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GBS smartWLI prime

Product Description

Product Description Optical 3d measuring device based on white-light interferometry • designed as simplified measuring system for shop floor application • Speedytec o massive parallel data processing on GPU’s o extreme fast scanning o real time 3d evaluation o optimized for steep structures o integrated data quality parameter for sample optimized filtering processes • single objectives o manual exchangeable o magnifications from 2.5x ... 100x • push button scan and evaluation macros using smartVIS 3D as system- and MountainsMap as evaluation software • equipped with and xy-table • manual positioning • optional with automated positioning systems available • automated stitching possible • handling of up to app. 100 Mio. data points

Technical Product Specification Measurement Technique Dimension Weight Power Supply Algorithms Scanner smartWLI prime White-light interferometry app. 400 x 360 x 260 mm³ app. 13 kg Scan Range 400 µm Resolution System Software Evaluation Software Focus xy-positioning Tilt +-3° 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz vertical scanning phase shifting combined method Precision piezo drive with capacitive gauge control Linearity 0.03 % 1 nm VSI 0.1 nm PSI smartVIS 3D / Speedytec on GPU / real time 3D calculation MountainsMap with GBS programmed extensions 70 mm fast and 1.9 mm fine manual z adjustment manual xy table 73 x 55 mm² motorized xy table 75 x 50 mm² 3

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