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the winter


Many Kiwis struggle to keep active

and healthy when winter temperatures

plummet, but a leading New Zealand

exercise expert says gym membership

numbers actually go up in winter.

Chief executive of Exercise NZ, Richard

Beddie, says winter is no excuse to stop

training or ease on fitness levels.

“Gyms and other exercise facilities

actually increase in numbers in winter,

even though exercise needs to be a part

of a constant lifestyle, no matter what

time of year it is.

“During winter, it can be even more

important to maintain an active lifestyle.

Not only does working out burn fat, build

muscle strength, increase metabolism

and keep our hearts healthy, it also

helps us to fight off many diseases and


“The start of the cold season and the

resultant change in routine, can be a

great opportunity to start a new habit –

maybe hot yoga for winter 2017?

“There are many studies which have

been done indicating that exercise helps

us to increase our immune systems,

which is so important during the winter


“We know it takes a bit longer to warm

up, but for those who can train in

the outdoors, can get through winter

without hibernating like a bear.”

When it’s warm inside, and cold out, it’s

often tempting to be less active, Richard

says, but those that do exercise will tell

you how it helps beat the winter blues as

well as providing all the regular benefits

of exercise.

“Exercising throughout winter means

that people will also be feeling great

once summer arrives. An exercised body

is a healthy body, which translates to a

better immune system and therefore can

reduce winter illnesses.”

Of course, when it is cold and wet and

you are exercising, it’s important to make

sure you aren’t taking any unnecessary


With proper advice from registered

exercise professionals, training outdoors

is safe throughout the winter months.

When it feels just too frosty, training at

an indoor exercise facility will ensure

Kiwis get all the exercise benefits they

could get from outdoor sessions.

“The key is finding a routine and time

that works for each person. For some,

that’s early mornings, but for others

it’s after work or maybe a 30-minute

exercise snack during the middle of the

day,” Richard suggests.

“In addition to individuals feeling better,

businesses and organisations appreciate

healthy staff, which is most likely to

result in fewer sick days.

“Yet since exercise releases endorphins,

which make us feel good, and lack

of sunlight reduces serotonin, which

balances our moods, spiking training for

sleeping is not always the answer. If the

darker days leave you demotivated and

sluggish, try short, punchy workouts.”

According to a recent study published

in the British Journal of Sports Medicine,

athletic performance peaks in the

evening when people’s core body

temperature is at its highest.

Here is some fitness and health advice

given by Professor Ian Philip to the UK

National Health Services that is worth

considering: head, heart, hip and home.

Cover up your head when outside; think

about your heart by avoiding extreme

changing temperatures; think about your

hips, slips and protecting your bones;

and aim for a warm – but not too warm

– house.


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June 2017

community resources 2017


rangE of services

in one location

Within Eastgate Shopping Centre is

The Loft, a unique combination of social,

community and health services, located

together to ensure easier access to

services for families and individuals. The

intention is to better support children,

young people and families achieve


The Loft is located on the first floor of

the centre. When Eastgate Shopping

Centre was damaged in the 2011

Canterbury earthquakes, mall owner

NPT resolved to transform Eastgate

into a ‘town centre’ comprising a range

of retail, community, health and social

service agencies. The development of

The Loft has significantly progressed

NPT’s vision for the Centre.

The Loft aims to make access to

multiple services easier, and enable

staff across the services to work more

closely together. It comprises two key

service delivery centres. One is a hub

of social and community services that

includes child safety, microfinance,

parenting support, social work support

and family and sexual violence services.

The other is Linwood Medical Centre,

home to general practice, pharmacy,

physiotherapy, midwifery, district

nursing, older person’s health and

mental health services.

The location is making the services

more visible and accessible. Between

the opening on July 4, 2016 and March

31, 2017, over 260 people visited The

Loft social and community hub to seek

support from the agencies based there,

or to be linked with more appropriate

services elsewhere. A Receptionist

connects with people coming into The

Loft, and the Navigator undertakes a

needs assessment, then navigates them

to the most appropriate service/s for

their needs.

Services currently represented at The

Loft are:

• Aviva

• Caring for Carers

• Citizen’s Advice Bureau

• Community Law

• Dual Recovery Trust

• Family Help Trust

• He Waka Tapu

• Plunket


• Red Cross

• Workwise Employment

ContaCt The Loft on 0800 TO LOFT or visit

1st Floor eastgate shopping centre

0800 tO lOFt (865 638)

cOMMunity and sOcial services

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm

• Anger management • Budgeting advice

• Child health, parenting and community support

• Citizen’s Advice Bureau

• Community-based development and resilience

• Community transport services

• Drug education and support

• Family violence services • Legal advice

• Sexual assault support for men and women

• Small loans (no interest and low interest)

• Social work support • Specialist peer support

• Social work support for unpaid carers in the home

• Workplace support for people with personal or health challenges

HealtH services

Opening hours: Monday to thursday: 8am – 8pm

Friday: 8am – 5pm Weekends: 10am – 4pm

An integrated primary healthcare centre offering general medical,

midwifery, pharmacy, physiotherapy, mental health and older

person’s services is located in an adjacent space.

4 community resources 2017

LEarning to cook


for our children

New Massey University

research, commissioned by

the Heart Foundation and, shows

only 13 per cent of surveyed

teachers identified planning

and preparing a complete

meal as a key learning

objective for their students.

Nearly 120 schools throughout

New Zealand took part in the

research, which examined how

children in Years 7 and 8 were

taught cooking skills under

the current school curriculum.

Heart Foundation food and

nutrition manager Dave Monro

says while many schools are

doing a good job of teaching

cooking, he is concerned

about the inconsistencies


Ad Number: BST4824

Artwork: BST4824

Size: 13.5x2


Account: Community Resources

Colour: F

Filename: BST4824

in what is taught, how it is

taught and how much time is

devoted to it.

“Many of the foods and

techniques taught in class

were based around cakes,

muffins and desserts with less

than 50 per cent of the foods

prepared being main meal

items,” Mr Monro says.

“Additionally, only 10 per

cent of teachers surveyed

listed the fruit and vegetable

content of a recipe as a factor

that influenced their recipe


“A number of schools

surveyed have comprehensive

programmes, which we can

learn from and use as the

basis for enhancing teaching

in other schools,” Mr Monro


As he points out, cooking

meals and gathering

together as a family, and as a

community, is proven in many

cultures to be an essential

ingredient for a healthy


“Traditionally, schools

and parents were the

main teachers of cooking

skills, however, changes in

traditional family structures

have resulted in fewer

opportunities for our children

to develop these important

life skills.

