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Our Insiders Guide to Candidasa & Eastern Bali

Candidasa and eastern Bali has the most natural beauty on Bali, combined with great beaches, interesting sights and plenty of history. Our Insiders Guide will help you with what you shouldn't miss.



LUWAK COFFEE This is a definite no-no. To satisfy global demand of the world's most expensive coffee, which is made from civet's poo, (it's a longer story but that's the gist of it), most of today's suppliers keep captured civets in cages and feed them almost exclusively on coffee cherries. Enduring appalling living conditions and unhealthy diets, these nocturnal solitary omnivores suffer from mental distress and succumb to illness and death. The grim luwak plantations are not confined to Indonesia but they are plentiful on Bali. Please don't support them - apparently the coffee doesn't even taste very good! PLASTIC TEMPLE TOUTS Temple touts are at all the large temples. You are Like so many places in the world, Bali is drowning in plastic. Bali now has many initiatives aimed at under no obligation to use one and generally they don’t get pushy if you say no politely. If you get offered a reducing plastic and aims to be free of plastic bags in the near future. In the meantime please don’t take “free” tour, or are told they get paid a salary by the temple, don’t believe it for a moment – you'll be asked the plastic bag if you can avoid it, and please also avoid buying new plastic bottles every time you want for a donation at the end anyway. If you want to use a water – we have a free water dispenser at the villa. guide (they're often very knowledgeable), discuss a fee upfront and then everyone’s happy from the get-go! Similarly, hold off on the plastic straws too!

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