input #22 at

ou Break Free FroM a-B! Productivity Series CPU starting at $169 Free Programming Software & Tech Support for Life! arting at $199 are & Tech Support for Life! etermined to get it done. This as one of the most advanced t and many other features that t any challenge. anced ntrol ory addressing) Are you still paying the price for your Allen-Bradley controller? Are you tired of the never-ending software and support expense? Has the unbearable cost of ownership taken you by surprise? Well now you can break FREE with Productivity. The Productivity Series PLCs are high-performance tag name based controllers with expansive built-in communication options and other features you’ll love at an awesome price. And with Productivity you’ll never get hit with extra fees since our software, manuals, tech support, and access to online resources are all completely FREE! Advanced Control (Tag name based) Motion Data Logging Analog Ethernet Motion Data Logging PID Data File Management Discrete Serial PID Mobile Access PWM Outputs price, buy at: PLC Simulator Integrated Security High Speed Hot Swappable I/O USB Built-in Expansion Ports Module Data Displays Scalable PLC Line Research, price, buy at: Web Server 50MB User Memory

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