“The school curriculum is

the most appropriate way to

support the development of

cooking skills as it reaches all

children and provides many

learning opportunities across

a number of subject areas,” he


As a result of the findings,

the Heart Foundation and will now

roBinsons of Riccarton

Robinsons of Riccarton is

a new independent family

Community Pharmacy

established in 2015 .

We open late until 8pm

Monday through to Saturday

and pride ourselves on having

no out of hours fees or fax

fees for prescriptions.

Our Prescription fees are only

$2 for Community Service’s

card holders (exclusions for

part payments or unfunded


work with agencies, such as

the Ministry of Health, the

Ministry of Education, the

Association of Intermediate

and Middle Schools, and

the Home Economics and

Technology Teachers’

Association on developing

steps to strengthen what is


Mr Monro also believes there

is a key message for parents

“that they need to do what

they can from an early age to

get children in the kitchen and

to teach them about food and

food preparation”.

The Heart Foundation Kids'

Kitchen website page has

ideas on how to engage kids

in cooking at home or school.

We offer a 10% discount

for gold card and student

card holders on over the

counter medicines , health

food vitamins and skin care

(excluding prescriptions and

pharmacist only medicines).

There is free parking

available at the rear of

the pharmacy via Division

Street off Riccarton Road.

We are prepared to make a



Ad Number: NB00001


Artwork: NB00001

Size: 6x2

Description: RICCARTON

117A Riccarton Road, Riccarton


Colour: Pharmacist: Mark Robinson

phone: 03 348 8488 or 0800 348 848 | fax: 03 348 8485

Filename: NB00001 |

Prepared to make a difference

community resources 2017


BowEL screening

gets underway

in July

New Zealand’s National Bowel

Screening Programme (NBSP) is being

rolled out from July and, once operating

nationwide, is expected to reduce

disease and death from one of our most

preventable and treatable cancers.

“This is a hugely significant step for

New Zealand which, with just over 3000

cases a year, has one of the highest rates

of bowel cancer in the world,” clinical

director Dr Susan Parry says.

The NBSP will ultimately be available

throughout the country to everyone

aged 60 to 74, who is eligible for

publicly funded healthcare.

“When the programme is fully operating,

more than 700,000 people will be


Ad Number: MBO2042

Artwork: MBO2042

Size: 13.5x4


Account: with editorial and image

Colour: F

Filename: MBO2042

invited for free screening every two

years, and initially between 500-700

cancers are expected to be found

annually,” Dr Parry says.

Dr Parry says the parameters for the

national programme have been set

so the benefits of screening outweigh


“Screening is being offered to those

most likely to have a bowel cancer or

a polyp detected if they’re referred

to colonoscopy. This is important, as

colonoscopy is an invasive procedure,

which carries a degree of risk, as is the

case for most medical procedures. The

potential harms of screening people

who are less likely to have bowel cancer

include increased anxiety and high

numbers of colonoscopies in which no

problems are found.

“Having sufficient colonoscopy capacity

is also a factor. We need to be able to

refer people for colonoscopy who’ve had

a positive test through screening but

not create such demand that we delay

access for other people who may have


“There are limited numbers of specialists

or health professionals trained to

perform colonoscopy, and whilst

resources have and are being increased

in New Zealand we need to work within

our projected available capacity. This has

also been the case for other countries

starting bowel screening programmes,”

Dr Parry says.

6 community resources 2017

Saving Lives

St John First Aid courses

Would you know what

provide the necessary

to do in an emergency?

knowledge and

confidence to provide

St John is one of the

effective first aid

leading providers of first

whenever it’s required.

aid training in

Courses range from basic

Canterbury. Teaching

first aid training and

people first aid skills is

industry specific

critically important - first

modules through to

aid can help save a life.

advanced resuscitation

for hospital employees.

St John began in New

Zealand 132 years ago

If you would like to know

and was started by

what to do in an


emergency and would

people who were

like to save someone’s

eager to promote first

life, a first aid course with

aid skills and training to

St John’s qualified

the public. Saving lives

instructors will ensure

and helping others was

you have all the skills

very important to them.

you need when the time

They believed everyone

comes to save someone’s

should have some


level of first aid ability,

as accidents and medical


emergencies can

nz/firstaid or phone

happen anywhere,

0800 FIRST AID (0800


347 782) to book your

first aid course today.

With a tailor-made Acorn

Stairlift you can stay right

where you are - keep your

home, keep your freedom and

retain your independence.

At Acorn we want to make sure

that you get the perfect stairlift

solution for your needs. Our

unique rail system means that

we can fit an Acorn Stairlift

to all types of staircase, and

what’s more, we can do so

within a matter of days rather

than weeks. A visit from one

of our friendly surveyors will

acorn Stairlift

allow you to see what sets

Acorn Stairlifts apart from

any other stairlift company.

After assessing your needs,

our surveyor will instantly be

able to give you the peace of

mind of knowing exactly how

affordable an Acorn Stairlift

can be.

We have led the way with our

design and innovation. Acorn

Stairlifts are the first stairlift

manufacturer to be awarded

the Arthritis Foundation’s Easeof-Use


FaLLs are not a normal

part of ageing

FALLS, the most common

injury in older people can be

prevented due to poor balance

and weakened leg muscles.

Half of all people over 80 fall

each year and a third will be

over 65 of which women will

be more likely than men, many

causing broken bones which

can have life changing results.

Canterbury’s Falls Prevention

Service Steady as you go and

green prescription exercise

classes are designed to build

up your muscle strength and

improve your balance. All

other exercise that you do on

your feet is good for muscle

strength. Half an hour at least

three times a week is beneficial.

If you are over 50 years and

have broken a bone talk to your

Doctor about osteoporosis or

contact your local Osteoporosis

Society for more information,

Trish at

Join the Canterbury

Osteoporosis Society

for • Support and Understanding

• Information

• Regular Newsletters

• Exercise and Dietary Information

• Public Meetings

Phone Trish

(03) 960-5143




community resources 2017


connEcting people with

the support they need

i don’t want

to be a bother

Over the past decade or two,

public awareness of dementia

has increased hugely as the

number of people living

with dementia has grown,

primarily as a result of an

ageing population who are

living longer. Nevertheless, it

is still a diagnosis that is often

surrounded by stigma, fear and

a lack of understanding.

