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HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY HISTORY Benchmark Wedding Rings was founded by Tom Tosyali with the goal of producing the best wedding rings in the world; the Benchmark of wedding rings. Over 40 years ago, Tosyali moved his family from Turkey to the United States with the dream of providing them with a better life. The freedoms found here provided Tosyali with the opportunity to work hard and reap the rewards from his efforts and sacrifices. Tosyali started his first factory in the back of a small retail store with nothing but a lathe and a polishing station. It was here that he developed and manufactured what would become the very first Benchmark rings - with Tosyali himself traveling the country to sell them. Through his hard work and dedication, Benchmark continued to grow and gain its reputation as an elite ring manufacturer. This vision would not have been possible without the support of his wife, Fial. Through her love, hard work, and devotion, to both company and family, Tosyali was able to persevere through periods of failure and doubt - enabling him to truly build the Benchmark of wedding rings. We would like to thank everyone who tirelessly contributed to our growth, success, and future. We thank the many people, past and present, who worked and continue to work with diligence to make Benchmark great. We thank you, our retailers, for making us a part of your family by choosing to represent us to your local community. It is our goal to continue building our relationship by providing you with a quality product you are proud to sell. PHILOSOPHY Benchmark is proud to be part of a dying breed of U.S. based manufacturers. Manufacturing excellence is at the core of our company and it is our goal to produce rings that are well engineered, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally safe. More importantly, we believe that no matter how great of a product we make, none of it matters without you, the retailer. As the life-blood of Benchmark, it is our responsibility to efficiently provide you with a saleable and serviceable product assortment. 2

PRICING PRICING Pricing Table Examples 6MM LCFD360 LCF160 LCF360 5 4 3 2 1 [A] 6MM metal mkt 1000 1400 1800 10K w/y 298 417 537 14K w/y/r 506 708 910 18K w/y 744 1041 1339 metal mkt 500 700 900 PD 396 555 713 metal mkt 800 1200 1600 PT 1025 1538 2050 [B] Item # 1. CF808349 2. CF808349 3. CF818349 4. CF828349 5. RECF848364 Metal Market MM 8MM 8MM 8MM 8MM 8MM [A] 14K Gold Rose, White, or Yellow 1191 1562 2009 1191 1562 2009 1191 1562 2009 1191 1562 2009 977 1281 1648 1000 1400 1800 gold market [B] 18K Gold White or Yellow - - - - - - - - - - - - 1490 1955 2513 1000 1400 1800 gold market Classic Section To find the pricing for a ring, find the chart with the corresponding millimeter size. In the example above, you can see that LCF160, LCF360, & LCFD360 are 2.5x keystone priced for five different metal options [A] (10k, 14k, 18k, Palladium, Platinum) at three different market levels [B]. If the daily Platinum market is at $1200, the 2.5x keystone price for the band is $1538. If the Platinum market drops to $800, the 2.5x keystone price of the band becomes $1025. Sculpted, Diamond Style & Bridal Section To find the price of a ring, locate the corresponding number in the pricing chart. In the example above, you can see that RECF848364 is 2.5x keystone priced for two different metal options [A] (14k & 18k gold) at three different market levels [B]. If the daily 14K gold market is at $1400, the 2.5x keystone price for the band is $1281. If the 14K gold market drops to $1000, the 2.5x keystone price of the band becomes $977. Pricing Policies 1. 2. The pricing for Benchmark items within this catalogue are set at two and a half (2.5x) keystone. If you see an “ - ” in the pricing grid, the particular style is not available in that metal combination at the time this catalogue was printed. 4. 5. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Benchmark is not responsible for publishing errors. We reserve the right to make any corrections if a billing error occurs related to over or under charges. 3. Merchandise pricing fluctuates daily based on the precious metals market. 205.345.0555 3

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