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Foreword We are coming

Foreword We are coming to the end of a four year strategic planning and funding cycle for the recreational game, so in presenting this year’s report to our members, there is an opportunity not just to record the outcome of activities in 2016/17, but also to reflect on the last four years overall and to look forward to the next stage which is planned to last until 2024. During the phase which is now concluding the main aim was to stem, and if possible reverse, the flow of players leaving the game. If success is measured simply in terms of adult male Saturday cricket, the jury is still out. With the known loss of teams from league cricket, there are around 600 fewer opportunities to play each weekend than there were five years ago. The broader picture is however much more encouraging. The new NatWest under 19 T20 competition was launched and is flourishing. Women and girls cricket in both traditional and new formats is developing rapidly and the expansion of the game for those with disability continues apace. In particular, the involvement of 1300 young players aged 5 to 8 in the new ‘All Stars’ programme last summer was a revelation. So, on to the future, the next steps, and the opportunities ahead. The ambition of the game is to grow participation to make cricket the number one challenger sport to football. The starting point is to get a bat and a ball into as many hands as possible. We all have a part to play. The professional game will offer a major new T20 competition from 2020 to generate excitement, publicity, and additional revenue. There will also be high quality test match, ODI, and international competitions. The recreational game can continue to experiment with new playing formats if clubs see these as a path to growth in memberships and the way to forge stronger links with their local communities. The need for improved facilities in many places is acknowledged and will be addressed as additional money flows into the game. In summary, quite a number of things to take satisfaction in from the past, but much more to look forward to in the future. John Wolfe Chairman, Hampshire Cricket Board 02

Purpose of report In 2013 Hampshire Cricket Board Ltd (HCB) published its four year strategy, with the ambition to ‘Grow and improve the game, to provide a cricketing future for all’. Each year we have issued an annual report, designed to highlight to our members, stakeholders and funding partners the scope of HCB’s activities and key achievements during that period. Now the 2013 – 2017 strategic cycle has concluded, this report provides a summary of the achievements over the last four years. Together with the HCB Business Plan, this report is an important element to our commitment to accountability to the Hampshire cricket community. We also hope that it will help raise our profile and showcase the tireless work undertaken on a voluntary basis by leagues, affiliated associations and clubs. The Role of Hampshire Cricket Board HCB is the governing body of recreational cricket in the county and is one of 39 County Cricket Boards in the Country. We work to grow and improve the game with: • England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) • Hampshire Cricket Ltd • Hampshire Cricket Sports Foundation (formerly Hampshire Cricket in the Community) • Southern Premier Cricket League • Hampshire Cricket League • Affiliated clubs and associations • Energise Me (County Sports Partnership) • Local Authorities • Community groups We invest in a diverse range of activities designed to provide playing and volunteering opportunities for men, women, boys, girls and people with disabilities. 03

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