Dementia Canterbury is directly

positioned to connect people

affected by dementia with the

education, support and services

to enable them to continue

to live well in the community

for as long as possible. As

everyone with dementia is

different, the services they

require are also different.

These diverse services include:

A concurrent education series

for people living with dementia

and their care partners/

whanau; Individual and family

Making life better for all people

affected by dementia

Dementia Canterbury provides

information, education and

specialised social work support to

all those affected by dementia in

our region. This includes people

with dementia, their family/whanau,

the wider community and those who

work in a dementia-related field.

Our range of services offered

includes Therapeutic Groups,

Support Groups and a range

of activity programmes and

community cafes.

Carers’ Support Groups run for

families/friends who are supporting

a person with dementia. Carers

also join the Cafes.

Our Social Workers facilitates the

groups and cafes and also offers

information and education, home

visits, grief, loss and adjustment

support, and advocacy for those

affected by dementia.

We offer “Living Well” courses for

families and friends supporting

people diagnosed with dementia

and Community Education

Sessions - as negotiated.

Social Work support; Younger

onset support groups; Carer

support groups; Monthly

memory groups and a ‘Brain

Ignition’ series for people with

dementia; A social programme

of events: Community cafes; A

post-placement support group;

Companion volunteers; Monthly

education seminars.

A range of activity groups

also runs to support people’s

engagement with their local

community, such as, gardening

at the Botanic Gardens, art

appreciation at the Art Gallery,

Book group at various libraries,

baking for Ronald McDonald

House, swimming groups at

various pools and walking


To learn more go to

Dementia the Basics is a day long

course for those working with people

with dementia. Tailored Education

Sessions are also available.

We have a comprehensive library

of books for loan and resources

are available on a variety of topics

related to dementia.

Anyone can refer to Dementia

Canterbury as long as there is a

diagnosis of dementia. We will

support people through the process

of obtaining a diagnosis.

We rely heavily on donations,

bequests and support with

fundraising. If you think you can

help with these, or would like

access to one of our Services, we

would love to hear from you.

For further information please


Dementia Canterbury

314 Worcester Street, Christchurch

Ph: 03 379 2590 or 0800 444 776

or (WestCoast 0800 259 226)

As we age our bodies don’t

function with the same ease.

This can be slow and insidious

or a sudden shock after an

illness. When we are not easily

able to do things for ourselves,

life can become difficult.

These simple tasks may

become challenging:

• turning on taps

• getting out of chairs or cars

• pulling plugs out of the wall

• lifting jugs and opening


• getting out and about

• showering and dressing

• cooking or swallowing

Having to depend on others to

do or help with these tasks can

be frustrating, inconvenient and

embarrassing. Many of us don’t

ask for help as we don’t want

to be a bother and we leave

seeking help until we get into a

crisis. We may struggle alone at

home with little knowledge of

the help available to assist our


Feeling as if you are relying

on family can make you feel

like a burden. Time with family

is precious and needs to be

enjoyable. Professional help

is available and can help you

maintain your freedom and

avoid an unnecessary crisis.

If you, or anyone you know

is struggling to maintain their

independence and confidence

Therapy Professionals friendly

therapists can help.

To make life easier they will

suggest adapting your home

or lifestyle, recommending

alternative ways of doing

things or giving tips on useful

gadgets and equipment.

Worried about

parents at home?

We can





Physio, Speech Language, Music,

Occupational Therapists and Dieticians

P: (03) 377 5280 |


8 community resources 2017

ProgrammEs designed to

give parents confidence

a cHiLd who’s ‘a little


Parents and caregivers

seeking before and after-school

care for their children can feel

confident placing them in a

CASPA programme.

These varied and exciting

programmes are designed

to provide children with fun,

engaging and safe places to

spend time before and after

school, as well as in the school


Their after-school option

enables children to get help

with their homework, as well

as enjoy a nutritious afternoon

tea. To help make it easy to

get there, CASPA provides a

walking bus service from some


For parents needing the

before-school option, this is

available from 7.15am on school

days, so there is plenty of time

to get organised for the day.

The CASPA school holiday

programmes are popular with

children and adults alike, and

feature a range of exciting

activities such as trips to the


movies and ten-pin bowling.

Art activities keep the children

occupied while encouraging

their creativity. They include

painting and clay work, cooking

and making mocktails, while

sport offers everything from

unihoc to rollerskating.

CASPA school holiday

programmes now incorporate

the popular Papa Jacks

programme, giving even more

variety. The school holiday

programmes largely focus on

the five to 13-year-old children,

but there is also a new Youth

Holiday Programme designed

for the 11 to 14 year-olds. And

whatever their age, children

love being in the safe, relaxed

and creative environment

CASPA provides.

CASPA programmes are

affordable too, with some

families potentially eligible for

the OSCAR subsidy.

To find out where your nearest

CASPA services are available,


After School

& Holiday Programme

Your friendly

childcare solution








• We provide a safe, creative environment for 5-13 year olds

• Our staff are trained • A range of fun activities

• 7.15-8.30am and 3-6pm Mon-Fri

• 8am-6pm Holidays • Kids just LOVE it!

We all know children who

are just ‘a little different’ –

perhaps they’re clumsy, have

difficulty writing or tying

shoelaces. Some may be prone

to ‘meltdowns’, and struggle to

fit in. This could be a sensory

processing problem.

To interpret the world around

us and to function well in

everyday life we need to

accurately process information

from our environment through

our senses.

For some children, their

nervous system for some

reason may be receiving,

sorting and using information

inaccurately from the

environment, causing them to

either under or over react to a

sensation, or to actively seek or

avoid a sensation.

This can lead to a lot of

distress for the child, family

and teachers, as coping

with everyday experiences

like a noisy classroom, the

feel of a fabric, or moving

in a coordinated way may

present huge challenges. It

can influence behaviour and

interfere with learning, doing

everyday activities or simply

fitting in.

Often these behaviours are

mistaken for the child being

‘naughty’ or poor parenting. To

confuse matters more, no child

is the same. Each has their own

individual set of difficulties.

Therapy Professionals

experienced Occupational

Therapists may be able to

help improve the lives of

these children and those

around them. Just contact

us at 3775280 or visit www.

Worried a child is

struggling at home

& school?

