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Our Insiders Guide to Candidasa & Eastern Bali

Candidasa and eastern Bali has the most natural beauty on Bali, combined with great beaches, interesting sights and plenty of history. Our Insiders Guide will help you with what you shouldn't miss.


BALI ASLI BALIASLI.COM.AU Bali Asli (open only for lunch) is worth the trip for a few reasons. Firstly, the 30 minute drive to get there is extremely beautiful. Secondly, this is your view while you eat - a magnificent valley of rice fields and farmlands, unspoiled by development, that soar up to Mount Agung - hard to beat! Finally, the Australian owner, Penelope, is committed to cooking with ingredients sourced entirely from the Karangasem region, and she turns out spectacular results! Consequently there's no western food on her menu, only excellent Balinese dishes. JOGLO JOGLOCANDIDASA.COM Another restaurant with great ambiance, partially set in a pretty garden, on a few levels, The Joglo is also situated on the main road of Candidasa. They focus primarily on delicious seafood dishes, but also offer equally good Balinese and other Western food.

LOAF FACEBOOK.COM/LOAF-CANDIDASA- 863060137102919 Strictly a coffee shop, rather than a restaurant, Loaf has such delicious cakes and coffee that it is definitely worth a mention as one of my favourites! Candidasa is known for many things but, historically, a coffee culture has never been one of them! That (thankfully!) has changed with the arrival of Loaf. They serve fantastic coffee and their wide range of tarts and cakes are worth putting on the calories for! They also make delicious bread - their sourdough is particularly good. THE HOT DOG SHOP ARIHOMESTAYCANDIDASA.COM Ari Homestay and Hot Dog Shop is not going to win any culinary - or decorating - awards any time soon! That said, when you can't face another nasi goreng (as evidenced by their "NO NASI GORENG!" sign at the entrance), it has delicious Australian-inspired hot dogs and hamburgers. Situated right on the main road (literally!), it's a lot of fun to order a beer (one size and one make only - large Bintang!), chat a bit with whoever's in there at the time, and watch the world go by from a plastic chair. Don't forget your cholesterol medication!

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