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The Star: March 30, 2017

The Star: March 30,

STREET ART The red-stickered Mill Theatre is a treasure trove P12 Thursday, March 30 , 2017 TEST YOUR SKILL Try our sudoku and other puzzles P30 Home Leisure SHOW June 30 – July 2 EXHIBITORS BOOK NOW & The best read and largest circulating newspaper in Christchurch Rush to realise dream Toby Matthews, 10, was born deaf, and has now learned he is going blind. He wanted to be a builder like his father, Logan. With time running out they have big plans for a project together. •Story, p4 PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN 021 914 5656 Dams could resolve water concerns • By Gabrielle Stuart A NEW dam scheme could help protect Christchurch’s dwindling water supply – but charging residents for the water they use is still being considered. Under the scheme, dams would be built on streams off the Waimakariri River, designed to store floodwater in winter and release it into the aquifers over summer. It is one potential solution to Canterbury’s water problems, as the water levels in the city’s aquifers have dropped to record lows. Water charges are also being looked at to try and reduce household water use, which takes the biggest portion of water drawn out of the aquifers. A working group has been tasked to look at potential solutions and report back to the Christchurch West Melton Water Zone Committee. Working group chairman Chris Kelliher said there was a lot more work to do on the scheme before he could say if it was the best or most cost-effective option. But he believed creating dams or water storage ponds was a good solution. “The idea is to harvest water out of the river in the winter when there’s a good flow and it’s not being utilised, and then put it back in aquifers in the summer,” he said. Similar schemes have been successful in Australia, and one is being piloted in Hinds in South Canterbury. •Turn to page 3