Contact us

- we can


call us noW

P: 349 9260 or 027 352 1638




Physio, Speech Language, Music,

Occupational Therapists and Dieticians

P: (03) 377 5280 |


FrEE intervention service helps

young people manage emotions

Enabling Youth (EY), a division

of Stopping Violence Services

Christchurch Inc. provides a

comprehensive one-to-one

intervention between 6 to

12 weeks for young persons

11 to 24 years on its 100 per


Programme. “Getting It

Together” is an individualised

programme for young men and

women that focuses on:

• Managing anger

• Coping with difficult


• Developing resilience

• Changing behaviour

• Respectful relationships

• Safety planning

• Challenging irrational & self

defeating beliefs

• Problem solving

& negotiation

• Coping with grief and loss

• Life & Communication skills

Stopping Violence Services

(SVS) is a government

preferred provider with

over 34 years’ experience

providing Anger Management

programmes. Enabling Youth

Are you in control of your


or is it controlling you?



“Getting It Together” is an individualized

programme for young men and women that

focuses on:

• Managing Anger

• Behaviour Change

• Managing Difficult


Stopping Violence Services (SVS) is a

Government Preferred Provider of

Anger Management Programmes.



has been operating since 2008.

The programme was developed

to work alongside young

people who are challenged with

abusive or violent behaviours.

Enabling Youth Manager

Brian Washington says:

“Our programmes are highly

regarded across the Canterbury

region proving success in

reducing/eliminating instances

of abuse, therefore breaking the

cycle of violence.”

If any of the following apply:

• You are having conflict with

our partner or family

• People tell you that you have

a problem with your temper

• You feel angry at the world

• You find it hard to talk about

what’s going on. You bottle

things up.

• You assault people when


• You have trouble controlling

your temper-have a short fuse

For enquiries:


0800 478 778


• Enhancing Self Esteem

• Providing Communication


• Problem Solving

For enquiries or to make an appointment

Ph. 0800 478 778

community resources 2017

The CWEA continues to

offer a space for community

education with a specific

interest in social justice and


We believe in providing a

place where ordinary New

Zealanders can learn about

a wide range of topics and

participate in active citizenship

and this has been reflected

in our efforts to offer diverse

and engaging courses and


Ad Number: BST4830

Artwork: BST4830

Size: 6.4x2



Roopu Kaimahi Matauranga O Waitaha


Community education and courses throughout the year

59 Gloucester Street. Phone: 366 0285

Courses throughout the year


on a variety of topics from social reform, social justice,

philiosophy to art history.

Community education and courses throughout the year


Roopu Kaimahi Matauranga O Waitaha

Account: Community Resources Magazine

Colour: F

Filename: BST4830

59 Gloucester Street | Phone: 366 0285

Email: |

59 Gloucester Street. Phone: 366 0285



Ad Number: FG9989



Central location • Cooked healthy heart meals

Size: 6.4x2




Colour: F

Filename: FG9989

• Large private outdoor play area • Casual care available

• Enrolments available now • 7.30am - 5.30pm Mon to Fri

EST 1987

389 2483 • 375 Worcester Street • Christchurch


lectures. Our courses and

lectures cover a wide variety

of topics including art history,

mathematics and social justice.

As an organization we also

believe firmly in supporting

other likeminded groups and

hope to continue to work on

building more community


If you have any ideas or would

like to volunteer we are only

too happy to hear from you.

LindisFarnE nursery School

Lindisfarne Nursery School was

established by Tricia Cuthbert

in 1987 and remains part of

the Cuthbert family today

committed to Christchurch,

community, Lindisfarne families,

and most importantly the futures

and happiness of our children.

We believe in developing

children’s feelings of self-worth,

and encouraging tolerance

and understanding of others

with a separate nursery with an

outdoor area where the children

discover and explore.

Our teachers hold a Diploma

of Teaching in Early Childhood,

and one a Diploma of Teaching

in Primary as well as early

childhood. She prepares the four

year olds for school through an

informal and brief daily ‘lesson’

time which the children love to

take part in.

We are a strong multi-cultural

centre with committed teachers

who embrace and celebrate

diversity for our families

Morning and afternoon tea and a

cooked lunch are provided, and

we welcome visitors.

Check us out www. or

389 2483

10 community resources 2017

ACC and


hearing loss

On January 1, 2011, the

rules governing work-related

hearing loss covered by ACC

changed. Prior to this date,

all rehabilitative costs - for

example hearing aids - were

covered by ACC irrespective

of the degree of hearing loss

attributable to work-related


ACC now makes a

contribution or part payment

towards the cost of hearing

aids purchased by the

claimant, provided the workrelated

component of their

total hearing loss is 6 per cent

or greater.

Further to this, a correction

is made from about the age

of mid-50s onwards to take


Ad Number: MMA2162

Artwork: MMA2162

Size: 13.5x4





Colour: F

Filename: MMA2162

into account the effects of

ageing on hearing loss as we

get older.

Many individuals make their

ACC claim for work-related

hearing loss too late in life,

where the effects of age push

them under the six per cent

threshold and their claim is


Therefore it is prudent to

make your claim for workrelated,

(or industrial hearing

loss as it also known)

sooner rather than later. This

improves your chances of

success and the claim being


ACC will pay for the running

costs of your hearing aids,

ie batteries, and will make

a contribution to any repair

your aids may need outside

the manufacturer’s warranty


In summary, ACC will allow

you to ‘top-up’ to purchase

the hearing aids of your

choice which are compatible

with your hearing loss,

lifestyle and budget.

Under the present regulations

ACC will consider replacing

your ACC-funded hearing aids

every six years.

“It is important to make your

“A tiny hearing aid that

outperforms normal

hearing in challenging

listening environments” *

• Reduces listening effort throughout

your day, less stress & fatigue.

• Understand speech in difficult listening

situations, eg. Restaurants.

• German engineered hearing aid, easy

to operate.



Call today to book an appointment for

a free hearing check & hearing aid demo

Consultations by Appointment only

Merivale Hearing Clinic

24b Church Lane. Call now: 356 2324

Greg foote, Audiologist MNZAS

ACC application now, do not

put it off, as time will work

against you,” says Greg Foote,


If you are not satisfied

with your present hearing

aids provider, require more

information or wish to

investigate making a claim

for work-related hearing

loss, make an appointment

for a free no obligation

consultation with Merivale

Hearing Clinic.

Phone Greg Foote on 356

2324 today.

*Clinically proven

community resources 2017


KEEP in touch

with MyMSD

worKing in partnership

with business

If you're getting help

from the Ministry of Social

Development it’s now easier

than ever for you to keep

track of things and let them

know if something changes.

