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24 | January 25, 2018 |

24 | January 25, 2018 | The tinley junction Life & Arts Tribes debuts new beer at Meet the Brewer Night Brewmaster talks tips of the trade Megann Horstead Freelance Reporter Matt Voelker understands how the craft beer industry ebbs and flows. Like many businesses, Tribes Beer Company and its sales go through a lull during the winter months. To entice patrons, Voelker was working on a batch of the brewery’s new beer, Mon Frere, a Belgian-style tripel. The new release served as the featured beer on tap Jan. 16 during Tribes Beer Company’s Meet the Brewer Night. “Stylistically, it’s different, because we don’t have a Belgian [-style] tripel on [tap]—at least of ours,” Voelker said. “As far as Belgians are concerned, the tripel is a little lighter in color, body and character. So, it’s a little bit easier to drink. It’s also higher in alcohol, so it’s kind of deceptive.” Voelker is the new head brewer at Tribes Beer Company, and he has more than seven years of experience in the craft beer industry. “Personally, tripels have been my first favorite style,” Voelker said. “I mean, I drank beer before that, but I liked the [India Pale Ale and American] Pale Ale, but when I found my first Belgian [-style] tripel, I was like, ‘Oh, my god. This is amazing. You can have one and feel like you’ve had three beers.’” Typically, the head brewer will prepare batches of the featured beer for Meet the Brewer Night, have it kegged and place it on tap. Erin Daly, sales manager for Tribes Beer Company, With the Jan. 16 release of the Mon Frere, Tribes Beer Company’s Mokena location currently has 32 beer taps, 12 of which are guest beers. Photos by Megann Horstead/22nd Century Media said this is done immediately because they want everyone to try the new beer. The Belgian-style tripel commonly has draw among beginning consumers of beer, in part because the tripel is considered fruitier and lighter. “It has more of an approachable taste to it,” Daly said. “It’s not very bitter.” Voelker agreed. “It’s not like opening a typical American-style beer,” he said. In the past, Tribes Beer Company has placed similarly styled beers on tap. “We’ve done some Belgians before, but I don’t think we’ve ever did a Belgian [-style] tripel,” Daly said. “This is the very first one. Taste-wise and [Alcohol By Volume]-wise, it’s the first for us.” The brewery currently has two other Belgian-style beers on tap for patrons to choose from. When asked how the new release will compare in sales to similarly styled beers, Daly said it all depends. “Sales-wise, time of year makes a difference,” she said. “Belgians are okay throughout the entire year because they have [traces] of fruitiness, and they are a little bit on the lighter side to drink. So, anything new will probably do really well.” Patrons do not tend to drink Porters, which are common during the summer months, as much as they usually would. Going into the spring, the brewery prides itself on timing the release of its new beer. “I had wanted to release this a little bit sooner because of the higher [concentration of] alcohol,” Voelker said. “It would be good for the winter, like a winter warmer type thing, but it works out better that we waited a little bit longer to release it.” To try the brewery’s Mon Frere, the cost is $7. It is currently on tap at Tribes Beer Company’s Tinley Park and Mokena locations, both of which are open for business from 11:30 a.m.-midnight Sunday through Tuesday and 11:30 a.m.-1 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday. RIGHT: Jackie Valasek (left) toasts glasses with Ty Knauz. Life & Arts the tinley junction | January 25, 2018 | 25 Oak Park Benches on the Avenue returns for 15th season Artist applications due no later than Feb. 2 Cody Mroczka, Editor Official Guidelines via Village of Tinley Park: • The artist may paint, sculpt, transform or adorn the bench, but may not compromise its structural integrity and functionality. The seating area of the bench must remain clear of decoration except for paint in order to retain its usefulness. The benches will be placed in areas fully accessible to the public. In creating a design, please consider carefully the weather and other elements of nature, including sun, rain, wind and dirt. • Designs should be created with durability and public safety in mind. If you are adding height to your bench, please ensure that it is stable and will not tip over. Although objects may be attached to the benches, they should be very sturdy as vandalism could occur. Any object added to a bench should be attached in such a way that it cannot be easily removed. Designs that are religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted. Additionally, neither corporate logos nor advertising is allowed. • The artist must prime and putty the entire bench before painting. Any raw edges, especially the top edge of the seat back must be finished with an outdoor spackling paste or wood putty and then exterior water based primer. (Suggested primers are Kilzor Zinzer.) • Acrylic paint can be used to paint or spray a design on the bench. All surfaces (front, back and sides) of the bench and planters must be decorated. To complete the artwork, each bench must be finished with three (3) coats of varnish. An exterior grade sealer that is non-reactive, not-toxic, UV-resistant and waterproof is strongly recommended. (Polycrylic by Minwax is sold in a satin, semi-gloss and gloss finish.). • Remember, this is an outdoor bench, so it must be finished appropriately. The flowerpots should be decorated and remain unattached so they can be transported to their location, filled and then attached. Artists will not be responsible for installation or removal of finished benches at the selected locations. One of Tinley Park’s favorite traditions returns this May for its 15th season. The Village of Tinley Park’s annual call to amateur and professional artists is drawing to a close for Benches on the Avenue with this year’s chosen theme of “Treasured Family Musicals.” Artists of all degrees and experience are encouraged to submit two designs that will be become the art base for each handcrafted wooden bench sponsored by local individuals and businesses. The six-foot benches are on display from May to October along Oak Park Avenue in Tinley Park’s downtown district where each year tens of thousands of residents and neighboring communities visit to take in the colorful and exotic designs. “We are looking for exciting, imaginative, threedimensional designs depicting some of the most classic musicals of both stage and screen,” the Village’s Marketing Department said in a press release. “Anyone with imagination and a bit of artistic creativity can be part of Benches on the Avenue.” Additionally, a plaque with the artist and sponsor’s names will be attached to the event while all the benches are recognized in the annual walking tour brochure, available this summer. An application and design form are available on the Village’s website and selected artists will receive $400 for supplies, including a chance to win one of several awards based on various criteria such as Best First-Time Participant and Judge’s Choice. A minimum of two benches must qualify per category in order for a prize to be awarded. All artists will be featured on the Village’s website with a biography and accompanying image. Entries must be postmarked no later than Feb. 2, 2018 or can be dropped off at the Tinley Park Village Hall. Artists whose designs have been selected will be notified by Feb. 23 with an artist meeting planned for Feb. 28. Benches will be available for pick up on March 1 at which point the selected artists will work on the project from their home or studio before the benches This bench titled “Tinleyopoly” was part of the 2014 “Let the Games Begin” Benches on the Avenue public art project. Tinley Park is now accepting applicants for next year’s program. 22nd Century Media File Photos A previous submission in the 2015 Benches on The Avenue themed “Heroes and Villians.” are due back by May 4. An awards presentation and meet the artists night is also planned with a scheduled date to be determined. The 2017 season, titled “The Power of Music,” saw nearly two dozen benches entered into the competition that was judged by Patty Ridings (Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce), Joanne Konrath (Tinley Park Public Library), Greg Carter (Tinley Park Park District), Mary Elizabeth Mucci (Mucci World) and Adam Pries (Tinley Park High School). Six different artists or groups won a total of the seven awards. visit us online at