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B2B The next screen

B2B The next screen shows all of our shipping methods. Please note that choosing overnight shipping does not guarantee that you receive your order the following day. Please allow for the standard manufacturing time. If you plan to take advantage of our $5 B2B 3-day Saver Shipping for orders over $50 up to $10,000, select FedEx- Saver B2B. The next page allows you to review your order again. You can also add a purchase order for the order as a whole if needed. The purchase order is for the entire order whereas the item reference given at the beginning of the order is for an individual item. Once you have reviewed your order, click “Submit Order” to complete the process and place your order. A pop-up box will appear showing that your order submission was successful. Finally, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address on file for the user. My Account The “My Account” section of the B2B accesses account settings, orders, invoices & shipments, statements and our current price lists. You can select each section under “My Account” at the bottom right of every page. Account Settings The B2B allows for each Benchmark account to have an administrator for the Benchmark B2B site. This administrator will have access to all areas and functionalities of the B2B. In the “Account Settings” area, the administrator will be able to set up retail pricing, create users for the account and maintain user settings. Setup Retail Pricing *Please note that only the administrator can change the retail pricing. The B2B allows for retail pricing to be set for all available metal options. Manage Your Account Change Password If you ever need to change your password, you can do so by clicking “Change Password.” Then enter the current password, the new password and save your changes. Manage Logins *Please note that only the administrator can add users and change their permissions. Administrators will be able to create new logins and add or remove the permissions for each user’s login. Create a New Login Click on “Create a New Login”. Enter all of the information for the NEW user you are creating and then click “Create Login”. This information is what the NEW user will use to login to the B2B. Do not use the administrator email and password. In the “Optional Order Confirmation” field you can enter additional email addresses to receive the user’s order confirmations. 10

B2B Please review the explanation of user (login) rights below to help assess what permissions you want to give each user. Placing your mouse over the question mark beside each permission choice will also provide the explanation of that permission. Retail Pricing Only Checked (Or Yes) = the user will ONLY be able to see retail pricing and not wholesale pricing. Unchecked (Or No) = the user can see retail pricing (assuming the administrator has set a retail mark-up) as well as wholesale pricing. Place Order Checked (or Yes) = the user will be able to see the cart and be able to submit an order to Benchmark. Unchecked (or No) = the user can see the cart and can add items to the cart, but cannot checkout and place an order. View All Orders Checked (or Yes) = the user will be able to see all previously placed orders associated with ALL logins on the account. Previously placed orders (“Orders” located under “My Account” within the bottom navigation) will show pricing based on that users “Retail Pricing Only” access rights. Unchecked (or No) = the user will be able to see all previously placed orders ONLY associated with their login. Previously placed orders (“Orders” located under “My Account” within the bottom navigation) will show pricing based on that users “Retail Pricing Only” access rights. View Invoices Checked (or Yes) = the user will be able to see ALL invoices associated with account. Invoices (“Invoices and Shipments” located under “My Account” within the bottom navigation) are all wholesale final costs (includes any discounts). Unchecked (or No) = the user will not be able to see any invoices associated with the account. Once the new user login has been created, a pop-up box will appear showing that the login was successfully created. The new user will now show up under “Existing Logins” on the Account Setting page. Existing Logins All of the users set-up by the administrator are listed at the bottom of the “Account Settings” page. The administrator can quickly view all of the users’ permissions. If needed, the administrator can click on the “Edit” button to make changes to or delete a user’s login. Once the necessary changes have been made, click “Update Login”. The changes made to that user will be reflected on the “Account Settings” page. Orders Here you can choose to view or print open orders (pending orders that have been placed but not yet invoiced or shipped), shipped orders (orders that have already invoiced and shipped) or all orders (both pending and invoiced). To view each, click the bubble next to what you wish to view. The default is set to “Open Orders”. You will be able to view each order’s status in the “Status” column. Invoices & Shipments This is where you can view/print invoices and track packages. To view or print an invoice, just click on the PDF icon next to the invoice. To track your package and get up to the minute tracking information, click on the tracking number. Account Statement This is an up-to-date statement of your account. Benchmark now emails statements on the first of every month to the account email on file. Statements can also be accessed from our business to business (B2B) web site: Price Lists This is where you can download either a “Full” or “Short” list of all Benchmark items and their associated pricing for that particular day. The “Full” list has EVERY finger size of every style Benchmark offers while the “Short” list has only size 7 and 10 of every style Benchmark offers. 205.345.0555 11

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