All you need to do is use

your mobile phone, tablet or

computer to head to and log in for the first


There's no app or download

required. It's easy to set up

and once you have, you just

use a PIN to login.

It's faster than calling, cheaper

than going into the office and

you can use it whenever it

suits you - no more waiting in

line or on the phone.

Thousands of people now use

it every day to:

• Tell us about a relationship


• Declare wages

• Update their email

address and other contact


• Check their Payment Card

balance and expiry

• Manage appointments

• View letters

• Check Community

Services Card details

• Apply for some types of


No data? No problem. MyMSD

provides 'cheap as' data

which means it costs less than

a cent per visit if you’re using

the Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees

or Skinny mobile networks.

In their roles in the Ministry

of Social Development’s

Work Services, local industry

partnership advisor Kate Smart

and work broker Jeff Herbert

work alongside industry

leaders, employers, government

departments and community

groups to proactively meet

labour and skill shortages at

national and regional levels.

Together with their national

Employer Services they also

facilitate the provision of Skills

for Industry programmes,

recruitment services and

national initiatives so

jobseekers can be placed into


Their work brokers services

also include developing

recruitment packages for

employers and negotiating

training and job experience

subsidies to support the

transition of jobseekers into the

local labour market.

“The most exciting

development for us in

Christchurch is the new

industry partnerships this year

with local employers,” Kate


“This is a great way for growing

businesses to provide training

for entry level staff.”

Their largest project this year

is assisting with the workforce

for the completion of Acute

Services building (the new

hospital) in Hagley Avenue.

“This commercial construction

is requiring many trade

assistants and trainee vinyl

layers and recruitment is

underway,” Jeff says.

“We are putting packages

together to suit the recruitment

and training needs of local

employers to ensure we

maximise this opportunity for

our jobseekers”.

Update your details

Go on, it’s easy online.

Try MyMSD today.

Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub

The CSE Hub was set up in recognition of the workforce demand for skill

and labour as a result of the rebuild and associated economic growth in

Canterbury. It recognises the need for a fast response for employers seeking

workers both locally, and where there is a need to recruit migrants.

The Canterbury Skills & Employment Hub is a joint initiative between

the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Ministry of Social

Development, and Tertiary Education Commission.

When employers register their vacancies at we

match them against our database of jobseekers to find candidates suited to

their current needs.

Our priority is to match Canterbury employers with skills and labour in

Canterbury and wider New Zealand. The Hub may refer employers to people

fresh out of training or about to graduate, jobseekers registered with Work

and Income or others looking to work in Canterbury.

Where there are no suitable New Zealanders available, then the Hub will be

able to help fast track the immigration process for overseas worker saving

employers time and effort.

0800 CAN HUB (0800 226 482)

Each month The Hub lists over 600 jobs across a range of Industries, from

hospitality services through to construction, driving and everything in

between. Not all jobs require a high level of experience or skill. They are also

not all trades or construction related.

Most of our vacancies are fulltime- (99%) 30 hours per week or more. If you,

or someone you know is looking for work, check out our Face Book page. is the easiest way to quickly view and apply for our


12 community resources 2017

HoMe-based childcare

service seeks new educators

PLUnKEt offers a range of

Community Services

Stems FROM HOME is

a small, privately owned

childcare service owned and

operated by local mother

and teacher, Emma McAlister.

Emma launched the service

in Auckland in 2011, and when

she returned to Christchurch

recently, she brought the

service with her.

Currently, there are eight

Home Based Educators in

Christchurch, who provide

childcare services for small

groups of up to four children

in their home. The children

receive lots of one-on-one

attention with individualised

learning programmes, and

enjoy a variety of age-related

indoor and outdoor activities.

Stems FROM HOME has

received positive reports from

ERO, which can be viewed on

the ERO website.

The 20 hours ECE for three and

four year-olds is offered, and

WINZ subsidies are available

for eligible families. The only

cost to families is the hourly

rate paid to the educators.

Based in Rolleston, the service

is available to families right

across Christchurch.

Stems FROM HOME is now

looking for new Home Based

Educators – people that

have experience working

with children under five, and

have a rapport and warmth

with children and a positive,

enthusiastic personality.

Educators can study for

National Certificate in Early

Childhood Education at no

cost, and can do this online

from home while they are

working with Stems FROM

HOME. First Aid training is

also provided at no cost to the

educator. Equipment such as

Plunket-approved car seats is

also provided.

To enquire about childcare

services, or working as an

Home Based Educator, contact

Emma on 0800 78 33 78, email

The boundaries of ‘Canterbury’

Plunket covers the region with

volunteer groups and clinics

based from Kaikoura to the

Rakaia River and from the Alps

to Akaroa. Canterbury Plunket

is a growing Plunket region, the

fourth-fastest in New Zealand,

and they are proud to support a

large number of volunteers in the


Perceptions of Plunket usually

centre on the government

funded Well Child/Tamariki Ora

Nurses that run clinics and drop

in centres, and provide home

visits to new families. However,

Plunket also provides a number

of Community Services, which

rely on money from fundraising,

grants and donations, with a

dedicated team of staff and

volunteers. While administered

and led at a Canterbury

Area level, these Community

Services are run for and by the

communities where they are

based, responding directly to

community need.

Through Community Services,

services for families are provided

for free or at a minimal cost. They


• Tumbling Toddlers

• Parenting Education (PEPE)

• Toes and Giggles

• Coffee/Support/Parent


• Playgroups

• Toy Libraries

Their latest service is Pregnancy

& Parenting Education (formerly

known as Antenatal Classes),

which supports first-time

parents by providing a range of

information and facilitation of

discussions around pregnancy

and childbirth, and parenting

of their newborn baby. Plunket

Canterbury encourages

enrolment for a course as soon

as your pregnancy has been

confirmed. Information about this

service can be found at

Like them on Facebook

and keep up to date with

what’s happening in Plunket

around Canterbury at


Safe &




New vaCaNCies available Now

in Christchurch homes with over 120 children currently

enrolled in stems homes we would love to be able

to help your family too!

‘In the first 1000 days

we make the difference

of a lifetime’

Find out more about how we can support you

and your child’s first 1000 days


Or visit the Canterbury Facebook page

for upcoming events, parenting education

and much more

Call us today to personally discuss

your individual childcare needs.

