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Our Insiders Guide to Candidasa & Eastern Bali

Candidasa and eastern Bali has the most natural beauty on Bali, combined with great beaches, interesting sights and plenty of history. Our Insiders Guide will help you with what you shouldn't miss.


Eastern Bali is often referred to as the Bali of N A T U R E & C U L T U R E old as it still represents all that is authentic THE BEAUTY OF EASTERN BALI beautiful about the island. A world away and the commercialism of southern Bali, from Bali is all about beautiful rice terraces, eastern views, indigenous forests, volcano beaches and a warm ocean. stunning just 90 minutes from the airport, is Candidasa, a quiet fishing village that provides a perfect B a l i i s o n e o f t h e f e w c u l t u r e s w i t h o r i g i n s i n o n e o f t h e g r e a t a n c i e n t c u l t u r e s w h i c h i s s t i l l a l i v e . the activities, that eastern Bali has to offer. Candidasa and eastern Bali have something base to enjoy all the sights, and experience all - A r t h u r E r i c k s o n , C a n a d i a n a r c h i t e c t - Balinese culture and adventure, to historically for everyone (except the party animal!), from rich sights, and interesting activities. N O M A D I C | 2 4

25 years ago my husband, David, still young, single About fancy-free, came to Bali as part of a whistlestop tour of and Asia, but paused long enough on Bali to realise South-East he needed to come back again – soon and for longer! that OUR STORY So began his love affair with the island, which then saw us visit together for the first time on our honeymoon - and I (luckily!) fell in love with it in the same way he had. M A I L I E G R E E N Once we had our two boys, Adam and Jed, we started staying in villas rather than hotels, and immediately realised that villas are the ideal way for families, friends and groups to holiday. That set us dreaming about owning our own villa on Bali and, in 2010, after extensive (and I mean extensive!) research, we settled on Villa Sagitta in Pejeng, just outside Ubud. We subsequently purchased Villa Cocoa Maya in Candidasa, and Villa Bebek in Seminyak. Together with our two properties in South Africa we now run the five properties as Global Villas Ltd. Our boys have grown up with Bali as their second home. Over the years we have brought family and friends on holiday here (it’s amazing how your social group grows when you suggest a free holiday in paradise!), and our boys are now at an age that their friends are joining us too. Yet, sadly, one of the tragedies of life is that one can't holiday year round (!), so we also rent out our properties to guests. We really enjoy the experience of being long-distance hosts, and we are very serious about making sure that our guests’ hard-earned holiday goes well on our watch! It’s always fun to read the reviews in our guestbook, and on T R I P A D V I S O R TripAdvisor, and our staff get a huge kick out of it too. There’s R E V I E W S something very satisfying about knowing that our guests get as much enjoyment out of our homes as we do!

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