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THIS MANUAL IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR USE BY CONFIRMED MEMBERS OF EPICDOWNLINEBUILDER.COM. IT MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED OR COPIED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR. THE MANUAL CARRIES NO RESELLER OR PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS. THE MANUAL MAY NOT BE RE-BRANDED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY. INCOME DISCLAIMER This manual is intended as a user manual for members of and the business plan and suggested activity listed within it is based on the current experiences of the author. However, there can be no guarantees of income levels in internet marketing and individual results may vary. The actual earnings achieved will be based on the level of activity and commitment shown by individual members of the site. The information contained in this manual is for information purposes only and, whilst the figures contained in it are based on the actual results of one individual, it should not be assumed that other individual results will be identical. 2

INTRODUCTION Hi everyone. First and foremost can I give you a big thank you for joining - you have made a very wise choice and, if you follow the instructions contained within this manual correctly, it could be a choice that could dramatically change your life! Everything contained in this manual is based on my own personal current experiences of internet marketing. Everything I am going to be asking you to do on this website is an EXACT replica of everything I am currently doing, and the system is working well for me. All of the upgrades I am suggesting are the exact same upgrades that I am currently paying for and each of the marketing activity steps are replicas of the exact same marketing strategies that I am currently following. Any time that I find something that I have tested and that produces better results, I will immediately change the site to reflect that and e-mail all current members with details of the new marketing strategy. The whole success of this site rests on your confidence in me as your internet marketing coach. I can promise all of you complete openness and transparency at all times, a prompt response to all e-mails sent to admin, and personal one on one coaching for those of you signed up to Elite Platinum membership. All I ask in return is that you follow the system EXACTLY and don't try to change and tweak things - every single thing we are doing as part of the 'Epic Way' is being done for a reason, as I will try to explain in full as we go along. If you genuinely think that you can improve the results from the program then please feel free to get in touch with me at the admin address ( I promise you that I will test your theory and, if it produces better results than I am getting at the moment, then I will incorporate your suggestion into the site for the benefit of the entire membership. So, what is my motivation for doing this and how did it all happen? Well, funnily enough, it all stems from a repetitive story that I've been reading in blog posts over the past 12 months. All of these blog posts were from successful internet marketers, people whose opinions I trust and look up to - and in all cases the story was the same - at the start of the successful persons internet marketing journey there was a period of between 1-2 years where that person tried and failed many times, and ended up wasting a great deal of money before they learnt how to do things correctly. My own story is exactly the same. I tried for 2 years and then completely quit, before eventually pulling myself together and coming back with a different mindset and then finally getting the right results. But the whole episode got me thinking - if all these successful people have had to go through this 'failure period' before finally making it online, then how many more people are there out there who didn't stick it out and ended up just getting disillusioned and dropping out like I did, but unlike me never coming back? It just struck me that so much of what happens in the first year of a 'newbie's' time online is simply a complete waste of time. Well, I'll qualify that. Every successful business person in the offline world knows that from every failure comes the fruits of future success so there is something to be gained from failing, but that is not the point. The whole issue here is that all of this failure is completely unnecessary. There is plenty of information readily available that can allow anyone to succeed online, it is just that people never seem to get access to it at the right time. 3

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