0800 78 33 78

wHy the Enchanted Garden

is so unique

The Enchanted Garden is

unique in the sense that we are

a very small centre compared

to the big franchise preschools

of today. Our separate nursery

is licensed for 10 under 2's with

3 teachers and our preschool is

licensed for 23 over 2's with 3


This means that each child is

given individualised attention

and care by teachers that

know them well. We are also

unique because our teaching

team consists of over 80%

fully trained early childhood


The Enchanted Garden

255 Greers Rd, Burnside

Phone: 03 359 7944

OPEN 7.30-5.30pm ALL YEAR



for 3-5





For the highESt quAlitY

EDucAtion and cARE

by trained teachers for 0-5 years

hAlF & Full DAYS AVAilABlE!

Current research states that

"Trained teachers working with

small groups of children can

provide the highest standard

of education and care". At

The Enchanted Garden we are

proud to tick both of these

boxes. Read our fantastic 2016

E.R.O report online and see

what the Education Review

Office had to say about us. If

you want outstanding high

quality education and care

for your child, in a warm and

nurturing home like setting

then The Enchanted Garden is

the place for you.

community resources 2017

travis Medical Centre

Travis Medical Centre in

New Brighton is a general

medical practice which has

been taking care of the health

of local families for over fifty


Open five days a week with

out-of-hours care available

at the 24 Hour Surgery in

Madras Street, they believe in

helping their patients achieve

optimum health at all stages

of life. They provide medical

advice and treatments to

support patients’ physical

and mental well being. Their

team of experienced doctors

and nurses provide a range

of services for all ages such

as medical check ups and

prescriptions, accident and

emergency treatments, skin

checks and minor surgery

to remove small moles,

contraception and Under 21

sexual health advice.

So that their patients have

more control of their own

health, the friendly and

helpful nurses give advice on

nutrition and healthy lifestyles,

stopping smoking, child health

checks as well as diabetes


Ad Number: BST4829

Artwork: BST4829

Size: 13.5x2


Account: Community Resources

Colour: F

Filename: BST4829

Healthcare for all ages

Looking after the health of the

North New Brighton and Burwood

community for over 50 years.

Resident Doctors:

Dr David Pilbrow

Dr Heather Peacock

We offer a full range of

medical and nursing services

including minor surgery,

contraception, nutrition and

healthy lifestyle reviews.

Additional Services:

Podiatrist - Lesley Marsh

Midwife - Lucia Clearwater

Dr Harsed Chima

Dr Sue French

Dr Arthur Collins


and asthma education. A

self service “Health Kiosk” is

available for people to pop

in and measure their weight,

height and blood pressure.

A podiatrist, Leslie Marsh,

is available for foot care and

a midwife, Lucia Clearwater

holds a clinic at the medical

centre. A social worker, Gena

Orpwood, has also joined the

team to help patients access

social services.

As the practice continues

to evolve, the premises are

being extended and it is

hoped that the building work

will be completed by October.

The centre is also a teaching

practice for registrars (GPs

in their first year since

qualifying) and student

nurses, who bring with them

enthusiasm and up-to-date


To book an appointment

or for more advice and

information find them at 225

Travis Road, New Brighton,

Telephone: (03) 388 9686 or


225 Travis Road, Nth New Brighton

Ph: 388 9686

Open 8am-5pm Mon-Fri

14 community resources 2017

raising awareness of

hepatitis in the community

ProstatE Cancer –

A Message for Men

World Hepatitis Day, July 28,

is aimed at raising awareness of

hepatitis, which affects about

500 million people worldwide.

It is estimated over 100,000

Kiwis carry the hepatitis B and

C viruses. However, because of

the absence of symptoms in

many with chronic infections,

they are not diagnosed. An

effective Hepatitis B vaccine

that has been available since

the 1980s and given to 95 per

cent of pre-schoolers means

the incidence of new infections

is relatively low and the burden

of disease is shrinking.

Hepatitis C was discovered

in 1989. At the peak of the

epidemic in New Zealand there

were probably 50,000 people

chronically infected. Screening

blood/blood products for

markers of the virus and

providing clean needles and

syringes has dramatically

reduced the incidence of new

infections amongst blood

recipients and people that

inject drugs – the two main risk


While there is still no vaccine

for hep C, there are treatment

options that have shown

a greater than 95 per cent

cure rate, are well tolerated,

are orally administered and

completed in 12 weeks.

The focus of this year’s

awareness campaign is to find

people with latent undiagnosed

infections, and to make sure

everyone knows the new

medications have superseded

interferon-based treatments.

So if you or somebody you care

about has hepatitis B or C and

might not be up-to-date on this

information please get in touch.

By Graeme Woodside, CEo,

Prostate Cancer Foundation

As men get older, they often

develop problems with their

prostate gland. This shows

mostly in difficulties they have

with urinating – sometimes

some pain or slow flow,

frequent visits to the toilet,

especially at night, or problems

passing urine when they feel

the need to do so.

While not all of these problems

may actually be caused by

prostate cancer, men should

have these checked out by

their doctor.

There is medication available

for non-cancerous conditions,

and a simple blood test (PSA)

and a physical examination

by the doctor will give a good

indication if the cause of the

problems may be prostate


Prostate cancer is the most

common cancer in men and

tends to be more common

as men get older. It is really

important for men, whether

they have any symptoms or

not, to get checked each year

once they reach age 50 or

from age 40 if there is a family

history of this disease.

Early detection means that

the disease can be effectively

treated. However once

prostate cancer becomes

more advanced it can have

devastating consequences and

kills over 600 Kiwi men each


For more information go to

community resources 2017



Ad Number: JB8300

Artwork: JB8300

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Colour: F

Filename: JB8300

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cHristcHUrcH School

of Music

The Christchurch School

of Music is a family-oriented

community aimed at providing

quality music education in

and around Christchurch. The

school has been an important

part of the music education

scene for 62 years so why not

come along and join us?

On a Saturday morning

the whole family can find

something to suit. Preschool

children can start their musical

journey by joining in our “Take

Off with Music” classes while

older children may opt for

group or individual lessons on

a specific instrument (including

voice). Those who already

play are welcome to join in one

of the great ensembles which

all take part in regular concerts.

Recitals where individuals can

perform are also held regularly.

CSM also provides a

comprehensive music

education to participating

primary schools via its

Outreach programme with

tuition offered in band, strings,

recorder, ukulele and classroom


An area that has grown rapidly

over the last few years is the

Late Starters’ programme

where adults approaching

retirement with more time

on their hands really enjoy

learning an instrument and

joining an ensemble with other

like-minded adults.

