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Local History Brockdish Forge © Elaine Murphy Old Forge Court off Brockdish Street is, you will have worked out by now, built on land at the back of the old forge, or smithy, which faced onto the north side of the Street. Reputed to be over 300 years old, Brockdish Forge closed down in 1962. The forge was demolished and replaced by “a model petrol station”. The petrol station many of us will remember was also a very good fishing tackle shop but that also closed as the big service stations in Diss and Harleston affected its livelihood and the bypass plans marooned the Brockdish petrol pumps from their customers. Illustration 1. Harold Reeve in Brockdish Forge 1962 The forge survived a lot longer. When it finally closed, the owner 61-year-old Mr Harold William Reeve expressed a tinge of regret that the business was closing. 15

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