CSM also offers a range

of weekday opportunities

for music tuition and if

affordability is an issue, CSM

may be able to offer a discount

through funding provided by

the Rata Foundation.

Term 3 starts on Saturday

29 July and we can take new

enrolments in most classes and


Please contact us via our

website and

let us start you on a musical

journey that will bring pleasure

for a lifetime.


Ad Number: FG9968

Artwork: FG9968

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Colour: F

Filename: FG9968

marsHLands nest

Roslyn Eason owns and

operates the Marshlands Nest

Early Learning Centre. She is a

fully trained and experienced

early childhood teacher.

Marshlands Nest is an intimate

center, with a maximum of 25

under fives attending at any

one time.

Roslyn says, "Our goal is to

create a setting where selfesteem,

love, learning and

respect for others is prominent,

and where every child leaves

each day feeling secure

and loved in their special


Marshland Nest recognises

that children learn through play

and through all experiences

and interactions. They create

the most positive environment

for this in a number of ways.

They have a mixed license.

This lets children of different

ages play and interact with

each other. It allows siblings

to be together, and gives

solo children the chance to

feel part of a larger family. It

enables children at different

stages of development to learn


Ad Number: NB00002

Artwork: NB00002

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Filename: NB00002

important skills from each

other such as respect, caring,

leadership and responsibility

and it means that children do

not need to transition between

rooms as they get older. For

those with multiple under fives

it has the added bonus of a

more stream lined pick up and

drop off.

Marshlands Nest also

recognises the need for age

specific learning and a portion

of each day is spent in "nest

time: learning with others of

the same age. This learning

is child directed, based and

focused around their individual


The team at Marshlands Nest

would love to have you as part

of their family, please feel free

to drop by or give them a call.

community resources 2017



your health

a boost


seasonal fruit

Eating fresh fruit is a natural, easy way

to boost wellness during winter, says 5+

A Day.

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising

regularly will help to ward off sniffles

and sneezes during the coldest months.

Seasonal fruit, such as mandarins,

oranges and lemons, taste great as well

as being good sources of vitamins and

minerals to help the immune system do

its job well.

Here are some quick tips on how

seasonal produce can aid in boosting

immunity, while adding a burst of colour

to winter meals.


Two mandarins provide you with

180 per cent of your daily vitamin C


Easy recipe ideas: For a healthy workday

lunch, gently toss together mandarin

segments, salad greens, chopped spring

onion, sliced capsicum and shredded

chicken. Finish with a homemade

dressing. Salsa is another great way

to add a sweet, tangy flavour burst to

winter meals. Peel and dice mandarin

segments and mix with finely chopped

red onion, a squeeze of fresh lemon

juice, olive oil and chopped coriander.

For extra heat, add chilli. Mix gently and

serve with grilled chicken breast or with



A good source of vitamin C, this tangy

fruit has many uses in the kitchen.

From baking to perking up salads and

marinades, the zesty taste of lemon

quickly brightens up winter dishes.

Easy recipe ideas: For a fresh winter

slaw, toss finely sliced fennel and

chopped walnuts. As a dressing, squeeze

over fresh lemon juice, red wine vinegar

and olive oil. When roasting root

vegetables, squeeze over the juice of

one to two lemons and tuck the halves

in around the vegetables. Once the

vegetables are cooked, squeeze over

the juice of another half a lemon and

sprinkle with plenty of chopped flatleafed

parsley. Or prepare an Italian

gremolata – finely grated lemon zest

mixed with finely chopped parsley and

garlic – and sprinkle over savoury dishes

before serving.


Kiwifruit is a nutrient-rich fruit, thanks

to its high-fibre content, vitamins,

antioxidants and minerals. As well as

being a good source of vitamin C, green

kiwifruit contains an enzyme that aids

digestive comfort, while gold kiwifruit

helps the body to absorb iron from food.

Easy recipe ideas: At breakfast, dice

or slice a kiwifruit and add it to your

porridge or cereal. For a nutritious midmorning

snack, mix chunks of peeled

kiwifruit with low-fat yoghurt. Or mash

or blend a peeled kiwifruit into your

favourite vinaigrette or salad dressing

for a fruity twist.


Originally from South America,

tamarillos arrived in New Zealand in the

1890s. Low in fat and calories, they are

a good source of vitamin C, which is

essential for the growth and repair of our

skin, teeth and blood vessels.

Easy recipe ideas: Peel tamarillos before

using them in your meals, as the skin

can make them taste bitter. Use a sharp

knife to peel the tamarillos, or cover

them with boiling water for about two

minutes, then plunge them into ice water

and pierce the skin and it will slip off.

For breakfast or a quick dessert, chop

some peeled tamarillos and mix them

with stewed apples to add flavour and

goodness to porridge or low-fat yoghurt.

Winter casseroles and stews can be

given a flavour boost by adding whole

peeled tamarillos or slices.


Juicy, thirst-quenching oranges are a

winter favourite in many households.

They have many health benefits,

including being a good source of vitamin

C. The juice, zest and fruit can be used in

sweet and savoury dishes.

Easy recipe ideas: For a Moroccaninspired

lunch, combine cooked

couscous with cooked shredded

chicken, fresh mint, chopped pistachios,

and one peeled, chopped orange. Or

gently combine peeled and thinly

sliced oranges to sliced red onion, feta

cheese and olives for a colourful salad.

Sprinkle over finely chopped fresh

mint or coriander and finish with a

homemade vinaigrette before serving. If

you fancy a sweet, zesty beverage, mix

freshly squeezed orange juice with your

favourite herbal tea.

18 community resources 2017

Monday to Friday Red Cross

has volunteers driving with

two vital programmes in

Christchurch city. Both Meals

on Wheels and Community

Transport relies on generous

people giving their time to

help many across the suburbs.

Community Transport offers a

lifeline to people who need to

get to medical appointments,

who have no transport of

their own and cannot use

public transport for some

reason. This service has been

operating since 2013 and has

grown from one van to two

vans and two cars.

Meals on Wheels has operated

in Christchurch since the

early 1950’s and currently

Red Cross drivers deliver

approximately 750 hot

meals per day. However the

programme is more than

the delivery of a hot meal,

for many recipients it is the

friendly smile and chat that

means so much, in fact for

many recipients the delivery

person may be the only

person they see that day. The

regular social contact and

rEd Cross

nutritionally balanced hot

meals help support vulnerable

people in their homes.

Volunteering is a great way

to boost your wellbeing at

the same time as helping

your community. The level

of commitment for both

programmes is flexible from

one day a month to several

days a week.

Volunteers are at the heart of

Red Cross, they’re committed,

passionate and you could be

just the person we are looking

for! If you have some spare

time please call 03 339 3750

and ask how to join one of

these valuable programmes.

Volunteer Drivers Needed

For Red Cross Meals On

Wheels & Community


• Weekdays only • Regular or Relief rostering

sUPPorting people

with diabetes

We are a support

organisation for Canterbury

people who have diabetes,

their family and friends.

We offer support,

information, advocacy and

non-clinical education on

all aspects of diabetes. Our

shop has a wide range of

products including blood

glucose, meters and strips,

lancets, fingerpickers, ketone

test strips, cookbooks, hypo

treatments, medical grade

shoes and socks, travel bags,

our popular Jok ‘n Al sauces

and toppings, and sugar-free


Diabetes Christchurch

membership offers you

support, exercise and

activities with age-related

groups, and discounted shop


Our office/shop is on the

ground floor, 550 Hagley

Avenue, phone 378-6266, and

open Monday to Friday from

9am-4pm. Our staff can help

you find further information or

make an appointment for the

subsidised podiatry toenail

clipping service. We can offer

group education classes for

Type 2, and supermarket


You can become involved

with our diabetes awareness

programmes or other

fundraising and volunteer

activities in your area.

The calendar of events

is on our website www.

and our Facebook page.

We have a good library of

pamphlets and books on food,

exercise and other diabetes

issues. All members receive

our Viewpoint newsletter,

which includes information

on all aspects of diabetes,

and updates on local events,

as well as local, national

and international diabetes

research. We would love to

include your stories about

diabetes in this. Email Lynne,

the manager,


Ad Number: FG9969

Artwork: FG9969

Size: 13.5x2



Colour: F

Filename: FG9969


Helping to support all people

with diabetes by providing

information, diabetes

medical products, support,

advocacy and education.

Phone, email or call in:

Ground floor, 550 Hagley Avenue,

Christchurch 8011

Open 9.00am-4.00pm, Mon-Fri

P: 378-6266


• Current NZ drivers licence • Training given

Meals on Wheels

- Pat 339 3759

Community Transport

- Vicki 027 839 7724




community resources 2017


oraL surgery unit


at Charity Hospital

The spacious Community Room can be hired at no charge.

People suffering from pain

and infections may be able to

receive their dental treatment

or oral surgery at the

Canterbury Charity Hospital in

Harewood Road.

The hospital has recently

extended its dental service to

include a new purpose-built

oral surgery unit to provide

extractions under sedation.

The need for the service was

identified by members of the

Canterbury branch of the New

Zealand Dental Association,

including dentist Dr Stuart


“Patients suffering pain

and infection from teeth

needing to be extracted by a

specialist may now be able to

receive this treatment at the

Canterbury Charity Hospital

providing they meet certain

criteria,” Dr Johnson said.

The hospital’s new oral

surgery facility will help

Cantabrians that have been

turned down by the public

system, do not have medical

insurance and cannot afford

the treatment privately. A

dentist’s referral is required.

Specialist oral surgeon Dr Bob

Begg said problems such as

chronic infection could cause

acute pain and swelling.

“These infections can not

only significantly affect

people’s general health and

energy levels, but may also

contribute to chronic pain and

depression,” he said.

The Canterbury Charity

Hospital’s current dental

service for WINZ clients will

continue within the new

custom-designed building,

Warner Mauger House, along

with an area for making


Based in Bishopdale, it is

nearly 10 years since the

Canterbury Charity Hospital

opened its doors and by the

end of 2016 the hospital had

recorded 12,666 patient visits.

With a huge team of volunteer

surgeons, dentists, nurses,

anaesthetists, technicians and

support staff, the hospital

can provide more free day

surgery than ever, as well as

medical treatments, dental

services and counselling to

Cantabrians in need.

Officiating at the opening

of Warner Mauger House,

Charity Hospital Patron Sir

Jerry Mateparae said he

was grateful to the Charity

Hospital’s team foresight on

behalf of their future patients.

“Thank you for your foresight,

effort and your commitment

.... I acknowledge the

dedication and care of the

nearly 300 strong volunteer

workforce ... who make the

time and the energy to reach

out to others. I thank you for

making a difference.”

A spacious Community

Room in the new Warner

Mauger House that will be

available for free completes

the creation of a community

health hub at the Charity


“We are very grateful for

everyone’s support locally and

offer this room, which has a

full kitchen and wheelchair

access, to be used free by

community groups and

organisations with a focus

on health and wellbeing,”

executive officer Carl Shaw




Meet our

team of


• Patient choice of doctor

• Appointment Availability

• Established GP/Nurse Team

Online repeat prescriptions

and appointment bookings

We look forward to providing you and your

family with ongoing professional healthcare

Hoon Hay Medical

Ph: 338 8179

20 community resources 2017


Ad Number: BST4807


Size: 26.3x4



Account: Community Resources

Colour: F

Filename: BST4807

At the Kiwi Family Trust we offer a unique mentoring service that

not a lot of people know about. We currently have two main mentors

at the Trust - one female and one male. They both have a

background in Personal Development training. Our mentors have

been training in Nuero Science, the Development of the Brain and

how it works. Solution Focused therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

and more.

Our sessions are non-judgmental. We meet with the person and

assess their needs; We mentor youth as well as adults and families. We also conduct

our mentoring sessions via skype. One thing for sure, we can customise our

sessions to suit the needs of our clients. We have a wide range of skills to assist with

positive change.

Our aim is to help people to move forward so at times these sessions are tough and

realistic, but always supportive and empowering! We receive referrals from and

work with a wide range of organisations.



Nelson Soper presents the Empowering Positive Change 1, 3, and 5 day programmes.

Nelson has extensive experience in working with and mentoring families

and individuals throughout New Zealand. He outlines the tools people need to enable

themselves to look at their lives from a different perspective: a perspective that

will help people identify their hidden talents and potential. Learn tools to help with

the following:

Set goals for your future

Be happy right now

Learn to stay focused

Learn to let go


Fear and guilt



Mind games

Technics to calm anxiety

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Pop in and see us at 420 St

Asaph Street, Christchurch.

Stress free technics

Clear & Factual Communication

Work Life balance

One breath at a time

Quieten the mind

Enjoy the journey of life

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